Blondie's Rear End Accident! (M/F,reluc)
by Wilcox

"I knew I should have taken a taxi," Blondie Bumstead thought as she surveyed
the damage to the front of her car. "Oh damn, Dagwood is going to kill me!
I may have had a few drinks, but I didn't think I was that tipsy," she

However much she claimed that she was not feeling the effects of the alcohol,
she knew that she had consumed several glasses of wine at lunch with the
girls and was feeling pretty loose and easy. She had driven somewhat faster
than usual, the tires squealing occasionally on the way home. She didn't have
a clue that she had a problem, that is, until another vehicle was suddenly
in front of her at a stop sign.

It all seemed to happen so fast. She was almost home. In fact she was just
about in front of her house when suddenly there was a flash of another car,
a loud crash and she impacted the rear of the other car.

As the pretty housewife inspected the damage to her own vehicle, she looked
up and sighed as she watched a tall, good looking man climb from the damaged
car she'd run into.

"Real sorry bout that, lady" he drawled, walking up to her. "Didn't you see
me when I stopped for the sign."

"Damn right you're sorry!" She spat out, the alcohol effecting her voice.
"Look at the damage to my car. You must be blind or something!"

The stranger had expected a reaction, but was surprised as he noticed that
she seemed to be under the influence of strong drink. "Well, you seemed to
have had a bit to drink today, and it's still pretty early!" His attitude
changed from that of apology, as he challenged her.

"So what if I have?" she smurked.

"Well, it's against the law I'm afraid, sweetheart!" he told her.

"What, so you're a cop now are you?" said Blondie sarcastically.

"No, but now I'm thinking it would be a good idea to call one!" he said as
he inspected his car's damage.

Blondie's face turn white and she said, "Now, hold on there, I live right
here. Surely we don't need to get the police involved, I'm sure we can sort
this out between ourselves?" She looked intently at the tall stranger, "I'd
do anything if you don't get the police involved. God, my husband will go
crazy if I have to report this. The insurance will go way up."

"What do you suggest?" he said as he checked out her lush figure.

"Well," Blondie continued. "What if we each pay for the damage to our own
cars, and forget the whole thing happened?"

The stranger laughed. A deep hollow sound emitting from his lips. "Hmmm. I
don't know about that now. Seems to me little lady, you were driving a bit
too fast. And also drinking?" He shook his head slowly from side to side in
mock disapproval. "I think you may have to do a little better than that, if
you don't want me to call the cops and report the a DWI rear ended me while
I was at a stop sign!"

"OK. So how much do you want?"

The stranger laughed again. Blondie became aware that the man had been
staring directly at her body throughout the discussion, and it had made her
slightly uneasy.

"Do I look like I need your money? No, I was thinking of an entirely
different form of payment! You did say you'd do anything, didn't you?" he
said. "What about ... you go down on me and we call it even?"

Once again, she followed the strangers eyes as they centered on her beautiful
drunken form, his eyes literally undressing her. Blondie was propping herself
up against her damaged car for support. She was obviously feeling a little
dizzy now and quite tipsy. She suddenly looked up at the strangers smirking
face and the light finally went on as she realised what he had in mind.

"You cannot be serious!" she blurted out. "I'm a happily married woman. No.
No way!"

"OK. Fine" the man said as he pulled his cell phone from his inside pocket.
"I'll just make that call to the cops then!"

Blondie interrupted before he had chance to dial. "OK ... OK ... Wait a
second, let me think." She began to go over the situation she'd gotten
herself into. "What! You mean to say that I give you a blow job, or you
calls the cops?"

"That's about it, honey" he replied. "Come on, you give me head, then we can
both go home and forget the whole incident."

The tall stranger felt a twinge of excitement build in his loins as the
beautiful blonde housewife lowered her eyes and slowly nodded her head in
agreement. He suddenly had visions of her long blonde hair cascading down
her back as she took his erection into her mouth and the thoughts of his
hands fondling the pale, creamy flesh of this beautiful drunken blonde
housewife's breasts, danced before his eyes. Followed by her down on her
knees before him wiggling her sexy little ass on the end of his big dick.

This situation seemed forced, coerced somehow, and he for one, found it
incredibly exciting. As she walked back towards him to complete the
negotiations, he tried to control his excited breathing.

"OK. I'll suck your cock," she said. "I don't seem to have any other choice,
do I. Where do you want to do it?"

"Hmmm. Your house is near here you said, when do you expect your family

She replied, "Not for hours, they'll be back by 5PM at the earliest."

"Well then, I think that's where we should go to work this out between us."
The stranger replied almost casually. "Lets pull our cars into the driveway
and then go inside to conclude our arrangement."

After parking the vehicles he took Blondie by the hand led her into her
house. They went straight up to her bedroom, but as Blondie's hand went
almost automatically towards the his crotch, he stopped her with a wicked
smile on his lips.

"Oh no." He said. "Now that I think about it my silence is worth more than a
quick blow-job!"

"Now, just wait a min....." she started, but the tall man cut her off.

"No. You wait a minute. I'm in control here. You will do as I say, or I make
that call. Do you understand?"

Blondie nodded her agreement knowing that she had no choice now.

"Good. Now lets get a look at those big tits that I've been watching at for
the last twenty minutes!"

Due to the fact that she was more than a little drunk, Blondie fumbled for
several seconds with the buttons of her blouse. Eventually the last button
was unfastened and she reached behind her and loosened the white silk bra.
As it fell away, the big man let out a low whistle.

The stranger stared at the full thrusting creamy white globes that sloped
gracefully downwards. Quite firm with very little sag and capped with long,
rose pink nipples. Immediately the man's hands went out and cupped the large

Blondie moaned slightly as his strong fingers found her nipples and started
to squeeze gently, becoming more aggressive at her verbal encouragement. Her
nipples began to grow under his touch as he manipulated them between his
fingers, rolling them sensuously and pulling them away from her breasts. He
dipped his head and took a spikey nipple into his mouth. He sucked and
fondled her full tits for a few minutes as she softly moaned at the tingling
sensations sent out from her engorged breasts.

Leaving one hand to tease her breast, he let his other hand fall to her
thigh and slide under her short pleated skirt. Blondie moaned louder as the
hand began to drift higher under her skirt, tracing patterns across her
naked thigh with long, well manicured fingernails until they reached the
fabric of her tiny bikini panties. She gasped out loud as she felt the hand
slide into the elastic waistband and then journey downwards towards her
soft, smooth pussy.

As the man slid his finger along the slick folds of her vaginal lips he said.
"Mmmmmmm .. how did you know I love shaved pussy!" And your cunt is already
wet for it!"

"Oh god, yes!" gasped Blondie as she heard his voice and felt his finger sink
deep into her hairless little pussy. "Fuck me with your finger....mmmmmm....
I'm gonna cum... soon... please... more... faster... yes... yes...

The man's fingers pounded into her wet hole as she convulsed into orgasm. As
her juices flooded down onto his hand, he quickly shoved another digit into
her pussy, and slid a further wet finger down lower and penetrated her tight
little asshole.

Blondie screamed out loud as she felt the warm, wet finger slide deeply into
her butt. Her body shook again as she crashed into another deep, satisfying

As her climax eventually subsided, Blondie felt the stranger withdraw his
fingers. With some surprise, she heard herself moan in protest as the finger
was withdrawn from her tight ass. She had been fingered there before, but the
excitement she had experienced as he drove his digit deep into her as she
came was, frankly, sensational. She knew that she wanted more.

For now though, the stranger seemed to have other ideas. Quickly unzipping
himself, he put his hand into his underwear and pulled out a monster cock.
Blondie looked at it in awe. It must have measured at least nine inches and
was not even fully erect yet.

Motioning to her, the man spoke in a calm, casual voice. "Your turn now,
lady! Strip and get on the bed. Take me in your mouth and suck my dick.
Get me nice and hard and then I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked

Blondie hesitated in shocked surprise as she watched him take off his
clothes. He had a strong muscular body and she felt an itch deep inside her
begin to call out for relief. This was something new. Here she was in her
own house with a strange very large penis being waved in her face and being
ordered to suck it! Not only that ... he said he was going to fuck her too!

She knew the consequences should she decide not to comply. She couldn't do
that, this would be her second drunk driving charge and Dagwood would kill
her. She might even lose her license.

Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes, Blondie removed her clothes and
got down on her knees beside him on the bed. Her hand touched it first. It
felt warm and strong and so god awfull big, almost twice the size of her
husband Dagwood's. As her fingers circled the thick shaft she felt it twitch
beneath her touch and swell a bit more. Guiding the large organ towards her
mouth, she tried to remember how she had done this to her husband, and how
she had always brought him pleasure.

Closing her lips around the huge, mushroom shaped head, she let her hand
drift down to the man's large, hairy balls and cupped them gently. She let
her tongue swirl around the sensitive underside, licking up and down the
long hardening shaft. She concluded that the taste was not at all bad.

The stranger was obviously very particular about his personal hygiene, and
Blondie, beginning to enjoy the textured sensation, opened her eyes. As she
began to bob her head up and down, slowly stoking the now solid shaft, she
could see that the man was really enjoying the blowjob she was giving him.

The stranger had a big smile on his face. He was reveling in the sensation
of an extremely good blow job, while methodically sinking one finger into
Blondie's soaked vagina and another into her equally wet little asshole.
He maintained a slow steady pumping of her tight holes as he watched the
beautiful blonde housewive suck his big dick.

For her part, Blondie was moaning and sighing almost continuously, as she
spread her knees apart and held her buttocks wide open so as to allow the
man's fingers deeper access. Gradually she worked his big dick deeper and
deeper as he placed his hand on the back of her head and forced her to take
his monster cock down her throat. After a while she was deep throating his
long thick cock to the hilt, his curly pubic hairs tickling her nose on
every long dip of her head.

"That'll do for now." he ordered after several minutes, pushing her head
away from his erect penis. "Time to take a piece of your hot little ass!"

Blondie, almost reluctantly, let the hard cock slip from her lips. He moved
her onto her back as he climbed over the bed and got between her opened
thighs. He lifted and spread Blondie's long sexy legs wide open and hooked
them up over his broad shoulders so that her little blonde fringed gash was
spread out, totally exposed and vulnerable.

He moved foward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding his big cock
up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit. God, he thought, she
looked so good spread out on her bed like that. Her big full tits jiggling
as she began to roll her flairing hips in a definite come on and fuck me

The feeling of the huge head parting her puffy cunt lips and sliding into
her was pure heaven for her as her tight, sopping wet, cuntal sheath
stretched around his thick dick. He continued to push himself foward and
rammed his long thick horsecock deep into the drunken wife's sweet little
pussy. She grunted loudly at the swift invasion.

"Oh, lady! You're so wet. You must get off on all the macho stuff, huh? It
sure feels good stretching your tight little twat. You sure know how to make
a man feel at home."

The big stranger leaned foward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to
her shoulders and fucked for all he was worth as her arms went to his neck.
"I knew you'd like it rough. I could see it in your eyes. You're the type
that has all those sweaty construction workers fantasies. You like the big,
strong man taking you, don't you?"

He was right. "Blondie" did seem to like it -- hell! -- she was loving it!
She was pumping and rolling her hips hard up into the big stranger. Her
breathing was in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to him with all of
her strength.

He pumped her glove tight little pussy for another twenty minutes, ramming
her as hard and deep as he could, making her juicy cunt squish loudly with
every balls deep thrust.

The huge big dicked stranger really pounded her warm squishy hole, enjoying
the exquist milking action of her glove tight little cunt. In another ten
minutes he was cummin, filling the hole with his heavy load and having it
come out to run down the crack of her ass.

He lifted off of her and she moaned as his huge prick slid out of her cum
filled cunt.

"Don't ya worry, pretty lady." the man drawled salaciously. "I'm gonna fill
you up again real soon!"

He flipped her over to her tummy and pulled her sexy little ass up high.

Blondie was drunk, hot and horny, a very bad combination in her present
position. All she could do was to look back over her shoulder at his long
thick cock as he moved up behind her exposed and vulnerable back side. "What
are you going to do now," she slurred.

He laughed, knelt up close behind her and flopped his huge horsecock between
her firm round butt cheeks. "Why, I'm going to fuck you again sweetcheeks,
that's what I'm going to do."

Blondie groaned as he sawed his long thick cock through her buns and then
down over her slit. She was so wet he slid back and forth easily, parting her
lips as she felt him begin to poke at her pussy and without thinking moved
back against him.

He fit his big dick into her and she let out a cry of joy as he pushed his
oversized dong back up her hot squishy pussy, filling her glove tight little
snatch to the max. He took hold of her flairing hips and moved them back and
forth, sliding her pussy over his cock and sinking it deeper and deeper.

He stayed still and moved her tauntly streached cuntal sheath back over him,
pausing when he was all the way in her. Blondie pushed back hard, enjoying
the feeling of being so full, of feeling her muscles grip at him as he lay
deep within her with his wide head pushing hard at her cervex.

"Fuck me, babe, fuck me hard!" Blondie cried, totally lost in the moment,
all thought of husband and children flushed from her mind by the waves of
ogasmic delight washing over her. On her hands and knees in the middle of
her bed, she drunkenly gave herself to the horny stranger.

He started bucking his hips against her, driving deep into her soft, wet,
hot, squishy pussy. He moved almost all the way out, then rammed foward as
he pulled back on her hips to slam himself into her. The heat of the moment
drove them both and they fucked long and hard as Blondie drunkenly explored
a new world of multiple orgasms.

After a long orgasmic mind bending fuck session Blondie could feel herself
about to come again. She moved one hand between her legs and found her clit.
She could feel his thick vein covered cock moving in and out of her as she
rubbed her sensitive knob. Then she was cuming again on his massive cunt
stretching horsecock. Her pussy walls spasmed and gripped down hard.

He responded by driving deeper into her, pushing on her sexy ass to drive
himself all the way into her despite the way she was gripping him like a
vice. He knew he couldn't hold back much longer.

Blondie took her hand away from her clit so she could balance herself and
keep from falling onto her face. She continued to climax, one after the other
coming faster and faster so that they merged into a continous orgasm of epic
proportion, gripping down hard on the cock that was pounding her pussy into
total submission.

When she recovered, in a horse voice, she said, "Come in me, babe. Fill my
pussy with your cum! I want to feel you fuck me hard and then come in me!"

The big stranger doubled his speed and slammed into her. It didn't take long
with Blondie gripping at his cock with her milking pussy. The sensations of
fucking this sexy married little housewife doggy style on her husband's bed
released the floodgate in his heavy balls.

Blondie felt his cock swell inside her, seeming to grow twice as big and hot
and then he was shooting his cum deep into her. The warmth flooded over her
and she came again and again as he shot cannon loads of thick globs of cum
into her sloppy cunt.

When he emptied the last of his load into her spasming pussy he was still
hard and ready for action. Blondie had collapsed in exhaustion. Her arms were
weak and her head rested on the bed, supported by her tits. She twitched and
jerked in the aftermath of her orgasms.

He wasn't through with her just yet and he lifed her sexy little ass high so
he could get at her tight little asshole. He parted Blondie's perfect ass and
saw her tiny tightly clentched anus. The rectal opening winked at him.

He placed his cum dreanched horsecock at the puckered entrance to her tight
little asshole and powerfully entered her rear passage. His cock was slick
and lubricated and he forced it in deep past her over matched spincter,
stretching her tight anal passage taunt around his big dick.

Blondie realized what he was doing and tried to stop him from fucking her
virgin asshole. She tried to clench her ass tight and grimaced as his huge
cock split her wide open. The pain was undescribable. Blondie screamed out
in agony as the massive horsecock rammed deep up her ass.

She shut her eyes, gritted her teeth, accepted the inevitable and tried to
get used to being fucked in the ass as her rectum was forcibly stretched
open. The big man shoved forward and buried his whole cock into her tightly
clenching asshole, all ten long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widened
as his huge cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm
laddened balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

The pain soon faded and Blondie got used to the sensation of having a cock
in her asshole. She even came to like ass-fucking. He let her adjust to the
unnatural presence of his cock in her ass, then began a slow in and out

His cock slid in and out of her streached open anus easily now. "Stick it up
my ass!" she shouted at him. I love it. Fuck my hot asshole! Don't stop,
please. Fuck my tight little asshole, AHHHH YEESSSSS!" Blondie acted like a
total slut now and she revelled in it as a perfect stranger sodomized her
for a good half hour before pumping a huge load of cum up her ass.

After climbing off of her he made her clean their combined juices off of his
goo covered cock with her mouth. She lovingly licked his big dick and goobled
down every bit of spunk that she found. When she finished he got up and
pulled on his jeans, as he looked at her glowing body laying in the middle
of her husband's sweat and cum drenched sheets.

He gave her firm little ass a smack and told her, "Well sexy lady, you rear
ended me and I rear ended you. I think you've adequately paid for the damage
to my car Mrs. Bumstead. Don't forget though, I know where you live and I
have your phone number. It's entirely possible that when I inspect the damage
further, I may have to demand further compensation from you! I'll keep in
touch sweetcheeks!"

The implications of his remark stayed with her as she lay on her bed in her
exhausted afterglow. She heard his car start and drive away as she fingered
herself to sleep. She awoke in shock at the sound of the front door being
slammed shut. "Mom, I'm home," she heard her daughter call. "Where are you?"

She leaped out of bed and called out, "I'm taking a shower honey. I'll be
down in a while. There's snacks in the fridge." She hurriedly stripped
the sex drenched sheets from her bed and realized that she had to flip the
mattress over to hide the wet spot that had soaked into the cover. She
replaced the sheets, made the bed and dropped the soiled ones in the
bathroom hamper.

She stepped into the shower and enjoyed the relaxing feeling that the hot
water gave her well used body. "MMMM, I wonder when he'll call," flashed
through her mind as she washed the big strangers semen out of her sore pussy
and asshole.


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