Blondie: Blondie Bumstead Has To Know (MF)
by Wilcox

I couldn't believe I was there, in the bedroom of my best friend's sexy wife
Blondie. She was in her mid 30's, 5'4" and about 118lbs of certified hotwife
with blonde hair, blue eyes and a voluptuous figure with a great little ass
and natural 38D's.

I'd been watching a football game when she'd called me out of the blue. She
sounded distraught and quite drunk so I rushed over to see what was the
matter. She greeted me at the door wearing a white silk blouse and tight
jeans that set off her great figure. 'What an ass and those incredible tits,'
I thought ... as usual.

"Oh Bob, I'm so glad you came," she said as she gave me a big hug, her full
tits pressing into my chest.

"What's wrong," I asked as I held her close, the way I'd dreamed of doing for
oh so long. "Where's Dag and the kids?"

"Alex and Cookie are off on sleepovers and Dagwood's gone on another business
trip," she moaned against my chest. "I'm all alone ... again." Then she
started to sniffle and stepped back. "What's wrong with me Bob," she asked

"Not a thing, as far as I'm concerned," I said as I eyeballed her lush body.
"I wouldn't change a thing."

She sniffled again, "Why doesn't HE feel that way. Please Bob, I need to talk
to someone and you're a man, Dagwood's best friend. I need your perspective
to sort this out in my mind. You wouldn't lie to me would you?"

"Of course not Blondie," I told her. "What's this all about?"

"Come with me," she said then.

As she walked up the stairs in from of me my eyes locked on the gentle
swaying of her tightly clad ass. The motion of her firm meaty cheeks looked
wonderful and just as I was fantasying bending her over, she tripped on a
step and fell backwards. I caught her by the waist, my hands sliding up to
cup her breasts as she slid against me.

"Are you ok? That could have been a nasty fall Blondie." I said as my hands
gently fondled her full boobs in spite of my good intentions. What man

She turned her head with a gasp. Her head landed on my shoulder. Her soft
blue eyes looking into mine. Her mouth and full pouty lips inches away
from my own. It was quite a moment and I almost lost it before recovering.
I pushed her up and she straightened herself, said she was sorry, then
thanked me for catching her and headed up ahead of me as though it had
never happened.

She led me down the hall into her bedroom and closed the door behind us as
strange erotic thoughts began to flash in my head. After all she's obviously
been drinking and we're all alone in the house ... all alone in her bedroom.

She started up at me, with a silly drunken grin. "Bob, why aren't I good
enough for him?" she asked. I was puzzled, but knew she was speaking of her
husband, my best friend Dagwood.

"Aren't I smart enough? Nice enough? Honest enough? I try so hard to be a
good wife and mother."

I assured her, she was indeed intelligent, kind and honest. That lead to her
next question.

"Aren't I sexy enough?"

I had to laugh and assure her, she was incredibly attractive and very sexy.
She however, didn't seem to believe me.

"How about my boobs? Are they any good?" she asked, and I tried not to look
at them directly, suddenly feeling very awkward that I had just coped a
feel when she'd stumbled on the stairs. Then for emphasis she wiggled her
shoulders, making her full melon breasts jiggle and dance in my face as I
nodded yes.

"You can't even see them, here take a good look," she said as she pulled off
her white silk blouse. I gazed at her full chest, which was barely concealed
by a half cup black bra that exposed the top half of her creamy jugs.

"Still think they're good?" she asked sheepishly. In awe, I assured her they
were amazing. Then she reached behind her and let her bra slip off, falling
to the ground.

"How about now?" she questioned. "Without the support. Do they sag too much?"

Again she gave her shoulders a wiggle, making her full melon breasts jiggle
deliciously. I stared like a kid at Christmas, only it wasn't visions of
sugarplums dancing in my head ... it was Blondie's sugar tits.

Unsure of what to say, I said nothing as I stared, nodding joyfully at
finally seeing her massive bouncy naked breasts. She again shook them close
in my face to give me a better view I guess, but I dared not touch her,
because she was after all my best friend's wife and I didn't want to break
the magic bubble we were in. I wanted the moment to last forever.

"Touch them Bob," she said. "I want to know. Are they the kind of breasts
that men like?" She stepped closer, then spun around and pressed her back
against my chest. "Please, tell me ... touch them ... test them ... how do
they rate?"

I felt my swelling cock pressed firmly between the cheeks of her firm ass
and couldn't hold back. After all I reasoned, she asking me to do it. What
kind of friend would refuse her request? I felt her wiggle her ass ever so
slightly against me and I slid my hands around her and touched her naked
tummy. Her stomach quivered at my touch and she sucked in hard.

"Please Bob," she said softly. "Feel them ... cup them. I need to know."

My hands began working their way up her ribs, my fingers touched the firm
bottoms of her breasts, my thumbs gently massaging the sides of the full
globes. One by one my fingers climbed the big round mounds making their way
up her titties as her breasts turned to goose flesh at my touch, breaking
out in little bumps all over.

She pressed back against me as I kissed the soft flesh on the back of
her neck and began to gently massage her. Then as my fingers touched her
hardening nipples she gasped out loud and her head fell back against my
chest. Her hot mouth was half-open; her gorgeous blue eyes merely hot
steamy slits. She arched her back, pushing her ass hard into my growing
cock; she was writhing against me, massaging my dick with her butt as I
fondled her incredible breasts.

I was kissing the back of her neck, my hands now working on her breasts with
a fevered pitch. Her nipples were hard as rocks, I was rolling them in my
fingers and pinching and pulling on them. They were light brown and standing
out to greet the world. I really wanted to taste them. My cock was fully
swollen and I was running it up and down the crack of my best friend's wife's
sweet little ass.

"Well," she asked breathlessly as she pulled away.

"Your breasts are fabulous Blondie," I told her. "Big, full, not a sign of
sag. Any man would want to get his hands on them."

"Ohhh," she answered. "Just hands, that must be it ... they aren't suckable,
are they?"

"Of course they are," I told her. "Any man worth his salt would love to suck
your tits."

"Oh really," she said, arching her back slightly so that her amazing boobs
stuck out even more prominently.

What could I do? I had to ease the poor girls mind didn't I. My hand slid
under her left breast and cupped it, squeezing lightly, working the heavy
mammary around in slow circles as I moved a finger gently to strum her
nipple. I bent and tongued it, licking my long fat pink tongue across it,
then taking it into my mouth and suckling.

She gasped softly as I continued sucking heavily at her nipple, drawing the
flesh into my mouth and rubbing my lips over it. I loved it as I gnawed
lightly on my best friend's wife's nipple, pinching it and drawing it out
from the breast, stretching it as I sucked. I slid my tongue up and down
across the nipple, cupping it firmly from underneath. My other hand slid up
to its identical twin on it's own. What can I say?

"OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned again.

My fingers squeezed and fondled her big full mound of heavenly tittie flesh
as I continued to lick and suck patiently at her nipple. I let it go and
moved over to her other tit, treating it in a similar fashion before starting
to move back and forth between them. She just stood there, nearly motionless,
letting me do as I pleased to her incredible rack for a few glorious minutes
before stepping back with a flushed look on her face.

"See, I told you," I assured her. "You have great tits Blondie,"

"Hmm, then it must be my ass," she blurted as she turned, bent over and
pushed it back at me. She was wearing tight jeans, and her round butt looked
spectacular as she looked back at me for approval.

"No it couldn't be your ass, it looks great to me Blondie," I said with a
grin as I expected her to not be satisfied with my answer. Predictably, she
slid down her jeans and stepped out of them, exposing a black thong and a
perfect meaty little ass. She once again looked back for approval, and I
merely said "wow."

"Come on Bob, take a closer look," she told me. "Be brutally honest."

My true-life fantasy continued as I dropped to the floor behind her. My hands
slid up her hard calves; my face was staring at her sensual rotating ass. As
my fingers rose up her legs she slid her feet slightly to the sides and began
moaning. She dropped her head down to her chest, staring at her aroused
nipples, awaiting my next move as though in a trance. My hands were on the
backs of her curvaceous thighs as I slowly slid up to her sweet buns.

I could smell her sweat mixed with her perfume, I was getting hot and there
was no stopping now. When my thumbs touched her ass she let out a groan.
Once again her flesh was covered with goose bumps from her thighs to her
firm tight ass. My thumbs continued up her ass, and I began squeezing her
firm meaty buns. After a few moments I couldn't resist the urge and I gently
parted her cheeks. I leaned in and pressed my mouth to her silk draped
asshole. Blondie let out a sharp short cry and began wiggling her butt
crazily as I tongued her anus.

She blushed a little, and turned around again. With a little grin, she
grabbed her tits, shaking them around. "So my tits are good?" she asked.

I nodded and exclaimed, "They're amazing."

She patted herself on the ass and said, "and my butt is fine?"

I stared at her near naked body and told her, "it's spectacular."

"OK, you say my tits and ass are great ... Then maybe it's my vagina," she
said. "Will you check it out for me ... please Bob."

I watched her slide out of her panties and climb up on the bed. She rolled
to her back, lifted her knees and spread them wide apart so that I could see
her blonde-fringed pussy. I was relishing the sight of her curvaceous body as
it was completely revealed to me on her husband's bed. Her big full breasts,
firm flat tummy and full flaring hips framed a rounded pussy mound covered
with closely trimmed blonde pubic hair. Her swollen cunt lips were red and
glistened with her juices.

"Well," she asked. "What do you think?"

"I think you have the prettiest pussy that I've ever seen." I told her

"Thank you Bob," she said. "But how does it feel?"

My cock jumped at the sight of her stiff clit pushing out from between her
puffy lips. With one hand I reached down to lightly caress her slit and
circle her erect little clit. "It feels even better than it looks," I told
her as I slid a finger in and slowly rotated it.

"Good," she said. "But am I what you guys call 'real eating pussy' ... Is it
a pussy you'd want to taste and eat out?"

"Without question," I told her as I gazed at the spread she was presenting to

"Prove it," she said softly. "Words are cheap, but actions tell the truth and
I need to know."

Being the good family friend that I am, I dropped down between my best
friend's wife's wide spread thighs and homed in on her juicy looking slit.
She gasped and looked down suddenly as my tongue licked along her slit. She
stared bug eyed as I slowly peeled her pussy lips open with my thumbs and
began to lap at her cunt.

"OOOHHHHHHHHHH..." She moaned. "I didn't expect it to feel so good! OHH My
God, Dagwood never eats me out. He says it's nasty."

I lifted and told her, "This is pure eating pussy for sure Blondie." My
tongue rode across the pink flesh, my saliva making it glisten and shine. My
nose ground over her clit as I shoved my tongue deep into her snatch.

She gasped as a wave of pleasure poured into her loins and as I continued to
suck and slurp and lick on her pussy I could see the feelings grow until she
could no longer deny them. She clenched her teeth, sweating as she tried
desperately to withstand the pleasure that was surging through her veins.
Her body was hot with lust, her breasts beginning to swell, her nipples to
harden. She was helpless before my sexual onslaught and I was in heaven as I
ate her out as I'd only dreamt of doing.

She gasped as my finger disappeared into her tight pussy. I ground my knuckle
against her pussy lips, then began pumping the thick digit inside her as I
pulled her clit between my lips and sucked furiously.

She groaned aloud as I shoved my face into her crotch, my hands gripping her
buttocks now, squeezing them, my fingers kneading the hot firm flesh as my
mouth sucked on her gash. I opened my mouth wide and closed it over her
entire pussy mound, then locked my lips tight and sucked for all I was worth.

I felt her legs go rubbery as her mouth opened and closed helplessly. Her
eyes fluttered as her body was enveloped in a powerful sexual haze. Her
nipples hardened like rocks, threatening to split apart as an orgasm washed
over her. I lapped up her flowing juices then released her. She was still
in the throes of her orgasmic aftershock as I lay down beside her.

She slowly recovered, then turned to me," So that's not the problem, is it?"

"Not at all," I assured her as I licked my lips.

"Then it must be something else," she said as she started reaching toward
my pants. She undid them, and slid both them and my boxers down exposing my
large erection. "Well, looks like maybe I'm sexy enough after all," she
giggled. "My God Bob, your hung like a horse," she moaned.

With a wink, she got down next to me and took my balls in her hand. She
smirked and started rubbing them, as she put her other hand on my cock, and
grinned up at me. "I'm going to suck your cock now Bob and I want you to tell
me if I'm doing it right. Maybe if I was a better cocksucker my husband would
be interested."

I was in heaven as she looked up into my eyes, took my cock and brought it to
her lips. She puckered her lips and eased some spit out and rubbed it on my
head. As she got me wet, her mouth opened and engulfed the head. She began to
lick it and flick at it with her tongue. Soon she had me half way into her
mouth; the head was just entering her throat. She was struggling with the
size and I could tell that she was troubled.

She lifted her head and said," My God it's so much bigger than Dagwood's. I
was so hoping to deepthroat your cock so you could tell me if I'm any good at
it, but it's so long and thick, I don't think I can. Will you help me?"

"You bet I will," I told her as she went down on me again and began to work
on my wet throbbing cock. After a moment the head was again lodged at the
opening to her throat. I grabbed the back of her head and began to force my
blood-engorged member deeper and deeper down her throat on every long slow
thrust until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

She moaned in triumph through her tightly stretched lips as I released her
and she lifted up to breath. She began to rotate her head around my cock,
licking it and sucking it and kissing it in every possible way with an
occasional ride all the way down my shaft to my balls.

God was she good, but I held back, trying to make it last. Then when I felt
that I was close to exploding I reminded her that truly great cocksuckers
always swallowed. Man what a sight she made as my thick cock bulged her
throat out on every deep thrust and then the dam broke and I shot my wad.
Spurt after spurt was quickly swallowed down as she took every last drop
like a pro.

Then as my ejaculation ended she pulled back and opened her mouth to show me
my last load of cum on her tongue. She smiled sweetly as she closed her mouth
and made an elaborate production of swallowing. She then looked up and opened
her mouth to show me that it was all gone down to her belly.

After that, she rolled back beside me and asked me how she did. I honestly
told her that it was the best blowjob I'd ever had.

She smiled as she thought about it. Then she said, "OK, what's left? What
else could be the problem? Oh ... I know ... sex ... I'm a desirable woman.
You'd want to fuck me ... wouldn't you?" she inquired, her blurred soft blue
eyes looking for my approval.

I started to say, "Well ... yes, but....."

"But what? Aren't I desirable? You said I was desirable didn't you? What's
the problem?" she asked. "I want to know if I'm a good fuck. A good piece of

"God yes, I want to fuck you," I told her. "But I'm not from Havana," I
added, remembering the line from, 'Blazing Saddles'. I need time to

"Ohhh," she moaned. Then she popped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I
must admit it was a sight I could grow accustomed to very easily. She
reappeared with some pills and a glass of water. "Here take these," she

"What are they," I asked.

"Cialis, I got them for Dagwood, but he won't take them," she said. "Try
them, they're supposed to help with erections and stamina. The TV commercial
mentioned four hour erections."

"What the hell," I responded, thinking what man wants to fuck for four
hours. Then I looked at her. Man was she hot ... and this may the the only
opportunity I had to fuck her so I said, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
How long do they take to work?"

"I don't know," she told me. "Lay back and I'll help."

So there I was on my best bud's bed with his beautiful drunken naked wife
jerking and sucking my dick, waiting for his Cialis to kick in so I could
fuck her. 'Man is life good or what,' I thought as I fingered her juicy

Amazingly I soon regain an erection, and what an erection it was. Rock hard
and longer and thicker than I could ever remember. She rolled onto her back
and I climbed up between her wide spread legs and stroked my cock to its full
10-inch length.

Then lifting Blondie's legs up onto my shoulders, I slid my long thick
pulsating cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen blonde-fringed
slit. She blinked her eyes several times, trying to focus on my plum sized
cockhead rubbing itself through the slick entrance to her womanhood and
becoming coated with her flowing juices.

"Are you sure you want to do this," I asked as I pushed in against her sweet
little quim.

"Yes ... God yes," she moaned, pushing her hips up to me. "How else will I
know unless you can give me an honest opinion of my abilities in bed. Please
fuck me Bob ... please. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't so important to me."

The flag was dropped and my big engine was throbbing with incredible power as
I looked down at my buddy's beautiful blonde haired wife begging me to put
boots to her. Well like I said, I'm a REAL good friend.

She let out a low moan and closed her eyes as she felt the wide head of my
cock slip between her pussy lips. Her pussy was wet and throbbing as my cock
entered and it felt as though her pussy was pulling my cock in deeper and
deeper. She gasped and sighed as I began to push it in and out of her, her
wetting passage becoming covered with her juices as I pushed deeply into her.

"Ohhh, .. G-G-Godddd .. soooooo .. biggggg .. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned
loudly as my thick cockhead forced its way into her slick glove tight sheath.

I began to pump my cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy as it stretched to
accommodate my thickness. Our lips met and we began to kiss as I continued to
fuck into her deeper and deeper. Her incredibly tight cuntal sheath stretched
around my thick dick like a glove a size to small and I continued to push
myself forward until I'd buried my 10 inch dick into her well lubed vagina to
the hilt. I felt the tip of my cock hitting her cervix as my heavy balls
slapped against her upturned little ass.

I watched as Blondie's eyes popped open at the deep intrusion of my 10 thick
inches to her private sanctuary. I knew that my long thick cock was almost
double the size of Dagwood's and even though she was the mother of two
children, I was fucking virgin territory, never before penetrated tissue.

I stayed still, savoring the feel of her glove tight cunt wrapped around my
throbbing prick. After a minute or so she began to move under me. Soon she
was beside herself, horny beyond belief and was milking my fully embedded
member with her instantly spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled her
hips. I began a slow steady pump and she matched my motion perfectly as she
pushed up to meet my long deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt.

She moaned about how big I was and how nothing as big as my cock had ever
entered her cunt before. I was stretching her wide open. Pussy juice covered
my cock and leaked from her cunt as I fucked her, pounding into her, plunging
deeply into her cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as my
balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to
loudly slurp and squish with each pile-driving invasion of my massive cock
into her overstuffed little quim.

My assault was merciless as I ravaged Dagwood's sexy wife the way I'd been
dreaming of doing for oh so long. I leaned forward and laid over her, pinning
her knees back to her shoulders and fucked for all I was worth. Pumping her
glove tight little pussy for a good twenty minutes, ramming her as hard and
deep as I could. Making her juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep
thrust as I slammed home repeatedly.

Orgasm after orgasm shook her convulsing body as I fucked her brains out.
I was consumed with a newfound power and strength from the Cialis as she
hunched her lush ripe body up and down on my mighty shaft. I couldn't
believe how long I was able to fuck her or how long and thick my rock
hard cock was inside of her tight honey pot.

My hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 38D tits as I
fucked her hard and deep. Her nipples were big and hard and as I started
to play with them she moaned loudly. So I leaned down and took one of her
nipples into my mouth and began to suck it, she moaned even louder. I could
feel her pussy contracting around my cock harder and harder and it made my
cock feel incredibly big inside her.

I felt a tingling sensation in my balls and I knew that I couldn't hold back
much longer ... so I started to fuck her harder. With every stroke, I made
sure I pulled all the way out, then shoved it back in as fast and as hard as
I could. I felt the tip of my long thick cock pounding on the entrance of her
cervix. I had her spread wide open and my big prick was stretching her like
she'd never been stretched before as it embedded itself fully again and

I reached down with my hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With her
pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, I circled her tiny anus with
my finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and I saw
her eyes became wide opened when I pushed my finger up her asshole. Now
having both holes jammed I picked up the pace and I could feel her cunt
muscles twitching with my fingers through the thin wall between her pussy
and her rectum as I fucked her.

She said that she could feel my cock enlarging inside of her and she knew I
was about to explode. So she began to wiggle her pussy up and down around me
even harder as I fucked her. I began to moan as I grew closer and closer to
letting go. She shoved her hips up to meet mine as we raced to orgasm. She
twisted and gyrated in circles on my drilling cock.

She'd never be able to enjoy fucking Dagwood after this, I thought, Christ
her pussy won't even know his limp dick is in her after I'm done with her
today. I hammered her wildly, setting off multiple orgasms in the hot little
wife and mother. Sweat covered her luscious body as she worked her spasming
cunt on my incredibly huge cock.

She came over and over. She yelled and screamed as she climaxed endlessly.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh, ... G-G-G-Godddd ... G-G-GGoddddddd ... ohhhhhhh ...!" Her body
was wracked with tremors as she peaked again and again. Then with one last
thrust I shot my load deep inside her pussy. She started bucking hard against
my cock as she felt my hot cum squirting inside of her, filling her pussy.
Then as I lay there with my cock deep inside her pussy, I felt her pussy
tighten hard around my cock.

"OHHHH GODDDD, your making me CUMMMM again, your making my pussy squirt" she
screamed out in pleasure. Blondie fucked me like a whore as her pussy milked
me for every drop of my sperm. When I emptied the last of my load into her
pussy I was still hard and ready for action. Blondie had collapsed in
exhaustion. Her body was weak and her head rested listlessly on the bed. She
twitched and jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms, as I stayed buried
inside her.

Finally I pulled my still twitching, cock out of my best buddy's wife's
stretched and gaping cunt and watched a thick flow of my semen coat her ivory
thighs and soak the bed. I got up and stroked my throbbing cock, looking upon
her and knowing that I had to fuck her up the ass before I was through with

She looked up at me and then down at my cock with her soft blue bedroom eyes,
"How was I?" she asked softly.

"The best," I told her. "There's only one thing left to check out ... your
tight little ass. You DO want to find out if you can be a lady downstairs and
a slut in bed ... don't you?"

Blondie nodded and said, "Your right." She got up on all fours, wiggling her
sensational ass in my face and making it clear I was in for another long hard

"I want you to really pound me Bob," she said, with a serious tone. "Your
right ... can I be a slut in bed? It's supposed to be every man's perfect
wife, isn't it? The lady out of bed and the slut in bed. God, this must be
it. Make me your bitch, make me scream ... I really need to know that I
can be a good little slut in bed. Fuck my slutty ass ... please Bob?"

"It'll be my pleasure to help, that's what friends are for," I said with a
smile as I moved behind her and lifted her sexy little ass up high. Her full
ripe tits shook and flopped about wildly under her as I parted Blondie's
perfect ass and saw her tiny tightly clenched anus.

The rectal opening winked at me and I just knew that we would soon be close
friends. I laid my long thick cock in the crack of her gorgeous ass and
slowly slid it through her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection
as it sniffed out her sweet little asshole.

When I was rock hard once again I eased my cock inside of her pussy from
behind, and started pumping slowly as I got it coated her our fuck juices.
I captured her flowing juices with a finger and then pressed it deep up
her ass, streaching her out as much as I could. A few faint sounds of
pleasure escaped her before she turned around, and blurted, "I'm ready to
find out if I can be a whore in bed?"

I spanked her as I fucked her anus with my finger, spanking her harder and
harder as I pumped my cock inside her.

"Oh yes, Bob?" she moaned, "slap my slutty ass, treat me like a bitch ...
like a whore ... I need to find out."

I gave her a good full-fledged spank with a crack that echoed through the
otherwise empty house. A sound escaped her lips, at first I was afraid I'd
gone too far, until I realized it was a sound of pleasure. "Mmm yeah, now
you're my slutty bitch baby," I told her as I pulled my finger out and
spanked her again, pushing my cock into her harder and harder.

Then I pushed her head down into the bedspread; holding her there as I
power rammed my cock inside her, groping her breasts with my free hand. Then
I decided, my cock was probably wet enough to fuck her ass. I pinched her
nipples a bit, and told her to lift her ass for me to fuck. When she did, I
showed my approval with a hard slap.

Without warning, I placed my cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her
tight little asshole and caved in her rear passage. My cock was slick and
lubricated and I forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, stretching
her tight anal passage taunt around my big cock.

I pulled back on her hair, telling her that she was my bitch and that I was
going to fuck the shit out of her. She moaned, and as I continued driving
into her ass, with the occasional hard slap. I continually called her my
slut, skank, whore, and bitch over and over. Each insult made her moan louder
and louder as she wiggled her sweet buns before my anal onslaught.

She moaned "oh yes, I'm a nasty slut, a skanky bitch, keep fucking my whore

And I did as I shoved forward and buried my whole cock into her tightly
clenching asshole, all 10 long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widened as
my huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with my heavy sperm laden
balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

I held myself in place; my hands locked onto Blondie's flaring hips as I
savored the feel of her velvet vise like anal grip. I knew that if I took
it easy at first and let her get used to her butt being fucked by my big
cock she'd be mine forever to fuck again and again. Sure enough, I was
soon sliding in and out of her anus easily and she was rolling her hips
and pushing back acting like a total slut as I fucked her up the ass for
God knows how long. Man that Cialis is something else.

She cried out, lurching and jerking as I ram fucked her up the ass furiously,
hammering my hips at her heart shaped buttocks, reaming my big cock deep into
her ass. She exploded, her fingers gripping at the sheets in a vise like

She whimpered and cried out as I rammed my big dick up her tight little
asshole to the hilt and my balls finally released a huge load of cum. I
flooded my buddy's wife's cock stuffed little asshole with a massive load
of cum and she groaned loudly in pleasure as my hot load sprayed up deep
into her rectum. I bucked my hips against her buns until every drop was
gone and just kept on fucking her sweet little ass as I silently thanked
the inventors of Cialis.

I continued fucking her ass harder and harder for a long ... long ... time
before eventually I closed my eyes as my cock throbbed in pleasure. I pulled
out of her ass and started jerking my cock, as I pulled back on her hair

"Take my load in the face Blondie, like a good little slut," I commanded her.

She knelt in position and kept telling me to cum all over her. I grinned,
as I finally climaxed, shooting my load all over my best friend's georgous
wife's tits and face.

I sighed in relief, and stared down, enjoying the site of Dagwood's wife
licking off the cum I'd covered her in. Then I watched as she leaned forward
and took my gooey dick into her mouth, sucking and licking every drop of cum
she could find. As she sucked me I pushed her back so that I could play with
her jiggling tits. I pinched her nipples while she expertly sucked me off,
cleaning off every gooey drop of our mating until my big dick was shiny

She moved back beside me and smiled sweetly, "thank you Bob, that was
incredible. Now tell me ... was I a good fuck. ... did you like fucking me
up the ass ... was I slutty enough?"

When I nodded she thought it all over, then said, "With your help I found
out that there's nothing wrong with ME ... my husband is just not man enough
to appreciate what he's got ... but you are. What a stud. Soooo, you liked
fucking me up the ass? Will you do it again?"

I just smiled as I took her into my arms and gave her a big kiss with lots of
tongue as I fondled her sexy body.

She broke the kiss and looked into my eyes, "Bob ... you didn't answer my

I laughed and slapped her on the ass, replying, "go take a shower, and I'll
show you when you come back." Her husband was still my best friend but what
the hell, I thought. His loss is my gain. If he didn't want to fuck her, I
sure as hell did ... and I was going to whenever I wanted to from now on ...
and using his Cialis to boot. Life doesn't get any better that this.


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