Blondie: My Mom's Mine Now (M/F,voy,inc,bmail)
by Wilcox

I was quite surprised when I arrived home from work late one night and saw
my best friend Billy's car in the driveway. After a long hard day of high
school, and a full night of work, I was dead tired. By the way my name is
Alex Bumstead. My sister was visiting our grandmother so I knew he couldn't
be here with her.

As I pulled into the driveway I remembered that my mom was supposed to be at
big party at Billy's parent's house tonight. She'd driven over alone because
of dad being away on another one of his business trips. Billy's car's was
hard to miss. Billy and I were best friend's since grade school and I'd been
in it often.

I got out of my car, walked into the house and went straight up to my room.
My mind was really tired and I forgot all about Billy's car for the moment.
Then as I stripped down I thought I could hear something coming from down the

I stood real still and listen intently. I swear that I could hear bed
springs bouncing, and the sound of a headboard hitting the wall and I could
just barely make out words coming from a male voice saying, "Like that

Suddenly I remembered Billy's car in the driveway and went down the hallway
to check it out. It was coming from my parent's bedroom. The door was part
way open, and as I looked into the dimness I realized that the only light was
provided by the street light outside the open window.

I was shocked to see my beautiful blonde haired mother totally naked on my
parents bed. She was on all fours, facing away from me towards the headboard.
Behind her was my buddy Billy pounding his cock into her doggie style and
really fucking her brains out.

Now let me say that my mother, Blondie, is really hot and a bit naive. She
has an incredible body. She's a curly haired blonde with long legs, big
breasts and a faboulous ass with firm, high riding buns that are highlighted
by her flairing hips. I was used to seeing men turn to stare at her great
ass every time she walked by them.

My friend, Billy was the star of the football team. He was 6' 3" and 230 lbs.
He had long brown hair and was bigger then me and much more muscular. And he
was hung too. He used to like to show all the guys in the shower room just
how big he was. Of course whenever he did, I'd just smile because I knew I
had him beat.

I stood at the doorway behind them in stunned silence, knowing they couldn't
see me and watched as my sweet, innocent and obviously very drunken mother
fucked my best friend Billy like one of the sluts at the high school.

Billy had one hand reached around her to fondle her big full breasts, and the
other, with a handful of her hair, was pushing her face down into her pillow.
He was breathing heavily and talking dirty to her; "How much do you love my
cock Mrs. Bumstead!?"

He pulled back on her hair, pulling her face away from the pillow and my
mother drunkenly shouted out "OH god, it feels so good... fuck me! Fuck me

With that he let go of her hair, and she let her head fall back into the
pillow. Billy continued to plow his huge cock into her as he moved his hand
back and then slapped her ass, the sound echoing in the room and down the
hall. I watched as he slammed into her so hard and deep that her big breasts
were rhythmically swaying in time to his powerful thrusts. Billy moved his
hand back and slapped her ass again, saying "Who's my whore!?"

My drunken mother whimpered and as her breathing became intensified groaned
out "OH Billy I'm your whore! I love your cock soooo much! ohhhhhh fuck me,
I'm going to cum baby! I'm gonna cum!"

This made Billy go nuts and he starts pounding her pussy a thousand times
harder. Billy gave it to her wildly as she clutched onto the blanket covering
the bed. She squealed like a stuck pig at one point and Billy pulled her hair
and asked "What was that Mrs. Bumstead?"

My mother just whimpered and said "You hit my... my... my g-spot... I'm
cumming baby!"

Then she was sent into animalistic grunts as Billy slammed into her. She hit
her head against the bed's headboard, but didn't seem to care. She slammed
her hips back against him, meeting him half way. Billy just kept talking
dirty to her all the way through her orgasm "How's that you little cock
loving bitch? How do you like my schlong? Your husband should see you now
so he can see just how much of a cock loving slut his prim and proper wife
really is."

She just fell forward and pushed her face into the pillow as her orgasm
ended. Billy pulled his cock out and I hurried into the hallway so he
couldn't see me if he turned around. I could hear him say "Turn over Mrs.

I heard her roll over and then heard my parent's bed springs start to get
another work out. I peeked in the door and saw him on top of her, her legs
spread wide. He was slamming her hard as he made out with her sloppily. The
kissing was muffling her moaning, but it was still very audible. Suddenly
Billy's moaning got louder and he started pounding into her harder and
harder, she started gasping for air, but he wouldn't break the kiss.

Then suddenly he slammed in the whole way and yelled "There's my hot load
Mrs. Bumstead!" as he came. He pulled out, and stood up next to the bed, he
pulled off a condom and threw it on her chest and walked into my parent's

I watched as my mother, her hands shaking still, picked up the condom and
started to lick Billy's load from inside of it. I watched as she swallowed
every last drop, and after Billy was done taking a leak in the bathroom he
came back and saw her.

He laughed and got between her legs and fingered her pussy, she moaned,
enjoying it. "Well Mrs. Bumstead it's been fun. Your one hot little number.
I'm real glad you were so drunk that my mom told me to drive you home."

"MMM, I couldn't believe my luck when I helped you out to my car and felt you
up. You were so out of it, I knew I was going to fuck you tonight. I loved it
when I pulled your head into my lap on the drive over here and you sucked my
dick, even if I had to force you into it at first."

"It only took a little convincing for you to show me your appreciaton for me
bringing you home. I just loved your 'Ohh please Billy... don't... I'm a
married woman... your mom is my good friend... Ohhh Billy please... my son
is your best friend..."

"That all changed once I threw you on the bed and ripped your dress and
underware off. Yeah, you really changed your tune when I spread your legs
wide open and ate out your sweet little pussy, didn't you, you hot assed
little slut. You liked that didn't you. You really got off when I reamed out
your shitter with my tongue."

"Just like you loved taking my big dick up your tight little asshole. I told
you that if you relaxed it would feel great, didn't I, Mrs. Bumstead. Man,
did you squeal like a stuck pig or what when I rammed it up your ass. I
thought you were gonna wake up the whole neighborhood. But I was right,
wasn't I slut. You loved it and you can't deny it, not the way you were
begging for me to fuck your ass hard and deep after you got used to it."

Billy stood up and said, "Well, I gotta go. Thanks for eveything Mrs.
Bumstead. I'll be sure and tell my mom how grateful you were for the ride.
Of course, I won't tell her that you thanked me in your husband's bed. Not
unless you do something stupid and yell rape or something. You better keep
your pretty mouth shut if you know whats good for you."

As he walked towards the door I ducked into another room. He walked down the
hallway and I followed. I watched him get into his car and drive away, then
I walked back to see what my mother was doing. She was just lying there
fingering her cum drenched cunt.

I walked downstairs to the doors, and double locked them all, so no one would
be able to get in if they tried to. I walked upstairs, making a lot of noise
as I did, and I heard mom drunkenly yell "Who is it. Who's there!"

I walked into the bedroom, and stepped out of my boxers, letting my big dick
swing free. I saw she was staring at my naked muscular body. In her drunken
aroused condition mom couldn't summon the strength or coordination to move as
I stepped up to the edge of the bed. "Alex... what..."

"Mom was that Billy I just saw leaving?" I said. "Is that his cum oozing out
of your cunt and ass? Just what have you been up to. You haven't been fucking
a high school kid while dad's away, have you? God, what's he going to say
when I tell him. He'll probably divorce you. Of course, I could keep this our
little secret. You'd like that wouldn't you mom. You'd like to keep this just
between us, right?" I watched as she slowly nodded her head, her eyes never
leaving my swaying dick.

"Well the price for my silence is right there in between your legs. All you
have to do is spread them for me whenever I need it. Now that's not too much
to ask for in return for your life not being ruined, now is it. We'll just
keep it in the family, what do you say mom?"

* * *

Blondie lay there, her alcohol blurred sense of reason trying to comprehend
the implications of what her teenaged son was suggesting to her, no...
blackmailing her to do. Alex's big, limp cock was exposed, hanging just in
front of her face. She tore her eyes away enough to glance up and see the
serious, very intense look he was aiming at her, then looked back at his
cock. It was growing...

His cock swelled up, stiffening, getting larger and beginning to stick
straight out... angling up, higher and higher... Bigger and bigger. Her eyes
widened as she watched this amazing show. Within 60 seconds, her 18 year old
son's cock was fully erect. It was huge... At least 12" long, and very
thick... a huge rod covered with ridges of protruding veins that throbbed
and pulsed just inches from her face.

She felt a tingling growing between her legs as Alex's big cock swayed
hypnotically before her glazed over eyes. She watched it throb with the
promise of forbidden pleasures as the feelings within her grew. Billy had
taken advantage of her in a moment of drunken weakness and he'd awoken a
long denied sexual hunger from the deepest recesses of her psyche.

She'd been raised in a sheltered environment and Dagwood had been her first
and only love. She'd never experienced the incredibly intense sensations of
multiple orgasmic release before tonight. Her husband had an average 6" dick
and his hurried lovemaking for his own satisfaction was all she knew before
Billy's assault with his huge dick.

It had penetrated her deeper than she'd ever know possible and had carried
her away on a sea of sexual bliss. It had forged a new woman as the waves
of orgasmic explosions crashed through her inner being and left her washed
up on the beach totally satisfied for the first time in her life.

This newly emerged sexual being was taking her over as Alex stood before her.
He was her darling son, her baby all grown up, exposing a cock that was
longer and thicker than the one that had beaten down the door that held back
her horny demon. One that was twice the size of his fathers.

His words overwelmed her and she knew that she had to comply. What other
choice did she have. Her demon needed to be fed and it was making her heart
pound in her chest, her andrenaline flowing. She couldn't avoid the gasp that
escaped her lips. She knew that Dagwood's feeble attempts at lovemaking would
never be enough now... she slowly nodded her head.

* * *

I took her into the bathroom to clean her up. I brought her back mom laid
back provocatively on her bed, legs spread some, arms to her sides. I grinned
and laid down beside her, "You need this, don't you?" I asked. "I know...
your always being left alone, and when your dad IS here, he's no match... Not
for this..." I said confidently, grasping my cock briefly.

I leaned down and kissed my mom, lightly at first then harder, lips mashing,
tongues swirling. I kissed her hard and hot for several minutes, stroking
her breasts, then began kissing down her neck, onto her chest. I sucked on
her big sexy breasts for a while as my hands slid down her body, stroking her
thighs and her pussy. As my fingers slipped into her steaming hot cunt, I
found her wetness, "Oh, yeah... You need it..." I said.

I spent several minutes fondling and squeezing the firm fleshy mounds and
spiky nipples that I'd suckled so long ago when I was a baby. I kissed and
sucked both nipples as she moaned in drunken delight, unable to stop herself
from responding to the feelings rising within her.

I slipped down her ripe body and tasted her sweet little cunt. Her clitoris
was up hard as I twirled my tongue around it and feasted on her flowing
juices. MMMM, I thought, two kids and even after taking Billy's big cock
she's still got an incredibly tight cunt, it's so beautiful, so suculant.

My tongue slid up and down her hot crack as I alternated between her sweet
pussy and tiny puckered anus. My demanding tongue was digging deeply up her
tiny asshole as she loosened up and her tingling body unconciously gave in
to my every demand.

"Oh, tongue fuck me baby, tongue fuck me!" she cried out.

I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, pulling her ever closer to me and then
ran my palms up her body, cupping her big tits and kneading them, then
pinching her nipples. Her moans became louder, more insistent as she bucked
her hips toward me. I pulled my tongue out of her and began lapping at her
cunt, drinking the juice that spilled forth. She wrapped her legs tightly
around my head, her soft flesh pressing against me as she began to come. I
flicked my tongue against her clit as she exploded into a fiery orgasm, her
body lurching in convulsions of pure joy.

I backed off and lifted my mother's legs up onto my shoulders. I moved close
and slid my long thick pulsating cock up and down the full length of her wet,
swollen blonde fringed slit, getting it good and lubricated. I was staring
at her juicy cunt, watching my huge head part my mother's lips and become
covered with her pussy juice.

After coating the head of my foot long dick with her juices, I lifted her
trim white legs, and placed my oozing cock at the entrance to mom's little
treasure box, and pushed forward. Slowly, the huge head began to disappear
between her widely streached pussy lips, her tightness resisting its entry.

Mom's mouth opened as she moaned but her hips lifted and angled upward
instictively to accept my hot meat injection. I moved back and forth in
short easy strokes, stretching her tight cunt little by little and plunging
slightly deeper with each thrust.

She kept moaning but she did nothing to stop me from fucking her hard and
fast. Instead, her hands wandered to my ass and pulled me towards her in
sync with every thrust. She began using the muscles in her vagina to massage
the entire length of my manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even
though my fat cock had filled up her cunt.

I bent down and softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping my tongue just
inside, while at the same time continuing to slip into her incredible tight
box. Mom pursed her lips slightly as my lips touched hers, enveloping my
tongue and giving me a hot deep kiss as I worked my big dick into her sweet
honey pot. I could taste the alcohol on her breath, and knew this would work.
"Oh it's so big baby, so bigggg," she moaned as I worked it in deeper.

I smiled, knowing I was bigger then Billy and twice the size of my dad as I
started to fuck her. She was pretty lubed up so I had no problem nailing her
hard and fast. She was gasping for air, and panting like a dog in no time.
"Alex... Alex... Alex yes!" was all she would say. I started to make out with
her as I drilled her.

The forbidden thrill of pumping my mother made me just go wild, and I thrust
into her with abandon, slow and shallow, deeper and faster, then rooting my
cock around inside every nook and cranny of her grasping cunt, throwing my
hips into rhythmic gyrations only to break the rhythm aburptly with a hard,
cervix-deep thrust that caused her to cry and spasm until finally she moaned
from deep within and began bucking wildly beneath me.

Her moans became more insistent as she began to grind her hips against me.
Grasping my ass she pulled me tighter to her. At last she began to shiver as
her moans turned to screams. She wrapped both her legs around my heaving body
and slammed her hips against mine. I felt her pussy contract repeatedly
around my throbbing dick as the orgasm ripped through her body, throwing her
into violent convulsions of pleasure.

She kissed sloppily, the way a cheap whore would, and that just encouraged me
to fuck harder. I grabbed her legs and pulled them up over my shoulders and
started fucking it in deeper. She was loving each second of it, and I watched
as I nailed her g-spot. I must have hit it damn hard, because her eyes glazed
over and she just kept chanting my name.

I held her legs wide and pumped her violently without mercy, opening up her
depths and slamming my balls against her ass cheeks. I felt as if I was
turning her pussy inside out as I withdrew and it gripped me tighter than any
of the girls I'd every fucked before. I loved the exquisite feel of her glove
tight twat, the beautiful sight of her pink inner lips pulling out with my
withdrawal and her blonde fringed outer lips stretch in with each plunge of
long thick shaft.

I decided that I'd have enough of this position, and pulled out. She
immediately flipped over, got up on all fours and wiggled her sensational
buns at me. I just had to smack it, and did over and over again until she
whimpered. I reached my right hand around and cupped her mound as I placed my
left hand on her back for support. I placed my big dick between her asscheeks
and against her juicy cunt. In one quick shove I was inside of her.

I could see her asshole and it looked tight, but I knew that Billy had taken
her there earlier. I lubed my thumb with the juice leaking out of her around
my pumping dick and pushed it as far up her ass as I could. It went in
without a hitch and she wimpered but just continued panting and groaning my
name, and I just kept on slamming in.

She suddenly started to shake and I could tell she was going to cum, so I
reached around with my other hand and played with her clit as I fucked her.
"I'm cumming Alex! YES! YES! YES! OH YES!" she screamed. I grasped her ass
cheeks and squeezed as I repeatedly thrust into her. I must have been in a
position to rub her g-spot or something because she began exploding into one
orgasm after another. By the fourth one she was screaming in pleasure.

I felt her tense up, and buck back against me wildly as she came, then she
fell down to the mattress, exhausted. Without saying a word I spread her ass
cheeks, pulled out of her wet pussy, and using her cum as lubrication,
started to push into her tiny puckered anus. She encouraged me saying "Yes...
Take my ass Alex!"

Then, being the obediant son that I was, I applied pressure against it and
she screamed as I pushed in, caving it inward and forced my oversized cock
into her tight little asshole. Once the head was in, I rammed it all the way
to my balls with a series of piledriver thrusts. Her eyes widened as my huge
cock plowed into her ass and came to a stop with my balls slapping loudly
against her firm little buns.

I started fucking her hard right away, and at first she whimpered in pain.
But she never complained, and took it like a champion and was soon moaning
in pleasure. "Ohhhhh... Fuck my tight little ass baby! Bang me! Bang me hard
Alex!" she was yelling. My cock slid in and out of her anus easily now and
she rolled her hips and pushed up acting like a total slut and revelling in
it. I locked my hands on my mother's flairing hips, picked up speed and power
and fucked her up her tight little asshole liking a concouring barbarian
taking a village wife.

Suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and I yelled out, "Get ready mom, I'm
gonna fill your sweet little ass with my cum." She cried out, lurching and
jerking as I ram fucked her up the ass furiously, hammering my hips at her
buttocks, reaming my big cock deep into her ass. She exploded, her fingers
gripping at the sheets in a vise like grip.

Mom whimpered and cried out as I rammed my big dick up her tight little
asshole to the hilt and my balls finally released a huge load of cum. I
flooded my mother's cock stuffed little asshole. She groaned loudly in
pleasure as my hot load sprayed up deep into her. I bucked my hips against
her buns until every drop was gone, then I collapsed onto her, our naked,
sweaty bodies clinging to one another.

After a few minutes of savoring the feel of mom's twitching anus milking my
softening cock I backed off of her, my big dick pulling out of her tiny ass
with a loud plop and rolled over beside her. My mother kissed me again and
then knelt down to clean my dick with her mouth. She sucked my softening dick
into her mouth and made sure every drop of cum was cleaned off. Then she lay
down beside me and wrapped her leg over me.

"So, sweetheart. Did you enjoy that as much as I did ?" she asked. I could
only nod my head as I lay, still shivering from the aftershocks of the best
orgasm of my life. "Personally, I know that I'm going to love being
blackmaled by you." All I could do was nod my head and grin as I let out a
sigh of exhaustion and pulled her naked body tightly to my own.

My mother and I made love every day that week until my father came home.
Since then I eagerly look forward to my dad's business trips so I can once
again find pleasure between my mother's thighs.


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