Blondie: Good Morning Blackmail
by Wilcox

**BEEP** **BEEP** **BEEP**

Cookie woke slowly from a deep sleep and rolled over to look at her alarm
clock. It was 6:45am according to its red digital read-out. "Perfect," she
whispered with a little grin on her face. She didn't even have to get out
of bed for another hour, but there was something she wanted to do.

She opened the bottom drawer of the dressed near her bed and pulled out a
slender pink vibrator. Setting it to its lowest setting she slid it inside
her panties and began to massage her clit. A soft moan escaped her lips as
the gentle vibrations sent chills through her. She could feel that her pussy
was starting to get very wet, when suddenly her door burst open.

She nearly jumped out of her skin as her brother, Alex, barged into the room.
"Mom says you have to get up for school," he told her.

"I have more than 45 minutes before I even have to get up!" Cookie nearly

"Yeah, I know," Alex snickered, "But I knew what you were doing and had to
come in."

"You shit!" she cried, "I'm gonna tell Mom."

"Tell her what?" he smiled wickedly. "That you were playing with yourself
like a slut and I came in?"

Cookie stared at him. What was she going to do? Her brother had caught her
masturbating and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Besides," Alex continued, "If you say anything, I'll tell her what you were
doing last weekend."

"How do you know what I did last weekend?" she asked smugly.

"I read your diary," he said.

Now she was caught. If her mother found out about the previous weekend she
was toast. Her mother had made it clear that there were certain ground rules
she had to follow.

"You know, I could just go tell mom right now what you did," Alex said
turning back into the hallway.

"No!" Cookie called after him. "Wait, come back, I'll do whatever it takes to
keep you quiet."

"Really?" he asked coming back into the room and closing the door. "Do you
mean that?"

"Yes," she replied softly, "Whatever it takes."

Alex turned and locked the door. "I want to watch," he said pulling her sheet
off of her. The vibrator was still inside her panties, humming gently.

"What?" she stammered.

"You heard me. And take your panties off, I want to see everything."

Cookie knew that she had no choice so she slid her panties off and began
to rub the vibrator over her clit. She kept her eyes closed tightly so she
wouldn't have to see her brother watching her. With her eyes closed, she
could focus solely on her pussy. It was starting to feel so good she forgot
her brother was there. She turned to vibrator up almost to its highest

Her legs were spread wide and she could feel her juices running down her ass
and soaking her sheets. She moaned as she felt herself coming closer and
closer to orgasm. As it built, she forcefully thrust the vibe inside of her
dripping pussy and began to moan and writhe until her orgasm overtook her.

She turned off the vibe and lay on her bed panting. Then she heard rustling
and remembered her brother was in the room. Opening her eyes slowly, she
looked at him. "That was hot," he whispered. She looked away from his face
and noticed he had a rather large bulge in his pants. "I didn't touch it the
whole time," he told her, "I didn't want to blow my load unless I fucked
you." At that, he started to take his pants off.

"Alex, don't," she begged.

"You said you'd do whatever it takes, right?" he asked. "Well, it's gonna
take me fucking you."

There was nothing she could do. She didn't want her mother finding out about
what she did away from the house. Alex had removed all of his clothing, and
she got her first look at his cock. It was much bigger than she had expected.
It was probably close to 10 inches long and at least 3 inched in diameter;
pre-cum was oozing slowly from its tip.

He noticed her staring at it. "Nice, huh?" he asked. She flushed. He knelt on
the bed in front of her. "Lick it," he ordered her.

She stared at his huge cock for a moment longer before doing what she was
told. Starting at his balls, she slid her tongue all the way to the tip. She
licked all the pre-cum from his cock and savored every drop. She began to
swirl her tongue over the head and she took as much of his length into he
mouth as she could. She gently sucked his cock as she bobbed her head up and
down. She licked and kissed up and down his shaft and enjoyed the soft sighs
and moans that escaped her brother's lips.

"I'm gonna burst!" he groaned and pushed her away.

She was expecting him to cum on her, but he didn't. Instead he kissed his
way down her body. Stopping to lick her navel before moving down to her cunt.
When he reached her blonde-fringed cunt he blew his breath on the fine hair.
He watched as it moved over the opening of her cunt.

He spread the lips of her cunt apart. She was totally wet as he licked her
cunt from the bottom to the top. He liked the taste of her cunt on his
tongue. She spread her legs as wide apart as she could to give him all the
room he needed. "Please eat me," she moaned.

He ate her for several minutes, and each time she was about to cum he would
back off. When he had her where she was about to climb the walls he moved
back on his heels where he could see her. Cookie knew that he was looking at
her and she wanted him to see everything there was to see. She wanted him to
fuck her like she had never wanted it before. He moved over her and she
raised her knees and opened her cunt for him.

He could wait no longer. The head of his cock was at the opening of his
sister's cunt. He could feel the heat coming from her. He knew that she was
ready as she would ever be and that after this he'd have her whenever he
wanted for now on.

Alex took hold of her ankles. Then he lifted Cookie's long sexy legs, spread
them wide open and hooked them up over his shoulders so that her little
blonde-fringed gash was spread out, totally exposed and vulnerable before
him. He moved forward and placed his huge dick against her, sliding his long
thick cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit.

"Please Alex. Put it in now! I need you in me; I need to be fucked!" she

God, Alex thought, she looked so good spread out on her bed like this. Her
big full tits were jiggling as she began to roll her flaring hips in a
definite 'come on and fuck me already' motion. He fit his wide cockhead into
his gorgeous sister's glistening slit and pushed himself inward. Her eyes
popped wide open and a soft moan escaped her lips as she took in half of his
big dick.

Alex leaned forward and lay over his sister, pinning her knees back to her
shoulders. He watched as his hips slammed down and he drove his massive
cock all the way to the hilt in her sweet little cunt. He then smiled in
satisfaction as her arms went to his neck as her brother fucked her for all
he was worth, each deep stroke not stopping until his huge cock was buried
up to his balls.

Cookie was in heaven. Nothing had ever filled her like he was doing. He was
so much longer and thicker than any of her boyfriends had been. He touched
every wall of her cunt and clit on each stroke. She had started to climax
the moment he entered her. She could feel it continue to build at each stroke
he made.

Cookie was pumping and rolling her hips hard up into Alex's. Her breathing
was in loud gasps and moans. She was clinging to him with all of her strength
as he fucked her brains out on her bed. Alex couldn't hold back any longer,
he had been on the edge all morning and he had to finish now!

He buried his cock as far in her as he could get. Using both hands to lift
her cunt closer as he let the cum fly. His cum hitting deep in her cunt sent
her over the edge. Cookie could feel her brother's big cock pulsing each time
he shot a load. Never had sex been so good for her. Her whole body climaxed
not just her cunt. Her brother was really good and she knew that she was
going to want more.

Alex couldn't hold up any longer. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled
over, bring her up on top of him. His cock was still hard and he wanted to
stay nestled in her hot cunt. Normally he could go several times a night, but
fucking his sister was just too much off a turn on.

He lay on his back with her on top. His cock still hard and buried in her
cunt. His big cock kept the load of cum from running out of her. Her naked
breasts were on his chest with the nipples still hard. She hung on as he
rolled her over. She didn't want him to come out and lose the good feeling
she had. She raised her head and saw that he was looking at her and grinning.
"What are you grinning about?"

"Sis, that was so good. It put a smile on my face that nothing can take off.
I don't see you frowning."

She smiled back, "It was good, the best ever. Are you ready to go again

"Start working that pussy up and down and we'll see."

Cookie started moving from side to side, letting the muscles in her cunt
squeeze his cock; She raised up on her knees and fucked up and down on his
cock. Each stroke moved 5 or 6 inches of his cock in her cunt. He just lay
on his back and let her do the work. He played with her tits while she rode
him. Each time he pinched her nipples she would squeeze his cock with her

She began to move faster and faster as she neared another climax. His hands
moved to her hips to help her lift up and down on his cock, Her tits were in
his mouth with his tongue licking all over them. When she finally came she
nearly blacked out. He didn't cum with her this time.

When she recovered she realized that he was still in her and that he was
hard. She loved the way he was making her feel. She hadn't thought about
anything but sexual satisfaction since they'd started. Alex kept his arms
around her to keep her from rolling off. He was still smiling as he asked
her, "How was that?"

"You don't have to ask ... you already know." She lay stretched out on his
chest; his hard cock still buried in her. She ran her fingers through his
hair as she kissed him. "When you're ready to go again let me know."

He caressed her body; running his hands down to her ass and pulling her cunt
tight against his still hard cock. He gripped her body and said, "Roll over,
I want back on top." The move was accomplished without him being dislodged.
He pushed into her once more until his balls were resting on her ass. Looking
into her eyes he said, "You have got to be the hottest girl I've ever been

He sucked on her tits and started moving in and out again. Cookie pulled her
legs up as high as she could and opened her cunt for all his cock. With her
feet she pushed her cunt up to him on each stroke. She put everything she had
into making him feel good.

Alex got faster and faster as he rammed her cunt harder and harder. She
started cuming again. He fucked her on through her climax and slowed long
enough for her to get back in the race. When she was back moving with him
he speeded up again. Cookie matched him stroke for stroke. Finally he could
last no longer.

He could feel the climax building up. Her hot cunt was caressing his cock on
each stroke.

Cookie could feel her own orgasm building. "I'm gonna cum," she sighed.

"Me too," he groaned as they both heard their mother's shout from downstairs.

"Are you two coming, or what," Blondie called as her son and daughter
continued to fuck in an attempt to do just that.

Suddenly her orgasm hit her and Cookie screamed, "Cumming mother." She
started to buck and writhe underneath her hard pounding brother.

"Oh, God," he moaned as her pussy clenched against his cock and he began to
cum. "Cumming mom," he yelled as his sister's sweet cunt milked his spurting
seed out of his churning balls. He'd reached the point of no return and his
semen shot out the end of his cock into his sister's waiting womb.

She threw her legs around him and pulled him deep into her womb and held him
there. He collapsed on top of her. She finally had to roll him off to get her

"You liked that, don't you, you slut?" he whispered in her ear.

"I loved it," she whispered back. They laughed. Cookie turned her head and
softly kissed her brother on the mouth. "We'd better get up before mom comes
up and finds us like this," she said, "We both need a shower and at this rate
we're gonna be late for school."


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