Blondie: The Block Party (M/F,inter,ncon,drugs)
by Wilcox

Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead were looking foward to the annual block party.
It had become a tradition for each of the neighborhood families to host the
different courses. One house for appetisers, one for soup, one for salad, one
for the main course and another for dessert and so on.

With the kids away for the weekend, Blondie and Dagwood felt free to indulge
themselves and they did. The wine and liquor were flowing freely and everyone
got really smashed as the night progressed. After the food part of the
evening passed by, they were all congregated in the Reynold's house,
continuing to drink and party.

Hank Reynolds, 6' 4" of solid black muscle, the husband of one of Blondie's
best friends, stood in the corner, his lust meter topping out as he drank in
Blondie's lucious form. 'Damn, he kept telling himself, why couldn't my wife
look like that after all these years of marriage.' Hank continued to torment
himself as he checked out his sexy blonde friend and neighbor and a wicked
idea came across his alcohol effected mind.

He'd wanted to fuck her the first time he'd seen her. She and Dagwood had
stopped in to welcome the Reynold's to the neighborhood, The two couples had
hit it off immediately and Blondie had become one of his wife's closest

'Man,' he thought, Blondie was looking really hot tonight in her tight,
clinging little blue dress. 5'4" and 118 lbs., with curly blonde hair, soft
blue eyes, fantastic skin, a great body with big full tits and a tight firm
ass. She was a knock-out, in a clean, All-American way. 'Yeah,' he thought,
'she's something right out of a movie, only tonight it's going to be a porno,
"The Beautiful Blonde Housewife And Her Big Black Neighbor."'

Hank devoured her with his eyes as he put the pieces of his masterplan into
place in his head. He looked around and saw his old drinking buddy Charlie
Harris checking out Blondie's great little ass. 'Yeah, good old Charlie, he's
wanted to bang her for years.' All the guys did, but none of them had the
balls to try. Fortified by the several drinks he'd consumed, Hank decided
that tonight's the night I fuck her.

Hank slipped upstairs to his bedroom and returned with the key components of
his lecherous plan hidden in his pocket. He waited for his chance and siezed
it after his wife and the rest of the ladies got locked into one of their
endless discussions on who knows what. He'd been making sure that their
glasses have been refilled all evening and they're all way past being tipsy.
He's confident that none of them will ever notice him not being there later
on when he's over at the Bumstead house.

Hank saw his chance arrive when Blondie drifted over to her husband, quietly
telling Dagwood that he'd been drinking too much and to tone it down. With
Dagwood distracted, Hank slipped a couple of sleeping pills from his pocket
into his glass. Then as Blondie turned her head to look back toward the
ladies group sitting around the kitchen table, he struck again and Blondie
was not aware of the powder that quickly dissolved in her drink as well.

Blondie's mind was already clouded from the large amount of alcohol she'd
consumed. The herbal drug would soon create a need for sex that would be
overpowering. It would push her over the point of any rational thinking and
leave her mind blurred and confused. Hank had gotten it from a friend in the
city. It was a new one that his buddy said worked like a charm. "Man, the
bitch will think it was her idea to fuck you," he'd told Hank.

Back with the ladies, Blondie began to feel lightheaded and pressed herself
down into the chair. She felt an itch like never before spreading from the
center of her thighs, an itch that begged to be scratched. 'Oh, God! I wish I
could rub it! But I can't touch myself there, not with all my friends sitting
next to me!' she moaned to herself. Panting for breath, she closed her eyes
and hoped that it would pass.

Hank's plan worked to perfection. Dagwood soon passed out and Hank called
Blondie out to the living room. Hank played the good friend and neighbor and
offered to carry him home for Blondie. She was really tipsy herself as the
three of them staggered down the block to her house. They made it inside and
Hank dumped Dagwood on the couch.

Hank sized up the situation, Dagwood's out for the night and his lucious wife
Blondie is drunk on her ass with the sexual stimulant he'd slipped her
kicking in. He felt a twitch in his big dick as he checked out her faboulous
body. He could see that the powder he'd put in her drink was indeed having
the desired effects. He knew that the potent herb had the innocent blonde
housewife literally squirming in her panties, the fire between her legs
becoming unbearable.

Dazed, Blondie felt flush, blinking her eyes repeatedly to get them focused
and was easily led up to the bedroom that she shared with Dagwood. It seemed
that everything was spinning about her now and she had trouble focusing.
"Th ... thank you for helping us home! I ... I feel so dizzy ... like
everything's spinning! Can ... can you let yourselve out! I ... I need to lie
down!" she stammered out to Hank.

From what seemed far away, she heard a voice calling to her "Are you okay,
Blondie? Can you answer me, Blondie?" Panting to catch her breath, she could
only squint her eyes, trying desperately to regain her focus. Hank watched
the pretty wife's body tense as she gasped an intake of breath as he brazenly
placed his hand on her thigh, caressing her through the material of her thin

He knew that she was his for the taking. She was nearly delirious from the
potent sexual stimulant that also affected her ability to reason. The only
thing that seemed to matter was the need to extinguish the burning itch
between her thighs. The stroking hand on her thigh helped to ease the
spreading of that terrible itch but she needed to put the fire out somehow.
The finger that had pressed down right onto the itch itself had her
shuddering as the burning need was soothed.

Blondie panted as Hank now towered behind her. He slowly slid his hands up
over her trembling body until both of his hands were around her cupping her
full thrusting breasts, fingers flicking at her aroused buds. The alcohol,
drugs and the unwanted stimulation caused Blondie to moan softly. Closing
her eyes she lay her head back against Hank's muscular chest as he fondled
her big full tits. The hands so deliciously fondling her breasts brought a
welcoming sense of relieve to the heat building between her legs.

The caresses continued, causing Blondie to moan even louder and she began
to pant for breath. "Ohhhhhhhhh!" She shivered and groaned "Ohhhhhhh,
awwwwwwww!" as large hands moved over her soft flesh. Now the large fingers
crawled under the bottom of her lacy bra, up to her stiff pink nipples,
pushing the lacy bra above her beautiful breasts. "Oh, pleaseeeeeeeeee
..please ..noooooooo must stop!" she groaned halfheartedly as a flash
of reason came to her.

The aroused wife, could only pant in her need as her black neighbor fondled
her full thrusting breasts. Suddenly she gasped as the once gentle black
hands tore the front of her blue dress, popping all the pearly buttons off.
She gasped again as those hands returned to cup her milk white breasts,
fingers again flicking her hard pink nipples. Then the front clasp of her
lacy pink bra was undone and drawn down her arms to fall to the floor.

"Oh, God, Hank ....please, you must stop ....ohhhhh!" Blondie moaned again.
Now the lovely wife and mother was only in her lacy pink panties and white
heels. She gasped as an exploring black hand began moving onto the last
protective article of clothing, touching her most private spot. A spot that
was reserved for her husband Dagwood Bumstead. Blondie began to move her
thighs, rubbing her aroused slit together, her juices beginning to flow

He helped her down onto the bed and went over to the closet. Hank pulled out
Dagwood's camera bag and set up the video recorder to capture the big event
on film.

Hank shot Blondie squirming about on the bed, panting in heat as her left
hand caressed her right breast. He smiled as he watched Blondie's right hand
move across her thigh, nearing the center of the burning itch. "Ahhh ... ohh
... ohhhh ... ohhhhh!" she panted, totally unaware that her black neighbor
was in her room to witness and record her shameful behavior. The drug that
she had consumed had her all hot and bothered, delirious with her only
concern being that burning itch between her thighs.

"Ohhhhhhhh ... ahhhhhhhh!" Blondie moaned as her fingers came into contact
with her silky panties as she began rubbing at the burning itch. She did not
realize that she was about to feel masculine hands, hands that were now
going to assist her in scratching that itch. "Ohhhhhhhh ... ohhhhhhhhh ...
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she groaned, arching up a sudden pressure being applied
right onto the center of the burning itch had her body quivering.

That sudden pressure was the thick middle finger of the smiling Hank. "Man,"
he thought, "my buddy was right about the effects of this shit." His finger,
coated by the thin layer of silky panties, was now delving into the mushy
pit of the beautiful Mrs. Blondie Bumstead. In and out his panty coated
finger plunged into the moaning blonde beauty, causing Hank to laugh aloud
at her plight.

Blondie was totally delirious from the potent herb and now that burning
itch was being expertly rubbed. She felt the bed sag from the weight of her
neighbor kneeling by the side of her squirming body. As she squirmed about,
arching up into the teasing finger, she felt her hand being pulled to her
side and her fingers came into contact with a hard fleshy bar. Instinctively,
her fingers closed, unable to full encircle her fingers as she squeezed at
the throbbing instrument.

As Hank's finger circled into the slushy pit, the blonde beauty arched up
even higher, her womanly instincts making her squeeze and pump at the
throbbing fleshy bar in her hand. Then through the thick fog in her mind,
she heard the familiar voice of her neighbor Hank calling to her "Blondie ...
Blondie ... can you hear me? Squeeze with your hand if you can hear me!" Hank
groaned with pleasure as the trim fingers squeezed with all their might.

He leaned forward to grasp the waistband of the Blondie's lacy white panties,
slowly drawing them over her hips and down her thighs. Seconds later, Hank
held the silky garment up to his face. He inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet
fragrance contained in the silky panties. Then the put the wet crotch of the
panties into his mouthto get a taste of the sweet honey.

Feeling the blonde beauty's hands squeezing and pumping at this throbbing
cock, he looked down at the agonized beauty and was tempted to cum right
then, right on her beautiful face. Hank dropped down next to her on the bed.

He fondled and fingered, licked and kissed every inch of her ripe body. He
spent a lot of time on her full thrusting boobs, suckling on her erect
nipples as he felt her up. Then he slid down her firm body and positioned
himself between her legs. He looked down at her blonde fringed muff, "Oh,
fuck! Pure eating stuff!" he groaned. Then he dove forward, nuzzling his
face in her soft golden mound, inhaling the sweet fragrance of her womanhood.

To get a better angle, Hank lifted one of her legs and put it over his
shoulder, then followed the same procedure with the other. Now he could eat
out Blondie's sweet honey to his heart's content. Slurping, burrowing his
tongue into the sweet slick slit, Hank thought he was in heaven. Finally
coming up for air, his mouth and nose slick with the tasty juices, he
exclaimed "This is so fucking sweet and tender!" She began to moan and he
eventually lifted his head from between her wide spread legs and said, "Your
nice and juicy, all primed and ready for a good hard hosing baby."

He lifted up with her legs still up over his shoulders, fit his thick black
dick into her sopping wet cunt and began rubbing the head of his monstrous
dick up and down her tight slit. After coating the head of his foot long
black dick with her juices, Hank dropped her trim white legs, and placed his
oozing black cock at the entrance to the Blondie's private treasure, and
pushed forward, groaning "Oh, Godddddd ... oohh, fuckkkkk! Oh, it's so fuck'n

Slowly, the huge black head began to disappear between her widely streached
pussy lips, her tightness resisting its entry. Blondie's mouth opened as she
moaned in slight pain but her hips lifted and angled upward instictively to
accept Hank's hot black meat injection. "Oh yes," she moaned, "that feels so
good!" He moved back and forth in short easy strokes, stretching her glove
tight twat little by little and plunging slightly deeper with each thrust.

Hank bent down and softly kissed her on her open mouth, slipping his tongue
just inside, while at the same time continuing to slip into her incredible
tight box. Blondie instictively pursed her lips slightly as his lips touched
hers, enveloping his tounge and giving Hank a hot deep kiss as he worked his
big black dick into her sweet honey pot.

He now had about five good inches inside her pussy, the thickest part of his
dick now almost inside her. Suddenly, as if a barrier had been broken, the
thick bulge of his dick slipped past the tight entrance of her hot hole and
Hank began pumping away inside her with evil intent, slidding in deeper and
deeper with every powerful thrust, fucking the drugged wife and mother hard
and deep with his thick black horsecock.

Once the blonde beauty became accustomed the thickness and length of his
cock, Hank began a long slow withdrawal of his meat, then slowly feed it back
deep in to her. His experience and stamina soon had Dagwood's beautiful wife
mewling softly as her body began to hunch up to him as he slowly plunged his
thick meat back into her.

Coupled with the potent stimulant and Hank's expertise, his long slow strokes
had the pretty Mrs. Blondie Bumstead going out of her mind, desperately in
need of sexual relief as she unconsciously hunched her tiny body up and down
to get more of his lengthy shaft into her. He was caught by surprise when she
wrapped her trim arms around his neck and her legs around his ass. The sweet
blonde wife was pulling him even deeper as her ankles locked upon one
another, squeezing him to her.

Her drugged concentration was on the long thick dick, stretching her inside
to limits beyond anything she had ever imagined. Every time she would roll
her hips, Hank would thrust his huge black dick inside her, forcing her to
pause while a muffled moan escaped from between her lips.

Hank began stroking even harder as he drove his twelve inch dick completely
inside of Blondie, her pussy lips completely disappearing as his huge black
horsecock carried them along with it. Each time he withdrew his dick, her
juices glistened heavily on his black shaft as her pink little pussy seemed
to be pulled inside out, clinging to the sides of his mighty dick slightly
like the fingers of a glove as it's being pulled off inverted. Faster and
faster he pumped, his mouth on her lips, his tongue dipping between her soft
pink lips.

The potent drug had again overtaken all rationality and Blondie could only
think of one thing, that being to extinguish the burning itch between her
thighs. Faster and faster she arched up onto the lengthy shaft, finding it
more soothing the faster she rubbed herself upon it. Suddenly, a shudder
shook her body as hot sensations coursed through her, a feeling never before
experienced in her life. She screamed, "Ohhhhhhhhhh ... Godddd ... ohhhhhhhhh
... I ... I'm cumminggggg! Oh, my Godddddddd!" It was a mind-shattering
climax that rocked her entire body, an climax as never before experienced.

Hank continued with his long steady strokes as the beautiful blonde wife came
back down to earth. Then he held still in her again while she caught her
breath, letting his cock throb in her sopping wet slit. When he felt her cunt
muscles squeeze back at his deliberate cock throb, he knew it was time to
fuck her in earnest. Now he was going to make her beg him to fuck her, drive
her out of her mind with the need for his big black cock. Then he began to
slowly pump his cock in and out of the slick groove, determined to now bring
Dagwood's wife back to her feverish state.

Her head tossed from side to side, whipping her blonde hair about as the
lengthy cock sliced in and out of her burning slit. "Oh ... oh ... oh ... of
... please ... faster ... faster!" she moaned, wanting that burning itch to
be extinguished. Desperately, arching up and down, Blondie begged "Ohhhhh ...
fuck me ... fuck me! Oh, please ... Hank ... I need ... I need it so badly!"

Smiling as he looked down upon his fuck-crazed blonde neighbor, Hank began to
speed up his pistoning cock, feeling the trim white legs tighten around his
lunging ass. He wished that her husband could see his lovely wife now, going
out of her mind with his big black cock deep in her cunt. Laughing at that
exciting thought, he gave a hard lunge into the squirming beauty, burying his
cock deep in her fertile womb.

Buried deeply, Hank then expertly held himself absolutely still and waited.
Less than thirty seconds lapsed before he got the response he was looking
for when the married beauty clutched tightly at his upper arms as her legs
spurred at him, trying desperately for him to continue the fuck. Then he
gently tapped her face a few times, wanting her to realize what was taking

Once he saw her eyes widen, with reality setting back in, he told her "Gonna
have to pull out Blondie! Need to pull it out or I'm going to cum!" He knew
she was too much in heat to let this happen, feeling her arms now encircle
his neck and her legs tighten around him.

Beside herself, Blondie sobbed and pleaded, "No ... no, don't ... oh, God ...
I ... I want it! I ... I need it so badly! Please ... please, Hank ... fuck
me ... fuck meeeeee! Fuck me ... please ... cum ... cum in meeeee!"
Tightening her arms and legs around her husband's black friend, Blondie
humped up at him, trying to stir him into action. Then, to her delight, the
fuck continued. "Oh, yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck meeeeee!"

Then the fuck slowed again, causing Blondie to become frantic as she clutched
tightly to her ravisher. She felt him lick at her ear, biting her earlobe,
whispering to her "Tell me what you want, Mrs. Bumstead! Tell me you want me
to shoot my cum in you!" Arching up, Blondie desperately pleaded "Fuck me ...
fffuck me hard! Shoot it in me ... cum in me ... fuck me! Please ...
fahhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssss!" It was another mind-shattering orgasm that
had the beautiful wife swooning as he continued to pummel her with his hard,
lengthy strokes.

Then, reaching down, he grabbed her soft white ass in his hands and pulled
her up to his massive dick as he pounded her hard and deep. "Oh, fuck ...
ahhhhhhhhhh ... ohhh, yeah baby!" he groaned loudly, body shuddering in
spasms as he slid his hands off her firm buns to grasp her trim white hips
and buried his cock as deep as it would go, squirting out his potent black

His body shuddered as he began to unleash his hot semen. "Oh, baby ...
yeahhhhhh ... here it cummmsssssss! Gonna fill ya up with my cum! Ah, sweetie
... ah, yeahhhhhh!" he groaned as he spurted his thick seed directly into the
womb of the lovely Mrs. Blondie Bumstead.

Wads of hot white cream shot into her voracious cunt. And this set Blondie
off on more orgasms. She fucked him like a whore as her pussy milked him
for every drop of sperm. Even in her stupor, Blondie could feel the warm,
soothing flood of cum erupt deep in her womb.

When he emptied the last of his load into her pussy he was still hard and
ready for action. Blondie had collapsed in exhaustion. Her body was weak
and her head rested listlessly on the bed. She twitched and jerked in the
aftermath of her orgasms. Moments later, the defiled blonde housewife finally
sucumbed to the full effects of the powerfull stimulants, drifting into a
deep sleep.

He looked down at the passed out beauty, obviously out from the amount of
boose he fed her plus the potent drug. He had given her the ride of her life.
Finally Hank pulled his cock out of the passed out blonde's stretched and
gaping cunt. He laughed as he watched a thick flow of his jism coat the ivory
thighs and soak the bed. He got up and stroked his throbbing cock, looking
upon the beautiful fallen angel.

He rolled her over and lifted her sexy little ass up high. Her full ripe tits
shook and flopped about wildly under her as Hank parted Blondie's perfect ass
and saw her tiny tightly clentched anus. The rectal opening winked at him. He
laid his long thick horsecock in the crack of her georgeous ass and slowly
slid it through her full sexy buns, bringing it back to full erection as it
rubbed over her sweet little asshole.

"Blondie," he said, "you want to feel my cock in your tight little asshole
now, don't you. Tell me you want me to fuck you up the ass."

In her drugged stupor he knew that she'd agree to anything, but he wanted to
here her say it. "Yes..please...," she said, "Fuck my ass, I want you to fuck
me up the ass."

He placed his cock at the tiny puckered entrance to her tight little asshole
and caved in her rear passage. His cock was slick and lubricated and he
forced it in deep past her overmatched spincter, streaching her tight anal
passage taunt around his big black footlong horsecock.

Blondie couldn't do anything to stop him from fucking her virgin asshole. She
unconciously clenched her ass tight but her anal muscles soon relaxed and
permitted him to enter. She grimaced as his huge cock split her wide open.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth as she tried to get used to being
fucked in the ass. Her rectum was forcibly stretched open. Hank shoved
forward and buried his whole cock into her tightly clenching asshole, all 12
long thick inches to the hilt. Her eyes widened as his huge cock plowed into
her ass and came to a stop with his heavy sperm laddened balls slapping
loudly against her firm little buns.

The pain soon faded and Blondie got used to the sensation of having a cock
in her asshole. She even came to love ass-fucking. Hank's cock slid in and
out of her anus easily now and she rolled her hips and pushed back acting
like a total slut and revelling in it. He reamed out her tight asshole hard
and deep for a good half an hour before dumping a huge load of sperm into
her quivering anal passage.

He fell back off of her, his big dick pulling out of her tiny ass with a loud
plop. On through the night he fucked her again and again. He made her suck
his dick and swallow a huge amount of cum. He pounded her hot squishing cunt
and fucked her tight little asshole again. She was on cloud nine the entire
time. Her body ever willing, even though her mind was not quite all there.
Hank fucked her until he was completely sated and couldn't fuck anymore.

To cover up his lecherous deed he went downstairs and carried Dagwood up to
the bedroom. Hank striped him and placed him next to Blondie on the bed.
Scouping up thick gobs of cum as it oozed out of his wife's well fucked
holes, he dribbled it all over Dagwood's dick and pubic area so that when he
woke in the morning, he'd think it was him who'd fucked her.

Satisfied with his handiwork. Hank put the vidio equipment away. He carried
two full tapes with him as went back to his home, knowing that he'll get
another shot at Dagwood's hot assed little blonde wife. Her blurry images of
her big black neighbor fucking her brains out will all seem like a naughty
dream. One that she's going to want to follow up on eventually.

It will seem so real that doubts will slip into her mind and feelings of the
all consuming night of raw naked sex will seep into her conciousness. Her
husbands dick, half the size of the one she begins to remember taking to
glorious heights, will no longer satisfy her. Hank knows that eventually
she'll be coming to him, swishing her hot little tail around when their
spouses are not around, wanting another taste of big black cock.


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