Bumstead Home Movies (M/f,MM/F,reluc,nc,inc,inter,slash)
by Wilcox

Dagwood Bumstead was in big trouble because of his gambling habit. He owed
his black bookie Vinnie big time and was overdue on his payment. He'd tried
to recoup with more bets but he was on a horrendous losing streak and now
had no way to pay up. He knew what would happen. Vinnie would send his men
for him soon. He tried not to let his family pickup the sense of dread that
was building within him and hadn't yet found the courage to tell his wife
Blondie about his addiction and the consequences of it.

Early on a friday evening Vinnie and three of his enforcers showed up on the
Bumstead doorstep. Dagwood heard the commotion at the front door as the men
pushed their way into his house. He just sat with his eyes locked onto the
floor as the four huge black men gathered his family around him.

"What do you mean barging into my house without being invited," Blondie
yelled at the men. She was quickly pushed onto the couch to join her husband
and teenaged children, Alex and Cookie. She eyes grew wide as Vinnie laid out
her husband's dealings with him and the huge amount of money owed him.

"Dagwood, how could you. I can't believe this. What were you thinking?" she
lashed out at him.

Vinnie took in the scene before him and an idea began to form in his brain
as his eyes went over the ripe bodies of the Bumstead woman. The mother was
a lucious blonde in her mid-thirties. She had a faboulous body with big
full tits and a great little ass. The daughter was a younger version of her
beautiful mother with a look of sweet innocence that gave his dick a stir as
he drank in her charms.

He told the mother to shut up and then made them an offer they couldn't
refuse. "I can't let you welch on your marker Bumstead. If I did that I'd
lose respect and everyone would try to play me. I got no choice but to make
an example of you and kill you all."

"Oh please don't kill us," Blondie cried. "There must be another way for my
husband to repay you. Please give him more time."

"Well now little lady, there may be a way out for you," Vinnie sheered as he
stared at her big tits. "You do what I tell you to do and I won't kill you.
You can work it off."

"Oh thank you ... yes, we'll do anything, just don't hurt us," Blondie said
as her husband hung his head in shame.

"OK, that's that right attitude. I didn't know that Bumstead here had such a
hot looking wife and daughter. I got me a side business providing tapes to a
European distributor. I can make a lot of money with you guys making movies
for me and that'll work off your debt."

"What, I don't understand," she said. "Movies ... tapes????"

"Come on sister, pornos. Your family's gonna be my new stars," he said as he
leared at them.

"OH MY GOD," Blondie moaned. "No, please ... not that ..."

"Look sweetcheeks," he told her. "It's a little fucking and sucking or a
permanent swim in the river ... your choice."

Blondie thought about it and knew that they were trapped by her husband's
weakness. What choice did they have, if she refused they would be killed. She
looked at the four huge men and the ominous bulges in their pants as she
slowly nodded her head as Dagwood looked down at the floor. Beside her on the
couch her daughter and son sat straight up as the implications of what they
would be forced to do flooded their young minds.

Vinnie looked them over and told two of his men to out to the cars and bring
in the video equipment that he kept in his trunk. "We'll do your screen test
right here. How good you make it look will determine your future, if you know
what I mean," he said as he feasted on the ripe figures of the blonde haired
mother and daughter.

When his men returned he told the frightened family what they had to do. "OK
Mom, you take junior here up to your room and you better make it good. If
any of you don't play along, you all pay the price. One for all and all for
one ... got it."

Blondie stared at him, then looked at her eighteen year old son and slowly
nodded her head. "Come on Alex," she said as she took him by the hand and
looked into his eyes. We don't have a choice if we want to survive. Your
father has got us into this and we'll just have to get out of this on our

As she led Alex by the hand to her bedroom, Vinnie told Tyrone to take one of
the cameras and do the filming. "Help the kid if he isn't up to it Tyrone. We
can never get enough black on blonde tapes. Those European guys eat that shit
up," he snickered. "Do what you got to."

Tyrone watched the beautiful blonde mother walk across the room and smiled,
"My pleasure boss, I think the bitch needs a taste of black meat and I'm
gonna give it to her."

Dagwood jumped up and started to protest at Tyrone's learing reply but was
quickly silenced by a right hand from the hulking Deon that sent him flying
back to the couch. He could only watch in horror as the huge black man
followed his wife and son up the stairs.

Vinnie smiled as he watched them depart then turned his attention to
Dagwood's sweet innocent young daughter Cookie. "OK, sweet thing, lets get
started. Get over here and suck me off. Jake, get that camera going for the
kid's screen test."

Cookie looked up with a deer in the highlight expression in her eyes. She
stared at Vinnie than slowly looked over at her father. "OHH Dadddyyyyy,
please make them go away. I don't want to do this," she moaned. Vinnie made
a motion to his men and she saw Deon pull out a switch blade knife. He
snapped it open, grapped a handfull of her father's hair, pulled his head
back and held it to his throat.

"Honey, you do what we tell you ... or you all die. It's that simple. Your
choice," Vinnie told her coldly.

Cookie slowly dropped off the couch onto her hands and knees and crawled over
to where Vinnie was sitting spread legged in a big chair. Jake caught her
moment of decision and it made a great shot as she submissively made her way
over to his boss on her hands and knees. She reached up, unzipped his fly and
reached her small hand into his pants, fishing for his dick. Though she was
a virgin she had given head to her boyfriend many times to satisfy his lust
while perserving her virginity for her wedding night.

Cookie pulled Vinnie's huge cock out of his pants and let out a sigh. He was
about 10 inches long and the thing was as thick as a cucumber. "Come on sweet
thing, suck it," he commanded. Cookie dipped her head and flicked out her
tongue, dragging it all the way up from his huge balls to his wide purplish
head. She did this several times then slid her lips down over it and started
to give him the blow job of her young life.

She sucked and jerked him in perfect rhythm, knowing that her's and her
family's lives depended on it. She sucked him for a several minutes and then
he pushed her back and made her strip off all her clothes as Jake captured
her ripe young body in all it's glorious detail. When she was naked she
dropped back down and Vinnie played with her full firm tits while she worked
the head of his cock into her throat.

Her father looked on in tortured pain at what he'd brought into his family's
lives as his innocent teenaged daughter deep throated his vicious bookmaker
while one of his strong-arm men filmed it all in great detail. He felt an
unnatural stirring in his dick as he watched on helplessly and began to sob.
She looked so damn sexy on her knees with her head bobbing up and down on
Vinnie's big black cock while her round ass poked out, wiggling and rolling
seductively as she serviced him. He was ashamed of the way his cock began to
grow as he watched her.

Meanwhile upstairs, Dagwood would have been horrorfied at the activities
going on in his bedroom. His wife and son were in the middle of his bed in a
69 position. Blondie was on top, sucking Alex's surprisingly large cock while
he tongued out her juicy gash. Earlier Tyrone had told them to get it on
while he worked the camera. Blondie resigned herself to her fate and went up
to her son and hugged him. "It's OK Alex. We don't have a choice in this. We
have to do it and make it look real."

"But, your my mother ... I can't ... not with my mother," he said with a wild
look in his eyes.

"Pretend that I'm your girlfriend Alex. We have to make love, and I do love
you so much. It'll be OK honey," she said as she put her arms around his neck
and pulled his head down for a deep, very unmotherly kiss. She worked her
tongue into his mouth and gradually felt his stiffened body relax.

His arms wrapped around her and he began to kiss her back as Tyrone softly
muttered stage directions to him, "Feel her up boy. Come on, squeeze her ass
and fondle those big tits. That's the way. Make it good, that's it. Pull off
her clothes, yeah. Now her bra and panties. Good, good that's the way boy."

Blondie was now stark naked as she kissed her son, his hands roaming freely
over her lush body. She felt a deeply rooted tingle go through her as Tyrone
told her to drop to her knees and suck Alex's dick. She responded immediately
and fumbled with his zipper, searching for the source of the huge bulge that
she'd been rubbing against. To her amazment she found a massive teenaged
cock, one that dwarfted his average sized father's. It was over nine inches
long and as thick as her wrist. She lovingly stroked it, then went down on
it. Her tongue lingering slowly over every long thick inch as Tyrone worked
in for a close up.

She took him into her mouth and was soon bobbing her head, taking every
inch of her son's big cock down her throat to his short hairs. Alex's hands
moved onto his mother's head and the sight was giving Tyrone a hard-on as
he captured the taboo scene for posterity. Blondie's head moved faster and
faster and Tyrone could see that Alex was close to losing his load. He
ordered them to break off and move to the bed. She watched as Tyrone prepared
the bed for their next scene.

She saw the bedspread pulled down to reveal the clean sheets that she had put
on that morning. She watched as her husband's pillow was placed in the middle
of the bed. Then Blondie was scooped up and her naked body was laid upon the
bed, with Dagwood's pillow under her flairing hips, serving to raise her
womanhood to the mercy of her teenaged son.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ...!" Blondie moaned, arching her hips up to meet him as Alex's
hot mouth clamped down on her golden muff, his inquisitive tongue teasing
her sensitive clit. Before long she found herself planting her feet on the
mattress. Her legs spread wide as her hands grasped the hair on her son's
head and she arched up in response to the oral pleasure he was giving her.

"Ohhhhhhhhh ....I'mmmm .... I'mmmm cummmminggggg!" she moaned after several
intense minutes, her body shaking uncontrollably as Blondie reached a
mind-shattering orgasm. Writhing upon her bed, Blondie was helpless in
resisting the waves of orgasmic pleasures washing over her. Helpless as she
looked at Tyrone's snickering black face as he filmed her in this unnatural

"OK boy, move around and feed her your dick while you eat her out," Tyrone
ordered the horny teenager. Alex was really into it now and would have
continued without the threat to their lives driving him on. His mother had
unleashed a sleeping demon that had lusted for her full lush body since
puberty and all it wanted now was to satisfy it's pent up craving for her.

He spun over the top of his mother's body and buried his head back between
her legs as his big cock brushed over her face. "Come on lady, suck your
boy's dick. Take it in and suck it real good," Tyrone said hotly. The action
between the beautiful blonde mother and her teenaged son was getting to him
and his cock was straining the material of his pants as he directed the
incestuous porno film.

Blondie opened her mouth and Alex slid into the hungry orifice as he felt
the opportunity present itself. Blondie began to slurp and suck Alex's heavy
prick as his demanding tongue released another powerful climax that roared
through her trembling body.

Back downstairs Cookie was bringing Vinnie to the edge as Deon moved in
behind her upraised buttocks. He grinned as the beautiful blonde teenager
tensed and tried to scramble away from him. Her forward movement drove her
throat over Vinnie's long thick cock to the hilt and she felt his strong
hands capture the back of her head. Deon grasped her by her hips and dragged
her back to him. She tried to move away from him, but Deon locked her in

Jake caught the frightened look in her eye as she was bent her over in front
of Deon sucking on Vinnie's thick black cock. He laid his lengthy black
horsecock between her firm cheeks, his huge sperm laden black balls touching
her bright pink slit as the thick black shaft nestled between her faboulous
buns, the head peaking out over her back as Deon slowly sawed it through the
sexist little white ass he'd ever seen.

"You know sweetmeat, being a porno star carries a lot of responsibilites," he
said as he slowly slid his big black dick through her firm little cheeks.
"Like this hard-on you've given me from watching your sexy little ass wiggle
around while you've been giving the boss head. You've got to help me work it
out now by massaging it with your tight little pussy. You've got to relieve
the pressure you caused, it's only right sweetcheeks, I'm going to fuck you
like you've never been fucked before."

He didn't know how right he was as he fit his massive erection into her juicy
little slit and slammed it into the inexperienced teenager with a vengeance.
"Aieeeeeeeeeeeee....." screamed the lovely young girl around Vinnie's thick
cock as her father watched on in horror. The long thick black horsecock
buried itself deeply into her slick pussy as Deon rammed his long thick black
horsecock up inside her tender blonde fringed little pussy.

Her hymen shreaded instantly as his massive black prick powered into her
tight hole like a freight train. She shreiked her head off then settled in to
her fate as Deon began to fuck her glove tight little cunt powerfully. "Man
the bitch was cherry," Deon gloated as he saw her blood coating his thick
shaft as he pumped her from behind.

The incredible throat action caused by her screaming caused Vinnie to lose it
and he flooded Cookie's throat with streams of thick gooey jism. "Swallow it
all," Vinnie moaned as he held her face tight to his hard thrusting groin. He
pumped several more heavy loads of potent cum into her before he released his
grip. It was just in time as she was beginning to pass out from the lack of
oxygen. She gulped in a breath of air as she pulled off his cum and saliva
covered cock. Her head lay against Vinnie's thigh as Deon power fucked her
from behind.

"Wow," Vinnie exclaimed to Dagwood as he looked down at the sweet blondie
haired teenager with her head in his lap. "Your little girl sucks a mean cock
Bumstead. That was the best blowjob I've ever had ... and I've gotten them
from the best. Move her over Deon so I can get up and get a drink. Man that
was incredible. You've got a goldmine with this sweet young thing Bumstead,"
he smiled over to the wide eyed father.

Dagwood watched as Deon easily lifted and spun his daughter out to the
middle of the rug, then resumed his forcefully fucking. Cookie was beside
herself as the huge black man fucked her. She whimpered, writhing her
buttocks erotically in his crotch. Deon gasped, running his hands down her
body to squeeze her breasts as he fucked Cookie hard, deep and continuous.
His cock ground in and out of her wide streached teenaged slit, glistening
and gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loudly now and that only seemed to inflame Deon's passion.
Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her glove tight
little pussy up and down the length of his cock.

"Looks like your kid likes black cock, doesn't it Bumstead," Vinnie laughted.
"Just look at the hot assed little bitch go. Give it to her Deon. Ride her
into the sunset man." Dagwood could only watch as his innocent young daughter
was used and abused before him.

Meanwhile up in the master bedroom Tyrone had made Blondie and Alex roll over
so that she was on top. They were totally oblivious to him as he positioned
the camera to capture the heavy action on the bed. He slowly stripped and
began stroking his foot long black cock as he stared at Blondie's perfect
little ass. He moved up behind her and popped his big cock against Alex's
forehead. Alex opened his eyes to see the biggest cock he could have ever
imagined, bobbing only inches from his face. "Suck it boy," Tyrone told him.
"Get it ready to fuck your sweet assed little mommy."

Alex didn't know what to do, but with Tyrone's insistance he tilted his head
and opened his mouth to Tyrone's massive black spear. His fingers were still
strumming his mother's erect clit as his tongue swirled over Tyrone's wide
cock head. Soon it was pushed into his mouth and he was sucking the first
cock of his life. Today was a day of many first for him, he thought as
Tyrone's big dick pushed in and out of his sucking mouth. "That's real good
boy," Tyrone snickered. Get it good and wet for your mommy's tight little
cunt and I'll let you fuck her when I'm through."

Alex's mind was swirling with conflicting thoughts as he sucked Tyrone's big
black cock and he felt a sudden loss as Tyrone pulled it out and fit the head
into his mother's juicy slit, only inches above him. He marvelled at how his
mother's lips stretched open to accept the thick prong and he felt her mouth
clamp down even harder on his dick as she felt Tyrone penetrate her with his
massive black horsecock. Alex heard her gasp as she felt his massive cock
enter her and then she sighed as he began to push it in and out of her, the
wetting passage right above him becoming covered with her juices as Tyrone
pushed deeply into her.

"Ohhh, ..G-G-Godddd ..toooooo ..biggggg ..hurtsssss ..ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
Blondie moaned loudly around her son's prick as the thick cockhead forced
it's way into the slick but tight entrance. Blondie screamed in a combination
of pain and pleasure as Tyrone stretched her little slit taunt and pushed
well past her husband Dagwood's accustomed depth.

She tried to relax her cunt muscles as his next thrust sent a shiver right up
her spine. He was thrusting slowly but powerfully, to allow Blondie's glove
tight pussy to adjust to his great size. He pushed his black cock deeper with
every power laden thrust and her pussy started to really lather, allowing him
to really start driving her. Blondie couldn't hold back her moans as she was
getting his black cock faster and deeper.

"Ohhhhhh, ...Goddddd ... caaaaan't.. tooooo biggggggg ...h-h-urtsssssssss!"
she moaned as the thick shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining another
few inches. Her incredibly tight cuntal sheath streached around his thick
black dick like a glove a size to small and he continued to push himself
foward until he'd buried his twelve inch dick into her well lubed vagina to
the hilt. He felt the tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls
slapped against her upturned little ass. Then to his amazement her felt her
son's lips and tongue begin to work on his ball sack as he stayed buried
deep inside the beautiful blonde housewife.

Alex couldn't help himself and worked his tongue over the cock and pussy
above his face as he shot off a massive load into his mother's hungry mouth.
She licked and slurped as she gobbled down every delicious drop of her son's
seed. Tyrone maintained a long deep stroke that had her moaning in extasy as
she continued to work on her son's stiff dick.

The large man began to pick up his pace and she could feel her labia pull
each time he withdrew. Under her Alex was beside himself as he watched
Tyrone's thick cock pull his mother's cuntal sheath inside out while she
continued to suck his dick. The tender pink flesh emerged with every long
out stroke, only to peel off and then get pushed back inside her. He was
greedily lapping up her flowing juices as he worked his tongue along the
the wide protuding vein on the underside of Tyrone's thick black horsecock.

With each pounding thrust Blondie could feel the pressure of her impending
orgasm building inside of her. The muscular black man's long thick horsecock
was almost double the size of her husband Dagwood's and even though she was
the mother of two children, he was fucking virgin territory, never before
penetrated tissue.

She was besides herself, horny beyond belief and was milking his fully
embedded member with her instantly spasming cuntal canal as she slowly
rolled her hips back to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet little
cunt. Never had she felt such sensations. She gasped and whimpered as his
balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to
loudly slurp and squish with each pile driving invasion of her overstuffed
little quim.

His assault was merciless as he ravaged the beautiful married woman. She
could barely keep Alex in her mouth the way she was being bounced on the bed
by the large black man. Blondie wrapped her fingers around her son's thick
shaft and began to stroke it and lick the head inbetween the deep, throat
stuffing bobs of her head.

Downstairs Deon was filling Cookies snatch with it's first ever taste of
male semen and the young girl was absorbing it all with her head and
shoulders down on the rug as the big black man ravaged her. She was moaning,
"Uuuuuhhhhhhh!!! Yessssssssss!!!! Fuck me with that big black horsecock ...

Vinnie laughed and said, "See Bumstead, I told you ...she's a natural."

Deon pulled out of Cookie's tight pussy with a loud pop and she fell sideways
onto the floor as he got up and switched places with Jake. Vinnie said, "I'm
ready for another round. Jake get on your back and let her ride you so I can
get at her asshole." Jake pulled her up over him and told her to put it in.

Cookie submissively grabbed it in one hand and fit it in her hot wet pussy.
They both groaned as she slid down the long thick black horsecock and slowly
took in all the way to the hilt. Settling herself on it she began to ride
him. Vinnie watched fascinated as his enforcer's big black cock disappeared
between the young blonde's legs.

He watched her go it and was amazed at the transformation of the sweet
innocent teenaged beauty. She was rolling her hips and raising her firm
little ass up and down as she rode Jake's massive cunt steacher. He knew
what he wanted as he got into position behind her, his massive black cock
in hand as he aimed his wide cockhead at her tiny puckered anus. He fit
his cockhead in and caved her anus inward.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ... " came the expected scream as the thick black cock rammed
forward without mercy. Deon captured it all as his boss rammed his big dick
up the young blonde's ass. She groaned and relaxed her straining sphincter
and he was able to slip in a few more inches. Groaning she relaxed even more
and Vinnie drove forward up her glove tight asshole until he was buried to
the hilt. "OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Vinnie gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he
flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward. "God you're so tight!" he
said gripping her flairing hips.

"And wet!" Jake said filling his strong hands with her big jiggling tits.
They worked up a rhythm, each man feeling the other's thick cock through the
thin membrane separating them. Sweat glistened on their muscular bodies as
they each raced towards a climax. "Tell me when you're ready to cum, man,"
Vinnie told Jake after a solid fifteen minutes of heavy fucking.

"I'm almost there boss. This bitch is unfuckingbelievable!" Jake ground
out increasing his upward thrusting. Cookie moaned, her pussy and asshole
stretched beyond believe. "Oh god I'm gonna cum!" she moaned out loud as
the beginnings of an all powerful climax rose within her like hot magma
getting ready to erupt from a volcano.

"So are we!" the men said in unison. With a scream they shot their loads
into her. Her pussy spasmed around Jake's pulsating cock, her ass squeezing
Vinnie's cock as her head exploded with overwelming flashes as her orgasm
washed over her.

Upstairs Tyrone had pulled out of the orgasming mother and was making her
teenaged son suck his gooey dick once again. "That's it boy. Taste your slut
mother's juices. She fucks like a rabbit. Yeah that's it. You like sucking
my dick, don't you boy? Well, your gonna love it when I stick it up your
ass. Gonna give you a taste of prison live. You'd like that wouldn't you

Alex couldn't answer as Tyrone buried his footlong cock down his throat, but
the thought of it caused his cock to shoot off once again in his mother's
loving mouth. She drank it all down as she wiggled her ass around to find
the massive pleasure stick that had been removed from her insatiable pussy.

"First, mommy gets it up the ass though, Then after I finish you can fuck
her while I do you up the ass. Your gonna love it boy," Tyrone laughed as
he pulled out of Alex's throat and slammed his big cock up Blondie's tiny

Tyrone's long thick black horsecock cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her
tight little asshole as Blondie's fingers tightened into fists and her face
dropped down onto her son's big cock once again. Deeper and deeper it went,
and Tyrone groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis in
Blondie's tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks as Alex
watched in amazement.

The fucking had gone on and on. Alex receiving the promised ass fuck as he
pounded his mother on her bed. Later they were brought together and brother
and sister fucked as their mother licked their joined genitals. Then both
woman were double fucked side by side by the four black men as Alex filmed
it all, showing great promise as a cameraman. Mother and daughter were then
made to do a lesbian scene and surprised themselves at how much they enjoyed
it. Especially went they were put on their sides and ate each other out as
Jake and Deon fucked them up the asses.

It was early morning when Vinnie and his boys finally left, promising to
return the next weekend for another taping session. They were warned not to
say anything and to be ready. We'll bring some toys with us next time. You
know the usually stuff, dildoes, cheerleader and school girl uniforms, sexy
underware, maybe even Satan, Vinnie's huge doberman. "Yeah he loves fucking
white bitches, you girls are gonna love him," Vinnie laughed.

Through it all Dagwood could only watch, having been warned not to leave the
couch by his vicious bookmaker. It was the price he had to pay, Vinnie told
him, for not having the balls to handle his problems like a man. "It's a
sorry man that has his family pay off on his debts. We'll see what the tapes
look like, but I think we're gonna do good business with your wife and
daughter staring in our new series," Vinnie told him as he walked out the


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