Blondie: Blondie's Halloween Surprise (MF,cons)
by Wilcox

My husband Dagwood and I sometimes dress up in costumes, then fuck our
brains out after the kids are asleep. I think it's the thrill of pretending
we're someone else. And pretending your partner is someone else, as well. We
have done this many times and feel that it keeps's our marriage fresh and

I give him head to start off because he cums too quickly for me, and this
prolongs our fuck session. Then we screw in several different positions.
Usually this is all done without saying a word. Talking seems to ruin the
illusion. We finish off on all fours because I love doing it doggie style.

That being said, Halloween is obviously one of our favorite days. We wait for
the kids to settle down in their beds but this year they were going to be at
a sleep over Halloween party at a friend's house. We decided to make it a
special night.

I decided that I'd be a cheerleader for the occasion, one of the pro football
ones with a tight skimpy outfit. I'd wear tiny thong panties with a skirt so
short it would barely cover my buns. My impressive boobs would by more bared
than covered in the little halter-top. What man could resist that? This year
Dagwood said he wanted to be a pirate, little boys never grow up, I guess.

Dagwood had to work late, so after I dropped the kids off; I took care of the
trick or treaters before changing into my naughty costume to wait for him to
come home. I had a few drinks to loosen up and was surprised by a knock at
the door. Opening the door, I was faced with a very realistic pirate. His
head was covered in a tied silk scarf with a black mask and fake beard hiding
all but his eyes.

My husband really surprised me by coming home dressed up so I decided to
surprise him back. Before he could say a word I quickly pulled him inside
and planted a passionate lip lock on him. After a few minutes I dropped to
my knees, and fumbled with his pants to free his cock. It seemed bigger and
harder than usual, but then, we haven't had sex in almost two weeks and he
was supposed to take Viagra today as a trial to see if it would help him
last longer.

No sooner had I wrapped my wet lips around him, than he grabbed my head
and began humping. My pirate was really horny and the domination was kind
of a turn on, as he stayed in character as the bold pirate with his pretty
captive. With a powerful but gentle hold on my head, my pirate husband
started to fuck my mouth. His cock sawed in and out of my mouth, quickening
a little as he went on.

I looked past the long, thick cock that pumped my mouth and up the pirate
outfitted torso of my husband. He had a slight smile under his mask and
face whiskers as he looked down at me sucking his cock. I could see he was
sweating and his breathing was getting shorter and shorter. My pirate was
pumping my mouth faster and starting to penetrate my throat. I held back
the urge to gag as he went deeper that I ever remembered. Must be the
Viagra, I thought as I was trapped in his grip.

I looked up to my husband, his eyes almost completely closed. His cock pumped
in and out of my lips, my mouth and my throat and in after several minutes,
he began to cum. My pirate's hands held my head tightly as I felt the pulsing
of his wonderfully big cock in my mouth!

I felt the jets of his hot cum hit the back of my throat but he was too far
in my mouth for me to taste him. I clasped my lips tightly around his shaft
and sucked hard, trying to make it as good as possible for my incredible man.

"Aarrrrrr!" he shouted in character as my sucking mouth caused another jet of
cum to shoot down my throat. I thought to myself in the middle of this that
it's too bad I won't even get to taste it after all this.

My husband had already cum much more than ever did before. His wonderfully
strong hands loosened their grip on my head so I was able to move back a
little. Now I had the huge head of his marvelous cock on my tongue. Again I
sucked, hoping for a little dribble of his cum to satisfy my taste buds and
My God; more powerful jets gushed into my sucking mouth!

I sucked and sucked as his cum continued to flow into my mouth until I had
so much cum I had to swallow! I swallowed my pirate husband's cum and then
it hit me, My Own Orgasm! My body wracked in spasms as I came hard, the cock
still spitting into my sucking mouth.

"UUMMM, UUMMM, UUMMM!" I moaned around the pistoning cock as I came. His
incredible cock shot more cum than my mouth could handle and cum started
dribbling out of my mouth and down my chin.

Slowly, I came down from my own orgasm. Slowly too, the incredible cock,
the wonderful, big, strong, shiny cock in my mouth, started to back out. I
suckled it as remnants of my husband's, I mean my bold pirate's, cum seeped
out. Finally Dagwood let go of my head and his cock escaped my still sucking

I looked up at my ravishing pirate husband and sighed as I saw his dick was
still hard as a rock. Wow, I thought, that Viagra really works, Slowly, the
joy of my afterglow receded. I don't ever remember him cumming this much. I
had a difficult time swallowing it all!

He pulled me to my feet, took me to the couch and placed me on my back.
He spread my legs, pulled my thong aside and I could feel the head of his
cock positioned between my lips, waiting to penetrate me as I shook in
anticipation. "Please baby... just go slow... alright?" and he did.

"Ooohhhh... " I moaned as the head of his marvelous cock slowly started
to sink into me. I could feel myself stretching. "Ooohhhh... slooowww...
please... " He was gentle. He pushed the head of his cock into and out of
my lips, each time stretching me just a little bit as I started slowly
hunching back at his invading cock. Finally, as he pushed forward and I
pushed back, his cockhead entered me fully.

Slowly, slowly he started to sink into me, then pull out a little, and then
sink in a little. "OK baby... OK baby... that's good... that's good... you
feel so big ... oooohhhh... ooooohhhhh" I moaned with each gentle slow

I was in heaven as I lost myself in the fantasy of being taken by the bold
pirate above me. I was his captured booty. His prize to be used and fucked
anyway he wanted too. Never before had I experienced such a sensation. "Oohh
baby... so gooood... sooo big... please..."

Dagwood, my wonderful, powerful pirate, started to push more of his cock in
me, and to move a little faster. As he got deeper, my moans and squeals of
pleasure increased and he built up a regular rhythm as he pistoned his dick
in my warm squishy cunt. I could feel his balls slapping against me as he
drove himself to the hilt repeatedly.

His hands crawled up my hot sweaty body to my big full tits as he fucked me
hard and deep. He pulled aside the skimpy top and filled his hands with my
tingling boobs. Soon my firm breasts were melting in Dagwood's skillful hands
and my nipples got even harder as he circled them ever so lightly with his
fingers. The only thing I could hear now was my moans and my pussy squishing
as he pounded it harder than I ever remember him doing before.

His throbbing meat filled my cavity, and touched places it hadn't reached
before. He was being a lot more aggressive than usual, and it really turned
me on that he was so into the pirate mode. Especially when he hooked my legs
behind his arms and pushed them up and forward so that they were on his

He put his hands behind my knees and pushed them down after a while, pinning
my knees back to my shoulders and fucked for all he was worth, ramming me as
hard and deep as he could. Making my juicy cunt squish loudly with every
balls deep thrust as he slammed home repeatedly.

I was horny beyond belief and was milking his fully embedded member with my
spasming cuntal canal as I rolled my hips up to meet his long deep thrusts.
Never had I felt such sensations as my darling husband pounded into me,
plunging deeply into my cunt with long steady strokes. I gasped and whimpered
as his balls slapped against my ass repeatedly and my sopping wet cunt began
to loudly slurp and squish with each pile driving thrust.

After about ten minutes of fucking, I usually flipped over onto all fours
before he shot his load. This is how we like to finish. But he was lasting
much longer, and I wasn't about to complain as he pumped powerfully into my
wide stretched quim. He then released my legs, pushing his rod hard into me
to the hilt.

It felt incredible and I hooked my legs behind his thighs to keep him in
nice and deep. Then I felt his hands sliding over my hips and onto my ass.
He coated his finger with my flowing juices and circled my tiny anus with
his finger for a while as my breathing became louder. He'd never touched me
there before and I gasped when he pushed his finger up my virgin asshole.

It went in without a hitch and after a minute I was surprised how easy it
was when he jammed a second finger up my tight colon. Now having both holes
jammed he picked up the pace and I could feel his fingers pumping my rectum
like a second cock while he fucked me.

Suddenly his body stiffened up, and I could feel his cock, buried deep in my
clutching, milking womanhood, expand and shoot load after wonderful load of
his warm cum into me. I could actually feel each spurt as it coated my pussy.
I started to get up, but he nudged me to roll over after he pulled out.

Wow, I couldn't remember last time he did it three times. I rolled over
onto all fours, but this time I folded my arms up and laid my head on the
cushions, leaving my wiggling butt pointing skyward. He quickly took his
position behind me, took his cock in his hand and rubbed it all over my
buns. Then, with the other hand, he separated them, placed his cock against
my exposed, dripping slit.

He fit it in and buried a couple of inches. He toyed with me, holding his
thick cock just inside of my spasming pussy and watching my ass wiggle and
push back for more. God I was so horny, I couldn't help myself from wiggling,
wanting more of his cock buried deep inside of me. After a few minutes I let
out a low moan as he finally rammed his big cock home in one searing stroke,
burying his long thick cock to the hilt.

He began pulling it all the way out and then slowly pushing it back in. I
found myself pushing back each time. After a few minutes he began pumping
vigorously in and out of me using long powerful strokes that left just his
big head inside of my cunt, followed by a forward thrust that buried his
big cock to his heavy sperm filled balls. It was incredible.

I love doggie style and this was the best fuck we'd ever had in this
position. It had to be the Viagra, I thought. I was in fuck heaven. Dagwood
had my hips locked in his strong hands and was pounding his cock in and out
of me like the conquering pirate character he was dressed as. I was amazed
at how big he felt inside me as I spread my legs wider. My head and shoulders
were down on the cushions as I let him use me to satisfy his raging pirate

Before long I was lost in an overwhelming climax. My body tensed then shook
and shivered as the wild waves of erotic pleasure reached their ultimate
zenith. I breathed hard, harder than ever before in my life, and suddenly
lost all self-control. "Yes! Oh Yes! Oh fuck me! Fuck me hard and deep!" I
blurted out spontaneously during the heat of my orgasm.

After another five times of stroking in and out, he pulled out and hesitated.
I waited, and when I felt the head of his cock touch my skin, I pushed back.
But this time, he lifted his cock a bit. It was only an inch or so, but it
was enough for him to line it up with my tight little ass and push it in.

Before I could adjust, he had pushed the fat head beyond my pucker, and in
one swift motion, he pulled my hips towards his, impaling me on his shaft. It
momentarily knocked the wind out of me, and shocked me as well; he'd never
tried to fuck my ass before. He thrust very gently until my rectum got used
to his thick cock, and then Dagwood started to pump me deeply but slowly. My
ass felt as if it were on fire as my bold pirate fingered my wet pussy.

My happy pussy twitched in orgasm and my asshole spasmed around his long
thick deep pumping cock. He diddled my gushing pussy and continued to pump
my glove tight asshole throughout my orgasm, fucking me gently until I'd
recovered. Then we were back at it, thrusting into each other like savages
as he lifted me by the hips and fucked me doggie style hard and deep up the

After a couple of minutes he began a long slow stroking action. He varied
the pace from fast to slow for awhile then increased the motion of his hungry
hips, picking up speed and power until he was fucking me even harder and
deeper up the ass. My ravishing pirate plundered my tight little asshole as I
moaned and sobbed in delight.

He sodomized me hard and deep, filling my glove tight asshole with his thick
cock, pounding his dick all the way to the hilt up my ass for the longest
time before my shitter milked a huge lode out of his ravaging cock. My
spasming rectum milked his balls dry, then he released my hips and I fell
forward onto the couch. I hadn't ever cum this hard, or this many times.

I ran to the bathroom on wobbly legs and returned with a washcloth to clean
him up. His thick cum was starting to run down my legs, so I reached down and
scooped it up with two fingers. I couldn't let it go to waste, so I sucked it
from my fingers, causing him to moan. As I cleaned him up, I marveled at the
fact that he again became hard.

I planted a kiss on the tip, and he quickly placed his hand on top of my
head. His aggression was really making my pussy wet, and I gave him a sloppy,
slurpy blowjob with lots of deepthroat. It took a while for him to cum this
time, but when he came, it was as intense as the first time. At least four
thick spurts of man honey coated my tongue, but he was finally satisfied.
This was truly the best sex we'd ever had.

We both lay there, trying to catch our breath when the phone rang. I ran
towards the kitchen as he returned his cock back into his pants. I heard the
front door close as I picked up the phone. Funny, I thought, where could
Dagwood be going?

"Hello?" I said, slightly out of breath.

"Hi honey, sorry but I had to work even later than I thought. I got all
wrapped up in these contracts that have to be ready in the morning. I'm just
pulling onto the highway. I should be there in about thirty minutes, OK?"

"Sure, that will be fine." I said in shock. I hung up the phone and looked
out towards the front room, trying to figure out whom I'd just fucked. My
God, I thought, I never let him say a word when I opened the door. I just
pulled him inside and kissed him, then went down on him like a horny slut.
What must he have thought?

God ... is he a neighbor ... maybe one of Dagwood's friends ... or one of my
girlfriends husbands? Whoever it was, I thought, he's one hell of a stud that
got a special treat, while I got tricked ... and fucked big time. What a
Halloween this turned out to be.


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