Blondie: Blondie And Cookie's Camping Trip (MMM/Ff,ncon,inter)
by Wilcox

"Collect some firewood, will you, Cookie, and I'll finish setting up the
tent," said her mother Blondie, as she tied down the last corner of the tent
and drove the stake into the ground.

"Sure, mom," Cookie replied, "it shouldn't take me more than ten minutes or

'God, it had been so long since the two of them had done anything together,'
thought Blondie. Three days in the mountains would be good for both of them.

Cookie did a good job of scrounging dry wood and in a matter of minutes,
Blondie had a roaring fire going with a pot of beef stew hanging from a
tripod in the middle of the flames. The cool air was soon filled with the
aroma of cooking stew. They had not having eaten for over six hours and
both women felt their tummies growling in anticipation of a hot dinner.
The sun was just setting in the western sky as they sat down to begin their

The dinner conversation ranged from how Cookie was doing in school, to how
both of them missed the guys. It had been a family tradition to go camping
each summer and this was the first year that Dagwood and Alexander couldn't
make it. Blondie had decided that the women would just have to go alone this
year and while Cookie seemed to be getting along just fine, her mother on
the other hand, still missed having all of the family together. Seeing how
her mother was getting a little misty eyed, Cookie steered the conversation
back to her school activities, and Blondie immediately seemed to perk back

Lost in the atmosphere of good food and conversation, neither of the two
woman noticed when three strange black men appeared in the clearing fifty
yards down the path. Drawn by the smell of the stew, the three hungry men
were making a beeline for their camp.

It wasn't until the three of them were practically on top of them before
Blondie noticed them standing not more than twenty feet away! Her heart
practically stopped at the suddenness of the appearance of the huge, heavily
muscled black men, but trying not to let them see her fear, Blondie said
casually, "Hi guys, can we help you?"

The taller and rougher looking of the three explained, "We been lost in the
woods all day and followed the smell of your food, we ain't eaten since late
last night!"

Sensing trouble, Blondie quickly decided if they were going to make trouble,
the two of them couldn't stop them, so she offered, "We have plenty of beef
stew left, won't you join us!?!"

"Mother," Cookie hissed under her breath, "are you crazy!?!"

"Shush," Blondie shot back, "I know what I'm doing."

The three black men took their places around the fire as Blondie spooned out
generous portions of stew to each of them. As they ate the two frightened
women couldn't help but stare at the men. They were all well over 6 feet
tall with shaved heads. All of them were heavily tatooed and their rippling
muscles sent off ominous tingles in the mother and daughter as both thought
about the forbidden attaction of black men to white blonde women, and here
they were miles away from anyone, alone and vulnerable in the deep woods.

The men ate pretty much in silence, while every once in a while one would
look over his shoulder, back up the trail, as if someone was following them!
It was about at that moment when Blondie realized that the three strangers
were on the run from someone. Probably the law. She remembered that Dagwood
had told her that there was a Prison Work Farm somewhere near the spot they
traditional camped at.

She tried mightily to keep the terror she felt off of her face, but it was
useless, and the big one noticed it at once and said harshly, "Okay, so ya
know, well it won't help you none, we lost them dogs hours ago, so don't
expect no help any time soon lady!!!"

"Whatya think, Leon," asked the stocky one, "do ya think we'd better keep

"We gotta rest sometime," replied Leon, "it might as well be here, we
definetly got all the comforts of home." He turned his gaze to the two blonde
white women, and for the first time Cookie realized the trouble they were in
and instinctively snuggled up close to her mother for protection.

The sun was beginning to set, and the three escapees began eye balling the
two beautiful blondes with more than just a passing interest! They were
dressed in tight jeans and tee shirts that accentuated their lucious bodies
more than they hid them.

Blondie was still in fantastic shape with big full tits, a flat tummy,
flairing hips and a sexy little ass. A hot sexy package that made all of
Dagwood's buddies drool at the thought of fucking her in their beds. The
georgeous teenager Cookie was a younger carbon copy of her mother.

Leon, the obvious leader of the trio, came over to Blondie and jerked her to
her feet. Cookie let out half a scream, but she was quickly shut up by a back
handed slap across her face, that not only knocked her over, but it also
stunned her into submission!

"Leave my daughter alone," Blondie hissed at Leon, but his powerful grip on
her arm made sure that all she could do was complain verbally! "Okay, bitch,"
spat Leon harshly, "if you two cunts want to do it the hard way that's fine
by us, but we haven't had any pussy in over three fucking years, so one way
or the other ... you're gonna give it up, got it?"

Blondie could see that Cookie was in the never neverland between
consciousness and unconsciousness, so, hoping against all hope that they
would leave her sweet innocent seventeen year old daughter alone, Blondie
turned to Leon and said, "Okay ... Leon, leave her alone and you can have
me, she's just a child, so leave her alone and I'll do what ever you want!"

The three convicts all roared with laughter, with the stocky one replying,
"You dumb fucking cunt, we'll fuck your little bitch daughter if we want to,
and make you eat her pussy out when were finished!"

Before she could respond, Leon wrenched her around by the arm, forced her to
her knees directly in front of him, and ordered, "Open up bitch, suck me
off ... and if you try anything funny, I'll have Leroy fuck your sexy little
daughter up the ass, understand me!?!"

Tears began forming in Blondie's eyes, but she nodded her head "yes", and
began unbuttoning Leon's prison issue! The smell of old urine and sweat
filled Blondie's nostrils, and it was all she could do to keep from
upchucking her dinner!

"Hurry up, cunt," Leon ordered testily, "get that prick out and suck it!" It
had been a long time since she'd sucked Dagwood's penis, much less make love
with him, but this was a unique situation. She quickly decided that the only
way to save her innocent young daughter from these big black escaped convicts
was to satisfy their every desire herself.

When she finally extracted Leon's huge ten inch black prick, it was nearly
fully erect, with a large dark head that was straining to explode. She
gingerly moved her head forward, but Leon grabbed the back of her head and
forced the thick organ into her mouth, causing her to momentarily gag as it
rammed against the back of her throat! He gleefully watched the sexy blonde
mother bob her head and suck on his big staff. As he watched Blondie's
overmatched mouth slide up and down on his mammouth black cock, he felt like
he'd gone to heaven.

Although she had only sucked Dagwood's dick before, Blondie was really doing
a number on his big black cock. She worked hard not to gag as she took his
black meat deep into her throat. She instinctively withdrew and spit on his
massive black member, coating it with her tongue so she could slide more of
him down her throat. She really started to bob up and down, faster and
faster. His huge black dick spread her mouth and throat to the max as she
barely was able to get it passed her tonsils.

Leon grabbed her hair as she pushed her head down. He was amazed by the
way her neck expanded as she took his big black cock deep down her throat.
Blondie retreated and gasped for breath as his huge black manhood was
withdrawn from her air passage. It was all wet and slimey with her saliva.
She swirled her tongue around the head and then went back down on him. She
did her best sword swallowing act as she took his big black dagger deep
down her thoat repeatedly.

Blondie squeezed his heavy sperm laden balls and sucked his big black cock
as though she were starving for Leon's thick rich cum. After a good ten
minutes of energetic head from Blondie, Leon let out a loud moan, and his
thick dick flinched, and filled her mouth with a gusher of thick gooey cum.
"You better swallow it all bitch. Every drop, or else," the big man warned
as he watched the beautiful blonde's bright blue eyes flair wide open.

Leon shot off a few more times, then milked his dick of every last drop of
cum into Blondie's mouth, making sure that she drank it all down, before
giving way to Leroy, who didn't want a blowjob, but a good hard fuck. "Okay,
cunt," he snarled harshly, "off with them jeans and panties, and be quick
about it," he growled at her as he dropped his pants to reveal twelve long
thick inches of rock hard black horsecock!

God help me, she thought. I have to pretend like it's my honeymoon and fuck
these big black bastards so good they won't have anything left for my
daughter. She wiggled out of her tight jeans and panties, then layed back
and spread her long sexy legs wide apart for the huge, big dicked, black
convict to fuck her. "Come and get it," she said in a low sexy voice. "Fuck
me with your big black cock. Do it to me ... I want it so bad baby. I want
your big black dick hard and deep!"

As Leroy climbed between her widespread thighs, Cookie rolled over onto her
side just in time to see twelve inches of thick black horsecock slam into her
mother's tight little slit to the hilt! "Mother," she softly moaned, "noooo,
leave my mother alone." Her plea never reached her mother's ears. She was
much to overwelmed to hear anything as Leroy's emense shaft rammed into her
and stretched her tight cuntal sheath over his wrist thick dick like a second

Blondie's head rolled from side to side as the muscular black convict began
to fuck her, and much to the horror of her daughter. A low guttural moan
escaped Blondie's lips along with a wailful begging, "Oh my god, fuck me
harder, fuck me harder, give me your big hard cock." Cookie had no idea of
her mother's hurriedly conceived plan to sacrify herself in order to spare
her from these horny black escaped convicts.

Leroy pounded Blondie's tight little pussy hard and deep as Cookie silently
watched. Leon and Bull, the third member of the trio, both laughed
uproariously as Blondie fucked their buddy like he was her long lost husband
and after watching a good ten minutes, Bull told Leroy to roll the hot assed
bitch over so he could get some.

Leroy rolled over onto his back, pulling Blondie on top of him, her sexy
little white ass totally exposed for Bull's carnal pleasure. She was losing
herself in her performance, milking Leroy's big black dick as it pounded
deeper into her than she'd ever felt before. He was easily twice the size
of her husband and the wide head was slamming into her cervex on every
piledriving thrust of Leroy's powerladen hips. She bounced up and down as
his big black rod slid in and out of her stretched white cunt, her big tits
bouncing and jiggling, much to the delight of the horny convicts.

Dagwood's custom fit pussy was being seriously resized as Blondie rode
Leroy's cock. The convicts watched the beautiful blonde mother work her glove
tight pussy up and down Leroy's prick as though she couldn't get enough of
his thick black cock. Leroy watched in excitement from under her as he
stretched her tight white cunt with his massive black cock. Her cunt felt so
sweet to him as it gripped his big cock tightly and started to really adjust
to his enormous size.

As she rode on his pole, he reached up and filled his hands with her big
bouncing tits, watching intensely as his thick cock glistened with her
juices. Everytime she landed, the horny convicts could here a loud squish.
Bull couldn't take it anymore and moved in on her from the rear. She was
pushing down to meet Leroy's upthrusting hips and feeding him her full
thrusting tits. Blondie wasn't aware of Bull's intention until she felt his
hard blunt cockhead push in against her tightly puckered anus.

Blondie's eyes widened as Bull caved her tiny puckered anus inward and
slipped in. She groaned and relaxed her straining sphincter. He was able to
slip in a few more inches as he pushed her lush, big-titted body down onto
Leroy to give himself full access to her tight little asshole! Groaning she
relaxed even more and Bull drove forward up her glove tight asshole until
he'd buried all ten inches to the hilt. Blondie was seeing stars as Leroy
and Bull began to show her what a two-man convict tag team can do!

"God you're so tight!" Bull said gripping her flairing hips. "And wet!" Leroy
said filling his strong hands with her big jiggling tits. They worked up a
rhythm, each man feeling the other's thick cock through the thin membrane
separating them. "God damn, what would her limp dick husband say if he could
see his sexy little blonde wife now, huh Leroy," Bull called out.

She was trapped between the two huge convicts as they sandwitched her,
pounding their long thick demanding black dicks to the hilt on every powerful
thrust of their hips. She began to lose control as incredibly intense
feelings of orgasmic rapture overwelmed her. She was awash on an orgasmic sea
of lust that swept her away from rational thought. She needed to satisfy the
horny need that had now built itself into a firestorm.

Leon, noticing that Cookie was intently watching her Mother's lewd
performance, derisively said to young girl, "Your mama fucks like a two
dollar whore, just look at that beautiful hot assed bitch go!!!"

Tears filled Cookie's eyes as she watched her mother begging for the black
men's long thick cocks like there was no tomorrow, while she sobbed softly
to herself. Blondie timed Leroy's and Bull's thrusts so that her pussy and
asshole met their's with equal force, which of course also had the
consequence of giving her the most pleasure possible!

In the back of her mind she could hear her daughter crying, but she was
beyond caring, all she could think about making sure that the black
horsecock's stuffed deep inside her, satisfied her pussy and asshole.

The two men tensed as their big fully embedded cocks erupted simultaeously,
flooding Blondie's fuck holes with huge gushing loads of thick convict jism.
This hard cock sperm injection triggered her own orgasmic release and she
threw back her head, screaming for them to fuck her hard and deep!

The overwelming orgasm smashed into her like a frieght train, spreading from
Blondie's pussy and coursing throughout her body, leaving her shaking and
convulsing in climatic ecstasy. Cookie looked on in disbelief while her
mother seemed to love being raped by the savage convicts!

When she had a chance to quiet down and regain her senses, Blondie realized
that Cookie had been watching her wantonly fuck the two black convicts. She
looked her daughter in the eye and said, "I'm sorry honey, I couldn't help

"Oh, mother," Cookie sobbed, "what are we going to do?" Blondie, now a little
slack jawed and spent, didn't even raise a protest when Bull and Leon grabbed
Cookie and pulled off her clothing, leaving her naked in the cool night air!
"Look at her nipples, Leon," Bull said, "they're already hard!" Cookie had
stopped crying, and a shiver ran through her body as her naked skin was
caressed by the cool damp air!

"W-what are you going to do to me," she asked nervously, but in her heart she
knew the answer. "Why we're gonna fuck your brains out, little bitch," spat
Leon, as he and Bull approached her. Cookie knew it was useless to resist,
because, she knew that there was the real danger that if she pissed any of
the three men off, they could hurt either her or her mother badly, or maybe
even worse!

"There's something about fucking young pussy," sighed Leon, as he placed
the blonde teenager on her back and lifted her legs up onto his muscular
shoulders. "Little girl, I'm gonna teach you what fucking is all about!
We're gonna make some sweet music together!" Leon taunted the young beauty
as he began to rub his thick cockhead up and down her slick womanhood.

"You got that right, bro," replied Bull, as his own pecker rubbed across
Cookie's mouth! The slimy cock that had just sodomized her mother painted
her lips as she heard Leon say, "On three brother. One, Two, Three," yelled
Leon, and with one hard lunge, he managed to get his plum-sized cockhead
deep between the slick folds.

Holding himself up so he could look down at the tossing blonde beauty, he
enjoyed the frightened look on her face. Then he gave a mighty thrust
forward, bringing a piercing scream from the young teenager as both he and
Bull buried their dicks into Cookie, one in the cunt and one in her mouth.

"UUUUGGGG," moaned Cookie, but the pain she felt was mixed with a rising
tide of pleasure as the two black escapees plowed their hardons in and out
of her! Blondie had never seen her daughter in any kind of sexual situation,
but she could see from her actions that this was not the first time she'd
been fucked!

While just a few minutes ago she had been whimpering like a wounded puppy,
Cookie was now in the process of being taken hard sexually by two huge
muscular black men, and even though she was trying to resist it, her cunt
was giving her away, and it was only a matter of time before she'd have a
truly smashing climax.

Blondie subconsciously reached down and began flicking her clit while she
watched her young daughter get the fucking of her life! "Hey look," shouted
Leroy, "the whore here can't get enough, she's fingerin' her own pussy!" Out
of the corner of her eye, Cookie could see her mother frantically jamming
her fingers in and out of her cum drenched pussy, and watched as Leroy put
Blondie on her hands and knees and moved back behind her.

He fit his dick against her tiny asshole. His cockhead throbbed at her
anus as he pressed foward. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his
buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cockhead popped into her rear
channel. Blondie's head jerked up as she was being sodomized once again
with a massive black horsecock.

Leroy grabbed Blondie's firm flairing hips in his rough hands and fucked
the sexy blonde haired mother up the ass as his friend's ravaged her sweet
teenaged daughter right next to her. Pulling Bull out of her mouth for just
a second, Cookie looked at her mother and mouthed the words, "I love you,

The convicts fucked the two women side by side for a good half an hour
before the stored up cum again stirred in their hairy balls and spewed up
through their thick black dicks into the ravaged white women.

Leon erupted deep inside Cookie's cunt, while Bull pulled his cock out of her
mouth and jerked it furiously until it shot all over Cookie's face. As the
hot cum splattered on her face, Cookie's vagina collapsed around Leon's cock,
and her whole body was rocked by a tremendous orgasm."

Just seeing her daughter get off so intensely was all it took for Blondie
to go over the edge once more, leaving her a limp and shaking from another
powerful climax as Leroy pumped her glove tight little asshole full of it's
second load of convict sperm.

Leon then climbed over and made Blondie suck her daughter's sweet pussy juice
off of his big dick, forcing her to deep throat and swallow his gooey cum. As
she did, Bull rolled Cookie onto her tummy and pushed his cockhead in between
her lucious buttocks to her tight, puckered sphincter.

It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips
forward. His massive black cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep up
her virgin asshole as Cookie's head jerked up and her face contorted in a
savage grimace of pain. She screamed her head off as his massive black
horsecock squeezed into her tight little asshole.

Deeper and deeper it went, and Bull groaned, burying the enormity of his long
thick black penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks
as she whimpered, writhing her buttocks in his crotch. Bull groaned, running
his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized the blonde
teenager slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His big cock pistoning in and out of
her impossibly streached anus.

Bull showed the seventeen year old girl no mercy as he plundered her tight
little asshole like the hardened criminal he was for close to twenty minutes.
Her overwelmed body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts
jogging and bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands moving back onto her
hips, pulling her anus up and down the length of his cock as he pounded
another massive load into her.

The other two men sat and made Blondie take turns sucking their cocks as
they watched Bull put the boots to the sweet young thing. Their hands mawled
Blondie's ripe body as she serviced them. Thick fingers plunged deeply into
her cum drenched cunt and asshole as strong black hands fondled her big tits,
tweaking her nipples mercilessly as only a few feet away a muscular black
escaped convict savaged her sweet innocent young daughter's rectum.

Both women were then taken into the tent, where the convicts took them
continuously all through the night. They were oblivious to being taken again
and again as the black convicts took their turns with them, fucking them in
any manner they desired. Blondie and her teenaged daughter Cookie were
oblivious to embracing the muscular black men who took them missionary style,
oblivious to being taken doggie style, of being sodomized and forced to
deepthroat the long thick black horsecocks. Oblivious to swallowing loads of
thick rich black men's semen until the men had exhausted themselves and had
worked off the long years of being locked up in prison, deprived of the
pleasures of a woman's body.

Blondie didn't awaken until late morning. She opened her eyes expecting to
find the three men still in camp, but much to her delight they were gone! All
of their provisions and money were missing, but they were safe and alive, and
living to tell about it.

Not waking her daughter, Blondie held her close and thanked God for getting
them live through such a trying ordeal. She also couldn't help thinking about
the three long thick black horsecocks she'd had the night before, and while
it was a terrifying experience, she had to admit that the sex was the best
she'd ever had.


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