Blondie: My Best Friend Alex's Mom (M/F)
by Wilcox

I always always had a thing for Mrs. Bumstead, probably because she was so
damn sexy. She had curly blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes, great tits that
would always stick out of what ever she was wearing and boy did she ever have
the tightest ass I have ever seen. The only problem was that she was 35, my
best friend Alex's mom and I was only 18 in my senior year of high school.

I was spending the night at Alex's house after a big party and everybody was
asleep. I was so wired I couldn't fall asleep so I went down stairs to watch
some TV. Alex and I had gotten into the beer and I was still pretty smashed.
It never dawned on me that I was in Alex's house and I absentmindedly went
down wearing only my boxers.

I was watching TV for about 15 minutes when Mrs. Bumstead came down in a sexy
blue teddie that barely covered her faboulous ass. It had spaghetti straps on
the top and showed a lot of cleavage. The way her big boobs were jiggling I
could tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

"Oh, Hi Bobby," she said, kind of surprised when she saw me on the couch. I
thought someone left the TV on and came down to shut it off.

"Hi Mrs. Bumstead, I couldn't sleep. I hope you don't mind me coming down," I
said. I felt a little weird with just my boxers on as I stared the sexy
outfit she was wearing.

"No... not at all dear. Do you mind if I watch TV with you? I'm so worked up
I can't sleep either. Can you believe it, this is our anniversary, and my
husband got so drunk at the party that he just passed out on me," she said as
she took a seat right by me on the couch.

"No, not at all," I nervously responded. As she sat down her big boobs
bounced up and down and I got turned on as I looked at them. I couldn't help
myself from getting a boner and got rock hard. I didn't want her to see my
hard on. So I went to the bathroom hoping it would go away. It did, but as I
walked back into the room, I saw her sitting back on the couch with her legs
spread open and I had a clear view of her pussy.

I looked and realized that she was really drunk and didn't have any panties
on! I could see her sexy blond fringed pussy and my dick began throbing. I
tried not to make it too noticeable that I was looking at her pussy but it
was hard not to. I sat down next to her trying to get as close as possible.
My hard cock was easily visible through my boxers and I put my hand over it
to try to cover it.

"Can you believe that bastard," she went on after a while. "It's our
anniversary and we start making love. I get all hot and bothered and he just
falls sound asleep, right on top of me. What kind of man does that? I'm still
a desirible woman, aren't I Bobby?" she slurred out.

I quickly nodded my head in agreement as my dick began to throb. Mrs.
Bumstead's big tits were popping out as she leaned towards me and I could see
her stiff nipples poking through the thin fabric.

"You wouldn't do a thing like that, would you Bobby? NO... you wouldn't. Your
a verile teenaged boy and all teenaged boys have constant hard-ons, MMMMM, I
bet you have one right now, don't you?" I felt a little strange as I saw her
glazed over eyes drifting over my practically naked body.

She leaned even closer and said, "I hadn't noticed how much you'd grow up. My
God, just look at you. So big and strong, with those hard rippling muscles. I
bet you have to beat the girls off, don't you. You think I'm sexy don't you
Bobby. You'd fuck me... wouldn't you. God, it would serve the bastard right
if I did fuck you. God knows I'm drunk and horny enough."

Man, I couldn't take it any more. I grabbed her, spread her legs wide and
dove forward, nuzzling my face in her soft golden mound, inhaling the sweet
fragrance. "Ahhhhh... what... what are you doing? Ohhhhhhhhhh...
ohhhhhhhhh!" she moaned, her body quivering as my hot mouth clamped down on
her soft mound.

"Oh, God... ohhh, God... ahhhhhh... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed and her
body quivered from the sensations caused by my wiggling tongue between her
legs as her cunt muscles contracted madly, excreting her love juices into my
hungry slurping mouth.

"Ohhhhhhhhh... please... noooooooooo!" Mrs. Bumstead groaned, arching her
hips up in an effort to escape as my tongue teased her sensitive clit. I held
her down and before long she began planting her feet on the cushions. Her
legs slowly spread wider as her hands grasped the back of my head and she
arched up in response to the oral pleasure I was giving her.

"OH Bobby!" she moaned, "what are you doing, I didn't mean.....!"

I kept licking her juicy pussy as the wet fluids flowed out and I lapped it
up. I spread open her pussy with my fingers so that I could dig my tongue
farther in and she began moaning even louder and began grinding her pussy up
into my face. "Ahhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhh!" Mrs. Bumstead groaned as she arched
her hips up to feed me the love nectar that flowed from her juicing quim.

I couldn't resist going for her asshole and my tongue slid up and down her
hot crack as I alternated between her sweet pussy and tiny puckered anus. My
demanding tongue was digging deeply up her tiny asshole as she loosened up
and her tingling body unconciously gave in to my every demand.

I started to suck and lick her clitoris again like I've never done before. I
licked more and more, gobbling up all the sweet cum that was gushing out of
her. "Oh, Goddddddd... ohhhhhh... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned loudly, body
shaking uncontrollably as she arched up into my slurping mouth and had a very
intense orgasm.

I let her settle down, then licked my way up her body as I took off her
little teddie. I worked my tongue up over her flat tummy and feasted on her
full ripe tits. Her nipples were stiff little towers of lust and I nibbled
and sucked to my hearts delight as I fondled her big full breasts. After
several minutes I licked all the way up to her face and I gave her a long
kiss as I moved my hands all over her body.

She said, "My God, Bobby, that was the best ever. I owe you one and I'll take
care of you right now." She removed my boxers as she slid down so that my big
cock was even with her mouth. I couldn't believe it as Mrs. Bumstead started
to lick and suck my balls as she moved around my hard throbing shaft. She
said, "Oh my God Bobby, you've got a big one! So much longer and thicker than
my husband's."

She licked her way up to the tip where she slowly took all 9 inches of me
down her throat. She started to suck and suck faster and faster as she bobbed
her head and worked her full puffy lips up and down my long shaft. I tried to
hold in my cum but it was hard do with her deep throating me amd sucking me
off like this. "OH yeah," I moaned, "Mrs. Bumstead, you sure know how to suck

She kept sucking and sucking, licking my shaft's full length with her
incredible tongue until I couldn't hold back any longer and I shot a heavy
load of cum into her mouth and straight down her throat. She took it and
looked up at me with her beautiful blue eyes as she swallowed it all down,
except for a few drops that slipped out of her mouth.

I pulled my dick out of her mouth and feeling bolder, I thought, well she
just sucked me off. She's so drunk that she'd probably fuck me the same way.
I positoned myself up between her wide spread legs, stroked my cock back to
its full 9 plus inch length, then gently lifting Mrs. Bumstead legs up onto
my shoulders, I slid my pulsating cock up and down the full length of her
wet, swollen slit as my fingers assaulted her hard engorged clit.

"No, you mustn't. It's not right! My husband is right upstairs," she
protested as I pressed hard against the yielding flesh of her cunt. God, she
looked so hot and sexy. I saw the conflict in her glazed over eyes slowing
fading away as my hard prong was convincing her juicy pussy that it was
hungry for a taste of my thick, rich teenaged cream. Her husband had a lit a
fire deep inside her and I was going to put it out with my big hose. I
figured it's his loss. What a fool.

I watched her big full tits jiggling as she began to roll her flairing hips
in a definite I want you to fuck me motion. She was staring down at my big
dick as it slid through her glistening pussy lips and I heard her softly
say," Well, maybe... just this once, but it has to be our secret. You can't
tell anybody."

I reached up and filled my hands with thier pliant fullness as I told her my
lips were sealed. God, she looked so good spread out on the couch under me.
What a fantastic body she has, and she's so beautiful. I couldn't resist the
urge to feel what her tight little blonde fringed pussy would feel like
wrapped around my big hard on. So, I pushed it in.

The feeling of the head parting her puffy cunt lips was pure heaven but the
heat of her sex was almost too much to handle as her incredibly tight cuntal
sheath streached around my thick dick like a glove.

"Ohhhhhhh... yesssssssssss!" Mrs. Bumstead groaned as my big cockhead parted
her slit and pushed itself into her. "Oh, Bobby... oh, Bobby... fuck me Bobby
with your long thick teenaged cock!" Without any concious thought I continued
to push myself foward until I'd buried my 9 inch dick into her well lubed
vagina to the hilt.

I felt the tip of my cock hitting her cervix and my balls slapped against her
tiny puckered asshole. The sensation of splitting her tight, velvety cunt
muscles almost made me cum after one plunge but I fought it off. It helped
that she'd sucked me off first. Once I was over that first rush I knew I
could go all night as she started milking my fully embedded member, working
her hips up and around in a super intense dance of love.

"OH fuck me Bobby, fuck me hard and fast," she moaned. I did what she begged
for. I kept thrusting my cock deep inside of her as I moved up and down,
faster and faster. I was firmly mounted in the saddle and I rode her into the
sunset, thrusting my cock deep inside of her, feeling her wet juices flow
around my hard plunging cock.

Faster and faster I fucked her, my teenage balls slapping against her firm
asscheeks, bodies joined as only a husband and wife should be. "Oh, God...
Bobby... oh, fuck me... fuck me!" Mrs. Bunstead chanted as she wrapped her
trim legs around my back. Arching herself up and down, she matched me thrust
for thrust. We were like two wild rutting animals on the sofa.

I eased up the pace to last longer and pumped my big dick slow and deep up
her tight hole, my heavy balls slapping up against her incredible ass on
every long stroke. I maintained a steady fuck for a good half hour and rode
her through three orgasms then started stroking harder and harded as I raised
her legs up high and hooked them over my shoulders.

I leaned foward and laid over her, pinning her knees back to her shoulders
and fucked for all I was worth. I felt like a Greek God sampling a mortal
woman as I pumped her glove tight little pussy for another twenty minutes,
ramming her as hard and deep as I could, making her juicy cunt squish loudly
with every balls deep thrust. It's a good thing that her son and husband were
both passed out drunk or the noise we were making would have brought them
screaming to save her.

I reached down with my hands and started playing with her ass. With her pussy
juice running down her crack, I circled her anus with my finger for a while.
She was getting nervous as her breathing became louder. Her look told me that
she wondered what I would do with that finger down there.

She gasped and I saw her eyes shoot wide open when I pushed my finger up her
virgin asshole. It went in without a hitch and with plenty of fuck juice, I
was not surprised how easy it was when I jammed a second finger up Alex's
Mom's colon. Now having both holes jammed I picked up the pace and I could
feel her cunt muscles twitching with my fingers through the thin wall between
her pussy and rectum.

Nothing could stop me, I was going to cum in Alex Bumstead's gorgeous mom's
sweet little pussy. I felt my orgasm building and pumped harder. I really
pounded into her warm squishy hole, enjoying the exquist milking action of
her glove tight little cunt.

"Ohhhhhhh... yessssssss... yessssssss, I'm cummmmmmingggg!" Mrs. Bumstead
groaned loudly, her body shuddering uncontrollably as she arched up, lifting
me with her. Feeling my thick pleasure giving shaft buried deep in her,
feeling its pulsing throb expand faster and faster, she awaited the explosion
of its hot soothing balm.

Wanting to feel it explode deep in her womb, Mrs. Bumstead humped up against
my huge throbbing shaft "Cum... cum in me, Bobby... fuck your hot cum into
me!" That was all I could take and my cock twitched one last time and
exploded out its hot potent jism, flooding her fertile womb in a series of
powerful spurts.

Satisfied, I pulled back out and lay there, waiting for round two. I was
amazed at how long I'd been able to hold back my cum. I quess it was the
realization that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that had given me
superhuman staying power, that and getting my rocks off in her mouth to

As I was recovering, I rolled Mrs. Bumstead over onto her side. I knew I
couldn't let her leave her alone without fucking her georgous ass. Now that I
had her in my grasp there was no way I was going to go home tomorrow without
sodomizing Alex's sexy little mother.

The small brown hole was tight but I'd already prepared it. I got not one but
two fingers knuckle deep in her ass and began to twist them around to streach
her out and insure that she was ready to take my big penis.

I was again hard and I flipped her over onto her back and picked up her legs.
Sliding in between them I lifted her legs up high. I pushed them forward
till her knees were almost up to her face and her legs were tightly pressed
against her big boobs. Her ass was now spread wide open for me to fuck.

I slid my dick into her sopping wet pussy and gave it a few pumps. When I
pulled it out it was all gooey and slick with our combined fuck juices.

She knew what I was going to do and that there was no way she could stop me.
"Please go slow, I've never had my ass fucked before Bobby and your cock is
so fucking big." She moaned, looking up at me with those big blue, deer in
the highlight eyes. Not wanting to hurt her, I slowly eased the head of my
dick into her virgin ass. She unconciously clenched her ass tight but her
anal muscles soon relaxed and permitted me to enter without any problem since
it was well lubed and prepared by my fingers.

As soon as the head popped pass the ring of muscles, the rest of the thick
shaft slid in nicely. She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to
get used to being fucked in the ass. When I looked down between our hips, I
saw my entire 9" cock was now completely buried inside Alex's Mom's tight
little shitter. My balls were right against her bare ass skin and my pubic
hair now tickling her still dripping wet pussy.

I stayed there, buried deep and let her adjust to my thick shaft penetrating
her ass. After a couple of minutes I felt a change coming over her as her
body lost it's tenseness. The pain had faded and she'd got used to the
sensation of having a cock in her asshole. I looked up and her glassy blue
eyes were begging me to fuck her up the ass and then she softly moaned, "Oh
god! Please fuck my ass Bobby, please do it NOW!" With that encouragement, I
pulled out my pecker and started slowly pushing in and out. I could feel the
incredible grip and heat from her tight little asshole and it was fantastic.

It took several minutes to streach her rectum open for me to fuck as I worked
every inch of my thick cock back and forth to the hilt. Once she loosened up
and I felt myself sliding in and out more easily she began rolling her hips
and pushing back, acting like a total slut and revelling in it. I began
really pounding her asshole, picking up power and speed until I was fucking
her up the ass as hard as I could. My hands were filled with her big full
boobs and I really worked them over, squeezing them hard, pulling and
tweaking her hard spiky nipples as I got into fucking her up the ass like a
conguering barbarian taking a village wife.

Her hands were now caressing my chest and pinching my nipples between her
fingers. I lowered my mouth to hers and we kissed passionately as I rammed
her anus. Our tongues were dancing inside our mouths as I held her hands
together above her head. I took complete control of Alex's mother as I made
taboo love to her. I only let go of her mouth when her breathing was getting
so heavy that I thought she was going to pass out from our act of animal

I rammed my whole nine inch rod balls deep for what seemed an eternity before
her glove tight grip milked me to the edge and I felt the hot boiling over
feeling coming from my balls. I pumped more semen than I could ever
remembered pumping before into Mrs. Bumstead's glove tight ass as I came.

Releasing her, I pulled my dick out of her asshole with a loud plop. After a
few minutes, I carried her up to her bed and placed her beside her loudly
snoring husband. She reached up and pulled me down for a long deep kiss and I
felt my cock spring back to life. I thought what the hell, I'm going to fuck
Mrs. Bumstead's sexy little ass again, right in her bed next to her dead
drunk husband.

I said, "You know it isn't fair that Mr. Bumstead isn't getting any on his
anniversary, now is it. Why don't you be a good little wife and give him a
blow job." She tried to roll away but I grabbed her and pulled her back. I
moved her so that her head was right over his crotch and I made her pull
her husband's shorts and jockeys down. She did as she was told, taking her
husband's limp prick into her mouth and began sucking on him.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her up so that she was on all fours as she
serviced her drunken husband. I moved up behind her and layed my dick between
those firm cheeks of hers, my balls touching her bright pink slit as my thick
shaft nestled in between her faboulous buns, the head peaking out over her
back as I slowly sawed it through the sexist little ass I'd ever seen. She
was undulating her hips as she sucked him and the sight was just incredible.

I slid it down and fit it into her juicy pussy and rammed my long thick cock
up inside her tender blonde fringed little pussy and began to fuck her glove
tight cunt powerfully. It was heaven itself as her tight cunt began to
squeeze the entire length of my deep pounding dick. I did her for several
minutes and then pulled out to fuck her up the ass again.

"Bobby, no, what are you doing?" she wimpered, lifting her head and letting
her husbands limp little dick fall out of her mouth. Feeling my cockhead rub
up against her anus, she tried to crawl forward to get away moaning, "Oh no,
not again. My asshole is still sore from the last fucking you gave it."

I held her in place and put pressure behind my throbbing cock, caving her
anus inward slightly. I'd been looking at her sexy little ass all my life and
I knew I wanted to fuck it again. Once just wasn't enough. I pushed the head
in and she let out a low howl. I looked down at her passed out husband and
said, "Yo, Mr. Bumstead, you didn't seem to mind when I was fucking your hot
assed little wife on the bed next to you. That was OK with you... wasn't it?
Tell me if you have a problem with me fucking your wife in your bed."

"See he has no compliants, he doesn't mind at all," I told her.

"What about... I fuck your wife up the ass Mr. Bumstead, is that all right
too. Good, I didn't think you'd mind. Well your husband doesn't object Mrs.
B, so .... hi ho, hi ho, it's up your ass I go."

I moved into her and slowly slid my big cock all the way up her tight little
ass, burying it to the hilt. I held it there, my hips pressing tightly to her
buttocks. It was nice and broken in and it felt like a velvet glove streached
around my throbbing shaft. I reached up under her and grabbed her big tits as
they jiggled around. She was all mine and I fucked her hard and deep up the
ass as she whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in my crotch.

I was shoving my cock like a piledriver up her tight asshole now. Her body
rocked and jerked under my thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing
as I moaned thickly, my hands on her hips, pulling her anus up and down the
length of my cock. It was unbelievible, I was nailing my best friend's
mother's ass in her own bed, right next to her loudly snoring, dead drunk
husband. My dick was harder than it had ever been before in my life.

After a good half hour I couldn't hold it anymore and I shot my load inside
of her asshole as we both moaned loudly. After we finished, we cuddled with
each other until early morning. I left her bed after throwing one more fuck
into her sweet pussy and slipped back into Alex's room. I knew that from now
on I'd be getting into her panties whenever I wanted.


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