Blondie: She Thought They Were Rapists (MMF,inter)
by Wilcox

Blondie Bumstead stretched her lithe body out on the bed. She was feeling
nice and relaxed after her warm and luxurious bubble bath. The brandy she was
drinking helped the mood as well. It was after ten o'clock in the evening,
the kids were both sound asleep in their beds and her husband Dagwood was
away on a business trip. She wanted sex badly and she hadn't had it for weeks
because of her husband's disinterest and travel schedule.

Things hadn't been going too well in the bed department for Blondie. Her
husband was a decent enough husband but he didn't seem to want to do it more
than once a week ... if she was lucky. Even then she rarely reached orgasm as
he was of the slam, bam, thank you mam type of lover would quickly followed a
few minutes of pumping with a hair trigger release. Then he'd roll over and
be snoring away as she fingered herself for satisfaction.

In the early days of their marriage his lack of interest hadn't really
bothered her, but gradually ever since she turned thirty she began wanting it
more and more. Now she was at her sexual peak and she just felt so damn horny
all the time. She couldn't help herself.

Recently she had been trying different ways to increase her husband's sex
drive. She bought herself sexy lingerie, began wearing skintight jeans and
low cut tops to emphasize her deep cleavage. She even bought a sex manual
from a dirty bookstore while out on a trip to the city. She hadn't dared
show it to Dagwood, but she did try to get new ideas and learn different
techniques from the book.

At first things had gone pretty well, particularly the night she had sucked
Dagwood's cock while kneeling on the floor in front of him, wearing nothing
but a pair of stockings and high heels. She knew that he had loved it and it
encouraged her to get more daring. She became much more vocal in bed when
they made love, talking dirty all the time. She found that it turned her on
a great deal using words like fuck and pussy and cock while they made love.

She even offered to let Dagwood fuck her up the ass, but he wouldn't do it.
In fact, recently he seemed to be a bit wary of her sexy behavior. He didn't
come out and say anything but she noticed that the wilder she got, the more
he looked askance at her. Instead of going with the flow and enjoying himself
he seemed to keep wondering what had gotten into her. In the last month or so
he had even been avoiding sex with her altogether, complaining that he was
too tired.

Blondie brushed her hand softly along the inside of her thighs. She really
wanted it tonight, right now if fact. If only she could be sure that Dagwood
would be in the mood when he got home then she wouldn't have minded waiting.
She climbed up off the bed and walked over to the full-length mirror hanging
near her closet.

She looked at herself in the short, sexy nightgown she wore. Its soft sheer
material was practically see-and she had nothing but a thong on underneath.
The outline of her full, firm breasts were plainly visible and she reached a
hand inside her gown to gently caress them.

She had recently taken to trimming her bush and she lifted up her gown to
view the thin triangular patch of pubic hair. Suddenly she pulled her robe
up over her neck and threw it over a chair. She turned back to the mirror
and leisurely studied her naked body from top to toe. She was 5'4" tall, a
38D-24-36 figure, with long, slender legs. Her curly blonde hair reached
down to her shoulders. Her complexion was good, her skin as soft and smooth
as when she was ten years younger.

She twisted her body to look at her ass in the mirror. She knew that looked
good. All her boyfriends from before her marriage used to comment on how cute
and sexy it was and it had stayed in shape since then. All in all she knew
that she had one hell of a fine body, so God knows why her husband was such
hard work to arouse.

"I bet I wouldn't have to try so hard to get most other men to fuck me," she
spoke to her reflection. "I bet they'd love a piece of this ass." Blondie
giggled, feeling slightly foolish for talking to herself that way. She had
never once been unfaithful in all the years of her marriage and she wasn't
planning to start now. She looked at her reflection one last time and then
shrugged and headed over to the chair to pick up her nightgown.

Suddenly she saw a face at the window in front of her, staring directly at
her nude body. She screamed, covering her bare boobs in her hands, trying to
conceal them from the man's eyes. Suddenly his face was gone and she rushed
to the window, where she could just make out a figure running away in the

The last few nights she had had a strange feeling that somebody was watching
her from outside. She had figured it was just her mind playing tricks on her
but now she knew she had been right. She quickly pulled the robe on over her
body and picked up the telephone to call her husband at his hotel. He told
her to call the police.

Blondie dialed 911. "Hello," she said frantically when a voice answered.
"This is Mrs. Dagwood Bumstead. There's a prowler at my window. Or there was.
I think he's gone now. Can you ... can somebody get over here? I'm worried in
case he's still out there."

"Are all your doors and windows locked, ma'am?" the voice inquired.

"Yes. Always. But I still..."

"What's your address," the voice asked.

After giving her address the voice said, "We have a unit near your
neighborhood. I'll call and tell him to check your place out."

Blondie hung up the phone then got herself a tall glass of brandy. She soon
finished it off and then poured herself another one. After a few minutes she
felt relaxed again. In fact, she wondered what she'd made such a fuss about.
It might have been one of the neighbors out walking his dog or something like
that. Still, he had been looking in at her, gazing at her naked body.

Suddenly she wondered what he must have thought she was doing, parading
around like that in her living room. Had he seen her touching herself? What
would he think of her? Did he find her attractive? She knew her thoughts were
inappropriate, given the circumstances, but she couldn't help it. She felt
aroused all over again, thinking about what might have happened. What if he
had broke in to the house and forced himself upon her?

Before she could continue her train of thought she heard the doorbell ring
and she jumped up quickly from the bed. She walked to the front door and
opened it to see a Police Officer standing there.

"Mrs. Bumstead?" he asked.

"Yes ... thank you for coming ... I was so worried!" She tried to concentrate
on the matter at hand. She told the policeman what she had seen, explaining
that the prowler had run off when she screamed.

"I checked around the house and everything seems fine. Did you get a good
look at him?" he asked.

"Not really. He was tall, though. About your height, I think."

"Did you see his face?"

"No. Not really. Only his eyes."

"Hair color?"

"Black, I think. His whole face seemed ... black," she faltered. "I, uhm, it
was dark outside. I could only see his eyes."

"So he was about my height and you think he might be a black man? Anything

She looked at him for a moment then down at her feet, as if in concentration.
It wasn't until that moment that she remembered that she was still wearing
the see-through robe. She quickly folded her arms over her chest and looked
up, in time to see him raise his eyes. He had been looking at her tits,
getting himself a good eyeful of them.

"OK then," he said. "I'll check the area again and file a report. I'm sure
you have nothing to worry about. We'll have a unit cruise the area every few

After she closed the door she leaned back against it thinking about the
incident. Yes it was a black man. It had to have been. They all had a thing
for white women, especially blondes, and especially married ones so they
could ruin them. She felt her nipples pressed against her arms and knew they
were erect. Her heart was beating at a mile a minute and she felt her pussy
moisten up as a deeply repressed fantasy of being forced to satisfy a big
strong black man's horny urges rose up in her conscious mind.

Yes ... the black man knew that her husband was away and was waiting for her
kids to fall asleep so he could break in and take her. He would do it to her,
take her in his powerful arms and force her to her bed, pull out his huge,
black cock and shove it in her sopping wet cunt. She'd have to submit to him
or he might hurt her and her children, she thought. What choice would she
have? She'd have to protect her babies.

Oh God, what would the kids say if her struggling and screaming woke them up
and they rushed to her room to find her with a black stranger on her bed? And
what would the black man do to them? No ... she couldn't take the chance,
she'd have to submit ... and she couldn't report it either. Imagine what a
scandal it would be if it got out that a black man had fucked her while her
husband was away! The gossips would have a field day and her friends would
most probably all shun her.

She felt her knees go weak as her mind absorbed the gravity of what she was
thinking and she reached out her hand to steady herself against the wall. She
closed her eyes and her legs gave way completely. She hadn't actually fainted
but she was emersed in the dream like world of semi-conciousnous where
fantasies became vivid and seemed so real.

Her imagination ran wild and she felt her body being lifted and carried to
her bedroom where she was placed onto the bed. She waited there like a
sacrificial lamp as she watched him take all of his clothes off. His thick
muscles rippled under his ebony skin and his cock stood out hard and thick.
It was at least a foot long, thick as her wrist, covered with thick
protruding veins and capped with a big black plum sized head ... more than
twice the size of her husband's averaged sized white penis.

She could feel the weight of his body as he got on the bed ... his hands
roamed over her body as he bared her in preparation to taking her on her
marital bed. His strong black hand kneaded her big full white mounds and
his lips captured hers as he drove his thick fingers into her sex. Then
after he'd fingered her to orgasm, his muscular body pressed her down into
the mattress as he got on top of her. He easily forced her legs apart and
fit the wide head of his massive horsecock into her warm squishy slit.

The way she felt now she wanted that big, black dick of his inside her aching
pussy. After a few moments she opened her eyes and saw that she was sitting
on the floor and that she was all alone. Blondie thought, "I'm fine. It was
just the brandy. I drank it too quickly. It must have gone straight to my

She looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost 11PM. God, she felt
hornier than ever now. She couldn't believe how much she had wanted that
black man to break into the house and fuck her, how disappointed she had
been that he didn't take advantage of her when he found her alone and
vulnerable. In her mind he was a strong and powerful man, and he could
have forced her to do anything he wanted. Her throat, pussy and tight
little asshole were his for the taking ... but he had run away instead.

She reached a hand down placed it between her legs. She felt the heat rising
there and she stroked gently, rubbing the wetness of her juices against her
clitoris. She again pictured in her mind what might have happened. She had
never had a black man before but she just knew that he would have a huge
cock, like in all the stories she'd heard about black men. She would watch
it, moving in and out of her, its thick blackness a stark contrast against
her pale white body. When she came it was the most powerful orgasm she could
remember having in ages.

She lay down beneath the sheets, more contented than she had been for a long
time. She felt a pang of guilt for her fantasizing about another man. She
fell into a deep sleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow. The next
morning she got the kids off to school and went to work at her catering shop.
She kept about what had happened, not even telling her friend and next door
neighbor Tootsie Woodley as they worked side by side.

She'd felt remorse about her fantasies involving the prowler but as the day
progressed the feelings of remorse lessened. Several times that day black
men came into her shop and she felt herself getting aroused as she looked at
them, her eyes drawn to their bulges. Now she didn't feel repentant at all.
In fact she enjoyed it immensely as her rape fantasy continued to flood her
mind with each black man that entered the shop.

That evening when Blondie returned home she wondered whether the prowler
would be back. She smiled at herself for having such naughty thoughts. She
made a light pasta dinner, washing it down with a glass of wine, then got
the kids off to bed. She decided to run herself a hot bath and carry on
drinking more of the brandy that had helped loosen her fantasies the night
before. It would also fortify her resolve to do what she had to do.

Blondie smiled in horny anticipation as she put on her sexiest lingerie. If
she looked really good when he broke in he'd be satisfied with her and leave
the kids alone, she reasoned ... especially her daughter. The previous night
he had shown up at the window between 10 and 11pm. She was ready and waiting
wearing stiletto heels, sheer stockings, a suspender belt and a lace thong
with matching half-cup bra. On top of her underwear she wore nothing but a
see-through teddy.

As she continued to drink she was getting drunker and drunker and more and
more turned on. Her pussy was filling up with her own juices and she couldn't
wait for him to arrive and ravage her. She turned on some music and danced
around the room in her lingerie. Every time she looked towards the window she
only glanced at it for a second. The longer she waited the more she wanted
him to do more than watch her.

She badly wanted to see his big black cock, to feel it inside her, to have
him fucking her wildly, powerfully. She looked down at herself, the blackness
of her lingerie a stark contrast to her pale white skin. The same sort of
contrast as the prowler's muscular black body would make against hers.

It was around half past ten when she heard the doorbell ring. Could that be
the prowler? Had he been watching? Was he going to speak to her at the door
and then force his way in? She was drunk and so horny by now that she wanted
him to ravage her so she could live out her fantasy.

She went to the front door and called, "Who is it?"

"Mrs. Bumstead," it was a deep voice. "Are you all right? Please open the

In her inebriated, sexually charged condition she knew that he would break
in if she didn't open the door. If he did that her children might be awakened
and placed in harms way. Her son would be seriously hurt and her daughter
would be taken as well. She was determined that it was up to her to satisfy

She opened the door and saw a big black man standing there in front of her.
He wasn't alone. Another tall black man stood beside him. What she didn't
know was they both worked at her husband's company, Dither's Construction
and that Dagwood had called Darryl, one of the construction crew foremen,
and asked if he and Derek would drive out and make sure his wife and kids
were all right.

Derek was as tall as Darryl was, about 6'3", but he was much bigger. His
shoulders were very broad, his chest hard and powerful. He looked up and
down her curvaceous body, taking in the sight of Bumstead's wife in her
sexy lingerie. She felt like she recognized his eyes. 'Yes,' she thought.
'It was him. The prowler. Maybe they took it in turns. Maybe they both
watched her.'

"Mrs. Bumstead," Darryl began. "My name is Darryl and this is Derek. We
know about the trouble you've been having. We're here for you." As his eyes
dropped to her body and he stopped talking.

"Uh-huh," she said, thinking, 'Yes I know that here for me ... here to force
me to fuck you both.' She was ready for it. Hell, she had gotten herself so
horny that she wanted to take them both on together.

She waited for them to make their move but they just stood there in the
doorway in stunned silence as they stared at her standing before them in her
sexy lingerie. "Look, guys. Let's cut the bullshit, okay?" she said, taking
off her see through teddy and dropping it to the floor. "We all know why
you're here so let's do it. My children are asleep, so if you don't wake them
and promise not to hurt them ... I'm all yours!"

The two men looked blankly at each other, shocked at this unexpected
development and then Blondie reached out both her hands and grabbed at the
men's crotches, pulling them inside. "Now are you going to fuck me or do you
just want to watch me play with myself?"

She had never been this forward with a man before, let alone two at once, but
she couldn't stop herself. Her pussy was aching to be fucked and she could
not wait a minute longer. She dropped to the floor, kneeling at their feet.
She unzipped them both simultaneously, pulling out two huge, black dicks.

They were both just the sort of size she had fantasized about and as she ran
her hands up and down their thick shafts they grew even bigger. She opened
her mouth and took Darryl's ten-inch dick between her lips, licking around
the head as she pumped Derek's twelve-inch cock in her fist. After a while
she switched over, sucking hard on Derek's black marble shaft as she played
with Darryl's in her hand.

Both men looked at each other in amazement as the beautiful blonde wife and
mother sucked their cocks. They had come on a humanitarian mission to help a
co-worked who was out of town and worried about his wife and children. Huge
smiles broke out on their faces as the shock wore off and the realization of
a rare opportunity to stick it to management ... or in this case a management
wife dawned upon them. They nodded to each other in silent agreement to just
go with it. Bumstead's wife was a true MILF ... and her husband had asked
them to take care of her hadn't he ... if she wanted it to be with their
dicks, then so be it.

She made sure she didn't go too far and make them cum. She wanted to feel
their huge cocks in her pussy, not take a facial from both of them. When they
were both as long and hard as they could get, she stood up and slowly walked
to her bedroom with an exaggerated wiggle of her sexy ass as she looked at
them over her shoulder. "The bedrooms this way boys," she said seductively.

They followed and Derek locked Dagwood Bumstead's bedroom door as his trophy
wife unfastened her suspender belt and let it fall to the floor. Then she
unhooked her bra at the back, freeing her soft but firm gravity defying
breasts. She felt their gaze burning into her body and knew she was doing the
right thing. Finally she turned her back on them and bent over at the waist,
slowly easing her thong down her thighs and over her ankles. Now that she was
completely naked but for the high heels and her stockings she sat down on the
bed in front of them.

"Okay, boys," she said in her sluttiest voice. "You going to fuck me one at a
time or both together?"

The two men looked at each other and then they both made their way towards
her as she lay back on the bed, her legs spread apart. Darryl exchanged
glances with his friend Derek as they approached the naked white woman lying
naked on her bed with her legs spread apart. The both of them took off all
their clothes as they gazed at her curvaceous body with lustful eyes, knowing
that Bumstead's beautiful blonde wife was hungry for some black cock.

"What are you waiting for?" Blondie demanded. "Come on. Do it. My pussy's all
wet. I need it. I need some of that big, black dick inside me." She loved
talking like a slut. It fired her up even more, fuelling her desire to get
fucked by their huge cocks. She looked up at the two men, their heavy cocks
held in their stroking hands and she knew that they would satisfy her more
than she had ever been satisfied in bed before. Their bodies were toned and
muscular, just the way she'd imagined them. She couldn't wait for them to
take her and treat her like their sex slave.

Darryl leaned over her prone body and kissed her, his big soft lips
cushioning against her own. She moaned involuntarily as he plunged his tongue
deep into her mouth. God, that felt good. She grasped the shaft of his cock
in her fist as he kissed her, feeling its incredible weight.

After a few moments, Derek gently pulled his friend away and kissed her too.
Her stomach was churning with desire as his hands reached out to squeeze her
tits, gently at first, and then with more force, until she had to push him
away. She thought she might faint with the hunger she had for them.

"No more foreplay," she said in a breathy voice. "I'm so wet already. I need
it now. Please fuck me."

Darryl leaned over her again and pushed her down further into the mattress
as he climbed on top of her. Her heels dug into the sheets as she waited in
eager anticipation for him to enter her. She looked at the dark skin of his
hard muscular body hovering over her much smaller white skinned body like a
big, black cloud. A storm cloud with a huge black tornado of a cock closing
in to devastate her married white pussy.

She gasped out loud as she felt the huge head of his cock burrow in between
her lips. Then she moaned as he shoved into her with one push easily going
past Dagwood's accustomed depth. After a few gentle strokes the slick wetness
of her pussy allowed him to press deeper and deeper until his full ten inches
were inside her and his heavy sperm laden balls were pressing against her

He stayed still, savoring the glove tight grip of Bumstead's MILF wife's
sopping wet pussy as he looked down at her beautiful face. He waited until
her baby blue eyes opened and her body began to undulate beneath him before
he began to fuck her. Then she really began to moan ... and soon she was
panting as he thrust back and forth harder and harder. She had never been
filled up like this before and it was driving her wild.

Derek stood watching for a few moments then he reached down to grope her
fleshy tits, pressing his own thick black cock against her cheek. She turned
her head and gobbled at it hungrily, taking as much down her throat as she

"That's it baby," Derek said. "Suck it good. Suck that black dick."

Soft mews of pleasure came from her throat as she felt the thrill of being
taken at both ends for the first time. It was an incredible feeling. She
rolled her tongue around the underside of Derek's cock, trying to give him
some of the pleasure that she was feeling herself. If she had known that
having a threesome was this much fun she would have done it years ago, she
thought. All that time wasted being faithful to her husband when she could
have been getting laid like this every night with a real man's cock.

Suddenly Darryl pulled his huge throbbing cock all the way out of Blondie's
pussy and she pushed Derek out of her mouth as she groaned in frustration.
"What are you doing?" she asked plaintively. "Don't stop now. Were you going
to cum? Do it ... Do it inside me. I don't mind."

"No," he said turning to lie on his back next to her on the bed and then
lifting her up on top of him. "Not yet. I want to suck those big titties of
yours first." He was so strong that he lifted her up like a rag doll as he
eased her down onto his massive prick. She instinctively lowered herself,
then stopped her descent and raised slightly, then slid down his enormous
black pole again, taking it to the hilt.

Oh my God, she thought, this is even better. Fucking him on top. She could
really feel that monster of his inside her now as she rotated her hips and
ground her pubic mound against his hard body. She began bouncing up and down
on his big black rod as she rode his cock like she was a cowgirl riding a big
black stallion. The bedsprings were groaning in protest and the sound of her
pussy's loud squishing filled the room.

Darryl began squeezing her breasts then leant forward to take one of her
nipples between his lips. He drew his tongue over it and then clamped down
hard to suck it while his hips thrust into her. After a while he began
sucking on her other breast and she felt herself ready to cum.

"Oh God, yes ... I like that ... suck them ... suck my tits ... ooooh
yeah ... your cock feels so good ... so big and good and hard and ...

Darryl place his hands on her hips and drilled his cock into her as she
bucked wildly on top of him, moaning out loud as her orgasm made impact. She
looked down at Darryl; his eyes focused on her bouncing chest as her firm,
juicy tits jiggled around. He continued to thrust into her and she soon came
again, hardly able to contain herself she rode his big cock.

Darryl eventually slowed down but she knew that he hadn't cum yet. My God,
she thought, he's got such stamina, he could do me all night, and the other
one hasn't even started yet. She glanced over her shoulder at Derek whose
hand was groping her ass while she bounced up and down on Darryl's cock.

"You like my ass, big boy?" she said to him, wanting him to know that she
hadn't forgotten about him.

"Yeah, baby, you got a great ass. I bet you like getting fucked there, don't

Blondie opened her eyes wide as she looked at him. She had been trying to get
her husband to try anal for so long and she couldn't wait to experience it.

"Yeah," she said. "I love it. You want to fuck my ass? Is that what you want?
You want to fuck me in the ass? Well what are you waiting for?"

Derek pushed her head down; bowing her low over Darryl's prone body so that
her gorgeous heart shaped ass was raised up behind her. He climbed up onto
the bed and spanked the cheeks of her ass, using his rock hard prick as a
whip. Then he pushed the thick head of his cock up against her tiny little

He knew right away that she was very tight and he withdrew, spat on his hand
and lubricated his dick with it. Then he dropped gobs of saliva down into her
crack, right on her tiny rosebud. He fit his cockhead in against her slimy
anus and pressed into it with determined force while spreading her cheeks as
far apart as he could until he forced his way inside.

Blondie screamed, never having known a feeling quite like this before.
Derek's massive cock entered her, slowly making its way up her ass inch by
inch. His strong hands spread her buns wide to ensure she would take every
long thick inch of his foot long horsecock up her tight little ass. By now
Darryl had begun gently thrusting into her snatch again and Blondie closed
her eyes, unable to believe this was happening.

Two huge black horsecocks were inside her, one in her pussy and one in her
ass. She hadn't known it was even possible to do it like this, let alone how
great it would feel. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to have
three men at once, so all her holes were filled up.

Derek and Darryl worked together to build up the right kind of rhythm so that
both of them could fuck her at the same time. This wasn't been the first time
they had done a woman like this. A few weeks ago they had both fucked a
whore, taking turns to switch from her cunt to her ass.

It had taken a while to get the hang of it but with a little help from the
whore they had eventually managed to both get inside her at the same time.
This white wife and mother was real tight but they didn't have a problem
doing it to her either, probably because she drunk and was loving it so

Darryl grabbed hold of Blondie's tits and mashed his hands against them as he
speeded up his thrusts. By now Derek was all the way inside her ass and he
pistoned his long thick bar of black steel in and out, faster and harder with
each movement. Blondie was panting so hard that she could barely breathe as
her husband's men sandwiched her. Making her the cream filling in their Oreo

"Ooooh yeah ... yeah ... mmmm ... oh please ... do it ... cum inside me ...
cum in my ass ... please ... ooooh..."

Midway through her third orgasm, Blondie suddenly felt Darryl's prick expand
in her cunt as he exploded, filling her up with his cum. He raised his hips,
jamming it into her as she screamed and bucked against him. The pressure on
Derek's cock was too much to take and he came instantly, flooding her ass
with his juices. They collapsed onto the bed then in a hot sticky mass, lying
there as the two men recovered.

After a while Derek climbed between Blondie's legs pushing them wide apart.
He pushed his wedge shaped cock between the lips of her well used pussy and
pushed it in slow and easy. She felt the head of his thick cock push deep
inside her as she being stretched as never before. She took a deep breath
and held it until Derek had it worked almost all the way in.

Blondie couldn't believe he'd gotten it inside her and she exhaled slowly
when Derek pulled back. He pulled it all the way out, then he pushed it back
inside her with a hard powerful thrust of his hips. Blondie gasped as he
began pumping in short, quick strokes.

Derek's huge horsecock was like a warm fire in the white wife's pussy. He
began to take longer and harder strokes as her cunt began making slurping
sounds when he fucked into it. She could feel his heavy balls smacking
against her ass on every deep thrust of his oversized prick.

"Oh God," she thought. "Be careful what you wish for girl." Here she was on
her marital bed with a huge dicked black stranger fucking her like a common
whore right after sodmizing her with his massive horsecock. It was so much
more than her fantasy had promised.

The hard deep fuck seemed to go on forever as Derek ravaged Dagwood's sexy
blonde wife. She was moaning and undulating in orgasm again and again until
finally he felt the rising need to come. He dropped his mouth on her lips,
his tongue dipping between her soft pink lips. Reaching down, he grabbed her
firm white ass in his hands, then slammed forward to bury his cock as deep
as it would go. Grinding against her, he felt his cock swell and his balls
begin to churn. He pulled his cock out all the way, then rammed it back in
to the hilt, groaning when he erupted, spewing his seed against the back of
her womb.

Then it was Darryl's turn again as he got Mrs. Blondie Bumstead into doggie
position. Soon her head and shoulders were down on the bed and her sweet
white heart shaped ass was held high with the big black man's hands locked
onto her flaring hips. She was wiggling and moaning, pushing herself back
to him as he pounded his massive erection in and out of her tight little

It was not until after 4PM that the two of them staggered out of Dagwood's
house, leaving his beautiful wife stretched out on his cum drenched bed. The
two black men had proven to be insatiable, resting for only brief periods
between fucks. Blondie had been taken in so many different ways, often being
double fucked one way or another. It had been incredible and what had started
out as mistaken identity had become the most wanton night of her life.

When it was all over the two men climbed off the bed. They retrieved towels
and wiped themselves off as they looked down at the fruits of their labors,
then they put their clothes back on. Blondie smiled happily up at them as
thick black man's semen oozed from her ravaged cunt and asshole and pooled
on the sheet under her. It had been the most amazing experience of her life.

"I guess we better be going," Darryl said.

"Will you come back again," Blondie asked. "Tomorrow. Both of you."

"I don't know. I guess we could," Derek said breezily, wanting to hear her
beg for it.

"Oh please. Please come. And..."

"And what?"

"Have you got another friend? I want to ... I want to have three of you at
the same time. One in my pussy, one in my mouth and one in my ass. Could you
do that? Oh God, please. I would love that."

The two men looked at each other. Damn, what a find this white slut was. They
could get Bumstead's sexy MILF to do anything they wanted and she would just
beg for more.

"We'll see what we can do," Darryl said with a lewd smile.


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