I'll Do Anything To Protect My Son (MMF,inter,reluc)
by Wilcox

I was really shaken up when my teenaged son Alexander told me that he'd
gotten into trouble. "I'm sorry Mom," he said. "I don't know why I did it
but I was at Johnson's Music Store. I took some CD's and put them in my
jacket pocket. I got caught trying to leave and they called the police.
The cops that came were the two black policeman that come into your
Catering Shop all the time."

I knew whom he was referring to. James and Derek were city policemen who
stopped in regularly. I have to admit that they looked very handsome in their
uniforms. They were both in their mid-twenties, over six-foot tall with very
muscular builds. James was bald; I suspected he shaved his head because he
liked the look.

It wasn't the stereotypically donut shop story either. I was the reason they
came in all the time. They were always making lewd comments and undressing me
with their eyes as they leaned over the counter. I'm a natural blonde, 5'4"
118 lbs., and I've kept myself in great shape by working out regularly. My
breasts are big and full, my tummy's flat, my hips flaring and my ass is firm
and high riding. I know the looks I get, but I'm a loving mother and a
faithful wife.

I'd been propositioned many times by the both of them and had always put them
off by telling them that I was a happily married woman with two kids and I
didn't fool around on my husband. "You don't know what your missing Mrs. B,"
James would tell me as Derek nodded his head in agreement, his eyes glued to
my breasts. "Once you go black you never go back Mrs. B," he'd say with a big
smile. "One of these days you're going to say yes."

Oh yes, I knew exactly whom my son was talking about. "Oh my God, Alex," I
said. "What happened. Were you arrested? This could screw up the scholarship
your in line for. What'll we do then? Oh Alex....."

"Mom, they didn't arrest me," he told me. "They talked to the owner and told
him I was a good kid who'd made a mistake. They said they'd handle it with my
parents. The owner told them, OK, as long as he was paid for the CD's I'd
pocketed. They gave him the money and said that they'd stop by Saturday
morning to talk to you. They said that you'd know what needed to be done and
to just make sure that you were alone. They said it'd be easier to work it
out that way. Do you know what they meant mom?"

I had a sinking feeling as I told my son, "Yes dear, I know exactly what they
mean." Then I went on, "they know that it'll be better if your father and
sister don't know what happened. We need to keep this as quiet as possible.
Your dad would have a stroke and ground you for life and your sister would
tell everyone about it. I know these two cops and I'll do whatever needs to
be done to clean up this mess your in. Trust me honey, everything will be all
right. I'd never let anything bad happen to you."

I had a few days to make a plan to get everyone out of the house on Saturday
and came up with a trip to visit Dagwood's parents. We hadn't seen then in a
while and they lived about 4 hours away. I made the arrangements, and then
on Friday I told Dagwood that I had to stay behind because of a last minute
catering job. He wanted to cancel the trip but I told him how disappointed
his folks would be and convinced him to take the kids and go without me.

They left early Saturday morning and I resolved myself to do whatever it took
to get my son out of trouble. I knew I'd probably have to fuck both of them
but I hoped I could satisfy them quickly and be done with it. Maybe I could
get away with just having to give them blowjobs. Like I said, I'll do
anything to protect my son. What ever I had to do would be worth it to keep
this incident from being made public and ruining his life.

I heard a car pull into the driveway around 10AM. There was a knock on the
door and when I opened it there were James and Derek in their uniforms.

"Hi Ms. B!" James said greeting me.

"Hi guys!" I said, returning their greeting.

"How's your son, he told you we'd stop by this morning, didn't he," James

"Oh yes, he did. He's with his father and sister visiting their grandparents
this weekend." I replied. "They'll be back Sunday."

"Good Ms. B. I see you got our message. How about having a beer with us to
kind of break the ice, so to speak?" Derek said.

"It's a little early in the day and aren't you on duty," I asked.

"Not at the moment Mrs. B," he said with a big smile. "Aren't you going to
invite us in so we can work out your son's problem?"

I wasn't much of a drinker but I thought that a cold beer would help me get
through this ordeal so I told them that sounded pretty good. I stepped back
and they came into the house. I felt a tingling sensation within me as the
two huge black men brushed past me. James and Derek motioned me towards the

James noticed the big screen television we'd just gotten along one wall and
asked me about it. I started telling him all about it while Derek went to the
kitchen to get the beer. The television had every feature you could possibly
dream of and the picture was crystal clear. I told them that my husband and
son were big sports fans and we all loved how movie's looked on it.

Derek came back from the kitchen and handed me a cold glass of beer. It
tasted great, really hitting the spot as I tried to adjust to my thoughts of
what I'd have to do to get my son out of this fix he was in.

Derek motioned towards the couch, so I walked over and sat down. James sat
on the couch with me. Derek sat in a swivel chair across from me. I tried
to prolong the inevitable and I asked them about their jobs. From the
description of what they got involved in, it was far from glamorous like
it's often portrayed.

James and Derek loved telling some of the funny incidences they got involved
in. They knew they had time so they talked for more than an hour as they eyed
my body with lustful intent. Derek had kept refilling my glass and I was
really beginning to relax. I enjoyed the two men's company but I knew that
eventually Alex's problem and what I needed to do to get him out of it would
come up along with their dicks.

They were getting a little hungry, probably from drinking the beer and James
suggested they call out for pizza. I could eat with them if I liked they
said. It had been awhile since I'd had pizza. Their offer sounded tempting
so I took them up on it. James went to the phone while I used their bathroom.
When I returned, Derek had poured me another beer. I'd had enough beer and
was feeling really buzzed so I just nursed it until the pizza arrived.

The pizza finally arrived. It smelled great when James opened the box. Derek
put a couple of big slices on a plate and handed it to me. We sat in the
livingroom, eating pizza and talking some more. I finished my pizza and took
a big drink, finishing my beer off. The effects of the beer had me very

"You know why were here Mrs. B. its time to convince us to give your son a
break." James said almost in a whisper. I felt James's arm around my
shoulders pulling me towards him. He leaned into me and kissed me softly on
the lips.

It had been so long since Dagwood had kissed me like that. James's lips moved
over mine. I tried to keep my lips together but I could feel the heat in my
body rising. I put my hand on James's shoulder trying to keep him at a
reasonable distance.

Derek came over and sat down on my other side. James's lips parted from
mine. I opened my eyes, seeing him smiling. Derek put his huge hand on my
chin and turned my head towards him. He put his lips on mine and kissed me
passionately. I felt his tongue slide between my lips, licking them back
and forth. I tried to resist but I eventually parted them so his thick
tongue slid deeply into my mouth. He worked his tongue over mine then
swirled it around my mouth.

My body was reacting to all the kissing. I knew I had to go along with them
so I wasn't objecting as they took turns kissing me and probing their hard
tongues inside my mouth. Derek's hand was at the hem of my skirt pushing it
slowly upwards. His strong hand brushing back and forth on my leg. I pressed
my legs together to keep his hand from getting any higher but that didn't
stop him. He kept rubbing along the top of my leg, inching my skirt higher.

James was kissing me harder, grinding his lips on mine. I felt his hand
cupping one of my breasts, massaging and fondling it. My breathing was coming
in slow deep breaths as the two men worked on me. I knew I couldn't stop them
but my body was now strangely hungry for their attention.

Derek had my skirt almost pushed up to the top of my thighs. His strong hands
rubbing up and down on my legs. I relaxed, letting them part just a little.
Derek's hand immediately slipped down between my legs. James and I parted
lips. Derek waited a minute to let me catch my breath before putting his lips
on mine. He slid his huge tongue between my lips and probed deep inside my
mouth. He worked it in and out of my mouth slowly. It was like he was tongue
fucking my mouth. I moaned deeply as he continued sliding his tongue in and

I was so engrossed with Derek that I hadn't noticed James unbuttoning my
blouse. He pulled the blouse from my skirt and spread it wide open. I felt
the cool air passing over my chest. James put his hand up to my breasts and
squeezed them. The heat inside my body was building. Derek stopped kissing
me. He was looking down at his hand up under my skirt, mere inches from my

I put my hand down to his arm, forcing him to stop. He kept his hand where
it was at, not pushing up any farther. James kissed me on the neck several
times. He put his fingers on the front clasp of my white, lace-trimmed bra.
I held his wrist to keep him from pulling on the clasp. My head was clearing
but my body was still very aroused. I knew I should get up from the couch
and tell them to leave but I also knew that I couldn't do that if I wanted
to save my son from getting a police record.

"Hmmm... be a damn shame to get this far and not see those beautiful tits of
yours, Ms. B." James whispered. "You do want to convince us to take care of
your son's problem, don't you?"

James toyed with the clasp. I released my grip on his wrist letting him pull
the clasp apart. My bra sprang apart, my breasts bared for their eyes. I
looked down at them. My nipples responded as the cool air whispered across
them. They were growing erect, blossoming on their own. James grinned and
took one of the nipples between his fingers. He pulled on it gently causing
it to elongate.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh .... ohhhhhhhhh," I moaned deep, watching James play with my
aroused nipples.

Derek slid his hand down my leg, lifting my foot up onto the edge of the
coffee table. My skirt was still pushed to the top of my thighs. Derek kissed
me softly, barely pressing his lips against mine. His hand slid between my
legs, gently massaging the bare skin of my inner thigh.

James was kissing my breasts and sucking on my hard nipples. He took turns,
doing one breast and then the other. I couldn't hold back. I felt myself
slipping into a long slow orgasm. My body squirmed on the couch as it
overtook my heated body. Derek's hand was on my pussy, rubbing back and
forth over my panties. His manipulations prolonged my orgasm.

"Ohhhhhhh .... Hmmmmmmmmm," I moaned, letting myself enjoy the sensation I
was experiencing.

James rose up from the couch as Derek kept rubbing my pussy, keeping me
aroused. When I looked up James was completely naked. His huge black cock
pointing straight out from his muscular body. I couldn't take my eyes off
it. I was mesmerized by its enormous size as I realized that it was twice
the size of my husband Dagwood's'. James stood in front of me. He put his
hand down to take mine. I put my hand in his and he pulled me up off the
couch. I was standing right up next to him, leaning against him to steady

James took my hand and put it on his rock hard cock. It was so thick I
couldn't get my fingers around it but I could feel it pulsating. His cock
felt so hot. He stepped back and I followed him, still gripping his cock.
Derek came up behind me, his strong hands on my hips.

"Let's see what the rest of that hot little body of yours looks like, Ms.
B!" Derek exclaimed.

I couldn't see his face but I'm sure he was grinning as much as James. I was
at the point of no return and the thought that I had to stop this before I
let it get any farther along flashed in my mind. Then I remembered the reason
I'd arranged to be home alone when they came to see me. Alex, my son needed
me to do what I had to do to protect him. I had to do this; there was no
other way. These two big black policemen held his future in their hands.

I stood in complete submission as Derek pulled my blouse and bra off, tossing
them on the couch. Then his hands slowly unzipped my skirt and pushed it down
my legs. Derek lifted each foot one at a time until I'd stepped out of it. He
tossed the skirt on the couch with the rest of my clothes. I stood there
wearing just my white panties and high-heels.

Derek ran his hand over my ass. "Damn that's one hell of an ass!" He
exclaimed aloud. "I've wanted to get my hands on your sweet little white ass
for a long time now Mrs. B. Got to be some good fuckin'!"

James grinned looking down at my hand, still holding his pulsating horsecock.
He pulled the front of my panties outward and glanced down at my trimmed
blonde pubic hair. His grin got even bigger. He let go of my panties and they
snapped back. Derek put his hands on my panties and started to pull them down
my legs. He let go of them and they fell around my ankles. I stepped out of
them leaving them lay on the floor. I looked down, seeing the large wet spot
in the crotch of my panties. James and Derek noticed it too.

"Spread those gorgeous legs Mrs. B!" Derek ordered.

I spread my legs a little. Derek pulled them much farther apart. He pushed
my shoulders forward with one hand, sliding his other hand between my legs.
He gently rubbed the lips of my pussy and I couldn't keep from wiggling my
ass. I held onto James, my hands at his waist. James reached between my
outstretched arms and grasped his cock near its base. He pointed it up
towards my face.

I knew what he wanted and I put my lips on the bulbous head of his cock,
kissing it all over. I had to work my lips around to get it into my mouth.
My lips were stretched over his shaft, my tongue swiping along the
underneath side. I tried pumping my mouth up and down on his cock but I
couldn't get much past the head. I sucked on the head of his big black cock
as hard as I could.

Derek was fingering my pussy, sliding up and down the tight slit. I felt my
juices flowing. James held the back of my head but I still managed to suck
his cock as hard as I could. My mouth was making loud slurping sounds.

I felt James's body tensing. His leg muscles were taut. I held his waist
tight, my lips clamped onto his thick hard cock. I sucked him until he came.
His hot load shot hard to the back of my throat. I managed to swallow it just
before he blew his next load into my waiting mouth. My nostrils flared trying
to breathe. I managed to swallow James's second load. I was choking a little
so I took my mouth off his cock. His firm grip on my head started to ease.

I pulled myself up clawing at James's chest for support. Derek pulled his
hand from between my legs. James's cock was still oozing cum; it dripped down
onto the carpeting. Derek held me by my waist, pulling me back against him
for support. I managed to slowly get my breath back.

"Fuckin' damn Mrs. B, you suck real good!" James exclaimed.

I looked back at Derek. He was perspiring even though the air conditioner was
running. He said, "Come on Mrs. B, you got a lot more convincing to do," as
he pushed me towards the master bedroom. I saw James walking slowly towards
the kitchen. Derek pulled the blanket off the bed I shared with my husband
and threw it on the floor. I kicked off my high-heels and got on the bed,
stretching out in the center.

James entered the bedroom carrying a couple of beers. He handed me one and I
took a big swallow, washing my mouth and throat. I handed the beer to Derek.
He finished it off. James got on the bed; his eyes were focused on my hot
pussy. He lowered his mouth to my pussy and started licking it with his
strong tongue. He probed it inside me, licking my inner walls.

I saw Derek stripping off his uniform just before I closed my eyes. James
worked my pussy over like an animal. He sucked my clit with his lips until
I thought I would lose my mind. I had a tremendous orgasm lasting several


James licked my pussy slower and slower until he finally stopped. I opened
my eyes seeing Derek standing by the side of the bed, grinning. His rock hard
cock was as big as James's was.

I wasn't sure I could handle his huge cock up inside me. It was so long and
thick, so damn big. He saw the frightened look on my face. He reached for a
box on the nightstand and pulled out a large tube of lubricant. I looked up
at James.

"Better put plenty on." James suggested. "She got one tight fucking pussy."

Derek squeezed a stream of the lubricant along the top of his hard cock. He
took his hand and smeared it all over the long black shaft. He stepped into
the bathroom, grabbing a towel to wipe the excess off his hand. Derek walked
to the foot of the bed and stood there looking down at me.

He was shaking his huge black cock at me when he grinned and said, "You think
you can handle all this?"

"Do I have any choice. You think you can handle this?" I said defiantly as I
spread my legs wide and slipped my fingers down over my soaking wet pussy.
Derek climbed between my legs pushing them farther apart. His cock looked at
big as my lower arm. My eyes were bulging seeing it that close.

Derek pushed his wedge shaped cock between the lips of my pussy. I tried to
pull away from him for a second as he pushed his cock into me slow and easy.
I felt the head of his thick cock pass through the opening of my pussy and
push deeper inside me. My pussy was being stretched as never before. I took
a deep breath and held it until Derek had it worked almost all the way in. I
couldn't believe he'd gotten it inside me. I exhaled slowly when Derek pulled
back. He pulled it all the way out.

I stared at it as he pushed it back inside me. I gasped as he pumped in
short, quick strokes. Derek's huge horsecock was like a warm fire in my
pussy. He began to take longer and harder strokes inside me. The lubricant
on his cock was making slurping sounds when he fucked into me. I felt his
hot balls smacking against my ass on every deep thrust of his oversized

"Oh God," I thought. "The things a mother has to do for her children." Here
I was on my marital bed letting a huge dicked black policeman fuck me like
a common whore. I'd never felt anything like it. He was a real stud and he
played my quivering body like a master musician.

Derek hooked his arms under my legs so they rested in the crook of his arms.
He fucked me slow and easy, then hard and fast until I came. I pushed down
with my legs, lifting my ass up off the sheets. Derek slowed his fucking to
a leisurely tempo while the orgasm took over my body. I gritted my teeth to
keep from screaming out. When my orgasm slipped away, he began fucking me
hard again.

Derek pumped me until his whole body went rigid. He shot his load holding my
ass up off the bed. He slowly pulled his cock back and then took one deeper
plunge. He was panting for breath as he held himself buried to the hilt in
my spasming pussy. His arms collapsed to his side, my butt fell back on the
bed. He was perspiring so much; streams were running down his muscular chest.
Derek managed to drag himself off the bed and head towards the master

I felt a weight on the bed and turned to see James reach down and spread my
legs, climbing on the bed between them. He was licking his lips back and
forth. I felt his warm breath blowing on the lips of my pussy. I spread my
legs farther apart causing James to smile. He licked all around my pussy. I
felt my body beginning to squirm against his hot tongue. James grasped my
legs firmly and held me down.

He flicked his tongue against my clit, causing me flinch. James vibrated his
tongue up and down my pussy. I was moaning as his expert tongue worked me up.
My hands were grasping the sheets; I felt an orgasm building. My legs tensed
enough to lift my butt up slightly. James stopped licking my pussy until I
settled back down on the bed.

He put his mouth back on my pussy and darted his tongue inside me. I gasped
as he swirled his tongue inside my cum filled pussy. I felt my orgasm
building again. James slid his tongue up to my clit and toyed with it. I
couldn't hold back any longer. I had a fantastic orgasm, my juices flowed.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhhhhh!" I moaned aloud.

James kept his mouth on my pussy, sucking hard. My orgasm finally faded
letting my body relax. I opened my eyes slowly. James was making the last of
his slurping sounds. Then he told me to get up on my hands and knees. When I
did James got up behind me and grasped my waist with his strong hands. I felt
his massive horsecock slip between the lips of my pussy and then slide all
the way inside me. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh ... Ahhhhhhhhh!" I moaned as he also filled
me twice as deeply as my husband ever could.

James fucked his long thick black dick in and out of me steadily. He gyrated
his hips making it swirl inside me. I was panting for breath. I started
moving my ass back towards him as he increased his tempo. He slapped my butt
hard. I fucked back towards him harder. I almost pushed him back off the bed
but his strong legs kept him into me.

He started fucking me with long, hard strokes. I came within a few minutes.
James kept plunging his huge prick harder and harder until I felt it explode
and fill me with his hot cum. He released his grip on my waist and I fell
forward, his big cock slipping out of me. I lay there hugging the warm
sheets, my body still quivering. I felt the bed move when James got off the
bed. I closed my eyes until my body stopped shaking.

Then Derek rolled me over onto my back. I looked at his cock. He was hard
and I knew he wanted to fuck me again. My pussy was tender but I was so into
it that wanted him to fuck me anyway. We kissed and held each other. James
sucked gently on my tender nipples until I told him I was ready. He didn't
waste any time pushing his huge black cock inside me. My cunt was sopping
wet, allowing him to enter me without much resistance.

We fucked slow and easy for quite awhile. I locked my legs around his waist
forcing him to fuck me deeper and faster. He pumped his cock into me until I
felt his hot cum spewing deep. He got off at least twice. His body froze as
he came the second time. I held my legs tightly around him until his body
relaxed. He was forcing himself to take deep breaths. He lay down on top of
me and then rolled off to one side.

I saw Derek leaning against the dresser sipping on a beer, a black vibrator
in his hand. It was long and slim, tapered at the head. Derek was applying
some lubricant to it. He approached the bed, grinning as he told me, "I'm
going to get you ready Mrs. B.," I didn't know what he meant but I soon found

He was holding the vibrator, twisting the end back and forth. It hummed when
he turned it on. James rolled me over onto my tummy and spread my legs,
holding them apart. Derek lay across me. I felt him spreading my butt cheeks.
He pressed the vibrator against my virgin ass, not my pussy. I tensed, trying
to get away from the vibrating head.

Derek teased my butt with the vibrator and then slowly penetrated me with
the tip. I felt it starting to vibrate inside me. He pushed the vibrator
in a little deeper. It felt so different, an experience I'll never forget.
Derek turned the vibrator speed up a little. My ass was bucking as the
vibrator hummed inside me. I felt James release his grip on my ankles. I
kept my legs apart. Derek slowly stroked the vibrator in and out of my ass.
He finally pulled it all the way out.

I felt my ass still tingling as he climbed up over me. I felt the head of his
huge cock press in against stretched anus and cave it inward. I couldn't do
anything to stop him as he buried every long thick inch of black horsecock up
my ass in one powerful slam of his hips. He pulled back almost all the way
and then slammed it in to the hilt again as I howled in pain. I was pinned
flat to the bed, his muscular black body holding me down. His thrusting grew
faster and faster inside my anal passage as I screamed my head off into my
husband's pillow so that the neighbor's wouldn't hear me.

He pounded his cock into my glove tight asshole hard and deep as my screams
changed from pain to absolute pleasure. I had never been fucked this hard in
my life, let alone up the ass and I loved it. The shrieks of my orgasm echoed
off the bedroom walls as I felt Derek drive himself deep inside me. With a
few last thrusts, his cock let go, filling my ass with his cum.

He pulled out and I felt hands on my hips pull me up to my knees. James moved
back behind me and fit his dick against my cum drenched asshole. I heard him
say, "I gotta get me some of this Mrs. B." His cockhead throbbed at my anus
as he pressed forward. It yielded under the pressure as he flexed his
buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cockhead popped into my rear channel
and my head jerked up as I was sodomized once again by a long thick black

I became numb in my body as he fucked me up the ass for I don't know how
long before he deposited another heavy load of potent spunk deep up my tight
little asshole. The two of them fucked me all through the long hard night,
depositing several more heavy loads of their thick spunk down my throat, in
my tight loudly squishing cunt and up my even tighter little asshole.

It was not until after 3 in the morning that the two of them staggered out
of my house, leaving me fucked out on my bed. I couldn't count the number of
orgasms that had racked my body throughout the daylong fuck fest. The two
black cops were insatiable, resting for only brief periods between fucks. I
had been taken in so many different ways, often being double fucked one way
or another. It had been incredible and what had started out as the only way
to save my son had become the most wanton day of my life.

Exhausted and drained by the continuous bouts with the two cops, I
desperately wanted to go to sleep but fought it, knowing I first had to clean
up the evidence of the night. I recalled all the nasty things I'd been forced
to do on my marital bed as I stripped the sheets and replaced them with a
clean set.

I stood there in my bedroom recalling that the two men often exchanged
positions as they fucked me. I remembered being forced to straddle James's
cock with my back to him while Derek stood on the foot of the bed to face
fuck me. When that was over, having rested a bit, I was forced on all fours
with Derek taking me doggie style as I was forced to use my mouth to satisfy
James kneeling at my head.

I remembered being sandwiched between them, their massive cocks filling my
cunt and asshole as they pounded away in rhythm. It was unlike any experience
I'd ever had and the orgasms they'd fucked out of me were so overwhelming
that I lost consciousness before they'd finished. And it all continued into
the wee hours of the night.

Still, I couldn't get over the numerous mind-shattering orgasms the James and
Derek had driven me to, ones so powerful that I was dazed each time. Closing
my eyes, I took a deep breath, slipping my hands into my cum drenched cunt
and shivered at the memory of the long thick black cock's that had gang
banged me all day long.

Fingering myself faster and faster, I wickedly thought of the consequences I
faced from now on when they dropped into my catering shop during the day. I
would never be able to put them off after today. I just knew that I'd be back
in my office with them as they shot heavy loads of chocolate cream into my
hot buns. Then again, with police presence like I was going to receive from
now on I wouldn't have to worry about getting robbed, now would I.


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