Blondie: Black Pirates of the Caribbean (MMF,inter,nc,reluc)
by Wilcox

Dagwood Bumstead was a good husband and father, loving and kind though a bit
naive. He gave his wife Blondie flowers; he took her out to dinner every
Saturday night. He loved her cooking and was a big eater to prove it. There
wasn't a thing she would change, except one.

Though Blondie would not admit this -- even to herself -- the most
disappointing aspect of marriage to Dagwood was his performance in bed.
Yes, he had helped her lose her virginity and had given her two wonderful
children. He was the only man she'd ever slept with and she loved him
dearly but he had a small penis, he came too quickly, and he didn't seem
to understand her sexual needs.

Often she had to masturbate herself to orgasm thinking of a big strong
mystery man with a huge cock ravaging her as her husband snored next to her.
She was of course a faithful, loving housewife and mother, a bastion of the
community and admired by many. She'd even started a successful Catering
business whe the kids were old enough to take care of themselves.

She'd never actually cheat; it just wasn't in her nature. The tall dark
stranger was in her mind when she needed him as she visualized herself at
his mercy and that was more than enough to get herself off. Her mystery
man was in her head; there was no way she'd allow him to actually exist.

Blondie was surprised one day when her husband informed her that he'd booked
a vacation trip to Jamaica. She was excited and happy to be going to the
Caribbean Island, even though she didn't know how to swim. It was to be a
second honeymoon, he told her, just the two of then.

They stayed at a resort hotel near Montego Bay where she lounged around the
pool in a sweet pink bikini on the first day and even dared to dip her toes
in the water as the hot Jamaican sun tanned her body. The second day of their
trip, Dagwood had another surprise for Blondie. As she sat alongside the pool
reading, he tapped her on the shoulder and introduced her to Cristof, the
resort swimming instructor. "This is my wife Blondie. Blondie this is
Christof. He's the resort swimming instructor whose going to teach you to
swim, isn't that great."

Blondie could barely keep from gasping at the sight of him. Cristof was
incredibly handsome, very black and extremely muscular with long dreadlocks.
He was also very tall, 6'5" by the look of him, and he dwarfed Dagwood when
the two stood together.

What neither knew and he didn't publicize was that he was directly descended
from the blood-thirsty pirates who long ago preyed upon the area with
ruthless disregard for anyone but themselves and the need to satisfy their
carnal pleasures. They took what they wanted, and so did Christof.

Also unlike Dagwood, Cristof exuded a rather distant, arrogant demeanor as
he drank in her abundant charms, She was a hot looking blonde in her mid
thirties with a great body at 5'4", 118 lbs. with long, gorgeous legs. Her
breasts were firm and large, and her ass was to die for ass her husband's
male friends often told her when Dagwood was out of earshot.

Excited at the thought of finally learning to swim, Blondie asked if she
should get into the shallow end of the pool to start, but Cristof sneered
at her. "I don't teach swimming in the pool," he said. "I teach you in the

Dagwood grinned and nodded at Blondie, as if to reassure her. Then he told
his lovely wife that he was going back to the room to read for a bit. Chistof
watched the trusting man walk off, leaving his blonde haired white wife with
Chirstof, a complete stranger, as so many other unknowing white husbands had
in the past.

He looked at her again and smiled as he thought of the many other things he
would teach the little blonde beauty besides swimming. He'd done this many
times in his capacity as the resort's swim instructor, but this sweet
innocent white wife was something very special and he felt his dick begin
to tingle as he swept her ripe bikini clad body from head to toe as she
looked towards her departing husband.

Blondie gathered up her things and headed off with Cristof to the beach
with the big black man walking slightly behind so that he could take in the
tantalizing wiggle of her sweet white ass as well as the rhythmic jiggle of
her full thrusting breasts.

At the beach, Cristof was greeted by another very tall, muscular black man.
A man as close to Christof as a brother, as indeed both were descended from
the brotherhood of pirates.

"This is Tomas," Cristof told Blondie. "He will assist me."

The two men exchanged a knowing look and then a quick grin. Had Blondie paid
a little more attention to that, as well as the uncertainty she felt in her
gut about all this, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Cristof and Tomas stood on either side of Blondie. Each man took one of her
hands and walked with her into the warm surf. She was hesitant to enter the
water but they reassured her that they were right there to take care of her
so she let herself be pulled along between them.

Blondie was beginning to feel more confident. The soft sand felt good under
her feet, and the warm water felt comforting as they walked ever deeper into
the sea as she stole quick glances at their muscular ebony bodies, glistening
in the water.

The men also checked out Blondie as she made her way with them. They watched
her big breasts move in a fascinating jiggling motion as she occasionally
hopped with a small wave washing into her. They watched her perfectly formed
tanned thighs disappear into the water, then her firm round bikini clad
bottom. The rest of the resort crowd was now far away, and Blondie again
began to feel nervous.

"Why are we going so far out?" she asked.

"For privacy," said Cristof. "You must focus on the lesson."

When the water was neck high, Blondie had to fight a sense of panic. She
looked to Cristof and Tomas for reassurance. Instead, the two men pulled
her even further out until she began to struggle just to keep her head
above water.

Because both men were so much taller than Blondie, they kept their feet
planted in the sand and their heads well above water. She felt relieved,
though still fearful when Cristof swept her up in his big strong arms and
held her head above water. The two men continued to walk into deeper water.

"Wrap your legs around me, Mrs. Bumstead," Cristof instructed her. "It will
keep you afloat."

Blondie did as she was told, also wrapping her arms around Cristof's muscular
back. She was terrified at being so far out to sea and out of her depth, her
feet unable to touch bottom. The obvious sexual position she found herself in
with the big black stranger didn't register ... at first.

Then as she felt more confident that she would stay above the surface she
began to relax. That's when it hit her. Straddling Cristof the way she was
Blondie could feel Cristof's cock through his bathing suit, rubbing between
her wide spread thighs up against her pussy mound that was barely covered by
her little pink bikini. It was enormous!

Her eyes widened as she stared into Cristof's eyes. His laugh disturbed her.

"That's right pretty lady, my little Blondie" he said. "My cock is getting
hard and you're the reason. You are just so beautiful and this body of
yours ... well what can I say?"

Blondie began to struggle.

"I wouldn't advise that, little Blondie," Cristof said. "If you let go of me,
you will sink. People drown out here all the time, you know, even experienced

She let go, disregarding his warning and her head dropped below the water.
Her feet felt bottom and she kicked upward to break the surface gasping for
air with Cristof watching her. She did this a few more times thinking that
she could bounce her way in towards shore but she quickly realized that the
current prevented her from making any headway.

The next time she broke the surface she grabbed the big man's arm to hold
herself up as she took in a huge breath of air. He smiled as he realized that
she finally saw the futility of her struggles.

"Wrap your legs around me, Mrs. Bumstead," Cristof said. "Either that or let
go ... and drown."

Blondie slowly changed position, wrapped her legs around Chirstof again and
held on tightly, even though she felt his big black cock pushing against her
pussy through her skimpy bathing suit as she rubbed against him with the
gentle push of the waves.

"No, no," she said. "Please stop doing this."

Cristof's big strong hands moved up and cupped her sweet little buns. She
gasped as he gently squeezed her ass and began bouncing her up and down in
the water. She looked frantically toward the resort but they were too far
out for anyone to hear her, especially over the sound of the waves washing
into the beach. There was no way anyone could help her she realized. She
was trapped with the huge black man's big hands cradling her round little

And now in spite of the situation, or maybe because of it, the feeling of
his huge cock pressed into her spread opened doe's foot mound, which was
inadequately protected by her tiny bikini bottom, was having a wicked
effect on her. She was feeling a nasty sort of horniness as she found
herself trapped between the two men. She had never felt such sensations
before, except in her bed at night as she masturbated to thoughts of her
tall dark stranger doing wild naughty things to her.

"You don't understand," she implored. "I'm a married woman with children. I
can't do this with you."

"Hold on to me," he said, ignoring her pleas. "Hold on tight or you will

She held on but pleaded for mercy as Cristof and Tomas peeled her out of
her bathing suit. First they untied her top and let her full fleshy tits
bounce out into the water. Tomas reached around her and cupped her big
boobs, squeezing their pliant fullness as he began fingering her nipples.
She couldn't help herself, as her nipples became stiff little nubs as he
manipulated them.

"God no!" she cried. "Stop doing this to me, please!"

Cristof untied the side bows on her bikini bottoms and handed them to Tomas,
who also had her top. Now she was completely naked and helpless in the water
with the two big black men. Cristof returned his hands to the now naked
cheeks of her ass. He squeezed her pliant buns as he slid his fingers into
her butt crack and pressed a fingertip into her tiny rosebud anus. She gasped
at the forbidden touch and then jumped as she felt him push it into her ass.

"Ohhhhh ... Please don't touch me there," she begged. "No ones ever done
that to me before."

"Well little lady," he smiled. "Before we get out of the water your going
to feel more than a finger up your sweet little, sexy ass ... and that's a
promise ... so get used to it." He probed her tight ass for a few minutes
then pulled out to her sigh of relief.

Then she groaned as she felt two of his big black fingers slide between her
labia and push inside her neatly trimmed pink pussy. "Your pussy is so very
tight, it's as though you're a virgin," Cristof said into her ear as he
fingered the frighten married woman with a gentle thrusting motion. "You may
have had children but I can tell that you've never had a real man little

"I've only had my husband Dagwood," she said. "Please let me go, and I won't
tell anyone about this."

"I saw your husband in the showers," Cristof said, now lewdly sliding his
fingers as deeply as he could in and out of the terrified housewife and
mother's cunt. "He has a little boy's cock. A beautiful woman like you
deserves much more that that limp little noodle. It is my duty as a real
man, you might say ... no my honor, to show you what you've been missing
Mrs. Bumstead."

He released her and she floated a bit away as he reached down and yanked
down his bathing suit. In the clear water she looked down to see his enormous
blood engorged cock pointing straight up at her widespread legs. It looked to
be easily twice the size of her husbands', in length and thickness. It was as
though a large black eel had suddenly appeared between them.

"You don't need a swimming lesson my little blonde beauty," he said with
a wicked laugh. "Today, you get a riding lesson. Time to mount up Mrs.
Bumstead ... I must get firmly into the saddle for you to fully enjoy the

"No, no, no" said Blondie, tears rolling down her cheeks as she felt his
big hands locking on her flaring hips, pulling her down until his hard cock
touched the mouth of her pussy. As his fat cock head found her tight hole
she instinctively tried to pull up but his hands kept her in place as he
attempted to pull her tight cunt down around his huge cock. She was very
tight and he was very big and the outcome was in doubt. Suddenly, she felt
his wide cockhead pushing her open, forcing itself into her. She felt the
folds of her pussy opening to accommodate his huge cock and she screamed.

Blondie screamed louder as her tight cunt accepted his huge mounting stick.
Her cunt lips stretched to the max as she was lowered further. A strong
adrenaline rush ripped through her veins as she was being forced to take in
another man's cock for the first time in her life ... and a big black man's
massive horsecock at that.

"Look at me Blondie," he said as he worked her glove tight cuntal sheath
down over his long thick horsecock. She stared up into his deep dark eyes
as she felt his massive cock drive well past her husband's depth and just
keep going. The intense feeling of her cunt stretching over his thick black
cock was making her weak. He lifted her up and down on his big black cock
and Blondie started trembling as his massive manhood peaked her inner most
carnal desires. In the water, she was buoyant, almost weightless atop his
cock. Suddenly, he let go of her ass.

She screamed as she thought that she would sink and drown without his
hands for support. When she didn't, Blondie looked at his grinning face and
realized that he was indeed supporting her, only not with his hands. He was
supporting her with his long thick deeply imbedded cock. She looked down
between then and confirmed with her eyes what her tautly stretched pussy was
telling her. She was impaled on a massive black dick. He began rocking his
hips lewdly, sliding himself in and out of her as she cried like a baby.

The married woman's hands slid up to grasp the back of his muscular arms
to keep her head above water. Her legs were still hooked around his body
as he plundered her treasure box like a true pirate of the Caribbean.
His ancestor's were smiling from their watery graves at Christof as he
continued their wild lusty tradition of taking what they want, when they

Blondie's cunt felt so sweet to him as it gripped his cock tightly and
started to adjust to his enormous size as he ravaged her married pussy.

"Why do these white bitches always cry at first?" he asked Tomas who laughed
and shook his head.

"Noooooo... nooooooo... ohhhhhhhhhh ... please!" she moaned through her
clenched teeth as more of the thick shaft was thrust brutally up into her
trembling body.

First with small expert stroking motions, then with longer strokes, Cristof
fucked into the weeping blonde wife. Then, when the weeping turned to mewling
sounds, he knew that the unwanted pleasure was beginning to overtake her sexy
body. Smiling at this expected change, he returned his grip to the struggling
beauty's meaty buns with her arms as well as her milky-white legs now
encircling the black pirate of the Caribbean raping her.

"Ohhhhh... ohhhhhhhhh... ohhhh, Godddd!" Blondie moaned her mind now in
another world with the unwanted pleasure she was receiving from the long
lengthy strokes of her rapist's thick cock. Blondie had always enjoyed
lovemaking with her husband, even though it often left her unsatisfied ...
but never had she been taken to the heights of pleasure that she was now
experiencing. The nagging itch deep between her thighs desperately needed
to be scratched and the long thick shaft was now more than adequately
scratching that terrible itch. Her arms and legs tightened around the
muscular black islander as she moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhh, God... nooooo...
please ... oh, nooooo... I... I... I'm cumminggggggg!"

Tomas, meanwhile, had pulled off his own bathing suit and began exploring
Blondie's tanned white body with his big black hands. She tried hard to hate
what was happening to her, but after a few minutes she felt that nasty tingle
begin inside herself again. Within seconds, she had the strongest orgasm of
her life.

"Oh God," she said as she moved her mouth to that of her invader. Cristof's
huge soft black lips covered hers and she felt his tongue slithering in and
out of her open mouth as she bounced up and down on his enormous cock.

He broke the kiss and sneered at her.

"So, little Blondie," he taunted, "Want me to stop?"

She moved her mouth to his ear. "Keep fucking me you bastard," she whispered
as she ran a hand along his washboard abs and up to his massive chest. "Fuck
me ... please ... don't stop ... just fuck me!"!"

And so he did. They rocked in the water together for a very long time, her
wedding ring glinting in the sunlight, and Blondie experienced a shattering
series of orgasms which ended only when Cristof's cock finally spewed his
sperm deep into Blondie's tautly stretched vaginal sleeve.

"Ah, baby... baby, here it is!" Cristof groaned, burying his cock as deeply
as possible into her ravaged slit. "Oh, Mrs. Bumstead, I'm thereeeee... here
I cummmmm...!" he groaned as his cock twitched and exploded his boiling jizz
deep in her married womb, the first man other than her husband to do so. It
set her off on another super intense climax that swept over her like a tidal
wave. "What a fuck, you classy little bitch! Oh, sweetie, gonna fuck you
good!" he laughed as his cock spurted out its potent seed time and time

Christof finally pulled himself out of the ravished beauty and she hung
listlessly against him gasping for breath as she slowly came down for her
sexual high. Now it was Tomas's turn, but he had something else in mind for
her. As she continued to hold Cristof, Tomas pulled her bottom up and out
toward him.

Then Blondie felt Tomas's huge cock pushing up into her wet pussy and drive
balls deep into her. She gasped as he pumped her hard and deep for several
strokes them slid out and repositioned his dick against her tiny anal bud.

"No! Please!" she cried as she suddenly realized his intent to sodomize her.
"You'll split me in two!"

Cristof muffled her cries with a kiss as Tomas pushed up and began roughly
forcing his huge cock into her asshole. He fit his cock against her tightly
puckered hole and slowly caved it inward. Blondie started screaming and
yelling, "No, No, not there, I can't take you there. You're too big, it
won't go in, you'll split me. NNNNoooooo."

Tomas ignored her and continued to push the head against her tight little
ass. After a couple of seconds and some more pressure the head of his cock
popped in past her spincher. He held still a few seconds and then applied
more pressure. Slowly he sank in a couple more inches. Blondie continued to
struggle but she couldn't move away, as Tomas and Cristof had her sandwiched
between them as the gentle waves lapped over them. Her screams were lost in
the wind, never to reach the beach as she was forced to submit to Tomas's
ass hungry cock.

Tomas again held still and let her body adjust and then started to slowly
slide in and out, gaining a fraction of an inch each time. He repeated this
maneuver several times until his massive cock was completely buried in her
tiny asshole, stretching her anal canal skin tight around him. By this time
Blondie was no longer struggling as she floated supported between the two
islanders implaled on his huge black. Then something snapped in the pretty
blonde wife and she began moaning and pushing back to him.

The pain was at first excruciating, but neither man was about to let her go.
The beautiful wife and mother was unbelievably surprised when eventually, the
pain yielded to delicious nasty pleasure as Tomas's glorious cock slid in and
out of her virgin ass. He pulled her away from his friend and moved his hands
up to capture her ripe tits. Using her boobs as handles he began to move her
up and down over his long thick cock as they fucked together in the deep
water with a wicked frenzy.

It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before and as she wriggled and moaned
in wicked pleasure she thought, 'What a slut I've become. I was forced but I
didn't put up much of a fight ... did I. First I fuck a big black man packing
a serious horsecock ... and then I take it up the ass from his equally huge
friend. God help me ... it feels so good I'm going crazy.'

After a long hard fifteen minutes Cristof had gotten hard again, and now she
felt his cock returning to her pussy as Tomas continued to pump his cock deep
up her asshole. "God you're sweet little ass so tight!" Tomas said gripping
her meaty buns. "So is her incredible pussy!" Christof said filling his
strong hands with her big jiggling tits as she once again locked her legs
around him. They worked up a rhythm, each man feeling the other's thick cock
through the thin membrane separating them as they double fucked the beautiful
Mrs. Blondie Bumstead.

She was the cream filling in their island style Oreo cookie and her
once exclusively reserved little pussy was being seriously resized by an
unbelievably thick black cock while an another equally huge shaft of solid
black steel was stretching her tight little asshole taunt as it was being
pile driven to the hilt up her ass.

Dagwood would have been in total shock had he been able to view his precious
wife's swimming lesson. Even more so if her heard his lovely wife chanting,
"Fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck the hell out of me! Fuck your little white
slut! Screw me... screw my brains out! Stick your big black dicks in me ...
oh, yessssssssssss!" As he read a book in their hotel room the two big strong
black islander's he'd hired for the afternoon held his wife up between them
as they plundered her cunt and anus in the ocean.

Half an hour later, her ass and pussy stretched to the max by the men's big
black cocks, Blondie collapsed in sore and guilty bliss against Cristof's
chest. Meanwhile, Tomas, having cum deep inside her rectum, helped her back
into her bathing suit, and the three waded back to the resort.

Blondie had no idea what she would tell Dagwood when she got back. All she
knew for certain was that she would tell him that she had to have another
swimming lesson tomorrow. She was tired and sore but still managed to go to
dinner with Dagwood and later in the privacy of their bedroom he make totally
inadequate love to her. She endured his pathetic attempt at lovemaking while
thinking of the hights Christof and Tomas had taken her to earlier.

The next morning she told her husband that she was a bit tired and wanted to
lounge in bed. She convinced him to go out and try the resort golf course as
she read a book. He readily agreed and after a luxurious breakfast in their
room he departed happily. After making sure the coast was clear she put on a
sexy little bikini and went down to the bar hoping to find the men who had
taken her to such unbelievable hights the previous day.

'After all,' she reasoned. 'I'm on vacation too. While Dagwood's playing 18
holes, I'm going to let those wonderful men play bedroom golf on my two hole
reserved course. God, I've become so wicked, so slutty, but I don't care.
I'll go back to my life and my children at the end of the week. Until then I
want all the black cock those two big strong men can give me.'

She spotted Christof by the bar, made eye contact and enjoyed the lustful
look in his eye as she sauntered over to him. He smiled when she told him
that her husband was gone for the morning and that she wanted another
'riding lesson' in her room with him and his friend, if they were up for

Half an hour later she let them in, put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door
handle and locked the door behind them. Christof and Tomas both smiled when
she slowly walked over to the bed got down upon it. Looking at each other,
they slowly undressed as they watched the lovely Mrs. Bumstead lying upon the
bed that she shared with her husband. They saw her panting with her eyes
closed and watched as her hands came up to cup her breasts through her tiny
bikini. Seeing her knees rise up and spread wide, the two men moved to either
side of the big bed to join her.

After an hour of hard, deep fucking Tomas could see that they had unleashed
a wild streak in this once prim and proper blonde haired wife and mother.
Her head and shoulders were down on the bed and her ass was held high with
Cristof's hands locked onto her flaring hips. She was wiggling and moaning,
pushing herself back to him as Cristof pounded his massive erection in and
out of her tight little asshole! He smiled as her thought that the true
black pirates of the Caribbean were hard at work once again plundering
another white boy's treasure.


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