Obsessed With Blondie (MF,fantasy)
by Wilcox

I stared down at the drawing on my desk and Blondie Bumstead stared back at
me. I'd drawn her many times over the years but this time I felt something
special about the way the sketch had come out. I had started right after
dinner and the preliminary pencilling seemed to emerge on the paper almost
magically. I thought at the time that I was doing it rapidly but when I
glanced over to the clock I realized that I had been at it all evening and
that it was now well past midnight.

Once again my eyes were pulled to my sketch. I'd drawn Mrs. Blondie Bumstead
as I saw her in my mind and had tried assigning her the personality to match.
She'd been depicted all these years as the faithful wife and perfect loving
mother but with her classic beauty and killer body, I knew that there was a
hot sexy sexual being just waiting to emerge from her inner depths. I saw her
as the perfect woman to be married to; a loving angelic wife and mother by
day and a wild cock hungry slut in bed after the kids were asleep.

Her eyes, as I'd drawn them, spoke volumes. Drawn in black and white they
sparkled with mischief and confidence. In my mind they were blue, so deeply
blue that you could sink into their depths in search of her mystery. Her
eyes were beckoning, at least to me, and there was the promise of the secret
pleasures in store for the man who could capture her heart and soul by
eliminating her sexual frustration and dissatisfaction with her unfulfilling

Her mouth and full pouty lips curled in a smile that only accentuated her
mischievous air. Although currently drawn in black and white, those lips
would be warmly pink, moistly pink, so seductively pink. So many artists
draw women with either long flowing locks or short spiked hair, Blondie was
as different as day was from night from any other woman ever drawn for public
consumption. I drew her with her curly blonde hair teasing her face, framing
her high cheekbones, perfect complexion and those sumptuous lips that were
made to suck cock.

Beneath the sexy little teddy I'd drawn her in, her breasts were big, full,
gravity defying mounds that made a man's mouth water. I had drawn the top
with the material knotted under her boobs to accentuate her half-exposed
breasts as well as her well-toned tummy. Blondie's nipples I portrayed as
erect through the thin gossamer cloth. I drew her wearing a thong to expose
her incredible butt. The hands on her flaring hips only accentuated her
classic hour glass figure, the smallness of her waist and the perfect firm
mounds of her gorgeous ass.

I sighed a slow sigh that seemed to last forever. I leaned over to look into
the depths of her beautiful eyes one more time before sleep claimed me. "Good
night Blondie, my love. How I wish you were my wife. Pleasant dreams."

Here I was whispering to an inanimate drawing and I chuckled under my breath
at the depth of my obsession with her before retiring for the evening. I
didn't bother to do anything except let my clothes hit the floor as I crawled
into my bed naked. The whisper soft sheets were silky and cool as I gathered
that long breath that beckoned me to sleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night I changed my sleeping position and felt
something in the bed beside me. The room was semi-lit from the soft light of
the full moon that shone through the slits in the blinds at the window. I
rolled from my belly to see the beautiful face of Blondie Bumstead lying
asleep on the other pillow.

I was in shock as I slid the covers down and saw her wearing the sexy little
teddy I'd drawn her in before going to bed. Only when I'd drawn her it was on
paper. This was a real woman in my bed, composed of flesh and blood, not a
two-dimensional drawing on my table.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, as if this were actually happening. Was I
asleep ... am I awake? I didn't know, and I blinked as if that would somehow
bring me to consciousness. She woke at the sound of my voice and looked
around in confusion for a moment, then she looked at me and smiled sweetly.

Her voice was as smooth and sweet as honey as she answered my question with
one of her own. "Well, I think the better question to ask might be ... why
have you brought me here?"

"What?" I replied incredulously. "I brought you here?"

"Admit it Bob, if you didn't believe that I existed, why would I be here?"

Then she leaned in and slowly wrapped a hand around my neck and drew my mouth
onto hers. The kiss was as sweet as I imagined it would be. Her moist pink
lips were soft and pliant beneath mine. As the kiss deepened between us her
little tongue danced within my mouth, teasing my tongue and soft palate,
gently rubbing the roof of my mouth. Our lips broke their contact and she
moved over me with soft kisses along my chin, cheeks, and down over my neck
nipping her way to my earlobe.

Her lilting voice gently breathed in my ear, "Thank you for seeing me this
way ... I've been trapped in the role I'm portrayed in for so long, my
desires and needs unfulfilled." She leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Now,
by day I'll be Dagwood's sweet innocent wife ... but at night ... WE are
husband and wife. Finally I can enjoy the pleasures I've been denied for
so long in Dagwood's bed with a man who loves and desires me. A big strong
handsome man who sees me as I truly am."

My index finger captured the silken knot at her bust line. I lowered my face
into her cleavage, raining kisses onto the tops of her breasts as my hands
slid over the soft pliancy of her incredible body. She was warm to the touch,
soft yet toned. It was beyond believe but I didn't care. If this was a dream
it had more texture than any I'd ever had before. If it was a dream, I never
wanted to wake up to a world where she only existed on paper.

As I worked my head up to nip at her neck and her chin, my index finger
curled into the knot below her magnificent breasts. I slowly worked my finger
in and down to undo the knot there. The thin silky material eased open to
fall around her torso. My hands followed, gently gliding over her skin while
I continued to kiss and taste her beauty.

The top coming open allowed me to see that her breasts were as sumptuous as
I had drawn them. Their roundness and firmness made me take a sharp breath
inward as my hands moved to them. I stared at my hands fondling the creamy
orbs, an opulent rosy red nipple erect between my thumb and index finger.
The bud of her nipple was already a feast before me and my mouth was drawn
to it as a moth to a flame. I rolled the tender bit between my teeth, easing
up to flick it with the tip of my tongue.

I suckled like a baby at her breast as her hands wrapped in my hair, stroking
the long thick locks that had magically appeared there. My thinning hair and
impending baldness was gone. My body had transformed so that I felt younger
and stronger than I'd felt in many years. I was amazed to discover that I was
no longer overweight but a muscular hunk with broad shoulders and six pack

I continued to hear her moan in pleasure while I worked between both tits.
The responsiveness of her breasts was wonderful but I wanted to explore the
rest of the lush ripe body beneath mine. She thrust her groin around my leg
and I knew in my heart that I had to have her naked beneath me, or on top of
me, or beside me. I just wanted her as natural as I could possibly have her
for making love. I wanted to touch, kiss, taste every single inch of her
incredible body.

My fingers teased around the edges of the tiny triangle of silk covering her
mound, fingering the secrets hidden there. My hands slid around her and over
her naked ass. I loved the feel of her. It was as if her body was made for
pleasure and I couldn't help but moan out, "Is this really happening? Are we
going to make love?"

I heard her silky voice reply; "Of course we are Bob. If you didn't draw me
for this purpose, then why else am I here in your bed?"

I felt her slip from her thong and looked down to see her gorgeous naked body
laid out before me like a feast. My hands touched every part of her. My mouth
wanted to touch every square inch of her as well and as I licked and kissed
my way around her body she was as responsive as I had imagined she would be.

We had an incredible chemistry going that allowed for each of us to
anticipate the other's touch and needs. I started kissing my way down her
body, licking every inch that I could, licking the valley between her
breasts, the beautiful well-toned stomach, even running my tongue into her
sweet belly button.

While I was busy kissing my way down, Blondie was replying in kind. She was
totally focused on pleasing me. I felt her eagerness as she wrapped her hand
around my cock. "My God your huge," she moaned. "You must have known how
frustrated I was and in need of a real man. Dagwood has a tiny prick and he's
more interested in food than in taking care of my needs, especially after
being together for so long."

I was amazed, as I looked my dick in her hand. It was huge, and it wasn't
mine. At least not the one I'd gone to sleep with. A massive throbbing bar
of steel with thick protruding veins stretching over 10 inches long had
somehow replaced my average sized 6 incher. It must be the magic of the
night, I thought. The magic that brought the drawn woman of my dreams to my
bed as a flesh and blood woman had also transformed me into a stud capable
of lasting into a long hard night of passionate lovemaking.

Her thumb teased the head and precum leaked from the tip. It was all that I
could do to keep my mind on the task at hand, the gorgeous pussy laid out in
front of me. I saw that the lips were full and her clit exposed like a sweet
cherry for my mouth. What else was there to do, I sucked it into the vacuum
of my mouth. The clitoris head was full and I laved all the energy I
possessed in licking it, rolling it, sucking it and teasing.

While my mouth was busy, my hands followed the slick wet path between her
thighs. Wet for me, oh yes, she was so wet for me. My fingers rolled into the
edge of her pussy. I could feel how full her engorged pussy lips were as her
vagina was sucking my fingers in. I started the rhythmic thrusting into her
body while licking and sucking her clit.

The moans started and then I felt my head trapped between her thighs as she
crossed her legs around my head, holding me to my ministrations to her needs.
I only fingered her harder, easing three into her and always seeking that
rough little ridge to the inside wall. She orgasmed so hard that my fingers
were soaked with her love juice. Her hold on my head eased up and I felt her
push against me.

I slowed the pace, allowing her to recover, but she didn't need to recover.
She rolled me over onto my back, moved into a 69 position over me and sucked
me into her mouth, taking my cock all the way down her throat to the hilt.
She lifted up so that only the head was being caressed by her soft pouty lips
then dropped back down as she deepthroated me again and again. All the while
she put pressure around my shaft, her tongue rolled around, over, up and
down, tasting the veins and the length of me as she consumed my cock with
long bobs of her head.

With her pretty femininity only inches above my face, I could see her pussy
lips, her inner labia, and the open wetness of her nether mouth. While
Blondie's mouth lovingly sucked me off, my mouth became busy feasting on the
sweet stickiness of her temple of love. Blondie began grinding her pussy into
my mouth as she sucked me deep and hard. When she came again, all those love
juices ran down into my mouth and over chin.

I was losing control, pumping harder and harder up to her as I felt the cum
build up, needing release from my heavy balls. She worked my cock like a pro,
squeezing my balls as she deep throated me, taking all of my long thick cock
in and then releasing it as she moved her lips up my shaft and back down
again. Harder and harder I pumped, and the more I pumped, the harder she
sucked, seeming to have an overwhelming need to taste my cum.

The pulsing started slower, then faster and she got her wish and tasted my
salty sweetness as I filled her mouth and her throat and her belly with my
load. She took it all in, swallowing and sucking every last drop I ejaculated
out. When I slowed down and then finally rested, she licked my cock clean.

She smiled sweetly at me, "I thought you deserved that for getting me away
from my dull existence and bringing me here. Besides I've always wanted to
suck off a big cock ... to deepthroat and swallow like a slutty whore."

Then she rolled off of me and allowed me to feast my eyes on her body. With
her breasts engorged and nipples erect, her long legs raised at the knees and
spread, her pelvis tilted for entry she gave me a wicked smile, as I looked
at her hot and ready to fuck in basic missionary position.

"Now fuck me Bobby," she begged in her soft sweet voice. "I want to feel your
big cock in me. God it's so long and thick. I've wanted this for so long ...
fuck me big boy ... make me your woman." With an insistent hand, I nudged her
up and over. She quickly rolled to her knees and spread her legs allowing me
complete access to her body.

"OHHH YESSSSS," she exclaimed. "You don't know how long I've wanted to fuck
in a position other than on my back. Dagwood is a real prude you know. Come
on baby and fuck me from behind with your big cock. I just know that I'm
going love taking it doggie style."

I eased in behind her, gently pushing her legs apart with my knees so that
she would widen her stance. There before was the beautiful firm meaty heart
shaped ass that I'd dreamed of for so long. Her full ripe tits swayed under
her as I parted Blondie's perfect buns and saw her tiny tightly clenched
anus. It was as perfect as the rest of her and I could swear that her rectal
opening winked at me. I laid my long thick cock in the crack of her gorgeous
ass and slowly slid it through her full sexy buns, bringing it to full
erection as it glided over her sweet little asshole.

She placed her head and shoulders down on the bed and slowly lifted and
wiggled her sexy ass up to me. I positioned my cock against her sopping wet
slit and eased into her warm squishy pussy and slowly buried my big dick up
her tight snatch. Her intake of breath told me of her surprise at my size,
but her body was ready and willing as she made a keening moan deep in her
throat and rotated her hips gently rocking back and forth.

My dick sank deeper and deeper as I let her control the situation. Then when
she'd taken about 8 inches in Blondie thrust back against me hard as she
arched her back and took it to the hilt. "Ohhhh, oh .... Bob, this feels so
unbelievable! Oh my God!" she sighed as I felt her undulating buns press
firmly back against me. "God, I'd taken it all,' she moaned, 'every long
thick inch."

I thought I had died and gone to heaven with the pleasure I felt. I started a
slow rhythmic thrust in and out of her amazing pussy. I didn't always need to
go deep, but Blondie wanted my 10 inches to fill her and begged me to pound
her. I felt her body clench and hold me and I thrusted harder and harder,
faster and faster, filling her as deeply as I could as her body pulsed around

"Oh God, yes. I love your big hard cock ... I love being on my hands and
knees for you. Fuck me baby, fuck me so good. Darling, give it to me, give me
everything you got ... hard and deep the way Dagwood never could!" she cried.

I fucked her like a jackhammer on a city street, pounding it to her good and
hard as I looked down at her sweet little heart shaped ass undulating in
rhythm with my hard demanding thrusts. "Yes you motherfucker ... fuck me hard
dammit." She growled.

I reached up under and roughly grabbed her tits. I tweaked, pulled and
twisted her nipples while we fucked. She reached under her with one hand
digging her long nails into my thigh; the other reached up and captured my
swinging balls. "AH, AH, AH, AH, FUCK ME HARDER, FUCK ME, AH, BABY FUCK ME,"
she moaned in slutty tones.

My hands grabbed her waist, small and curvy in my hands. Even with her
back arched, Blondie managed to lean up to allow me a double handful of her
breasts. Nipples erect; my hands grabbed at those soft pliant pillows,
squeezing them with each thrust into her body. Her hair whipped around her
face and her head shook as she tried to control her next trip to paradise.

"Oh yeah Blondie, sweetheart your body was meant for fucking ... and I'm
going to fuck you the way you deserve to be fucked ... hard, deep and
continuous," I promised her as I hastened the pace, fast quick thrusts in
and out. I felt the flutters of her love tunnel massaging my jib from me.

I fought it for as long as I could. I thought to myself, make a shopping
list, tape the ball game, stuff like that to engage my brain and distract
it away from my immanent eruption. Then after holding back for close to ten
minutes I lost it. My spunk filled her and her cries of pleasure let me know
that she was cumming as well.

Holding her hips, I ground mine into her asscheeks. The soft roundness
cushioning my hipbones while I emptied my balls into her. It felt as though
I pumped everything that I could possibly have manufactured in the way of
sperm into her love tunnel. Her knees slipped, and I felt her slide away
from me. I followed, pinning her body beneath me. She sighed, and I sighed.
I slipped from her back somehow keeping my spewing prick inside her. Her
knees drew up and we wound up on our sides, spooning while my organ continued
to pulse within her.

As I slowly pumped into her she rolled her head back so that she was looking
into my eyes. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers
as she kissed me passionately. Then she whispered into my ear, "Bob, I love
your big cock ... please fuck me again. I just love feeling you cum inside

My hands traveled up her stomach as they made their way to those beautiful
pendulous breasts. I groped them, I pinched them, I caressed them, and I
couldn't get enough. I slowly fucked Blondie as we spooned for the next 20
minutes, amazed that my dick has ready and willing to continue. She had the
most incredible pussy. It felt like my dick was in a vice grip and she knew
how to use it. I could feel her inner muscles grip and massage my cock as it
devoured it.

I finally couldn't take it anymore and I exploded inside her pussy. We stayed
joined and her pussy milked me back to life as we cuddled. Blondie moaned in
happiness as I pulled her over onto her back and began to tease her pink
nipples with my wet flicking tongue. As her nipples stiffened in response,
Blondie began squirming about on the bed beneath me.

I began suckling at her breasts, then biting at them, sinking my teeth
slightly into her tender flesh and sensitive nipples. I loved sucking on the
identical and flawless twin beauties, enjoying the way she was squirming
under me. Next, I rubbed the edges of my teeth over her pink nipples, wanting
to leave a hickey to mark her as my own.

Moving up, I captured her lips with mine, sliding my tongue between her
teeth. My cock twitched with excitement, even though I'd all ready shot off
three times as my tongue made contact with hers. Now I began to French kiss
the married cartoon beauty, my tongue flicking against hers as I leaned up
to rub my cockhead up against her oozing slit.

The touch of my cockhead against her slit was like touching the magic button
as the sexy Mrs. Blondie Bumstead responded with her pointed tongue flicking
up against mine. Teasing her with the tip of my cockhead by pushing in just
a fraction of an inch, then pulling back out, I continued this action till I
felt her respond by arching her hips up in an attempt to envelope my cock in
her cunt.

It would have been quite a sight for Dagwood Bumstead to see his faithful
loving wife, the mother of his two children at this moment. There on my bed
lay his beautiful blonde haired wife returning my passionate kiss while
arching her hips up to me, a complete stranger until this magical night.

It would appear to him that his lovely wife was in dire need of my long thick
cock fucking her, especially seeing her throwing her trim legs around me and
locking her ankles together. Pulling me down with her legs and arching her
hips up, his beautiful wife moaning loudly as she was penetrated deeply once
again by the big cock she had come to love and now couldn't live without.

It was another fantastic fuck as my cock sliced into the beautiful woman of
my dreams. Now that she had become accustomed to the size and length of my
cock, I knew that she'd be hooked on my big cock from this point on. This
was confirmed by the way she was responding to the fucking I was giving her,
especially with her moans, "Ohhhhhhhh ... yes ... yes ... ohhhhhhh,
deeper ... deeperrrrrrrr! So big ... ohhhhhh, so bigggggggg! Ohhhhhhhh ...
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ... oh, God ... oh, Godddddddddddd!"

The way we fucked, it was as if we had been making passionate love to each
other for years, each meeting one another in thrust for thrust like a
well-oiled fuck machine. I had Dagwood Bumstead's beautiful wife skyrocketing
out of this world once again as she moaned, "Oh, yes ... yes ... fuck me ...
fuck me ... fuck meeeeeeeee! Oh, God ... oh, God ... I'm cummingggggggggggg!

After filling her with my hot seed once again, I smiled as she came back down
to earth with me twitching my thick cock within her. Getting off and patting
her perfect ass, I told her, "Blondie Bumstead ... your the best fuck ever!
Your one fine piece of ass ... just like I knew you'd be the first time I
laid my eyes on you!"

"Why that's the sweetest thing a man's ever said to me Bob," she said with a
wicked lustful grin. We kissed and cuddled in each other's arms as we slipped
off to sleep. My mind as it was drifting off couldn't believe that I'd fucked
her for hours and had cum four times. I should be dead of a heart attack by
now it told me.

It must have been an hour or so later when I felt something I'd never
experienced in my bed before. A woman waking me with a blow job. Blondie was
sucking on my limp cock and she was expertly bringing it to life within her
soft wet mouth. I moaned aloud as she got it hard to its full length. Then
she smiled sweetly as she straddled me and positioned my cock head to her
tight hole. She lowered herself and moaned loudly as her tight cunt accepted
my big hard prick.

"You just lie back and enjoy," she smiled. "I want to ride my cowboy's big

I stared at our joining in awe. Her cunt lips stretched to the max as she
lowered herself further over my thickness. She continuously lowered and
raised herself, sliding up and down on my massive cock as I grabbed her small
waist. She raised slightly, then slid down my pole again and again until
she'd taken it all in. Her eyes were glazed over and I could see that she was
ready to get down to some serious cowgirl fucking.

She bounced up and down as she rode my cock like she was in a rodeo riding
a wild stallion. As she rode my pole, I watched intensely as my thick cock
continuously emerged glistened with her juices. Every time Blondie landed;
the sound of our mating filled the air ... the splat of meat on meat, the
a juicy squishing of her sopping wet cunt, the groaning protest of the
overworked bedsprings.

I looked up to see that Blondie was leaning backward moaning softly in her
chest, her heavy breathing causing her full melon breasts to jiggle up and
down. I looked hungrily at those beautiful tits, rising and falling as she
rode me. I pulled her to me and buried my head in her breasts. I took the
right nipple into my mouth and started sucking.

I nibbled on the nipple feeling it get longer in my mouth. Then I went over
to her left tit for a similar feast. While doing this, my hands slid from her
waist down to grab her firm ass cheeks, taking a handful of flesh in each
hand as she bounced on my thick pole.

I continued to play with her nipples and cup her tits as she rode me,
stroking my big cock with even slow up and down motions. My hungry mouth and
hands worked all over the lucious mounds as I suckled on her big full tits as
she rode my long thick cock.

"Yeah Bobby ... Do it baby ... fuck me ... c'mon baby," she moaned as she
began to ride me hard. She gripped me around the shoulders as I continued to
thrust myself up deep inside of her. She started grinding her pussy on my
cock, riding me now into the sunset. She was moaning really loud and her face
was a mask of horny lust. I grabbed her head by a huge clump of curly blonde
hair and pulled her mouth to mine. I jammed my tongue into her mouth and she
sucked on it like it was my cock again.

She was groaning loudly into my mouth when she came. Blondie went nuts as her
tingling body was flooding with orgasm. She was screaming and undulating in
uncontrollable pleasure on top of me and I wrapped my arms tightly around her
torso so she wouldn't slip off, pressing her breasts into my chest. I pumped
as hard as I could, give myself as much pleasure as I could as her pussy
spasmed around my fully embedded shaft.

Blondie was lost in lust as she continued to ride me and I could feel the
waves of pleasure overtaking her, she moaned deeply and began to pound my
cock even harder. "Fuck me baby ... oh God ... oh Bobby ... OHHHHHHHHHH,"
Blondie cried as another wave of pleasure engulfed her and sweet release
came upon her.

As she lay on top of me I tighten under her and I could hear her slutty moan
as I exploded deep inside of her, my seed pumping straight into her fertile
womb. "Oh Bobby ... oh baby ... oh so good ... ohhhhhhhhh," Blondie moaned
in the throes of sexual ecstasy as she lay atop me. After several minutes
Blondie lifted off of my cock and fell exhausted beside me on my bed.

Later that night, I merely touched the dozing blonde beauty's hip and she
automatically turned over onto her back. Her arms encircled my back and her
lips opened to admit my searching tongue as I moved over her. Once I was in
position between her wide spread legs, her long sexy legs encircled me,
pulling me into her depths, joining us as man and wife once again.

"OH baby," she breathed in my ear as her incredible snapping pussy began
milking me once again. "I'm all yours ... whenever you want. I love you and
your big cock. I'll never get enough. Now fuck me Bobby ... bring me to the
moon and back like only you can."

After several minutes I pulled her legs off of me, hooked them in my arms and
pushed them up so that her knees were up by her chest. Her eyes sparkled at
the modified missionary position as I pounded into her, plunging deeply into
her cunt with long steady strokes. She gasped and whimpered as my balls
slapped against her ass and her sopping wet cunt began to loudly slurp and
squish with each pile-driving invasion of her juicy little quim.

My hands crawled over her hot sweaty body to her big full 38D tits as I
fucked her hard and deep. Her firm breasts felt sensational in my hands and
her nipples got even harder within seconds as I tweaked them between my
fingers. The only things I could hear now were her moans and pussy squishing
as I fucked her brains out on my bed.

I leaned forward and laid over her lush ripe body, pinning Blondie's knees
back to her shoulders and fucked for all I was worth as I raced down the
homestretch. I rammed her as hard and deep as I could, making her juicy cunt
squish loudly with every balls deep thrust as I slammed home repeatedly. She
was moving with me, hunching her body up and down on my shaft as I plundered
her love temple, the muscles in her talented vagina massaging the entire
shaft of my manhood.

I had the lovely Mrs. Blondie Bumstead, the woman of my fantasy world for so
long, anxiously seeking to achieve another mind-shattering climax the likes
of which she never experienced with her inept husband. I loved hearing her
moans of enjoyment as she soared out of this world. It was a fantastic fuck
as the lovely wife and mother begged me to keep on fucking her, swooning as
she climaxed when I reached the finish line and filled her with my hot seed.

It was our honeymoon and throughout the magical night we had maintained a
fucking frequency that would have taken a husband and wife a month to
accomplish. She especially loved me taking her doggie style. On her hands
and knees in total submission to my big cock she lived out her deepest
fantasy she told me. Never had she experienced so many lovemaking sessions,
she said, much less the numerous mind-shattering climaxes that I had taken
her to. Frustration and unsatisfied had become words in a dictionary for
her she told as she smiled in the afterglow of incredible sex as we cuddled.

When I awoke, I was holding a pillow smudged with ink in my arms. A tangle
of sheets was wrapped around me and when I removed it I saw that my crotch
covered in the crusty dried emissions of our nighttime labors. I knew that
it was more than a dream and that she would come to my bed in the middle of
the night from now on. It was incredible, at night with her I was a big
dicked super stud who could fuck all night long.

I felt wonderful and I was looking forward to fucking her again as I got out
of bed and looked at the illustration on my desk. There she was the woman of
my dreams. As I gazed at her I noticed her full pouty lips and remembered
how they felt wrapped around my cock. Then I looked down at her ass and
visualized it undulating before me while I fucked her doggie style last

"Oh yes," I said. "The next time we meet I'm going to fuck your tight little
ass so hard you won't be able to walk in the morning sweetcheeks. I'll fuck
you up the ass the way an ass like yours is meant to be fucked."

When I looked back at her beautiful face there was a smile there that I'd
not drawn the night before and I knew that my life had become complete. My
obsession had somehow magically become a nighttime reality and I'd gained
the only wife I'd ever wanted.


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