Blondie: Alex And The New Mother (mF)
by Wilcox

Alex Bumstead was in the living room of his beautiful neighbor from down
the street watching her breast-feed her three-month-old son. She and his mom
Blondie were good friends and he'd been cutting the Peterson's grass for a
few years now. Rachel Peterson was also lonely, what with her pregnancy and
the new baby, she hadn't gotten out much so she enjoyed his company. Over
the years the two had become friends as they were fairly close in age and
even more so now that he was dropping in more frequently.

Her husband Bill had recently taken on a new job that frequently caused him
to travel on business. Once she'd begun to show he also had a problem having
sex with her and they had not made love since she was four months pregnant,
leaving her to masturbate for sexual release. After enjoying a very active
sex life up to this point, Rachel was feeling quite dissatisfied and often
found herself getting moist as she looked through the window at her friend's
teenaged hunk of a son's strong muscular body as he worked in the yard.

She'd dropped the hint to his mother that she was going a bit crazy being
alone so much. There were things to do that she wasn't up to physically and
Bill was so busy he didn't have time to do them for her. Blondie had strongly
suggested to him that Alex stop over to help her as much as he could since
her husband worked long hours.

Tall, muscular and good-looking, but sexually inexperienced, Alex frequently
fantasized about the young mother before him. Rachel was twenty-four and had
long sexy legs, flaring hips with a nicely rounded butt and a gorgeous face
framed by short blonde hair. She also had large breasts, an obvious
attraction for a young man with raging hormones. They had been big before she
was pregnant and had gotten bigger now they she was breast feeding her baby.

Rachel really enjoyed Alex's visits, knowing that he was infatuated with her.
He was a big help and she was amused by his efforts to get a glimpse of her
naked breast when she was feeding Jimmy. She began to deliberately expose
herself to him after she'd noticed the effect it had on him. She loved to see
the huge bulge rise in his pants and watch him squirm to cover it up.

It looked positively enormous and her lack of sexual fulfillment with her
husband made her love the warm wet feeling in her pussy that came as she
watched his strong teenaged cock tenting his pants. It also gave her serious
thoughts of seducing him to satisfy her sexual needs with the young stud.

The phone rang in the hall startling all three.

"Alex will you answer that for me." Rachel smiled sweetly at him.

Alex went and answered the phone and was quickly back. "It's your mom. She
needs to talk to you urgently."

"Come and take Jimmy for me." She waited as he came over to her. Alex leant
over and tried to slide his arm under the baby and flushed as his hand made
contact with her naked breast. He carefully lifted the baby from her and his
eyes widened as he saw the large breast fully exposed, before Rachel casually
covered herself.

Alex backed over to his chair feeling his cock throbbing as it grew hard. He
carefully held the baby and cooed quietly in his ear feeling a warm glow as
he watched the peacefully sleeping infant.

Rachel was back within a few minutes, scowling when she saw that the baby
was sound asleep. He was a finicky feeder at best and he had only suckled one
breast and the other was full to bursting. Worst still, she had dropped the
breast pump last night and broken it. She took the sleeping baby and went to
tuck him into his crib.

When she returned Alex saw the disturbed look. "Is something wrong?"

Massaging her engourged breast, Rachel said, "He only fed off one breast and
he'll sleep for hours now, but the other one is full to bursting."

"Do you want me to get the breast pump?"

"I broke it last night and its too late to go out and get one now. What am I
going to do? I won't be able to cope with this till he wakes up."

"Seems to me you need another baby," said Alex trying to lighten the moment
with some humor.

"Except there is no other baby available smart guy." Rachel cocked her head
as a wicked idea came to her. "Of course it doesn't have to be a baby, who
nurses and relieves the pressure," she mused.

"Who else is going to do it?" asked Alex genuinely puzzled.

"You could do it for me," said Rachel watching him closely.

"Me! Why would I want to do that?"

Rachel sat next to him and took his hand as her heartbeat increased with the
excitement of what she was about to do. "You're my friend aren't you? You're
always eyeing my tits when you think I'm not looking. Now is your chance to
help me out and get a close up view at the same time. I'm so full now that
it's painful and it'll only get worse if you don't help me."

Alex mentally smacked himself for being so thickheaded. This was a dream come
true, not only the opportunity to see her naked breast but also to touch and
suckle on it. He felt sure that once they got started he would get to do more
than suck on her beautiful tits. Rachel had kept him fully informed about the
lack of activity in the bedroom and he was sure that with her request she was
ready to change the situation.

His cock raging hard now, he tried to stay cool about the whole thing.

"Well of course, when you put it that way, I would be glad to help. As a
friend," he added hastily.

Rachel smiled at him. "Well I appreciate anything you can do to help. It
might be easiest if I lay on the bed. Come on."

She led him into her room and as she walked in from of Alex his eyes locked
on the gentle swaying of her beautiful ass. The motion of her firm meaty
cheeks looked wonderful and he had an instant fantasy of her on all fours
taking his big cock hard and deep as he looked down at her naked undulating
heart shaped ass.

She went in, stood there and slowly raised her top over her head, watching
his eyes widen as her left breast came into view, as she had not re-fastened
the front of her maternity bra. She reached behind and undid the clasps and
slipped it off her shoulders, both milk engourged breasts coming into full
view. Satisfied she had turned him on; she strolled towards him. As she
walked, her hips swayed from side to side and her full naked breasts jiggled
with the movement of her body.

Alex ogled the large breasts, milky white with a few light blue veins
visible, big dark nipples erect in the center of the dark brown areola.
Mesmerized he reached for them only to have his hands slapped away.

"No squeezing," said Rachel as she flopped down on the bed, causing her big
breasts to bounce, which made Alex's cock throb even harder. She lifted her
ass and straightened the short skirt under her. She waited while Alex kicked
his shoes off and then knelt on the bed next to her. She stopped him as he
bent forward mouth open towards her right breast.

"No biting or pinching. I just need you to nurse and relieve the pressure.
My nipples are very delicate. Just suck, OK."

Alex lowered his mouth to the waiting nipple. He encircled it with his lips
and licked it with his tongue, immediately tasting the droplet of milk that
was already seeping from the overfull breast. Gently he sucked and another
drop came into his mouth as Rachel softly stroked his hair.

"A little harder."

He increased the suction on the hardened nipple and felt the milk spurt into
his mouth. It was warm and had a different taste than he expected, but it was
pleasant enough. He swallowed and continued to suck, getting into a steady
rhythm of sucking and swallowing.

He cocked his head slightly so he could see Rachel's face. She had her eyes
closed, a dreamy, contented look on her face. Her eyes flicked open as he
lifted his mouth from her breast and lay down with his body stretched out
next to her.

"Roll this way a little bit," he instructed.

Rachel rolled over slightly so that the large breast fell toward his waiting
mouth. Alex slipped the nipple into his mouth and commenced sucking, his eyes
on her face. He watched as she closed her eyes again, then slowly moved his
hand up towards the other breast.

Finally he made contact and saw the corner of her mouth twitch with a
little smile. Encouraged he began to gently massage the breast, all the while
nursing steadily at the other breast. Her breathing was becoming heavier now
and he gently flicked the nipple with his tongue. Flick, suck, and swallow.
Flick, suck, and swallow. Flick, suck and swallow, massaging the other breast
at the same time.

His mouth still working her right breast, Alex slid his hand down over her
stomach, feeling the soft roll of flesh leftover from the pregnancy. He
rubbed her tummy with a circular motion for a few moments, before edging his
hand down along her thigh until he reached the hem of her skirt.

As Rachel continued her heavy breathing routine, he stroked the inside of her
thigh with his fingers, slowly moving his hand up under her skirt until he
reached her silky panties. She spread her legs for him and he rubbed his
fingers across the outside of her panties, stopping for a moment when he felt
the wet patch over her slit.

Alex still had Rachel's nipple in his mouth, but he had stopped sucking now,
completely distracted by the damp material beneath his fingers. He resumed
stroking, wedging the soft material into the cleft of her pussy, making it
wetter still.

Concentrating hard on his actions, Alex jumped when Rachel spoke. "It would
be easier if you got my panties out of the way."

Not needing any further prodding, Alex hooked his fingers into the top of her
panties and pulled them down as Rachel lifted her hips. He sat up and pushed
them down her legs and over her feet. Rachel lifted her hips once more and
pulled her skirt up around her waist and lay back with her thighs spread
wide, her pussy exposed in all it's glory.

Alex was enthralled by the pink wet cleft slashed through the middle of the
neatly trimmed patch of hair. He wondered where the mysterious clitoris the
guys at school talked about was to be found.

He dropped his hand between her thighs once more and rubbed his hand up and
down the slippery opening, gradually working his middle finger into it. As he
worked his finger up and down the slick channel he heard Rachel's breathing
becoming heavier, soft moans escaping her parted lips, her chest heaving.

He was not overly sure of what he was doing, but a couple of young ladies he
had dated had reacted in a similar way when he had stroked their tight virgin
pussies for them. Thus he figured he was on the right track and if he could
get Rachel excited enough, he might get more than a finger into her hot

Alex felt a hand clutch at his thigh and move to his groin, where it began
to gently stroke his rampant cock through his pants. His cock throbbed at the
delicate touch of the long slender fingers. Rachel's hand grasped at the top
of his pants, trying to drag them down, so Alex quickly assisted with his
free hand, pushing his pants and underwear down over his thighs, setting his
engorged cock free.

She looked down to see that Alex was packing serious heat, as she's
suspected. She stared wide-eyed at his massive dick. It was incredibly long,
at least twice her husband's length and so much thicker. She held her breath
as she found herself confronting a wrist thick 10" shaft covered with thick
protruding veins, topped by a plum sized head.

"My goodness," she exclaimed. "I never expected this. You're so big ... so
long and thick. You put my husband to shame."

Rachel resumed her ministrations, fondling his heavy balls and then gliding
her fingers up the shaft to the flaring head. She dabbed a finger in the
dribble of fluid seeping from his prick, and smeared it across the smooth
flesh, causing Alex to moan loudly.

Still working his fingers back and forth along the length of her wet pussy,
Alex leant over her and mashed his lips hard against the pouting flesh of
Rachel's lips, firing his tongue into her mouth. She kissed him back, her
slick tongue gliding past Alex's tongue into his mouth, each tasting the
other for the first time. Rachel could feel her orgasm building to its peak
and she lifted her hips, grinding her pussy against Alex's hand, reveling
in the sensation of getting of with a man that she had been denied for many
months now.

She could also feel Alex's cock twitching violently in her hand ready to
spew forth a load of hot cum. She grabbed hard at the base of his huge cock,
cutting off his orgasm. As Rachel gripped his cock, she felt her own orgasm
overtaking her body and she screamed as the delicious waves of pleasure
racked her from head to toe.

Totally absorbed in the task at hand Alex jumped in momentary fright when he
heard Rachel scream, but quickly resumed his handiwork when he realized what
was happening. He watched Rachel's shuddering body, her large breasts heaving
back and forth, fascinated by the effects of her orgasm.

Gradually, the tremors slowed until she lay still, her clamped thighs
trappings his hand in her wet slit. Alex leant forward and kissed her
again, gently. She responded by pushing her tongue into his mouth as
her hand resumed stroking his aching cock.

Alex broke the kiss and sat up, placing his own hand over hers as it glided
the length of his hot shaft.

"I want my cock inside you Rachel. I want you to be my first."

"Not yet. Stroke your big cock for me. I want you to cum on my tits."

Rachel let go of his cock and Alex wrapped his fingers around the turgid
organ as he had done so many times, but excited by the idea of doing it
in front of Rachel. As he stroked he shuffled forward awkwardly, getting
a little closer, ready to spray his seed over her beautiful tits.

As Alex stroked, Rachel tickled his sack with her long fingernails, then
rolled his balls gently around the palm of her hand. Alex was pumping
furiously and he could feel the pressure building, his balls twitching,
spurred on by Rachel's electric touch.

With an animal like growl he thrust his hips towards her tits as cum burst
from his cock, laying a string of the sticky fluid across the milky tits.
His cock jerked and the second string of cum splashed against Rachel's neck
and face. He aimed the third rope of cum at her wide-open mouth and it fell
across her nose and cheek.

Steadily pumping his cock, Alex watched rope after rope of cum cover her
breasts, neck and face. When he was finished her face and tits were covered
in sticky white cum, a stray strand spattered in her hair. He watched in
fascination as Rachel scooped cum up with her fingers and sucked it into her

"Yummy," purred Rachel, "I haven't had a cum bath for so long."

She slid down the bed a little and propped on one elbow. Leaning over, she
inhaled Alex's dripping cock into her mouth and gave it a bath with her
tongue. Immediately his softening cock started to harden. Rachel cleaned it
from top to bottom before setting it free when it was once again rock hard
and ready for action.

"Now that's what I like about you young guys. Now why don't you stick it
where it will do us both some good."

Alex quickly whipped his pants all the way off and slid between her legs as
she pulled them up to her chest and gripped behind her knees to hold them in
place. This action caused her pussy to open, giving Alex a clear view of the
pink birth canal. Moving closer Alex gripped his cock and placed the hardened
flesh against the shiny entrance, feeling the heat radiate through the head
of his cock.

"Take it slow Alex. Enjoy it. Besides your so big I'll need to adjust to your
size before we can really go at it."

He moved his hips forward and watched the head spread her lips and push in.
He pushed further and watched another three inches of his throbbing cock
disappear from sight. She shrieked as his huge cock entered her juicy cunt
with the promise to explore places her husband's dick had never gone before.
He watched intently as his cock stretched her lips wide as he pushed deeper
into her married slit. He hit the five-inch mark and really started to
struggle with her tightness.

The intense feeling of her tight little cunt stretching over his thick cock
was making Rachel weak. Her cuntal sheath was stretched taunt and she could
feel the hard veins doing things to her pussy that she'd never felt before.

He bent down and softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue
just inside, while at the same time continuing to slip it to her. Rachel
instinctively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched hers, enveloping
his tongue and giving Alex a hot deep kiss as he worked his big dick deeper
into her sweet honey pot.

Her cunt worked feverishly to adjust to his enormous size. Then, feeling
comfortable she could handle him, she pushed up to him and his big cock
easily passed her husband's accustomed depth. She raised her hips up to
his enormous pole again and again as she took him in deeply but hadn't fit
it all in yet. The young wife and mother began to pump her cunt up and down
over his cock as her tits bounced in his face.

One of his hands filled with her full thrusting boob and he began suckling
on her erect nipples as he worked his big teenaged cock into his neighbor's
wife. Her pussy was soaking his cock with her love juices and the liquid
sounds of his long thick cock sliding in and out of her glove tight pussy
rang in their ears as the pungent smell of sex began to invade their

He could feel her hips moving with him, her pussy gripping his cock. He
pulled back, watching his slick cock and her gripping cuntal sleeve slowly
come back into view on each tantalizing out-stroke. After a few minutes,
with the head of his cock nestling just inside her, he moved over her again,
crushing her tits against his chest and slipped his tongue into her waiting
mouth. As he did so he thrust his cock deep inside her, feeling her ass lift
to meet him. He withdrew and banged it in again, his mouth still clamped to

As if they had fucked each other a hundred times, they quickly settled
into a steady rhythm, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filling
the room. Rachel relished the way Alex's big cock filled her pussy with
the head pressing firmly against her cervix and she loved the feel of
his heavy sperm-laden balls slapping against her ass with every thrust.

She could feel him increasing the pace, thrusting into her harder. She knew
he would not last very long the first time. She lifted her hips to meet him
and squeezed the muscles of her pelvic floor, gripping his cock, urging him
to fuck her hard.

The moment had arrived for Alex, quicker than he wanted, as he hammered his
cock into Rachel's cunt and his balls contracted and cum spewed deep into her
pussy and seeped into her womb. He kept pumping his cock hard into her tight
snatch as it contracted continuously and her pussy overflowed.

His cock finally still, Alex kissed Rachel, a slow burning kiss that she
felt all the way to her toes. Alex sat back on his heels and looked at the
beautiful woman before him. Gorgeous face, magnificent tits atop her heaving
chest and the best sight of all, her swollen labia with his cum seeping from
between and sliding down the crack of her ass. Alex was proud as he looked
down at the result of the loss of his virginity, and with a beautiful sexy
married woman to boot ... he was now a man.

As for Rachel, she loved the feel of Alex's cum trickling from her pussy. She
loved having her tits and face covered in a man's seed once again. It was the
first time she had been unfaithful to her husband, but she felt no guilt. He
might have a problem fucking her now that she was a mother, but it was no
problem for Alex and it would be fun showing him all the things she liked to
do ... and with the stamina of the young stud she knew that it would be as
often as she wanted.

"Did you enjoy that Alex?" she smiled sweetly up at him.

"Shit yeah. It was a bit quick though."

"It was your first time. Don't woory ... you'll last longer with practice."

"Will I get to practice with you?"

"I'll be disappointed if you don't. I would love to teach you how to fuck a
woman only you can't tell anyone what we're doing. It has to be our secret or
it's not going to happen ... understand? And I so want to suck your cock. I
give terrific blowjobs."

Alex looked at his slack cock. "I won't say a word and I'd love a blowjob,
but you need to give me a few minutes."

Rachel laughed at him. "Well you're out of luck, because we don't have a few
minutes. Bill will be home soon and I need to get cleaned up. I don't think
he would like to find his wife covered in another man's cum. Do you?"

"Probably not. When can we get together again?

Rachel sat up and took Alex's face in her hands. "Anytime Bill's not here,
you just come over and help yourself." She kissed him full on the lips, her
tongue sliding into his open mouth in a long sensuous kiss. "Come see me
tomorrow morning. He'll be gone by 7AM to play golf. While he's at the
Country Club you can play my course where the more strokes you take the
more you score."

The next morning Alex was up early in anticipation. It was his regular day to
mow the Peterson's yard so his Mom had no idea of the horny thoughts swirling
in his head as he devoured his breakfast. "I may be a little late coming back
Mom," he told his mom Blondie. "Mrs. Peterson told me that there were some
things she needed help with after I do the yard."

"That's fine honey," she responded. "I'm glad you're giving the poor woman a
hand, what with a new baby and her husband working such long hours. I'm sure
she can use you to fill in. I know it's been hard on you going over there
Alex ... but that's what friends and neighbors do when someone needs help and
you've been coming up big. I'm really proud of you honey."

"I don't mind mom," he said as he thought, 'I plan for it to be long ... and
hard ... as I fill in her mouth and cunt on her husband's bed.'

Rachel was up early as well. She put on a pair of shorts and a loose blouse
and fed the baby. Then she made her husband breakfast before he headed out
for his regular Saturday morning golf game.

"Oh Rachel, I forgot to tell you that when Alex comes over today to cut the
grass I'd like him to pull out the two dying shrubs we talked about and to
plant the two potted shrubs in their place," he told her. "If he comes after
I leave, can you show him what needs to be done honey?"

"Sure, no problem!" she smiled naughtily. "I'll show him what I want him
to do. Go and enjoy your golf game! Don't worry about a thing!" Rachel
responded, giving Bill a playful kiss on the lips before he went out to
the garage.

Rachel heard the garage door open and close as Bill backed the car out. She
picked up the baby, then she heard the key being inserted into the front door
and Bill calling out, "Oh, honey, Alex just arrived. Can you come out and
show him what needs to be done. I'm going to miss my tee-time if I don't head
out right now."

Hearing her husband call out, Rachel put her young son down in the crib and
walked out through the front door. She didn't hear what else her husband was
saying as Bill rushed back to his car and backed out of the driveway. A honk
of the horn and a wave to his wife brought a wave from both his wife and
Alex. But he had not seen the boy's other hand, moving behind her and
squeezing the cheeks of his lovely wife's tight ass.

As her husband's car drove off, Rachel heard the cries of her young son. "I
have to check on the baby!" she said quickly and rushed back into the house.
Getting to her crying son, Rachel grabbed and shook a rattle to distract and
calm him. The little one started to giggle and look up at her.

Then Rachel felt hands on her flaring hips and she began to pant and
shake in horny anticipation. The rattle in her hand began to shake as never
before, bringing a laugh and giggle from her entertained young infant. Rachel
couldn't move as she felt her shorts being unbuttoned and then sliding down
her long legs accompanied by her lacy white panties. "Please Alex," she
moaned. "Not in front of the baby. He just finished nursing and will be
asleep soon."

His hand slid over her gorgeous little ass and he slipped a finger into her
slick cunt as he said, "Why not Mrs. Peterson, he's too young to know what's
happening and it looks like there's some work for me right here that your
husband isn't up to." He stood slowly pumping his finger deep inside her as
he fondled her big boobs from behind.

She stood facing her baby son, then slowly spread her legs about three feet
apart and bent forward at the waist as she braced herself against the crib.
The invitation was plain. Alex opened his fly and pulled out his growing
penis. He stroked it a couple times and it quickly reached its full ten-inch

He pushed the big head of his teenaged tool into Rachel's waiting, sopping
wet, little gash and slowly sank it in to the hilt. It accepted him much
easier than it had yesterday and he began a deep pumping action with his
hips and began banging her powerfully from behind.

The little infant laughed and giggled loudly as his loving mother shook the
rattle madly along with the entire crib itself. The rattle shook in timing
with the long thick cock slicing in and out of the youngster's beautiful
mother. Rachel was so ashamed to have her little son be witness to her
infidelity with their young teenaged neighbor but she couldn't stop Alex
from taking her ... didn't want to stop him.

Her son enjoyed this new entertainment of the mad rattling and crib shaking.
The little boy giggled at the mewling sounds his beautiful mother made above
him, giggled at the smiling face behind her that was making his mother so
happy. After about five minutes Rachel orgasmed hard. "Oh, Alexxxx ...
ohhhhhhhh, yesssssss ... fuck me Alex ... fuckkkkkkkk meeeeeeee ... yes,
sooooo deeeeepppppppp!

She lost all senses for a moment while the pleasure washed over her. Rachel
collapsed forward in exhaustion. Her arms were weak and her head rested on
the edge of the crib. She twitched and jerked in the aftermath of her
orgasms. When her senses returned she realized the steady rhytmic rocking
had put her baby to sleep

She looked back over her shoulder into Alex's eyes and silently pleaded for
more. Alex slid his hands up her back and unhooked her maternity bra. Then
he moved both of his hands around her, cupping her full thrusting breasts,
fingers flicking at her aroused buds as he continued to pound against her
upturned little ass. He began squeezing the big meaty mounds; rolling and
tweaking her hard spikey nipples as he impaled Rachel's loudly squishing
pussy with his ten-inch penis.

After twenty minutes, Alex slid his hands down her body and used his thumbs
to part Rachel's perfect little ass, opening the way to her tiny tightly
clenched anus. He pulled out of her spasming cunt and slid his gooey cock
up to the puckered entrance of her tight little asshole and entered her
rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he forced it in deep,
stretching her tight anal passage taunt around his big dick.

'My God,' she thought. 'I've created a monster. This young stud will fuck me
to death.'

Rachel tried to stop him from fucking her virgin asshole. "Please Alex,
not there. No ones ever done that to me," she cried as she clenched her ass
tight ... but her anal muscles were no match for his massive battering ram.
She grimaced as his huge cock split her wide open and penetrated her deeper.
The pain was indescribable. Rachel wanted to scream out in agony but her
voice was gone.

"There's a first time for everything," he told her. "You showed me that
yesterday, Mrs. Peterson."

He was too big and strong, all she could do was shut her eyes and grit her
teeth. She tried to get used to being fucked in the ass as her rectum was
forcibly stretched open. Alex shoved forward and forced his cock into her
tightly clenching asshole, all ten long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes
widened as his huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his
heavy sperm laded balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

He stayed still, savoring her glove tight rectum as the pain slowly faded
and Rachel got used to the sensation of having a man in her asshole. She even
came to like ass fucking as she began to push back. Soon his long thick cock
was pistoning in and out of her anus easily.

"Stick it up my ass!" she shouted at Alex. "I love it. Fuck my hot little
asshole! Don't stop, please. Fuck my tight little ass, AHHHH YEESSSSS! I
never dreamed it could feel so good!"

The electric bolts that were now shooting from her pinched and stretched
nipples to her spasming vagina were joined with jolts erupting in her ass
with each thrust of Alex's long thick member. Without knowing it she began
to moan loudly. Alex's hand began to pinch her nipple as he pounded Rachel's
tight little asshole even harder, his other hand strumming over her erect
clit. Her moaning increased and she had another mind shattering orgasm as
Alex's fully embedded cock spewed its lode deep inside of her.

He pulled out of her and pulled her over to the bed where he placed her down
on her back. He climbed onto the bed, lifted and spread Rachel's long sexy
legs wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders so that her little
blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and vulnerable.

He wiped his shitty dick off with her husband's pajamas before he moved
forward and placed it against her, sliding his big cock up and down the
full length of her wet, swollen slit. Rachel looked up at Alex and said
in an urgent, lusting voice, "Fuck me good Alex! Okay ... Fuck me really
good! Really hard you young stud!"

"Okay ... really hard and deep too, Mrs. Peterson!" Alex slid his huge cock
head through her pink blonde fringed little pussy to lubricate it with her
juices. Her hips were raising up, trying to draw it into her as he lodged it
into the mouth of her tight quim and slid into her in one smooth stroke. She
was still loose from earlier and with a deep whoosh she breathed again.

Rachel watched as Alex pulled back, her tight ring of flesh clinging to his
massive shaft, it almost looked like her vagina was being drawn out of her.
Back in-out-in-out. Adjusting, more lubrication. Alex shifted up a little;
the top of his knobby shaft racked the bud of her clitoris.

Rachel exploded! She whimpered, bucked, and ground her pussy onto the
invading shaft. Alex held his dick still, supporting his weight on his
arms as Rachel pitched her pelvis up and down the long thick pole. Her
head thrashing from side to side as her massive climax washed over her.

Alex began moving his hips up and down a little, assuming some of the motion
from Rachel, but keeping counter time with her, elongating the stroke. When
her hips were up, his down, his pubic curls mashing her own blonde ones, now
matted a darker color with the juices of arousal. Then when her hips pitched
down, his were up to where the first couple of inches remained in her, the
top of his shinny wet shaft prying up slightly against her engorged clitoral
bud. His cock streaked with creamy juices from both of them.

"You like it don't you, Mrs. Peterson?" Alex asked her. "You like me fucking

moaned in response.

That day the Peterson's bed creaked as never before, headboard continuously
thumping against the bedroom wall, bedsprings singing in rhythmic agony. Time
after time Rachel was taken hard and deep. On her back, on her knees doggie
style, 69, cowgirl and other positions to numerous to count. Orgasm after
orgasm shook her convulsing body as Alex's heavy balls drained their load of
heavy cream into Rachel a number of times, in her pussy, up her ass and down
her throat.

At 5PM, Bill drove up to his garage noticing that the freshly mown yard
looked immaculate. Going to the backyard he was pleased to see the dying
shrubs pulled out as he wanted and the new shrubs planted perfectly.
Entering his home, he was pleasantly surprised when his lovely wife put
her arms around his neck and gave him a passionate kiss, delving her
tongue into his mouth. "Oh, honey, I've missed you! I've thought of you
all day!"

Later in their bed, Rachel thought if only her husband knew that she had
been fucked over and over on the same bed by their neighbor's teenaged son
in a daylong episode of non-stop fucking and sucking. That the young stud
had taken her anal virginity as well as he used her as his personal sex
toy. Well if Bill didn't want to fuck her Alex certainly did ... and would
continue to whenever he wanted her.


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