Blondie: Blondie's New Handy Man (MF,reluc)
by Wilcox

It was a typical morning at the Bumstead house. As soon as Dagwood caught
his carpool and the kids had left for school; Blondie rushed around the
house straightening up. She exercised and showered and by 8:30 she was out
the door. She hit all the places on her errand list, including the bank and
post office. Then one more quick stop at the market and she was headed home.

It was just past 10:30, that would give her enough time to get home and
put the groceries away before the man who'd called last night showed up to
introduce himself and check out the problems she needed taken care of around
the house.

It was her solution to her ongoing struggle to get her husband Dagwood to fix
all the things that needed fixing around the house. They'd talked and argued
and finally she'd suggested that she could put an add up at the community
board in the market soliciting a handyman to do the things around the house
that Dagwood wasn't up to taking care of anymore.

He'd surprised her by calling her bluff. "Go right ahead if you can't wait
for me to get around to it," he said. "Only the money for the work has to
come out of your household budget. You want it done so bad ... you work out
how you can afford it."

"Fine," she'd told him angrily. "I'll find a way to make it work out."

She drove up to her home noticing a pick-up truck parked in the road in front
of her house. She pulled into the driveway to find a tall man, late-20's she
guessed, sitting on the front steps. She eyed him cautiously as she parked
the car, got out, went around to the trunk and pulled out four bags of
groceries, two in each grasp. As she struggled to close the trunk she could
feel his eyes on her and glanced up.

He was heading her way. For a moment her heart skipped a beat. He was tall
with wide shoulders and long brown hair framing his ruggedly handsome face.
He had on a pair of tight jeans and a tee shirt that hugged his muscular

She forgot for the moment that the handyman applying for work was to show up
this morning. Her mind filled with other thoughts as she felt a tingle begin
deep within her. Did he live around here? Was he a serial rapist who wanted
her body? Her mind was flooding with images of being taken by this big strong
handsome hunk as she struggled to close the trunk door with her hands more
than full.

"Need help?" His voice was deep and very smooth, and to her surprise,
sensual, causing the hairs to stand up on the back of her neck, as if he'd
kissed her there.

"Well." She found herself a bit breathless as she attempted a response in a
calm voice. "I think I can manage. Thanks anyway."

Ignoring her dismissal, the man laid a hand on the trunk door, closing it
firmly as he took two packages from her hands. "I'm Derek ... the handyman.
That is, if you're Blondie?"

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Blondie smiled warmly into Derek's deep dark eyes.
He had a sultry, laid back air about him, and after studying him a moment she
felt safe enough to believe him and extended a free hand for a handshake. He
was over a head taller, was very handsome and those rippling arm muscles had
her feeling all warm and squishy.

"Ahhh. Nice to meet you Derek. I expected you to be ... older." As their
hands touched she felt a jolt of electricity shoot through her body when his
warm, strong hand wrapped around her own. With hands joined and each staring
into the other's eyes, it was as if time had frozen.

"That was my dad who answered the add," he finally said. "He gave me your
list." He waved his pad at Blondie and nodded his head towards the house.
Reluctantly he let go of her hand, cleared his throat and spoke again. "Let's
get to it."

Derek followed her up to the house as Blondie tried to determine the
feelings she was feeling. It wasn't apprehension. It wasn't fear but there
was definitely an edge for some reason. She paused at the door to close her
eyes while picturing the handsome hunk behind her and her cunt muscles began
clenching involuntarily.

She snapped herself out of it and unlocked the door. Blondie stepped inside
with Derek following close behind checking her out. She was a beautiful woman
with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her tee shirt and tight jeans
displayed the delicious curves of her magnificent body perfectly. Her top
extenuated her deliciously heavy breasts and her jeans clung tightly to her
flaring hips and firm meaty ass.

"I hope you had a chance to check out the list of things we need done. But I
wanted to be up front if this doesn't work out," she said.

"Why wouldn't it work out?" he asked.

"I'm just saying, well I don't have a lot of money to pay you for your

"It will work out just fine. I'm sure we can come to an arrangement that will
satisfy both of us." He smiled at her as she caught his eyes.

Something stirred inside and she felt her cunt muscles began clenching once
more. He was so magnetic. So sure of himself. She put the bags of groceries
on the table and Blondie started pulling things out and setting the items on
the counter top as he walked towards the living room.

She continued on in silence, wondering how old he was. He seemed so young,
but then again he didn't. He was built very nicely with muscles that rippled
when he moved. His hands were nearly twice the size of hers; she'd noticed
when he put the two bags he carried on the table next to hers, before
venturing into the living room. She again remembered that jolt of electricity
that had bonded them for that moment in time.

As she continued to listen to him talking to her from the living room,
Blondie could not stem the clenching of her cunt muscles as she pictured this
handsome man making love to her, causing her distress at the thoughts going
through her mind. 'How can I think of such things! I'm happily married to
Dagwood. God, get a grip woman!' she chided herself.

Nervously, Blondie walked over to the archway and peeked into the living
room. She bit her bottom lip and felt a shudder course through her body as
she eyed the muscular hunk bent over examining the rug. Then for the first
time ever, she unconsciously unbuttoned the top of her jeans, her right hand
slipping down into them. Her fingers wandered over her lacy panties, pressing
down over her moistening slit. As she stared at the handsome man, her body
shuddered in a mini-orgasm as her finger rubbed her sensitive clit through
her now sopping wet panties.

"When you're done, come in the living room and show me where the rug is
damaged. I can't find it," he called, startling her back to reality and
causing her great consternation at the realization of what she'd just done.
She composed herself and rearranged her jeans before responding.

"Ohhhh. I put a table over the spot, hold on." She called from the kitchen
as she went back to the table to put away a 12 pack of Labatt's. "Did you eat
yet? You want me to fix you some lunch or something?" It was a bit early for
drinking, but it was a scorcher of a day, and she needed something to cool
her nerves. She pulled a beer out for herself, then pulled out two.

"No, thanks."

"How about a beer?"


Two bottles in hand she joined him in the living room. He took one and they
clinked, she offering a toast, "Here's to my new handyman."

He studied her as he lifted the bottle and took a swig. Then as she turned
away from him to point out the damaged area, he looked at the sweet curves of
her sexy little ass instead and grinned. Derek couldn't help but stare at the
beautiful Mrs. Blondie Bumstead, wishing he could peel the clothes from her
sexy body. How he wished he could hold her in his arms, imagining how soft
and sexy her body would feel pressed against his own.

She caught the direction of his glance as she turned back and felt her
body flush as she bent down to move the end table. She could feel his eyes
on her, and in her mind her clothes peeled away, leaving her naked and
vulnerable, alone in her house with a total stranger, a big strong very
handsome stranger.

"See?" she asked straightening up.

"I sure do." His eyes were not focused on the carpet, but rather, on the two
little buttons her hardened nipples formed through her tee shirt. She glanced
down at her breasts, then up at Derek. "Um, excuse me?"

He grinned again and mumbled a half-hearted apology before making a note
on his pad about getting spot remover and a steam cleaner for the damaged

As Blondie bent down again to push the table back she came eye to eye with
his waist as he stepped closer to help her. She nearly fainted as she saw
the large bulge below his zipper. There was something between them. And she
didn't know how to explain it. But he felt it too, she could tell. It was a
bit obvious.

"Want to take me to your bedroom?" he asked.

"My bedroom! Derek, I .. I..." Wasn't this a bit bold of him? How dare he.

"Window pane cracked in master bedroom. Sill needs replacement." That damn
insolent grin never left his face and as he read the notes taken by his
father the night before. As he walked passed her, his arm caressed her full

Was it a deliberate act or was it an accident? She could only guess.

A detour occurred as he walked down the hall. "Let's check out the bathroom
first. You have a leak here?"

"Under the sink. I meant to clean out under there before you got here. You
were a bit early."

"No, actually you were late. My dad told me ten."

"It was 11. Ten at first, then I changed it."

"Well he told me 10 a.m."

Derek knelt down in front of the sink, bent under the cabinet and started
pulling items out. He withdrew, and still kneeling, looked up at Blondie, his
eyes never moving further than her breasts that now swelled and pulled at her
cotton shirt.

She imagined how his lips would feel on her nipples.

"Can I?"

"Can you what?" her voice was breathless. Her breathing shallow as she felt
her legs grow weak and her insides mush together. She felt a tingling in her
pussy that she'd not felt for a long time. Years... she thought now, trying
to figure out when was the last time she and Dagwood had had sex.

"Um, flashlight. You got one? Can I have it?"

"Oh. Uh... somewhere. Let me see."

"Nah, don't worry. I'll check it out after the bedroom."

Oh, no. She wasn't sure if she should follow him into her bedroom the way she
was feeling. Her body was already betraying her, coming alive just by being
near this assertive man. His eyes, his arms, his scent. He was too masculine
for her not to notice. Her body, it seemed, had a mind of its own, doing its
own noticing of her new handyman.

"You have a list of things you need done in the bedroom."

She flushed as she responded, "Uhh. Yes ... I do."

He laughed out loud and muttered something about being able to help her with
anything she needed done in the bedroom.

Was that a double meaning? "Why don't I stay out here and make us some

"Nah. Come with me." He looked at her in a way that made her legs nearly give
out beneath her. "Follow me," he directed.

She followed.

He stood at the threshold of her bedroom, taking in the furniture and decor
with a quick glance. "Closet door needs tightening?" he read from his pad.

"It's off the tracks. When I go in and out it nearly crushes me and the shelf
is loose."

His eyes did another slow appraisal of her curvaceous body and he nodded.
"Can't have anything crushing that sexy body of yours now can we?"

She raised her eyebrows, her face blushing again. When was the last time
she'd blushed? High school?

"Can you do something to fix it?"

"Sure, why don't you show me the problem."


"If you want me to fix it."

"Um. We are talking about the closet, right?"

"You tell me." He leaned against the wall and folded his arms across his
muscular chest.

"Uh. Yes. Of course we are."

She stepped forward and reached up to the shelf. It wobbled and she was
immediately trying to keep items from falling.

Moving over to help, he reached up high to grab the box that was about to
slip from Blondie's hand. In doing so, Derek brushed up against the beautiful
woman. His hand came into contact with hers, as he could not resist the urge
to press himself up firmly against her.

Taking a deep breath to inhale the fragrance of her intoxicating perfume,
Derek heard Blondie panting for breath as he pressed up against her. They
both remained frozen to the spot, unable or unwilling to move. With his
crotch pressed up tightly against her buttocks, Derek could not prevent
the throbbing of his hardening cock.

The slight gasp by Blondie indicated that she obviously felt his hardening
bone. He placed his left hand on Blondie's flaring hip as his cock throbbed
against her. His face now pressed to the right side of her head, loving the
feel of her soft golden hair.

Derek couldn't resist turning a bit, sticking out his wet tongue and tracing
the outline of her ear, and then his tongue darted into her ear. Pushing the
falling things back onto the shelf, he brazenly brought his right hand down
to her hip, then let both hands slide up over her tee-shirt to cup her full
breasts. She shivered as the exploring hands found her sensitive nipples and
he began to use his thumbs to flick at the budding stems.

"Are we still talking about the closet?" he asked as he nuzzled her ear.

"I don't even know you," she said softly as her head tilted back to rest upon
his broad muscular chest.

"You could if you gave me a try," he said as he lifted and fondled her
tingling breasts.

"I...." She shook her head, amazed that she was allowing him to fondle her
breasts and with the conversation she was having.

He waited for her to speak.

"I- I - I don't do that," she said as she twisted out of his grasp.

She was standing only a foot away, staring into her baby blue eyes, watching
her lips tremble in fear and anticipation. "So, uh. You adopt those kids of
yours?" He nodded towards the class pictures taken last year and framed of
Alexander and Cookie.

"Of course not! I mean I don't do that. With strangers." 'With anyone but her
husband,' she should have said she quickly realized. My god, she thought.
He's making me feel like a schoolgirl all over again.

Blondie was frozen to the spot with this muscular stud standing immediately
beside her. She was panting to catch her breath, her thigh muscles clenching,
trying to stem the flow of love juices from seeping into her panties. She was
now literally shivering at being so close to this muscular hunk.

"I'm not a stranger anymore," he said. "Besides. You want me."

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "No, I don't."

"Sure you do." His hand came up to tweak one of her nipples. It sprang to
life as she jumped back, startled, opening her eyes wide.

"Don't..." she panted as his lips neared hers. Then his lips were kissing her
and Blondie could not resist opening her lips to his probing tongue. She was
beside herself, unable to think or rationalize at all.

"Why? You don't really want me to stop, do you?" Her lipstick tasted so sweet
to Derek as he delved his thick tongue between those lips, his tongue meeting
and teasing the pointed one that came forward to meet his. Eyes closed, she
tilted her head back and let her tongue teasingly play with his.

"Yes." she whispered.


The deep kiss, teasing of tongues, had the lovely Mrs. Blondie Bumstead
swooning and completely at the mercy of this huge hunk of stranger she'd just
met. It was so wicked, having always been so faithful to her loving husband,
now she was in the muscular arms of another man, actually returning his kiss,
sucking at his thick exploring tongue as it searched about her oral cavity.

In a moment the deep kiss was broken and Blondie tried to clear her mind and
take hold of herself. She swallowed thickly and glanced down at his cock
resting not too peacefully beneath his jeans. The bulge was large and much
more prominent than a few minutes ago.

"You want me," he said, cupping her breast and squeezing it gently, "and as
you can see, I want you. Bad."

She tried to step away, and shook her head again, unable to find the words to
make him stop.

"Sure you do. You want me to make love to you. I can tell." He took a step
closer to her, making her take one last step back so that she was now pressed
against the wall near the closet. He put a hand on either side of her head,
imprisoning her within his loose embrace. Then, he bent his head, and kissed
her soundly, deeply on the lips, causing her to moan softly.

"Tell me you want me to fuck you," he whispered against her mouth.

"I can't."

"Sure you can. Say it. Derek, I want you to fuck me." His hands dropped down
to around her waist then moved around to cup her buns and pull her against
his body. "Say it."

She entwined her arms up around his neck as she searched out his mouth for
another kiss. Pressing her body against his was enough of an answer for him.
He picked her up, turned around and placed her on her bed.

Lying down next to her, he slipped a hand beneath her tee shirt, finding the
edge of her bra. His fingers slipped beneath the edge, so that the cup lifted
upwards, exposing her breast. His head bent as he captured her nipple, biting
it and sucking it softly.

Blondie threw her head back and moaned loudly, "Ohhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhh!
As her sensitive pink nipples were being suckled one after the other,
bringing her nipples to stiffness. She responded with another moan, arching
against him, oblivious to what was taking place other than the sexual
pleasures coursing through her body.

She just had to feel his muscular body rubbing against hers. She was now
unaware of what she was doing, sliding her hands under Derek's tee shirt,
pulling his tee shirt up and off so she could press herself against the
bare skin of his muscular body.

Then her hands went between their bodies to fumble at his belt buckle, the
tightly buttoned jeans and its zipper. Immediately her fingers undid the
button, pulled the zipper down. Her hand slipped over the rock hard mound
lying beneath his briefs and it was his turn to groan.

"I want you to fuck me." She whispered as she stroked his shaft and he paused
and looked into her eyes.

On the Bumstead' marital bed, the two lovers embraced in a deep passionate
kiss. Derek' heart was pounding in anticipation of nailing this beautiful
married woman. Blondie was panting in anticipation, clenching her thigh
muscles tightly to stem the flow of her love juices, totally forgetting her
wedding vows to be 'faithful'.

He kissed her deep again but after a moment she pulled away. She got on all
fours, leaning over him. He rolled over onto his back, arms folded behind his
head and he watched her as she climbed between his legs.

Slowly she lifted his long thick cock from its resting-place beneath his
briefs. She could not help but to compare it to her loving husband's, noting
that the big cock throbbing in her hand was at least three inches longer and
much thicker than her husband's. She raised it up slowly as she ran a tapered
fingernail down its long hard length. "I think you're too big. I don't think
you'll fit." She said a bit hesitantly.

"I'll make it fit, don't you worry about that," he assured her.

He put his hands behind her head and nudged her downward. She acquiesced, her
full pouty lips settling gently on the head of his throbbing cock. She licked
the tip of his cock like it was an ice-cream cone, the tip of her tongue
dipping into the hole to collect a drop of pre-cum.

"How am I doing?" She smiled sweetly as he groaned and nodded, forcing her
head downward even more.

She took his cock into her mouth, slowly inching her lips down over the hard
shaft a little bit at a time. She was almost there; she had almost his entire
rod in her mouth and down her throat, all but 3 or 4 fingers worth, when he
started to pump slowly, in and out of her mouth. A little bit more, a little
bit more, and then he was hilted, with his curly pubic hair tickling her nose
as her lips stretched wide around the base of his huge shaft.

He cried out as he felt his cock press against the sides of her throat and
lost control, pumping harder and harder as he felt the cum build up, needing

She worked his cock, squeezing his balls as she deep throated him, taking
all of him in and then releasing him as she moved her lips down his shaft and
back up again. Harder and harder he pumped, and the more he pumped the harder
she sucked, suddenly needing very badly to taste his cum.

The pulsing started slower, and then faster and then she tasted his salty
sweetness as he filled her mouth and her throat and her belly with his load.
She took it all in, swallowing and sucking every last drop he ejected out.
As he slowed down and then finally rested, she licked his cock clean.

"Your turn." He said eyeing her as she licked the last bit of cum from her

He sat up, knelt on all fours as he pushed her gently down to the bed. "Ever
been fucked in your ass before?" he asked.

"No!" she whispered staring at him.

"Well you're about to."

"I don't know?"

He ignored her protest as he unzipped her jeans and pulled them roughly down
her legs. She lay there unsure what to do next. She'd never even thought
about someone fucking her in her ass. And now this man was telling her he was
about to do that very thing! And she was excited by the idea.

He leaned down and ran his fingers through the thin growth of hair covering
her pussy. She was soaked. He slipped a finger inside her, then two, pumping
lightly. "You ready to cum?" He asked a bit surprised.

She pressed her cunt against his hand. "Like I've never been ready before."

"Ohhhhhhhhh ... please ... oohhhhhhhhhh!" Her hips arched up as Derek's hot
mouth clamped down on her golden treasure, her eyes rolled as his tongue
dipped into her honey pot and teased her sensitive clit. Planting her heels
into the mattress, she grasped his hair as she arched up in response to the
unbelievable pleasure. "Ohhhhhhhhh, God ... God ... ohhhhhhhh ... I ... I ...
I'm cummmminggggg!" she moaned, body shaking uncontrollably in the most
mind-shattering orgasm she'd ever experienced.

He stood up, tugged his jeans off, and then straddled her. He kissed her as
his long thick cock parted her thighs, nudged past her pussy lips, finding
her hot hole with little delay. He pressed into her slowly as she hooked her
legs behind his legs, rising up to meet his first quick thrust. She froze and
cried out softly as she felt his thick cockhead push into her tight resisting

It was a snug fit and it took two more powerful thrusts by Derek to bury his
big cock into Blondie's womb. He let his cock enjoy its full length buried
inside her for a minute, then withdrew until only the huge head was enveloped
by the tight by tender walls.

She was ready for him now, and as his thick cock drove back into her cunt
she cried out again, moving with him, against him, squeezing him until the
pulsing started deep inside her, spreading out in waves throughout her whole
body. He began to fuck the delirious beauty with long slow stokes, causing
the lovely Mrs. Blondie Bumstead to arch up into his every stroke. He knew
he had her completely when her trim white arms and legs tightly encircled
him, trying to keep him tightly to her.

The way the 'faithful' loving wife was hunching back at him, Derek knew
she was about to have the long awaited orgasm that she craved. "Ohhhh,
Goddddddd ... yesssssss!" Blondie screamed aloud as Derek's long thick
cock slid deeply into her fertile womb again and again. Then he began to
speed up the fuck, withdrawing and plunging forward faster and faster as
he felt his balls tighten and begin to release his stored up sperm.
"Ahhhhhhh ... here it cums baby!" he groaned as his cock exploded out its
hot thick cum.

This triggered her own orgasm and she arched up to get the pleasure giving
shaft deeper into her as the waves of her powerful climax washed over her.
"Oh, fuck me ... yes, fuck me ... ohhhh, yes ... cum in me ... give me your
cum ... shoot your cum in me ... oh yessssssssssssssss!"

He pumped her harder until her body stopped shaking. Laying on her back she
still had her arms and legs tied tightly around the muscular body upon her,
his long thick cock still buried deep in her as she lay in the middle of the
bed that she shared with her husband.

Making love with her husband was always a one-time event, after which they
would each go to sleep. Blondie began to breathe heavily, her eyes widened
at the feel of the thick cock within her begin to pulse and throb back to
hardness. With legs and arms still tightly wound around the muscular body,
she began to thrust back at the cock that slowly began to thrust in an out
of her love slit.

He lifted and spread Blondie's long sexy legs wide open and hooked them up
over his broad shoulders as he drove himself deeply into her. He felt the
head of his big cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls slapped against
her upturned little ass.

She was besides herself, horny beyond belief and was milking his fully
embedded member with her instantly spasming cuntal canal as she slowly
rolled her hips up to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet little
cunt. Nothing as big as his cock had ever entered Blondie's cunt before
and he was stretching her wide.

Pussy juice covered his cock and leaked from her cunt as Derek pounded into
her, plunging deeply into her cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and
whimpered as his balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet
cunt began to loudly slurp and squish with each pile-driving invasion of her
overstuffed little quim.

He leaned forward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders
and fucked for all he was worth, pumping her glove tight little pussy for a
good fifteen minutes. Ramming her as hard and deep as he could, making her
juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as he slammed home

She began to make soft mewling sounds, her body hunching up as he began his
descent. Derek sighed, dropped her long sexy legs off of his shoulders and
leaned down on top of her, pushing his rod hard into her to the hilt, loving
the sounds of her moans. Then he slipped out of her and turned her over.

Slipping his hand inside her pussy, he moved his moist fingers over her
asshole, slipping in and out of the tight opening with his middle finger
until her small butt started riding up and down as she moved with him,
moaning softly and incoherently. She looked back over her shoulder at his
long thick cock as he moved up behind her exposed and vulnerable backside.
"What are you going to do now," she murmured softly.

He laughed, pulled her up to him as he knelt up close behind her and placed
his huge cock between her firm round butt cheeks. "Why, I'm going to fuck you
again sweetcheeks, that's what I'm going to do."

Blondie groaned as he sawed his long thick cock through her buns and then
down over her slit. She was so wet he slid back and forth easily, parting her
lips as she felt him begin to poke at her pussy and without thinking moved
back against him.

He fit his big dick into her and she let out a cry of joy as he pushed his
oversized dong back up her hot squishy pussy, filling her glove tight little
snatch to the max. He took hold of her flaring hips and moved them back and
forth, sliding her pussy over his cock and sinking it deeper and deeper.

He stayed still and moved her tautly stretched cuntal sheath back over him,
pausing when he was all the way in her. Blondie pushed back hard, enjoying
the feeling of being so full, of feeling her muscles grip at him, as he lay
deep within her with his wide head pushing hard at her cervix.

"Fuck me, babe, fuck me hard!" Blondie cried, totally lost in the moment,
all thought of husband and children flushed from her mind by the waves of
orgasmic delight washing over her. On her hands and knees in the middle of
her bed, she gave herself to the horny hunk. She lowered her head so that
it rested on the bed, her body supported by her tits as she took Derek's
huge cock hard and deep.

He started bucking his hips against her, driving deep into her soft, wet,
hot, squishy pussy. He moved almost all the way out, then rammed forward as
he pulled back on her hips to slam himself into her. The heat of the moment
drove them both and they fucked long and hard as Mrs. Blondie Bumstead
explored a new world of multiple orgasms.

When he couldn't take it anymore, he pulled out and grabbed her at her hips,
then slowly slipped the tip of his thick cock into her tight asshole. They
both gasped at the same time. His cock was slick and lubricated and he forced
it in past her over matched spincter, stretching her tight anal passage taunt
around his big dick.

He inched his way in slowly then, waiting for her to give some sort of
"okay," before he moved any further. Little by little he moved into her ass,
deeper and deeper until he'd buried every long thick inch of his huge rod to
the hilt.

Her eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with
his heavy sperm laden balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns. He
let her adjust to the unnatural presence of his cock in her ass, then began a
slow in and out motion as he fingered her erect clit.

She began bucking back against him, begging him to fuck her hard so she could
cum again. His cock slid in and out of her stretched open anus easily now.
"Stick it up my ass!" she shouted at him. "I love it. Fuck my hot asshole!
Don't stop, please. Fuck my tight little asshole, AHHHH YEESSSSS!" Blondie
acted like a total slut now and she reveled in it as a perfect stranger
sodomized her on the very bed she shared with her husband.

He was pushing in and out of her, pumping her glove tight ass until he felt
like he was about to explode. He did then, shooting his load deep inside of
her. She came as he did, arching her butt up, pressing hard against him as he
drove his cock home. With his hands on her hips he gave her a few more slow
thrusts, until she had finished cumming. And then he slipped out of her,
saying nothing for the longest while.

Finally, she spoke. "I think I am going to like paying you for your
services," she said in a sexy voice. "We can continue on the barter system,
can't we?"

"Well Mrs. Bumstead, I hope that your husband doesn't find out about you
getting a little behind in the payments."

"Of course not, as long as you come and take care of my list," she smiled

"Deal," he said as he bent down to capture her nipple between his teeth.

After climbing off of her she cleaned their combined juices off of his
goo-covered cock with her mouth. She lovingly licked his big dick and
gobbled down every bit of spunk that she found. When she finished he got
up and pulled on his jeans, as he looked at her glowing body lying in the
middle of her husband's sweat and cum drenched sheets.

He gave her firm little ass a smack and told her, "Well sexy lady, looks like
I'll be cumming here regularly. I can see lots of long hard work that needs
to be done to satisfy you. My motto is, 'The customer always cums first.'

The implications of his remark stayed with her, as she lay on her bed in her
exhausted afterglow. She heard him drive away as she fingered herself to
sleep. She awoke in shock at the sound of the front door being slammed shut.
"Mom, I'm home," she heard her son call. "Where are you?"

She leaped out of bed and called out, "I'm taking a shower honey. I'll be
down in a while. There's snacks in the fridge." She hurriedly stripped the
sex-drenched sheets from her bed and realized that she had to flip the
mattress over to hide the huge wet spot that had soaked into the cover. She
replaced the sheets, made the bed and dropped the soiled ones in the bathroom

She stepped into the shower and enjoyed the relaxing feeling that the hot
water gave her well-used body. "MMMM, I can't wait until he cums again,"
flashed through her mind as she washed her new handyman's semen out of her
sore pussy and asshole. She thought, "Derek certainly is a very handy man
to have around to take care of a sexually frustrated housewife's needs."


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