Blossom: Five For Six - A Very Special Blossom
by Panch Tubana


Six buried her head in her pillow and sobbed quietly long into the night. She
has been so certain that Kevin would be the one to take her virginity. It was
the right time and he was the right guy. The decision had been made and she
had even promised to let him have what he had been begging for for months.
Everything was in place until she has shared her planned with her best
friend. As always, Blossom managed to put doubts into Six's mind and she
backed out of her deal with Kevin. He was none too pleased and the two had
fought bitterly before he kicked her out of his home. She could still hear
his words echoing in her head as she cried alone.

"You're a fucking tease Six" he had shouted "and a liar." His words hurt her
worse than anything he could have done to her. Inside she knew Blossom was
right, Kevin wasn't the right guy and this wasn't the right time to give up
her well-guarded cherry to. Still, she was tired of her reputation as a
cock-tease, tired of being Blossom's sidekick who turned guys on and then
left them hanging. Why hadn't she just let him stick his cock into her? That
is all he wanted and it would have made things so much easier. These thoughts
haunted the sobbing young girl as she cried her way to sleep.


Kevin sat up in bed as the sun began to creep in through his window. He had
been awake all night, cursing his luck, second-guessing his decision making
and masturbating furiously as revenge scenarios ran through his head. It was
bad enough that he had that fucking tease Six get the better of him, but she
had been coached by Blossom. He had been beaten by that goody-fucking-two
shoes and he wasn't going to just let it go. It was just a matter of figuring
out which of his plans to set in motion first. One thing was certain he
thought as he furiously jerked his cock, both of those bitches were going to
pay, and pay dearly.


Three weeks had passed since Kevin had dumped Six. They hadn't exchanged a
single word in that time. Though she wanted desperately to talk to him about
what had happened, to ask him to just wait a bit until she was really ready,
she knew that it wouldn't do any good. Word on the grapevine had spread
quickly and before she could even think of countering the lies, everyone in
school believed that Kevin had been the latest guy to get his rocks off
inside of the much talked about young woman. It was no longer even worth
trying to tell the truth. She just kept her head down and spent all of her
free time with Blossom. There was plenty of tension between the two life-long
friends, but Six had little choice but to listen to Blossom's lectures and
put her sadness aside.

Her mind was so filled with doubt that she almost didn't notice Kevin
approaching her one day at lunch. He looked so handsome. She immediately
remembered why Kevin was going to be the one. Her heart skipped as she
braced for whatever he might say to her.

"Hi Six" he said flashing her that gorgeous smile. His eyes were kind and
there was no anger in his voice.

"Hi Kevin" she mumbled, unable to even look him in the eyes. "How have you

"No so great if you want to know the truth. I feel awful about what happened.
I was a complete jerk and I've just been too embarrassed to apologize

This wasn't what Six was expecting. She was stunned into utter silence. Kevin
was apologizing to her? She wanted to throw herself at his feet and beg him
to take her back, to be her boyfriend again and make the past few weeks just
fade away.

"I'm sorry for how things turned out, but I hope you can forgive me and that
we can still be friends" he said. His words hit her like a ton of bricks,
deflating the growing sense of optimism she was feeling. Friends? Oh no, he
only wanted to be friends. In that moment she wanted to slink away and
strangle her best friend.

"Sure" she mumbled, trying her best to smile through the pain.

"Great." He said, as if everything were perfectly fine. "What would you think
about coming over tonight to help me study for the mid-term?"

Six hesitated not because she had any doubts, but because she couldn't
believe her good fortune. Before she could answer, Kevin continued to try to
smooth things over. "I promise that we will just study. I have learned my
lesson Six. I lost a great girl because of sex and I am not about to risk
losing your friendship.

She nodded and watched him rush off to class. There was still a chance she
could get what she really wanted. This time she wouldn't tell Blossom. There
would be no meddling or nagging to keep her from doing whatever it took to
win Kevin back.


At six-thirty Kevin watched his parents back out of the driveway and speed
off down the street. They were going to spend the night at a resort of a
time-share presentation leaving him alone for at least forty-eight hours. He
wouldn't need nearly that long, but having the big house all to himself would
make it much easier to carry out his plans. Long before Kevin's parents
returned, Six would be dealt with once and for all. That little bitch was
going to get what she had coming to her. She would never be the same.

By seven everything was in place and Kevin could hardly sit still for the
final half hour until Six was scheduled to arrive. He check and re-checked
his room, peeking under the bed at the goodie bad had prepared for he
cock-teasing ex-girlfriend. The excitement was almost too much for him as
he sat on the couch rubbing his cock through jeans. He was leaning back and
imagining how she would look when she was finished with her. This time he
wouldn't be jerking off all night long.

She rang the bell at exactly six thirty. In truth she had been waiting
outside just in front of the neighbor's house for more than ten minutes. Six
was eager to get things back on track with Kevin. She had never liked a boy
enough to even think of going all the way and since they had broken up she
had dreamed of the moment when he would take her in his arms, forgive her
and then kiss her like he always had before. It had taken most of the day for
her to pick the perfect outfit. She wanted to look good, but not go over the
top. After all, she wanted Kevin back, but he was still going to have wait
for her to be ready to give it up.

When Kevin opened the door he tried not to seem too eager. Six looked lovely
with her hair pulled back out of her face and a shy smile across her lips.
She was wearing a gray sweater and a pair of jeans that he recognized right
away. They were here "ass" jeans though he doubted if she was aware that all
the boys in school called them that. The faded blue denim hugged her hips
and helped to cup her ass in a way that made it look even bigger and more
delicious than normal. It was nearly impossible for anyone to miss her as
she walked across campus in those particular jeans and Kevin smiled to
himself as he realized she had worn the exact pair he was hoping for on this
special night.


Getting through the small talk was excruciating for Kevin. He knew he had to
play it cool and make sure that Six felt totally comfortable if he was going
to get her upstairs. After they exchanged pleasantries, he invited her in and
they sat at the kitchen table. He has his books spread out over the table and
thought he noticed a bit of disappointment in her eyes as they sat across the
table from one another. It crossed his mind that she might even be ready to
do some of the things he had planned for her on her own. It was too late for
that though. Things had already been set in motion.

They studied in silence for the most part, helping when they could and making
small talk. Six tried more than once to open the door for a more serious
discussion about their relationship. Try as she might, she couldn't get Kevin
to bite. If he wanted to get back together, he wasn't showing it. If he
wanted to stop studying and start making out on the couch as she did, he
wasn't tipping his hand. Blossom had warned her not to visit Kevin for fear
of what might happen. What was happening was more crushing that anything she
could imagine. Kevin really didn't want her any more.

When he finally suggested that they go upstairs to check something on his
computer, Six nearly leapt from her chair to get to the stairs. She hadn't
changed her mind about keeping him out of her pants, but it made her feel
good to know that they would be alone in his room again soon.

Kevin followed Six up the stairs, staring intently at her ass as she took
each step. Her backside was more than a bit infamous around school. On such
a short girl, her big round butt was considered a minor miracle. More than a
few boys spoke of it fondly and often described in detail what they would do
with, and more to the point, to it if they had the chance. There it was, just
inches from his face, stretching the tight denim of her jeans. It swayed back
and forth, begging to spanked, teasing him as it teased every guy in school
on a daily basis. Kevin himself had fantasized about Six's hot ass often
after their make-out sessions left him throbbing and in pain with a case of
blue balls. Unlike many of the boys though, Kevin had felt that ass. He has
squeezed it during make out sessions, seen it in a thong once when he had Six
down to her bra and panties. Yes, Kevin has some experience with that amazing
ass and even more, he know what was going to happen to it tonight. It was a
small wonder his hard on didn't rip through his jeans by the time they got to
the top of the stairs.

They sat in his room studying with Six staring longingly at Kevin, basking in
the attention he was giving her and happy to be back with him. Only once did
the memory of their last encounter here creep into her thoughts and it was
quickly pushed aside when began to playfully toss a Nerf ball at her whenever
she wasn't looking. She played along, tossing it back when he had turned to
the computer. So lost was Six in the fun that she didn't think anything of it
when Kevin started missing her with the ball, firing it over her head and
into the space between the bed and the wall. The first few times she crawled
off to chase it, but eventually Six got lazy and simply stretched out over
the edge of the bed to retrieve the ball. Each time she did, Kevin watched
out of the corner of his eye, checking out her at first, but then observing
her movements, waiting for the best time to spring into action.

After a particularly well-placed tossed, Six had to stretch as far as her
arms could reach to grab the ball. Her body was now in the perfect position
for him to make his move. She was flat on her stomach with her feet off the
floor and her arms groping for the ball. Without giving himself time to
think, Kevin leapt into action. He was on the bed in a flash with his knees
planted on either side of Six's hips. The full weight of his body pressed
down on her ass, affectively pinning her to the bed. She yelped at first and
then laughed, assuming he was playing around. Her brief moment of hesitation
was all he needed. He stretched on top of her body, grabbing her right wrist
with both hands. In a flash he had her right hand cuffed to the fully loaded
barbell he had wedged under her bed. Kevin had practiced the move so often
that he was only half shocked when it worked so well. Six barely had time to
process and protest before he had shifted his weight and done the same to her
left wrist. To help calm the girl's fears, he tickled her ribs, making her
laugh and twist her hips. If she thought it was a joke, those ideas probably
began to fade away as Kevin slipped off the bed and slid a loop of rope
around her left ankle. In a flash it too was tightened and anchored to the
bar under the bed. The whole thing happened so quickly that Six was only on
her second "What the hell is going on here?" as her fourth and final limb
was secured.

He hopped back up onto the bed and straddled her hips again, feeling the firm
flesh of her ass grind against his crotch as she began to struggle. The move
had surprised her, but now she was starting to freak out. Kevin reached under
his pillows and slipped a ball gag around into Six's mouth, shutting her off
in mid-protest. He took his time fastening the strap behind her head,
enjoying the feel of her backside as she pushed against his weight. It was
only the beginning and the things he was going to do to that ass made his
cock spring to life. Six was thrashing now, sacred by the bondage and
petrified by the ball gag. Shutting up wasn't in her nature and she had a
thing or two she wanted to scream at Kevin. He had done an excellent job
setting up this little trap. The rubber in the mouth made that impossible and
try as she might, the best she could muster was a bit of movement in her hips
and a load moaning against the gag.

Feeling more in control, Kevin sat on top of Six and calmly told her to relax
and listen to what he had to say. She was in no hurry to give up the fight,
but he was in no mood to try and yell over her pathetic groans. She wasn't
going anywhere and he had all night if he needed. He took a gentle tone at
first, not wanting to get her riled up for no reason. "Six, calm down and
listen to me. I'm not going to hurt you, but I don't want to scream either."

It took her a few minutes to finally stop thrashing and she quit as much from
exhaustion as from any desire to listen to what he had to say. As he waited
for the bucking to stop, Kevin gently stroked her hair and enjoyed the
feeling of her body trying desperately to escape beneath him. When he felt
her body go limp and saw her head turn to try to make eye contact with him,
Kevin knew that she was ready to listen. He caressed the side of her face and
held her chin in his hand to make sure she was looking him directly in the

"Now Six you're a smart girl. You have obviously figured out that I didn't
invite you over here to study. In fact, the nifty bondage set up that is
under my bed took me three weeks to perfect. And I assure you, it is perfect.
You will not be able to move your hands or feet more than a few inches and if
I were to get up and leave, you would be stuck here until someone found you."

He could feel her body shudder beneath him and it was almost too much. The
power he felt was overwhelming. "Oh no" he assured her. "Don't worry. I'm not
going to just abandon you. I just want to save you the trouble of trying to
get free. You'll just end up hurting yourself for no reason." She seemed to
calm down a bit as he continued. "I am going to get off of you now, but I'm
not going to let you go. Do us both a favor and don't thrash about. I have a
lot to tell you and the sooner you hear it, the sooner this will all be over
for you."

As soon as Kevin crawled off the bed, Six began to thrash again. She kicked
her feet and found that they wouldn't move more than a few inches. She tried
to pull her arms up and found them to be cuffed to something that wasn't
about to budge. While she thrashed, Kevin calmly walked over to desk, grabbed
the chair and brought it around in front of Six. He sat with his back to the
window and his knees just inches from the edge of the bed. Kevin sat silently
as she thrashed about for a few more seconds, finally giving up again and
looking up at him with her soft, confused eyes. She was listening, but she
was also begging him to let her go. It was almost too delicious for him to

"I invited you here for one reason and one reason only." He paused for
affect. "I am going to fuck you Six. You are going to give me your cherry
just like you promised. You owe me that much and we both know it." Her head
was shaking and the pleading in her eyes increased. "You promised me we were
going to have sex and I am going to hold you to that promise. More than that
though, we are going to have sex that you never promised me." The words
seemed to pass over her head unheard.

Kevin wanted to make sure that she knew what he was talking about so he
paused again, waiting the look in her eye that told him Six was really paying
attention. "Yes, you are going to give me your pussy. But before that you are
going to suck my cock until I let you stop." Leaning over, he patted her
superb backside gently. "And I am also going to take that pretty ass of yours
and fuck it until you can't sit down for a month."

Fear turned to panic in her eyes as Six realized that Kevin was more than
serious. He was seriously sick. This boy that she had loved, had wanted back
and had even considered giving her precious virginity to was not holding her
prisoner and threatening her with every kind of sex she had ever imagined and
even some she hadn't. There had to be a way out of this. If he was going to
try and put it in her mouth then the gag would have to come out. She could
cry out then. Someone would come for her, yes someone. His parents had to
come home at some point. He couldn't keep her tied like this forever.

He let her mind work for a while, almost hearing her thoughts as she
struggled for a way out of this. It occurred to Kevin that he probably could
have just played it straight tonight at least gotten a blowjob. There was
something in Six that seemed almost ready. Well, ready for head maybe, but
not ready to give him the ultimate prize, her much-talked about ass. "Don't
worry about my family. My parents are away at a seminar and won't be home
until Sunday night. My brother is out of town visiting some friends and we
have the house all to ourselves for at least forty-eight hours. When I take
the gag out of your mouth, you could scream. Someone might even hear you.
But if you do that, then I am going to have to get rough with you and no one
wants that. I know you told your parents that you were staying over at
Blossom's house and right about now, Blossom is getting a message letting
her know that you won't be over, but to keep up the cover story."

"Blossom?" Six thought. How is she getting a message? Things were getting
more confusing by the minute. She was so lost for a moment that she missed
what Kevin said next. He punctuated it with another pat on her butt. Somehow
she knew that whatever he said, it wasn't good news.

"Do you understand me?" The harsh tone in his voice snapped her out her daze.
"If you bite me or scratch me, I will make sure you suffer in ways that you
can't imagine. You need to realize that there is nothing you can do here.
Just lie there and let me do what I want. Do what I tell you, move when I
tell you and this will all be over in a day or so."

A day or so? How long did he think he was going to keep her here? How long
could he... Six shut down her imagination right there. She couldn't panic.
She had to think of something and think of it quickly. Holding still she
stared at Kevin trying to read him, to see if he was willing to listen to
anything she had to say. His stare worried her a bit. He kept looking her
up and down like she was a piece of meat and his eyes lingered for a long
while each time they passed her butt.

"I am going to take the gag out so you can catch your breath and so I can
give you a kiss. I imagine you will have something to say and that's OK. Just
don't expect me to listen. If you try to talk your way out of this I am going
to put the gag right back into your mouth and get started." Kevin secretly
hoped that she would scream and kick so that he could skip right to the good
stuff, but something in her eyes told him that she was nearly defeated and at
would probably wait for a more opportune time to make a move.

As he undid the ball gag, Kevin waited for the scream, but none came.
Instead Six coughed and drool ran down her chin. It was a beautiful sight,
but Kevin gently wiped her face and patted her on the back. "Sorry about
that. Hopefully we won't need to use this thing again. I know how annoying
it can be. Would you like a drink of water?"

Still coughing, she nodded. He brought a water bottle out from under the bed
and gave her a drink through a straw. A chill ran down Six's spine as she
realized that Kevin had through of everything. Perhaps there really was no
way out. Fighting back tears, she finished the water and caught her breath.
He was staring at her ass again and she was desperate to get his mind

"You know Kevin" she started. "This really isn't very funny. I mean it's a
cute joke and all, but it has really gone far enough. You aren't going to
rape me. This isn't funny."

She paused to see if he was reacting at all. Jumping in, Kevin added "Not if
you tell me I can do whatever I want."

"What? You want me to let you have sex with me and to put it up my butt? You
just expect me to say that it's OK?" She was shocked to the point of disgust.

"No I don't. That is why you're tied up. And unless you can give me a good
reason not to, I am going to take what you promised me and then some." He
stood over her now, caressing her butt, chasing it as she tried in vain to
move it out of his reach.

"Kevin, you don't have to do that. I came over didn't I? I came over when no
one was home. I came up here with you. Did you think that I wasn't going to
take this seriously?"

"So you came up here to let me fuck you in the ass?" He was almost laughing
at the thought.

"Well no, not that." The revulsion in her voice was thick. She gathered
herself and tried to sound sexy. "But I was ready to take it farther than
making out."

He had heard that coy little voice before and Kevin hated it. She was still
such a fucking tease. "What do you mean?" He asked, playing along.

She actually began to blush and couldn't look him in the eye. "You know. I
was going to maybe kiss it and put it in my mouth like you keep asking me

Kevin fought to hold back his laugher. "You mean you were going to suck my
cock Six? Is that what you came here to do?"

"You don't have to be so crude about it." She replied.

He grabbed her by the back of the hair and yanked her face up so she could
see the seriousness in his eyes. "Six, I can be as crude as I want to be.
Right now I am choosing to be kind, so if you have something to offer me to
keep me from raping this sexy ass, you better say it." He slapped her on the
butt for emphasis and could feel her entire body flinch.

"I, I came here to put it in my mouth." She whimpered, trying not to imagine
how it must sound.

"I didn't quite catch that, what did you say?" Kevin mocked her as his hand
rubbed over the round cheeks of her ass.

A tug on her hair told her that he wasn't going to let her put things
delicately. "I came her to suck your cock Kevin." She realized that it wasn't
exactly a lie. She probably would have done it if he had asked. Now she found
herself begging for the chance just so he would untie her and let her go.

"Would you like to do it now?" He teased, reaching for his zipper.

"Untie me first." She said, suddenly hopeful.

"Now why would I do that?" He mocked. Right now I can do anything I want to
you. If I untie you, you can change your mind and take off.

"But I won't." She began only to be hushed by a hard slap on her ass.

"Don't interrupt me when I'm talking." He barked. "I make the rules around
here. If you want to suck my cock then you're going to do it just like you
are, all tied up." He stared at her to make sure she was really listening.
"and you're going to have to beg me for it."

"Please" she whimpered, almost crying. She wanted to beg him to let her go,
but knew that it would get her nowhere. "Please let me suck it."

Kevin yanked her by the hair. "Suck what?" He spat.

"Your cock. Please, let me suck your cock Kevin." Six was on the edge of
tears already, but hoped that she could convince him that she really wanted
this and perhaps he would let her go.

Kevin slowly unzipped his jeans. His eyes left her face and he wished that
she would look at him, but he was thoroughly enjoying hearing Sex beg to put
his dick in her mouth. How many times had he begged her to touch it just for
a while? She has always said no, but there would be no saying no tonight. In
fact, there would be no saying much of anything once he filled it with her
mouth with his dick.

Six stared at the ground and hoped it would all go away. She could hear Kevin
unzip his pants and knew that his dick was just inches away from her face.
This nightmare wasn't ending and she knew that there was nothing she could
do. For a moment she considered clamping down her jaw so that he couldn't put
it in her mouth. That wouldn't help for long though because she was still
tied up and he could do things to her places not protected by her strong jaw.
She thought of biting down as hard as she could on his dick, but thought
better of it. It would only make him mad if she didn't bite all the way
through it. Even if she did that, he might just bleed to death and then she
would be tied up there until someone came home and found her. There was no
way out for Six. No way other than to look up and see the very first penis
that would ever penetrate her lips.


Kevin held his throbbing cock in his hand, waiting for Six to look up at him.
He had dreamt of this moment for over a year and jerked himself silly to the
idea of getting even with her every night for nearly a month. Now the moment
had arrived. The little bitch was about to get her first lesson in how to a
proper slut. She looked up at him with those big round eyes and just waited
to be told what to do. She wasn't broken yet, but would be before the night
was through. Kevin stroked his cock, just inches from her lips. Six was
pleading with her eyes, both for release and for instructions.

"Beg for it." He whispered savoring every delicious moment. "Tell me what you
really want."

"Your cock, please let me suck it Kevin." The words fell from her mouth just
as he moved forward enough for the spongy head of his hard on to come to rest
on her parted lips. Though it was warm and inviting, Six quickly felt the
drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his dick and knew that she was in for
whatever he wanted. She strained forward, trying to take him, but barely got
her lips around the head when Kevin stepped back.

"Not until I tell you that it's all right." He barked. Having her suck his
cock was on thing, but Six was going to do it on his terms. "Stick out your
tongue." He ordered.

She complied without thinking, jutting her tongue out and looking very much
the spoiled brat everyone knew her to be. Smiling Kevin slapped his hard cock
on her tongue, listening to the dull wet sound it made and hearing her moan
slightly in protest. She could feel herself blush. It wasn't enough that he
was going to rape her mouth, Kevin felt the need to actually punish her by
spanking her tongue with his dick. Six found herself wishing he would just
put it in her mouth to get it over with.

Moving in closer, Kevin stopped slapping her tongue with his cock and gently
rubbed it against the skin of her cheeks and forehead. He could feel her
moving to avoid his touch, but she was trapped. Kevin was able to rub this
throbbing too all over her face, forcing her to smell him, to feel him to
really get an idea of what it was she was about to do.

When he tired of toying with her, Kevin poised the tip of his cock right
on Six's lips. "Kiss it" he said. "Kiss it like you love it." She gave it
a little peck, feeling the heat on her lips. It was happening, not as she
imagined or even fantasized, but it was happening nonetheless. Kevin pushed
forward, pressing the tip of his cock against her lips. Six opened them
slightly, afraid of what was about to happen, but secretly hoping that she
might do such a good job that Kevin would forget whatever other plans he
had for her and be happy with a blowjob.

Kevin was indeed happy to be getting a blowjob. For all the talking Six did,
he had always assumed she would be very good with her mouth. When he was
dating her, they would make out for hours and her tongue never seemed to
tire. He had heard rumors that Six was more than just a kissing freak, but
never got any farther than feeling up her budding tits and the occasional
grope of her sensational ass. It was frustrating to have a girlfriend who
would make out with him, but wouldn't do anything else. It was especially
infuriating when he allowed himself to think of the stories he heard
circulating around school. If one listened to rumors, then Six had done
more than her share of cock sucking. Kevin only have believed them by now,
but he used to love thinking about the stories of oral orgies with Six and
Blossom at the local college. He also enjoyed the long rumored relationship
between Six and her best friend's older brother Joey. True or not, none of
those stories mattered now because it was Kevin who was goi ng to get his
cock sucked by this fast talking little tease.

As the head of his cock slipped between her lips, Six tried to forget the
fact that she was tied to the bed. Not long before this moment, she really
felt something or Kevin. She tired to think of something pleasant as she
felt her jaws open and his cock slide along her tongue. There was no time
to think because his dick immediately hit the roof of her mouth and stopped.

"You're going to have to do much better than that." Kevin said, knowing right
away that those cock sucking stories about Six were bull shit. There was no
way this girl knew what was doing. It was something she was going to learn
though. One of many things he had in store for her.

It was in fact the first time Six had ever seen a hard penis close up and
certainly the first time one had been in her mouth. She did her best to
remember the porno movie she and Blossom had watched once. The women on
screen had made it look so easy and yet Six couldn't imagine getting much
of Kevin's dick inside of her mouth. "He's not even that big" she thought
to herself as she tried to relax and take more of him in. "Thank God he's
not huge like the guy in the movie." She ran her tongue along the bottom,
trying to lick it while Kevin pumped it deeper into her mouth. Six felt
his hands on her head and braced for something harsh, but he just stroked
the side of her face, telling her that it felt good.

Her mouth did feel good around Kevin's cock, but mostly because he was
satisfied at having taken something she had never given freely. He had been
blown before and Six wasn't exactly setting him on fire with her sucking.
It didn't matter though. This was just the warm up and the sight of her ass
just a few feet away was enough to make his dick grow and throb in her sweet
virgin mouth.

As Six tried to open her mouth wider, she found herself wishing that her
hands were free. The girls in the movies used their hands. Guys liked that,
didn't they? They must like it, they asked her for hand jobs all the time.
She couldn't touch it though and her neck was starting to hurt from holding
it at such an awkward angle. He was moaning and stroking her face so she
assumed she was doing a good job. Spit was beginning to run down the corners
of her mouth and Six could feel his dick getting bigger on her tongue. She
shuddered a bit thinking that he might be close. He wasn't going to finish
in her mouth was he? He couldn't think that she would do that.

Kevin could feel her pulling back away from his cock. He knew she couldn't
go the whole way without at least trying to talk. It didn't matter to him
what she wanted, it wasn't going to be good. He really wanted to explode in
her mouth and could have done so easily with just a few strokes of his hand,
but Kevin had waited too long to give in to lust at such a crucial moment.
His hands held her head still, not letting her escape. The panic in her eyes
built as he knew she was trying to avoid tasting his semen. At last he let
her go and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Six gasped for air and started to say something. Kevin shut her up by shoving
his dick back into her mouth until she gagged. As she coughed, he slapped her
in the face with his meat. "You don't talk until I tell you to talk, do you
understand?" He barked, rubbing his wet cock all over her face. "You don't
want me to cum in your mouth do you Six?"

She looked up immediately and shook her head. "No, I really don't. It's
gross. Please Kevin, don't do that." It was pathetic the way she begged him
now. For so long Six had held the power and now Kevin was getting his chance
at getting even.

"OK" he said, smiling. "I won't cum in your mouth. But I need to cum, so
where should I do it?"

"If you untie me, I can touch it. You can cum in my hand." Six was bright
eyed again, her ordeal might be almost over.

"Your hand?" He laughed. "Hell no. If you want me to skip your mouth, then
I want to cum on your face."

"Ewwww, gross." She said, remembering the time she had walked into Joey's
room just moments after he came on his date's face when she was sleeping over
at Blossom's. "No way."

Almost before the protest could leave her lips, his cock was back in, cutting
her off. "Fine, if I can nut on your face then I will just keep going until
it shoots into your mouth. That suits me just fine." Her head was moving and
she was trying to speak. He backed of and let her. This was starting to be

"No, no, please. Not my mouth." The face was bad, but at least she wouldn't
have to taste it. "Go ahead." Her lips and mouth snapped shut and he wished
he had a camera to take a picture. She looks ridiculous.

"I'm afraid you're going to have beg a little bit Six." He said, tapping his
cock on her cute little nose. Her eye opened. "That's right. If you want me
to cum on your face, then you are going to have to beg me to do it."

"But I don't want you to..." Her words were cut off by his cock again. She
was a slow learner. Pumping her mouth felt better anyway and he thought for
a moment about just shooting right on her tongue, but Kevin knew that things
had to go just right if the was going to get all he wanted out of this
weekend. He slowly withdrew his prick from her mouth and let her catch her

"Care to try that again?" He asked, gently stroking his rod right in front
of her face. She looked up at him, the defeat in her eyes was priceless.

"Just don't cum in my mouth." She managed weakly.

"Tell me where you want it bitch." He growled, stroking faster with his hands
stopping centimeters from her lips.

Six knew what she had to say in order to keep him from doing that disgusting
thing in her mouth. "On my face." She whimpered.

"I can't hear you." He chimed, holding back with every ounce of self
restraint he had. "I want to hear you beg for it."

"Cum on my face Kevin," She hesitated, wanting to choke on the words as they
came out of her mouth. "Please." How disgusting she felt, actually asking him
to do it on her face when he was forcing her.

Kevin was out of his mind with desire. The words were sweet, but it was
even more satisfying to know how utterly repulsed Six must have been at that
moment. There was nothing the little tease could do now except for beg for
his cum and hope that her torment would end when his orgasm did.

Not knowing what to expect, Six just started talking as fast as she her
tongue would manage, pulling what she could remember from the porn he
watched. "Come on Kevin, give it to me, give me your cum please. I need
it. Right on my face, please cum for me, please cum on me."

Kevin listened to her talk in that rapid-fire chatter that was most often
annoying, but now was entirely sweet. He felt the familiar swelling his balls
and knew that he would shoot off soon. It has been over a week since he had
allowed himself to climax and he was about ready to unleash all that pent up
lust all over Six's virgin face.

If she noticed him turning slightly to the side, it didn't register in her
mind that it was an odd thing to do. She was too caught up in trying to talk
him to orgasm and herself out of trouble in the process.

At least Kevin could hold it no longer. He took a half step back, pointing
the tip of his cock right at her cute little nose as he exploded. The first
blast hit her right on the nose and shocked her so much that she gasped,
leaving her mouth wide open. Using the opening, Kevin pushed the tip of his
cock down towards her mouth and hit her on the tongue with the second shot.
With nowhere to go, Six could do little in response other than thrash her
head from side to side as Kevin kept pumping his prick in his fist. It
pulsed and shot streams of hot cream across her nose, down her cheeks, onto
her chin and back onto her now tightly closed lips.

At the first shot Six had flinched and was still in mid-sentence so her mouth
was wide open as Kevin showed perfect aim with the second blast. It was salty
and bitter on her tongue. She wanted to spit it out, but closed her mouth
instinctively and felt herself gulp involuntarily, swallowing the hot liquid
even as Kevin continued spraying her face with every last drop.

As Kevin watched his cum hit Six on the face, mess her make up and run down
her smooth skin, he smiled. How long had he waited to bust a nut all over her
pretty teasing face? Too long. Almost as long as he had been waiting to bust
that pretty ass of hers. That too would be his, but for now he savored the
sight of Six with her face sticky and shiny.

Unable to move, Six tried to blow the dripping semen from her lips and got
another taste for her efforts. He had thankfully missed her eyes, but she
could feel it dripping down her nose and cheeks, heading towards her mouth.
She tried to hang her head so as to avoid his gaze and to let the cum drip
away from her mouth. Kevin would allow her to though. He held the back of
her hair and stared down into her eyes as if he owned her. Six could feel
her face turn red with shame as she knew that nothing would ever be the
same for her again.


Six fought desperately to block the events from her mind. Kevin had raped her
mouth and cum all over her face, but now it was over. He got what he wanted
and she could go. She wouldn't even tell anyone. The shame would be to great.
She would just forget all about it and never mention it to a soul. If Kevin
dared talk, it would just be another stupid rumor and she had grown
accustomed to those by now. She could live with that and even the fact that
she had given a blowjob. As long as it was over and no one else would know
the truth she would be fine.

Lost in thought Six didn't notice Kevin moving until he had left her line of
sight. She assumed that he was about to release her feet to let her go. I
towel to clean her face would have been nice. She thought it might a few
hundred washings before her face would feel clean again. Feeling a tug on
her feet, Six struggled to look back and see what he was doing. Instead of
releasing her ankles, Kevin was untying her shoe laces. "What are you
doing?" She asked, thrashing about trying to get a look at what he was doing.

"I'm just helping you get more comfortable Six." Kevin said, untying the lace
on her second shoe.

"Untie me. I did what you wanted, now let me go." She whined. "You promised."
Her voice trailed off as she realized that the ordeal was not yet over.

"I didn't promise and even if I did, so what? In case you didn't notice, I
just raped you. I'm going to do it again and again until I'm finished with
you." He slipped off her right shoe and tossed it over her head so that it
landed with a thud just inches from her face. As he tugged the other shoe
off, Kevin could hear her begin to sob. "Six, there is something else I
should probably tell you. You might be thinking already about how you're
going to call the police or tell someone what I've done. I wouldn't advise
that thought. Somehow I don't think people are going to take you very
seriously when they see the way you begged me to cum on your face."

"No one will believe you." She spat, not even thinking of holding her tongue.
"I don't want to tell anyone about this Kevin." She was trying to sound
sincere, but panic was setting in. He slipped off one of her socks.

Kevin gently ran his fingers over the sole of her exposed foot, feeling her
flinch and watching her try to escape the soft tickling. She was totally at
his mercy and if he wanted to, he could tickle her until she peed herself or
even passed out. By the time the night was over, Six would wish that was all
he had in mind.

His mind raced as he slipped off her other sock. She was still babbling about
how she wouldn't tell anyone and that they could just forget the whole thing
and no one would even know. He has stopped listening long ago and was just
waiting to see how long she could talk without taking a breath. When a break
finally came, he jumped in. "I know you won't tell anyone because the last
thing you want is for people to know about how much you begged. They will
know Six, they will all know. Not because I will tell anyone, but because if
you try to accuse me of anything, I will show them."

The words didn't have quite the affect he was hoping for. Instead of stopping
her cold, they just slowed her down as if it took her brain a few seconds to
process what he had just told her. Eventually she slowed and did an abrupt
conversational U-Turn. "What do you mean they will see?"

It was the question he had been waiting for. "Take a look at my windowsill
Six, right next to the curtain." She strained her head and couldn't have
missed the red light from his video camera. It would have been obvious to
her all along if she hadn't been so focused on what he was doing to her.

"It will show that you raped me you idiot" She spat, trying her best to sound

"By the time you get to the police station, I will have edited the tape to
show only what I want it to and the rest will be destroyed. Face it Six,
you're screwed. What happens here tonight is going to stay between you, me
and whoever might happen to wander through the door."

Before she could ponder that thought, Six caught a glimpse of what Kevin
was holding in his hand. It looked to be a pair of scissors. They gleamed
menacingly in the light. Though she wanted to ask him what he intended to
do with them, her mind wouldn't let her speak. She already knew what he
was going to do next.

He straddled her back, his weight holding her hips flat on the bed. Six tried
to struggle. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." He said matter of factly.
"It won't do any good and these things are sharp. I really don't want to stab you."

She felt the cold blade on the small of her back as he pulled the bottom
of her shirt away from her skin and began to cut. So he wasn't going to be
satisfied with just her mouth. Six had been blocking out the thought of
actually being raped, but now she know it was inevitable. Kevin was going
to take her cherry and he wasn't going to be gentle about it.

Kevin wished for a moment that he had tied Six to the bed face up. He wanted
to see her face as she realized what he was doing. He also wanted to get a
good look at her cute little titties. On the other hand, her succulent ass
was right below his cock, moving every so slightly as he held her down. It
was going to be better this way. He could always go back and get a look at
her face when he watched the tape later.

The thin fabric of her shirt cut easily as Kevin slit right up the back.
Her pale skin was now exposed and raised in gooseflesh as he let the blades
gently touch her back. She was trembling, and he wasn't sure if she was
afraid of the rape or if she thought he might actually jam the sharp blades
into her exposed back. Thought the total control over this teasing little
bitch felt good, Kevin had no intention of making her bleed that way. When
the scissors made their way to the collar of her shirt, he pulled it apart.
He could easily have unhooked her bra, bit it was more fun to feel her
flinch as he pulled the strap from her back and snipped it as well.

He carefully cut his way down first one shoulder and then the next, freeing
her back from the garment altogether. Six was now exposed form the waist up
and he couldn't resist putting the scissors down for just a moment to reach
under her body. His fingers found her breasts and zeroed in on her nipples.
Often during their make out sessions, Kevin would try to feel Six up, but
she always pushed his hands away. Not tonight. She could do nothing as his
fingers groped and pinched her little nipples, working them just a little
harder than she was comfortable with until she let out little yelps in
between her protests.

He could feel her breasts barely filling his hands and her nipples stiffening
from the rough pinching. "Aww, how cute" he teased. "They are getting hard.
Did you like sucking me off Six? Are you getting turned on by the thought of
getting fucked tonight?"

"No." She whimpered. "You know I don't want this. Why can't you just let me

He just laughed at her and pinched her nipples hard enough to shut her up
again. When he had grown tied of groping her chest, Kevin got off her back
and moved to the edge of the bed between her feet. Six could feel the
scissors on the back of her foot and got a sudden burst of energy. She
screamed out for help at the top of her lungs. Though it was not entirely
unexpected, Kevin still worried that one of the neighbors might hear her
screams and knowing that his parents were out of town, come to check it
out. He grabbed the ball gag and secured it in her mouth, muting her down
some mournful moans against the rubber.

Now free to enjoy the next step, Kevin slowly cut a slit up the back of her
leg, stopping at the knee. He did the same to her other leg, opening the
jeans and gently caressing her calves. Her skin was warm and smooth, but the
best was still to come. He continued to cut, finding it more difficult as
the jeans hugged her thick thighs closer to the crotch. This time his cuts
stopped right at the bottom of her cheeks. Just for fun he cut around her
legs, giving Six an obscenely short pair of Daisy Dukes that made her ass
stick out even more than usual. It was quite a site and his cock was already
raging hard again.

Kevin leaned back and admired the curve of her cheeks. For such a little
girl, Six really did have a great big ass. He ran his hands over it, admiring
the way it looked beneath the tight denim. The bottoms of her cheeks were
just falling out around the freshly cut fabric, exactly the way she looked in
her bikini at the pool last summer when she ran around teasing the boys with
that delicious backside. There would be no more teasing though, not tonight.
Kevin was going to have a piece of that ass and he wasn't the only one.

Six felt completely exposed now. Even though her breasts were pressed against
the bed she knew that all that remained of her outfit were her panties and
what was left of her jeans. Kevin had cut the rest off and who knows what he
would do next. His hands caressed her rear and she felt her stomach turn. For
some reason he was obsessed with her butt and Six was afraid he intended to
do more than just touch or spank it. She had heard guys talk about anal sex
and even heard that a few of her friends had tired it. They all agreed that
it was gross and worse than that, it hurt. She wasn't about to let a boy put
his thing back there, not ever. Unless of course, she couldn't prevent it,
and it was looking more and more like that was the case.

Kevin did indeed have anal on his mind as he gently spanked her ass. It was
all he really wanted actually, but there was no way he was going to all of
this trouble and not be the one to finally take her cherry. If he was going
to do that, he was going to have to get on with it. The main event couldn't
wait forever. Carefully cutting along her right hip, Kevin took care of the
shorts and her underwear in seconds. He repeated the motion up her left hip,
leaving her shorts easily removable with one swift tug.

He smiled down at her, savoring the moment before yanking on the fabric,
finally exposing her to the cool air. Her ass was pale and naked, smooth and
untouched. The moans against the gag grew louder, but there was literally
nothing Six could do. The more she thrashed, the more of her body he could
see. Kevin caught peeks of her pussy as she tried to escape. It looked to be
nicely groomed and once again he wondered if she actually had considered
sleeping with him tonight.

He reached his fingers under her body, letting her fall onto them during
her struggles. She reacted as if touched by a hot poker, trying in vain to
escape the probing digits, but finding her bonds to strong. The warmth from
her pussy felt good on his hands and her soft pubic hair tickled ever so
slightly. He let his thumb explore her slit, rubbing up and down and feeling
her wince as he moved closer to her clit. He though he could probably work
her up pretty well with his fingers, but time was of the essence and this
wasn't about romance. He had tried for months to turn her on and now he was
going to have his way whether she was ready or not.

Kevin grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed and lifted her hips just
enough to slide it underneath. This left her totally exposed and at just the
right height for some entry from the rear. Some of the fight had gone out of
her, but he she was still moaning loudly against the gag. He wondered for a
moment what she might be trying to say at this moment, what last second
desperation could be coming from her quivering lips. Unwilling to remove the
gag, Kevin knew he was going to have to get her lubed up at least a little
bit. He squeezed a few drops onto his fingers and then slid two of them right
into Six's exposed pussy. She gasped and arched her back as he worked them
inside of her. They met some resistance as the inside of her walls quickly
wiped the lube off. She was remarkably tight and it took three more tries
with a few drops of lube each time just to get them all the way inside.

Six tried not to think about the pain. She had masturbated with her fingers
before and even had a nice little dildo that used when she was feeling really
horny. Kevin's fingers weren't any bigger than the toy, but she wasn't turned
on at all and her pussy fought hard against the stubborn invaders. If fingers
hurt this much, she couldn't imagine what it would feel like once he stuck
his penis in there. Sex just wasn't worth it, she though as she felt his
fingers probing deep inside of her, violating her in ways she had never

Kevin knew that the lube inside wasn't going to be enough, so he squirted
some onto his cock as well. He didn't mind hurting her a little. After all,
he was going to fuck her ass raw in a while, but he also didn't want her to
be so dry and tight that his dick hurt. With his cock shining from the lube,
Kevin positioned himself behind Six and felt the tip of his dick make contact
with her virgin twat. She had given up bucking, but was still moving gently,
seeking for some escape. Kevin could also hear her sobbing beneath the gag.
She was finally going to lose her precious virginity and was going to do it
through tears. He couldn't imagine a sweeter victory.

There was enough lube to ease the head past her lips and into the warm folds
that she had so carefully guarded. Her pussy was so tight that he thought it
might just rip as he entered her. In fact it did feel like her body was being
torn in half. The shame and humiliation that had brought Six to tears quickly
gave way to the stabbing pain she felt as Kevin's cock worked deep inside of
her virgin body. He wasn't very big, but inside of her body he felt
impossibly long and thick. She had stopped begging him to stop and was now
just crying. Her body was violated, her will broken and Six in quite a bit of

Kevin felt no pain at all though. It was slow going at first, but the lube
helped him work half way in on the first stroke. With one withdrawal he was
ready to give her very last inch. Even without her own lubrication, Six's
twat felt wonderful around his cock. He could feel it give slightly as he
neared the end, tearing away the last of her cherry. There was nowhere for
her body to go, so as she writhed, Kevin enjoyed the feeling. She was moving
just enough to really help make it feel good. He leaned forward, letting his
weight push his throbbing cock deep into her and pushing his hips into her
ass. She was pinned to the bed and still moving ever so slightly. He stayed
perfectly still for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling of being inside
of her and basking in the glory of having taken down one of the school's
biggest prick-teases.

The crying and the gag quickly made Six out of breath and Kevin's weight on
her body only made things worse. Her pussy was on fire and trying to push him
out, but it was the lack of oxygen that was making her panic. Kevin heard her
stop crying and start gasping. He reached up and loosened the gag, ready for
her to scream just in case.

Six did not scream. She gasped for breath, taking in air with huge gulps,
trying to regain her composure. The pain coming from between her legs was
immense, but she didn't have the energy to cry out even sob very hard.
Tears streamed down her face as she gasped for air and tried to forget the
burning she felt as his penis penetrated her deeper and deeper with each
thrust. Her lips mouthed silent pleas, but he kept pushing in and pulling
out slowly. She could feel his fingers digging into the flesh of her hips
and buttocks. That pain was constant and even when he pulled out and her
pussy felt a moment of relief, his fingers digging into her tender flesh
reminded her that another hard thrust was only moments away.

Kevin let Six catch her breath as he continued to pump her slowly. The tears
ran down her face, but she was too out of breath to scream or even really
give him a good cry. That just wouldn't do. He waited to catch her in
mid-breath and held his cock at the edge of her pussy. When the time was
right, he grabbed her hips and plunged his dick in as far as it would go.
This time she did cry out, yelping like a kicked puppy as his hips slammed
into her ass and his dick pushed farther into her than anything had ever

Six let out a scream as his cock ripped into her further than before. There
was nowhere for her to go. Her hips were held tightly against the bed as he
began to pound deep into her. The lube wasn't helping much, but without it
he would have been literally tearing her shreds. Losing control completely,
Six began to sob and quietly beg for him to stop. She wasn't even sure who
was she talking to anymore. Clearly Kevin wasn't going to stop fucking her
and she was sure no one else was listening.

Kevin grabbed her ass with both hands and squeezed hard as he slammed down
into Six. Her pussy felt good and he loved hearing her cry. It was mean of
course, but it didn't matter any more. So what if this wasn't how she
imagined losing her cherry. He had planned a nice romantic evening for both
of them and she had fucked it up. Now it was his turn to fuck things up.
First it was her mouth, not her pussy and eventually he would have her ass.
That though pushed him right to the edge and he could feel his dick begin
to throb deep inside of her young twat.

He started moaning louder with every stroke, trying to get her attention. It
took several strokes to break through her sobs, but eventually she heard the
word "cum" mixed in with his moans of ecstasy. Her mind snapped back to
attention. Pain was one thing, but he was talking about ejaculating inside
of her. Six wasn't on the pill and of course Kevin hadn't bothered to put a
condom on before he raped her. She suddenly realized that he could get her
pregnant if she didn't do something to stop him.

His plan to cum all over her face had worked perfectly and he knew in his
hear that this one would be just as successful. Six was so easy to predict.
The simple mention of cumming inside of her precious pussy had her struggling
again and ready to bargain. She twisted her head as far back as she could
while Kevin didn't bother to even slow down.

"Please" she managed between strokes, finding it hard to talk with her body
battered against the mattress. "I'm not on the pill Kevin, please."

He responded by slamming in even deeper. "All the better" He hissed.

"But I might get pregnant" she whined. Oh how he hated that tone. She used it
so often that it cut right to the base of his skull.

"Not my fucking problem Six. Just shut up and take it." He was hoping the
wouldn't take too long arguing because he wasn't sure how long he could keep
pounding her tight virgin pussy without losing his load before he wanted to.

"Please" she was shrieking now, desperately wanting him to stop. "Oh God
Kevin please don't cum inside of me. You liked it when I sucked it. Please
let me suck it again. Cum on my face, in my mouth, just not in my pussy.
Please, please take it out."

These were the words he had been waiting for. Not that he didn't like the
idea of making her beg to taste his cum, but Kevin had no intention of
letting her off that easily. He did like what she asked though. She wanted
it out of her pussy and he was going to grant her that wish.

Six could feel his penis slip from inside of her body. She wasn't looking
forward to having him shoot that stuff all over her face again, but anything
had to be better than running the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. She felt as
if her she were burning up from the inside and the absence of his invading
member did little to soothe her torn and abused pussy. As she prepared for
his next move, the young girl winced at the thought of him putting that thing
in her mouth. "There will be lube and blood" she though. "How gross."

She could feel his hands still digging into her hips as his weight shifted.
Instead of getting off of her though, Kevin stayed put. The pain in her pussy
was quickly replaced by a stinging on her backside as his hand came down hard
on the exposed flesh. Six flinched and yelped, feeling her ass spanked harder
than anyone had dared strike her in her life.

"What are you doing?" She cried, barely able to complete the feeble question
before his hand hit its mark again.

Kevin smiled down at her ass, watching the pale flesh jiggle and turn quickly
pink as he struck it. That lovely round butt was right there for the taking
and he couldn't help but want to slap it. "You're a fucking tease Six" he
lectured. "You need to be punished." His hand alternated from her right cheek
to her left, making both of them turn pink and eventually a darker red as he
continued to smack her at will.

"Ouch, stop, please Kevin." Six was shrieking now. The pain inside of her
body was almost forgotten as it was replaced now by a burning on the outside.
She hadn't been spanked since she was ten years old and no one in her family
had ever hit her this hard. It was almost worst being spanked than it had
been being raped. She sobbed, helpless and nearly exhausted. No matter how
many times she begged or how hard she bucked her hips, Kevin wouldn't stop.
His spanking and mental torture were relentless.

"You're always running around with this thing sticking out, showing it off."
He was talking as much to himself as to her at this point. "Making us all
want your ass and then you won't give it up. You won't even give up the pussy
without being forced." He began to emphasize certain words with even harder
slaps to her cheeks. "Is that fair?" Smack! "Is that right?" Slap! "You can't
get away with this shit forever bitch." Smack!

Each blow stung worse than the last and Six couldn't even begin to understand
what she had done to deserve such a fate. She wasn't a tease. She didn't show
off her ass as Kevin said. Why was this happening? Why did he hate her so
much? Why was he beating her ass? Would he ever stop?

He didn't want to stop, but Kevin found himself wondering how long it would
take until her ass were totally black and blue. He liked that idea a lot,
but realized that bruising it beyond recognition would actually work against
what he wanted later. It was one thing to punish the little bitch, but to
totally deface a thing of beauty like her ass was beyond the call. Besides,
he didn't want to damage her ass to the point where she couldn't be spanked
any more. After all, he wasn't the only one who had been teased by that
pretty butt.

Kevin finally stopped spanking Six, but she continued to sob for several
minutes even as he gently caressed her ass, rubbing lotion onto the skin in
hopes of soothing her somewhat. He enjoyed running his fingers over the
curves of her ass and into the crack nearly as much as he had slapping the
crap out of it. It was truly a spectacular ass and at this point is was the
only hole on her body that remained cherry.

Chuckling to himself, Kevin went to work on changing even that. He rubbed
the lotion into her ass and began to work her cheeks in opposing circles,
massaging them and watching them shake. At last he pulled the cheeks apart
gently, peeking at her exposed asshole. It was tight as can be and just
quivering there before him. He had done it at last. Six's tightest hole was
his for the taking.

She had calmed down a bit after several minutes of the massage. It actually
felt nice after the severe spanking. His silence worried Six, but she thought
that he might have forgotten all about his need to climax. Perhaps he was
being so gentle with her butt as a way of making up for what he had done. Her
mind was exploring that thought when she noticed that her butt had been
pulled apart. The cool air hit her asshole and she was just about to clench
up involuntarily when she felt something cold and wet hit her exposed
rosebud. "Oh no, not that!" Her mind screamed even as her mouth was unable
to form the words.


Kevin held Six's ass cheeks open and let the saliva form in his mouth. When
he had enough, he opened wide and watched the glob of spit fall into the
crevice of her butt and score a direct hit on her waiting sphincter. He could
feel her whole body tense up as she realized, perhaps for the first time,
that her asshole was totally exposed and that there were worse places he
could stick his cock than her pussy. He wanted to stick his dick right in,
but knew that there was no way her virgin ass would open for him. Kevin slid
his finger into the middle of the spit and began to rub her asshole.

Six felt the cold and wet between her cheeks and shortly after felt his
fingers working closer to her asshole. She should have figured he wouldn't
stop at just raping her. He was set on doing that horrible thing to her.
The thing she had decided she would never do, not for her husband, not for
anyone. It was becoming evident to Six that she wasn't going to be able to
prevent it though.

Kevin could feel her tense up as he rubbed his thumb over her asshole. It
was going to be tight and he knew it. He also know that he was so close to
cumming and so excited by what he was doing that he would have to take it
slow on her at first. It was going to hurt like hell, but it was only going
to hurt her so he really didn't care all that much. Kevin just didn't want
to shoot after a few strokes and ruin a perfect evening.

As much as he enjoyed hearing her beg him not to put it in her ass, Kevin
needed things a bit more quiet. He re-attached the ball gag and silenced
Six's bitching. It didn't stop her from whining and screaming a bit as he
resumed his finger manipulation of her asshole. The tight opening wouldn't
budge even with a good deal more spit on his fingers. He grabbed the lube,
dripping some of it down his finger right onto the desired target. Returning
the bottle to the bed, he raised his free hand high above her ass. With one
might swing, it came into contact with her already sore flesh and caused her
scream loudly against the gag.

She screamed into the gag and bucked against her bonds, but completely forgot
about his invading fingers for just long enough to let Kevin slip his index
and middle fingers to the second knuckle inside of her tight asshole. The
pain from the spanking was replaced by the stretching of her sphincter and
Six felt as if she was being split in two. Her body was being invaded and she
feared she might completely lose control of her bodily functions if he probed
any deeper.

Kevin had considered that this might be a problem and was ready with rubber
gloves, baby wipes and anything else that might be needed for clean up. He
had considered giving her an enema before actually fucking her ass, but in
the end he decided that the direct route would be best and if things got
messy it would be just one more embarrassing thing he could use against Six
if she ever got the idea that she was going to tell someone about what

With two fingers buried where nothing bigger than a thermometer had ever been
stuck before, Six fought the urge to both clench and relax at the same time.
She knew that if she relaxed it would hurt less, but she was afraid that she
might shit all over the bed and that though scared her more than any amount
of pain. The embarrassment of having anyone, even Kevin see her do that kept
her muscles clenched tightly as he twisted his fingers around trying to get
her to open up.

The rotation of his fingers helped to spread lube all over Six's asshole and
it also allowed some gas to escape. The little fart made him laugh, but he
could see Six's fair skin flush. She was embarrassed about farting while she
was being raped. That thought made him laugh even more. "Damn" he said,
feigning disgust. "Your ass may look sweet, but it stinks like hell Six. What
have you been eating?"

While she struggled with her minor embarrassment, Kevin went back to work
with his fingers, pushing them slowly into her little by little until both
fingers were in her ass nearly all the way. They still weren't as long as
his cock and nowhere close to as big around, but at least she had a bit of
lube inside and had been opened up slightly. He knew that her ass would
still be tight and that it will still take plenty of work, but that was
just what he was hoping for.

When he pulled his fingers from her ass they were far from clean. It crossed
his mind to make him suck them. He had seen it many times in porn flicks and
thought the she should at least do that after making his hands so dirty. Good
sense took over and Kevin decided to use a baby wipe to clean his fingers. He
didn't want her getting sick and puking all over the place. That would really
spoil the fun he had planned for later.

Wiping his hands clean, Kevin grabbed the bottle of lube and squeezed a few
drops onto the head of his cock. He savored the sight of Six's upturned ass.
It looked as inviting as ever, but this time there was no tight denim between
his eyes and the sweet flesh she shook around like a cheap tease. His prick
throbbed in his hand as he realized that he was only moments away from making
her pay for every guy she ever teased. It was finally time to Six to give up
the A.

She felt his weigh shift again as he positioned himself over her body. There
was no question about what was coming next. He was going to stick his dick
into her butt. Six screamed, knowing it would do no good. She braced for the
pain and felt the tears streaming down her cheeks. It was going to hurt when
he put it in and she already knew that it was going to hurt her forever.

Kevin guided the head of his cock to her waiting asshole, smearing some of
the lube around and feeling the sticky head coming from her body. He had to
use his free hand to pull one of her cheeks out of the way. The crevice
between her buns was deep and he loved the feeling of her flesh closing
around his dick as it sought out the ultimate prize. He had often stared at
her ass and wondered if one could side between the buns without actually
going inside the asshole. It probably would have been possible for some guys.
"She really does have a big juicy ass" he thought as he stopped playing
around and positioned his prick right at her tight opening.

"Any last works before I fuck you in the butt Six?" he mocked. She screamed
again into the gag. "What? Nothing to say? Look on the bright side. You can't
get pregnant from anal sex no matter how many guys shoot up into you."

His words were lost on Six as she screamed against her gag. The violation
and pain were too much for her and he hadn't even put his penis inside of
her anus yet. There was no escaping this, no reasoning with him. All she
could do was lie there and wait as he pushed harder and harder, straining
to gain entrance into an orifice that was not designed for penetration.

At first Kevin was sure it wasn't going to work. He could feel the head of
his cock slipping around her asshole, refusing to go in. The lube was going
to be necessary once he got it going, but for now it was making it difficult
to slip past her tightly clenched sphincter. His hand shook and his cock
felt ready to explode already, but Kevin paused, took a deep breath and
re-positioned himself right at the opening of her virgin butt. Leaning
forward and using his weight he was finally able to push the head past the
outer ring. He could feel her body tense beneath him and another pained wail
escaped from around the gag. Her ass was so tight that it actually hurt him
just a big as he eased his dick inside.

If it hurt Kevin a little it, it hurt Six a lot. She had winced in pain when
he first entered her, but now it felt as if he was shoving his entire arm
into her ass. In fact, he was only about two inches in, but the stretching
and tearing of her previously virgin ass was beyond anything she had felt to
this point. The pain wouldn't stop and the fight was slowly being drained
from her ravaged body.

Kevin felt the vice grip of her ass clench his cock as he pushed harder to
go even deeper inside of her. He had never felt anything so tight before and
even putting most of his weight behind the gentle stroke, he could only fit
half of his dick up Six's ass. Pulling it out slowly he could feel her
muscles clenching him, dragging on his dick and making it just as hard to
withdraw as it had been to enter.

After what felt like forever, Six felt him start to pull out. It hurt even
worse than before and she had that awful feeling again like she was about to
loose control and poop all over him. Had she been able to think she might
have considered using that as a way to deter him from further violation, but
her mind was overrun with fear and pain. Hoping it was over as he pulled out
of her, Six somehow knew that she shouldn't get her hopes up. Moments later
she felt his body lean forward and the painful stab as his cock made it's way
back into her abused hole.

Kevin looked down at Six's ass as he pulled his cock out. It was streaked
with a bit of blood, but there didn't seem to be any serious bleeding going
on. He didn't want to have to take her to the hospital. Without adding any
lube, he pushed his cock back into her asshole. The second insertion was no
easier than the first had been. Her ass was tight and it took him a while to
work back into her body. This time he pushed a little faster and ignored her
flinching as his dick worked nearly to the base. Her ass gripped his cock
like a vice as Kevin moved his hands into position. Grabbing both of her
cheeks, he spread her ass apart and stared down at her violated rectum. There
was still about an inch of his cock that hadn't gone inside of her, but that
would soon change.

The pain continued for Six and though it didn't increase on the second
stroke, but it was clear that it wasn't going to get any easier either. It
felt like he was sticking a baseball bat up inside of her and then pounding
it in with a sledgehammer. She wondered for a moment why any girl would agree
to do this for any man. Of course she hadn't agreed and Kevin was just happy
to take whatever he wanted from the prone teen.

While staring down at her ass Kevin realized that he would always be Six's
first. No matter what happened after tonight, no matter much time passed,
no matter how much she loved some guy in the future, his would always be
the first cock inside of her. He would always be the man who broke her
anal-cherry. That though nearly made him shoot his load without even moving.
Since that wasn't part of the plan he cleared his head for a moment and then
finished the deed.

Six had no idea what was going on behind her, but she had become aware of
cool air around her ass. Kevin was holding her butt open, undoubtedly staring
at her like the perv he was. Still, she was unprepared for the sudden shift
in weight as he pushed his hand into her butt and small of her back. His
entire body was now held up by hers with just his hands keeping him from
falling on top of her.

Kevin's arms strained for a moment as he shifted his weight forward, holding
himself up over her ass. His hands had spread her cheeks perfectly and with
one smooth motion, he pulled them away, letting his body crash down on hers.
Though it wasn't a far drop, the force of his body rammed his entire cock up
her ass. He was balls-deep in her butt and that was all he could take.

The final thrust into her ass took everything out of Six. His body crushed
hers, knocking the wind from her lungs and the searing pain was too much for
her to take. Her mind spun and her body went limp. On the verge of passing
out, he could barely feel him unloading his seed into her freshly ravaged

Kevin certainly felt it. His body went flat on top of Six's and his balls
smashed against her the crack of her butt. No matter how much he may have
wanted to hold out there was just no stopping him now. His body shuddered
as he exploded deep inside of Six's body. He could feel his balls pulsing
as they shot stream after stream of hot cum up through his throbbing shaft.
The warm liquid surrounded his cock, making things even warmer than they
had been. He dug his fingers into the sheets, cumming harder than ever and
wanting the moment to last forever. As his orgasm subsided, Kevin's body
went limp on top of Six. He didn't even notice that she had passed out
sometime during his huge climax.


As Kevin fought to catch his breath after cumming deep in Six's asshole, he
wished he had kept her for himself. Sure he got her first. He had popped
every one of her cherries and no one could ever change that. Still, he felt
a little twinge of regret as he pulled his shrinking cock from her abused
anus and watched his cum dribble out between her delicate thighs. He used a
baby wipe to clean her off, noting how much cum was still leaking from her
body. Kevin had really blasted off in there and anyone venturing up her anal
canal later would certainly feel that he had been there. Not that you could
tell by looking at her though. Once he wiped the semen and traces of blood
away, Six's ass looked as tight and untouched as ever. "Not after tonight
though." He thought, smiling as he finished cleaning her.

Kevin slid slowly off the bed, checking to make sure Six was still breathing
as he slipped his jeans back on. It had been a great night so far and he
wanted it last, but he knew that the guys in the other room wouldn't want to
wait much longer for their shot at this prime piece of prick-teasing meat.
Giving her ass a final swat, he made his way to the door and was about to
shout out the all-clear signal.

Before the door was even open, it flew from his hands and Kevin was face to
face with four very eager schoolmates. They nearly ran him over as they
brushed past him into the room. Their eyes were transfixed as they got their
first look at Six naked. She was still out and tied face down to the bed, but
they were staring at the exact part of her anatomy that each of them had
fantasized about. Her lovely round, and freshly deflowered butt.

Kevin almost laughed at the scene. All four young men had the same wide-eyed
expression on their faces. Their mouths hung open and though he didn't bother
to check, Kevin imagined that each one of them had a boner in his jeans just
itching to get at Six's little ass.

The guys did indeed have boners for her as well as a collective hard-on for
the kind of girl who would shake her ass all over campus, be flirty and even
talk a good a game, but then never put out. Like Kevin they had heard stories
about her, but had never been able to get any themselves. Not before tonight
at least. That, like so many things, would be different by morning.

They all knew her from school and in a few moments when Six woke up, she
would recognize all of them. She would even know why each of them would be
happy to take part in such a violation. It wasn't hard to figure out really.
To a lot of guys, Six simply had it coming.

They each young man was ready to go, they stood and waited a few feet away
from her. This was Kevin's show and no one wanted to ruin a good thing by
being too eager or angering their host. It took Kevin a few seconds to
realize that they were in fact, waiting for him to give the OK. For a moment
he just stared at them, watching as they admired every exposed inch of her
flesh. They could look. They could even fuck her senseless all night, but
none of them would be first. Not in her mouth, not in her pussy and not in
her ass. Those honors were Kevin's and his alone.

As good as she looked on her stomach with that teasing ass facing the boys,
Kevin knew that he was going to have to move her if they were all going to
enjoy her body. It wouldn't be difficult to control her with five guys doing
the job, but he didn't want her to struggle so badly that they had to hurt
her. It just wouldn't have been right to waste all that pain on a broken arm
or a slap across the face when they had so many other painful plans for the
young girl.

Making sure she was still fast asleep, Kevin took out the handcuff key and
had the other four guys positioned at Six's feet. He wanted them to untie
her feet as he uncuffed her hands so that they could reposition her a bit.
She barely stirred as he unlocked the cuffs and the other four men freed her
feet. They rotated her body ninety degrees so that she was now stretched out
along the length of the bed. The cuffs were easily re-attached to the
headboard, stretching her arms out over her head. Kevin didn't have to ask
the guys if they wanted her to remain stretched out flat. He already knew
that they wanted her on all fours.

It took him a while to figure out the best to force her to stay in doggy
style, but Kevin found the answer at a local porn shop that specialized in
bondage equipment. He had purchased to spreader bars with straps that
attached to her ankles and thighs. This would keep her legs apart. They
could then be attached to each other with smaller rods to prevent Six from
having any movement from her legs. With the cuffs holding her hands in
place, she would be held in this position for as long as they wanted her
to be.

It was perfect in theory, but Kevin's hand shook as he hurried to get
everything in place before Six woke. She had begun to stir when they were
moving her and he knew that it would harder to get the bars in place if she
were awake and kicking. He did her thighs first, fastening the straps just
above the knees, then moved to the ankles. The set up was a bit cumbersome
at first, but when he was done, Six's ass was forced up in the air and her
body was totally exposed. She looked amazing and as Kevin glanced over at
the other four, he could tell that they agreed.

Two of them were already rubbing their cocks through their jeans as they
stared at Six. Kevin smiled and motioned for them to be quiet and stay
behind her at first so that she couldn't see them. He moved around to her
face, bringing the water bottle again to give her a sip. She was groggy
at first, but quickly remembered where she was and realized that was bound
again. Before she could protest, Kevin held the bottle to her lips and
quieted her.

"Before you say anything Six, just relax. It's not over for you yet. I'm
sure you knew that I wasn't just going to give you a quickie and let you go."
He ran his hand gently down her back and caressed her exposed ass. She
shuddered, but continued to drink greedily from the bottle. "The fact is that
you need to be punished some more Six. You need to be shown the error of your
ways. This ass of your has been shaking all over school for three years and
you are nothing but a tease." He slapped her ass gently, startling her, but
not really causing any pain this time.

"Kevin stop." She said, almost too calm for the situation. "You don't have to
do this. I'm sorry you think I'm a tease, but that was never my intention. I
really liked you, but I was saving myself."

He slapped her hard this time, making her flinch, but not shutting her up.

"Spanking me isn't going to change anything. Please stop. Let me go. You have
already raped me, what more do you want?"

He continued to spank her harder and smiled over at the other guys, signaling
to them that the next phase was about to begin. She didn't stop talking
though, pleading with him to stop. In fact, she was talking at such a rapid
pace that she didn't even seem to notice that Kevin was stroking her hair and
holding the water bottle at the same time.

It seemed an eternity to him, but for Six it was the blink of an eye. She was
begging with him, trying to get him to let her go and stop smacking her on
the ass. The way he was stroking her hair was so gentle that she almost
believed that he was still capable of some kindness. But if he was stroking
her hair, how was he holding the bottle. It just wasn't possible. Not


It dawned on Six slowly, but then hit her like a rock. If Kevin's hands were
both in view then someone else had to be slapping her ass. She tried to turn
her head around to see who might be back there, but Kevin grabbed her by the
back of the hair and held fast.

"Don't look back there until I tell you." He screamed, scaring her nearly as
much as the prospect of more eyes seeing her in this state of undress.

"Kevin what are you doing?" She shrieked, struggling to break the grip he had
on her hair.

"You think I'm the only guy who thinks you need to punished you little
tease?" He broke eye contact momentarily to enjoy the site of her ass being
slapped by another guy.

"What are you talking about?" Her butt was burning as the stranger continued
to spank her ass relentlessly. She couldn't imagine who he might have back
there or who might hate her enough to actually take part in Kevin's horrible

"I went looking for people who thought you needed to be put in your place
Six. You wouldn't believe how easy it was to find guys who agreed with me.
You really are a heartless tease you know. That ass of yours is all the
rage and you know it, but you just flaunt it all over campus an expect men
to fall at your feet. Those days are over Six. Now it's time for you to get
what's coming to you." He watched as the first guy spanked her ass for a
while, holding her hair and tugging hard whenever it looked as if she might
open her mouth to protest. Kevin found the power intoxicating and the sound
of her whimpering more than a little erotic.

Kevin has spanked her petty hard, but this new guy was really hitting her
hard and Six could feel her body ache whenever his hand connected with her
exposed buttocks. It wasn't unbearable and it didn't hurt as badly as having
her anus violated by Kevin's penis. She swallowed hard wondering if this
new man would also violate her. Before she had time to think of that much,
Kevin's voice snapped her to attention.

"Would you like to know who is spanking you Six?" He asked. She wasn't sure
at this point if it really mattered, but she was curious of course. "I will
tell you that it is someone you know. I wouldn't want to let just some
stranger come in and beat your ass, though I'm sure I could have made a bit
of cash on that deal." He laughed at his own joke and Six wasn't sure, but
it seemed as if more than one voice from behind her joined in the chorus,
mocking her.

"Whoever it is, I haven't seen you. I can't say a thing. Just help get me out
of this, you'll be safe. Please." Kevin laughed harder at her protestation
and yanked hard on the back of her head.

"You stupid bitch." He spat. Do you honestly think that anyone would pass up
the chance to put you in your place? I could have the whole school lined up
outside my room right now and all of them would want to take a shot at your
ass. Do you even realize how many people hate you? Even the ones who want to
fuck you can't stand you. You stupid twat. Do you think I dated you because
I liked you? I wanted your ass Six, nothing more."

She was crying again. His words cut her like a knife. She knew it wasn't
true, but there was at least one other person who hated her enough to join
in the rape and beat her bare bottom.

"Back to our topic. Do you want to know? Well I'm going to tell you whether
you want to know or not. You should already know though. I'll give you some
hints. You've gone to school with this young man for nearly ten years Six.
He's been in a number of your classes and you have always ignored him. Well
not always really. There was that summer after eighth grade at camp. You
spent a week making out with this guy secretly behind the cabin. You never
let anyone see you with him of course and you did nothing but tease him
every night. The poor guy went to bed every night with a raging hard on when
you wouldn't even touch his cock. When school started you went right back to
ignoring him as if he didn't even exist.

She knew who it was, but couldn't believe the things Kevin was saying. Camp
had been years ago, they were just kids. Of course she remembered David. He
was sweet and she didn't avoid him because she was ashamed of him. In fact,
Six had been afraid that he would ignore her in public so she had just saved
him the trouble by pretending that their nightly make out sessions were just
dreams. As for teasing, she was just learning about boys, not ready for
anything more than kissing. All of this flashed through her mind even before
Kevin could reveal the identity of the man currently spanking her hard enough
to nearly bring tears to her eyes.

"Can't remember?" His voice snapped her out of her trance. "Of course not,
you probably made out with a dozen guys at camp and left them all with blue
balls." Kevin could see the tears welling up in Six's eyes and could also
tell that David was ready to end the suspense and get to the good stuff.
"Care to guess Six?"

Her silence made him laugh. He had never known Six to stay silent for long
and here she was, at a loss for words. "I'll tell you what. I will make it
interesting. If you guess correctly, the spanking will stop." That didn't
exactly make her perk up, but she shifted her eyes to him and whispered a

Kevin wasn't shocked to hear her whisper "David" before her head dropped in
shame. On the other hand, the boy slapping her ass was stunned that Six even
remembered that they had made out three years earlier. He had done nothing
but obsession on that week for years and was hurt each and every time she
blew him off at school.

As promised Kevin motioned for David to stop the spanking. "That's very, very
good Six. You do remember David." He was mocking her again. "And I suppose
you remember making out with him every night and leaving him with a hard on."

"But I..."He words were brutally cut short by a tug on the back of her head.
"I'm not through talking yet bitch. Don't interrupt me again." Kevin was more
comfortable being forceful now and enjoyed tormenting Six.

"You did tease him, didn't she David?" For the first time, Kevin openly
addressed one of the others in the room. He nodded, nearly making Kevin laugh
as he barked. "I don't think the slut can see you nodding. Why don't you come
around and show her just how much you mean business."

David did as he was told, stepping around to the side of the bed and inching
into Six's line of sight. She didn't want to look for fear of what she might
see, but Kevin easily turned her head so that she as at eye level with the
young man's crotch.

Kevin wasn't exactly Mr. Popular around school, but compared to David, he was
nearly a stud. Other than his one week at camp with Six, David's experience
with girls has been through internet chat rooms and the occasional centerfold
he was able to steal from his older brother's room. He was even considered to
be the "geek" of the group when he hung around with other band geeks. It was
no wonder that Six had never paid him any attention at all once school
started. She was about to do more than pay him attention though.

Six didn't want to look up into David's eyes. Her first instinct was to try
and talk him out of it, but this night had already taught her the men are
cruel and she was certain to see that same cold look in David's eyes and
might even laugh in her face if she tried to plead with him. Besides, she
was too ashamed to look into the eyes of the guy who had just spanked her
ass harder than it has been spanked in years. As much as she hated the idea
of looking up at him, Six couldn't help but feel sick as she easily made out
the outline of his hard cock pressing up against the front of his pants.
David had become stiff as a board while slapping her ass and Six realized
that she was going to be required to do something about it soon.

David looked down at Six, unable to keep his eyes in one spot at a time. For
the last several minutes he had been spanking her ass, marveling at how hot
the firm flesh got as he hit harder and harder. His eyes and drifted only
slightly to the treasure between her legs, but her butt had filled his vision
and fueled his lust for so long that even now he found himself eyeing her
lower back and the soft curves that made up her hips and ass. His cock had
been stiff before Kevin even let them into the room. From the moment the four
young men had drawn straws to see who would be the first to get a crack at
Six's body, David was ready to go, ready to let out years of frustration and
desire. Now, having just spanked her teasing ass pink, he stared down and saw
the back of her head just inches away from his crotch.

Kevin looked over Six's back and caught David's eye. When the others had
drawn straws, another boy had actually won. David's second place finish
didn't get him first access to Six's ass. In fact, since Kevin had already
been there, it didn't even get him seconds. Instead it got him to the front
of the line for a blowjob during the group fun. With a nod of his head,
Kevin signaled that it was time. He yanked on the back of Six's head and
forced her stare right at the zipper of David's pants and he fumbled to get
them off.

His pants were easy, but as David yanked down his underwear, the waistband
caught on his cock, yanking it down and cause it to snap up against his belly
when it was finally free. It missed Six's nose by a half inch and slapped
loudly against his belly. Though it was only the second erect penis Six had
seen in her life, she already recognized that it was throbbing and about
ready to explode. That he was this ready and at her mouth did not seem to
bode well for her. On the other hand it could have been worse. He could have
had that thing ready to go back where her butt cheeks were still stinging
from the spanking he had given her.

With his cock now out, David was ready. Kevin yanked Six's neck back with a
tug, causing her to yelp a big. "Open wide" he ordered. She refused of course
and that prompted David to rub the tip of his cock along her lips. She
struggled, but there was nowhere to go, nothing she could do. Six knew she
was at their mercy and she also knew that if she didn't start sucking soon,
Kevin was likely to rip all the hair out of the back of her scalp.

Her lips parted and Kevin could feel her pulling forward ever so slightly.
He loosened his grip and watched as Six let David's cock slide across her
tongue. He moaned as she began sucking and Kevin switched from pulling on
her hair to gently pushing the back of her head towards the other man.

Six parted her lips and tasted the warm flesh of David's penis at his slid
over her tongue. It was thicker than Kevin's and as soon as she got it to the
back of her throat she could already taste the salty discharge beginning to
flow. He wasn't cumming yet, but she somehow knew that it wouldn't take long
for David to lose control. Kevin's hand on the back of her head reminded her
that she was going to have no choice but to take it in her mouth if that is
what David wanted.

Though he never wanted to admit it, David was a virgin. Those nights at camp
with Six were as close to sex as he had ever come. No girl had so much as
touched his prick to this point and now he was sliding to the back of Six's
throat and could feel her chin brushing against his balls. The girl he had
masturbated over a thousand times was now sucking him off and doing a good
job of it he thought. In truth he had nothing to compare it to, but the very
thought of what she was doing was nearly enough to push him right over the

Kevin was really enjoying pushing Six's face closer to David's cock. His
thick meat wasn't very long so she was able to get it all the way in with a
little help, but is certainly stretched her lips and he knew that her jaw
would hurt by the time they were through with her. Her jaw and a number of
other places on her young body.

When Six felt her chin touching David's balls she tried to stop and leave
some breathing room. Kevin would have none of that though. With gentle
pressure he pushed her head forward until her nose pressed against David's
belly and the thick head of his cock made her gag as it hit the back of her
throat. She instinctively tired to pull away but was held in place by firm
hands on her head. Kevin was going to make her do things his way with the
new man just has had done when it was his turn to rape her.

Rape was the farthest thing from David's mind as he felt his cock hit the
back of Six's throat. Her gag reflex constricted the muscles and gave him
quite a little squeeze. Though some of the others didn't believe the stories
and knew Six to be a pure tease, David still thought that she might actually
be the raving slut some people said she was. Part of him wondered if this was
some hot little blowjob trick she had learned along the way. Her head was
held in place, but when she tried to pull away, Six also let out a soft moan
of protest. The vibrations felt quite good on his cock. David knew that
everyone was watching and he didn't want to embarrass himself too badly by
cumming too soon. He moved his hips slowly away, pulling his cock from the
back of Six's throat all the way to her lips. It popped out and she gasped
for breath.

"Don't let it out of your mouth unless he gives you permission slut." Kevin
barked, yanking her head back. David grabbed his cock at the base and thrust
it back into her mouth, loving the feel of her wet warm tongue as she tried
to push him out. It had been over a week since David had cum. He had stopped
masturbating just so he would have a nice big load built up for Six. That
strategy was coming back to haunt him. Combined with his virgin status and
the excitement of being with Six, his inactivity had him on brink of an
orgasm from the time his cock hit her throat a second time. He didn't dare
look down at her for too long because the sight of the teen tease with her
lips stretched out around his dick and her eyes pleading up at his would
have been too much. Instead he glanced sparingly at her, staring out the
window and visualizing the notes to the school's fight song in his head to
keep from cumming too quickly.

If it seemed quick to David, the oral invasion felt like an eternity for Six.
At first she was almost glad to have him away from her ass. It stung from the
spanking and the rest did her good. His cock however, has proved to be quite
a challenge. David was quite thick and her jaw did indeed ache after only a
few strokes. She could feel him throbbing on her tongue and with each stroke
she was forced to take it all the way, burying her head into his stomach. She
could feel his balls press against her chin, could smell the sweat somehow
she knew that something big was coming from this boy she had once kissed for
hours on end.

Kevin could see the look on David's face. It wasn't going to be long now.
He wanted to make sure Six was ready to take it like she should. His hands
pushed harder and faster on her head, pumping David's cock and making her
gag with every stroke. Hearing her gag and knowing what was coming had his
own cock hard again and he wanted to rush right around her exposed ass and
stick it back in. It was only a matter of moments now.

Six had felt David's cock throbbing even bigger in her mouth and knew that he
was about to explode. Any thoughts she had about pulling away were crushed
when Kevin shoved her head and forced even more of his penis down her throat.
It was going to happen and it was going to happen in her mouth whether she
liked it or not.

David had hoped to cum all over Six's face as he had done in his mind so many
times, but it was coming too quickly and Kevin was pushing her deeper onto
his cock. The idea of spraying her face with his load was hot, but now he
realized that she would have to taste it and that was every bit as thrilling.
He felt his dick throb and thrust his hips forward to help ram it all the way
to the back of her throat. She seemed somewhat overwhelmed and looked up at
him with her soft eyes as if she was begging for him to pull out and cum
anywhere but in her mouth. That was more than enough reason to relax and let
is spray right onto her tongue. As he began to moan loader, David couldn't
help but mutter down at Six. "That's right bitch, suck that cock. You're so
good at it." He felt is balls tighten. "Eat my cum you fucking whore."

The words stung Six, but the flood of cum still took her off guard. His
dick swelled and pulsed, shooting his thick semen to the back of her throat,
making her gag immediately and then as he pulled out a bit, it hit her tongue
full force. As she continued gagging and trying to escape, Kevin held her
head firm and Six found her mouth filled with cum before she knew what to do.
It dribbled from the corners her mouth as she coughed and gasped for air. He
tasted every bit as bitter as Kevin had and there seemed to be an endless
flow coming from his dick. It was as if he had saved it all up just for her.

It was exactly the way Kevin had hoped it would be. Six was gagging and
choking on cum. David had done his job perfectly and with three more guys
waiting in the wings, Six's anal rape had just begun.


Six gagged and choked on David's cum. It had hit the back of her throat and
trigged her gag reflex. Even if she had wanted to swallow that foul tasting
cream, she couldn't have. It dribbled out the corners of her mouth until a
particularly hard cough blew much of the liquid out between her lips and all
over David's crotch. Their hands held her head in place so his cock stayed
lodged in her throat, but the liquid ran down her chin and dripped onto the

Kevin waited for David to finish cumming in Six's mouth before stepping up
the assault. As she continued coughing and letting the cum drip from her
mouth he tugged on her hair. "You stupid bitch. Did I tell you to spit it
out? You better keep sucking his dick until ever drop is gone and then
clean him up like a good whore."

Six tried to do what he ordered, but she couldn't stop coughing. Tears began
to form in the corners of her eyes as she fought to regain her composure.
"Come on" she heard, this time from in front of her as David joined the
verbal taunting. "Clean my fucking cock you slut. Suck it like you want it."
Six did her best to suck his dick, tasting the cum on her tongue and feeling
a few final drops make their way out through the tip. Kevin worked her head
now, pulling her back to the tip and then shoving her forward until it was
all the way to the back of her throat again. With each stroke she sucked
hard, trying to do as instructed and clean David's penis.

With David's dick starting to wilt, Kevin yanked Six's head back all the way.
She saw his cock flop free and hang between his legs. It was shining from her
saliva and glistened in the lights. It didn't look nearly as big now, but she
knew it would rise again before the night was over.

"Look at the mess you made" He continued. I see cum all over his legs and on
my bed. Oh gross, you slut. You got cum all over my bed. Clean that shit off
of his legs right now." He shoved her head forward again. This time his wet
cock hit her on the forehead as he rubbed her face against David's thighs.
He stuck her tongue out and began licking as quickly as she could to get him
cleaned off. The taste of the half dried semen was nothing compared to the
stinging of their laugher.

A tug on the back of her head signaled the end of that phase of clean up. Six
knew what was next and nearly gagged at the thought. "Now clean off my sheets
you fucking skank" he said pushing her head towards the mattress. The cum and
spit had pooled beneath her face when she gagged and it had already begun to
dry in nasty little cumps that stuck to Six's face as she tried to avoid
actually tasting the mess. "You can push it around all you want bitch, but
I'm not going to let you up until you have cleaned every last drop."

She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the puddles of spit and cum. It
was thick and difficult to pick up until she started to suck on the sheets.
Again she heard them laughing at her, enjoying the sight of her sucking up
cum from the bed. Six felt her whole body blush again as she remembered
that she was also still naked and exposed like an animal while the two boys
watched. She pushed it from her mind and tried her best to get the bed clean,
whatever it took to get this ordeal over with.

"That's better slut." Kevin barked, "but you still need to be punished for
spilling his cum." He gestured with his hand and one of the guys waiting at
the end of the bed stepped forward. His part in the rape of Six was about
to begin.


William had drawn the second position and was thrilled when Kevin told him
that he would actually get to fuck Six's ass first in the group. He knew that
there would be a mess after she sucked David off and had the whole thing set
up for some more punishment. As Six whimpered and tried to catch her breath,
William stepped forward and let her have it with a hard slap on the ass. She
was startled, but winced more in pain than in surprise.

Her head whipped around and instantly she realized that both of Kevin's hands
were in view. There was another boy in the room. Another hand slapping her
exposed ass and there would inevitably be another cock for her to suck. She
was about to voice her protest when the second smack hit her cheeks. This one
was harder than the first and made her scream out. She wasn't sure if she
could take too many more shots like that.

Kevin was watching William closely. He has been more than eager to have at
Six's ass. That kind of enthusiasm was a key element in the night's
proceedings, but he also didn't want to have anyone ruin her too early. He
wanted her to hurt and feel shame, but there was such a thing as too hard
even in a case like this.

As William looked down at Six's ass, beating her senseless was far from the
furthest thing from his mind. In fact, without the others there, he would
have been quite happy to smack her ass until it bruised, fuck it until it
bled and then beat her again until she was unconscious. His issues with this
little tease ran deep and he was going to enjoy feeling her squirm under him.

As his hand hit her ass cheeks and he heard her scream it reminded him of the
first time he had seen her. Six had been at the mall with her friend Blossom.
They were in line at the food court in front of him. It was a hot day and
both girls were wearing shorts. Six's were much tighter of course and nearly
showed off the bottoms of her cheeks. William had recognized the girls from
school and though she was two years younger than he was, he had already
noticed Six's rapidly developing backside. Standing right behind her, he
couldn't help but stare at her lovely ass, imagining what it would be like to
pull her back onto his cock and fuck that tight little thing raw. Somewhere
in mid-thought, the girls had seen him staring and given him crap. Six had
turned around and told him to "take a picture" and had even called him a
"perv" before storming off with her bitchy friend.

Ever since that day Six had given him dirty looks whenever she saw him, but
she always seemed to walk past him with more than the usual wiggle in her
walk. She was taunting him with her ass, he was sure of it. William might
have written it off as wishful thinking if he didn't constantly catch her
looking back over her shoulder with that stupid sneer on her face. She
would give her ass and extra shake and walk on by. Though she had probably
forgotten all about him once he graduated, William always remembered her
ass and that cocky way she looked at him as if she knew she had something
he would always want, but could never have.

Now as he stared at her ass, naked, exposed and growing redder with every
harsh slap, William knew that he had in fact been staring at something he
would want forever. Of course he was about to have it and have it hard.

Six screamed loudly the first few times this new stranger had hit her ass.
Kevin stopped that quickly with a pillow though, covering her mouth with
just enough pressure to muffle her cries while still allowing her to breathe.
Whoever this was, he was hitting her hard enough to make her forget that pain
that her first anal rape had caused. Compared to what was happing now, that
was a picnic. It hurt so bad that the spanking had stopped for several
seconds until she realized that she was no longer being beaten. In the
silence between that realization and what happened next, Six found new levels
of horror.

The room was suddenly silent except for her gentle sobs into the pillow.
Kevin was still holding it in place, staring at her and waiting for her to
catch up with the situation. Whoever was behind her had stopped hitting her
backside, but was still on the bed with her. She could feel the mattress
tilting back towards him.

"I imagine you are ready to meet the next contestant in our little game."
Kevin started.

Six stared up at him and then flinched when she felt hands on butt. The
mystery spanker was now rubbing something cold onto her cheeks. It scared
her to have someone touching her that way, but whatever it was felt good
and some of the burning from her cheeks subsided. As his hands caressed
her tortured flesh, Six looked up at Kevin. There was no point in pleading
with him. All she could do was wait to hear what sin she had committed
against this man.

"Would you like to know?" He asked. She struggled for a moment to answer. In
truth she didn't want to know anything any more. She wanted to pass out and
just have it all over with.

Swallowing hard, Six managed a weak. "Yes."

The words were barely out of her mouth when she felt she sharp sting of a
hand on her ass. She yelped. Kevin smiled.

"Yes what?" he chuckled.

"Yes...please?" She replied, wincing on instinct and feeling the expected

"Try master." Kevin said with a cockiness that made her want to vomit.

"Yes master. Please tell me."

Instead of speaking, Kevin nodded to the mystery man. Six felt his hands on
her butt again. This time he wasn't spanking, but spreading them. Smiling at
Six, Kevin held his hand over her back. She couldn't see what he was doing,
but soon felt cold liquid hit the crack of her ass and ooze between her
cheeks. It was familiar and right away Six knew that he was dripping lube on
her ass. That could mean only one thing.

"Please no." she begged. "Please, just make it stop."

William was tired of waiting and was happy to see Kevin reach back with the
lube. If he had it his way he would have rammed his hard cock up Six's bitchy
ass with no lube at all. Kevin had squashed that idea, at least for the first
few times because he didn't want the little whore too torn up for everyone to
enjoy. That made sense to William, but mostly he was just going along because
experience had told him that a tight little ass like this just wouldn't take
a cock like his without a whole lot of help.

With his hands on her cheeks and his cock poised near Six's asshole, William
smiled. He had dreamed of this moment many time in the last few years and he
was going to enjoy every second of it. He had always been proud of his cock
which now stood throbbing at a solid eight inches. It was enough to get the
job done and a little too much for most of the bitches he had fucked to
handle it where he liked it best, right in their little assholes. Six was
like all the others, teasing, shaking it around she knew what she was doing.
She was about to find out what happened to girls who made fun of him.

Struggling wasn't helping Six and she knew it. The stranger's hands held her
buttocks firmly and she could feel the cool air striking her most exposed
regions. It had hurt when Kevin had put his penis inside of her butt, but she
had hoped that it would be a one-time thing. Clearly they were all enjoying
doing that vile thing to her. She clenched up as she felt his flesh touch her
back there. Hoping against hope she squeezed down tight trying to keep him

Kevin wasn't sure where to watch. He was enjoying the fear in Six's eyes and
she meekly struggled, but his gaze was drawn to her sweet cheeks as William
held them open and prepared to stretch her asshole in ways that his own cock
couldn't. His cock was hard in his jeans as his eyes darted back and forth
from her pained expression to her slowly expanding asshole.

William could see her clench her ass and knew that if her cheeks were not
held firmly in his hands, that Six's ass would be clamped down tightly. His
fingers easily held her open so he watched as her tight hole winked at him.
It has been fucked for the first time not an hour before, but it still looked
as if it might rip in two with enough force. It took all William had not to
just pull her hips back and impale the teasing teen bitch with his fat prick.
Instead he watched her body flinch as he rested the head against her rosebud.
There was no way for her to escape and with a gentle push, he began his
penetration of Six's tightest opening.

She was so busy struggling and clenching that at first she didn't feel much.
There was just a cold squishing sensation and she felt as if she had to use
the restroom. His fingers digging into the soft flesh of her butt hurt worse
than the actual penetration. Before she could even finish thinking that it
wasn't so bad, the familiar pain was back. This time she could feel her body
being forced open and new pain was added onto the damage Kevin had done
earlier. Whoever this was, he was going more slowly than Kevin had, but if
felt as if her ass was being opened and that it might not stop. Whatever was
happening, was happening no matter how hard she clamped down. The shooting
pain that began at the point of penetration quickly traveled up her spine
and shot throughout her abused body.

Her asshole gripped the head of his cock as he slowly pushed inside. William
had taken plenty of anal cherries in his life, but none quite like this. The
bondage devices Kevin had used really restricted Six's movements so he was
able to push into her slowly without fear of his dick popping out due to her
wriggling about. In fact, it was almost as easy to enjoy it slowly as it was
when he ass-fucked drunken co-eds at dorm parties. This was so much hotter
on a number of levels though. For one, Six was perfectly aware of what he was
doing. That alone made it a good deal sweeter. She wasn't just some freshman
who got wasted at a party and who would wake up sore back there the next
morning. No, Six would carry around the memory forever. What made it even
sweeter was she would share one thing in common with those other bitches. Six
wouldn't know who had fucked her ass. Like the drunken girls at school, she
would forever have a hole in her sexual history. Whenever she counted up her
lovers, she would always have to remember the one mystery cock that had been
deep inside of her ass. It was a shame some of them could forget or ignore as
a drunken nightmare, but Six would not have such an easy time denying that
she had been taken by a man who's name she wouldn't even know. She could
struggle, but not so much that he couldn't enjoy the long slow strokes, so he
didn't mind waiting as her ass tried to keep him out. There would be hard
strokes soon enough, but for now he let her lovely butt do its best to keep
out the intruder.

The other boys watched as William took his time with Six's ass. He held his
cock at the entrance to her back door for what seemed to be an eternity. She
looked amazing tied on all fours like that with her big ass in his hands and
her head shaking back and forth as she tried to beg the man she couldn't even
see from pushing into her even farther.

When the head finally popped past her sphincter, Six let out a shriek. She
was feeling it now and Kevin had to silence her by pushing her face into the
pillow. He didn't want to gag her because he had plans for her mouth, but he
also didn't want her screaming so loudly that he couldn't enjoy the fun.
Instead he held her head against the pillow just long enough for her to
realize that if he kept it up, she might suffocate. He was enjoying the
control he had because after a few seconds, Six stopped screaming only
whimpered as she lifted head to catch her breath.

"That looks so good" he said to her, watching as William pushed hard and
let the first inch or so of his cock into her ass. He could see that it was
hurting her, but could also see the submission behind Six's pained gaze. She
knew if she screamed he would shove her head back into the pillow. More than
that, she knew now that Kevin really didn't care what happened to her, so
long as she suffered. There was a considerable amount of suffering going on
now as what felt like a baseball bat made it's way inside of her. She had
tried to relax as much as she could, hoping that it would at least ease some
of the pain.

William smiled as he felt her relax a little around his cock. It wouldn't
last long of course because there was no way this tight little hole was
going to be able to take what he was going to give her. He liked the minor
relaxation because it let him know that she was aware of what was going on.
Six knew that she was being ass-fucked and was doing her best to go along
with it. He remained silent as he pushed into her even farther, feeling her
gentle acceptance turn to harsh resistance in an instant. As she clamped
down he shoved harder, working the first four inches of his dick into her

The relaxation worked for about two seconds until the unseen man behind her
pushed harder into Six. All of a sudden her ass opened and it felt as if her
entire anal cavity was on fire. She knew better than to scream and didn't
want to suffocated so she bit down hard on her lip, tears gathering in the
corners of her eyes. She wanted to fight, wanted to run, but it was hopeless.
All she could do was take it, take whatever they had in store for her no
matter how much it hurt, not matter how brutal, no matter how shameful.

It was shame that Kevin was hoping to add to the mix when he leaned in close
to Six's ear and started mocking her. "Does that hurt Six?" He asked, knowing
that William was stretching her beyond anything she could have felt before.
"Do you still want to know who is back there?" She remained silent, fighting
back sobs and biting her lip. "No? You don't even care who is fucking your
ass? What a fucking slut. You should be ashamed of yourself. Not even getting
a guy's name before letting him put it in your butt."

She tired not to hear his words, but they cut her to the bone. It was true.
There was a man invading her ass and she had no clue who it was or what she
might have done to deserve this. The pain was increasing was increasing with
every inch of cock that split her young buns. Her whole body wanted to run,
but she was bound tightly and totally at their mercy.

Kevin wanted to pull his cock out and shove it into Six's whimpering mouth,
but he knew that she has more in store for her. William wasn't even half way
into her ass yet and already she looked ready to pass out. He reached back
and squeezed more lube into crack, hoping to help things along a bit. When he
finished, he set the bottle on the small of her back and gave her ass a hard
smack. It probably didn't hurt as much as William's cock did, but it made Six
jump and brought her eyes back to his.

"Say thank you slut." He barked. "I just gave you more lube. You should be
more appreciative. I could just let him fuck your ass raw if I wanted to. Is
that what you want?"

Six hung her head and shook it meekly. Kevin yanked on the back of her hair
and nodded towards William who pushed another two inches into her ass in one
shove. She screamed again, sobbing and dropping her own face into the pillow.

"Answer me!" Kevin shouted, yanking her face back up. "Do you want him to
rape your ass with no lube you fucking slut?"

"No" Six sobbed "Please, make him stop."

"That isn't going to happen, but if you don't thank me for the lube I might
just have him take it out, wipe it all up and try again dry."

"No, please." She cried. "I want the lube, thank you Kevin. Thank you."

He was laughing at her. "Thank you for what?"

"Thank you for lubing up my asshole so he can fuck it." Six barely managed to
get the words out before a new round of pain hit her as her ass was opened up
even further.

William didn't like waiting for Kevin to play his little games, but he loved
the way her tight ass felt around his cock. Every inch was a struggle and
even with lube it was slow going. He knew that he could just grab her hips
and slam it home, but that would tear her up and he wanted to wait until she
was really ready before giving her the full but-fucking she deserved.

When he had pushed in as far as his cock would go, William pulled out slowly.
Her ass gripped him so tightly as it tried desperately to expel him. Just
before it popped out, he grabbed her cheeks tightly and pulled her hips back.
As more lube made its way inside of her, William found the strokes a bit
easier. As Kevin continued to talk to Six, William just kept fucking her ass,
pushing his cock a little deeper with each stroke as she was forced to
stretch to take.

Tears ran down Six's face as she tried not to scream. Her ass was on fire and
she felt as if her body might be ripped apart. Whenever she struggled too
much, Kevin would tug on her hair, causing even more discomfort. The pain was
bad enough, but Kevin made sure that she was shamed and humiliated every step
of the way. His play-by-play only made it more excruciating.

"Look at that ass stretch." He chimed in during a long stroke. "Don't cry
Six. This is what you were born for. That ass of your was made to be used and
this is only the start. Once we get it all opened up, we're going to rape you
until you won't even remember being tight and cherry back there."

She certainly felt it at that point, but was worried what they might do. Even
if she could convince people that the guys had raped her, everyone in school
would know that she been used like this. How would ever take her to the prom.

Sensing that her mind was drifting towards the shame of her situation, Kevin
grabbed her by the hair again and forced her face to David's crotch again.
His cock was already beginning to grow hard again as he watched the stranger
splitting her ass in two. "Suck it slut" Kevin ordered. "Maybe if you do a
good job, he won't have the energy to fuck you later." Defeated, she opened
her mouth and let the head of his dick slip past her lips. With a penis in
her mouth, she could only moan as her ass was penetrated deeper with every

After a few strokes with her mouth, Kevin yanked her mouth off and forced her
to suck his own cock. "Let's see if you have learned anything about how to
suck a dick." Gripping her head with both hands, he pushed his way to the
back of her throat and made her gag hard. He laughed "You still can't do it
for shit. It's a good thing you have a good ass because you're not going to
make it as just a blowjob slut. You need more practice before I sell you
mouth to football team. Give me ten strokes and then suck David for ten.
Let's see how you can work two at once."

Six was so glad to have him let go of her head that she dutifully sucked him
up and down ten times before turning her attention back to David. As she
moved back and forth, the big cock continued to work its way into her ass,
causing her to flinch, moan and cry harder. Her nose was running now and as
she blew the other two boys, Six could taste her own tears and snot on their
dicks. It wasn't nearly as bad tasting as the stuff that they would shoot
onto her tongue if she kept this up.

It took close to fifteen minutes of excruciatingly slow strokes, but William
finally managed to push every inch of his cock into Six's ass. It had to be
lubed up over and over again and she had begun to bleed a little bit, but the
final inch popped in as the abused teen keep bobbing her head on the other
guys. She had actually been stroking one in between sucking, learning to be
a good whore just as they had planned. When that last inch hit home though,
Six's mouth when empty and she screamed in spite her best efforts to stay
quite. She held both dicks in her hands though, squeezing them as her ass was
finally bottomed out. It was a beautiful thing, but William had only begun.

The new pain took Six well beyond anything she could have imagined. It didn't
register with her that he had just pushed all the way into her. It just felt
like she had been punched in the kidneys while a hot poker was shoved into
her butt. Even the withdrawal felt as if he had reached inside of her body
and started pulling her insides out. Kevin wouldn't let her mouth rest for a
moment, grabbing her again and forcing her mouth down on his hard cock as the
stranger pulled all the way out of her this time. Perhaps he was finished.
Perhaps he had cum inside of her and was done.

William didn't really care if Six thought she was done or not. He had a plan
and this was just part of it. Now that she had expanded enough to take all of
his cock, it was time to really fuck her in the butthole. He watched the head
of his cock pop out from her asshole and quickly dripped some more lube onto
it. If she was expecting more anal violation, he couldn't tell from her body
language. Six was busy with the two cocks in her face, sucking one and then
the other as if on a mission to finish them both off and run home to mommy.
William heard her moan in shock as he pressed his cock against her ass again
and pulled her hips back.

Hoping that the stranger really had finished, Six was forced to keep sucking.
She was hoping that maybe her mouth would be enough for the rest of the night
because her ass felt as if it couldn't take much more. When she felt him push
back, Six felt her heart sink. Before she could even clench up, his dick was
pressing past her sphincter and back inside of her abused body. Would this
ever end?

With his hands on her hips, William pushed hard into Six this time. Her
asshole gave him some resistance, but there was enough lube to make it fairly
easy on him to get inside this time around. It wasn't easy on her of course,
but he didn't care. She was primed and ready to go. Unable to stop him, Six
was a prime target for a full-fledged ass reaming and he was just the guy to
give it to her. Without stopping this time, he pushed forward in one long
stroke until his hips pressed into the flesh of her ass. His cock stretched
her and her ass felt as tight as any he had violated. This is what he had
waited for. Pulling back, he watched as her ass continued to grip his dick on
the rapid withdrawal.

As much as Kevin was enjoying the head Six was giving him, he was more
interested in the destruction of her ass. William had warmed her up and was
now giving her long, steady strokes. She would moan against his cock which
only made it feel better, and wince as her mercilessly pumped between her
cheeks. Not once did she bite down or use her teeth as her mouth glided up
and down on his cock. Instead she took it at both ends and rarely missed her
ten stroke count before turning her attention from one cock to the next.

William had increased the speed of his strokes and was now giving her the
full length of his cock every time. Six's ass was tight as can be, but the
combination of the lube and the extreme force he was using on her were too
much for her defeated sphincter. It gave way every time he reared back and
pumped his hips forward. Her ass would grip him tightly, but he pushed all
the way down until his hips pressed against her ass and then began the whole
process again. The vice-like grip of her nearly virgin asshole was beginning
to push him towards a climax so William increased the speed and power of his
strokes each and every time, feeling her body tense up and shake as he
pounded harder and harder.

Six couldn't believe the pain her body was feeling. The stranger was now
slamming into her about once a second and each time if felt as if she were
being penetrated by a flaming tree trunk. She distracted herself by counting
the strokes, forgetting completely that was she was actually blowing two guys
at once while being fucked in the butt by a total stranger. If she had had
time to think, Six might have passed out from fear at the idea that someone
else might be in the room taping the whole and that anyone who watched it
later would only see her bobbing her head like crazy while being taken from

William's strokes continued to get harder and harder until his hips were
slapping loudly against Six's big ass. Since he knew the camera was right
over his shoulder, he tried fucking her even harder and used his hands to
shake her cheeks back and forth. He was turning this teasing little bitch
into an ass-fuck queen and was going to enjoy watching it over and over
again. He could feel himself about to cum and wanted more than anything to
pull out of her ass and spunk all over her face. He had done it many time
to drunk co-eds and high school bitches at frat parties, but this time the
girl was awake and he didn't want her to see his face. It was part of
Kevin's little plan, but it would also be better not to have her recognize
him in case she got the balls to actually run to the cops when they were
finished with her.

David couldn't believe his good fortune. Six has already sucked him off and
now was really close to making him cum again. Her head moved faster and
faster between his dick and Kevin's and she was actually getting much better
at what she was doing. Any fear of being caught had long vanished and he was
trying to decide if he wanted to bust another nut in her mouth, shoot all
over her face or just save it for something better.

Kevin knew he wasn't going to waste another load on Six's face. William was
currently plowing away on the little bitch's ass and by the time he was done,
they were all going to be able have more fun with those buns than any of
them could handle. Still, he couldn't help but notice the fact that Six was
picking up the pace with her mouth and wasn't half bad at this point.

Much of the fight had been fucked right out of Six. Her body ached from being
bound in an uncomfortable position, her ass was on fire and her jaw had begun
to ache horribly from the abuse her mouth was taking. The pain and physical
drain had nearly allowed her to forget about the shame she felt from
servicing three guys at once.

Resisting the strong urge to pull out and shove his cock into her mouth,
William dug his fingers into Six's butt and drove his cock even harder during
the final few strokes. He wasn't sure how much new pain she was feeling, but
he was determined to blow out her ass before he blew his load deep into her
bowels. It had been a few days since he had let himself cum, so there was a
good load built up in him. At last he could hold it no more and slammed home
one final time. His cock exploded while it was embedded deep inside of Six's
ass. He felt it swell and begin pumping his cream into her. William let out a
growl as he flooded her asshole with cum.

Six had been fucked so hard that his orgasm took her a bit by surprise. She
felt him squeeze a bit harder and then felt a hot flood deep inside of her
body. His strokes shortened a bit, but didn't stop. Now the hot liquid
flooded her bowels and seemed to make her ass even slicker. Kevin yanked back
on her hair which freed her mouth and allowed her to sob for the first time
in several minutes. She couldn't even hear as Kevin called her names and
reminded her that she should get used to the feel of cum up her ass because
they were not done with her yet.

William was still not happy about having to nut up Six's ass, but as
second-choice went, this one wasn't bad. Her tight asshole gripped his cock
as he shot his load into her and pumped with hard, short strokes to get every
drop from his balls. Her ass, already warm and tight, got hot as his cum
surrounded his throbbing prick. It was slick and easier not to pump in and
out. Her sphincter felt like a hand squeezing tightly on his shaft, milking
out everything he had. His body shuddered and his strokes slowed as he
enjoyed the last few pumps into her ass.

Six cried quietly as she felt his dick slide in and out of her ass now. At
least it was starting to go down and didn't hurt her quite as much. As an
added bonus, Kevin had apparently forgotten about forcing her to suck cock
and her jaw was given a rest.

In truth Kevin hadn't forgotten a thing, but was preparing for the next
surprise. Not even William knew what he was about to do. He produced a
blindfold that Six recognized right away. It was the mask she used on the
weekends to help her sleep in. Kevin had stolen the black mask with the
gaudy pink trim during one of his visits to her house. Now he slipped it
over her eyes, quieting her protests before she could voice them.

"Our mystery guest doesn't want you to see his face Six, so I'm going to put
this over your eyes to protect his identity." She was about to tell him again
that she wouldn't tell a soul what was happening, but decided that having her
eyes covered wasn't anything worth protesting.

He smiled back at William. "Now that you've enjoyed her ass I want to thank
you for opening her up for us." Kevin was trying to hold back his own
laugher. "Since Six did such a good job of blowing us, I think that she
really should show off her new skills." He nodded to William who finally
figured out where he was going with this. Since Six couldn't see him, he
could have her clean off his cock with her mouth. He pushed on her ass,
pulling his shrinking cock from her hole.

Six felt her ass relax as the stranger pulled out of her. She was glad to
have her eyes covered because whoever he was, she never wanted to see him
again and certainly didn't want to know who had done such a horrible thing
to her. Just about the time she started to catch her breath, she could feel
the bed shifting. The guys were moving. Who was going where? What was
happening? Her mind began to panic and her head darted back and forth trying
to pick up movement.

She didn't have to wait for long because as soon as William got into place,
he grabbed Six by the neck and pulled her face towards his cock. Though Kevin
had helped clean her up after the first anal rape, Six hadn't been completely
prepared for anal sex and the smell of his cock fresh from her ass hit her
nostrils with a vengeance. Before she could voice her protest, her lips
touched the tip of his cock and it slid into her mouth.

For the first time in a long time Six really fought against the invasion. The
taste was absolutely horrible and she wanted to run away. Unable to move, she
violently shook her head in order to keep him from putting his dirty dick
back into her mouth.

William laughed. More that a few co-eds had awakened to the taste of cum,
blood and few less savory things after he had raped their asses. Six was
going to clean his cock while she was still wide awake. He squeezed the back
of her neck harder, trying to stop her from moving so much.

Kevin stepped in, slapping Six on the ass and screaming at her to hold still.
"If you don't obey you little bitch, you're really going to pay. Clean his
cock off like the filthy little fuck pig you are or I'm going to let him rape
your ass with something a lot more painful than a cock." He quickly followed
with a threat. "and if you so much as think about biting him, I'm going to
let him kick the shit out of you."

Fear kept her still , but her stomach felt ready to vomit. If the smell and
taste didn't cause her to puke, then surely the idea of what she was doing
might trigger such a reaction. Still, she opened her mouth and felt the man's
penis slide across her tongue to the back of her throat. She gagged at the
smell and taste, trying to ignore the bitter, gritty residue that overpowered
even the salty mix of semen and blood.

Kevin and David stared on in disbelief as Six let him fuck her face. She had
been broken and they were free to do with her whatever they chose. "Suck it
clean" Kevin ordered, watching her obey and suck on his shrinking cock
dutifully. Six used all of the things she had learned on this night to take
him deep, suck him hard and eventually the foul taste went away. As William's
dick was systematically cleaned by the hot-assed teen tease, the camera
rolled, catching it all.


By the time Six finished with William's cock, there was nothing on it but her
spit. She had managed not to throw up, but felt herself getting sick as she
realized she had sucked him long enough for him to be getting hard again.
Afraid of what they would do if she stopped, she just kept sucking, feeling
him throb on her tongue as she continued the prolonged blowjob.

Letting William blow another into her mouth wasn't part of the plan, but
Kevin was happy to watch her suck until he was hard again if only to join the
other guy in slapping her face with their cocks. He moved in close and began
smacking his hard dick against her cheek. Still blindfolded Six was shocked
by the thud of a warm penis against her face. David also joined and as she
sucked the mystery cock back to life, two others tapped and slapped her
cheeks and forehead.

William loved what was going on and could picture Six at a frat party with
guys fucking her face all night. She was going to be quite fucked up after
this night and he knew that she would be easy to get at a later date. This
gang bang was small and gentle compared to what she would get once he got
her at a frat party wasted off her pretty ass.

Though this was a lot of fun and certainly made for good video, Kevin knew
that the next phase had to begin soon. He put his cock away and signaled for
the other two to get off of the bed and out of sight.

Six sat quietly when she realized that the assault on her face had stopped.
The room was far too quiet and she was afraid of what might come next. As
Kevin pulled off her blindfold, she knew she wouldn't have to wait very long.

"How's your ass Six?" He asked, mocking her with his huge grin. He knew damn
well that it hurt and from the looks of things, she was going to be bruised
back there for weeks. "I'll bet you're ready for all of this to be over
aren't you?"

She looked over at him, afraid to even hope that he might be serious at this
point. He meant what he said of course. He was sure that she wanted it to be
done, but there was no way in the world he was even close to being done with

"That's three guys so far who have found out just how hot and tight you are
Six, but you didn't think that only three guys in school would want to fuck
that pretty little ass of yours did you?" He punctuated his question with a
firm slap on her already sore backside. "I want to take you on a little trip
down memory lane Six. Do you remember freshman year?" He waited for her to
answer and after two seconds of silence, spanked her ass again. "Pay
attention Six. Do you remember freshman year?"

"Yes," she replied, "what about it?"

"Do you remember riding the bus just before the end of the year and you
telling the driver that a couple of your fellow students had brought pot to
school?" Of course she remembered. She had struggled for days wondering if
she should turn the two boys in. When she had finally decided to keep their
secret, Blossom had convinced her that the only right thing to do was to
tell someone. She had told, the boys had been kicked out of school and she
had only seem them hanging around the mall a few times in the years since.
Six had been commended for her bravery by the faculty, but many of her
fellow students never quite trusted her again. What were their names though,
she couldn't quite remember. A solid slap on the ass reminded her that she
was supposed to be answering Kevin's questions.

"Yes, I remember." She flinched and yelped as he called out the answer.

"Well you may remember that your nosey ass got the two boys expelled. They
went to continuation school and eventually dropped out. All because you
couldn't keep your mouth shut. The good news is, they get a chance to thank
you personally for your involvement right here and now."

"What?" She tried to look behind her, but wasn't able to turn her head far
enough around. "Oh no please, it wasn't my fault. Blossom made me tell, she
tricked me."

"Oh quiet down Six." Kevin said, stroking her hair. "I'm going to be fair
about it. I am not even going to let them fuck you on ass." She couldn't
believe what she was hearing. "All you have to do is answer one simple
question and these two young men with a grudge will be kept out of you
entirely. Of course they will be allowed to jerk off all over your face
because we have to be fair."

He waited, hoping to get some reaction to his clever remark and then smacked
her ass to get her attention. "Aren't you even curious to know what the
question is Six? It could save your mouth, pussy and ass hours of brutal
grudge fucking. Unless that is what you want. I'm sure they wouldn't mind."

"No, no." She screamed. "I want to know. What's the question? Please, don't
let them hurt me."

"All you have to do in order to save your ass from two more cocks is tell me
the names of the guys you got in trouble. Just show us that you at least
remember running their lives and I will spare you."

Six could feel her heart sink. She hadn't thought of those boys in years.
Remembering their names though, she should be able to do that, she just
needed time to think.

"To make it a bit more challenging, they do get to spank you while you try
and guess." Kevin added stepping more into her line of sight and giving the
two unseen guys more room to work.

"No please." Six begged, knowing it would do no good. The first hand struck
her already bruised ass and hurt like crazy.

"Go on guess." Kevin said laughing at the pained expression on her face as
the guys took turns spanking her. They were wasting no time and slapping her
harder than anyone before.

"David? Joey? Tom?" Six was throwing out names, not even thinking about them
at this point. Kevin realized that he could just let them keep going because
it was plain to see that Six had no idea who they were.

"You're just guessing you stupid bitch. I can't fucking believe you. You
totally ruined their lives and you don't even remember their names. How do
you sleep at night?" His face was right next to hers and Kevin licked a
tear as it rolled down her cheek. He spit it back into her face and let the
beating continue.

"I'm sorry" she sobbed. "I never meant for any of that to happen. Please,

"If you give up then that means you lose and you know what that means." She
did know, but there was nothing she could other than throw more names out.
None of them were even close.

"I can't" she cried. "I'm sorry, I just don't remember. Please stop hitting

"Do you give up?" Kevin asked.

"Yes, yes, please."

"Then say I give up, please stop spanking my ass" he paused and waited until
she started to repeat his words before adding a final insult "and then beg
them to fuck you in your ass like the stupid, cheap whore that you are."

Six ignored the second part of his order and sobbed "I give up. Please stop
spanking me, please. It hurts so bad." She was crying now, in pain and
humiliation because she knew that Kevin wouldn't let her of without hearing
her beg for them to sodomize her.

She was right of course and the beating continued while Kevin laughed at her.
"Please" she sobbed. "Please stop spanking me and fuck me. Fuck me in the

Her words came out choppy and she had to almost scream to be heard through
her sobs. Still the beating continued until she finally completed the task.
"Please, fuck me in the ass like the stupid whore that I am. Shove your cocks
in my dirty ass. Please, I need it." Kevin could hardly keep himself from
laughing as Six tried every dirty phrase she could think of to make the
beatings stop. Finally they did and Six continued to scream as she cried.

"Please fuck me. Fuck my cheap whore ass for me, please." All of the guys
were having a hard time not laughing now. That didn't stop Steve and Frank
from quickly disrobing for their shot at Six.

When her blubbering had finally stopped, Kevin wiped her face with a cloth.
"There, there slut" he mocked. "Your ass will be fucked soon enough. First I
need to ask you something. I want to untie you. I'm sure your arms and legs
are hurting and I want to make you more comfortable." Her eyes lit up at the
idea of freedom. "But if I do that you have to promise that you won't fight
or try to run or anything stupid like that."

She nodded enthusiastically even before he stopped talking. "I mean it. If
you try to fight or refuse to do anything I tell you then it's going to be
bad Six." Kevin put his fingers around her throat and squeezed. "Really bad,
do you understand?"

Her eyes sank, but she nodded anyway. The fight had been fucked out of her
already, but Kevin had fun watching her defeat over and over again. He would
get to see it on tape for years to come, but it would never be as hot as it
was right there in front of him.

As Kevin began to free her arms, Six could feel the first guy move into
position behind her. They weren't going to wait for her restraints to be gone
before violating her. She could feel the familiar cold of lube as it dripped
onto her sore and abused asshole. He stuck a finger in and laughed at her.
"Still nice and tight, at least for tonight." His finger made a squishy
popping sound as he pulled it out and replaced it with his hard cock.

Kevin was amazed at her obedience as he freed her left hand and moved around
to the other side of the bed. Six never moved. She just gripped the sheets
and bit down on her lip as another cock invaded her ass. So much had changed
in such a short time that he had to smile. Six had all of that trademark sass
fucked right out of her thanks to his master plan.

Six still hadn't turned around to look at the guy fucking her and they hadn't
told her their names either. She had stopped trying to think about it and
concentrated solely on trying to relax her muscles to reduce some of the
pain. By now any cock would have hurt her, but this one felt longer than any
of the others and just as thick.

Steve was happy to finally be fucking Six's ass. All of Kevin's mind games
had been fun, but he had been dreaming of raping this bitch for years. She
had ratted him out, gotten him tossed out of school and every night he spent
in jail or on the streets, he had dreamed of fucking up her pristine world.

Kevin had both of her hands free now and went to work on releasing Six's
legs. It didn't appear that Steve was ready to move though. He was behind
Six, holding her hips in his hands and slowly sliding the full length of
his prick between her cheeks. She was whimpering now, clutching at the
sheets as he would bottom out in her abused anus. Her legs were still held
in place by the bar, but he wouldn't stop pumping long enough to let Kevin

"Do you remember me now bitch?" Steve growled, pumping harder into Six's ass
and wanting her to look at him.

Six buried her head in the pillow, not wanting to hear what he had to say.
It was bad enough that he was raping her ass, but yet another boy wanted to
humiliate her. She couldn't run from the pain or the shame and it was close
to breaking her completely. She felt his hands leave her hips and travel up
her back until he had two fists full of her hair. He yanked back, slamming
his cock deeper than every and causing her to scream from the worst pain she
had felt yet.

"You fucking bitch" he screamed. "You ruined my life and you don't even know
my name." He was pounding her full force now, hurting her and pushing himself
towards climax as well. "You fucked my life up and now I'm going to fuck
yours up."

The ferocity of his strokes shocked Six. She thought she had felt as much
as she was going to feel but this new guy was really tearing into her. She
wanted to curl up into a ball and cry. She wanted to apologize to him for
what she had done. In that moment, a new shame welled up in her. Six began
to feel that she deserved what she was getting. What she did to this boy
was wrong and he was just treating her the way she had treated him. Then
again, it was all Blosom's idea. She is the one who insisted that Six tell.
It should be her being raped instead. Her next thoughts would haunt her in
the weeks to come, but Six couldn't help thinking that what was happening
to her should be happening to her best friend as well. They were horrible
thoughts, but she couldn't keep them out of her head.

Steve was getting close to blowing a load and he yanked Six's head to the
side. "Look at me bitch. Look at me while I fuck you." Her head was forced
in his direction, but she closed her eyes tightly. He kept fucking her at
full speed. "Open your eyes or you'll really be sorry slut."

Six opened her eyes and saw the man who was raping her. Her heart sank as she
realized that she didn't even recognize him. They were right. She had ruined
his life and then forgotten all about him. The hatred burning in his eyes let
her know that he had certainly not forgotten about her. "Do you want to know
my name you fucking cunt." He spat as he pounded away. "Or do you even care
you worthless piece of shit."

Six couldn't even answer and he didn't let her. "Steve. My fucking name is
Steve and I'm fucking you up the ass. How does it feel bitch?"

"It hurts" she sobbed. "Please stop. It hurts, I'm sorry. I'll do anything,
just please stop."

He just laughed at her and continued fucking that ass. The others just
watched as he pounded away. Steve had the biggest cock in the room and he
was tearing into Six like they couldn't believe.

"Say my name!" Steve screamed, yanking on Six's head as he drove deeper into

Through tears and humiliation, Six managed to belt out the words "Steve, I'm
sorry Steve."

"Yes you are sorry, a sorry little fucking whore with a fat ass." He was
letting out years of rage on her and it felt better than he could have
imagined. "And what is in that fat ass you slut?"

She was beyond fighting and just replied on instinct "Your cock, your cock is
in my fat ass." He wanted to pull out and make her suck it, but hearing her
sound so pathetic was more than he could stand. With one hand still pulling
her hair and the other digging into the meaty cheek of her ass, Steve gave a
final thrust and erupted deep into her asshole. His cum filled her colon and
surrounded his cock instantly. As he pumped it leaked out around him and
dripped to the bed.

Six could feel herself getting blasted deep and hard. It stung and burned her
in ways she couldn't describe, but she took it all, letting him pump until
his cock was dry and began to shrink slightly in her tight hole.

Steve smiled down at Six as he watched his cum leaking out of her abused
asshole. When he finally pulled all the way out, the flood of cum streamed
down her thighs and he was happy for the first time in years.

Six buried her head back in the pillow in cried. She hurt so badly and was
so humiliated that she hadn't even thought to look around the room. She had
forgotten that there was still one more guy who hadn't raped her.


Six could feel his cum running out of her ass and down her leg when Steve
finally pulled out of her. Kevin was quick to remove the last of her
restraints, but her abused body did nothing but collapse the moment it was
free. Her hips ached, her elbows felt locked and her insides were burning
from the repeated rapes she had suffered. None of that was anything compared
to the shame and humiliation she felt as she lay still on the bed, knowing
that eyes were on her, that more abuse was to come and that there was not a
thing in the world she could to prevent it.

She has almost forgotten that there were two boys she had turned in all
those years ago and that meant at least one more cock to violate her. All
she wanted to do was curl up and sleep until it was all over, but Six could
feel hands on her body, rolling her onto her stomach again.

"Look at that ass" She heard someone say. She knew the voice, but couldn't
put a name to it.

"Yeah" another guy chimed in. "It's a great ass, but it doesn't look quite
as tight as it was when we got here."

Their laugher hit her hard and Six began to cry quietly into the pillow.
Kevin stroked her hair, offering mock sympathy. "Don't be too hard on her
guys. When Six came in tonight, her ass was cherry. It was just good for
teasing guys and getting her way. Now it's been fucked by three guys. No
one can expect it to be tight after that."

"But now she can do more with that ass than tease." One of them said,
slapping her ass for good measure. She felt him rub her sore cheeks and slip
a finger into her ass. It made a loud squishing sound as he forced more semen
to leak from her ass. He slid his finger in and out of her ass, letting it
linger a bit as he taunted her. "Nope, not quite tight, but an ass like this
is sure to make a girl really popular at parties. That's what you want, right
Six? To be popular?" They all laughed as he pulled his finger from her ass.

Somehow she knew that he was going to make his way to her face with his
finger still dripping. She saw his face, but had only the vaguest sense of
recognition. "Hi Six." He said, smiling and holding his finger inches from
her lips. "Open up." She clamped her lips together and was about to shake
her head when she felt the sharp sting of something across her ass. Someone
had spanked her with something that she couldn't see. It was a belt, but it
didn't matter what had hit her. Her ass exploded with new pain and she cried
out. The new guy easily slipped his finger into her open mouth.

Before another blow could strike her, he looked into her eyes. "Be still." He
said in a voice so calm that it sent new chills up her spine. "Suck my finger
and I will make sure that he doesn't hit you again." Six could taste the
familiar bitterness of semen mixed with other tastes she didn't even want to
ponder. At this point anything was better than being beaten again and she
began to suck his finger. In a matter of moments, the taste was gone and she
was glad to have her flesh in tact.

"I know you don't remember my name so I will tell you." He didn't seem as
angry as the others. "My name is Frank. You already know what happened to
me after you turned me in so we won't go into the details. Suffice it to
say that I think you are getting exactly what you deserve Six. For all the
teasing you have done, I think that repeated ass rape is a really good way
to teach you a lesson." He watched tears flowing down her face. How could
he be so cruel and so calm at the same time. "I'm telling you this just so
you know that what I am about to do isn't out of tenderness. You see, I
want to see you ass-raped as much as the rest of these guys, but I am far
more interested in your pussy. Not because I like you or because I think
that silly cunt of yours is anything special. I just had my share of ass
when I was locked up. The thought of fucking you up the ass as revenge is
pretty sweet, but I think it would be far more appropriate for me to spend
my time fucking your other hole and leave the anal to the rest of the guys."

Six wasn't sure if she liked what he was saying or not. Yes, he was being
cruel, but he was talking about not raping her ass and that had to be a good
thing. She wasn't sure if she could take any more back there without ripping
open completely. On the other hand, he wasn't just going to let her go

"Roll over" he ordered with absolute confidence in his voice. Six was so
worn down that she didn't even consider fighting him. She rolled over onto
her back and got her first glimpse at the guys around her. There was Kevin,
standing at the side of the bed, stroking his cock and staring at her.
David, who had only raped her mouth was also naked and his thick cock hung
half-hard between his legs. Her mystery man was nowhere in sight though and
Six wondered if it had been Frank. She saw Steve at the foot of the bed and
in his hand was a thick leather belt. He had been the one to swat her ass
when she got out of line. His cock was rock hard again and Six gasped at the
size, realizing that that thing had just been pounding her tight asshole.

Her eyes darted around the room trying to find the other guy. It was killing
her that she had no idea who had fucked her ass. Her heart sank when she
finally saw him in the corner. Six couldn't recognize the young man because
he was behind a video camera. He was shooting the whole thing and she could
tell that he was focusing on her exposed pussy at the moment. She
instinctively closed her legs and felt her body blush.

"Smile for the camera Six." Kevin said laughing at her.

"And open up Princess" Frank added, dropping his jeans and pulling out his
cock. He held it in one hand and guided her head towards him with the other
one. "Get it nice and hard so I can fuck that little pussy." Her lips parted
and his cock slipped onto her tongue. Frank let his hand slide down to Six's
breasts and he caressed them gently, teasing her nipple until it stiffened
automatically. "That's good baby." He whispered. "Suck that cock like you
love it." She was trying to tune him out and just get herself through this
awful night, but she could feel her nipple getting hard and flinched slightly
as other hands began touching her body. Six focused only on sucking Frank's
dick, trying to get it wet and maybe even working hard enough to get him off
so he wouldn't put it inside of her.

"Look at those nipples." Someone said. "The little bitch is getting into it."

"Of course she is" added Frank "She loves my cock. Don't you baby?" When she
didn't answer, he pulled his dick from her mouth and pinched her nipple hard.
"Don't you love my cock?"

She moaned loudly and shouted "Yes baby, I love your cock. It's so big, so
good. Please, let me suck it." The words seemed to echo in the room and Six
could already imagine how it would look when the guys edited their little
movie. She would be lying on a bed ,with no restraints, letting boys touch
her and telling this guy she barely knew how much she loved his cock, begging
him to suck it. Six wanted to throw up.

Probing fingers made their way up her thighs as she continued to suck. Frank
wasn't rough with her and didn't force his growing dick to the back of her
throats as some of the others had done, but he was certainly in charge. When
she would slow down or not take it deep enough, he would grope her breasts
harder or dig his thumbnail into her tender nipple. It was a subtle reminder
that she was to do a good job and it would look on tape as if she were just
sucking him because she loved it.

Two of the guys were playing with her pussy now. She assumed that it was
Kevin and David because she could feel someone rubbing something on her feet
and it felt like a rather large cock which would mean that Steve was down
there. Somehow having her feet touched by his cock made her feel even dirtier
than having two guys playing with her pussy. It was such a violation and yet
anyone watching would just assume that she was a little slut waiting to be
gang banged.

Frank's cock was not as big as Steve's even when it was all the way hard, but
it was still a pretty good one and bigger than Kevin's. She knew he planned
to put it inside of her and that would make it the biggest thing she had ever
felt in her pussy. That scared her quite a bit, but it was getting harder to
concentrate on the fear because of what was happening between her legs.

Kevin and David had worked their way up her thighs and were teasing her pussy
with their fingers. Both boys had a finger inside of her and the dueling
motions were quite simulating. Kevin had turned up the heat by teasing her
clit with his thumb. When Six masturbated at home this was close to how she
did it. Two fingers inside and one on her clit. She was trying not to feel
the pleasure and she certainly wasn't enjoying herself, but Six found that
her body was betraying her. She tried to focus on the horrible things that
had happened to her. At home it often took beautiful thoughts of some
romantic get away, a movie star or even Blossom's brother Joey to make her
climax. Now she focused on the pain in her body, the disgusting collection of
guys around her and the awful taste of Frank's pre-cum as it slipped down her

Nothing worked though. Six could feel her pussy getting wetter and felt
another finger inside of her, then another. Now there were four inside of
her. She had never tried that at home and it hurt just a little bit. She
hoped that the pain would slow the oncoming climax, but she found that her
clit was more exposed now and with Kevin working his thumb around it in
slow circles, she knew that there wasn't much she could. Six felt her heart
sink as she suddenly realized she was hoping that one of the guys would just
start raping her so that it would stop.

Frank kept stroking her hair and playing with her nipple. He was also pushing
his cock harder towards the back of her throat. Every few strokes he would
pull all of the way out and hold his dick up so that she could lick his
balls. The disgusting display would look great on video and she knew that the
rest of her body would certainly look like it was enjoying the action.

Though that wasn't the case, she couldn't help what was going on. The fingers
inside of her pussy were stretching her, but also probing in a way that was
making it hard not to thrust her hips against them. Frank could see what was
going on and played with her nipples gently, helping to finally send Six to
that place she so desperately did not want to go.

"You're going to cum aren't slut" Frank whispered, tweaking her nipple one
last time. She wanted to scream that she wasn't, but couldn't help herself.
The fingers were too much and Six began to climax around them. Her body
clenched, sending brand new waves of pain through her abused flesh. She was
cumming with a cock in her mouth, a strange cock. She was cumming with boys
raping her. Her body had betrayed her and what should have been one of the
most intensely pleasurable orgasms of her young life was filled with nothing
but more ugliness.


By the time Six caught her breath and got her bearings after the intense
orgasm, Kevin and David had moved away. Frank was now kneeling on the bed
between her legs. He had her thighs in his hands and was spreading them wide
enough or him to slide between them. She wanted to fight, but her body felt
limp and her legs were still trembling. The best she could manage was a weak
plea for him to stop. It fell on deaf ears of course and she could feel the
head of his cock pressing against her pussy.

He rubbed it along her slit, picking up her own juices and using them to make
the penetration easier. It still hurt quite a bit as the head of his dick
slid inside of her body. Six had only bee fucked in that hole by one other
guy and was still quite tender from her initial rape. Even with the added
lubrication, he quickly filled her up and met a great deal of resistance.

He pushed in gently at first, then applied more pressure as her pussy clamped
down. Frank knew that it was going to be rough going, but also knew that
before he was finished, her pussy would remember every square inch of his
cock and the inside of her body would be molded to fit his unit. He was going
to fuck that pussy until it belonged to him and every time this bitch made
love with another guy, she would feel him still inside of her.

Stopping half way inside of her, Frank smiled down at Six. She had her eyes
closed and was biting her lower lip hard to hold back whatever pitiful cry
she had left. He pulled out and pushed in harder this time, thrusting past
her resistance and feeling her stretch to take it. This time it hurt enough
for her to lift up slighting on the bed. Frank ended that mini-rebellion with
an open hand across her face that slammed her head back down onto the bed.
To make matters worse, he did it without a word and without ever missing a
stroke. Frank just kept pumping into her, keeping Six in line with his hand
as easily as if he were swatting at gnats. She was truly powerless.

His strokes were getting harder and Frank had now buried nearly every inch of
his cock into Six's tight pussy. The orgasm she had was already wiped from
her memory, but the residue it left inside of her pussy made it much easier
for Frank to work his throbbing cock into her. She thrashed a bit as he
rammed home the final inch, but another solid slap left her totally flat as
she just let him have his way with her.

The other guys watched as Six was pummeled in her pussy. Every ounce of fight
has been fucked from her pretty body and she was ready for anything they felt
like doing to her. They all their own ideas of course and most of them had to
do with her ass. Frank was perhaps the only one of the group who was really
most interested in the damage he could do deep within her pussy.

Six was beginning to drift off a bit, lost in a sea of pain and humiliation.
She tried to take her mind somewhere else, but found that she was unable to
forget about the eyes staring at her exposed body. When she tired to cover
her breasts with her hands, they were slapped away and she could feels
fingers tweaking her nipples. They were playing with her body like it was a
toy even as she was being violated.

Frank hadn't cum in over a week. He was saving up for the big night and could
feel himself ready to shoot in a matter of minutes. Six's near-virgin cunt
was gripping him to tightly that he didn't want it to ever end, but he knew
she was about to get flooded and wanted her completely aware of her situation
when that happened.

"Look at me" he said firmly. Six opened her eyes and stared through tears at
the man fucking her pussy so hard the she could feel it in her belly. "Good
girl. Six would you like me to take my cock out of your pussy and put it in
your ass?" She stared at him in disbelief. What kind of game was he playing?
"You will answer me now Six. Do you want to be fucked in the ass?"

She shook her head vehemently. "No, please don't"

Frank smiled. That was just fine with him. "All right, but you have to
convince me that you really want me to keep fucking your pussy. Do you
understand me?"

She was used to this by now. He wanted to hear her beg for her own violation
so that it would look good on video. It was more than that, but Frank's real
motivation was out of Six's range for now.

"Please don't take it out of my pussy Frank" she was cooing now, actually
playing it up for him. He smiled at how ready she was to avoid another anal
invasion. Hearing her say his name nearly made him bust a nut before he was
ready, but he let Six continue to beg. "Come on, fuck my pussy. I need it

William moved the camera in closer to her face as she begged. This was going
to make it hard for Six to cry rape later. She was actually begging him to
keep fucking her.

Frank was in his own world by now, fucking Six's little pussy and pushing her
towards the truth. "You're so tight" he said "I'll bet you weren't ready for
anything like were you?"

"No" she panted "No, it's so big." She was reaching now, trying to say the
right things to keep him from hurting her ass any more.

"I had no idea you would let me fuck you" he said, trying not to laugh. "I
didn't bring a condom. I hope that's OK."

"I don't care, just fuck me." She said, wondering why he was talking about
condoms and what she was letting him do when he was raping her."

"And you aren't on the pill are you?" He asked, getting her to the heart of
the matter.

"No, I was a virgin before tonight..." Six stopped in mid-sentence, finally
realizing what he was getting at. She had been so worried about what he might
do to her ass that she forgot what could happen if he kept fucking her pussy
with no protection.

Frank drank in the look on her face. That mixture of shock and horror that
suddenly crossed the pretty teen's face was something he had dreamed of ever
since she couldn't make eye contact with him as they took him out of the
school in cuffs. He knew in that instant that she was the one who ratted him
out. Every day since he had dreamed of filling her womb with his seed and
fucking up her life forever.

"Wait" she tried stopping him with her hands, but he just thrust deeper into
her body.

"I can stop" he said with a smile as he reached under and rammed his thumb
into her ass. "All you have to do is say the word and I'll be happy to cum
right up your ass."

"No" she moaned, fighting back the tears "Please don't stop. Fuck my pussy."

That was all he needed to hear. Frank pulled his thumb from her ass and put
both hands on the pillow next to her head. Before she could protest, he stuck
the thumb right into her mouth, forcing her to taste and remember just how
horrible things could get if she didn't cooperate. He pumped away, letting
her suck on his thumb a while before pulling out.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stop before I cum?" He asked, wanting to
hear her beg some more.

"No, please, keep fucking me." She was crying now, but it was hard to tell
because she was so out of breath that it all sounded normal. "Please fuck my

"I'm so close to cumming, I should put it somewhere else."

"No" she screamed "Cum in my pussy, please cum in my pussy Frank."

He smiled as he felt himself pushed over the edge. Her tight pussy, her sweet
begging and the knowledge that he had filled with a brand new fear all came
together for one earth-shattering orgasm. He felt his cock explode deep
inside of Six, filling her womb with his warm seed and coating the way for
even harder strokes as he rode out the most satisfying climax of his life.

Six kept begging to avoid being fucked in the ass, but she knew that this was
worse in its own way. It didn't hurt as bad, but what he actually got her
pregnant? This was exactly the sort of confusion Frank wanted going through
her mind and the fear was overwhelming for Six. It was worse than the pain,
especially when he seemed to keep cumming. Would it ever stop and if it did,
would he leave her something that would be with her forever? With the semen
from a complete loser whose name she didn't know fifteen minutes earlier
leaking from her abused pussy Six could almost feel her future slipping away.


Frank kept pumping even after he stopped shooting cream into Six's pussy. He
loved the way her pussy felt now that it had been broken in. It was also nice
to push his cum deeper inside of her and watch the fear in her eyes as she
heard the good sloshing around between her trembling thighs. The other guys
were gathered around and watching, but he was having fun with her now.

As Kevin watching Frank finish with Six's pussy, he was really glad that they
had set it up so that he was the only one to do her pussy from here on out.
The way his stuff was dripping from her cunt it was all Kevin could do to not
throw up thinking about just how sloppy the seconds would be from here on

They had other plans for Six though. She wasn't quite finished and it was
time to give her the grand finale.

Six didn't move as Frank rolled off of her body and settled in next to her.
She had no energy left and remained still as he slid his fingers into her
abused pussy. It was wet from his cum and he was able to easily fuck her hole
for a bit as the other guys got ready. When they were prepared, he pulled his
fingers out and put them into her mouth. Before Six could contemplate any
resistance, pinching fingers on her nipples reminded her that the foul taste
of his seed mixed with her pussy was nothing compared to the pain that they
could inflict whenever they wanted. She just sucked his fingers obediently
and hoped that it would be over soon.

Frank tugged on her hips, rolling her limp body on top of his. She was
shocked to feel his cock hard again already, pressing against her belly.
Before she had time to wonder what he had in mind, she felt his hands on
her hips, pushing her pussy towards his dick again. There was no energy
to fight him and her swollen, wet pussy offered no resistance. Six felt
him enter her and heard the wet squishing sound of his cum being pushed
out around the invading member.

It didn't hurt nearly as much now and might have even been pleasant were
it not for the hands that began groping and slapping her ass. Six quickly
became very aware of the fact that facing Frank left her quite exposed to
eyes, cameras, hands and anything else they might have in store for her.

What they had in store was simple. Frank was very happy to be in Six's pussy
and had dosed himself with plenty of Viagra to keep his cock hard all night.
He wanted to fuck her pussy until it was completely full of his semen. The
rest of the guys were much more concerned with fucking her ass so this was
the perfect set up.

Frank reached his hands up and squeezed her big ass. He smiled up at her.
"You know what is coming don't you Six."

She blushed. Of course she knew. The air hit her exposed asshole and give
her chills. With her pussy being fucked slowly by Frank's cock it was hard to
concentrate. She was suddenly aware that her nipples were hard and brushing
against his chest as he fucked her slowly. Someone reached around and tweaked
her nipples while someone else stuck a cold, lube-covered finger into her
asshole. It was still very sore and made her yelp even as she marveled at how
odd it felt to have something in both of her holes at once.

With Frank now pulling her ass apart, Six knew it was getting close. "Do
you know what they call what we're about to do to you Six?" He asked in a
soothing voice that made her feel even worse. How could he be so calm about
what they were doing to her?

She had no idea what they would call it, but she could feel her ass clench in

"It's called a DP, for double penetration Six." Frank spoke slowly and kept
pumping her with his dick. "It's when a girl lets two guys fuck her at once.
It's really quite a trick and only the truly slutty bitches can pull it off."

She started crying again, feeling a cock pressing against her asshole. Six
had no idea which guy was about to fuck her butt and it didn't matter any
more. Frank was right. Only a true slut could even pull this off. They may
be forcing her, but she was still going to be on tape doing it.

Though she didn't know it, the second cock belonged to David. The only boy
in the room who hadn't fucked her already was now sliding his dick into her
ass and watching it stretch around him. Frank could feel Six's pussy get
instantly tighter as the other boy pushed harder into her back door. She
was tight enough to push him out several times before he was able to make
his dick stay put.

David was slightly frustrated that his dick just wouldn't stay put inside of
Six. It would slide part of the way up her ass and then pop back out. It was
probably a good thing for him that it took several attempts because that
tight hole might have made him cum in seconds. Though he wasn't a virgin,
David had never been in a girl's ass before. He had never been with anyone
as attractive as Six either. Getting to split her big ass was quite a treat
and it was worth the effort to get it done right.

The second dick inside of her body made Six hurt in ways that made the rest
of her ordeal seem like a picnic. Having another boy raping her ass made
Frank's cock suddenly too big of her pussy. There was no let up with two of
them. One always seemed to be forcing itself deeper inside of her body and
it was more than she could take. Why would any girl agree to do this for
fun? It was all she could to keep from breaking down in tears and from the
exhaustion of trying to move her body to avoid the increasing brutality of
the strokes from the faceless invader behind her.

Frank loved being this close to the action. With Six on top of him, her body
squirmed with every stroke and he could feel her breasts pressing into his
chest. He could feel her trying to get away and enjoyed the look of confusion
and fear that was tattooed on her face. Before tonight Six knew nothing of
sex and now she knew what it felt like to be used and abused. She knew what
it felt like to be fucked in two holes by two guys who didn't give a shit
about her and were just using her openings to dump cum into. Though that
realization had not fully hit the scared teen, Frank knew that she was
figuring out a little more with each stroke.

David didn't last long once he got a good stroke going in Six's ass. He
grabbed her cheeks with both hands and started pumping. Frank helped out by
clamping down on her hips and keeping her still. The guys could feel how
tight each hole was and to Six it felt as if they were ripping through her
body and creating one giant hole.

It hadn't taken long for Six to recognize the signs of an impending orgasm
in her attackers. The brutal way the unseen guy was digging into he flesh,
the powerful strokes and the intensified breathing were dead give-aways.
There was no place for her to go so she just tried to hold still and let
him do what he had to do. Six was prepared for him to shoot his hot seed
into her ass, but got quite a shot when he was suddenly gone. His cock was
out of her ass and before she could wonder what had happened, Frank had her
by the back of the hair and whipped her head to the side.

David didn't want to stop fucking her, but he knew the rules for this
portion of the bang. No internal pops until everyone had had another turn.
He followed the rules and pulled out just before cumming. Moving quickly up
her side he found Six's shocked mouth wide open and waiting for him.

His dick slid right into her mouth and Six could taste that familiar mixture
on her tongue. She would have gagged from it had his prick not hit the back
of her throat and set off that reflex already. At least now she knew who had
been fucking her ass. It was David and as he smiled down at her Six knew she
would be tasting his cum very soon.

Before he could even blast a load though, another cock was pressing into her
ass. Kevin was up next and he was anxious to feel that ass around his dick
again. It was so much stimulation that Six didn't know where to concentrate.
She had a dick in her pussy, one in her ass and another in her mouth that
was just about to explode.

Frank leaned close to Six's ear and whispered. "Don't you dare spill a drop
of that do you hear me? If so much as a drop of that shit falls on me I am
going to make you wish you were never born."

His words were calm while Kevin was more emphatic as he yelled out from
behind her. "Take it you fucking slut. Drink his cum while I fuck your big
fat ass."

David let go, shooting his cum to the back of Six's throat. It burned and
made her gag, but she had to fight hard not to cough any of it out. From the
corner of her eye she could see Frank glaring at her and she knew that if she
dared let any out of her mouth, there would be trouble.

"Don't swallow it." He said. "I want you to hold it in your mouth like a good

Confused and suffering Six did her best to comply. The way she was gagging
keeping it out of her throat was actually much easier than keeping it in her
mouth. David's second load was just as copious as his first and by the time
his dick stopped throbbing and slipped from between her lips, Six had a mouth
full of his semen. The taste and texture made her want to vomit, but she knew
she couldn't. It was also harder to breathe now that she was being pressed in
between two bodies.

Kevin was banging away on her ass, unaware of what Frank was doing. He didn't
really care at this point because he was enjoying her ass the way he had
always wanted to.

Six looked down at Frank for further instructions. She knew she couldn't
hold his semen in her mouth for much longer and wanted to get whatever he had
planned over with.

"Good girl" He mocked. "What I want you do is swallow his cum, but only when
I tell you to. I am going to shoot another load into your cunt Six and you
are going to show me how much you want it by swallowing all of that stuff in
your mouth. Do you understand?"

Of course she understood. Frank was controlling her again and if she wanted
to get rid of the filthy taste in her mouth, she had to show him that she
also wanted his semen inside of her.

"And in case you are wondering Princess" He added. "You can get pregnant your
first time and a guy like me can go all night and leave maybe eight or nine
loads in you. Too bad you're not on the pill."

With tears running down her face, Six tilted her head back and nodded at

"You want me to cum in you Princess?" He asked.

She nodded again, desperate to get the taste out of her mouth.

"Then swallow his cum like a good whore."

Six swallowed it easily, waiting to feel Frank explode inside of her pussy.
He did it on cue, filling her already wet slit with another full load of
semen. To Frank it felt wonderful as her tight hole filled up with warmth
and a little more of her self-esteem slipped away.

His cock emptied into her as Kevin continued to slam her ass as hard as he
can. The pain had almost faded away, but the mental torture was just
beginning to hit full stride.

David's dick shrank in Six's mouth as she continued to suck every drop off of
him. It was hard for her to keep him inside of her mouth with Kevin pounding
so hard on her ass, but she didn't dare let any drip from her mouth.

As he said he would, Frank let his load go as soon as he saw her swallowing
semen. It felt good to fill her pussy with his warm juices and make her even
wetter inside so he could pump even faster. Kevin was doing his best to rip
her ass open so it was hard to really enjoy her pussy, but he knew that it
was only the beginning.

For Six, the world was spinning again. As she cleaned David's cock, she felt
Frank explode into her. She knew that the unprotected sex was dangerous and
knew that Frank didn't care enough to pull out of her. That would have
concerned her more than it did if Kevin weren't hurting her so badly. He was
fucking her much harder this time and slapping her already bruised ass just
for kicks. Just as Six started to wonder which guy was humiliating her more,
David took her mind off both of them by pulling his dick from her mouth and
rubbing it all over her face.

"You clean cock really well Six, but dry it off you fucking whore." She was
so shocked to hear him say that she wasn't ready at all when he smacked his
dick against her cheek and then spat right in her eye.

After finishing up with Six, David took the camera and started filming the
action. William and Steve were still hanging around watching as Kevin pounded
away on Six's ass. He was making their bodies slap loudly together with each
violent thrust.

Frank motioned for them to step up and with David filming they started in on
the next level of humiliation for Six. Standing on either side of her head,
they started tugging on her hair, forcing her head from one cock to the
other. She responded by sucking their cocks, reacting on instinct to having
penises near her face. It was truly remarkable how quickly she had been
programmed to do what they wanted without even being told.

"Do you feel my cum inside of you Six?" Frank asked, feeling it running from
her hole as he spoke. She didn't respond because her throat was filled with
cock as her head was shoved forward in brutal thrusts. "Of course you do. And
you know what it can do. I know you do. Wouldn't it be horrible if you got
pregnant?" He could feel her tense up and pause even as she moved from one
cock to the other. "What in the world would be do if I knocked you up?"

That was the cue for the guys to start reading. "Any girl who gets pregnant
out of wed lock in this day and age is just foolish." Steve started.

Six froze in mid stroke with a cock in her mouth. She knew those words.

"Abortion may be legal" continued the other boy "but there is simply no
excuse for such a heinous act against an innocent child."

She suddenly realized why the words seemed so familiar. They came form a
term paper she had written earlier in the year. Kevin had helped her with
it. Six had been so proud of the paper and it had even been posted in the
school bulletin. Hearing them now was her feel a bit sick, mostly because
she understood exactly why Frank was making them read the paper out loud.

"I'm so glad you feel that way Six." He smiled at her, kissing her neck.
"I've got so much cum inside of me that I just know we're going to make a
baby tonight. It would just kill me if I thought you were going to flush
it down a sink or something heinous like that." He ove-emphasized the last
work to humiliate her and Six was sure that she could feel his shrinking
cock start to rise again inside of her.

"Rape doesn't count you pig" She spat, finding some defiance in her even
as her ass was being plowed by Kevin. "We aren't making a baby, you're
committing a crime."

"I beg to differ Six. If I remember correctly you begged me to cum inside of
you just a few minutes ago."

She remembered it as well and no matter what she told anyone else, there
would always be the sound of her voice on that tape begging him to put it
inside of her. It wouldn't matter that she only said it to avoid something
more painful. She would either have to keep any baby that came from this or
be seen as a horrible hypocrite to anyone who knew her.

As she was pondering this problem, the guys started shoving her face again
and Six was gagging on cock as she pictured a life with an unwanted baby.

Kevin had been rather quiet as the guys read the paper, but he was catching
on to Frank's vibe and started mocking her as he got closer to shooting.
"It's a good thing we got her ass tonight boys." He said in between smacks
on her butt. "Once she starts pumping out kids, this big fat ass is going
to be so huge and disgusting that no one is ever going to want to look at
this worthless piece of trash again."

Six was trying not to listen, but his words ate away at her already
fractured self esteem. "Not to mention the fact that her cunt will be so
fucking stretched out that no one will be able to feel anything in there

Frank could certainly feel something in there and was quickly rising again.
Six was crying now and her tears fell on his chest. He had spent so many
nights dreaming of this moment, staring up at the girl who had ruined her
life, feeling her body on his, her pussy dripping with his seed and knowing
that she was broken, forever changed and brought to her knees. Just the
thought made his cock throb again as he began to slowly thrust into her.

Kevin couldn't hold back any more and was suddenly disappointed that he had
ordered no internal cumshots until the second round was over. He has to pull
out and push his way past Steve to get to her face just in time to jerk off
all over her cheek. As the first stream hit the side of her face Six
panicked. She remembered Frank's threat and was desperate to make sure none
of it dripped down onto him. She grabbed Kevin's cock and shoved it into her
mouth, taking the next blast right on her tongue and scooping his cum from
her cheek with her hand. "That's right slut" Kevin goaded "Suck it all down
and then lick those fucking fingers clean." He was really enjoying it and
was already looking forward to his next turn.

Frank watched as Six did her best not to spill a drop. It seemed that
nothing they could do to her was going to make her totally break down. That
was a good thing of course. She wasn't going to much fun if she were to go
catatonic on them.

As Kevin finished up, Steve moved back to take his place in Six's ass. Frank
could feel her pussy contract as she fought him off at the entry point and
then felt her insides collapse around his when she lost that battle. Her face
registered the new pain and tears fell directly into Frank's face. He held
his mouth open and caught one on his tongue. Nothing in the world had ever
tasted so sweet.

Steve's big cock kept stretching Six's ass as he worked every last inch
inside of her. It hurt much worst this time because of Frank's dick in her
pussy and because she had already suffered through so much abuse. Every time
Six thought she had experienced the ultimate pain, the guys found new ways to
hurt her.

To her relief there was no one waiting at her mouth at the moment. Kevin had
been cleaned off and William had to back away from her mouth because he was
so close to cumming. He didn't want to blow another nut without getting
another shot at her ass.

With the camera around to capture the action, Six was looking right into
Frank's eyes for a while. She searched for some sense that he might actually
have some compassion for her. All she saw looking back at her was hatred and
a perverse joy at the humiliation she was suffering.

"Do you like being a DP slut Six" he whispered softly.

She didn't know how to answer. Either way she was in for pain and humiliation
and her mind has long given up on finding any "good" answers to questions
like these.

"Why don't you guys take turns." He shouted over her shoulder to the guys
behind Six. She tried to turn around to protest but Frank pulled her mouth
down to his and kissed her on the lips. "You're going to love this."

Six already knew that she wouldn't love it. It was bad enough when a cock
was in her ass, but when they pulled out or pushed in, the pain increased a
tenfold. As Steve left her she felt the painful pop and then the cold squish
and the next guy shoved his freshly lubed meat into her ass.

The guys were having a ball back there. Two of them took turns with her ass,
pumping it a few times and then turning it back over. Devin and David were
filming and actually counting the strokes out loud as they watched their
friends abusing Six.

All of that anal abuse has her ass sore, but it also gave the guys a chance
to try to make her gape. When she heard Kevin use the word, Six had no idea
what he was talking about. She was still being kissed by Frank who had also
begun grinding his pelvis up against her.

"Do you know what gape is Six?" She shook her head. "It is when your asshole
stays open even when a cock isn't it. It happens to girls who give up the
booty a lot. I don't know if you can do it yet, but you will be able to when
we're done for sure."

Steve pulled out of her at that point and laughed. "There it is, a little
one, but it gaped."

Six blushed again, humiliated by the thought. Frank held her close and
whispered in her ear. "You're getting dry down there Six. My cum must be
drying up." He pushed her up slightly, allowing their bodies to separate
slightly. "Put your hand down there" he ordered. She slid her hand in
between their stomachs. "All the way down silly. I want you to play with
your clit for me."

She hesitated and he just laughed. "You know better than to defy me by now.
Just do it. Touch yourself like you do at home when you're dreaming about
getting fucked. Make your pussy all nice and wet so I can give you some more
sperm for that cute little body."

Six shuddered at the thought, but let her fingers come in contact with her
clit. It was swollen just like everything below her waist at this point and
sensitive to the slightest touch. As she began to gently rub her clit, Frank
grabbed her hips and pushed her body down on his. He was slowly pumping up
into her pussy as she felt another pair of groping hands on her ass.

"Switch" Someone yelled and all of the boys erupted in laugher. Six could
feel them moving around behind her and then felt another cock jammed into
her ass. They were taking turns in her ass now and all she should do was
lie there playing with her clit.

With one guy holding the camera, there were three young men behind Six now.
While Frank kept her busy with long slow strokes into her pussy, the others
were taking full advantage of her butt. Their cocks slid easily in and out
now and the lube flowed down her crack with every stroke. It still hurt and
the burning coming from deep within her body got worse with each passing
moment. They were tearing her up and none of them seemed to care. Even Frank
who was touching her hips gently and working his dick into her pussy gently
seemed angry and distant as he whispered horrible things in ear.

Frank smiled as he felt Six's pussy getting slightly wetter. He knew that she
was far from turned on, but was also aware that her fingers were dancing more
purposefully on her clit now. She wasn't having a good time, but her body
knew that certain things still felt OK.

Six struggled to block out everything. Her body hurt from within, her skin
burned, her face was a mess and she wanted to throw up, but she had to block
out the mental anguish to keep herself from going completely insane. Hands
slapped her ass, pulled her cheeks apart and her anus was violated by
fingers, the tip of the lube bottle, but mostly by cocks. She couldn't tell
who was who because it was all a blur of pain, but the really big one still
managed to stretch her in new ways and cause her to cry when he rammed it
all the way inside of her.

Even with all of this going on, her fingers worked on her clit as Frank had
instructed. It was the only pleasurable sensation in a symphony of pain and
humiliation. She buried her face against Frank's chest and did her best to
focus on the slight tingle in her clit rather than the line of guys taking
turns abusing her ass.

Frank kept whispering in her ear as Six did as she was told. "I can feel you
getting wet slut. You want my cock sliding in and out of you don't you?" She
was sobbing gently now, unable to answer and just wanting it all to be over.
Of course she didn't want it. She hated what was happening to her, but she
knew that she was getting wet anyway. Playing with her clit was doing the
job and only the intense pain she felt was holding her back from another
orgasm. It was getting harder for her to hold back though. Thoughts were
creeping into Six's head that she couldn't control.

There had been times in her room when she played with herself and thought
about her favorite teen idols. Once when she was feeling especially horny she
had even thought about being with several of them at once. Though this was
nothing like that fantasy, she couldn't help but think of it a little bit as
she rubbed her clit and felt Frank's cock sliding in out of her pussy. His
strokes were long and steady now, in direct contrast to the violent thrusts
from the group behind her. With her eyes closed and her face pressed against
Frank's chest, Six started imagining that she was in the middle of some
fantastic celebrity orgy with some of her favorite pop idols treating her
like the sexiest girl in the world. It wouldn't have worked so well had Frank
not signaled the guys fucking her ass to slow down.

As soon as he noticed her eyes shut and felt Six start to work harder on her
clit, Frank had motioned to Kevin to stop the assault on Six's ass. He kept
pumping into her slowly and had Steve start fucking her ass a bit more
gently. The camera was able to capture the action perfectly and all anyone
watching would see was Six being double penetrated and moaning softly. With
the painful abuse stopped temporarily, she found herself closer and closer
to cumming. Had Six looked up she would have noticed the other boys watching
and the camera in perfect position. Had she done that she might have been
able to stop herself. Instead she kept her eyes closed and heard Frank
whispering about the two of them cumming together and how much he wanted to
fill her with his seed.

It wasn't exactly a romantic setting, but Six's body betrayed her again and
she pushed herself over the edge. Frank stopped whispering and started
talking loud enough for the camera to hear him.

"That's it baby, cum for me. Cum all over my cock if you want my juices in
you." She couldn't even really hear him as her body convulsed between the two
men. All she could feel was the explosion between her legs.

Six actually raised her head and screamed out "Oh God I'm cumming." The boys
around her couldn't hold back a little bit of laugher as she tried to flop
around like a fish between the two guys fucking her. Her body was pinned
between them and the lack of mobility only made her push harder as she came.
Six was still in the middle of the biggest orgasm she could remember when she
felt Frank let loose with yet another load of cum inside of her pussy. She
was vaguely aware that she wished he would have pulled out, but her mind was
spinning and her body simply collapsed on top of Frank.

Steve was left pumping Six's ass as she lay limp on top of Frank. Cum was
dripping from her pussy and she wanted to get out of the way of his
increasingly intense strokes, but she was totally spent. Steve grabbed her
ass cheeks and slammed home for a few final strokes before finally exploding
deep into her asshole. When his cock slipped back out, cum and lube ran from
her abused asshole and they let Six roll off of Frank onto the bed. She was
still shaking and just allowed her legs to fall open, no longer able to care
who saw her or what might be captured by the camera.

It was time for the final round. Six had been totally fucked in every hole
and now was too exhausted to do anything but lie there and let cum leak from
both of her holes. She looked like a whore who had just been gang banged, but
there was one more thing to do.

Frank sat next to her on the bed with Kevin on the other side. They stroked
her hair and waited until she caught her breath. "So Six" Kevin began. "Did
you like your first gang fuck?" She wanted to spit at him, but didn't have
the energy.

Frank was a little more gentle. "Six, we know that you're probably sore,
scared and confused right now. After all, both Kevin and I have cum inside
your pussy. Granted I did it a lot more than he did so when you find out that
you're pregnant, you will probably assume that it's mine." His confidence
rocked her core. The fear on her face was delightful to Frank. "Now I can't
have that. You see, I liked fucking you, but you're a worthless person Six
and you're going to be a horrible mother. The last thing in the world I want
is to be around to watch you fuck up a kid."

"And I certainly don't want to pay for some little kid just because you're
too much of a prude to take the pill and too fucking stupid to abort it."
Kevin added, enjoying the way her eyes welled up with tears. "Since it could
be mine, we need to do something about that."

"What we need to do" continued Frank "Is add a few more guys to the baby
mix." It didn't make sense to Six, but only because she didn't want to know
what he was getting at. "Since everyone knows you've been dating Kevin he
would be the likely father. It is possible that you could tell people about
fucking me. Two guys doesn't make you a total whore, right?" He gave her
nipples a little tweak to keep her attention.

"So what we need to do is make sure that the rest of the guys dump one into
your cunt as well." Kevin said sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy
now, rubbing the juices all over her clit and making Six shudder. "That way
you won't even try to get one of us as the father. After all, you can't
claim rape so that would mean admitting that you fucked all five of us and
let us cum inside of you. What kind of a whore would do that?"

Six felt Frank grab her chin and forced her to look at the foot of the bed.
The other three boys stood waiting. Each had his hard cock in his hand and
was stroking it. "No" she whispered weakly.

"Oh yes Six." Frank chuckled. "We have to make sure that there is a good mix
of seed up in there. You didn't really think I wanted to be the father of
your baby did you? Fucking slut."

Before she could fight back, Kevin and Frank each took and arm and pinned
it by one of Six's shoulders. She was held down and David stepped up first,
shoving his thick cock right into her pussy. It fit easily and made a loud
squishing sound as it entered her.

None of the guys were holding back now. They had waited a long time while
abusing her ass and David was ready to bust a nut in a matter of minutes. He
looked into her eyes and Six had her face held in place so she had no choice
but to look back. "I'm going to cum in you Six. I hope the little bastard has
my eyes and your big fat ass." She closed her eyes and David spat on her face
as he dropped a big load deep inside of her pussy. When ever drop was drained
he pulled out to make room for the next guy.

"Next" yelled Frank, laughing at Six as she opened her eyes.

Before the next guy could get inside of her, Kevin barked at David. "Don't
use any more of my towels to clean off. Get over here and let the slut do

Before Six knew it, David was straddling her chest with his semi-hard cock
dangling in her face. "Suck it all clean whore." She wasn't even sure who
said it, but Six did as she was told, gasping as the head of his cock
entered her lips at the same time William shoved his cock into her twat.
Six tried to ignore the foul taste of her own pussy, cum, lube and who
knows what else that was on David's dick now. Since it was only half hard
he was able to cram it right into her mouth and held it there until she
couldn't breathe.

William power fucked her sloppy pussy, ramming it as hard as he could and
enjoying the sounds as she gagged on his new friend's cock. He wanted to
dump a load in her quickly and then make her suck him clean so he could sit
and watch the rest of them finish her off. As he got close, he grabbed Six's
thighs and shoved them out as far as they could, clearly hurting her and
then slamming home one more time as she tired to cry out.

Six felt as if she were going to suffocate on David's cock, but kept sucking
until he pulled it out of her mouth. He enjoyed stuffing it back in and each
time it became a little more difficult for her to take. His dick was getting
hard again and all she could do was gag on it. Her pussy was stretching and
hurting long before William lifted her legs and split them apart. It felt as
if he had torn every muscle in her thighs, but the angry young man just used
her pain as a way to get off. She could feel the warmth deep inside of her
body and knew that another load of sperm had just been fired dangerously into
her unprotected womb.

When William finished, he replaced David on Six's chest. That left Steve to
fuck her pussy and he didn't waste any time pumping away. William held his
cock in his hand and dangled his balls over Six's mouth. "Lick them clean
first" He ordered, dropping them onto her mouth and covering both her nose
and lips with his sack. Her tongue went to work immediately, lapping away
on his balls while he smacked the head of his cock against her forehead.
With no fight left in her, Six just did whatever she was told and hoped
secretly that she would pass out or even die to make it all end.

With William having so much fun forcing Six to lick his balls and then suck
his cock, Steve had time to enjoy her ass again. He pulled out of her pussy
and slid his cock between her cheeks. If Six noticed, she didn't respond.
Her well lubed backside took his cock easily and the pain was all a huge
jumble in her young mind. For fun he gave her a few strokes in the ass,
moved back to the pussy and then repeated this while he waited his turn to
drop his seed into her.

Once she had finished with his balls, Six continued sucking William's cock
mindlessly. It slid to her throat, made her gag and then found its way out
again. He moved his body up further, pushing his balls onto her forehead
and barked. "Lick my ass you worthless piece of shit." Six would have been
disgusted if she were not half insane with pain and fear. Instead she
extended her tongue and started licking his puckered butthole.

Hearing her moan against his friend's ass made Steve laugh, but it also made
him anxious to have his turn. He put his cock back in her pussy and fucked it
hard, trying to work up as much cum as he could. He plunged in one last time
and let loose with every thing he had, filling her already squishy slit with
yet another load of hot cum. He was so anxious to have her licking his ass
the he almost pulled out before he was done, pushing William out of the way
and shoving his still dripping cock right into her still open mouth. As he
made her clean his cock, Kevin took another turn, commenting to Six about how
loose and sloppy her pussy was as he quickly gave her another reason to worry
about pregnancy.

Frank took his place between her legs as Steve was now rubbing his ass
against Six's face. He took the camera and filled the action, smiling at what
he saw. Six was limp and defeated, with cum oozing from her abused cunt every
time Frank rammed his dick into her. She was lying in a cool of sweat, lube
and cum that had all found its way from her body to his bed. The little cock
tease was licking Steve's asshole like it was ice cream and probably would
have let the whole town fuck her if he wanted her to. Inside of her body,
nearly a dozen loads of cum from five different guys were churning and
waiting to see if they could inflict further damage. It was hard to believe
that just a few hours ago she was an untouchable virgin.

Frank's load could easily have been the end for Six, but Kevin had one last
thing he wanted them all to do. With Six barely able to move, he positioned
her on the edge of the bed so that each guy could stand next to her face and
get a little head. She wasn't really able to suck, but they had fun slapping
her face with their cocks and were able to get up one last time. Kevin rolled
Six over onto her stomach, leaving her ass upturned and totally vulnerable.

They all took a final turn at her mouth and then were able to rape her ass
one final time. At some point, Six passed out completely and they just kept
on fucking her. Each guy gave her ass a final spank, fucked it raw and just
for good measure, moved up to her face to dribble cum all over her hair and
her angelic face. With the video camera still rolling, they captured her in
all her glory, with cum drying in her hair and on her face, her lovely big
ass, black and blue from the beatings and both of her holes stretched, abused
and dripping with semen. Kevin smiled down at his one time girlfriend and
thought that she never looked so good.

The End


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