Blondie: Mom's Twin Sister (MF,inc)
by Wilcox

One day as we sat at the dinner table my Mother said that she had something
to tell us. I could tell from her expression that she had something big that
she was going to drop on us. "Gang," she started. "I just found out that I
have a sister. Not only that, she's my twin."

We all sat there shocked as she told us that her Mother had finally
confessed the family secret to her. Times were hard and money was tight when
my grandmother had twin girls. They couldn't afford to take on two babies,
so after a lot of talk and counseling and with a bit of heartbreak it was
decided to put one of the babies up for adoption.

Her sister had a hard life; she went on, with two marriages ending in divorce
but luckily no children from either bad marriage. Both men had been abusive
to her and finally after her adopted parents were killed in a car accident
Grandma, her birth mother, decided it was time to step forward with the truth
in order to give her the family support and love she so desperately needed.

Grandma had told her that they'd kept an eye on her since they knew the
family that had taken her in and the shock for Melissa was just as great as
the shock to my Mom when it all came out. "It was time, my mother told me,
and we all met at a restaurant in town," she added.

Then Mom looked at us closely and dropped another bombshell as she went on,
"Anyway she's on her own and ... I've invited her to come and stay with us
until she can get back on her feet. She'll be here tomorrow."

As we stared dumbfounded at her she added, "I hope that it won't be a
problem. After all honey," she said to my Dad. "You're away on business so
much lately and the kids are just about grown and ready to move on with
their lives. We have the room ... she can sleep in the guest bedroom. I'll
be able to get to get to know the sister I've always wanted. Please ... I
want this ... she's my sister ... my twin ... and she needs help."

What could Dad say? Or my sister and I for that matter? She was family we
never knew about, needed a place to stay and Mom wanted to help her in the
worst way. We could see how important it was to her. Dad nodded his head and
Cookie and I did as well to the delight of my Mom.

"Oh thank you guys," she beamed. "You won't regret this. You're going to love
her." At the time I had no idea how right she was.

The next day was a Saturday. Dad was playing golf, Cookie was off with her
friends and Mom was sleeping in. My Mom's sister wasn't due until late
afternoon so we'd all agreed to go on with our plans and be home by then.
Me, I was in my room on my computer when I heard the doorbell. I went down
to open the door and there was my Mom standing outside with a couple of

"Mom why are you ringing the bell," I asked a bit irritated.

Then I heard my Mother's voice say, "I'm not your Mother. I'm her sister
Melissa, you must be Alex. Blondie told me she had a teenaged daughter and
son, but she forgot to mention what a hunk you are."

I couldn't believe it. She looked like Mom, talked like Mom, then it hit me.
Twin sisters ... identical twin sisters. It was uncanny. The face ... the
hair ... the makeup ... the body, then I noticed that she was dressed much
more provocatively then my rather conservative Mother would ever dress.

You see my Mom's 5'4" about 118 lbs., with curly blonde hair and soft blue
eyes. She has a great body with big full tits and a tight firm ass that I'd
been staring at with horny intent for the past few years. Now there she was
standing in the doorway wearing a tight low-cut sundress that showed off most
of her creamy boobs. It was tight through the tummy and hugged her flaring
hips before stopping less than halfway to her knees to show off her great

It was Mom like I'd never seen her, except in my dreams, but it wasn't Mom.
This was going to get very confusing I thought as I stared at Mom's twin
sister's incredible body on full display.

"Put your eyes back in your head honey and let a girl in," she laughed as her
eyes drifted down to my crotch and my stiffening dick. "I can see that you're
happy to see me. I'd call that a warm welcome."

I snapped out of it then. I stepped aside as she passed by me and dropped her
bags on the carpet. Her intoxicating perfume waived behind her as I closed
the door and watched her great little ass undulate into the living room. She
sat on the couch and I joined her as she asked where everyone was. After I
told her she smiled and said, "It looks like we have some time to get better
aquatinted then, doesn't it Alex? Can a girl get a drink around here?"

I couldn't believe it. It was only 8AM and she wanted a drink. I went to the
bar asking what she wanted and she said, "I really need a stiff one Alex."

As that thought and its implication danced in my head I poured a mixed drink
with a double shot in it. She asked me to join her. "It doesn't feel right
drinking alone," she smiled sweetly at me. I decided to go along, she was my
aunt and I didn't want to offend her, so even though Mom and Dad didn't let
me drink in the house I fixed a strong drink for myself.

We sat there talking and soon had consumed three more drinks. I was really
feeling it as I filled Melissa in on the family and what was going on in our
lives. The whole time my eyes were glued to her body and in particular to her
half exposed boobs as they jiggled and wiggled before my eyes. It's as though
Mom was sitting there with me but it wasn't really her, it was her identical
twin sister. Then she rocked my world.

"Alex you seem to have a thing for my tits?" she said softly. "We're hitting
it off so nicely, getting to know each other and all. Let's be realistic
about the situation we find ourselves in here. You're getting all hot and
bothered ... and so am I. I'm going to be staying here and I have ... certain
needs. It goes beyond saying that a horny teenaged boy has needs too. It's
just difficult at your age to fulfill them ... am I right?"

I drunkenly nodded my head, not quite sure where this was leading.

"I thought so," she said. "Would you like to see my tits sweetie?"

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard as I nodded again.

She slowly unbuttoned her dress and pulled the material to the side so that
her incredible breasts were open to my view as I licked my lips. I stared at
the pink nipples that topped her breasts, breasts that despite her age needed
no support, breasts that seemed to quiver all by themselves as if begging to
be sucked.

"You can touch them sweetie ... if you want too," she said in a soft little

It was like looking at my Mother as I stared at her exposed breasts. What
boy doesn't secretly dream of something like this I thought as my hand lifted
towards her until it was cupping her lovely breast with my thumb moving over
her hard nipple. I fondled it gently as she let out a soft moan telling my
how good my hand felt.

Then I bent my head and used my tongue to lick her entire breast before it
circled her nipple just before I closed my mouth over her breast. As I
suckled she moved her hand to the back of my head and pulled me closer. I
looked up and in my mind it was my Mother, not her twin sister as I suckled
at the tit that had nourished my as a baby.

Only I was grown and feeling extremely horny as my hand squeezed her other
breast, its fingers twirling her hardening nipple while I had her other
nipple in my mouth, biting it gently, sucking on it like I did when I was
a baby. She moaned and I felt her body quickly began to respond to my touch.

"Oh that feels so good," she moaned after a few minutes. "You're getting me
all hot and bothered," she went on as she unbuttoned her sundress all the
way down. "I think I'm going to enjoy staying here baby boy. Do you want
too see my pussy too Alex? Move down and give your aunt a welcoming kiss on
the lips."

In my horny drunken condition I didn't have to be asked twice so even though
I didn't want to leave her breasts I began kissing down her belly. I placed
both hands on her breasts as I kissed downward, my tongue slipping into her
navel. I kissed down past her navel and over the slight, sexy bulge on her
lower belly that was just like Mom's.

Her body couldn't seem to wait. She was raising her crotch up to me as I
approached the junction between her thighs. She was wearing a thong and I
pulled it down easily with her butt lifted as it was to expose her beautiful
little pussy. My tongue slipped out and licked down along the side of her
well-trimmed pubic hair traveling towards the tip of her crotch.

It slipped down the inside crease of her leg and she spread her legs wider in
anticipation. I ran my tongue over her pussy and licked up her labia. Mom's
or was it Melissa's baby blue eyes opened wide and her pussy spasmed under my
tongue as I looked up at her.

I wiggled my tongue in and out of the folds of her pussy lips, causing her
to shake with pleasure and I could sense that something intense was building
deep in her body. I lapped her slit several times and then worked a finger
into her. I'd gotten this far before with some of the girls from high school
so I knew what it was doing.

I worked it deep inside her and began rubbing the tip around a spot deep in
her pussy. She began humping my finger as I felt the intense feelings grow
within her as she moaned that she thought she was going to die from pleasure.
Then I ran my tongue over my finger and up her pussy. With one quick lick, my
tongue twirled around her clit.

As my tongue touched her clit, her pussy clamped down around my finger and
then ballooned up as she came. It felt like a series of bombs went off in her
pussy and she screamed in pleasure. I wasn't done yet though. I continued
fingering her and licking around her clit until it hardened like a miniature

She had several smaller orgasms before the pressure built again and an even
bigger orgasm overwhelmed her when I sucked her clit in my mouth. I stayed
there between her legs lapping up her juices as she came down and slowly
looked down at my cum soaked face grinning up at her.

"My God honey," she said breathlessly. "That's the best tonguing I've ever
felt. You're a wonder that's for sure, not only a hunk but a stud as well.
I can tell that we're going to be really good friends Alex. Now get up here
beside me."

I followed her instructions and quickly found her kissing me with a passion
I'd never felt in a girl before. She seemed to like the taste of her pussy
juices as we kissed with her tongue deep in my mouth. Then she pulled away
and said, "I showed you mine, now it's your turn to show me yours. Come to
Mommy, you sweet boy."

She told me to stand and when I did she pulled my sweatpants down. I wasn't
wearing underwear and my dick popped out right in her face. So there I stood
in my nakedness before my Mom or was it her sister? I was drunk and the
reality was blurred for me. Her hands reached to my thighs, caressing from
my knee to my hip. Her mouth opened slightly, her tongue wetting her lips as
she looked at my big dick with a lustful gleam in her eyes.

In the last year I'd been growing like a beanstalk and was now well over the
six-foot mark. I was starting to fill out but not just with muscle. My cock
had somehow developed into a fat slug almost overnight, and that was when it
was soft. Fully erect my hand could just encompass its circumference and I'd
measured its length and found to my amazement that it had grown to be just
over 11 inches.

Now I was standing there with my dick out in front of the aunt I never knew
I had. In my horny drunken condition it looked like it was my Mom who was
pulling me forward, her hand stroking my rock hard cock. "It's so beautiful,"
she whispered. "And so big. I've never seen one this size and I've seen more
than my share of dicks." Her hand lifted my cock, her fingers wrapping gently
around the girth of my shaft. As her fingers and thumb tightened, she slid
them slowly up my cock and then back down.

I watched her lean in to me, her mouth opening, her tongue extending to
touch my cockhead. Her tongue swirled over it and my hips thrust forward
involuntarily. Her lips touched and kissed it as I stood there transfixed
by the sight. She opened her lips and sucked the head of my cock into her
mouth as she tugged on my cock. She stuffed more into her mouth, her lips
sliding down my shaft, coating it with her saliva as I felt her incredible
tongue working over the thick vein on the underside. Her hand pumped my
shaft up and down as her mouth hungrily sucked about half of my cock into
her mouth.

I reached to her head, pulling her down against me. My cock pushed deeper
into her mouth and I felt myself enter her throat. She groaned from deep
within then pulled back, her tongue doing magic to my throbbing cock. She
looked up at me as she went down on me again. She ground her mouth over
my dick, forcing every inch into her face, mouth, and down her throat.
Her other hand reached around my hip, firmly grabbing my ass, pulling me
forward roughly, her nails biting, stinging my flesh. I thrust my hips
against her face and felt my pubic hair being nuzzled by her nose.

"God it feels so good," I whispered looking down into her eyes. "Suck me
Mommy!" I continued as she left me have control. I started soft, but forceful
thrusts against her face, withdrawing to thrust again. She sucked hard. Her
mouth, her lips formed a vacuum, her tongue lancing out, pressing against the
underside of my cock.

She took over then and I was on the ride of a lifetime. She humped my cock,
building speed, first softly, then with more lust, more abandon. Soon, she
attacked my cock, assaulted my flesh, driving every inch repeatedly deep
into her face. Her hands pumped my shaft, reached to milk my balls, pulling
them down, swirling them, and squeezing them between her fingers. And always
driving her face back down on me. I could hear her throat make noises, her
jaw stretching to take all of me.

Then she slowed down and kept just the head in her mouth as I gasped in total
pleasure. She slurped loudly, drove her tongue into the eye of my cock then
swirled it around the head, sucking hard as she pumped my shaft.

"Mmmmm," she growled. "You taste so good Alex," she said as she took a split
second breather. "I can taste your precum sweetie," she grunted as she drove
her face back down on me.

I slammed my hips forward, impaling her face on my shaft. Her mouth stretched
wide and her full pouty lips wrapped around my massive cock looked absolutely
incredible. I moved the hair back from her face. I wanted to watch my cock
slide between my Mother's lips, penetrating her mouth as she sucked me off.
In my eye it was my Mom, not her twin sister who was giving me the best head
of my young life.

My girlfriend's who'd done it were inexperienced and it was good believe me.
But I had a Class A cocksucker working on me now and it was almost more than
I could take. Especially because she was my Mother's identical twin sister.
Her technique was mind blowing and she really enjoyed her work as she milked
me for my cum.

I leaned over, sliding my hand down and found a full melon tit. I lovingly
massaged it, fondling the fleshy mound as I tweaked her nipple between two
fingertips. She groaned louder in approval as she sucked my cock deep. She
started sucking my cock like a demon possessed. She bobbed her head hard on
my cock, building speed and urgency with each thrust.

I arched my hips to her face. I pulled her by the back of the head, slamming
my cock deep down her throat. I knew that it wouldn't be long before she
sucked my load up out of my balls. Her mouth and throat expanded, taking me
completely. Lifting my balls, She rolled them against her cheek as she sucked
me deep.

She was massaging my pubes, rolling my balls over the softness of her
cheek. Her tongue pressed against the inside of her cheek, poking at my
balls. Saliva drooled from her lips coating my balls as well as my cock.
Eyes closed, she sucked deeply, drawing my cum from inside my body.

My orgasm approached. My breathing grew very ragged. I held my breath. My
body grew tense. Eyes shut tightly, all focus directed to my cock and balls,
my brain, body, and soul exploded. My balls erupted, flooding my shaft with
cum, forcing spurt after spurt into my shaft. My shaft muscles squeezed,
propelling my cum up my long cock, to blast forth from my shaft into her
hungry mouth and throat. As I exploded in orgasm, she groaned.

So deep, so guttural was her groan it shook my very core. She attached my
cock with total abandon as she tasted my cum, groaning with each spurt,
hammering her face deep onto my cock. Her cheeks sucked in as she pulled
up my cock, drawing each spurt forth, sucking hard to capture each
ejaculation. Her lips smacked, her tongue darted out to lick my cock head,
and she attacked again, driving her face forward, inhaling my cock.

My orgasm had my body twitching in mini thrusts against her face. My toes
went numb. I couldn't think. I could only focus on the feelings generated
by cumming. Cumming in my Mom's mouth. Looking down it was Mom sucking me
off, drawing my cum out of my cock, swallowing me deeply as I filled her
mouth repeatedly.

Then as my orgasm subsided, my knees grew weak. My knees bent slightly, I
thrust upwards again, driving my deflating cock back into her face, between
her lips. I groaned in unison with her. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" repeatedly
escaped my lips. My self being flowed into her as she drained me of more
than my fluids. Gently, I pushed her off my deflating cock.

I groaned deeply. Once more, my hips thrust forward, my cock jumping into her
face. She grabbed me, her lips quickly surrounding my cock, and instantly,
she buried it deep into her mouth and throat again. I shuddered, grinding my
hips against her face. I humped several shallow humps, pulling my cock almost
out of her mouth, her head bending forward to hold it, and thrust forward
again to impale my softening cock back into her mouth. With each thrust, I
grunted, my breath escaping me. I shivered.

"Jesus Christ," I whispered as she finally pulled off my deflated cock. I
fell on the couch beside her and we hugged and kissed in near exhaustion. It
was my turn to taste my sex juices from her mouth as our tongues played with
each other.

Then reality returned as we heard a door open up stairs. "Shit, it's Mom
getting up," I said in fright at getting caught with my new aunt in such a
compromising position.

Melissa smiled as she pulled away, "Where's the bathroom sweetie. I need to
clean up and get presentable before your Mom comes down? So do you. Use the
kitchen to wash that incredible dick of yours, then open some windows to air
out the room. It probably smells like a bordello in here ... and remember
sweetie, what just happened is our little secret right. Keep it that way and
we'll have lots more fun."

I pointed the way and was relieved to hear Mom go into the upstairs bathroom.
I cleaned up, opened windows and sprayed air freshener. Then I sprayed the
couch with Fabreeze to eliminate to odor of our sex juices. By the time we
could hear her feet on the stairs everything appeared normal. Melissa was in
a chair and I was on the couch as we talked.

Mom called, "Alex, who are you talking to? I thought your Dad and sister had

"They're out Mom," I called back. "I'm talking with my new Aunt Melissa. She
came early."

We both smiled at my inside joke as Mom ran the rest of the way and the two
women embraced. It was like there was a mirror there. They were identical
in every way. It was incredible, I thought as I looked at them together. I
literally had two Moms'. One my sweet innocent birth Mother, my good Mom.
The other her identical twin sister, my sexy very naughty bad girl Mom.

I carried Melissa's bags up to the guestroom and left them alone downstairs
as I went back to the computer in my room. I came down later to the call of
lunch is ready. I found them sitting at the kitchen table and the only way
I could tell them apart was by they're clothes.

I sat and started to devour my sandwich, then I grinned as Melissa said, "My
word, Blondie. Just look at this boy eat. He must have worked up quite an
appetite working out this morning. It's good to see a big strong teenager
with strong appetites. I wish I had one of my own. Do you mind if I steal
him for myself?"

Mom laughed, "Go right ahead. I'm sure Alex wouldn't mind the extra
attention. Would you honey?"

I blushed in embarrassment. "No, if that's what you want. I guess it'll be
OK," I said looking down at my plate, not wanting Mom to see my smile at
knowing the true meaning to the words that were just spoken.

I finished and went back up to my room and stayed there until Dad and Cookie
came home. I could hear them downstairs talking and laughing, but I was
afraid to join them because my dick kept getting hard whenever I thought of
Melissa and the promise of things to come with her. We had dinner and I
excused myself shortly after, saying I was tired and needed some extra rest.
I saw Melissa smile at that and tried to control my dick as I left the room.

I stayed on the computer until I heard everyone come up and go into his or
her rooms. I was lying in bed stroking my dick when I heard my Mom tell her
sister good night. I lay there in anticipation and around 1AM I saw my door
slowly open and then close as a shadowy figure entered.

The room was almost dark, with only the soft glow of a nightlight. She went
to the windows and pulled the drapes open so that a soft glow of moonlight
illuminated the room and allowed me to see her clearly as she approached the

"Hi sweetie," she said softly. "I couldn't sleep thinking about you and your
big cock in her all alone."

She removed her robe and lowered her naked body onto the bed next to me. I
kissed her and she answered passionately as her desire pushed against me. My
tongue was in her mouth and she used her own to give me the deepest, sexiest
kiss of my life.

I broke off the passionate kiss and spent several minutes perusing her
incredible tits, fondling and squeezing the firm fleshy mounds and spiky
nipples. I kissed and sucked both nipples as she moaned in delight, "Oh
baby that feels so nice."

Then I slipped down her ripe body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her
clitoris was up hard as I twirled my tongue around it and feasted on her
flowing juices. 'MMMM,' I thought as I ate my mom's twin sister out, 'her
tight little cunt was so beautiful, so succulent.' I was feeling so horny
that I slid my tongue up and down her hot crack as I alternated between her
sweet pussy and tiny puckered anus. My tongue was digging deeply up her tiny
asshole as her tingling body gave in to my every demand.

I couldn't wait any longer. I lifted up between her wide spread legs and
stroked my cock to its full 11-inch length. Then lifting Melissa's legs up
onto my shoulders, I slid my long thick pulsating cock up and down the full
length of her wet, swollen blonde-fringed slit. She blinked her eyes several
times; trying to focus on my plum sized cockhead in the soft light as it slid
through the slick entrance to her womanhood, becoming coated with her flowing

I looked down at her and saw my beautiful Mom under me with my dick poised to
enter her juicy slit. She let out a low moan and closed her eyes as she felt
the wide head of my cock slip between her pussy lips. Her pussy was wet and
throbbing as my cock entered and it felt as though her pussy was pulling my
cock in deeper and deeper.

She gasped and sighed as I began to push it in and out of her, going deeper
into her with every stroke. "Ohhh, .. G-G-Godddd .. soooooo .. biggggg ..
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly as my thick cockhead forced its way into
her and even though she'd been married twice it was surprisingly tight.

I began to pump my cock slowly in and out of her wet pussy as it stretched to
accommodate my thickness. Our lips met and we began to kiss as I continued to
fuck into her deeper and deeper. Her incredibly tight cuntal sheath stretched
around my thick dick like a glove a size to small and I continued to push
myself forward until I'd buried my 11 inch dick into her well lubed vagina to
the hilt. I felt the tip of my cock hitting her cervix as my heavy balls
slapped against her upturned little ass.

I was buried to the hilt and thought that I'd returned to the place of my
birth as I looked down at her. I watched as her eyes popped open at the deep
intrusion of my 11 thick inches to her and I stayed still, savoring the feel
of her glove tight cunt wrapped around my throbbing prick.

After a minute or so she began to move under me. Soon she was beside herself,
horny beyond belief and was milking my fully embedded member with her
spasming cuntal canal as she slowly rolled her hips. I began a slow steady
pump and she matched my motion perfectly as she pushed up to meet my long
deep thrusts into her sweet little cunt.

She moaned about how big I was and how nothing as big as my cock had ever
entered her cunt before. Pussy juice covered my cock and leaked from her cunt
as I fucked her, pounding into her, plunging deeply into her cunt with long
steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as my balls slapped against her ass

Her sopping wet cunt began to loudly slurp and squish with each pile-driving
invasion of my massive cock into her overstuffed little quim and the
bedsprings were groaning in protest. Thank God, my room was at the end of
the hall, I thought. My parents were across the hallway and the guestroom
was between my sister's room and mine. Otherwise, with a common wall we
might wake someone up as we fucked away like a couple of animals. This
wasn't lovemaking; it was hot raw loud fucking.

She strained upward, her feet pointing to the ceiling and her toes curling
from the sensations. My assault was merciless as I ravaged my lookalike mom
the way I'd been dreaming of doing for oh so long. I leaned forward and laid
over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders and fucked for all I was
worth. I pumped her glove tight little pussy for a good thirty minutes,
ramming her as hard and deep as I could, making her juicy cunt squish loudly
with every balls deep thrust as I slammed home repeatedly.

I'd read about male and female sexual peaks and I knew that Melissa and I
were both at ours. Teenaged guys and older woman, I hadn't really believed
it when we read it in health class, but here Melissa and I were proving it
on my straining bed which creaked as never before. Orgasm after orgasm shook
her convulsing body as I fucked her brains out. I was consumed with a
newfound power and strength as she hunched her lush ripe body up and down
on my mighty shaft.

I sighed, dropped her long sexy legs off of my shoulders and leaned down on
top of her. I was pushing into her to the hilt, loving the sounds of her
moans as she wrapped her arms around me. Time after time her arms embraced
my broad shoulders while her feet drummed upon my pumping ass. Her hands
moved to my ass and pulled me towards her in sync with every thrust. She was
using her muscles in her vagina to massage the entire shaft of my manhood.
Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though my thick cock had filled
up her cunt.

My hands crawled up over her hot sweaty body to her big full 38D tits as I
fucked her hard and deep. Her nipples were big and hard and as I started to
play with them she moaned and said, "uummmm that feels so good baby, suck
on mommy's nipples you bad bad boy." Damn, she's into the role-play too, I
thought as I pumped her harder.

When I leaned down and took one of her nipples into my mouth and began to
suck it, she moaned even louder. I could feel her pussy contracting around
my cock harder and harder. I knew it felt big to her, because she whispered,
"Your such a big boy, I love how you fuck me with your long thick cock baby."

Hearing her say this drove me wild and I knew I couldn't hold back much
longer so I started to fuck her harder. With every stroke, I made sure I
pulled all the way out, then shoved it back in as fast and as hard as I
could. I felt the tip of my long thick cock pounding on the entrance of
her cervix. I had her spread wide open and my big prick was stretching
her like she'd never been stretched before as it embedded itself fully
again and again.

I reached down with my hands and started playing with her sexy ass. With her
pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, I circled her tiny anus with
my finger for a while as her breathing became louder. She gasped and I saw
her eyes became wide opened when I pushed my finger up her tiny asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhh that's it, play with my ass while you fuck me ... fuck
mommy hard, mommy wants her big boy's cum," she cried out loud.

Now having both holes jammed I picked up the pace and I could feel her cunt
muscles twitching with my fingers through the thin wall between her pussy and
her rectum as I fucked her. She could feel my cock enlarging inside of her
and she knew I was about to explode. She began to wiggle her pussy up and
down as I fucked her. I began to moan as I grew closer and closer to letting

She shoved her hips up to meet mine as we raced to orgasm. She twisted and
gyrated in circles on my drilling cock. I hammered her wildly, setting off
multiple orgams in my hot little lookalike mother. Sweat covered her
luscious body as she worked her spasming cunt on my hard charging cock.
She came over and over. She yelled and screamed as she climaxed endlessly.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh, ... G-G-G-Godddd ... G-G-GGoddddddd ... ohhhhhhh ...!"

Her body was wracked with tremors as she peaked again and again. "OH Yes do
it babe, squirt your hot cum in mommy's pussy," she yelled as I felt her push
a finger deep up my ass.

That drove me off the cliff and with one last thrust I shot my load deep
inside her. She started bucking hard against my cock as she felt my hot cum
squirting inside of her, filling her cunt with a heavy load. Then as I lay
there with my cock deep inside her pussy, I felt her pussy tighten hard
around my cock.

"OHHHH GODDDD, your making me CUMMMM again sweetie, your making my pussy
squirt" she screamed out in pleasure. Melissa fucked me like a whore as her
pussy milked me for every drop of my sperm. When she'd drained out the last
of my load I fell on top of her gasping for air.

Needless to say, it was the best fuck of my life. The hell with teenaged
girls, I promised myself. From now on I was fucking experienced pussy. My
mom's twin sister's pussy as we took care of each other's needs. In no
time I was again hard and ready for action as she twitched and jerked in
the aftermath of her orgasms with my dick buried inside her.

I rolled over onto my back and pulled her with me so that she was now on top
as I began to push up into her. She moved her knees up and began to bounce
her ass up and down as she rotated her hips in little circles. "My God," she
moaned. "Again ... and so soon. Your going to wear me out baby."

She lifted up and her small pink nailed hands rested on my chest as she slid
up and down my full length and stared into my eyes. I loved the sight of my
sexy lookalike mother riding me, her body glistening with sweat, forcing
herself down around my long thick dick. Her pussy felt tight and wet around
my manhood and I moaned as I thrust my hips upward slightly gripping her hips
in my hands.

She arched her back, grinding her clit into my pelvis. With her arms
together, as her hands lay on my chest, her large tits stuck out from her
body proudly while she slowly rose up and down a few inches at a time.

"Oh ... oh ... oh ... y-yes ... oh god!" she moaned.

I reached around and groped her soft ass, kneading the flesh in my hands.
"You feel so good," I told her as I brought my hands up, caressing her
stomach before cupping her large tits in my hands. Teasing her nipples
with my thumbs, I began to thrust upward faster, relishing the tight wet
heat inside of her. Eagerly I reached up and caught one of her nipples in
my mouth. I sealed her nipple with my lips as I swirled my tongue around
the hard tip.

Releasing her wet nipple I looked up into my mothers bright blue eyes as she
flung her wet hair over her shoulders, and began to moan and scream again,
"Oh ... F-Fuck mommy! Your such ... ugh ... a g-good boy ... Oh ... AAAA!"

I smiled up at my mother's beautiful face looking down between her luscious
wildly jiggling breasts as I hammered up into her with enough force to cause
my heavy balls to slap against her ass.

"AAAAAAEEEEEEEE!!!" she screamed as she lowered her head onto my shoulder.
Her nipples rubbed into my chest as her hips and ass jiggled with each
powerful thrust. She brought her face around, nuzzling my neck, before
grazing my lips with hers. Melissa's moist lips pressed urgently against
mine as her tongue darted into my mouth. "Mmmmmfffff." She moaned around
the kiss.

I slowed down and returned the kiss, before returning to my relentless
pounding. My hands moved up to caress the smooth skin of her ass and lower
back as our tongues danced together for several more minutes. Then I pulled
out, rolled her over and lifted her sexy little ass up high.

Her full ripe tits jiggled and flopped about wildly under her as I parted
Melissa's perfect ass and saw her tiny tightly clenched anus. I laid my long
thick cock in the crack of her gorgeous ass and slowly slid it through her
full sexy buns.

"Mommy," I said, "I want to fuck your tight little asshole now. Tell me you
want me to fuck you up the ass ... Mommy."

She knew what I wanted her say. "Yes. Please...," she said in my Mother's
voice, "Fuck Mommy's ass, I want you to fuck me up the ass ... you nasty
boy ... you nasty motherfucker."

I placed my cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. My cock was slick and lubricated and I forced
it in deep past her spincter, stretching her tight anal passage taunt around
my big cock. She unconsciously clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles
soon relaxed and permitted me to enter.

She grimaced as my huge cock split her wide open. "Take it easy Alex," she
moaned. "I've never taken one so big back there."

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she got used to being fucked up
the ass with a really big dick. Her rectum was stretching open as I shoved
forward and buried my whole cock into her tightly clenching asshole. She had
all 11 long thick inches to the hilt up her ass as I came to a stop with my
heavy sperm laded balls slapping loudly against her firm little buns.

I held myself in place; my hands locked onto Melissa's flaring hips as I let
her adjust. I knew that I had to take it easy at first and let her get used
to my dick up her butt. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes my cock was
sliding in and out of her glove tight anus easily as she rolled her hips and
pushed back into me.

"OH baby YESSSSSSSS ... that's it ... fuck Mommy's hot little ass," she
moaned. "Come on you motherfucker ... give it to me ... OHHHHHHHH ... your
big cock feels so fucking good in my ass."

She continued to cry out, lurching and jerking as I ram fucked her up the ass
furiously, hammering my hips at her buttocks, reaming my big cock deep into
her ass. She exploded in orgasm, her fingers gripping at the sheets in a vise
like grip as I pounded into her. Reaching around her curvaceous body, I
brought my hands to her chest and cupped her tits in my hands. The stiff
nipples rubbed against my palms as the flesh overflowed between my fingers.

Several minutes later Melissa whimpered and cried out as I rammed my big dick
up her tight little asshole to the hilt and my balls finally released a huge
load of cum. I flooded my Mom's twin's cock stuffed little asshole and she
moaned loudly in pleasure as my hot load sprayed deep up her ass. I bucked my
hips against her buns until every drop was gone, then I collapsed onto her,
our naked, sweaty bodies clinging to one another.

After a few minutes of savoring the feel of her twitching anus milking my
softening cock I backed off of her, my big dick pulling out of her tiny ass
with a loud plop. I rolled over besides her, saying nothing for the longest
while as we lay beside each other on the bed.

Finally, she spoke. "Oh baby, that was incredible ... you're quite the stud?
God ... I'm going to love it here with you?"

I watched as what looked like my mom leaned forward and took my gooey dick
into her mouth. She expertly sucked me off, cleaning off every gooey drop
of our mating until my big dick was shiny clean. She moved back beside me
and smiled sweetly. "You can't tell anyone what we're doing. It'll be just
between us sweetie, OK."

I just smiled as I took my Mother's twin sister into my arms and gave her a
big kiss with lots of tongue as I fondled her sexy body. It was a wonderful
feeling knowing that I had made her have all those powerful orgasms. We lay
there together catching our breath. Then she got up and left the room,
leaving me there alone on the bed. For the rest of her stay with us we
continued to satisfy each other as often as we could.


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