Blondie: Blondie's Scary Halloween Sex (M/F)
by Wilcox

My name is Blondie Bumstead and this is my story. It happened on Halloween
night at a big, adult only, party next door at my friend Tootsie's house. She
said that everyone was going to dress up and really get into the Halloween
spirt. I was really excited because I love to dress up for Halloween.

My husband Dagwood, on the other hand doesn't. He can be a real party pooper
sometimes. I went to the mall and bought myself a sexy french maid costume
and for Dagwood I picked up the costume from the Scream movie.

I had taken a shower and was almost ready to go when Dagwood called from
work. "Hon I'm going to be a little late," he said apologetically. I was
pissed because this had happened so many times in the past. At the last
minute he would back out and tell me to go without him. I made him promise
to meet me at the party as soon as he got home.

I hurried into my fish net stockings, and put on the tight little costume.
It had a very short skirt and was so low cut that my boobs were almost
totally exposed. The design of the dress pushed them up and out so much that
I felt very self concious at first but then decided that the only people at
the party would be friends and neighbors who'd seen me in a bathing suit many
times anyway. I put my hair in a bun and held it in place with a can of hair
spray. I applied my makeup and was out the door.

Tootsie greeted me at the door. "You're early and you look absolutely
faboulous. Watch out or one of the guys will ask you make up a bed upstairs,
if you know what I mean," she said. Tootsie was dressed all in black and had
a fake mole on her chin. Although I was early, there was already at least a
dozen people at the party and everyone was made up in a costume.

I was already on my fifth glass of punch and feeling very tipsy by the time
Dagwood showed up. He was in the costume I had picked out for him, the killer
with the long black gown and creepy mask from the movie. Tootsie was telling
a story. I watched Dagwood go straight for the punch and fill a glass.

After a while Dagwood came over and took me by the hand. Without so much as
a word he pulled me into the middle of the room where people were dancing. He
must have been drunk, I thought. I always had to beg Dagwood to dance with
me. His costume gave me chills it was so real. Dagwood slid his hands down
onto my ass, squeezing and pulling me up tight against him. I put my arms
around his neck and moved to the music.

I began to feel him get a huge boner as he rubbed up against me. This was a
welcome surprise. Lately we both had been working so much we didn't have much
time for sex. I was becoming very aroused dirty dancing with my husband.

Suddenly, I had a wild idea. I whispered in to his ear that I was so horny
that I wanted him to take me right now. I took him by the hand and snuck him
back down the hall to Tootsie's bedroom. I peeked in the door and saw that
it was empty. I pulled him in the door, shut it and locked it behind us.

Dagwood flicked off the lights, pushed me up against the wall and began
humping against me. He was breathing heavily under his mask as he forced me
against the wall. God, we were both so drunk and horny. It was so exciting
doing it in Tootsie's bedroom with the only illumination what was filtering
in from the street light on the corner. He held my hands together over my
head with one hand and felt up my half exposed boobs with the other as he
thrust into me over and over.

Dagwood was like a wild man. He picked me up, threw me on the bed and jumped
on top of me. I reached under his robe and massaged his hard cock. God, he
was so aroused that it felt longer and thicker than ever and I thought,
'maybe he's started taking Viagra.' He pulled open my top and freed my
breasts to his strong hands and very hungry mouth. It was so kinky laying
there on Tootsie's bed in the dark with Dagwood more worked up than he'd been
in a long long time.

After a few minutes mawling my boobs he pulled my wet panties to one side and
slipped a finger through my moist gash and deep up inside of me. He fingered
my blonde fringed pussy as I teased his cock with my fingers to a size I was
amazed at. His cock felt like it was a good three inches longer and much
thicker but my mind was not really concerned with that at the moment. All I
wanted then was for it to be buried inside me, hosing down the raging fire
burning deep in my cunt.

I gasped as all at once he ripped off my panties, got up over me between my
wide spread legs and forced his long thick cock inside of me. It felt
incredible, like a freight train slamming up inside of me. He was incredibly
horny and fucked me very differently from his normal routine. I attributed it
to us both being so drunk and horny and that he must be trying to play the
character he was dressed like.

I felt his big cock stretch me like never before as he began pounding it deep
inside of me, pumping me incredibly hard. God, he fucked me like an animal!!
Hard, deep and powerfully. So hard in fact that after a while I was beginning
to feel a little sore.

I asked him to slow down and wait a minute. I tried to get up but he pushed
me back down and hooked my legs up over his shoulders. Then he leaned foward
over me, pinning my knees to my shoulders and fucked me even harder and
faster for a good twenty minutes, ramming me as hard and deep as he could,
making my juicy cunt squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as he slammed
home repeatedly.

I was excited by his overpowering need to fuck, but afraid of his new found
power and urgency. My ass was bouncing off the bed as he pile drove his big
cock to the hilt inside my spasming quim. God, the costume made him so
different, like a completely new man. He was the scary killer from the movie,
but instead of using a knive he was using his cock to pound me to death. His
balls slapped against my ass with every powerfull thrust.

After a long long time I felt a hot sensation inside of me as he pumped me
full of his cum. I thought that was it but he surprised me by pulling out and
rolling me over to my tummy. In a flash he pulled my hips up and rammed his
still hard cock up my cum drenched pussy to the hilt from behind.

God, it felt like his suddenly massive cock was going to ram right into my
cervex as he doggie fucked me hard and deep, my hips locked in his strong
grip, and I went into a long string of orgasms with my ass held high and my
head and shoulders down on Tootsie's bed.

On and on with incredible stamina and power he fucked my pussy raw. Then
without warning he switched holes, fit his cum drenched dick in against my
anus and rammed his long thick cock up my ass before I had a chance to react.
I was caught totally by surprise as he forced it in deep past my overmatched
spincter, streaching my tight anal passage taunt around his big cock.

He pounded it up my tight litle virgin asshole to the hilt as I let out a
long string of loud wails. He had my hips locked in place as he rammed it
into me and I couldn't do anything to stop him from fucking my virgin ass.
He'd never tried to fuck me up the ass before, but now, here was my darling
drunken husband sodomizing me like a man possessed. It was so incredible
and the pain soon faded as my anal muscles relaxed and permitted him to
have his way with me.

His cock slid in and out of my anus easily now and I rolled my hips and
pushed back acting like a total slut and revelling in it. He reamed out my
tight little asshole hard and deep for a good fifteen minutes before shooting
a huge load of cum deep up my glove tight rectum.

After his orgasm passed, he held it buried it to the hilt, letting his cock
soften in my exquisit tightness. I whimpered softly, writhing my buttocks
erotically in his crotch. "OHHH Honey, that was soooo good! We'll have to
play dress up more often," I said as I squeezed his fully embedded dick with
my anal muscles.

After a minute or so he pulled out of my ravaged ass with a loud plop and
disappeared into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. I slowly got
myself together and straightened out my little maid costume. He stayed in
there, so I snuck out of Tootsie's bedroom and tried to blend back in with
the party.

I never saw Dagwood come out in fact I didn't see him again until I got home.
I asked him why he left so soon. To my utter surprise and horror he said,
"I'm sorry honey, I never went. I was just too tired when I got home."

I never told him I fucked one of our friends at the party, a man who's
identity was unknown to me. I never did find out who wore that Scary Movie
outfit either. Now every time we hang out with our friends, I look around
the room and wonder which one of my girlfriend's husbands it was that fucked
and sodomized me so incredibly that wild drunken Halloween night.


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