"Blossom" Spring Break: Part 1 - Sexy Six
by Carl Hunter

It was a late Friday afternoon in April when petite Six LeMeure--dressed
in a black skirt that stopped three inches above her knees, a white crop top
that was a size too small and clung to her smallish breasts tightly, one of
those little backpack purses that a lot of young women and teenaged girls
wear but that only look good on the cute ones, assorted jewelry, platform
sandals, and dark sunglasses -- rang the bell to the Russo house for the
first time since the previous August. Sixty seconds later she rang it again.
There were no cars in the driveway, but she figured they were probably just
in the garage. After all, that's what a garage is for. But, on the other
hand, maybe no one was home. She waited another thirty or so seconds before
ringing the bell one last time. "God dammit," she muttered to herself before
turning around to walk back to her own car, which she had parked in the
street. Just as she took her first step, though, she heard the door open.

"Hey, Six," a familiar male voice said, "where're you going?"

Six quickly turned around, her heart racing. A very sweaty Joey Russo --
the man of her dreams since the day she hit puberty -- was standing in the
doorway wearing a tank top and spandex shorts. "Joey!" she shouted,
completely elated, as she ran into his arms to hug him and give him a peck
on each cheek. They held onto each other for a few moments, then Joey let
go. Six continued to cling to him for five more seconds before ending the
embrace and taking a step back.

"Wow, Joey, you look great," Six said with a flirtatious smile.

"Thanks, Six,.so do you," Joey said very truthfully. "It's been a long
time since I've seen you."

"I believe you last saw me Christmas two years ago."

"Hey, that's right. And isn't that also the last time you saw me?"

Six ignored the question. "I would've seen you last Christmas," she said,
taking off her sunglasses, "but I stayed at college so I could be with my
boyfriend, Michael. We broke up, though."

"That's too bad."

"Not necessarily."

"Uh, okay. Anyway, Blossom isn't back yet, Six. Dad, Carol, and Kennedy
just left to pick her up at the airport. They probably won't be back for an
hour or more."

"Damn! That's too bad," Six said sardonically. "Say, Joey, you don't mind
if I wait here, do you? You and me can do some more catching up until Blossom
gets here."

"I guess not," he said, "as long as you don't mind watching me workout."

"Of course I don't," she replied aloud and then as they walked into the
house she whispered, "Thank you, God."

They had been up in Joey's room for awhile talking about all of the great
stuff that had happened over the last year-and-a-half. Six talked about life
as a college sophomore and Joey talked -- while doing sit-ups -- about being
a minor league baseball player; he had just come home from spring training
and had a week before starting the season with the Double A Reading Phillies
of the Eastern League. The conversation was starting to drag when Joey asked,
"How much do you weigh?"


"How much do you weigh?"

"I don't know. About 97 pounds, I think. Why?"

"Would you mind sitting on my back while I do push-ups? You're a bit
light, but you'll have to do."

"Sure, Joe, anything to help."

Six was sitting daintily on the edge of Joey's bed, her legs delicately
crossed. As she waited for Joey to get into push-up position, she saw him
glance at her. Before he had a chance to look away, Six took the opportunity
to uncross her legs--giving Joey a momentary view of her black panties which
were, like her shirt, one size too small--and then re-cross them. Joey's gaze
lingered for a moment before he was able to turn his head and get into

Saying nothing, Six uncrossed her legs again and stood up. She walked
over to where Joey was and, out of his view, lifted up the back of her skirt
as she sat down on his back, so that the only thing separating the flesh of
her ass and the flesh of his back was the sweat-stained tank top that he was
wearing. (Her little panties barely covered any of her rather large ass).

"How's that, Joey?" she asked.

He turned his head to look at Six on his back. He started to speak when he
noticed that she wasn't sitting on top of her skirt. "That's real... good...
Six." They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like eternity, then
they lunged for the other's lips. Over the years, Six and Joey had kissed
more than a couple of times, but now they found themselves literally rolling
around on the floor, their mouths seemingly sewn together in an everlasting
fit of passion.

Six, who found herself on top at this moment, finally broke the lip lock
and sat up, straddling Joey. She smiled at him and he smiled back at her.
Ecstatic that Joey hadn't opened his mouth to protest what had just happened
or what was about to happen, Six quickly pulled her tight crop top up over
her head and dropped it to the floor.

"Do you like this?" she asked him.

Joey thought for a second. A very sexy, very petite, and very cute
19-year-old was sitting on top of him, topless save a lacy black bra. She had
a stomach that was even flatter than his own, and her meaty ass (which he had
silently admired for years) was grinding into his crotch. He could only think
of one thing to say: "Whoa!"

"Good," Six said devilishly as she unbuttoned her skirt. She then reached
back to take her sandals off. "Now your turn," she said as she got to her
feet, wearing only bra and panties.

Joey also stood up and he began to take off his shirt but Six stepped
forward and stopped him, saying, "Let me help with that." She had to stand on
her tiptoes to lift the shirt over his head. (She was 5'2" and he was almost
6') With it out of the way, though, Six pressed her cheek to Joey's muscular
chest and cooed, then began to kiss his pecs, leaving a trace of lipstick
behind. She then bit one of his nipples gently, before pulling his shorts
down his legs, which took a minute. Underneath, he was wearing skimpy briefs.

After Six tossed his shorts aside, Joey grabbed her shoulders and pulled
her to him, once again kissing her passionately. This time, while their
tongues played tag, Joey worked on unfastening her brassiere. After it was
unhooked, they broke the kiss and Six took a step back so Joey could watch as
the bra gracefully fell to the ground. Six's breasts, though small, were
almost perfect; they were firm with dark brown nipples that were, this
moment, at attention.

Hornier than ever, Joey pulled down his own underwear. Six, after getting
a glimpse of the erect cock, followed suit by pulling off her own skimpy
panties. Again they smiled at each other, again they embraced, and again they
kissed. To Six's delight, after this kiss was broken Joey put his hands on
either side of her waist and lifted her slightly off the ground. He then
carried Six over to the bed where he sat her down.

"Where do you want this?" Joey asked, grabbing his dick.

Six laughed. "Come here and I'll show you." She, too, grabbed hold of the
erect penis and pulled him forward by it until he toppled onto the bed on top
of her. As they again linked mouths, they rolled around on the bed a bit,
with tiny Six managing to come out on top again. She ran all of her fingers
-- four of which were adorned with jewelry -- over Joey's chest and then
inserted one slowly into his mouth, feeling him lick it from the
metallic-silver nail polish all the way up to the second knuckle. Then, just
as slowly, she removed it and put it in her own mouth to suck on for a moment
as she continued rubbing his chest with her other hand.

After they were both done slobbering on her finger, Six used both hands to
guide Joey's big cock into her warm pussy. Ever-so-slowly she eased it into
the small opening, grimacing only when the big purple head first penetrated,
and then smiling as the rest of it squeezed inside of her. "Oh yes, Joey,
you're so big!" she exclaimed between moans after he started pumping in and

After five minutes of rhythmic motions, Six, now almost as sweaty as Joey,
came. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard Joey!" she shouted before
becoming completely still and resting in Joey's arms. Only a few seconds
later she was ready to continue, sitting up on Joey's cock and bucking up
and down. "Let's see if we can make that--Wait! Stop, listen." The expression
on the little brunette's face turned from joy to fright.

"What is it?" Joey asked.

"I hear a car in the driveway," Six replied. "Shit!"

Six extracted Joey's dick from inside of her and stood up. Joey also stood
up and started to walk past Six and towards his underwear, but seeing the
still-rock-hard dick sway back and forth in the air as he walked drove Six
wild, and so she stopped him by simply placing a soft hand on his stomach and
looking into his eyes.

"I think we have just enough time," Six said as she got down on her knees
and once again grabbed Joey's prick. Puckering her crimson lips, she pressed
them against the head of his cock, slowly opening her mouth wider to let the
unit in slowly, while, at the same time, letting her saliva run down his
shaft to get it ready.

Joey, nervous that they were going to get caught, wanted to speed up the
rather slow (though very pleasurable) process, so he grabbed two handfuls of
Six's short reddish-brown hair and--when she had about half of his dick in
her mouth--shoved her head down further, forcing her to swallow the rest of
his member.

Six gasped for air, but quickly adjusted. She began slowly licking up and
down, up and down, and had forgotten all about the car in the driveway until,
suddenly, she heard the front door slam shut. She tried to say, "Shit," but
couldn't due to the fact that a large erect penis was in her mouth.

Quickly, Six pulled Joey's dick out of her mouth, biting down gently on
the head as it came out. "We better get dressed," she said as she stood up
and spun around to find her clothes. Before she had a chance, though, Joey
grabbed her shoulders and turned her back towards him.

"You can't do this, Six, I was almost there."

Without a word, Six grabbed Joey's dick and started jerking him off.
Within moments, he started ejaculating and Six dropped back to her knees so
she could get her lips around his dick again. Ten seconds later, she stood
up and opened her mouth to let him see his own semen, then, with one gulp,
swallowed all of it.

"Oh, God, that was good!" Six purred. "Don't you agree, Joe?"

Joey, in absolute bliss, said only, "Yeah."

Six rummaged around, found, and put on her panties ("Jesus Christ, these
are small!" she exclaimed when she saw herself in the mirror), blouse, and
crop top. She found her backpack purse and took out her lighter and a pack
of Salem 100's. She lit one, puffed on it a couple of times, walked over to
Joey--who was laying motionless on the bed--and kissed him hard on the lips,
then placed the cigarette back between her lips and walked out the door in
the direction of Blossom's room.


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