Blondie And Lois - Soccer Moms (MFF,inter,reluc)
by Wilcox

"This is the last time Blondie, I mean it. We can't afford anymore accidents
on our insurance; the premiums are going through the roof. If you have one
ore accident I'm going to have to drop you from the policy," Dagwood said as
he gazed at his auto insurance bill. His wife Blondie just bowed her head and
listened to his lecture as the effects of her third accident this year was
reflected in the bill. It was not that she was a bad driver; it was that she
always seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"I'm sorry Honey. I promise it will never happen again," she said as she
stared at him through deep blue eyes, which lightly began to tear. He quickly
felt very guilty and embraced her gently to him, while apologizing for making
her cry. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled herself close as his
hands began to move down to her firm behind. She opened her mouth and kissed
him deeply on the lips as she felt his hands begin to explore her, and felt
his cock begin to swell up against her.

He opened his eyes and glanced at the clock, and realizing her was late for
work, had to forcibly will himself to brake his embrace. As he was walking
out the door he took one last look at her and began to regret his decision.
Her sexy blue eyes looked at him with a deep desire. She was dressed in a
tight black belly shirt, which clung tightly around her 36 C breasts, and
showcased her fabulous abs. She wore a matching skirt, that hung tightly
around her toned legs, flaring hips, and perfectly shaped behind. A mother
of two, she kept herself in shape by long strenuous hours in the gym, and
thousands of laps in the pool. As he gazed at her with her chest heaving and
her eyes filled with lust, he mouthed the word tonight and quickly left for
the office.

At 3 PM her best friend Lois called about taking Blondie's son Alex and
Lois's son Chip to soccer practice. Her car was in the shop and she asked
Blondie to drive. After explaining the incident that happened this morning,
Blondie was finally convinced to drive them all to soccer practice. As they
drove by a construction site Blondie tried hard to suppress the laugh she got
when she heard the catcalls that cascaded down and looking over at Lois she
could not blame the men for doing so.

Lois had the body of an aerobics instructor, and was dressed in a tight white
tank top, that did little to cover her impressive chest. Her blue spandex
pants were pulled tightly around her magnificent behind and contoured her
long toned hers. She had pulled her blonde hair back in a ponytail and stared
at the world through light blue eyes.

They pulled up to the field and as the boys joined their teammates, Lois and
Blondie settled on to the bleachers and began to catch up on all the family
gossip. The new coach came on the field, and as the practice began Blondie
could not take her eyes off him. He was a muscular black man of about 20 she
guessed as she stared at him, he was much taller than her husband was the
first thought that came to her mind and very good looking. The events of the
morning with her husband had left her frustrated and extremely aroused.

As she watched the display in front of her, her thoughts went back to the
morning, the feel of her husband's hands on her ass and his cock pressing up
against her caused her nipples to harden and her pussy to tingle. As the
practice wore on she found herself being more and more taken with him. She
wondered what it would be like to under him with his long thick black cock
inside of her instead of her average sized husbands' and felt a little guilty
when she realized that he was beginning to turn her on, until she was snapped
back to reality by Lois.

"He looks good doesn't he?" Lois said as she smiled at Blondie drooling all
over herself.

"Oh, I was just thinking of something else. I'm sorry," Blondie replied.

"I know what you were thinking of and who you were thinking of. His name is
Derrick and he is a student over at State College," Lois giggled as she saw
Blondie squirm.

"Lois, I am happily married so knock it off. I have never strayed nor will I
ever so could we please drop this," Blondie replied sternly.

"Hey, who said anything about straying? God, you might think I said you were
fucking him, so just calm down I didn't mean anything by it. It's only that
he's so hot looking and you know what they say about the size of black guys.
Besides you are only looking," Lois said as she put her arm around Blondie.

"I'm sorry Lois your right. I don't know what came over me," Blondie smiled
back to her.

"Yeah, don't be so sensitive, besides I'll bet he has a huge dick and can
fuck forever," Lois laughed.

With that both girls fell into a fit of laughter and the conversation turned
back to the big party they were planning in a few months. Finally the
practice ended and Blondie and Lois rounded up their flock and headed for the
car. As they were pulling out Blondie dropped her cell phone and as she bent
down to get it another car cut in front of her and stopped at the traffic

To late Blondie saw the car in front of her, and the big SUV slammed into the
back of the hatchback crumpling it's rear fender. They pulled over on the
side of the road and got out to inspect the damage. Blondie's SUV was fine,
but the hatchback was in bad shape. The rear fender had been twisted like
pretzel and the back windshield was broken. The driver of the hatchback got
out and Blondie looked right into the face of her son's soccer coach.

"Hi, Coach Derrick," the boys said as he inspected the damage.

"Hi, guys," Derrick replied.

"I am so sorry about this sir. I couldn't stop," Blondie explained.

"Well, this is what insurance is for," Derrick said as he looked at Blondie
and began to be taken by her beauty. Her blue eyes seemed to look deep into
his soul and the strain of her breasts on the belly shirt was making it
difficult for him to meet her gaze. When he saw Lois he moved his backpack
in front of him to camouflage his now noticeable erection.

"I was hoping we didn't have to report this to the insurance company. I will
pay for your car to be fixed," Blondie pleaded with him.

"Well, my car is ruined. I need to report this to the insurance company,
besides it's going to cost a few thousand dollars to fix this. I don't see
how I can't report it," Derrick replied.

Blondie then explained her situation with her husband and that she could not
afford another accident on her record. Derrick tried to listen to her, but
was being distracted by her beautiful blonde hair, model's face and large
thrusting breasts, and kept trying to cover the increasing bulge in his

Lois came to the defense of her best friend and pleaded for his help in not
reporting it. She also noticed his bulge and smiled slightly when she saw him
try to hide it. After a few minutes Lois asked Derrick to excuse Blondie and
herself so they could discuss the matter in private for a minute.

"What am I going to do Lois? I am so fucked," Blondie said as she paced

"Look I have an Idea here, but before you hear it we have to agree that we
never tell anyone about it, not even our husbands. Ok?" Lois said.

"Sure, Lois. What is your idea?"

"Ok, it's a little off the wall, but I think it will work. Offer him a
blowjob," Lois said.

"What the hell are you talking about, Lois? Are you insane? If you want to
live out some kind of sex fantasy you do it without me! I'm a married woman
for God's sake, and so are you!" Blondie yelled at her.

"Look will you calm down for a minute here and listen. I know this sounds
crazy, but I think it's the only way. Beside you can't tell me that you're
not hot for him, I saw the way you were looking at him. And what is the big
deal here? I'm betting that he will refuse it and be so embarrassed that you
offered it that he will forget about reporting this to the insurance company
and just agree to let you pay him off."

"The big deal is that I am happily married and I have never cheated on him.
I have been a faithful wife, and you of all people, my best friend, should
know that!"

"I am well aware of that, but I also know Dagwood and if he says that's it,
then it's final. Besides you're not cheating on him, you're just getting out
of a tough spot. And by presidential definition it's not sex, but I would
not worry about it because I know the coach will refuse the offer and allow
you to pay him off," Lois said as she grasped Blondie's shoulder.

Blondie and Lois continued to argue for some time until Lois's persistence
finally wore Blondie down. She agreed that she would do it, but no matter how
many times she tried to rationalize it to herself it still felt wrong to her
somehow. She thought it was crazy to offer to take this black stranger into
her mouth in exchange for allowing her out of the accident, and even crazier
to think he would be embarrassed and turn her down.

Lois had worn her down to the point that Lois's logic seemed at least
somewhat feasible, but something still seemed wrong. A tingling between her
legs told her that the very thought of this was causing her arousal, and try
as she may to brush the thoughts aside; they continued to flourish inside of
her mind. She felt in her heart that she would be betraying her husband, but
she was left with no other alternative.

"Ok, I'll do it, but you have to help me. How do I go about asking him?"
Blondie asked.

"Don't worry about it I will take care of it. I think he will agree to this
because he's had a massive hard-on since he first saw you. I must admit I'm
a little jealous," Lois said as they walked back to Derrick.

"Now go in the back of the SUV, while I get the boys out of the way and talk
things over with Derrick," Lois said as she pointed to the boys who were now
playing soccer out on the field.

Blondie got in the back of the SUV and closed the door. She could see Lois
and Derrick talking from her vantagepoint and saw Derrick's jaw suddenly drop
during their conversation. Her pussy began to tingle again when she saw his
reaction and imagined his surprise at Lois's unusual offer. Derrick began to
smile and he shook Lois's hand, as she left to go play with the boys, and he
began to walk towards the SUV.

Blondie began to sweat as she saw him approach a million thoughts went
through her mind as he walked slowly towards her. She wanted to leave, report
the accident and throw herself on the mercy of her husband. She had her hand
on the door when she looked down at his pants, and seeing his impossibly huge
bulge, began to change her mind.

Her juices began to flow as she judged him to be much larger than her husband
and began to rationalize this action to herself as just that, an action. It
was not cheating on her husband if she didn't enjoy it, she told herself.
Besides Dagwood would be happy if the accident weren't reported, wouldn't he?

He knocked on the door and when she opened it he sat down next to her and
closed it. The windows were tinted black so they were in relative privacy,
even though her son was only 40 yards away from them.

"Look I don't know what Lois told you, but I am a married woman and don't
want to do this," Blondie said as she looked into his eyes.

"Ok then I'll report it to the insurance company. I think it would be better
that way anyway, and to be honest this makes me a little uncomfortable,"
Derrick said as he began to leave the backseat.

"Wait! Stop! Let's just get this over with," Blondie exclaimed as she pulled
him back into the SUV. As she pulled him back in, she glanced down at his
pants and her juices hit overdrive when she saw his huge bulge up close.

"Look I don't want to get in any trouble here. I think the best course of
action is to let the insurance company figure it out. Besides, you said you
don't want to do this and I don't want you to do anything you don't want to,"
Derrick replied while his erection grew stronger as he glanced at her heaving
chest and her hard nipples poking out the material of her tight top.

"It's ok. I am comfortable doing this ... if you'll agree not to report our
accident. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes, we have a deal," Derrick said as he slowly unzipped his pants. Blondie
inhaled sharply and her eyes widened as his long thick black cock sprang free
from its tortuous containment. She gasped, "Oh, my God ... it ... it's ...
soo big." She stared intently at it and realized with a sense of excitement
that it was a good five inches longer than her husbands, and so much thicker.
He moaned slightly as she wrapped her hand around it and began to gently
stroke it.

She stroked him a few more times before she lowered her head, and swirled her
tongue around the wide head. She looked up into his eyes as she continued
down his rock hard shaft, her tongue slowly teasing the thick protruding
veins. She sucked on his heavy balls then worked her way back up his black
wrist thick horsecock and took him into her mouth.

He moaned with pleasure as she slowly took him deeper and deeper and took his
thick cock into her throat. She worked her full pouty lips up and down over
him for a couple of minutes and then her head began bobbing faster and faster
as she went down of him and deepthroated the entire length of his huge black

"Oh ... Blondie ... Oh ...please ... God," he moaned as he slid his hand
under her skirt and slipped a finger under her thong and into her soaking wet
pussy. Her eyes widened as she felt the illicit thrill of another mans hand
inside of her, and her pace increased as she felt his finger slide in and out
of her. She moaned deeply as she felt him fingering her faster and faster and
her pace increased as she felt his fingers find her clit.

"Oh Blondie ... Oh ... NANNNNNN," he cried as he exploded into her mouth. She
sucked harder and created a vacuum seal, as she swallowed all of his seed. He
slid his fingers out of her, pulling them up to his face and began to suck
her juices off his hands. He then pulled her to him and she kissed him deeply
as his hands groped her firm ass and pulled up her tight skirt. She moaned
deeply as she felt him pull up her belly shirt and begin to suckle from her
full breasts.

"Oh Derrick we must stop now baby ... no more ... baby," she cooed as he
pulled her tightly against her. She was blissfully unaware that his cock was
now back to full height. He gently moved her thong aside and pulled the
recline lever on the side of the seat, and pulling her close to him as the
seat reclined back.

Her knees bent, and slid in on each side of his legs. Her lush body moved
closer to him. Her tight little pussy slid closer to his huge black cock as
Blondie straddled him and he aimed his huge erection for that tiny slice of
sunshine, and began to lower her. He continued until the head of his cock was
nudged between her tight lips. Blondie whimpered softly and slowly slid down
his 11 inches of black meat.

"Oh my God," she moaned as she felt his long thick black horsecock stretch
and burrow deep inside of her. He made no reply as he just held her tightly
and thrust slowly in and out of her. "AAAHHHHHHHH! GOODDDDDD!!!" His cock was
five inches deeper than anyone had ever been before. And he was much thicker.
It stretched her like never before. "OH GAWD!" she let out when the base of
his cock touched her pelvis bone and she felt the wide head press tightly
against her cervix.

Blondie was leaning backward moaning softly in her chest, her heavy breathing
causing her full melon breasts to jiggle up and down. He looked hungrily at
those beautiful tits, rising and falling. He loved tits, especially big firm
white ones.

He pulled Blondie to him and buried his head in her breasts. He took the
right nipple and one third of the whole tit in his mouth and started sucking.
He nibbled on the nipple feeling it get longer in his mouth. Then went over
to the left tit for a similar feast. While doing this, his hands slid from
her waist down to grab her firm ass cheeks, taking a handful of flesh in each
hand as she bounced on his thick pole.

He continued to play with her nipples and cup her tits as she rode him,
stroking him with even slow up and down motions. His hungry mouth worked all
over them and he suckled her full tits as she rode his long thick black cock.

"Please Derrick ... I can't baby ... oh stop ... baby ... so wrong," she
moaned as his pace continued and she involuntarily began to respond. She
could feel the pleasure begin to build inside of her and her will to stop him
evaporated and she was consumed by an all-encompassing desire to fuck him.

"Yeah Derrick ... Do it baby ... fuck me ... let me ride this big fat black
cock ... c'mon baby," she moaned as she began to ride him hard. She gripped
him around the shoulders as he continued to thrust himself deep inside of
her. She started grinding her pussy on his cock, riding him now like she had
done this her whole life. She was moaning real loud now.

He grabbed her head by a huge clump of hair, pulled her mouth to his, jammed
his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on it like it was his cock again.
She was groaning loudly into his mouth when she came.

Blondie went nuts as her tingling body was flooding with orgasm. She was
screaming and clawing at the big black stud like she was insane. He wrapped
his arms tightly around her torso so she wouldn't slip off, pressing her
breasts into his chest. He pumped as hard as he could, giving himself as
much pleasure as he could.

Suddenly the front door of the SUV opened and Lois stared at them in
wide-eyed shock.

"Shut the fucking door," Blondie growled as Lois jumped in and closed the
door behind her. Lois looked over the spectacle in front of her as she moved
to the back of the SUV. She saw Blondie's face, a mask of lust and desire,
and a fire began to burn between her legs as she saw the animalistic passion
in her best friend as she continued to impale herself on Derrick's large
cock. Lois slipped a hand under her spandex and began to rub herself as her
best friend continued to fuck their son's soccer coach.

"What are you waiting for? I'm sure the man is hungry," Blondie said as she
grinned at Lois through lust filled eyes.

Lois quickly pulled off her skintight spandex and her drenched thong, then
quickly straddled Derrick's chest and positioned her sex inches from his
mouth. She then slowly eased herself forward and felt an electric tingle as
Derrick's tongue made contact with her pussy. She moaned deeply as his long
tongue gently stroked her lips, and teasingly thrust in and out of her
feminine garden.

"Oh God ... Oh baby ... Oh ... my God ... eat me honey ... oh God baby,"
Lois moaned as Derrick's tongue delved deep inside of her, savoring her sweet
taste, and pleasuring her to the extreme. Blondie was lost in lust as she
continued to ride his massive black rod and could feel the waves of pleasure
begin to overtake her, she moaned deeply and began to pound Derrick harder.

"Fuck me baby ... oh God ... oh Derrick ... OHHHHHHHHHH," Blondie cried as
she felt another wave of pleasure engulfed her and a sweet release came upon
her. As she lay on top of him she felt him tighten under her and she could
hear his muffled moan as he exploded deep inside of her, his seed pumping
strait into her fertile valley.

"Oh Derrick ... oh baby ... oh ... ohhhhhhhhh," Lois cried as her pleasure
erupted inside of her and she came with a fury. Derrick was deluged with her
juices, and lapped up all that he could. He breathed deeply as Lois got off
his chest and Blondie lifted off of his incredible black spear. It was still
hard as Blondie fell exhausted into the front seat, leaving Lois at the mercy
of their son's horny black soccer coach.

He lifted her off of him and turned her around so that she was lying with her
arms and head on the laid back seat. Her sexy ass was up in the air as he
knelt behind her. Derrick took his huge cock in his hand and rubbed it all
over Lois's heavenly globes, feeling their warmth. Then, with the other hand,
he separated them and placed his cock on the now exposed, and dripping slit.

He wrapped his hands around Lois's trim waist, and shoved hard, burying his
massive black horsecock to the hilt as she gently mewed and wiggled her ass
back into him. He then power fucked her doggystyle with her bent over the
reclined seat, giving Derrick a view of his big cock going into her from

From the front seat Blondie could see his heavy black balls slapping against
her best friend's firm ass. "OH GAWD! FUCK ME!" Blondie began panting. He
fucked her with long powerladen strokes for about 15 minutes until she came
hard twice.

BLonde was just watching in awe for a couple of minutes as the massive black
eleven inch dick kept disappearing and reappearing, glistening and slick with
her best friend's cum. Her arms flailing out in front of her, her weight
seemed to be centered on her tits, her body pivoting back and forth on the
flattened globes, helpless against the onslaught of his immense shaft.

"Easy. EASY!" she cried out as, however impossible, Derrick slammed into her
even harder. Each time Lois's black invader plunged forward, Blondie could
see the wetness spattering from their frenzied joining.

Derrick began to grunt each time his hips shot forward, his hands on Lois'
flaring hips, bringing her back into him with deliberate force. Blonde could
see the sweat running from Derrick's brow, trickling down off his chin to
splash on her best friend's wiggling bottom.

Her moans became higher pitched once more as Derrick continued to batter her
insides. Lois then watched him pull his big goo covered cock out of Lois'
sopping wet pussy and slide it up to her tiny puckered asshole. Derrick slid
his rock hard cockhead over the entrance to her ass as he said, "You said
you girls would do anything to get out of this. Now didn't you say that

Realizing what was happening, Lois pleaded "No, don't, please no.........
I've never had it back there before!"

He pushed his cockhead between her gorgeous buns and nuzzled it in against
her tiny anus as Lois whimpered. He slid his cock down her crack and into
her cunt quickly, making her groan at the sudden massive invasion. He pumped
her for a minute, then pulled out and pushed his cockhead back between her
lucious buttocks to her tight, puckered sphincter.

Lois whimpered again as her son's big black coach's huge cockhead throbbed
at her virgin anus. "There's always a first time for everything, baby. You
should be careful what you ask for, cause you just may get it," he grunted
as he pulled her hips back to him.

Her tiny anus caved inward and yielded under the pressure as he flexed his
buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His massive black cockhead popped into
her rear channel and deep up her virgin asshole as Lois' head jerked up
and her face contorted in a savage grimace of pain.

Derrick's right hand covered her mouth. "Aieeeeeeeeeeee ... " came the
muffled scream as the thick black cock rammed forward without mercy. Lucky
that her mouth was covered or her screams would have been heard by their
sons out on the playing field. "OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" Derrick gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers
digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks; his head flung back as he
flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Lois'
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Then, incredibly
to her, the pain changed in nature and his cock felt incredibly good in her
anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. Deeper and deeper it went, and
he groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis in her tiny
anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

He looked over his shoulder at Lois saying, "Your friend has a nice tight
little asshole baby. Next time it'll be your ass taking a pounding."

Lois whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. He gasped,
running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he sodomized her
slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of her anus,
glistening and gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame his passion and
shock her watching best friend. Lois' mind was lost in the fantasy that it
was her knelt before Derrick working her impossibly stretched anal canal back
over his massive black horsecock.

Lois' body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging
and bouncing as she moaned thickly, "Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh
oh yes oh yes do it, baby ... fuck me! Fuck my ass, stud ... fuck my ass ...
give it to me lover ... fuck my ass ... c'mon, fuck it hard, you big black
stud! Fuck me!"

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Derrick
stopped suddenly, jerking his cock out of her anus and, quickly, pushing it
down, rammed it heavily into her cunt. Lois cried out thinly, lurching and
jerking as he ram fucked her cunt furiously, hammering his hips at her
buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her little pink slit.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus, skewering
it heavily, going in deep and sodomizing her thoroughly. Lois exploded, her
fingers grasping at the shiny metal of the car.

Derrick sensed her orgasm and slid out of her anus and into her cunt again
and fucked her furiously. Lois whimpered and cried out in joy, "Oh GODDDD!"
and began to writhe and twist in front of him as Derrick stayed still and
held her wildly wriggling butt tightly against himself. He threw his head
back and groaned loudly as he got his rocks off, his mouth wide open.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her spasming cunt and again drilled her anus;
skewering it heavily, going in deep and filling it with hot potent cum. After
a couple of minutes he withdrew from the still moaning, quivering wife's
ravaged little asshole with a loud plop.

Then he turned around and pulled Blondie's head to his goo-covered dick.
"Suck it baby," he commanded. Blondie leaned forward and took his gooey dick
into her mouth, sucking and jerked him in perfect rhythm as if her life
depended on it.

As she sucked him he pushed her back so that he could play with her jiggling
tits. He pinched her nipples while she expertly sucked him off, cleaning off
every gooey drop of his mating with the two soccer mom's until his big black
dick was shiny clean.

The three of them lay there exhausted as the sweat poured out of their
bodies. After a while they composed themselves and agreed not to report
anything to the insurance company. They also made arrangements to meet for
lunch later in the week.

When they emerged from the vehicle, Derrick drove off as the young mothers
called their sons back to the car to go home. "Mom, are you OK," both boys
asked in unison at the sight of their sweaty, well fucked Moms.

"OH yes ... never better honey," they replied to their sons with an exhausted

"You guys were in there an awful long time," Alex said.

"Yes... I guess we were. Well, your coach was a very hard negotiator and it
took a while to wear him down," Blondie responded with a sly smile.

"Is he going to report the accident?" Chip asked as the boys climbed into the
back seat.

"No honey," his mom told him. "He finally came around. It took a lot of
convincing on our part, but we finally made him see it our way in the end."

"Gee, it smells funny back here," Alex said as he sniffed the strong sexual
odors hanging in the air.

"Yeah," chimed in Chip as he wiggled on the sticky seat, "and there's
something gooey on the seat."

"Well, roll down the window and wipe off the seat," his mother told him. "It
got really hot in here. Do we have to do everything. We're worn out from the
session we just had with your coach, so give us a break. It's been a long
hard day for your poor mothers."

"Yes ... very long and hard," Blondie agreed as she started the car and gave
Lois a wicked smile.


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