Blade Trinity: Drake's Fun (MF,anal)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Drake, the Lord of all vampires looked at the world of man from the
skyscraper owned by the vampire community. The world had changed since he had
last seen it. 7500 years had passed since the Lord of the Night turned his
back upon the world of the mortals. Drake was not pleased by what he saw. The
men and women of the world were arrogant, selfish creatures as always. The
women were becoming more arrogant due to increased stature in society and the
fact that many men did not stand up to them anymore. Especially in America.
In the eyes of Drake, humans of both sexes needed to be crushed, brought
down beneath the heel of vampire domination. Drake was not the first of the
vampires. He was the last of an ancient species. The race of the true
immortal drinkers of blood.

Long ago, a race of human-like creatures roamed the planet Earth. These
creatures were very ancient. They had been around since shortly after the
fall of the dinosaurs. They were the ultimate predators. They drank the blood
of their prey. Also, they had shapeshifting abilities. These creatures called
themselves the Wamphyr. The Wamphyr existed for millions of years before the
coming of humanity. When the humans evolved, the Wamphyr hunted them.
Sometimes, when a human was bitten by a Wamphyr, he or she became something
else. A creature that drinks blood and fears sunlight. Thus the first
vampires were born. The Wamphyr were the undisputed lords of the earth.

Unfortunately, they fought among themselves and thus their race vanished.
Very few of these supreme predators remained. They learned to masquerade
among humanity. They learned to hide their true nature. The Wamphyr became
the overlords of the ever-increasing vampires. The humans feared the
vampires. The vampires worshiped the Wamphyr. They called them the Blood
Gods. It was the blood of the Wamphyr that gave the vampires their power.
Superhuman strength, super speed, sharp senses and the ability to regenerate.
All those were the powers of the Wamphyr, passed down to their vampiric

Drake was the last surviving member of the Wamphyr race. Once, tens of
thousands of his kind roamed the planet. They hunted anything they wanted.
Nothing could match them in ferocity or physical might. The Wamphyr had a
very long lifespan. Ordinary vampires could live for over 1000 years. Not
many made it beyond that. The lifespan of a Wamphyr was 10,000 years. Drake
was still quite young, by his ancient species's standards. Unfortunately,
there were no others like him. The vampires were creatures that were once
human. In spite of their superhuman strength, speed, agility and healing
abilities, in spite of their craving for blood, all vampires were once human.
Drake was not human. He was never human. He was a true predator. Sentient,
ferocious, adaptable and ruthless. He was a lot more powerful than any
vampire. Drake could walk in broad daylight. No other vampire could duplicate
that feat. The Wamphyr weren't exclusively nocturnal, like their vampire
descendants. The Wamphyr were perfectly at ease in the day. They had
abilities that vampires did not have. The Wamphyr weren't allergic to silver.
They couldn't be killed by a stake through the heart. They did not fear
sunlight. They were ten times stronger than the average vampire. Also, they
had the ability to shapeshift at will. Drake turned his gaze from the city
and looked at Danica Talos.

The female vampire looked at him lustfully. Drake gestured to her, beckoning
her to come to him. Danica Talos had felt strongly attracted to Master Drake
ever since he came back from his exile. Now, it would seem that he wanted
her. Drake stood naked before her. A tall, handsome and powerful-looking man.
Drake had the body of an athlete and the manner of a king. Drake was the kind
of guy who could have whatever he wanted and he knew it. He had a lot of
power. He was a very powerful guy. Something about him was so undeniably
sexy. He called her and she came to him. Drake extended his claws and
lightning-quick he slashed his way through her clothes. Danica Talos found
herself naked. Drake took her. She found herself on her hands and knees.

Drake positioned himself behind Danica Talos. He looked at her sexy butt
cheeks and spread them wide open. Her little asshole stared at him. Drake
grinned wickedly and placed his cock against her asshole. He pushed. Drake's
cock slid into Danica Talos's asshole. Danica shrieked. She didn't like
taking it up the ass but who was she to say no to the lord of all vampires?
He started pumping his cock into her ass. She fingered herself as he fucked
her. He shoved his prick deep into her bowels. Danica screamed and barked
obscenities as he fucked her up the ass. Drake plunged his cock deep inside
her shithole. He fucked her until he came, then he pulled out. Danica Talos
lay on the floor, spent.

Drake ignored her. He stepped out of the building and went for a walk.
Naturally, his mind drifted to thoughts of the half-breed hero who had
challenged him. Blade. Somewhere between human and vampire, mortal and
immortal, man and beast, there was Blade. The ultimate vampire hunter.
Born with the greatest strengths of both human and and vampire, yet
without the limitations of either. Blade was the greatest fear of the
vampire community. Blade was the most interesting individual that Drake
had met in the many thousands of years he had been alive. Tall,
broad-shouldered and muscular. Dark and handsome, clad in black leather.
Armed to the teeth. There was something dangerous about Blade. Something
sexy as well. Drake looked forward to challenging him to a fight to the
death. Finally, he had a worthy adversary.

The End


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