The Bumstead's At The Mountain Lodge (M/Ff,ncon,inter,spank)
by Wilcox

Deon Jackson put down the heavy trunk he was carrying and turned to watch the
small figures on the path far below struggling with their heavy suitcases. In
the distance, he could just make out his rusting Ford pickup parked at the
end of the dusty road that wound up the valley. His lodge commanded a view he
never tired of and he was making good money by renting it out. The added plus
was the pretty white woman he got to prey on while thier men were on the lake
fishing all day.

Deon glanced back down the mountain path. He grinned, in spite of himself. He
really did like the look of the two blonde honeys on this trip. He watched
them struggle determinedly with their heavy suitcases along with thier limp
dick men. They were both real lookers, a mother in her thirties and her
teenaged daughter. Both blondes with lush firm bodies. MMMMMM, just the way I
like um, Deon thought. Big full tits, firm little asses and long sexy legs to
wrap aroung my big black body while I fuck the shit out of them.

He picked the heavy trunk back up and headed towards his lodge in the
distance. Shit, it felt like they was moving in for good. This was by far the
most stuff anyone had ever brought with them, and that wasn't counting the
suitcases they were lugging. He was glad he'd already stocked the place
before they arrived or it would mean even more trips up and down the hill.

When he reached the lodge, he put the trunk down heavily on the packed earth
clearing that substituted for a front yard, turned and sat wearily on the
trunk. He rested, wiping the sweat off with his shirtsleeve, waiting for the
white family to make they're way up the winding path to his remote lodge.

It was hot for this early in the season, hot for this high up the mountain.
Still, the sun felt good on his back as it warmed him through his shirt. He
impulsively pulled the shirt over his head, baring his heavily muscled torso
to the sun's rays. His chest glistened from the effort of hiking up the steep
slope carrying the extra weight. He kept in excellent shape during the
spring, summer, fall and most of the winter by chopping firewood for the

He watched them struggle as they lugged the cases up the last section of the
path to where he was sitting. The woman weren't used to the altitude and it
showed. Their hair was messed up, their breathing was ragged and they were
sweating profusely, which had the effect of plastering their tight fitting
shorts and tee shirts to thier full ripe bodies. The father and son were in
even worst shape as they all dropped the heavy cases helter skelter next to
the trunk and collapsed on the ground.

Deon let them rest as he drank in the lush bodies of the two blondes who
would soon be his personnal fuck toys. He smiled as he caught the women both
staring with glazed looks on thier faces at his powerful black body and the
huge bulge in his skin tight jeans. His twelve inch black horsecock was
throbing in anticipation and hanging half way down to his knee, barely
contained by the stretched out material of his old jeans.

He showed them to their rooms and brought in the rest of the bags. The men
were excited about the great fishing they were up here to enjoy. Two blissful
weeks away from everything at a remote lodge in the mountains. Little did
they know that while they were out on the lake fishing, their women would be
flat on thier backs getting fucked by Deon's twelve inch black horsecock.

The next morning Deon sent the men to the far end of the lake, "Where the
fishing was best," then waited until they were out of sight to make his move.
He went inside and saw Blondie seated on the couch in the living room of the

"Where's your daughter Cookie?" he asked as he feasted on her lucious form,
wondering if her husband knew just what a hot piece of ass he'd married.

"OH, she went out for a walk," Blondie replied without looking up.

He grasped Blondie's hand pulling her with him. "Let's go to your bedroom and
get acquainted," smiled Deon.

"No, please, I can't... please," she pleaded. As they reached the bedroom,
Blondie held the edge of the doorway trying to make one final escape. But to
no avail as Deon pulled her into her room. "I'm going to fuck you like you
never been fucked before," he grinned.

"No, please don't, please leave me alone!" Blondie pleaded tearfully.

Deon planted a deep wet french kiss on Blondie's beautiful lips. Then he
ripped off her tee shirt and bra. Blondie fell back on the bed from the
force. Before she knew it, her shorts was stripped off, her blue lace
panties shredded and his thick finger was pumping her slit.

When he felt her get nice and juicy, he got over her, grasped her ankles and
placed them on his shoulders.

Blondie looked up with tears in her eyes, pleading for him to stop. "Please
stop, I don't want this, please ..." Crying, Blondie's head whipped back and
forth on her pillow, her blonde hair waving in the air. Deon smiled to
himself as he scooted forward on his knees. Blondie's long milky white legs
pointing straight up to the heavens. The long black horsecock slid through
the moist opening to Blondie's warm and slick cavern.

"Please, please don't........please don't" came the desperate plea.

Deon reared back and slammed forward with all his might.

"Aieeeeeeeeeeee ... it hurts ... stop, nooooo ... please ...aghhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
screamed Blondie.

This was sheer music to Deon's ears, hearing the screams of a beautiful woman
whose skin was so clean and milky white.

"Ahh....Ahh....Ahh....Ahhh....Agggggg...." continued Blondie's desperate
groans as the thick black cock began to tunnel its way deep into the moist
slick cavern.

It was a snug fit and it took two more powerful thrusts by Deon to bury his
big cock into the writhering woman's womb. He let his black horsecock enjoy
its full length buried inside her for a minute, then withdrew until only the
huge head was enveloped by the tight by tender walls.

Suddenly he slammed forward with all its might burying himself fully again.
Again and again he repeated the action. He power fucked her until he broke
her like a wild horse and had her begging for more. After several minutes
Blondie's slender white legs stiffened, toes pointing to the ceiling as a
mind shattering orgasm overtook her delicate body. "Oh, God ... nooooo ...
I'm cominggggggggggggg ... " she screamed, as her body convulsed as in an

He reached out and grasped her melon tits in his big hands, fondling them
roughly before taking a sensitive nipple between the strong thumbs and
forefingers of each hand and squeezing brutally.

Blondie's eyes closed and she whimpered with lust, her submissive desire
kindled by the rough treatment. He pinched and rolled her nipples hard in
his strong fingers. A thin line of sweat broke out on her upper lip as her
breathing quickened.

He pulled all the way out of her pussy and told her to put her hands behind
her head. The position caused her tits to stick out even more prominently
and she moaned as he redoubled the pinching and squeezing of her big tits.

"Please," she whispered, "please don't tease me like this..." He ignored her
and continued to stimulate her breasts harshly. "You been waiting for me to
take you, aint' you?" He taunted.

"Yes," she whispered. "I've been wet all day, dreaming of your big black
cock..." Her eyes opened and she looked pleadingly at him, her eyes glazed
with lust.

"All right," she said softly. "You want me to beg, I'll beg. Please. Please
give me your cock. I need your big black dick, in my mouth, in my
can even have my ass if you'll just give it to me. Give it to me long and
hard and deep. Fuck me, use me, beat me if you like, but I need your cock
now..." she went on, practically sobbing as she humiliated herself.

Deon grinned at her. "Yeah," he whispered. "You about ready now, I think." He
moved up and his thick black cock sprung foward, bobbing up almost parallel
to the floor. She moaned with desire as he grasped it in one hand. "This what
you want, bitch?" he taunted.

"Yessss," she breathed, her eyes riveted to his pulsing hardness. "I need
it...please, let me suck it..."

"Your husband have anything like that to stick in you?"

"No," she said, her eyes downcast in shame.

"That's why you need a real man, huh? Well, okay baby. Come get you some
prime dark meat."

With a groan, Blondie sank to her knees and began eagerly kissing and licking
Deon's throbbing prick. Her hand came up to cup his giant dangling balls and
she groaned again as she felt them heavy with semen.

She couldn't resist tracing the thick sack with her tongue before taking
one of his heavy balls in her mouth and sucking it gently until he too was
groaning with pleasure.

"Thass' right, bitch" Deon whispered. "Suck that big dick, suck it. Show me
what a nasty whore you are."

She looked up at him, running her tongue along the length of his prick as
if it were the world's tastiest lollipop. She pulled way for a moment,
maintaining the stimulation of Deon's cock with her hand.

Then she began taking him into her mouth, looking up at him with her big
blue eyes to gauge his reactions. She filled her mouth with his pulsing
cock-flesh, her full pouty lips stetched wide over the massive hardness.
Slowly she worked her way down his prick, moaning with desire as the thick
veins surrounding his shaft rubbed against her soft lips.

He leaned back and relaxed as she took more and more of him into her eager
mouth, her tongue working sensuously against the underside.

Deon was amazed at how she could take his whole massive prick into her mouth
and down her throat. There were few bitches who could deepthroat Deon's
massive cock. Blondie, however, took him to the root with obvious pleasure.
Finally, she had her nose buried in his wiry pubic hair. She worked her lips
sensuously against the base of his prick for a few moments, then she began to
slowly suck gently as her head moved back and forth.

Deon wrapped his hands in her thick blonde hair and her groans of pleasure
vibrated against his turgid flesh as he began fucking her mouth. Her passion
glazed eyes never left his face and he saw the sluttish pleasure there as he
moved in and out of her hot soft lips.

He picked up the pace a little, mouth fucking her a little more roughly, and
she only whimpered with greater desire.

He considered coming in her mouth or on her face, but decided he would save
that for later. He had all day after all. He was a master cocksman and could
fuck her to death without cumming if he chose.

The thought caused him to pull out of her mouth. He took her slim legs in
his powerful hands and bent them back almost to her shoulders, presenting
the plane of her soaked pussy to him. He held her helpless like that for
a minute, like a sacrificial maiden before some savage jungle god, before
bringing his prick to her pussy and beginning to force his way back in.

"Oh, God," she cried out. "Give it to me. Give it to me hard." her golden
hair whipped back and forth in mindless ecstacy on the bed as Deon forced
more and more of his giant prick into her tight slit. He could feel her
pussy lips stretching painfully around the hugeness of his shaft and
marveled at how tight she still was after all his earlier fucking.

"Ohhhh," she groaned. "Ohhh, it's so big...." She began thrusting her hips
up greedily, begging for more and more of his cock. Finally, he reared back
and, with one brutal lunge, buried himself to the balls in her tight cunt.

"Aaaaaunnnnhhhhh!" she cried out with the joy of being penetrated to the
hilt as the head of his prick again slammed into her cervix. He began
fucking her hard and fast, sawing in and out of her tight cunt with long
brutal strokes. She screamed and groaned, thrashing wildly beneath him as
he fucked her brains out.

He released her pinned legs and she wrapped them tightly around his powerful
thighs, trying to pull him deeper into her. She raised her head for a moment
and traced the muscles of his powerful chest with her tongue before dropping
her head back onto the bed and begging him to fuck her harder.

"Good, it's so good," she screamed with joy. He felt her body tensing with
oncoming orgasm and cruelly slowed his pace to keep her on the edge. She
groaned in frustration. "Please," she whimpered. "Tell me what you want,
I'll do anything ... just let me come ... I'll suck you again ... I'll rim
out your asshole, I know you like that ... you can take me in the ass ...
anything, just let me cum...."

Suddenly, Deon saw Cookie. She was standing in the doorway, her blue eyes
wide. Deon noticed a thin sheen of sweat on her upper lip and that she was
trembling slightly. Deon noticed that one hand was almost absentmindenly
rubbing one of her big firm breasts. He turned his attention back to the
nakedly thrashing woman beneath him. She was so absorbed in his fucking she
didn't notice her daughter Cookie watching her fuck the huge black lodge

"Anything I want, huh, slut?" Deon spat down at her.

"Yess... I'm your slut, your cunt, do anything you want...."

"Okay, bitch," he said. "Now you can come." He began fucking her even harder
and more brutally. Her body tensed as he pushed her higher towards the brink
and her screams of raw lust filled the room.

"God! God! God!" she cried out and her eyes rolled back in her head as her
climax consumed her.

She writhed and sobbed with joy, her hips working frantically as he fucked
her without mercy. He maintained his control over her, pushing her through
climax after climax as she thrashed her head back and forth, grunting like
an animal with her powerful climaxes and begging for more.

Finally, she lay limply beneath him, her body covered with sweat. One arm was
thrown across her eyes. "You didn't come yet," she murmured.

"But I will, don't worry about that!" Deon promised. He looked at Cookie.
"Come here, bitch, " he ordered. He pulled out of Blondie and advanced on the
cowering Cookie.

Blondie's eyes snapped open in alarm. "No, not that!" she shrieked. "Me! Take
me, do anything you want, but not my daughter...."

Deon almost casually reached back and backhanded the beautiful woman across
the mouth. She fell back across the bed, wailing and sobbing, but made no
further move towards him.

Cookie turned as if to run but he grabbed her arm in one of his powerful
hands and pulled her to him. He crushed her slim body against him with one
hand while using the other to slowly unbutton Cookie's skimpy summer blouse.

"Mommy," she cried. "Help me!"

Blondie just wailed louder, curled up in a huddled ball on the bed. Finally,
Deon had Cookie's blouse off and he began roughly caressing her full
thrusting breasts. Her nipples were small and pink, but they hardened into
hard spikes beneath his fingers. He bent his head to her breast and began
working the sensitive nipple between his teeth, feeling it pop to even
greater hardness.

He left her breasts long enough to push Cookie's short skirt up above her
hips. With a rough jerk, he tore her white cotton panties from her.

He threw Cookie on the bed, face down, and pulled her flairing hips back
against his cock. Cookie screamed as he parted the folds of her tight cunt
with his massive shaft. Her curly blonde pubic hair tickled the ridges of
his cock and he thrust forward, hard.

Cookie's head came up and her back arched in agony as his cock spread the
tender lips of her cunt unbearably. He pushed and pushed again, feeling more
of her resistance give way with each jackhammer stroke of his powerful hips.

Her screams sounded loud enough to tear her throat, blending with Blondie's
broken wails to form a song that brought joy to Deon's heart. Then her
resistance loosened somewhat and Deon's prick surged into her to the hilt.
She was so tight, Deon thought she might strip the skin from his prick.

He began fucking her brutally, plundering her innocent young body with
savage glee. Cookie was weeping brokenly, sobbing her shame into the pillow
under her head. Gradually, as she quieted, Deon began to feel the change
come over Cookie's body. Her head lifted slightly and her sobs became jerky,

Then, ever so slightly, Deon felt Cookie's hips begin to move in a gentle
helping twist. She was fucking him back! Her obvious response nearly
shattered Deon's mind. He reached under to maul her breasts in his cruel
fingers and was delighted to hear her respond.

"Unnnnhhh," Cookie moaned submissively. "oohhhhhh..."

"Oh, my God," Blondie whispered. She crept over to where Deon and Cookie
were locked together and watched with strange fascination as the black
cocksman fucked her teenaged daughter. There was no mistaking it now.
Cookie was moving her hips back into Deon's deep thrusts, awkwardly at
first but more and more smoothly as she found the rhythm. She writhed and
twisted, all her senses filled by the rape that was no longer a rape.

"Aaaaaah," Cookie groaned. "Mmmmmmmmm..."

Deon still held back his cum, waiting to see her lush young body climax.
Suddenly he wanted to do more than just fuck the little vixen. He wanted to
possess every facet of her erupting sexuality. He felt her passion rising,
smelled the dampness of her sweat mingled with her pungent juices, which
coated her inner thighs.

Suddenly, her back arched again and she screamed a guttural scream of
pleasure as a powerful orgasm hit her. The convulsions of her tight cunt
clasping and milking at Deon's huge prick nearly sent him over the edge,
but still he held back, to test if she could cum again.

"Please, please, she's done," Blondie begged. "Cum and be done with her!"
But her pleas were drowned out by the gut wrenching slavering groans of
Cookie's second climax, which was even more prolonged and noisy than the

Deon could stand no more. His huge cock exploded, pumping jet after jet of
white-hot sperm into Cookie's clutching tight pussy. The feel of the hot
semen spashing into her sent Cookie into her third writhing, twisting,
groaning orgasm.

She pounded the bed with her fists and tears ran down her face as she came
and came. Finally, Cookie gave one last shattered scream and collapsed. Deon
fucked into her a few more times, but it was obvious she had passed out. He
pulled out, his half hard prick still coated with a mixture of sperm and
Cookie's flowing juices mingled with her mom's.

He motioned Blondie to his giant cock. "What are you waitin' for, bitch?"
he snarled. "Clean me up!" Blondie sobbed with shame, but she had long ago
passed the point of being able to deny Deon anything.

She began licking and sucking Deon's monster prick, gagging at the mingled
odors. When she felt him begin to grow hard again, she was horrified to find
her own arousal growing for the man who had just raped her innocent young

But the hot ache in her belly couldn't be denied. Deon grabbed her hair and
began fucking her mouth brutally again. "Do it, bitch," he snarled. "Show
little Cookie here how I like it, so she'll know what to do ... next time."

Blondie saw out of the corner of her eye that Cookie had revived and was
watching with strange fascination as her mother worked her lips up and down
Deon's massive prick. Fresh tears spilled down Blondie's beautiful face as
she sucked, knowing that she was not only enslaving herself, she was
participating in her daughter's slut training.

But as the huge organ grew harder and harder in her mouth, Blondie's mind
became more and more consumed with the pure sensation of her black master's
hard prick filling her mouth. She sucked slavishly, lost in the ecstacy of
submission. Deon's strong hands in her thick hair guided her fast, then slow,
then fast again, and Blondie groaned with the feeling of his total control
over her.

It went on and on, but Blondie had lost all track of time. She just knew
that, having just climaxed, Deon could fuck her hot eager mouth for a long
time, and Blondie worked her tongue and lips sensuously, striving to make
every moment pleasurable for him.

Finally, he was pounding his prick savagely in and out of her mouth, his
heavy balls slapping against her chin. He grunted with pleasure as he began
to cum again, pumping spurt after spurt of jism down Blondie's working,
welcoming throat. When he was done, he thrust her limp body away like a rag

She lay there mutely watching him get dressed. "Tell your husband and son
to have a good time fishing tomorrow", he ordered. "You say anything about
our little fuck session and none of you will make it off my mountain,

"Please, don't hurt my family," Blondie begged.

Deon laughed cruelly and patted Cookie on the rump. "I got me some plans for
this little bitch." Blondie could hear him laughing as he walked out.

* * *

The next morning after Dagwood and Alex left for a long day of fishing,
Deon came into the lodge and made the beautiful blonde women strip for him.
He sat on the couch and motioned Cookie over to him, his intentions were
obvious and she sat across Deon's lap, her legs on either side of his hips.
Deon's massive prick was wedged against the opening of her defenseless cunt,
spreading the lips wide.

Blondie was kneeling on the floor a few feet away, nude. Deon had cuffed her
hands behind her back with a pair of silver handcuffs and secured the cuffs
to the sofa, imprisoning Blondie as she watched her daughter's violation.

Deon's lips and tongue were caressing Cookie's ear. "Reach down, bitch, and
grab my dick," he ordered. Cookie complied, shivering with a spasm of desire
at the sound of the filthy words and the commanding tone. Her dainty fingers
grasped his cock and she whimpered as she appreciated its hugeness and
hardness. She began moving her fingers gently, frigging the loose skin of
his cock.

He grunted with pleasure and his cock surged to an even greater hardness.
Acting on instinct, she raised her legs slightly and felt several inches of
his cock slide into her. "Unnnnh...." she groaned.

She felt that same fierce feeling coming on as before and she huddled against
his muscular chest as he began moving her back and forth on the length of his
prick. Soon, the sweet friction became unbearable and Cookie threw her head
back, her long blonde hair trailing backwards over Deon's thighs.

"Ahhhhhhhh....: she moaned. "Uuuuuuunnnnnh...."

"You like black dick, don't you, white bitch?" Deon taunted.

"Unnnnh...." Cookie could barely speak for the powerful sensations being
stirred between her legs. "Yesss.....Yes, I like it..."

"Come on, cunt, you know what I wanna hear."

"Mmmmm...I like your...I...unnh..I can't say it..."

With a cruel smile, he stopped moving her. Cookie's eyes opened wide with
shock and frustration. "No..." she sobbed. "No, please don't stop..."

"Bitch", Deon snarled. "You got a lot to fuckin' learn about how the way
things are gonna be. When I say do somethin', you fuckin' do it, or I'll make
your white ho' ass sorry you were ever born. Got that?"

"Yes..." Cookie gasped, her raging desire mixed with fear of what he might
do. "I'm sorry..."

"Now tell Deon how much you want his black dick."

"Please, Deon," she begged. "I love your big black d..d..dick..." somehow,
saying the words made her ashamed, and yet her arousal seemd to increase
because of it. "I love your big, black cock," she said again. "I want to
f..fuck your big black cock..."

She grasped his broad shoulders for purchase and began moving herself back
and forth harder, impaling her cunt on the huge male organ inside her. It was
like plunging a huge sword into herself over and over, and Cookie thought she
might indeed die from the pleasure.

"Fuck me", she groaned. "Fuck meee......" Suddenly, she was writhing and
groaning and plunging her cunt against him, crying out as she came. The fiery
convulsions wrenched through her belly over and over.

As her first orgasm subsided, she felt Deon's big fingers searching between
the sweaty cheeks of her taunt buttocks, probing the sensitive rosebud of
her asshole. He located it easily and began roughly forcing a finger inside.
The invasion of her sensitive anus caused Cookie to grunt with pain, but as
his finger slid farther into her anal channel, the feeling overwelmed her
and she began to come again, even harder this time.

"Unnnh...Unnhhhh...UNNNNNHHHHH....." the orgasm seemed to build and build in
relentless intensity, wracking her body with explosive spasms. Deon waited
until the storm of her climax had subsided and she slumped weakly against his
chest, her sweaty blonde hair plastered to his dark skin.

Then he roughly pulled her off of him. She whimpered in protest as his prick
slid out of her with a wet, sucking sound. Deon ignored her and bent her
roughly over the arm of the chair.

Cookie was dimly aware of Deon's fingers spreading her taut ass-cheeks and
she moaned in renewed arousal. She knew what he wanted and wondered how
Deon's big black prick would feel in her tight little asshole.

The agony sent scream after scream from her throat. Deon grabbed her hips
and shoved brutally, forcing his cum drenched horsecock into her tiny anus
without giving her any time to accustom herself to the invasion. "Please,"
she begged. "Please stop!" she sobbed and shrieked in agony, even as she
realized her frantic cries and twisting were only exciting him more.

Finally, with a grunt, Deon buried himself to the hilt in Cookie's rear
channel and began fucking her brutally. Cookie hung in a fog of agony,
barely conscious because of the searing pain. "Please," she begged weakly,

Deon grabbed a handful of her hair a brutally yanked her head back. "Bitch,"
he hissed into her ear, "When I'm fucking you, all I wanna hear is how much
you like it. Understand?"

"Yes...." Cookie sobbed.

"Then say it, slut. Tell me how much you like my big black dick in yo' ass!"

" it...."

"What do you like, whore?"

"I like your big black dick in my ass...," Cookie sobbed with humiliation.
But she began to realize that it was true. She was becoming more and more
aroused by his degrading treatment of her and the rough way he was plundering
her tight little asshole.

She was no more than property to him, a set of holes to be fucked. And she
liked it. No, she loved it. She looked back over her shoulder at him and
began rotating her ass in slow sexy circles against the huge dick sodomizing
her so wonderfully. Feeling like a total slut, she ran her tongue over her
lips and whispered as sexily as she could.."I love it...I love your big black
dick in my ass..."

"Damn right," Deon grunted as he continued his harsh sodomizing of the sexy
young girl. She was really into it now, moaning and crying out with joy.
Blondie cried out in her own anguish as she saw her sweet young daughter
being broken to the cock, just as Deon had broken her.

She heard Cookie's sobbing cries, cries of the same mingled pain and pleasure
that Blondie knew so well, and she wept for Cookie, knowing that from now on,
she would be Deon's white fuck slave.

Cookie's cries rose in pitch, and Blondie knew she was coming. She hung
her head, wishing she could bury her head in her hands, but her hands were
secured behind her. She closed her eyes, but she could not blot out the
sounds of Cookie begging to be fucked up the ass harder and her animal
grunts of climax.

Suddenly, she heard Deon move and she felt her head being jerked upright by
the hair. It was Deon, shoving his cock at her mouth. She obediently opened
wide and felt his slick hardness slide easily into her throat. She sucked the
way she knew he liked it, working her lips slowly down his length until he
was buried to the hilt in her mouth.

"See, bitch," Deon grunted. "Thass the way I likes it. Now you try." Blondie
cried out with frustraction as Deon withdrew from her mouth. She opened her
eyes to see that Cookie was kneeling beside her, staring in fascination as
Deon filled her daughter's mouth.

Deon grabbed Cookie by the hair and pulled her head to his prick. Cookie
moaned and opened her mouth as wide as it would go. Deon shoved forward,
filling the sweet girl's tiny mouth with his huge prick.

Cookie's eyes bulged with the enormity of it, but she didn't dare pull away.
Deon began sawing his pole in and out of her mouth, and soon Cookie's eyes
were closed in bliss and she was moaning with the pleasure of her first

At Deon's order, she tightened her lips around his hardness and began
working her tongue against the underside. Blondie couldn't stand it anymore.
She leaned forward to try and get herself a taste of Deon's cock, or at least
to lick and suck at his huge dangling balls which were slapping obscenely
against Cookie's chin. But the lewd tableau of Cookie's mouth-rape was just
out of her reach.

"Please," she begged, "Please....I need it too..." Deon moved over slightly,
and Blondie groaned with grateful lust as she began sucking and licking at
Deon's heavy black balls. The combination of Cookie's hot, eager mouth and
Blondie's skillful stimulation of his dangling balls was too much for Deon.
He grunted and wrapped his fingers in Cookie's long blonde hair, forcing
himself all the way down her throat to the hilt as he began cumming.

Cookie choked and gagged at first but quickly began swallowing the torrent
of hot male seed that Deon was pumping into her desperately working throat.
After a few spurts, Deon pulled out and began spewing his hot come all over
Cookie's panting face as she moaned and begged for more.

Blondie licked at Cookie's fair skin, lapping up the pearly drops of cum
like a starving cat licking cream. Cookie moaned again as their lips met,
and their tongues stroked each other sensuously as they collapsed in a
sweaty, sated heap of quivering girl-flesh.

The long afternoon soon became a non-stop orgy of sex. Deon's stamina amazed
Cookie, as he was soon ready and hard again, and demanding more from his two
white sluts. They blew him again, each taking turns deep throating Deon's
massive shaft until he threw them on the bed, face-down, side by side, and
fucked them both up the ass.

Two hot sexy blondes, mother and daughter, on hands and knees, side by side
on the big bed, thier sexy asses held up in offering as Deon alternated
between them with his sodomizing twelve inch black horsecock. First one then
the other, back and forth he moved his big dick into them for a good half

After he came, they put on a lesbian show for him, grinding their bodies
together until they came to a whimpering, grunting double climax. The show
aroused Deon again, and this time he fucked Blondie doggie style as Cookie
buried her face between his sweaty ass-cheeks and gave her first rim-job.

The stimulation of his anus by the no longer innocent teenager turned him on
so much that he began pounding her mother from behind like a madman, slapping
her asscheeks hard as he rode her to orgasm after orgasm.

Cookie was amazed to see that each heavy slap to her mother's quivering buns
seemed to wrench another screaming, sobbing orgasm out of her voluptuous
body. Then she and her mother changed places, with Blondie tonguing Deon's
ass while he rode Cookie hard and deep.

She discovered that she enjoyed having her ass spanked as much if not more
than her mother did, with pain and pleasure combining and intensifying until
she too was sobbing and crying out with the constant waves of her orgasms.

Deon fucked first one, then the other, until both lay exhausted on the bed,
every muscle quivering with ecstasy. Deon left the lodge telling them to
clean up before the men returned, already plotting the paces he would put
the two bitches through next time. After all, he thought, their sweet white
ass's were all his for two whole weeks.


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