Blondie: My Mom Blondie, The Secret Whore (M/F,inter)
by Wilcox

My friends would always tell me how hot my mom was and how their dads all
wanted to fuck her. She was a gorgeous and extremely sexy woman. She was 34,
with curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes with a supermodel's face with
the sexiest lips I'd had ever seen, but like most things she was very niave
and unaware of the effect she had on men. She was a very prim and proper
lady, or so I thought.

Her body was just as perfect as her face. Her breasts, full thrusting mounds
that were large for such a petite woman, swelled voluptuously from her fine
boned chest. They were nearly the size of melons, and both their size and the
fact that they were extremely sensitive had always embarrassed her.

Her nipples were round stubs that would poke embarrassingly from the firm
globes with just the faintest pressure from fabric or fingers. Her narrow
waist and slightly curved tummy flowed smoothly down to wide flairing hips
that led to long, smooth thighs and one of the best-shaped asses on any woman
I'd ever seen.

Tyrone was one of my black friends and his dad Don was a real stud.
Occasionally he and my mom would run into each other after school when
picking us up and he always got a hard on talking to her. I would see his
eyes run up and down my mom's sexy body, starting with her long sexy legs,
up to her full 36C breasts. In fact, he would always try and park in a way
so that he could see her stepping out of her car with her skirt hiked up
high, exposing her legs as she spread them getting out. What really got me
aroused is that she actually seemed to secretly enjoy his attention.

One day, Tyrone had to walk home and my mom offered to drive him to his house
and drop him off. He said that there was a problem with their car, his dad
was working on it and his mom was out of town. That afternoon when she picked
us up I could tell that she had been drinking from her slurred speech and the
glazed look in her eyes. She must have had lunch with the girls, as she
called her group of friends. She pulled into Tyrone's driveway and parked in
the back between the house and the detached garage.

I could see my friend's father Don working on the car in the garage. He was
wearing a pair of tight shorts with his shirt off and sweat was glistening on
his muscular black body. Man, he was huge, a good 6' 4" with hard bulging
muscles that rippled as he moved. It was an incredible sight.

That day was extremely hot. My tipsy mom had her blouse unbuttoned so low
you could see the tops of her big braless breasts and there were wet spots
forming around her full breast mounds, making her nipples clearly visible.
Tyrone and I got out as his dad Don came walking up to the car. Tyrone
hurried inside. I looked over at my mom and noticed that her short skirt had
ridden up and that her panties were visible.

Tyrone's dad walked over and took one look at my mom and told me to go in the
house and play with Tyrone while he talked with my mom. "There's a few things
we need to discuss and I want to thank your mother for driving Tyrone home,"
he told me. "Go check out that new video game he got."

I went around to the front, but instead of going into the house, I hid behind
a bush so that I could check out what they were up to.

She didn't budge as Tyrone's dad came up to the car. He stood there and I
heard him say, "It was good of you to bring my boy home Mrs. Bumstead."
Immediately I saw his cock harden as he took in the slutty image of my
beautiful drunken blonde mom. His eyes were glued to my mom's exposed panties
and hers to his bulging cock.

All of a sudden there was a clicking sound coming from below the steering
wheel. Tyrone's dad told my mom to open the door so that he could check it
out. She started to get out of the car and swung one leg out, spreading her
legs and making her cunt completely accessible. He told her she was just
fine where she was and got down on his knees between her widespread legs,
but instead of looking under the dashboard his eyes locked in on her barely
covered pussy.

The next scene still gets me hard today. Tyrone's dad began to caress her
glistening, spread open legs with his huge black hands, instantly jolting my
drunken mom. My mom's nipples shot out like darts as he dropped his head.

Mom said, "Please, Mr. Johnson, what do you think you doing?" as he slowly
worked his tongue and mouth up her legs and the inside of her thighs. Her
breathing quickly picked up the closer he got to her sweet spot. She was
trying to push him away but it was no contest and I watched in amazement as
her resistance lessened.

She was moaning in drunken expectation at what he might do, when he stopped
and swiftly moved to her sweaty tits. He popped open her blouse and fondled
her full meaty tits as he sucked on her erect nipples. He was really abusing
them as my mom began moaning with what sounded more like pleasure than
anything else.

Then he pushed her back, so that she was lying on the seat, and attacked her
pussy, pulling the tiny triangle of her panties aside and furiously licking
and eating out her exposed cunt. He plunged his tongue deep and hard into her
pussy as she cried, "Oh my God Mr. Johnson, what are you doing to me? Please
stop this. My god, our sons are friends... leave me alone. I'm a happily
married woman."

She looked like she was trying to push him off of her but there was no way
she was getting away from Tyrone's muscular black dad. He had one of mom's
long legs propped up over his shoulder as he mauled her pussy with his hungry
tongue. I'd swear she was pushing her cunt up to him too, but from the angle
I was looking from I couldn't be sure.

I watched in amazement as she came, her pussy juices flowing freely as
Tyrone's dad licked up each drop. God damn, I thought, mom's really getting
into it. I'd have never guessed in a million years that she would respond
that way. I always thought of her as 'mom', but seeing her now, creaming
Tyrone's big black dad's face with a gush of pussy cream made me see her in
a new light. My mom was a whore deep down and Tyrone's dad had seemed to know
it insinctively.

As soon as he finished eating her out, he grasped mom's hand, pulling her out
of the car. "Let's go into the garage Mrs. Bumstead," smiled Tyrone's dad.
"No, please, didn't you do enough... please leave me alone... I can't...
please," she pleaded. He pulled her into his strong arms and kissed her
deeply as he felt her up, his huge hands squeezing her firm tight buns and
big full tits.

He led her into the back of the garage. He sat down in a lawn chair in
the corner and pushed her down on her knees on the filthy garage floor
frantically unzipping his shorts. She gasped when his huge black throbbing
cock jumped out.

Half dazed from the boose and orgasmic release he'd forced out of her, mom
was brought to full awareness as her lips were being probed by the massive
black rod. Her eyes opened wide to see the huge black horsecock oozing precum
on her sweet lips. She jerked her head back but Tyrone's dad had anticipated
her reaction. He had his large black hands behind her head and had his
fingers entwined in her curly blonde hair.

Mom gasped in her shock. That was all Tyrone's dad needed, as his big black
cock darted forward and slithered on my mom's soft tongue. She began taking
it in her mouth inch by inch, her full pouty lips streached wide around
Tyrone's dad's thick black shaft as he made her go down on him. He didn't
let up the pressure and I was amazed as it just kept working into mom's wide
streached mouth until her nose was buried in his coarse pubic hair. Wow, I
thought, mom deepthroated it all, every thick fucking inch.

Holding her head tightly, Tyrone's dad began to face fuck my beautiful mom,
forcing his entire length down her now bulging throat repeatedly. He seemed
to love seeing her fright as she fought to breathe, the air blocked by the
thick 12" black horsecock. Her eyes rolled from the lack of air and then
Tyrone's dad withdrew to allow her to breathe again. He established a rhythym
and taught my beautiful mother all about deepthroating a big black horsecock.

I watched in amazement as I saw my beautiful mom deepthroat his entire cock,
causing her to gag a few times. God, it looked a foot long if it was an inch
and it was as thick as mom's wrist. She started to really get into it as she
licked and sucked on his big cock, bobbing her head up and down on her own
now. Tyrone's dad had let her head go and was now working on her big tits as
mom blew him, rolling and tweaking her spiky nipples as he squeezed her big

She was relentless as she continued to blow him. Then his body tensed up as
his cock was ready to shoot. This caused my mom to press her lips even firmer
around his thick cock as he shot load after load into her mouth. I watched
her throat as she gulped thirstily for each drop. Wow I thought, mom
swallowed it all down like a two dollar whore.

They then got up, my mom looking like the trashed whore she'd just been, her
legs stained with black smudges on her knees from the floor, her curly hair
messed up and cum remnants on her lips and the sides of her mouth. Tyrone's
dad pulled her over to a work table in back and bent her over it. "Your a
great little cocksucker Mrs. Bumstead. I've been dreaming of having your
sweet lips wrapped around my big black dick for a long time now."

I knew what was coming and couldn't believe that I was about to watch my sexy
mother get fucked. Man, I thought, mom deep throated that big black dick like
a pro and now she's gonna take it doggie style, and from a huge black man who
was hung like a horse no less. Such a thing was considered taboo. I knew mom
would be shunned by friends and family alike if anyone found out.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you good, sweetcheeks." I could hear Tyrone's dad
telling her. "You're gonna love my big, hard black cock. You want it, don't
you?" He grasped her by her hips and dragged her back to him. She tried to
get away from him, but he grabbed her again by the hips and locked her in
place. He lifted her skirt up over her back and ripped her panties off.

I was fascinated as I watched Tyrone's dad step forward until his thick black
cock was nestled between mom's lucious white ass cheeks. "Now tell me you
want me to fuck you," he said as he slowly sawed it through her firm buns.

Mom's head whipped back and forth, her curly blonde hair waving in the air.
Tyrone's dad smiled to himself, this seemed to be the ultimate delight for
him, hearing and seeing a beautiful white woman pleading and begging to be
spared of his twelve inch black horsecock.

Her face was turned away from me. I wished I could see the look on her face
while she was getting fucked, but I didn't want her to see me watching her
either. I watched Tyrone's dad spread her legs apart and heard her moan
softly as he fit his huge cock into her tiny slit.

Mom was now panting in panic and fear as the large black cockhead delved
into her golden fleece and parted her moist slit, rubbing up and down with
pressure being placed to split her wide open. "Please, please don't Mr.
Johnson... please don't, I didn't mean for this to happen, your much too
bigggg," came her desperate plea. "I can't do this with a black man...."

Suddenly Tyrone's dad reared back and slammed forward with all his might.
"Aieeeeeeeeeeee... It Hurts... stop, nooooo... please... aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
screamed mom. This seemed to be sheer music to Tyrone's dad's ears, hearing
the screams of a beautiful woman whose skin was so milky white, so opposite
of his black skin.

"Ahh... Ahh... Ahh... Ahhh... Agggggg..." continued mom's desperate groans as
the thick black horsecock began to tunnel its way deep into the moist slick
cavern. It was a snug fit and it took two more powerful thrusts by Tyrone's
dad to bury his massive cock's bloated head into my mom's tauntly streached

Tyrone's dad let his big black cock enjoy its full length buried in mom's
warm comforting white pussy, then withdrew until only the head was enveloped
by the tight tender walls. Suddenly he darted forward with all his might,
slamming his hips up against hers, burying himself fully again. Again and
again and again Tyrone's dad repeated his piledriving action.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeeee..." mom screamed as Tyrone's dad slammed his long thick
black horsecock deep up inside her juicy blonde fringed little pussy and
began to fuck her glove tight cunt powerfully. She was screaming from the
pain and the pleasure now.

Tyrone's dad said, "I wanted to fuck the shit out of you the second I saw
you. You liked to tease me all the time with your legs and tits. I knew you
were a whore at heart and were just begging for some black cock. How do you
like it bitch?"

Soon I saw an orgasm wash over her as he pounded in and out of her slick
cavern. "Aruggggggggggggg... " she moaned cumming on the thick black pole
that lanced her trembling body.

"You like that baby, don't you. You like my big black dick buried up your
little white cunt. Admit it Mrs. Bumstead, you want it, you want it bad.
That's why you've been swishing your hot little white ass around when I'd
see you at the school. Well baby, here's the special delivery you been
begging for."

Twice more my beautiful blonde mother reached mind shattering orgasms as she
was fucked doggie style bent foward over the workbench by my friend's huge
black dad. I could see a sheen of sweat appearing on Tyrone's dad's heavily
muscled back and red marks on mom's lucious buns where his strong hands had
gripped her. He began grunting with every thrust into my helpless mom bent
over in front of him.

I could see the moisture seeping out at the juncture of her widely streached
wet pussy and the massive black dick that was impaling her. Her juices were
dripping down her thighs, and her moans became those of obvious pleasure,
rising in pitch as she began to wiggle and thrust back at him.

"Yesssss!" I heard my mother cry out again. She began to thrash about,
groaning out, "Yes, Yes, Yes," again and again as she came for a fourth time.

Tyrone's dad just kept ruthlessly fucking her, every hard thrust lifting her
up on her toes. I watched in awe for a couple of minutes as the massive black
twelve inch dick kept disappearing and reappearing, glistening and slick with
my mother's cum. The wet sounds of their fucking reverberated off the garage

It was a good thing the garage was so far away from the neighboring houses or
a lynch mob would have come running to save the poor white woman from the big
black buck. But from where I was watching, mom didn't want to be saved, she
wanted to be fucked, fucked by a big black dick, just like Tyrone's dad had

I watched Tyrone's dad pound his giant black cock into my mother for close
to half an hour, her body tossed back and forth by his tremendously forceful
fucking. Her arms flailing out in front of her, her weight seemed to be
centered on her tits, her body pivoting back and forth on the flattened
globes, helpless against the onslaught of his immense shaft.

"Easy. EASY!" she cried out as, however impossible, Tyrone's dad slammed
into her even harder. Each time mother's long black invader plunged forward,
I could see the wetness spattering from their frenzied joining.

Tyrone's dad began to grunt each time his hips shot forward, his hands on
mom's flairing hips, bringing her back into him with deliberate force. I
could see the sweat running from the his brow, trickling down off his chin
to splash on mother's red bottom. Her moans became higher pitched once more
as he continued to batter her insides

My mom yelled out, "Don't stop, I love the way you fuck me like a slut. I
want to be your white whore!" They fucked like dogs until they both came,
Tyrone's dad shooting his load deep into my mom's pussy.

Instead of stopping there, Tyrone's dad held her down bent over on the table.
My mom struggled to get up, but he held her down, overpowering her. I watched
him pull his big goo covered cock out of mom's sopping wet pussy and slide it
up to her tiny puckered asshole. He slowly slid his rock hard cockhead over
the entrance to her tiny ass.

She yelled, "Hey, what are you doing, let me up. It was great, but we're done
now. I have to get home, my husband's probably waiting for me. Save some for
next time stud."

Tyrone's dad replied, "I don't think so bitch! You're not done paying for
teasing and playing with me. I'm going to fuck you up the ass so hard you
won't be able to walk for a week." My mom screamed, "No, don't! It'll hurt
too much ... you'll tear me up. You're cock is too big for my asshole. I
don't like getting fucked in the ass."

"Too bad Mrs. Bumstead, because I'm going to fuck the shit out of your ass,
and you're going to love it, trust me!" he said.

He pushed his cockhead between her georgeous buns and nuzzled it in against
her tiny anus as mom whimpered. Tyrone's dad whooped in delight and pulled
back a little, then pushed his cockhead back between her lucious buttocks to
her tight, puckered sphincter. Mom whimpered again as Tyrone's dad's huge
cockhead throbbed at her virgin anus.

"There's always a first time for everything baby. You should be carefull
what you ask for, cause you just may get it," he grunted as he pulled her
hips back to him.

Her tiny anus caved inward and yielded under the pressure as he flexed his
buttocks and rammed his hips forward. His massive black cockhead popped into
her rear channel and deep up her asshole as mom's head jerked up and her face
contorted in a savage grimace of pain.

Tyrone's dad's right hand covered her mouth. "Aieeeeeeeeeeee..." came the
muffled scream as the thick black cock rammed forward without mercy. As
Tyrone's dad forced his huge cock inch by inch into my mom's tiny asshole,
I watched mesmerized, as he ravaged her, the tears of pain flowing down her
dirty whore face.

She tried to buck him off. But it only served to delight him more as he
slammed his ramrod more and more brutally into her white little ass. I
thought mom must have a virgin asshole just by her high pitched screams, as
Tyrone's dad's 12" horsecock forced its way in.

"OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

"Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" he gasped, gritting his teeth, his fingers digging
into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head flung back as he flexed
his buttocks and ground his hips forward.

His cock squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight little asshole. Mom's
fingers tightened into a fist and her face creased in pain. Deeper and deeper
it went, and he groaned, burying the enormity of his long thick black penis
in her tiny anus, his hips pressing tightly to her buttocks.

Surprisingly, after a few minutes, the screams turned into moans and then she
stopped resisting. In fact, she was beginning to milk his long thick black
horsecock and move rhythmically with his thrusts. "See bitch, I knew you were
a whore. You like it... don't you?"

"Oh yeah, don't stop. I love your big black cock in my ass," she said.

She whimpered, writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. Tyrone's
dad gasped, running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts as he
sodomized mom slowly, deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and out of
her anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices.

She moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in deep
rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame his passion.
Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts, her heavy breasts jogging and
bouncing as he moaned thickly, his hands on her hips, pulling her anus up
and down the length of his cock.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhuhhhhyeh Oh yeh c'mon take it take it whore take it!"
he gasped, his chest heaving.

"Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it, baby... fuck me!
Fuck my ass, stud... fuck my ass... give it to me lover... fuck my ass...
c'mon, fuck it hard, you big black stud! Fuck me!"

His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal, Tyrone's dad
stopped suddenly, jerking his cock out of her anus and, quickly, pushing it
down, rammed it heavily into her cunt. Mom cried out thinly, lurching and
jerking as he ram fucked her cunt furiously, hammering his hips at her
buttocks, reaming his cock deep into her little pink slit.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus, skewering
it heavily, going in deep and sodomizing her thoroughly. I saw mom explode,
her fingers grasping at the edge of the workbench.

Tyrone's dad sensed her orgasm and slid out of her anus and into her cunt
again and fucked her furiously. Mom whimpered and cried out in joy.

As Mother cried out, "Oh god!" and began to writhe and twist under him, he
stood still and held her wildly wriggling butt tightly against himself. He
threw his head back and groaned loudly as he got his rocks off, his mouth
wide open.

Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus, skewering
it heavily, going in deep and filling it with hot potent cum. After a couple
of minutes he withdrew from my still moaning, quivering mother. She was bent
over the workbench, her sweet little ass displayed in all it's glory for me
to see.

Mom's asshole was gaping wide open with a puddle of cum in it. The cheeks of
her lucious ass showed red hand prints on them. Her asshole was beet red and
cum was slowly oosing out. I watched the thick black man's semen oosing as
long drips of cum began pooling on the garage floor as it also trickled from
her equally gaping pussy down her legs.

When they recovered, they kissed passionately for a minute, and then she
tried to clean herself up to no avail. Her blouse was drenched with sweat,
her nipples and tits showing clear through. Her make-up was smeared all over
her face. She had cum stains all over her legs and ass and smeared black
stains on her knees.

Most obvious was that she couldn't walk straight as Tyrone's dad had
completely nailed her. He helped her back into our car and my mom called for
me to get going. I obediently ran from behind the bush, completely aroused
and satisfied at what I had just seen, and got in beside mom.

She looked up at Tyrone's dad and said, "Well, I've had a lovely visit but
we really must be going. We must do this again sometime. I never knew you
were so handy with tools. You know, my husband is on a business trip next
weekend, maybe you could stop over our place and take a look at my engine.
It needs a tune-up in the worst way. I'm sure I can make it worthwhile for
you if you come. I'm sure I can find a way to repay you that you'll find most

Tyrone's dad had a big smile on his face as he told her that he would make
it a point stop in. Man, I thought, I can't wait to see Tyrone's dad fuck mom
again, and this time right in our house, up on my dad's bed.


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