Blondie: Alex Visit's The Neighbors Part 2 (MF)
by Wilcox

It had been a week since Alex had fucked his neighbor, Mrs. Tootsie Woodley,
while she was under the influence of sleeping pills. He lay back on his bed
stroking his cock as he remembered that wonderous night that now seemed so
long ago. His hand gently brought his big dick to full erection as he
pictured her undulating under him, her tight pussy and asshole milking his
long thick cock to several powerful orgasmic releases. She never found out
that he'd done it either, which was the best part. Her limp dick husband had
taken the blame. 'Christ,' Alex thought, 'There I was pumping her full of
love juice and the drunken wimp was passed out on a chair right in the same

Today offered lots of possibilities Alex thought. Last night his dad had
told him that Mr. Woodley asked if Alex could do his yard work Saturday
morning so that he and Alex's dad could go to the golf course. 'MMMM,' he
thought. 'If I work this right, I might have a chance to fuck her again and
this time she'd know who's doing it to her. She's so fucking hot there's no
way her husband can keep her satisfied. I just have to be careful so Mom
doesn't find out.'

Meanwhile next door, Tootsie was getting all over her husband about the way
the yard looked. Herb told her that he has it all under control. While he
and Dagwood are playing golf, Dag's son Alex was going to come over and cut
the grass.

"And what about the flower beds," she asked him.

"Don't worry your pretty little head Honey," Herb told her. "I'll get to
them. I promise. Ohh, Alex is going to cut down those dead shrubs in back,
too. Make sure he gets all the way down to the roots, OK."

Tootsie was fuming as Herb went out to the garage to get his golf things
ready to transfer to Dagwood's car. 'Getting a kid to do his work for him,
how typical,' she thought. 'The yard isn't the only thing around here
that he's been neglecting lately. He takes me for granted. All he wants
is a quick roll in the sack and then he rolls over and falls asleep. Mr.
Wam!-Bam!-Thank You Mame himself. I want more. I want excitement and
spontaneity again. I want romance, to be swept off my feet and feel alive
and wanted. I should get myself a young stud to fill in for him. That
would serve him right.'

Just then the sound of a lawn mower starting up caught her attention. She
went to the front room and though the window she saw her best friend
Blondie's son Alex cutting the grass. 'Oh My,' she thought. 'How he's
grown.' Alex was only wearing a pair of cut-offs and sneakers and his hard
muscular body was already coated with a glistening layer of sweat as he
pushed the mower back and forth over the front yard.

'He usually wears the baggy jeans and shirts that seem to be the typical
teenagers uniform lately,' she thought. 'Just look at that hard body, all
rippling muscle. He must work out with weights. I bet the girls are all over
him, too. Lets see ... he's what ... 18 now ... hmmmm ... at his sexual
peak. I bet he can go all night long just like the Energizer Bunny.'

One hand moved up to her full breasts and began to fondle the heavy mass
of femine flesh as she looked out longingly at Blondie's teenaged son. She
stared out at him as though in a trance for a few minutes and her fingers
tweaked her nipples to hard sensitive nubs as images of her submitting to
him flashed through her consciousness.

"Whoa, get a grip girl," she told herself as she return to reality and
pulled herself away from the window. She was all hot and bothered and felt a
tingling between her legs. Her hand drifted down and she felt the moisture
in her slit. 'God I'm all warm and squishy. I need a drink,' she told

Tootsie went back to the kitchen and decided to make a pitcher of margaritas.
'It's going to be a long, hot day,' she told herself. She downed the first
one quickly and followed it with another. 'MMMMM, maybe I should go in back
and weed the flowerbed by the deck,' she thought. 'My parents are coming over
for a cook out tomorrow and I know Herb won't get to it in time.'

She went up to her room to change her clothes and as she was picking out
something to wear she suddenly remembered Alex. 'Maybe I should see if I've
still got what it takes to turn a young stud's head,' she thought. 'A girls
got to have some fun once in a while, doesn't she?' She selected a pair of
white skintight hot pants and a string bikini top. As she was leaving her
room she caught her reflection in her dresser mirror. There she saw a hot
sexy woman with a fabulously displayed body looking back at her.

Her glazed eyes swept over her full thrusting breasts, flat tummy, flaring
hips, firm meaty buns and long sexy legs as she turned and checked herself
out. 'This should do the trick,' she thought. 'I'm practically naked, but
I'll be in the back yard so no one will see me, except Alex that is. Oh girl,
this is going to be fun teasing a young boy like this. You're so wicked.'

Tootsie went back down stairs and had another stiff drink to fortify herself,
then went out the back door. She heard the mower in the front yard and went
over to one of the flowerbeds tucked into the corner of the deck and house to
wait for Alex. She looked around and made sure that none of the neighbors
could see her before getting down on all fours and beginning to weed. Soon
she was feeling even more light headed from the heat of the sun added to the
effect the of the alcohol she'd consumed. She was lost in her fantasy and not
thinking clearly any longer as her judgement and morale standards evaporated
away from her normally prim and proper personality.

She yearned for a romantic escape from her now predictable marriage and hum
drum existence. Tootsie's clouded brain became fortified in her resolve to
prove to herself that she still has what it takes to capture the attention
of a young stud. 'What harm can it do to tease Alex a little,' she told

When Alex turned the corner of the Woodley's house he was greeted by the
sight of his neighbors sexy little ass wiggling seductively from her
gardening exertions. Her tight shorts looked like they were painted on and
he could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips as she undulated on her
hands and knees in seeming disregard for his presence.

His eyes rarely left her as he moved the mower back and forth over the rear
yard and Tootsie put on quite a show for him as she wiggled her ass around
in a simulated sexual motion. Adding to his visual pleasure, each time she
stood up to move between the flower beds she stretched and arched her back
before getting down on all fours again.

As he watched her Alex's mind flashed back to the night he fucked her in
that position and drove his big cock deep into her tight cunt and her even
tighter little asshole. 'Man I'm going to fuck her again today, one way or
another,' he vowed to himself.

After he'd finished the lawn Alex began to work on the dead shrubs. While he
was involved with digging out the roots Tootsie went back into the house. She
was glowing as she poured herself another drink. She went to the window and
watched Alex work as she fingered her juicy slit. It was all she'd hoped it
would be. She'd felt his eyes on her firm ass and really put on a show for
him that was worthy of a professional stripper. She was just finishing
another drink when she saw him walk towards the house.

Her heart began to beat faster and she felt warm all over as he knocked on
the door. Tootsie nervously called, "Come in, the doors open."

Alex walked into the kitchen, his eyes devouring Tootsie's lush body. "Excuse
me Mrs. Woodley. I've finished outside. Can I use your bathroom," he asked.

"Of course, Alex," she replied. "It's right down the hall on the right." He
went in and Tootsie could hear him in the bathroom urinating. The sound was
distinct, and as she slowly followed the sound she realized why: he'd left
the door open.

She couldn't help herself... she glanced in as she passed... and stopped in

Alex was standing before the toilet and she could see him from the side
through the opened door. His cut offs were undone and open, and he was
holding a very large cock in his hand, pissing. It had to be over 6" long,
fully limp, just hanging there. She couldn't believe it. His limp cock was
bigger than her husband's was erect.

Alex looked over at her, and did nothing ... he just stood there with it out,
not attempting to hide it. He met her eyes and looked at her, face calm,
betraying no emotion. She looked away from his eyes, back down at the massive
cock. She realized what she was doing after several moments and looked away,
mumbling, "Sorry."

She rushed up to her bedroom, stripped off her shorts and top and sat down on
the edge of her bed naked, trying to still her beating heart. She laid back
and began fingering her sopping wet quim. Her mind consumed by the thought of
Alex's huge cock pounding her into submission as she brought herself to

Ever since that night Herb had taken her while she was out of it from the
sleeping pills, lovemaking with her husband had been unsatisfactory. He felt
small and finished so quickly. She didn't know how or why, but her body
demanded more. It's was as though it yearned for a long thick cock, something
her husband couldn't give her. Yet she'd never had one bigger than Herb's ...
so how could she feel this way?

It was as though her cunt had been taken by a huge cock and wanted it again.
Herb just couldn't reach the itch she felt deep in her pussy. No it would
take a cock the size of ... her teenaged neighbor's to do that, she thought,
as a powerful orgasm washed over her.

She looked up then and Alex appeared at her door. She blushed and looked
away, not sure what to say. She just stared at him as he closed and locked
the door, then walked to stand before her bed, staring silently down at her.

"Uh... er... Alex, I.. ummm... I'm sorry I...," she said as she sat up. Her
stuttered apology trailed off as she noticed his hands moving to his shorts.
He unbuttoned them, lowering the zipper and slid them and his briefs down to
his hips, where they dropped to the floor.

She gasped as his big, limp cock was exposed, hanging just in front of her
face. She tore her eyes away enough to glance up, see the serious and intense
look he was aiming at her, then looked back at his cock. It was growing.

His cock swelled up, stiffening, getting larger and beginning to stick
straight out... angling up, higher and higher.... Bigger and bigger. Her eyes
widened as she watched this amazing show. Within 60 seconds, Alex's cock was
fully erect. It was huge.... Over 10" long, and very thick... a huge male
member all covered with ridges of protruding veins that throbbed and pulsed
with the promise of sexual bliss.

It was just inches from her face and it was making her heart pound in her
chest, her adrenaline flowing. She couldn't avoid the gasp that escaped her

Alex grinned and grasped his massive cock at the base. He leaned forward and
rubbed the fat, blood engorged head over her face, her cheeks, and her mouth.
Then pressed it insistently at her lips.

"Oh Alex, I don't think..." she was cut off as he took advantage of her
protest to slip his cock into her mouth as it opened to speak. "mmff!"

Instinctively her tongue rolled around the thick head and she began to suck
the huge rod filling her mouth just as she'd dreamed of doing. He slowly
pushed it in, inch by inch and she relaxed her throat muscles as she felt
the fat head press at the entrance to her throat.

Alex placed his hands on her head, the fingers wrapping and tangling in her
long dark hair as he held her head still, pushing his cock further in. She
gagged as the huge thing pressed at the opening of her throat, and Alex made
his first sound, a soft low moan as he entered her throat.

"Ohhh, yeah......" he said, forcing his entire length down her now bulging
throat repeatedly. He loved seeing her face as she fought to breathe, the
air blocked by his thick 10" cock.

Tootsie fought the gag reflex and relaxed even more, then began to suck. Her
lips squeezed tight as her mouth became a vacuum, her tongue licking under
the huge cock. One hand reached out, grasped his balls and squeezed as she
began to bob her head.

Alex began to fuck her face, his cock plunging deep into her throat. Her eyes
rolled from the lack of air and then Alex withdrew to allow her to breathe
again as he established a rhythm and taught his beautiful neighbor all about
deepthroating a big cock. He was surprised to feel her touch his puckered
anus and felt an added thrill as she worked her finger into it as she sucked
him off.

"Uhhnnnnnnmmmmmmm ohhh yeah!!!!" he cried out softly, tensing up. He
shuddered, his cock swelling, then held her head tight, and jammed his cock
as deep down her throat as he could get it. Alex emptied his load, huge thick
gobs of hot teen cum shooting straight down her throat.

Tootsie automatically swallowed his load, then gagged as she swallowed
another thick squirt of cum. She felt her body burn with lust and shame as
she swallowed and sucked his cock clean, until he pulled it out of her
slurping mouth.

Alex stepped back, stepping out of his shorts. He stared at her, his face
and eyes bright with lust and intensity.

Tootsie blushed and said hesitantly, "Alex, I don't think we should..."

Alex looked her over appreciatively, "Lay back."

Tootsie mutely obeyed her mind in drunken turmoil but her traitorous horny
body obeying. She lay back provocatively on her marital bed, legs spread
some, arms to her sides. Alex grinned and laid down beside her, "You need
this, don't you?" he asked. Tootsie just stared at him in shock and
disbelief, but non-resistance.

He grinned, "I know your husband is no match ... for this...," he said
confidently, grasping his huge cock.

He leaned down and kissed his now submissive neighbor, lightly at first
then harder, lips mashing, tongues swirling. He kissed her hard and hot for
several minutes, stroking her breasts, then began kissing down her neck, onto
her chest.

He sucked on her big sexy breasts for a while as his hands slid down her
body, stroking her thighs and her pussy. His fingers slipped into her
steaming hot cunt then found her wetness. "Oh, yeah.... You need it...," he
said arrogantly, cockily... and much to her shame, Tootsie agreed.

Spreading her legs, Alex climbed between them, grabbed her ankles and placed
them on his shoulders. Then he aimed his huge cock at her cunt. Grinning at
her, eyes meeting, Alex watched her face as he buried his long thick cock
into her tight cunt in one long slow stroke. Her eyes bulged out as she
gasped, "Uhhnnn!!!!" and her head whipped back and forth on her pillow, her
dark curly hair waving in the air.

"Ohhhhh goddddd..." she moaned softly as Alex's huge cock easily passed her
husband's accustomed depth and just kept going in deeper.

"Fuck, yeah..." Alex replied and began to pump, slowly at first, long deep
strokes, then faster as the tension grew.

"Ohhh ...ohhhh ...ohhhh ...ohhh ...ohhhh ...!" Tootsie now chanted in time
with each rapid thrust into her moist pit. Then the strokes slowed as Alex
let his mother's best friend feel every rock hard inch of his long thick

"Oh, you're so tight Mrs. Woodley ... so fucking tight....." he said.
Tootsie blushed in shame but kept moaning, her lust-crazed body responding,
hips rising to meet his thrusts, her pussy clenching and releasing his cock

Tootsie began arching up to keep his cock deep within her snatch. He smiled
as he felt her lush body tense then shudder in convulsions ... the final
piece of her capitulation to him, hearing the lovely wife cry out, "Oh, God
....oh, God ....I'm cumminnggggg!"

Holding her trembling ass cheeks up to him, his long thick cock buried to
the hilt, Alex took great pleasure in seeing Herb Woodley's wife react with
such a powerful orgasm.

Faster and harder he fucked, "Tell me, Mrs. Woodley ... tell me how you want

Tootsie resisted for a while, but eventually caved in, "Yesss... oh god
yes.... Fuck me... I need to be fucked sooo bad... fuck me, Alex!"

Alex grinned in triumph, "Fuck yeah, tell me more ... tell me you want my
big cock Mrs. Woodley."

Tootsie cried softly in shame, but drunkenly replied, "Yes Alex .... I want
you to fuck me with your big cock!"

"YESSSS!!!!!" cried Alex, pounding her hard and deep. Tootsie was being
fucked harder and faster than ever before, her pussy being hammered by
Alex's huge cock. It was what her body had been telling her it needed. It
seemed natural somehow. It was as though Alex's cock was back home where it

Suddenly, her body began to tremble and shake, squirming under his murderous
heavy pounding. She was cumming! "Oh, god...," she was having an another
orgasm... one of the most intense ones she'd ever experienced, "Ohhh god,
I'm cumminggggggggggggg!!!" she cried, in shame and humiliation and depraved

"Cum, Mrs. Woodley! Cum for me!" he said, feeling his balls tense as they
slapped her ass, "Yeah!!!!" he cried grasping Tootsie by her feet and
rearing back. Only to begin his jackhammer like fucking of his mother's
beautiful friend. He pushed her feet over her head and bent Tootsie in two,
burying his massive 10" cock all the way into her wide open womb.

Tootsie felt the throbbing of the plum size cockhead as it hammered against
her cervix. Feeling the throbbing deep within her, the cock's head expanding
further caused her mind to clear somewhat. She realized that this young stud
was about to unleash his potent cum, intent on planting his seed deep into
her womb.

She was helpless, shoulders pinned to the bed by her thighs, as Alex held
her bent in two. " ... arguuhh!" she cried, as Alex's cock ground its way in
and began spitting out its thick gooey jism.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Alex shouted as he got his rocks off.

"Ohhhh fuck godddd yessss!!!" Tootsie cried back.

Several minutes later, their orgasms fading, Alex let go of her trim ankles
allowing her long sexy legs to straighten and rest along his sweat drenched

As she lowered her legs, she wrapped them around his back and Alex felt her
ankles lock over his ass cheeks as his fully embedded cock continued to
twitch deep in her glove tight snatch, still oozing out its spunk.

She finally released his hot sweaty body, lowered her legs to the bed totally
exhausted and his huge cock pulled out of her ravaged little cunt, leaving a
trail of its sticky juice on her beautiful dark haired muff.

He rolled her over and lifted her sexy little ass up high. Her full ripe tits
shook and flopped about under her as Alex parted Tootsie's perfect ass with
his thumbs and saw her tiny tightly clenched anus. The rectal opening winked
at him as it twitched in response to the earth shattering orgasms he'd forced
from her lush, ripe body.

He laid his long thick cock in the crack of her gorgeous ass and slowly slid
it through her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection as it rubbed
over sweet little asshole. "We're not done yet Mrs. Woodley," he gloated as
his strong hands locked onto her flaring hips and pulled her ass back to his
waiting cock.

"Have you ever been fucked up the ass Mrs. Woodley," he asked knowing the
answer because he was the one who had done it.

"Yes," she replied meekly. "Herb did it while I was out on sleeping pills."

Alex smiled and said, "So you don't really remember it do you?"

"No," she said meekly again.

"Mrs. Woodley," he said, "I'm going to fuck your tight little asshole now.
Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass. Say it, beg me to fuck you up
the ass with my big dick." He pushed his cockhead between her gorgeous buns
and nuzzled it in against her tiny anus as Tootsie whimpered.

"Yes..please...," she said, "Fuck my ass, I want you to fuck me up the ass
with your long thick cock," she replied from her drunken stupor.

"That's a good neighbor," he said. "Now who could refuse a request like that,
especially from such a gorgeous sweet thing on her husband's bed. I guess my
work in back isn't quite finished yet is it Mrs. Woodley? Let's call it my
bonus for all the work I did for you today."

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he
forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, stretching her tight anal
passage taunt around his big cock.

Tootsie unconsciously clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon
relaxed and permitted him to enter. She grimaced as his huge cock split her
wide open. She started to scream out but held it back as she visualized her
best friend Blondie rushing over to help her. She'd burst into the bedroom
and see her trusted friend on all four's taking her teenaged son's huge cock
up the ass.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as her rectum was forcibly stretched
open. Alex shoved forward and her anus yielded under the pressure as he
flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His massive cockhead rammed
deep up her tight little asshole as drove up her ass with the power of a
freight train. Tootsie's head jerked up and her eyes widened as his huge cock
plowed deeper and deeper into her ass than she thought possible before it
came to a stop with his heavy sperm laded balls slapping loudly against her
firm little buns.

The pain soon faded as Tootsie got used to the sensation of having a cock
stretch open her asshole. She was surprised that her neighbor's big teenaged
cock felt so familiar buried up her ass. It was so strange, like deja vu or
something. She was also surprised to find that she loved butt fucking and
she began milking his oversized cock wildly as electricity seemed to flow
out of his fully embedded cock. She was so turned on that Herb could have
walked in at that moment and she wouldn't have cared.

Alex's massive cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and she rolled
her hips and pushed back acting like a total slut and reveling in it. She
whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch as he pounded his
meat to her.

Alex gasped, running his hands down her hot firm body to squeeze her big
jiggling tits as he sodomized Tootsie slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His big
cock pistoned in and out of her impossibly stretched anus, glistening and
gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame Alex's passion.
Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands back on her gorgeous hips, pulling
her anus up and down over the length of his thick deep reaching cock.

"Yes uhhh YES uhhh ohmauhhhh YES uhhh ohyes oh YESSSS do it, baby ... fuck
me! Fuck my ass you young stud ... fuck my ASS ... give it to me, lover ...
that's it ... FUCK MY ASS ... c'mon, fuck it hard, you big dicked stud! Fuck
me up the ass hard and deep!"

He reamed out her tight asshole hard and deep before dumping a huge load of
sperm into her quivering anal passage. He fell back off of her, his big dick
pulling out of her tiny ass with a loud plop.

They were laying in each other arms when the phone rang. Before Tootsie
could react Alex picked up the phone and handed it to her. She gave Alex a
stunned look and put it to her ear. "Hello," she said. "Oh it's you, Herb! I
... I think we had a bit of a bad connection but now I can hear you fine!
How are you, honey?"

Listening to her husband on the line, Tootsie covered the mouthpiece as she
emitted a moan of pleasure. It was such a wicked sensation to be talking to
her husband on the phone while a handsome teen was fondling her breasts.
Then she felt Alex's muscular hands push at her hips, turning her till she
was on all fours.

Hand still over the mouthpiece, she panted in fear, feeling her teenage
lover scoot up behind her. She shivered as she felt the thick cockhead
nuzzling up between her open thighs, searching for her moist slit.

On all fours, Tootsie felt so wicked as she chatted to her husband on the
phone. She realized that her teenage stud was letting her feel the thrill of
wicked sex while she was on the phone with her husband. Tootsie shivered at
the thick throbbing shaft slowly but easily pushed itself deep into her. She
couldn't help herself as she began to push back and ride the long thick
invading shaft.

"Yes dear," she said softly into the phone as she fought for control of her
voice. "Alex work out great. He put in a long hard day to be sure. Yes he
dug out the shrubs. Trust me he went very deep."

Alex enjoyed the thrill of fucking the beautiful wife of the man talking to
her on the phone. He had his hands upon her trim hips as he fucked her doggie
style, keeping his strokes slow and constant, wanting to plunge his cock in
harder but he knew she'd then be moaning loudly into the phone. With the
phone held up to her right ear, Alex bent over her, teasing her left ear with
his exploring tongue.

Sensing the phone conversation coming to an end, Alex sped up his thrusting
cock, moaning softly into her left ear "Oh, Mrs. Woodley, I love you!" As
his cock spurted deep into her fertile womb, he felt her cunt muscles squeeze
tightly around his spurting cock as she to climaxed, then he heard her
respond loudly into the phone "OHHHH .... I love you too, honey!"

"Ohhh god...." Whispered Tootsie to herself after Alex had left, ashamed and
humiliated, knowing she should say or do something, vowing never to let it
happen again ... And knowing deep in her heart it might happen anyway, she
would just have to fight it....

Pulling a cover over her naked, cum-filled body, Tootsie slowly fell asleep.


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