Mr. Dithers Does Them All ...A Blondie Story (M/F,reluc,voy)
by Wilcox

Julius Dithers loved his job as the owner of one of the largest construction
companies in the city. He was successful because he was able to recognize
talent and put those people in positions that benefitted his business. More
importantly, he was ruthless in getting what he wanted. Each time he saw
his name up on a sign at a new construction site, he felt pride and job
satisfaction. But that was only part of the reason Julius loved his job.

Julius was in a position of power and he used it to subjugate the woman in
his corporate family. His female employees as well as the wives and daughters
of his employees where all fare game as far as he was concerned and he used a
wide varity of ways to sample their pleasures. The hunt was exciting to him
and he loved to play with people as he found which buttons to push to bend
them to his will.

The husbands and fathers of his prey had their livelihoods in his hands as
well as the woman in the company, many of them single mothers. He was the one
who decided if they would get and keep their jobs and what they would get
paid. Even more so, he held the key to their success ... their futures. He
decided who got the promotions that led to higher salaries and stability.

Julius was a sexual predator. He'd often thought that he couldn't help it if
God had blessed him with a huge cock and incredible stamina. It was a gift,
he'd reasoned. One that he loved to use to as often as possible. He'd
discovered at an early age that he had a condition the doctors called
Satyrism. He could maintain his erection and cum multiple times. He was now
in his early 50's, balding, with a pot belly, but was deceptivly strong and
had been using Viagra to supplement his staying power for a number of years.

Today was a special day for him. He was planning to break in a new conquest,
the beautiful teenaged daughter of Dagwood Bumstead. He'd watched Cookie grow
into a beautiful young woman and had called her, asking her to come in to see
him. He was going to use his standard ploy, one that had been very effective
over the years. He administered the company scholorship program and used the
lure of a full ride at the college of the girl's choice to make her submit to
his desires.

His secretary buzzed and told him that Miss Cookie Bumstead was waiting to
see him. "Send her in Ms. Johnson," he said to his intercom as he leaned
foward and pretended to be busy with some papers on his desk. He looked up
when she walked in and drank in her firm ripe body. MMMMM, he thought, she's
a younger version of her beautiful mother. A woman he'd added to his list of
conquests long ago. Cookie's big full tits, firm little ass, and the curly
blonde hair that framed her beautiful face made her an almost perfect copy
of her sexy mother.

"Hello, Mr. Dithers," she said to her father's boss.

"Thank you for coming in, please sit down Cookie," Julius said rather
routinely, pointing to a chair across from his desk.

After sitting, Cookie presented her paperwork for the scholorship and
answered Julius's questions.

"Very nice," Julius complimented her package. "It looks like you have all the
qualifications needed to get into the company scholorship program."

"Oh, thank you very much," the young girl exclaimed with a sigh of relief.

"I think you may be worthy," Julius continued. "But there's more than just
what you did in school. You have to meet my personal requirements. Raise your

"What?" Cookie exclaimed, stunned by the suddenness of the request.

"I need to make sure your legs are acceptable."

"Oh," Cookie said as she slowly stood up, not at all certain of what was
happening. She reached the hem of her dress and lifted it to mid-thigh.

"Higher," Julius ordered. She raised it a little more. "Higher." She kept
moving it upwards. "Higher."

When the dress was just below her panties she hesitated and said, "Mr.
Dither's why do I have to do this?" She looked inquiringly at Julius, but
he simply motioned with his hand to keep going. With shaking hands, Cookie
raised the dress a little more -- her panties just beginning to show.

"For God's sake girl, to your waist," he said forcefully.

Julius enjoyed this little game. He intentionally didn't initially tell the
young girl to raise her dress to her waist. He wanted it to be done a little
at a time... winning each minor battle of wits. He was pleased when her dress
was lifted all the way to her waist, providing him a clear view of her rather
transparent panties. He assumed that was one of the reasons she hesitated.
He was able to see her fluffy blonde pubic hairs through the see-through
garment. He reveled in the redness that spread over her innocent face.

"Hummm... yes, very nice," Julius complimented her, making her think she was
closer to receiving the scholorship, "now the top. Just make believe your
undies are a bikini."

"B-But, I-I'm wearing a dress."

"Then take it off, girl. C'mon, I don't have all day. Do you want the
scholorship or not?"

Julius sat back and watched the young girl struggle to make up her mind. It
was so predictable that he almost laughed. But her financial need finally
won out over her modesty. Julius knew that she wanted to go to an Ivy League
school that her parants couldn't afford to send her to with the company's

She let go of the bottom part of her dress and started fumbling with the
buttons. When they were undone, Cookie pulled the dress over her head,
leaving her in only a skimpy bra and panties. The bra was also transparent,
displaying her nipples and aerolas. She stood self-consciously in front of
her father's boss, a much older man, almost completely naked.

"Turn around," Julius commanded.

Cookie slowly turned so that she faced away from the man who had the power
to give her the start in her adult live that she so desparately wanted. He'd
meant for her to make a 360 degree turn, but this was even better. He looked
at her cute little ass and the crack that was clearly visible through the
thin material.

With her turned away from him, Julius opened his pants and pulled his huge
hardening cock out. He began stroking it while watching her. If she had
turned around she would have caught him, that was part of his excitement. But
she didn't turn.

"OK, turn back around," Julius instructed right after sliding his chair under
the desk -- his hand still on his now hard cock. "Take the rest of it off."

"Why do I have to do that?"

"Because I said so. I want to see all of you. Jeez girl, I thought you wanted
the scholorship. This is getting tiring."

Cookie thought for a moment and then rationalized that she had gone this far
already, what difference would it make? After all, she was already almost
naked and he was just being a dirty old man like the old homeless men in the
street who wispered all those filty things to her when she passed by them.

She placed her dress on top of the desk and unclasped her bra, pulling it
off and depositing in also on the desk. Then, after hesitating for a moment,
slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, adding them
to the pile of clothing. She felt so vulnerable standing naked before a
fully-clothed strange man.

"Oh, very nice... very, very nice. You shouldn't be so timid about displaying
your body," Julius encouraged her, trying to break down her resistance.
"You've become a very beautiful young woman with a great body. And you do
have a really fine body, but ... Mmmm, I don't know...." Julius said, as if
to himself, with his voice trailing off.

"What?" Cookie immediately reacted.

"Well, I don't know if your really willing to do what it takes to qualify ...
um, well to be honest, I don't think you want the scholorship badly enough."

"Oh, but I do Mr. Dithers," the naive young girl exclaimed, "I'd do

"Really?" he said. "Well then ... fondle your breasts for me. I want to see
your nipples get hard."

Julius smiled as he saw the young woman hesitate as she fought an inner
battle with herself. Then his smile grew even larger as she slowly raised her
hands and cupped her beautiful full breasts. Her fingers twiring and pulling
on her nipples as she made them get hard and much longer.

Cookie was getting used to being naked and doing what her father's boss
requested. She had very sensitive nipples and knew just how to get them
erect. After causing both nipples to stand out, Cookie proudly displayed her
naked boobs, but then gasped when Julius pushed his chair back and brought
his lap into view.

"Oh god, what are you doing Mr. Dithers?" she exclaimed.

"You were playing with yourself so I began playing with myself," he replied
with a smile.

"Bu-But you told me to," she stammered.

"Doesn't matter. I liked it and I got excited. Now I'd like you to come over
here and help me out," he told her.

"You what? Over there? What do you want me to do? I don't understand," she
said as her eyes grew wide.

"Just come over here.... That's right. Now help me out. Put your hand where
mine is," he instructed her.

"On your.... You mean on your, uh... on that!" she said pointing to Julius's

"Yeah, on that! On my dick... my cock. Don't you see how hard it is? You
caused that and now I'm asking you to help me out," he said softly.

"I-I-I can't do that," she replied uncertainly.

"Sure you can ... if you really want the scholorship. You did say you'd do
anything didn't you. Prove it." Julius told her, pulling her hand onto his
huge cock. "Good, now move it up and down... yeah, like that. Oh, that's so
nice... mmmmm."

Cookie's little hand slid up and down the older man's cock just like it did
on her boyfriend's when they were parking. Julius watched her get into a
rhythm and then reached up and started playing with her hard nipple. Cookie's
eyes stared at his fingers on her breast, but her hand kept moving up and
down on his cock. After a while, Julius moved his hand between her naked
thighs and inserted a finger into her pussy. She gasped, but kept moving her
hand. He pushed his finger all the way in, validating that she was not a
virgin. He finger-fucked her while she jerked him off.

"OK girl, put my cock in your mouth," he told the wide eyed teenager.

"You want me to blow you. I can't do that. My god Mr. Dither's I hardly know
you," she blurted out.

"You don't know me?" he laughed. "I've know you since you were a little girl
sitting on my knee at company picnics. Now look at us. My finger's in your
cunt and you're jerking me off. I don't think we're strangers. Do you?"

"But that's so intimate. I just can't."

"How badly do you want this scholorship?" Julius asked the naive young girl.

Cookie wanted it very much. She knew that getting into an Ivy League college
where she could establish contacts with the children of the rich and powerful
would be the beginning of a very rewarding life for her. Then she considered
all that Mr. Dithers said. She was naked... his finger was inside her... and
her hand was wrapped around his massive hard cock, jerking him off.

So what if she gave him a blow job. It would soon be over with and she'd get
what she wanted. She did it with her boyfriend Jimmy and she reasoned that if
she closed her eyes she could pretend that she was going down on Jimmy.

Cookie dropped to her knees. In doing so she forced his finger even deeper
into her pussy before it popped out and rubbed against her clit as she sunk
lower. A soft moan escaped her lips as that happened. Her hand, still on his
hard on, guided his big cock into her mouth. Julius looked down at the 18
year old girl as her lips parted and then slid over his cock.

Julius loved it. Another, beautiful, naked female was on her knees blowing
him. He watched her lips slide up and down his hard cock, leaving a shiny
trail of spit. Every once in a while he'd hear her gulp down the saliva
accumulating in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap. 'She must
be used to young guys cumming quickly,' Julius thought when she seemed
impatient for the end. She increased the speed of her bobbing head, causing
her lips to rub against his organ more quickly. She was succeeding in trying
to end her ordeal.

"Wait," Julius said as he pushed her head off his cock. A long strand of
saliva connected her lower lip to the tip of his cock. He stared at it until
it snapped. "Climb on board."

"Oh no... I can't do that. Really, Mr. Dithers, I just can't. Not that."

"Why not? Don't you want the scholorship? You've come so far, why not finish

"Please, I've only done that with my boyfriend. I just can't do that."

"That? What is that? Tell me what you can't do."

"I-I can't have ... intercourse ... with you."

"Intercourse? Shit girl, were you raised in a convent? Nothing in this world
is free ... I guess you don't really want this scholorship after all."

"Yes... yes I do," the young naive girl said rapidly. "I do... really."

"Then for God's sake, prove it."

"Mr. Dithers, I can't ... fuck you. It wouldn't be right."

"What the hell have you been doing girl? Did you let me stick my finger in
your cunt? Huh? Did you jerk me off? Huh? Where was my cock a moment ago? In
your mouth... right? You were sucking my cock. For God's sake, don't stop
now. You're in line for the scholorship. But you gotta earn it. Do you
understand? Do you?"

Julius watched the girl's troubled expression in silence. He saw the torment
in her face from the battle she was waging inside her head. When her eyes
looked up he knew he had won -- she was his. Cookie lifted one leg and swung
it over his lap while facing him. Standing on her tiptoes, the submissive
girl waited for Julius to move, but he just beamed at her, remaining

Cookie understood and reached between her thighs and found his long hard
cock. She guided it to her young pussy and lowered herself onto his organ.
She felt his thick cock slide into her ... deeper and deeper than she'd ever
felt before ... until she was sitting on his lap. Julius had a good four
inches more than Jimmy had given her and the incredible thickness had her
cuntal sheath streached around his deeply rooted shaft like a second skin.

It was hard for Cookie to sit still with his massive cock inside her
inexperienced little pussy. To Julius's enjoyment, she began squirming on his
lap. He looked between her widely spread legs at the neatly trimmed blonde
bush. His hand slid between them and his finger located the base of his cock.
He moved his finger around, feeling the moist skin of Cookie's pussy clinging
to his big dick. The girl just stared at him with wide eyes.

While Cookie fidgeted on his cock, Julius's finger found her clit -- totally
vulnerable in her exposed position. He gently stroked it and her writhing
became more pronounced.

"Ohh... mmmm... ohhh," the young girl moaned.

Cookie's squirming turned into a more pronounced movement. She started to
move her hips back and forth, causing Julius's cock to partially come out of
her and then go back inside. He felt the wetness drip from her excited cunt.
His finger returned to the area where they were connected and he lubricated
his finger with her juices. Now when he returned to her clit, his moistened
finger resumed its titillation.

"Ohhhhhh," Cookie sighed when the lubricated finger touched her. A wet finger
is much more pleasurable than a dry one, and Julius knew that. He continued
to transfer the juices from her leaking pussy to her clit -- moving his
finger in little circles. "Mmmmm... aaahhhh... ohhh... ooooh... mmmmm."

Cookie couldn't control herself any longer and began bouncing up and down on
the old man's cock. She lifted off him and then crashed back down onto his
lap. Up and down... up and down... up and down. Her pussy grabbed and milked
his cock to increase the friction and the stimulation. Julius sat back and
watched his cock slide in and out of Dagwood Bumstead's sweet young daughter
as he fondled her jiggling young tits. Each time she raised off him he could
see the slickness on his cock increase.

Suddenly, she put her hands on his shoulders for support and started bouncing
so hard on his lap that her ass cheeks made slapping sounds each time she
smashed onto his thighs. Then, sitting down hard on his lap, Cookie's body
froze. She leaned forward a little causing her clit to press against his cock
and began a forward and backward motion with her hips until her face crinkled
and her body shuddered in a powerful orgasm.

"Aaarrggghhhh!!!!" she screamed out through clenched teeth.

Before Cookie reopened her eyes, Julius grabbed her ass and stood up, never
separating from her. He carried her the few steps to his desk and placed her
on it. He then put his hands flat on the desktop and began thrusting into her
with deep powerful strokes.

"Ugh... ugh... ugh... ugh," Cookie grunted as Julius rammed his massive cock
into her.

Julius saw the young woman's eyes open wide. She was being brutally fucked
by her father's boss on his desk. His hard cock was moving in and out of her
glove tight little cunt with great force and speed ... and there was nothing
she could do about it.

Then, after a good fifteen minutes, Julius thrust in one last time and leaned
his body over Cookie's. He looked into her eyes and watched her reaction as
his hot sperm shot into her pussy. It was the final submission. She was
really being fucked and fucked hard. He continued to shoot more and more of
his cum inside her and all she could do was lay there and accept it.

Without Cookie seeing him, Julius hit the button on his intercom. This was
the preplanned signal. A moment later, his secretary's voice came through
the intercom's speaker, "Mr. Dithers, your next appointment is here. Mrs.
Bumstead's on her way in."

Julius pulled out of Cookie's pussy and the poor girl jumped off the desk in
a panic -- looking around... moving erratically. "I have to get out of here.
Oh my god... oh my god ... my mother's here."

"Shhh," Julius said, "be quiet. Get under the desk. Get out of sight." As the
flustered girl crawled under the desk, Julius gathered up her clothes and
flung them into a closet behind him. "Be quiet. Don't let her know you're

Julius sat down in his chair and moved it towards the desk, trapping the
young girl underneath it. To her shock, Julius's pants were still undone.

"Hello, Blondie my dear," Julius greeted Dagwood Bumstead's sexy blonde
haired wife, "so glad you could come in today."

"Hello, Mr. Dithers," Cookie heard her mother's voice.

"Well, as you know, this is the time for performance reviews that determine
pay increases for my employees," Julius continued. "I expect you to show me
your graditude for a good review of your husband's work. It shouldn't take

Julius was busy writing on a piece of paper as he spoke to the beautiful
Mrs. Blondie Bumstead. Then he slipped the note to Cookie who read it in
disbelief. It simply said, "Blow me."

Cookie considered her alternatives. She didn't have any. After all she had
been through, it would have been ludicrous to give up now. She earned the
scholorship and she was going to get it -- no matter what! She maneuvered in
the cramp quarters until she was on her knees between Julius's legs. Julius's
cum began leaking out of her pussy and running down her thighs as a reminder
that she was just fucked by the old man.

She tugged on his pants and underwear until they were at his ankles, spread
his knees further apart, and crawled between them. She saw his now limp cock,
covered with a mixture of his sperm and her juices, and lifted it to her
lips. Opening her mouth, Cookie swallowed the messy cock and started licking
it with her tongue.

"OK Blondie, you know what to do," she heard Julius tell her mother. "Take
off your clothes and let me see you in your bra and panties." Cookie heard
the same line he gave her and gently nipped the cock in her mouth, letting
him know that she was not pleased. This startled Julius and he jumped in his

"You okay?" Blondie asked when she saw the sudden movement.

"Sure, just a chill."

"Well, I'm not wearing a bra," the beautiful blonde woman announced. She was
used to taking care of her husband's horny old boss.

"Never mind, strip to your panties then."

Cookie continued to lick and suck Julius's cock. She had licked it completely
clean of their juices and Cookie was amazed that she hadn't thrown up. Julius
alternated between watching Blondie strip before him as her sweet innocent
young daughter sucked his cock. His dick began to renew its hardness.

"Lovely... very lovely," he complimented the beautiful wife and mother who
was now standing in front of him in just her panties. "Turn around... yes,
very, very nice indeed. You have a wonderful body."

"Thank you," Blondie said pleased with the complement.

"Good then. Now take your panties off?"

"Yes Mr. Dithers. You know that I'll do whatever you want me to."

There was no doubt in Julius's mind what Blondie meant by that. The blonde
woman had been around him long enough to understand what was expected. Julius
smiled as he watched her remove her frilly panties. Meanwhile, her teenaged
daughter Cookie was busy under his desk sucking his cock. He loved his power.

"Blondie, my dear, why don't you play with yourself.

The blonde wife and mother didn't hesitate. She started massaging her breasts
with the palms of her hands. She squeezed them and pinched her nipples. Then,
lifting one breast to her mouth, she sucked on her own nipple. After doing
the same with her other breast, Blondie slowly slid her fingers down her
belly to her shaved mound. She cupped her pussy and then raised her hand to
her mouth. After sucking on a finger -- getting it real wet -- she lowered it
between her legs and slipped it inside her.

"Ahhh," she moaned as she began finger-fucking herself.

Julius looked at the beautiful blonde standing naked, masturbating for him,
and then at her young blonde daughter, also naked and out of sight, sucking
his cock under the desk. Before long, Julius was rock hard and ready for
action. He rolled his chair back, yanking his cock from Cookie's mouth.

She looked up at him in surprise, but he just signaled for her to stay where
she was. Then he removed his pants and boxers, got up, and walked around the
desk to where Blondie was masturbating. He got down on his knees and pushed
his face between her legs.

"Oh yes, Mr. Dithers," she moaned.

Julius accepted the invitation and began lapping her cunt. He loved the taste
of pussy and licked and licked and licked. When Blondie began squirming,
Julius stood up and guided her to the desk. He turned her and pushed on her
shoulder and she submissively leaned over with the palms of her hands on the
desktop causing her georgeous ass to stick out. Julius got behind her and
shoved his huge hard-on into her wet pussy from behind.

"Yes... yes, Mr. Dithers. Oh god that feels good."

He began thrusting in and out of Blondie harder and harder, which caused her
to moan and grunt loudly.

Cookie remained silent under the desk, the same desk her mother was being
fucked on. She heard the sounds emitting from her mom and wondered what was
going on.

"Fuck me!!! Yes, fuck me harder!!" Blondie suddenly screamed out.

And then Cookie knew. Mr. Dither's was fucking her mother. Right there ...
with her in the room ... unknown to her. Cookie smiled knowing that her mom
had no idea she was there.

"Oh yessss, fuck me. Oh yeah, that feels soooo good. Make me cum, stud. Yes,
touch my clit. Oh my god, that's good. Mmmmmm, pull it... yeah, like that.
Pull my clit... fuck me... mmmmm. Oh no, not there. Ohhhhh. Okay, stick your
finger in my ass. Mmmmm, just don't stop fucking me."

Julius had his cock in Blondie's cunt and his thumb deep in her asshole. He
leaned back so that, as he fucked her, he watched his thumb jam in and out of
her ass. Julius noticed that Blondie moved her own hand between her legs and
frantically mauled the clit he abandoned.

Julius thought of Cookie sitting under his desk, listening to them fucking.
He wondered what was going through her mind and then smiled even more broadly
when he thought about Blondie not knowing Cookie was there -- under the
same desk she was leaning on. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard
Blondie's voice.

"I'm so hot. I'm close. Fuck me hard. Use your finger in my ass. God, I can't
believe I like that. Ram it in me. Oh shit I'm so hot. Fuck me harder...
harder. Yeah... uh, uh, uh, uh. That's it. Oh-my-god... aaaarrgghhhhhh!!!"

Julius felt the blonde's pussy contract and then become wetter as she
orgasmed. He pulled his thumb from her asshole and put both hands on her hips
as he relentlessly pounded his long thick cock in and out of her. Blondie put
her arm on the desk and then laid her head down on it as Julius thrust into
her over and over again.

He then pulled out and pushed his cockhead between her lucious buttocks to
her tight, puckered sphincter. Blondie whimpered as Julius's huge cockhead
throbbed at her anus. Her tiny anus caved inward and yielded under the
pressure as he flexed his buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His massive
cockhead popped into her rear channel and deep up her asshole.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

Julius gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers digging into the softness
of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he flexed his buttocks and
ground his hips forward. His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight
little asshole as she moaned loudly. Deeper and deeper it went, and Julius
groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick penis in her tiny anus, his
hips pressing tightly to her buttocks. She whimpered, writhing her buttocks
erotically in his crotch. Julius, slid his hands down her lush body to
squeeze her breasts as he sodomized Blondie slowly, deeply and thoroughly.

After several minutes Julius stopped suddenly, jerking his cock out of her
anus and, quickly, pushing it down, rammed it heavily into her cunt. Blondie
cried out thinly, lurching and jerking as he ram fucked her cunt furiously,
hammering his hips at her buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her little
pink slit as he came hard, filling her warm pussy with his hot cum.

When Julius recovered he pulled out of Blondie's cunt and walked around the
desk, leaving her panting. He sat down in his chair and winked at Cookie. She
uncontrollably smiled back at their little secret.

"OK Blondie, please be seated. We're almost done."

While Blondie walked back to the chair on wobbly legs, Julius handed Cookie
another note which said, "Suck me."

Cookie looked up at him in shock. He just fucked her mother and he expected
her to put his unwashed cock in her mouth. It was bad enough she did it
after he fucked her, but this was different... it was covered with her mom's
ass and pussy juices. When Julius saw her resistance he leaned over and
whispered, "Suck it or I'll drag you out from under there."

Cookie couldn't face the humiliation so she took hold of the slimy cock in
her fingertips and gingerly stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked and licked
a few times, tasting the juices. At first she thought she'd be sick, but then
it didn't seem all that bad and she began giving Julius a loving blow job.
Once Julius was assured Cookie would continue he shifted his attention to her
mother sitting in the chair in front of his desk.

"Blondie," he began, "play with your pussy for me."

The blonde woman slipped her fingers between her legs and did as she was
told, moving her fingers around the gooey mess. Julius was in heaven. He had
the young blonde daughter sucking his and her mom's cum off his cock while
the beautiful mother rubbed her fingers in the mixture between her legs. He
simply sat back with his hands behind his head and watched the two woman

"OK Blondie, we're done. As always, you've won your husband another pay

Cookie continued sucking Julius's cock while she heard her mother getting
dressed. After a while, she heard the two say goodbye and then heard a door
open and shut. They were once again alone. Julius smiled down at her as she
sucked him to stiffness.

"That's my good little girl," Julius cooed, "just keep sucking. I love a
young girl's mouth on my cock. Mmmmm, yeah, that's so nice. Did you like
listening to me fuck your mother? Don't answer, just keep sucking. I bet you
did. I bet you found it erotic. Just think, I was ramming my cock in and out
of her pussy and ass while she was leaning on this desk ... the same desk
you were huddled under." Julius felt Cookie suck a little harder and knew he
was getting to her. "Ah, so you did like it. Would you have liked to watch?
I can arrange that, you know. Mmmmm, yeah suck me. Oh shit you have a great

Cookie listened to Julius's words and got turned on by them. She didn't know
why, but she did. She was determined to make him cum again and moved her head
rapidly up and down his long thick shaft. Then, without warning, she felt his
cum flood her mouth. Her boyfriend always warned her... giving her time to
release his cock.

She never had anyone cum in her mouth before so she tried to pull away, but
Julius's hands held her head in place. Load after load filled her mouth as
she swallowed faster and faster to keep from choking. When Julius stopped
cumming, she sucked harder to draw the last of his jism out. Then Julius
released her and leaned back in his chair.

Cookie pulled her head back and began licking the sperm that accumulated on
her lips. She kept swallowing, trying to get the taste out of her mouth, but
it lingered on. When Julius signaled for her to come out from under the desk,
Cookie stood up on stiff knees. She felt more of his cum leak from her pussy
and realized his cum was in both her mouth and cunt. She felt like a slut.

Cookie got dressed and left Mr. Dither's office. She felt cheap and used, but
the next day her father let her know that his boss Mr. Dither's had told him
that she got the company scholorship. "He said that you really earned it
Honey. I'm very proud of you Cookie."

She was ecstatic. "Oh Daddy, it was a long hard interview, but it wasn't all
that bad. Now I'm part of the Dither's Company family just like you ... and
Mommy!!!" she smiled knowingly at her niave father.


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