Blondie: Dagwood's Fantasy Cums True (MF,inter,voy)
by Wilcox

My name is Dagwood Bumstead. I'm 5'-10", 170 pounds with an average size cock
and I've always fantasized about my wife having sex with a huge dicked black
man. My wife Blondie is 33 years old 5'-4" with curly blond hair and a
model's face. Even after having two kids she has maintained a fantastic body
with big firm 38C breasts, flairing hips and a beautiful high riding ass.

Whenever I watch an interracial porno I jerk off imagining that it's my sweet
innocent wife getting hammered by that huge black horsecock on the screen. I
can't help it. It gets me so hot ... but she's very conservative and I've
never found the courage to tell her about it.

My fantasies usually involve my buddy Derek. He's 6'-4", about 230 pounds,
very muscular and very black with a large cock that I saw once in the locker
room at the health club.

We were drinking one night in a bar and I was pretty hammered when I told
Derek about my fantasy. His eyes lit up when I told him I fantasized about
him fucking my wife. How I pictured her undulating under his big muscular
black body as he really put the boots to her.

He had a big shit eating grin on his face when he confessed to me that he'd
had a thihg for my sexy blonde wife for years. He said he was more than
willing if I wanted him to dick her. "Just give me a time and a place," he
told me. "Also if this happens ... she's mine to do with as I please, right?"

"Yeah Buddy," I told him. "You can do whatever you want to to her as long as
she's not hurt. I just want to watch you fuck her and I've got an idea that
I think will pull it off. I'll let you know when I'm ready to go for it."

I rented a hardcore movie for Blondie and I to watch after the kids were
asleep. She was resistant to watch it at first but I finally convinced her
to give it a try. She got really hot that first night and we had the best
sex in a long time so she agreed to watch them with me again. After a few
weeks I made sure the movies included interracial scenes. I also started
to notice that she seemed more enthusiastic in bed afterwards whenever
there was one with a big black guy fucking a blonde.

One night we were in bed watching a black stud pound a little blonde up the
ass. She was stroking my dick when she innocently asked, "Honey, are all
black men were as big as they appeared in the movies?"

I said, "No, I don't think so ... but ... now that I think about it ... Derek
is. I saw him in the shower at the health club once. He's hung like a horse
as they say."

"MMMM ... Derek," She said softly. "He is a big tall man, isn't he?" She
thought about that and then asked me how big he was. I told her I wasn't sure
exactly how big he was when he was hard but when I'd seen him in the shower
at the health club he was well over 6 inches long with it soft.

"Tell me all about it," she said.

I did and she really got into giving me a handjob as I described Derek's
heavily muscled body and big cock to her.

After a few weeks I noticed that she started renting movies herself to bring
home and they were always interracial. I figured the time was ripe to kick my
plan into phase two. I told her that I had invested our savings in the stock
market and the money was lost. "We're going to have trouble making ends
meet," I told her. "We need to find a way to make some extra money."

It wasn't true of course but with the drastic downturn in the market she
bought it. I waited as she absorbed what I'd told her then said, "I think I
have an idea that could bring in the extra income that we need." I showed her
an ad looking for models and told her that with her looks we could make some
much needed extra money.

She said she wasn't comfortable having strangers taking pictures of her and
I told her I had a solution to the problem. I would take the photos and sell
them to the magazines, and that way in time we could recoup most of the money
we lost.

She was okay with the idea, then I told her that we'd get a lot more for the
pictures if she'd pose with a guy ... preferably someone black because they
paid more for interracial pictures, and of course I suggested Derek as the

She thought about it for a minute then softly said, "Do you think he'd do

"I think so," I responded. "He's a good friend and I'm sure he'll want to
help us out when I explain it to him."

We talked it over and I could sence her giving in to the idea. After a while
she agreed to try it out but that she would stop it if she got uncomfortable.
She also insisted on not being shot in the nude. "No nudity," she told me
firmly. "I am the mother of two children after all and this is just a way to
make some money we really need." I told her that would be fine as long as the
photos looked hot and sexy.

When I gave him the good news Derek said he wouldn't disappoint me. "Just be
supportive and follow my lead," he told me. "I'll take care of the rest. Your
hot little wife is going to be one well-fucked lady by the time I'm done with

So when the weekend came along we packed the kids over to my mother's and
waited for Derek to come over. Blondie had a few drinks to fortify herself
and was a bit tipsy when he arrived. I could tell that she was really nervous
because she had her house coat on over the outfit I'd bought for her to wear
for the photo shoot.

She greeted him and we spent a few minutes talking about what we were going
to do. She even thanked Derek for helping us out. Of course she had no idea
that she'd be soon thanking him on our bed in a way she would have never
imagined before I'd starting renting those interracial videos.

What she didn't know was that I'd borrowed three video cameras and had them
set up in the bedroom as well. They were out of sight and strategicaly placed
to capture the action. That way I could watch her getting fucked by Derek
whenever I wanted to later on.

We all went into our bedroom and I said, "Lets get started. The sooner we get
the show on the road the easier this will be for everyone." Derek nodded his
head and began to undress down to his boxers. Blondie was frozen in place as
he did, her eyes drinking in the sight of Derek's muscular black body and the
huge bulge in his shorts.

I asked Blondie to take off her house coat so we could begin. It brought
her out of her trance and as she removed her house coat I watched Derek's
expression and saw his eyes almost pop out of his head at the sight of my
wife in her sexy new outfit.

She was wearing a sheer blue corset, matching G-string, stockings with a
garter belt, and high heels. The corset was a little tight and her big
breasts bulged out over the top because I had bought the wrong size. It
was a 38B and she was a C cup. I hadn't thought it would make that much
difference and man did she looked sexy.

The way the too tight corset made her big breasts bulge out merely served to
accentuate her narrow waist and flairing hips and Derek's eyes ravished her
lush ripe body. She turned beet red as she blushed at being vertually naked
in front of my huge black friend.

I told her to stand against the wall and I told Derek to stand next to her as
I began taking pics. I also had one of the video cameras set for the action
to take place at this location. Derek's black hands looked so dark next to
Blondie's fair skin. I asked Derek to stand behind her and to kiss her neck.
That is one of Blondie's weaknesses and I knew I could get her hot by having
Derek kissing her there. I made sure to take my time as I took the pics.
Derek had his hands wrapped around her stomach as he kissed her neck and I
could see Blondie beginning to melt.

I asked Blondie, "Is it okay for Derek to move his hands around Honey? It'll
look real sexy." She just nodded and Derek began to caress her as I clicked
away. I heard Blondie gasp as he pulled her into him and I knew that she
could feel his hardness on her ass.

I nodded to Derek and he slid his hands up her ribcage and cupped her full
thrusting breasts as I clicked away. He began to fondle them and tweaked her
nipples to rock hard erection before I told them to stop and take a break as
I reloaded the camera.

"OK," I said when I was ready. "Let's make it look like Derek's taking you
against your will Honey. Can you do that?"

She looked at me and then slowly nodded her head and said, "I quess so. If
that's what you want Dagwood. I suppose it will be a good selling point for
the pictures. Let's do it and I'll do my best to make it look real."

Derek moved forward as I snapped away, gripping her wrists and lifting them,
pushing them back against the wall on either side of her as he pushed his
powerful body against hers. She looked up fearfully, panting for breath, her
eyes and mouth wide open.

He bent and kissed her, which I hadn't expected, and from her reaction
neither had my wife. She jerked her face away and he crossed her wrists
together above her head, holding them in one hand as the other slid around
her throat and under her jaw. He held her mouth in place as his came down
on it again, mashing his lips down on hers. His tongue slid into her mouth
and she moaned, trying helplessly to move her head and arms as I said,
"That's perfect Honey. It really looks like your fighting him."

His free hand slid under her left breast and cupped it, squeezing lightly,
working the heavy mammary around in slow circles. She gasped and tried again
to pull free. He slipped his fingers into the cup, shoving it down a little,
pulling her breast up so the nipple was in the clear.

He bent and tongued it, licking his long fat pink tongue across it, then
taking it into his mouth and suckling.

"Stop! Stop! OHHHHH Please stop!" she begged softly as I clicked away.

"That's great. Stay in character. This is great stuff," I told them.

He continued sucking heavily at her nipple, drawing the flesh into his mouth
and rubbing his lips over it. I loved it as I watched Derek gnawing lightly
on my wife's nipple, pinching it and drawing it out from the breast,
stretching it as he sucked.

He slid his tongue up and down across the nipple, cupping it firmly from
underneath. His hand let it go after several long seconds, sliding down her
body, down her slim, flat belly and over her G-string. She tried to close
her legs but his powerful hand forced her thighs apart and slid under her
pubic mound, cupping it and squeezing upwards.

"No! Nooooo!" she moaned.

His fingers rubbed at her pussy as he continued to lick and suck patiently
at her nipple. She had no choice but to stand there, nearly motionless,
letting him do as he pleased to her as I captured it all on film.

He deftly undid the front of her corset, opening it down the middle and
pulling it off. Her big round, firm breasts stuck out in his face. He paused
to admire them then turned to me and said, "How was that Dagwood? Was that
what you wanted?"

I nodded to him then told Blondie it was silly to go this far without taking
a few nudes since all the money we would make was in taking nude pics. She
was so hot and horny that she agreed to let me take nude shots of the two of
them. "Just try not to show my face," she said softly.

I told Derek to sit on the edge of the bed and for Blondie to stand next to
him as I took more pics.

His fingers slid into the waistband of her G-string and tugged it slowly
down. Blondie groaned softly as it slipped down over her golden curls and
bared her bush and slit. Derek chuckled in pleasure, pulling the G-string
to the floor, tapping her foot until she stepped out of it.

His hands rubbed up and down her thighs, pushing them further open, forcing
her to spread her legs for him. She did, looking over at me photographing it
all with a dear in the headlights expression in her eyes.

She gasped and looked down suddenly as his tongue licked along her slit. She
stared in bug eyed shock as he slowly peeled her pussy lips open with his
thumbs and began to lap at her cunt. "OOOHHHHHHHHHH ..." She moaned. "I
didn't expect this! OHH My God Honey, he's eating me out."

"Go with it babe," I told her. "This is great stuff. It's just Derek acting
his part and I'm right here with you."

His tongue rode across the pink flesh, his saliva making it glisten and
shine. His nose ground over her clitty as he shoved his tongue deep into
her snatch. She gasped as a wave of pleasure poured into her loins and
as he continued to suck and slurp and lick on her pussy I could see the
feelings grow until she could no longer deny them.

She clenched her teeth, sweating as she tried desperately to hold off the
pleasure that was surging through her veins. Her body was hot with lust, her
breasts beginning to swell, her nipples to harden. She was bewildered and
helpless before the sexual onslaught of my black buddy and I was in heaven
as I captured it all on film.

She gasped as she was entered, and looked down to see Derek's finger
disappear into her tight pussy. He ground his knuckle against her pussy lips,
then began pumping the thick digit inside her as he pulled her clitty between
his lips and sucked furiously.

She groaned aloud, then turned a deep red as the Derek chuckled. He shoved
his face into her crotch, his hands gripping her buttocks now, squeezing
them, his fingers kneading the hot, firm flesh as his mouth sucked on her
gash. He opened his mouth wide and closed it over her entire pussy mound,
then locked his lips tight and sucked for all he was worth.

I saw her legs go rubbery as her mouth opened and closed helplessly. Her
eyes fluttered as her body was enveloped in a powerful sexual haze. Her skin
sparkled with electricity and her nipples hardened like rocks, threatening
to split apart as an orgasm washed over her.

Derek released her then and as she was still in the throes of her orgasmic
aftershock I told them to switch positions and I told Blondie, "Honey slowly
takes his boxers off for the camera."

After they did Blondie wrapped her fingers on either side of his boxers and
slowly lowered them until Derek's hard on sprang out and hit her on her chin
which startled the hell out of her. She was staring mesmerized at a massive
black cock that was well over a foot long bobbing in front of her. I told
her, "Blondie take it in your hand it so I can take some real sexy pics"

As in a daze Blondie reached out and gently touched the tip of the huge
monster as I clicked away. It was so black against her white hand that she
stopped and stared at the contrast in disbelief. Then she began stroking
him without me telling her to do it. Slowly, she began pumping her hand up
and down over the shaft, and he moaned. "Oh, yeah." She reached with her
other hand and cupped his balls, squeezing softly as she worked her hand
faster over the long black pole.

I told her to get a little closer to it so it would look like she was
blowing him. She put her mouth within an inch of his cock as I clicked away.
"A little closer Honey," I told her. "Now use your lips and tongue it a
little." I was really turned on as she complied and slowly worked her lips
and tongue over Derek's huge black horsecock.

After a few minutes Derek buried his hands in her honey blonde hair and
tugged her head forward. Blondie knew what he wanted and struggled weakly
against it. His hands on her head were insistent and too strong for her
to resist as she opened her mouth to take the thick pole between her full
pouty lips.

I reinforced her by telling her, "That's it Honey. Make it real. We're going
to make a lot of money with these pics."

"Ungh, oh yeah," Derek moaned in approval as her mouth engulfed his cockhead.
He was so thick and long that she had trouble taking the head in, but he
helped her, shoving his hips forward while he pushed her head down.

Blondie gagged after taking the first six inches. I didn't think she could
handle anymore, but his hands refused to let her go. She held herself still
and concentrated on breathing out her nose while he pumped her mouth for a
couple of minutes. When he pushed deeper into her throat. She struggled as
he forced her to take it all the way down her throat until his pubic hair
was tickling her nose.

He pulled it back out of her throat and stopped with just his cockhead in her
mouth. Then I watched as my sweet wife began to bob her head and sucked my
buddy's thick black cock as her hands pumped the thick shaft. Derek winked at
me as he let her do all the work, letting her satisfy the suppressed cravings
for his big black cock.

Blondie's soft white hands stroking his throbbing cock nearly had Derek
spouting his seed in only a moments time. I watched him grit his teeth
tightly and he managed to stem the urge to let loose his cannon as he
groaned loudly.

Looking at the two of them, I couldn't believe the fabulous sight of my
beautiful wife gobbling up my buddy's long black cock. I watched as the
entire length of Derek's thick black cock began to disappear into my wife's
hot sucking mouth and straight down her throat. I wondered how she was able
to breathe as she stayed down on it.

Blondie kept the entire length of black cock down her throat as long as she
could. Then she had to come up for air. She pulled her head back till only
the cockhead remained in her mouth, using both hands to slide up and down
the thick black shaft. She began to tease the cockhead with her flicking
tongue and playfully teased the cock slit with the tip of her tongue. She
maintain her hand motions as she went back down and deepthroated him again.
She repeated her actions and gave him a better blowjob than I'd ever seen in
a porno.

"Ungh!" Derek grunted several minutes later. "I'm getting ready to cum,
Blondie. Get ready..." The sight of her baby blue eyes staring back at him
as she sucked him off sent him over the edge and he knew he wouldn't be able
to hold back any longer. Wrapping his fingers into the soft blonde hair, he
groaned and grunted as his body shook in convulsions. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh ...
yeah ... ohhhhhh, you sweet baby!" he groaned loudly as his cock exploded
deep in her contracting throat.

I saw him tense and hold still as the gush of hot liquid filled her belly.
She was swallowing to keep from drowning and she continued to suck on the
spurting black cock and swallowed its entire load. When he finished, pulling
his thirteen inch shaft out of her throat and mouth, a line of cum and spit
trailing after his cock and landing all over her chin.

Blondie was struggling to catch her breath and come to terms with what she'd
done. She was in a daze, not sure which way was up, probably from lack of
oxygen to her brain. I took the opportunity to suggest a few shots on the bed
and Derek wasted no time in pushing her over onto her stomake. He positioned
her on her hands and knees as he knelt up close behind her. She complied and
I told Derek to point his cock at her ass as if he was about to fuck her.

Derek did just as I said but I told him his cock needed to be closer to her
ass. Derek proceeded to lay his cock in the crack of her ass as I took more
pics of the two of them. As he slowly sawed it through her firm little buns
I could tell that Blondie was super horny by glazed look on her face.

I told Blondie that I could not get a good shot unless she reached behind
her and pulled her ass apart for the camera. Blondie dropped her head and
shoulders down on the bed and obeyed my wishes as Derek slid the head of
his big dick down over her puckered little anus and aimed his massive black
horsecock at her tight pink pussy. I told Derek to put his cock close enough
so It looked like he was about to fuck her.

Derek put his cock so close that his cock was touching her pussy hairs. I
told Derek to get a little closer and his cock was now touching her lips and
spreading them slightly open in a loving kiss. I told them not to move as I
clicked away then told them to hold on while I got more film for the camera.

"You OK Honey?" I asked her as I got up to leave the room. She just nodded
her head but I could clearly see her sweet butt moving in a slow rolling
action as her pussy tasted Derek's wide cockhead.

I then nodded to Derek as I pretended to leave and got one of the video
cameras to film them up close and personal. When I was in position he pushed
his big cock a couple of inches into her pussy. I heard Blondie gasp as she
felt Derek's cock invading her pussy and was in heaven as I saw her push back
against him to take in a few more inches of his thick black horsecock.

Derek said, "OH damn, I'm sorry about that Blondie. I slipped. Do you want
me to pull it out? I think I heard Dagwood's car leaving for the store to
get the film so we've got a while to wait."

She wiggled her sweet butt back and took in two more inches as she said,
"That's OK Derek. Leave it there. I think that maybe we should rehearse for
the next series of shots my husband wants of us."

Derek said, "Fine with me. I'd love to rehease with you Blondie. He does want
it to look real, doesn't he?"

"Yes he does and I don't want to disappoint him," she answer with a gasp as
he pushed in a little deeper, easily going beyond the depth of my cock in her
tight cuntal sheath.

He was thrusting slowly but powerfully, to allow my wife's glove tight pussy
to adjust to his great size. He pushed his black cock deeper with every power
laden thrust and her pussy started to really lather, allowing him to really
start driving her. Blondie couldn't hold back her moans as she began getting
his big black cock faster and deeper.

"Ohhhhhh, ...Goddddd ... sooooo biggggggg ... !" she moaned as the thick
shaft began to rock back and forth, gaining another few inches. Her
incredibly tight cuntal sheath streached around his thick black dick like
a glove a size to small and he continued to push himself foward until he'd
buried his thirteen inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. Derek
felt the tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls slapped
against her upturned little ass. He stayed buried deep inside my beautiful
blonde wife as he looked over and watched me filming them going at it.

He began to pick up his pace and I could seel her labia pull each time he
withdrew through the view finder. I was beside himself as I watched Derek's
thick cock pull my wife's cuntal sheath inside out on every long pistoning
stroke. The tender pink flesh emerged with every long out stroke, only to
peel off the wide protuding veins on Derek's thick black horsecock and then
get pushed back inside her.

With each pounding thrust I could see the impending orgasm building inside
of her. I was the happiest I'd ever been. My fantasy was being lived out ...
on my own bed .... right in front of me. I was intently watching a muscular
black man's long thick horsecock stretching my sweet wife's pussy to the max.
The massive dick was almost double the size of mine and even though Blondie
was the mother of two children, it was fucking virgin territory, never before
penetrated tissue.

Derek then slid his hands up her sides to capture her full thrusting breasts
as he pulled her back onto his rock hard dick and began to pound against her
upturned little ass. He began squeezing the big meaty mounds, rolling and
tweaking her hard spikey nipples as he impaled Blondie's loudly squishing
pussy with his thick thirteen inch penis.

I could see that she was besides herself, horny beyond belief and milking his
fully embedded member with her spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled her
hips back to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt. Never had
I seen her have such sensations. She gasped and whimpered as Derek's heavy
balls slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt began to
loudly slurp and squish with each pile driving invasion of her overstuffed
little quim.

His assault was merciless as he ravaged my beautiful wife and rode her
through three orgasms before pulling out and taking his massive black cock
in hand as he aimed his wide cockhead at her tiny puckered anus. He fit his
cockhead in and there was more than enough love juices to let his cockhead
cave it inward and slip into her virgin asshole.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ... " came my wife's high pitched scream as the thick black
cock rammed forward without mercy. She groaned and relaxed her straining
sphincter and he was able to slip in a few more inches. Groaning she relaxed
even more and Derek drove forward up her glove tight asshole. I watched in
stunned silence as my buddy's long thick black horsecock cock squeezed deeper
and deeper into my wife's tight little asshole. Blondie's fingers tightened
into fists as she was unable to stop him from fucking her up the ass.

It seemed impossible but deeper and deeper it went, until Derek groaned,
signifying that he'd buryed the enormity of his long thick black penis in
Blondie's tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks. "OH! Uh! Oh!
Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried as he held her firmly against his loins.

I was watching in amazement and saw that he was indeed buried to the hilt in
my wife's tight little asshole. It was beyond my wildest dreams and I had it
all on tape.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Derek gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks as he flexed his buttocks
and ground his hips forward. "God you're so tight!" he said gripping her
flairing hips.

Blondie had her rear held high and her face buried in the pillow as Derek
fucked her up the ass hard and deep. I took out my cock and masturbated as
I watched the two of them fucking like two wild animals for a solid fifteen
minutes. The color contrast of his massive black shaft penetrating her
impossibly stretched little anus to the hilt was incredible.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum!" Blondie moaned out as the beginnings of an all
powerful climax rose within her like hot magma getting ready to erupt from
a volcano. "Me too baby," Derek groaned as he shot his load. Her ass kept
squeezing his cock and her head exploded with overwelming flashes as her
orgasm washed over her.

Derek kept it buried deep for a couple of minutes then pulled out and rolled
onto the bed next to her. I watched as a minute later Blondie raise one leg
and moved on top of him. My wife's slippery pussy was sliding up and down on
top of his long shaft as it layed on his stomach. Her lips spread open as
she rode his thick dick and a liberal coating of their combined love juices
flowed onto his long throbing black rod. It grew longer and thicker as she
nursed it back to life until it was again ready for action.

He slid her down to the base of his balls and lifted his enormous black cock
straight in the air against her firm little belly. She was in a sex induced
trance and in her horny condition she instinctively knew what was expected
of her as she lifted herself up. She fit the wide head into her sopping wet
gash and lowered her pussy onto his hard cock, slowly descending inch by inch
until she was fully impaled. I watched Derek grab her ass as she rocked her
glistening body on top of his loins like a cowgirl riding a wild stallion.

She bounced up and down as his big black rod slid in and out of her stretched
white cunt. As she rode on his pole, he reached up and filled his hands with
her bouncing tits, watching intensely as his thick cock glistened with her
juices. Everytime she landed, I could here a loud squish. After several
non-stop minutes Derek regained his strength. He flipped her over, lifted and
spread Blondie's long sexy legs wide open and hooked them up over his massive

I watched as Derek leaned foward and laid over her, pinning her knees back
to her shoulders and fucked her for all he was worth as her arms went to his
neck. He really fucked her hard and I heard Blondie start to scream as her
orgasms began to wash over her again and again. As he powerfully thrusted,
he repeated buried every long thick inch he had into her glove tight passage
and hammered the head against her cervex.

Blondie screamed in delight as he pounded her pussy with his massive black
cock. I had made it her fantasy too and the intense feeling of being fucked
by a large black cock made her have one orgasm after another as he pounded
her hard and deep for another ten minutes before erupting and flooding her
pussy with another load of jism.

When he pulled out I could see his thick sperm leaking out of her pussy.
It looked like a cave because Derek's cock was so big. Blondie had this
beautiful smile as I came up to her and kissed her. She said, "how long
have you been back?"

"Long enough, you where incredible honey." I told her.

She grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her recovering pussy and begged me
to eat her out. What could I do? So I licked her pussy thoroughly as Derek
got dressed and left our home. She thanked me for having the best time of her
life as I crawled up and sank my cock in her pussy and fucked her the rest of
the night.

Of course she made me promise to invite Derek over again but no more photo
sessions she insisted. "I'd just die if anybody ever saw those pictures you
took ... and what about the kids," she moaned. She made me promise not to
send them in. We'd find another way to make money she told me. I was fine
with that of course and I had my video tapes ... with more to be secretly
made to join my collection in the future.


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