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Blade: Part 2 (MF,inter,oral)
by Thugster ([email protected])

"I've never seen him this bad." Dr. Karen Jenson remembered Whistler saying
as she finished wrapping the bandage around Blade's leg after she had cleaned
it. She dipped the wet rag into the pan and ran it along Blade's chest and
arms. The rag stained red from the blood she was wiping off. She continued
to clean his skin of dried blood and any new blood that had come out of his
wounds. He was healing but it would take a little while. Whistler had sedated
Blade with some drugs, but taking Blade's healing factor into thought, his
immune system would try to cleanse him of the drugs. Meaning they didn't know
how long they would last.

Karen continued scrubbing him and cleaning him. Her eyes trailed over his
hard, chisled body. This was the one man she had fallen for lately. The only
problem was Blade. He would never let her get close enough to attempt a
physical relationship. To him, he was not human, and that bothered him. It
was a fact that hurt him, the rememberence that he had drank blood was on his

Karen looked at his crotch, he was only wearing some shorts. Whistler had
stripped him down and put them on him while he sent her for water and towels.
she was upset, she had wanted to see Blade in all his glory. To see the size
of his package. Thinking about it made her mouth water.

Not paying attention, she slid her fingers into the waistband and pulled his
shorts down. Her eyes widened as she exposed his limp cock. It lay against
his dark thigh, like a sleeping snake. Reaching out she picked it up into her
hands. Feeling the warm cock in her hands she slowly jerked it. She massaged
it with her hands, but realized it wasn't doing anything. The drugs were
making him feel nothing. Karen just looked over his cock. Here it was, the
one thing she had wanted for so long, and she couldn't get it hard.

Karen wondered how big it was fully hard. Feeling disapointed, she then
slipped his shorts back up and straightened them. She finished washing him
off and then took the bloody water pan and towel out of the room. She shut
the door behind her and walked to the utility sink to wash the pan and rags
out. Whistler was sitting at his computer working on something. "So what are
you doing?" Karen said walking over to Whistler. She was drying her hands
with a towel as she looked up at the screen.

"I'm searcing our database for any known sightings or information on this
new vampire. From what I could get out of Blade, she is tough." Whistler
scrolled through some more pages on the screen. "I've never heard of anyone
that matches her description." he continued. A loud thump sounded from
Blade's room. "Sounds like he's up." Whistler said getting out of his chair.

Karen could see the pain in his face as he waled towards the stairs. He
walked up them and to the door. Pulling it open they stepped in. Blade was
on his hands and knees on the floor.

"Shit!" he yelled. "Damn stubborn if you ask me." Whistler muttered. "You
know you need rest to heal, why are you bothering to get up?" he asked.

"I have to go, I can't let that bitch live another night!" Blade said

"And how are you gonna do that, you can't even stand?" Whistler asked walking
towards Blade. He offered him his hand and Blade grabbed it. Pulling back,
Whistler helped Blade to his feet.

"Ughh." Blade gasped as he got to his feet and sat on the edge of the bed.
"What did you find out about her?" Blade asked reaching up and rubbing his
scraped up chest. He could tell they were healing, but it was gonna take
time, and down in him he knew he couldn't take on Morgana in this state. He
had to be fit and ready, this was one person unlike any other he had ever

"Well you lay down, I'm going to give you some more medicine to put you back
out." Whistler said reaching for the needle and bottle on the stand next to
the bed.

"No!" Blade yelled grabbing Whistler's arm. "No more drugs." he said closing
his eyes. Blade sat back on the bed and laid down. "Find out about her."
Blade said laying there.

"I will, but you need rest, and don't make me come in here again." Whistler
said heading for the door.

Karen smiled. Whistler and Blade had more of a father-son relationship.
Always arguing playfully and giving each other a hard time, but on the inside
they loved each other to death, and she could see that. Karen took another
look at Blade as she stepped out of the room. As much as he tried to act like
a tough man around Whistler, he did love him. When Frost had found their base
of operations in the abandoned warehouse behind the train tracks, they had
beaten Whistler nearly to death. After Blade found him he didn't look like he
had very much time left. Whistler demanded Blade's gun to finish the job, and
Blade gave it to him and left Whistler to do his job. But it ended up
Whislter was too weak from loosing all the blood as he raised the gun to fire
it, his arm gave out and he pulled the trigger by accident. The bullet missed
him completely and he went unconsious.

After Blade had rescued Karen and defeated Frost, they went back to collect
their things from the warehouse. What they found shocked them both. Whistler
was still alive but in bad shape. Injecting a dose of Blade's blood into
Whistler, the healing powers in the blood helped Whistler to heal quicker.
Karen injected enough into him without getting him hooked like a drug, and
it helped him to heal. After a few days Whislter was back on his feet and
good as new. The blood had also helped with the cancer. It took it from a
severe case to a less, giving Whistler more time. Whistler had saved Blade
many times, and this was the only way he could return the favor. To save the
one who had saved him from the life as a vampire and showed him so much more.

Karen watched him now. Whistler was typing away at the keyboard. She walked
over to him and leaned over and kissed him on his cheek. "I can't find
anything on her." he said scrolling through more pages on the computer.

"Maybe you need a break right now." Karen said stretching slightly. It had
ended up being a long night. "Mmm, what is this?" she said placing her hand
on Whistler's lap. His hard on pressing his pants out.

She squeezed his cock through his pants, tickling it with her fingers.
"that's a loaded weapon, I'd be careful if I were you." Whistler said with
a smile.

Karen's hands worked quickly to undo his pants. She got infront of him and
took his cock out. Attaching her mouth to the pole, she sucked hard. She
slid her mouth over his shaft, and sucked on it, flicking her tongue out
and hitting the head. She ran her tongue up and down the shaft with long

"I can't take much of this, I already came tonight, so I don't know how long
I'll last." Whistler said after a gasp of pleasure.

She felt it going down her throat as she sucked him like a vacuum. She used
her mouth to milk his shaft. Karen continued to suck him as she fondled his
balls, rubbing them inbetween her palms. Whistler grabbed her head and
started to thrust his cock down her throat. He could feel her tongue sliding
over it and licking it as she sucked him down. She took her tongue and licked
down the side of his cock and then licked the other side of it. Karen reached
around Whistler and pulled him deeped down her throat. She then let him slide
half way out. She pulled him in again but much slower now.

Whistler loved watching her nose bury into his grey pubic hair as she deep
throated him. He felt his orgasm approaching. After a few more strokes, she
suddenly pulled his dick out of her mouth and began jacking it hard. As she
felt the cum shooting up the shaft, she attached her motuha nd sucked his
cum down. His warm seed, filling her mouth. Once she had sucked the cum out
of his penis, she let it slip form her mouth and swallowed. She then took
the cock back in her mouth one more time, sucking it clean as it came out.

"That was good, thanks." Whistler said.

"I'm going to go wash my hands." Karen said heading off.

As she came back around, she saw Whistler was putting on his black trench
coat. "What are you doing?" she asked running down the stairs.

He was strapping a holster to his thigh as he looked up. "I'm going out." He
said to her as he slid the gun into the holster and straightened his coat.
Pulling his long grey hair out from the collar, he picked up the gun he had
sitting on the table.

"You can't go out there, what happens if something goes wrong?" Karen asked

"I'm just going for some information, I'll be back in a alittle bit, stop
worrying. I've been doing this for years." Whistler said walking to the car.

"Let me come." she said quickly.

"No, you stay here with Blade, he needs you now." He opened the door and got

"You better get back soon." she said to him as he started the car.

"I will." he said shutting the door and driving off.

"Damn it." Karen muttered hitting her fist on the desk as she watched the car
pass out of sight.

* * *

"Are you here to collect pay?" the man sitting behind the desk asked looking
at the woman sitting before him.

Morgana sat there with her legs crossed, her short skirt riding up her hips.
"No, I'm here to discuss our deal."

"So you didn't finish your part?" the man asked tapping his fingers together
as he sat there. He was sharp. Dressed in a black suit, he looked like an
average buisness man, except for the fact of the long goatee that reached
down to his chest. It was braided into one long, tight braid and held tightly
by a red bead. Other than that, he had no hair anywhere else on his head. His
head was shaved bald and a black tattoo was etched into the back of his head.
It was an elaborate design with lines and shapes and vampiric words all
enclosed in a circle. It looked more like a crest or symbol stamped to his
head. "I said you would receive your money once Blade was taken care of,
don't think I don't know what happened there. You lat your guard down and
instead of finishing him off, he escaped. Blade is not one to be
underestimated! You know fully well of what he did to Frost and his loyal
subjects, and I do not expect to have to reming you." the man said in a deep

"No sir you don't." Morgana said maintaining eye contact with him.

His eyes were amazing. They had a glow to them that made them shine red in
the light. That was why he usually wore glasses, when meeting anyone. But
this meeting was different. He trusted his hired help, and they knew better
than to fail him. He was a man of mystery however. So powerful and
influencial, yet a surprise to see come into power like he had. "So what do
you have to say for yourself?" Bacalla asked looking deep into her eyes.

"Sir, I am sorry, and I promise you I will not fail again." she said.

"Good because if you do and Blade doesn't take care of you, I promise you I
will personally." he said leaning onto his desk slightly.

"Yes sir." she said.

"Now do to Blade's personal vendetta with Quinn, Quinn has been taken out of
the picture. I expected that he would hunt him down and that's why I had you
ready for it, but you failed in capturing him and killing him then, so now he
will be after you, and that's where we will get him." Bacalla said with a
small smile on his face. "And you will finish the job this time!" Bacalla
hissed slamming his fist down, his fangs visible to Morgana.

"Yes sir, I will kill Blade." she said noticing his looking at her legs. She
felt flattered that even Bacalla studied her body.

"It's a shame we had to lose Quinn, he was arrogant but useful. Now if you
want to keep control over Frost's area any longer, I suggest you not screw
up." he said in a low growl. Bacalla leaned forward in his chair and rested
his elbow's on the desk. He looked Morgana over again. It had been along time
since he had enjoyed the service of a woman, and now he knew he would have
to find out how good she was after she finished with Blade. Blade was his
only worry right now. "Now get out of here. I will supply you with what I
feel is necessary, but this time you had better do your job." he said turning
in his chair, and facing towards the large window behind him.

He heard Morgana get up and leave the room. Looking down out the window he
saw the guards he had stationed all around. Usually he never travelled out
into the night like this, going places, but he decided to tonight to make
this meeting and show he was not to be messed with. As he sat there, he
reached down his shirt collar and pulled out a gold chain that was around
his neck. The pendant on it was a circle with a red ruby blooddrop. Bacalla
kissed it and tucked it back away. "I will have my revenge Blade." he said
closing his eyes and shutting out all distractions as he meditated by

* * *

Whistler pushed open the door as he stepped into the store.

"Abraham, long time no see." Tito said walking out from the back of the store
to greet Whistler. "I didn't think you came out anymore, let alone were still
ticking." Tito said with a small laugh.

"Well, alot of things would surprise you, but now I need information." he
said to the man.

"Alright into the back." Tito said leading Whistler into the small storage
room. Tito was a big white guy around forty seven. A long time ago, he had
asked to join Whistler in his war on vampires, but Whistler had turned him
down. That was before he took Blade in. Now Tito was mainly into illegal
weapons supply to vampire hunters, besides his legitamate flower shop cover.
Tito shut the door and they sat down.

"You heard of anyone named Morgana. She's known as The Dragon. Ever heard
anything, seems like nobody has, she's a new one we have coming up just like
all the others trying to seize control once Frost and other head vampires in
this area met with death." Whistler said.

"Hmm, yeah I know who your talking about. She seems to of come into the
picture as soon as Frost died, trying to take over all the control he had on
things by force. It didn't look like it was going to happen, but then some
strong vampire influence made the others turn away and she took control. She
has someone no one is going to mess with backing her." Tito said logging into
his computer. "I've been keeping all the information on her and others as I
could on this computer. Yeah here it is, she took over a week after Frost was
gone. Nothing's known about where she came from, but she is a skilled fighter
and a force to be reckoned with."

"I know, Blade's already met with her, and he's in pretty bad condition."
Whistler said.

"I can imagine, she uses force to get her way, she mainly controls the Asian
connection in this area, you could start there, at the blood bank near here.
She's been seen hanging out there." Tito said standing up.

"Alright, looks like I've got a busy night." Whistler said heading for the

"I'll talk to you later, let me know if I can help with anything." Tito said
as Whistler left.

"I will." he said getting into his car and heading off.

Tito headed back into his shop and back to his computer.

Driving a few streets over, Whistler pulled up to the corner of the street
and into the alley. Once he was parked he took his machine gun and headed for
the door. It was a chinese restuarant he entered. The restuarant was a cover
for a vampire blood bank. Abraham looked around quickly scanning the
restuarant patrons as he walked in the door. He made his way back towards the
kitchen, trying to not draw any attention to himself. A few of the people
just watched him pass by, others didn't even look up from their dinners.
Whistler puched through the double doors and into the kitchen.

"Hey what are you doing back here?" somebody asked.

Whistler ignored him as he walked to the small door in the far corner. He
tried the door and found it was locked. A small keypad was next to the door.

The man who had yelled at Whistler walked up behind him. "Hey man, can't you
here?" he said.

"Whistler spun around and pressed the gun into the man's stomach. "Open the
door." he said.

The man gulped as he reached for the keypad. He punched in a code and the
door made a hissing noise as it automatically unlocked. Whistler grabbed the
handle and pulled it open. He then threw the end of the gun up and smacked
the man in the head. The man dropped to the floor unconscious as Whistler
entered the secret room. He walked down the small stair case and found
himself in a private club. It was pretty dark and loud music was playing as
strobe lights and other things flashed around the room. People were dancing
and partying. Whistler hated it. He knew they were all vampires and wanted
to kill them all now, but that would draw too much attention. There was a
small door at the back of the club, being guarded by a large Vampire.

As he walked past people, he dropped small metal balls onto the floor. After
he had dropped all ten of the balls as he walked by, Whistler headed for the
small doors at the back. A large man stood in front of the door, guarding
it. Whistler walked up to him and before the man could say anything, Whistler
had shoved a stake into the man's heart. He exploded into dust as his flesh
burned away. Whistler wiped his jacket off and turned around facing the
crowds of vampires. Guessing, he figured there were about fifty vampires

"You!" someone yelled.

Whistler looked and saw two vampires approaching him. Pulling a small remote
out of his pocket, he flipped the switch and watched. The small metal balls
he had dropped all detonated. Sending a garlic spray out of them from holes
all around them. "Ahhh!" he heard some yell as the spray hit their skin and
burnt them. Raising his gun he opened fire on the surprised crowds. Whistler
fired a clip into the mass, killing at least ten vampires.

"Kill him!" he heard one yell as he reloaded his machine gun.

Slamming in the next clip, Whislter shot the closest group. Vampire's cried
out as the silver bullets tore through them. Suddenly Whistler felt something
hit his side. Looking quickly, he saw a vampire grab his arm. He jerked his
arm out of it's grip and shot the vampire.

Continuing to fire bullets into the confused crowds of blood thirsty, night
walkers, Whistler reloaded again. He heard a commotion from the front of the
club and saw armed men rushing in from the upstairs. They were all armed with
machine guns and body armor. They made their way through the crowds towards
Whistler. As soon as they broke through the mass of people, Whistler squeezed
off a few rounds.

Suddenly an explosion sounded from the middle of the room and vampires and
men were thrown around.

"What the fuck?" Whistler muttered looking up ahead through the smoke.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs near the front was Tito. In his arms he
was cradling some new kind of gun. "Get your buisness done here, I'll hold
them off!" Tito yelled shooting another rocket at some Vampires.

The room was in panic, their were only about fifteen vampires left standing.
Whistler heard some yells as he continued spraying bullets into the vampires.
A smile broke on his face as he watched the vampires dying. While there was
so much confusion going on, Whistler slipped into the door behind him. Once
through it he was in a small corridor with four doors, two on each side, and
a staircase infront. He turned and locked the door so they would have trouble
getting through it.

Starting with the first one, he pulled it open and looked in. It was empty so
he tried the next one. A couple were in there having sex, the woman moaning
loudly. Whistler shut the door and tried the next. As he opened it, the last
door swung open and three men came rushing out. Behind them was a woman who
looked part asian, and part american. She was beautiful.

"Morgana!" Whistler yelled out as they headed away from him towards the
staircase. Two of the men stayed back and charged Whistler, as the other led
her out of here. "Shit, I thought I had given this part up." Whistler said as
he shot the one on the right before they got to him. The other smacked the
gun from his hands and knocked him down.

"Ughh!" Whistler yelled as he hit the floor. He felt a fist hit him in the
head, and before the next blow came, he had grabbed his gun and shot at his
attacker. The bullets hit the vampire in the chest and knocked him back as
he burst into his disentagrating flames. Whistler climbed to his feet and
wiped the blood from his lip. "Shit I lost her!" Whistler said looking

Suddenly the vampire's in the other room must of realized what was going on
and were coming through the door. Whistler began firing at them as they tried
to make it through the narrow entrace. Backing slowly, he emptied his last
clip into them. He pulled the trigger again but only got a click. Slinging
his gun over his shoulder, he pulled the one from his holster out. He used
the pistol to take out all he could as he backed down the corridor. Vampires
were dropping like flies as he shot them down.

Whistler began climbing the stairs, the whole time in pain as he put pressure
on his leg. Slipping his last clip into the pistol, he saved his shots, only
taking ones that was necessary. He knew he only had five bullets left as he
made it to the top of the stairs. Tito was no where to be seen, and Whistler
figured he had gotten out already. Pushing the door open at the top he found
it led into an opposite alley. He slammed the door shut on a vampire as it
snapped at him and ran out of the alley. As he ran he heard the door open. He
could see his car in the opposite alley ahead. The club had taken him under
ground, right under the street to the other side then he had gone in on.

Whistler crossed the street and made it to the car, looking back he saw only
three vampires were following him. He just opened the car door and reached in
when he felt a vampire catch up to him. Looking up he fired the last five
bullets into the vampires. Two of them died, but the last dropped to the
ground clutching it's injured arm. "Ahh!" it hissed as it lunged at him.

Whistler stepped back slightly and brought his knee up into the vampire. The
vampire dropped to it's knees and when it looked up Whistler was stading
there with the shotgun from the car. Before the vampire could move, Whistler
fired one quick shot into him, knocking him back with a strong force. As he
hit the ground he was already ashes. As he faced back towards the car he saw
another vampire coming at him. He threw his fist into the vampire's face and
knocked it's head back. "Damn blood sucker!" Whistler said.

It snarled at him and lashed out. Whistler hit it's hand out of the way and
fired the shotgun into it's waist. The vampire blew apart, as Whistler tossed
the gun into the car. Grabbing onto the car, Whistler steadied himself. He
hadn't seen action like this in a long time. His blood was boiling in his
veins, the satisfaction of killing at least forty vampires filled him as he
climbed in the car. Starting it up he turned out onto the street and headed
back to check on Blade.

* * *

Blade had woken up again and this time was walking around the room as best he
could. He was stretching out trying to get the soreness out of his muscles.
He heard the door open and looked up. Karen walked in and shut the door
behind her. "Well looks like your up and disobeying Whistler." she said
bringing him a new water pan and rag.

"I have to get out of here." Blade said sitting on the bed.

Karen set the bowl down and soaked the rag. She then checked his leg bandage.
Pulling it to the side, she looked at how he was doing. It was still bad
looking, but on it's way to healing. It was already looking better and it had
happened four hours ago. She pressed her finger against it as she put the
bandage back.

"Mmm." Blade moaned in slight discomfort as she apologized. "Where's
Whistler?" Blade asked as she ran the wet rag over his chest.

"He went out." she said.

"What! and you let him?" Blade said standing up as best he could.

"Sit down, I wasn't going to stop him, he said he was going to get some
information." Karen said grabbing his wrist and pulling him back to the bed.

"He's going to Tito." Blade said quietly.

"Who's Tito?" Karen asked as she washed any new or old blood off him.

"Tito was once a vampire hunter, who disobeyed Whistler and almost got
himself and others killed. He was good, but didn't have enough experience
to know what he was doing yet. After that experience, Whistler forgave
him, and Tito became a weapons supplier for people like us. There is a
small group of us and he makes his buisness getting us the latest weapons
and gear. He decided that was better for him. Tito was a reckless vigilante,
but now since getting older and realizing exactly what was going on, he's
turned out to be a useful part of the `team'." Blade said.

Karen rinsed his shoulder off as he sat there. "So what information does he
have?" she asked.

"Tito tracks and records vampire movements all over the world by keeping in
touch with his foreign contacts. He knows who is in charge and helps us pin
point areas of weakness and strength in their masses, he was the one who
first got us onto Frost's path. He warned us about him and he was right."
Blade said.

Karen looked down at Blade's crotch. The thing she so wanted to see hard, was
there waiting to be touched. She ran her hand down his stomach to his crotch.
"You need to relax." she said pushing him back onto his back. Karen then
grabbed ahold of his shorts.

"What are you doing?" Blade said, but before he could say anything else she
pulled them off, and exposed his cock once again.

"Blade you don't know how long I've wanted this, and now I'm going to show
you." she said. She looked up and saw a smile appear on his face.

"Go ahead." he said and watched her take ahold of his cock. The feel of her
fingers on his shaft made it harden slightly. She began to massage it and
watch it continue to grow. "Just remmeber, you don't know what you're
starting." Blade said to her.

"I don't care, I've wanted you so badly." she said.

She was running her fingers around his balls and stroking his shaft quickly.
Karen then had to taste it and lowered her head to his now hard cock. She
couldn't believe how big it was. Ten inches long and nice and thick, it was
like a spear sticking from his waist. She licked the tip of Blade's dick with
her tongue. Karen then sucked on the head and licked all the way down his
shaft and flicked his balls with her tongue. She grabbed his shaft tightly,
and began to pump his cock. Karen sucked harder as she jacked his dick and
fondled his balls.

After a few minutes of sucking, Blade pulled her off him. He helped her out
of her clothes until she was naked. "Now you lay." he said.

Karen laid back and spread her legs apart. Her cunt glistening as she
waited for his move. Blade looked her over quickly. She had an amazing body,
and he couldn't believe he hadn't paid attention to it before this. Climbing
inbetween her legs, he positoned his cock at her cunt. He moved the head
along her slit, getting it wet with lubrication. Blade then slid into her,
grunting lightly as her tight cunt surrounded his cock. "Ohhh." she moaned.

Blade continued in slowly till he was half way in, then he started with slow
easy strokes. Blade leaned forward and placed his mouth over her breast and
started to suck on her erect nipples. She shouted in pleasure as he pulled
and sucked on them with his lips. He raked his teeth across the little nubs
sending chills through her. Karen rocked under him moaning loudly as he
quickened his pace. He was now slamming into her. Blade leaned down and
licked along her neck as he thrust into her wet slit. Karen wrapped her legs
around his lower back and slammed her hips up to met his. "Oh Blade!" she
moaned. Blade continued fucking her hard. His balls made a slapping noise as
they hit her ass. "Ohh, oh yes!" she continued on as she felt her orgasm

Blade rocked into her harder, grinding his cock in her pussy. He knew he was
close, and wanted it to last, so he slowed down some. Blade continued hispowerful thrusts, making Karen cry out in pleasure. "Ohhhh!" she yelled as
she orgasmed. Her cunt clenched down on his cock and squeezed him.

"I'm gettin close." Blade snarled as he worked his muscles the most he ever
had, pounding into her. His mind shut out the pain from his sore body as he
fucked her, and made her climax again. Soon Blade felt his balls shaking. He
could feel it was time. He continued pumping into her as he released his

"Yes fill me!" she yelled as he shot his warm sperm into her vagina. She used
her thighs and cunt to squeeze every last drop from him. Once he was done, he
pulled out and wiped his dick on the bed sheet. Karen lay there smiling. She
got up and kissed him. "Blade I love you." she said getting off the bed and

Blade put on his shorts again and layed back on the bed. "Now im exausted."
he said closing his eyes.

She looked him over. The deep gashes and bullet hole were nothing but small
cuts now, and the dark bruises had lightened to hardly noticeable. She was
amazed at how fast they can heal. Karen waited for him to fall asleep then
she left the room to wait for Whistler to get back.

To be continued...


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