Blondie: Fireworks (M/F)
by Wilcox

Mrs. Blondie Bumstead and her neighbor's son got out of the car, a man in his
early 20's, a woman in her mid 30's. As he straightened up, he flashed a big
grin to her, his brown eyes flashing with happiness, his tan glowing next to
his red t-shirt. He stretched to his 5'7" height and looked around at the
dusky sky.

She came around the car and he grabbed her around her trim waist, picking her
up and squeezing her, then dropping her back down to the ground. She stood on
her tippy toes, her 5'4" frame reaching for his lips. A light peck and they
returned to the business of unpacking the car. Smiling, laughing, they
carried their bags, walking next to the heat soaked road.

"God, I so love to watch fireworks, they really turn me on," Blondie
drunkenly said, "and my dear husband refused to take me. Can you believe he
said he wanted to stay at the Fourth of July party. Well I'm just going to
have to find some way to thank you for volunteering to bring me Bobby. I'm
sure that I can come up with something you'd like to show my appreciation"

Although 8 in the evening, the still air felt hot and heavy, the humidity
ever present. "It's hard to believe it's supposed to be in the 70's tonight,"
he commented. Walking behind her, watching her incredibly sexy rear end move,
he smiled to himself. "I just hope it doesn't rain," she replied.

They walked onto the beach, chatting, pointing out the more interesting
people, the kids, and whatever else caught their eye. But as they rounded the
bend they stopped. Hundreds of beach towels lay out, with hundreds to people
laying there, drinking soda (and more), talking, kids running around. The two
looked at each other, a little stunned. "It's a lot more crowded than I
thought it'd be," she said. "Well, we'll just need to find another place to
spread our blanket."

Fireworks are interesting in that you don't need a front row seat - you just
need a place without a tall person or tree in front of you. And as the two
meandered around the beach, they ended up near the back, off to the side by
the sparse woods. "I think this'll have to do," he said, and she nodded,
setting down her bag. They laid out their beach towel and pulled out the thin
blanket she'd thoughtfully brought along.

She lay down next to him, looking up at the sky. "It's so nice being with you
Mrs. Bumstead," he said, breathing in her feminine scent, that alluring
female scent that surprised him in its strength every time he got near her.
His neighbor, Mrs. Blondie Bumstead was a very beautiful woman with curly
blonde hair, dazzling blue eyes and a faboulous body. Big full breasts that
defied gravity, flat tummy, flairing hips and an ass to die for. Many times
he had gotten an erection when he'd seen her nipples pointing through the
thin silk blouses she would sometimes wear.

He'd dreamt of having his beautiful blonde neighbor naked in his bed many
nights over the last several years. He wanted to kiss every inch her lucious
body. He wanted to eat her out and taste her sweet little cunt. He wanted to
lick her clitoris as he twirled his tongue around it and feast on her flowing
juices as he watched her react to his advances.

In his dreams he would work his lips and tongue all over her lucious body and
get off on her full thrusting breasts, fondling and squeezing the firm fleshy
mounds and spiky nipples before burying his head in between her faboulous
tits. He kissed and sucked both nipples in his dream as she moaned in
delight, unable to stop herself from loving the feelings building within her.

Then he would move down, trailing his tongue over her trembling body until
his tongue slid up and down her hot crack as he alternated between her sweet
pussy and tiny puckered anus. His demanding tongue would be digging deeply up
her tiny asshole as she loosened up and her tingling body unconciously gave
in to his every demand.

Bobby would climb up between her wide spread legs and stroked his cock to
its full throbbing length, then lifting Mrs. Bumstead's legs up onto his
shoulders, he would slide his long thick pulsating cock up and down the full
length of her wet, swollen blonde fringed slit.

She would gasp as she felt his big cock enter her and sigh as he began to
push it in and out of her, her wetting passage becoming covered with her
juices as he pushed deeply into her. "Ohhh, ..G-G-Godddd ..soooooo ..biggggg
... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ... so much bigger than my husbands'!" Mrs. Bumstead would
moan loudly as his thick cockhead forced its way into her juicy glove tight

Her incredibly tight cuntal sheath would streach around Bobby's thick dick
like a glove a size to small and he would continue to push himself foward
until he'd buried his big dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. He
would feel the tip of his cock hitting her cervix as his heavy balls slapped
against her upturned little ass.

She would be besides herself, horny beyond belief, milking his fully embedded
member with her instantly spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled her hips
up to meet his long deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt, her long sexy
white legs held up with his hands at the back of her thighs.

She'd be using her muscles in her tight vagina to massage the entire shaft of
his manhood. Her juice would be oozing out of her pussy even though his big
cock had filled up her cunt to the max. His hands would crawl up over her hot
sweaty body to her big full 36C tits as he fucked her hard and deep. Her firm
breasts would melt in his hands and her nipples get even harder as he circled
them ever so lightly with his fingers.

In his dream, nothing as big as his cock had ever entered Mrs. Bumstead's
cunt before and he was stretching her like she'd never been streached before
as he embedded it fully again and again. Pussy juice covered his cock and
leaked from her cunt as they fucked. Bobby pounded into her, plunging deeply
into her cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as his balls
slapped against her ass repeatedly and her sopping wet cunt would begin to
loudly slurp and squish with each pile driving invasion of her overstuffed
little quim.

With every stroke, he made sure to pull all the way out, then he'd shove it
back in as fast and as hard as he could. He would reach down with his hands
and start playing with her sexy ass. With her pussy juice running down the
crack of her ass, he'd circled her tiny anus with his finger for a while as
her breathing became louder. Then he'd tingle as she'd gasp and her eyes shot
wide open as he pushed his finger up her tight little asshole.

It would go in without a hitch and then he would jam a second finger up Mrs.
Bumstead's tight colon. Now having both of her holes jammed he'd pick up the
pace and really feel her cunt muscles twitching with his fingers through the
thin wall between her pussy and her rectum.

She would shove her hips up to meet his. She'd twist and gyrate in circles on
his drilling cock. She'd never be able to enjoy fucking her husband after
this, he'd think, Christ her pussy won't even know his limp dick is in her
after I'm done with her, would flash through his pleasure filled

She would strain upward to him, her feet pointing to the ceiling and her toes
curling from the sensations. His assault would be merciless as he ravaged his
beautiful neighbor. He would lean foward and lay over her, pinning her knees
back to her shoulders and fuck her for all he was worth, pumping her glove
tight little pussy as hard and deep as he could, making her juicy cunt squish
loudly with every balls deep thrust as he slammed home repeatedly to a mind
blowing orgasmic release that he would find soaking his bed in the morning
when he woke.

Now the object of his lustful dreams was curled up next to him, smaller,
compact and very drunk. They murmured to one another, talking about things in
general, some of the people around, and the cooling air.

It got darker until the world took that familiar monotone look of grays and
blacks. Her shoulders chilled, she drew the blanket up and turned to her side
away from him. He could not resist and pulled her towards him, fitting his
body perfectly behind her, spoon style. He pushed a bit, and she turned,
smiling, as she felt his big penis pushing against her buns. He put his arm
over her, holding her stomach, trying not to be too obvious. "Let me warm
you, it'll start soon," he said, and he was right.

Some muted sounds announced the start of the festivities, and they both
turned their heads to follow the small lights shooting upwards. Then, gently,
brilliantly, the lights expanded, turning into brilliant hues of color.
Oooohh, the crowd murmured. The bright pattern slowly slid off the sky. Bang!
bang! bang! The crowd collectively jumped as the noisemakers went off. And so
it started, the 4th of July festivities.

As the fireworks kept blossoming, he pulled her tighter towards him. She
wiggled her rear, adjusting, so that the head of his penis dropped in between
her cheeks. She giggled as she listened to his momentary pause in his
breathing then said, "Why Bobby you've grow so big. MMMMMM, I told you
fireworks got me hot. I do believe that we've found a way for me to thank you
for bringing me here to see them."

At that his hand dropped down to the waistband of her shorts, he pulled her
rear into his hard penis, pressing hard. He slid his hands down into her
shorts. Her hand quickly intercepted his, and he stopped, his gut all of a
sudden churning, worried that he'd taken too much liberty.

But then, her hand over his, she guided his hand to her vagina, his fingers
feeling her trimmed bush, then sliding further down to feel her wetness. She
groaned just a bit and tried to make herself more available, taking her hand
away, now letting him do what he wanted.

Too awkward because of the "over-the-hip" angle of his arm, he pulled his
hand away. Discreetly, he slid his hand between them, sliding his hand
between her thighs, his forearm rubbing the hardness in his shorts. He
started to finger her, moving the crotch of her shorts aside. With a slight
adjustment, he found a comfortable position where his fingers lay on her clit
and her very wet lips.

"Is this okay," he murmured. "Can anyone see?," he asked. She looked around.
"No, it's okay," she said. He looked up at a particularly bright explosion,
and looked around. Everyone's heads craned upwards - no one was looking at
one of the many couples laying on a towel, holding each other for warmth.

He started to rub her clit, the little bump of his dreams moving around,
slippery, wet. Her head dropped and he could hear her breathing, a little
deeper than normal. "Do you think you can...?" he asked her. She nodded
silently, her eyes closed. "I want you too," she whispered. He nodded even
though he thought that it would be impossible. He started rubbing that spot
just below her clit, that spot that he soon learned drove her crazy.

The warmth spread in her body, her juices making even her thighs deliciously
damp. She could feel the pressure, the warmth, and she held his other hand
with her own, squeezing as she ramped up, easing as she'd let herself drift
away. She tilted her head to his arm, the one under her neck, and rubbed her
chin on it, her cheek.

She kissed it, feeling him jump. She smiled and licked it, tasting the salt
from the air and his comforting "taste". She spread her thighs a bit,
enjoying the cool air rushing between them, his closly pressed body still
protecting her core from any disrupting drafts.

She could feel his thumb, eager to get into the action, rubbing her lips,
wetting itself. Then, soaked with her juices, she could feel it travel back,
circling her anus, closer and closer, until she involuntarily clenched as he
pressed. Then she pushed, her ass opening up, soft and pliable under his
thumb. He languished there, then brought more moisture down, until her ass
was as wet and pliable as her cunt.

He pressed just a bit, so that his thumb just started to penetrate her. He
stopped short of penetration, satisfied with just pushing against her ring of
muscle. Rubbing her clit and her asshole at the same time. He could feel a
tremble in her body, and sensing her approval he kept moving his fingers.

She lay there, her crotch soaked, under delicious attack from front and rear.
She could push and feel his thumb start to penetrate her anus, then relax to
try and draw him in. But she wanted to push too, against the pleasure
pressure against her clit. She was close, moving just a bit, his lower arm
actually pressing hard against her thigh to keep her from moving too much.
She squeezed his hand again, suckling on his arm. The warmth was spreading
and she could feel the heat in her ears, her chest.

It started slowly, an almost numbness starting at her core, expanding
outward, her breathing halted as her body concentrated on more important
things. Her nails dug into his palm and yet his fingers still moved, the
numbness overpowering her, the tension building, almost unbearable. She
started to open her mouth but found his hand quickly covering it, and he
hushed into her ear. That's what did it, that delicious tickling in her ear,
and the tension peaked, her body stiff, her breathing forgotten temporarily.

Then the unbelievably pleasurable clenching started, the tension started to
melt away, and she could feel the pulsing, the release, her vagina quivering,
her body trembling, as she felt waves of pleasure rush through her body. As
the intensity faded, replaced by a powerful undercurrent of warmth, love, and
comfort, she realized that she was still tensing her hips. Relaxing, she
visibly drooped as she allowed herself to return to the present.

Breathing carefully, she turned her head, smiling, and murmured, "Oh Bobby,
that was fantastic, now it's your turn." She got no argument. He carefully,
gently pulled down the front of his shorts, precum already sticky, his cock
rock hard from feeling her cum on a crowded beach. He slid between her thighs
and then tried to push the head up into her. The wetness, the angle, and his
need combined to make it virtually impossible for him to penetrate her.

She reached down and guided him, and he immediately dropped in, the wetness
incredible, the heat just so powerful. But he couldn't penetrate her enough
and kept dropping out, the angles working against the two of them. She reach
down and actually moved her cunt a little away from him. Then, her fingers
gripping him hard, she started pushing his cockhead between her georgeous
buns and nuzzled it in against her tiny anus.

"Oh my god," he murmured, "are you sure?"

She answered, "It's better this way Bobby. There's no chance that I'll get
pregnant if you fuck me up the ass."

Bobby spread her ass cheeks apart exposing her tight brown hole. The cum and
sweat glistened as he pushed the head of his big cock against her tiny hole.
She tightened up, cringing in anticipation and thankfully he started in
slowly. Her hole was slick with sweat and cum and he had no difficulty in
forcing her overmatched spincter to yield, pushing his huge member up inside.

As his cock penetrated the initial ring of muscle of her ass, and he could
feel the immense tightness, the pressure. She unconciously clenched her ass
tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed and permitted him deeper enter. He
reached down and wet himself as best as he could, and then started to push
deeper in. Amazingly, he slid in rather easily: this time, the angles helping
rather than hindering them. His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her
tight little asshole as he buried himself and could feel her body pulsating
around his cock.

She lay there, her ass open for him, his cock deep inside of her. She would
clench involuntarily sometimes, but pushed to let him as far in as he wanted.
He moved a bit, but she could tell he was really hard and already quite
close. She held his hand with both of hers, looking like a contented woman
going to sleep on her side. Deeper and deeper it went, and Bobby groaned,
burying all of his long thick penis in her tiny anus, his hips pressing
tightly to her buttocks.

The occasional flashes of light, the bangs, they reminded her that she was
on the beach, but with the darkness came anonymity. She felt like they were
alone on the beach, making love, and she reveled in that feeling. Her ass
was the natural choice since it was her fertile time, and he'd been so
awkward trying to reach her front from such a terrible angle anyway. But as
she felt him move a bit, she smiled. This is the way it was meant to be.

He had buried himself to the hilt, and when he flexed his penis, she would
squeeze him back, a kind of internal Morse code. They played a bit like this
for a bit, but in the end he was getting a little close. He put his lower
hand on her hip, and although it seemed to be just laying there, he'd press
down hard, or pull on her, all without necessarily moving her, but letting
her feel the intensity he was feeling. He could feel her opening up, her
muscles relaxing, allowing her neighbor's son to move a bit more freely.

She could feel him move side to side, opening her up, stretching her out.
She loved this, wanting him to own her, to ravage her with love and desire,
to have him open her wide. And as the fireworks continued overhead, they
continued in her ass. She was definitely opening up for him and she loved
it. She could feel him moving just a bit, easier than before, her ass hot
and open and flexible for him. The initial tightness was gone, the initial
bit of discomfort a forgotten thought. And with him so rock hard, she knew
that he was enjoying it as much as she was.

She whimpered softly, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Bobby
gasped, running his hand up her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized
Blondie slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of her
anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices as her body gently rocked
and jerked back against his thrusts, her heavy breasts jigging as he moaned
thickly, his hand back on her hip, pulling her anus up and down the length
of his cock.

He withdrew just a bit, feeling her ass around his cock, trying to keep in
him. Then he'd slowly push back in, her ass welcoming him back. He was
clenching and unclenching her hip and her hands. Initial quivers ran through
the base of his cock and he'd stop, allowing the delicious spasms to subside.
Then he'd move again, so close and yet able to hover on that intense edge.

His cock now slid in and out of her anus easily and she slowly rolled her
hips and pushed back acting like a total slut and revelling in it. Finally,
realizing the fireworks overhead wouldn't go on forever, he allowed himself
the luxury of slipping out of control. After a few more minutes, he thrust
particularly hard into her, gripping her hip as hard as he could. That
familiar tenseness came, his breathing stopped, and he started to tremble.

The tension built and built, and he could feel his cock just straining, ready
to explode. He could feel the looseness in his groin as his precious cum
gathered. Then, like a cresting wave, he peaked, biting her neck, his fingers
digging into her hip, his cock quivering with tension. Then, the initial
trickle of cum, following by a most intense blast of cum, deep into her
bowels, followed by another, and another, and another into her quivering anal

His hips started to relax, then, his fingers almost cramping, he released
her. Trying to breath quietly, he grit his teeth, then kissed her neck,
feeling the new teethmarks there with his lips. "Holy shit, that was
fantastic," she murmured, "are you okay?" He grinned, nuzzling her neck.
"I'm fine. But now what?"

She giggled drunkenly." We wait," she said. And so they did, pretending to
be asleep until everyone left, even the kids that almost ran over them.
"Look," one cried out, "there are some *people* here." Then a chorus of
giggles. Then running feet fading into the night.

He pulled out of her tiny ass with a loud plop. They sat up, arranging their
clothes. "That was intense," he said. "Yes it was," she grinned, pulling him
towards her. She grabbed his head with both hands and frenched kissed him.
It was the best kiss he ever had. Blondie's lips were sweet tasting and felt
so good. Her tongue knew what to do and was expertly exploring his mouth and
his own tongue.

She broke off and said, "Take me home Bobby, my husband will be wondering
what took us so long to see the fireworks display. I'll be sure to tell him
that it was the best ever."

"OK, Mrs. Bumstead," he said, smiling as his long time fantasy had finally
come true.


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