"Blossom" Spring Break: Part 2 - Blossom Returns
by Harry Hard-On

Six entered Blossom's room,still puffing away on her cigarette. She
couldn't believe it! The moment she had waited for all of her life, making
love to Joey Russo, had just happened!

The more she thought about it,the more horny she was becoming all over

"Damn!",she thought,"I wish I could go back in there right now and fuck
the living shit out of him again!"

She knew she couldn't,though,because Blossom would surely be coming
upstairs any minute.

Six started to look at the pictures of herself and Blossom that were taped
up all over the dresser mirror. She paused when she came to the picture of
Blossom wearing her low cut black dress. (The one she had worn when she
secretly went to that college party.)

"Holy shit!" said Six, staring at Blossom's cleavage, "That dress is cut
so low , her nipples are practically showing!"

As she stared at the photo , a sudden desire came over her. She wanted to
see those breasts! She wanted to touch those breasts! She wanted to...

The sudden sound of footsteps on the stairs snapped her out of her
daydream! Blossom was coming upstairs!

Still very horny , she had an idea. Quickly, she slipped off her tiny
skirt and threw it on the bed. She then grabbed a pair of Blossom's jeans
from the closet.

The idea was simple. Now Six could pretend to be borrowing a pair of
jeans and Blossom could "accidently" walk in on her wearing only her skimpy
panties. (Which went all the way up the crack of her round fleshy ass!)

Blossom opened the door, took a step inside, and froze! There was Six,
facing the mirror with her back toward the door, bending over while stepping
into the jeans.

Blossom couldn't help but stare!

Six's panties didn't even begin to cover the large, firm cheeks of her

"Sorry, Six!" Blossom said in embarassment and started to turn away.

"That's alright, Blossom," said Six, "I was borrowing a pair of your jeans
and I'd like your opinion on something."

"What is it?" asked Blossom.

Six pulled up the very tight jeans.

"Do you think they look better this way....?...." asked Six.

"Or what?" replied Blossom.

Six slipped them off again.

"Or without these!" said Six.

Blossom's jaw dropped open as Six quickly pulled off her panties and stood
there nude from the waist down!

"Well,what do you think?" Six asked suggestively.

Blossom stared at Six's pussy!

Blossom slowly spoke, "I think...I think..." Her heart pounded as the
uncontrollable desire began to well up in her.

She couldn't believe it! This was the first time she had ever seen Six
naked! Although she had definitly thought about it more than once as she had
sometimes caught herself staring at Six's beautiful ass which had been poured
into a pair of way-too-tight jeans.

Blossom could feel her knees start to get weak.

"Oh my God,Six!",Blossom cried,her voice trembling,"You're beautiful!"

Without another word,Blossom dropped to her knees. She then grabbed Six's
legs and proceeded to bury her face in Six's crotch!

"Oh Blossom!",cried Six,as she ran her hands tenderly through Blossom's
hair,"I love you!"

Blossom would've answered,but her tounge was busy licking Six's pussy lips
which were now becoming quite moist.

As she pushed her tounge further in,she slowly slid her hands up the back
of Six's thighs and up onto her buttocks.

Six moaned as Blossom proceeded to knead her bare ass cheeks with her

Opening her eyes,Six looked down at Blossom as she continued to lick her
cunt. From this angle, she could see right down the front of Blossom's low
cut blouse as her large breasts hung braless.

Six put her hands on Blossom's shoulders and slowly began to slide her
blouse down.Once she pushed it down far enough,Blossom's huge tits fell out
exposing her big hard nipples.

"Wow...",panted Six,"They are as big as I thought!"

Blossom started to slowly slide Six up onto the bed. As Six began to
caress Blossom's breasts,Blossom unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the
floor, revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath!

"Now comes the fun part!",said Blossom as she climbed onto the bed naked
along with Six.

She then pulled off Six's top,and threw it onto the floor. Putting their
arms around each other,they kissed passionatly. Blossom slid her tounge into
Six's mouth as she pulled her closer,pressing Six's breasts against hers.

After almost a minute of this,Blossom broke the kiss and began to slowly
lick her way down Six's neck and onto her chest.

She then began to lightly lick her nipples,first the left, then the right,
until they were both erect. "Oh Blossom,"moaned Six,"that feels so good!"
Blossom then worked her way down over her flat stomach, pausing for a moment
to stick her tounge into Six's belly button.

"Ooooh!",cried Six as she began to quiver with arousal. She then laid all
the way back as Blossom moved down to her pussy. She pushed her tounge inside
and began to lick wildly,sending Six into waves of ecstasy!

"OH SHIT!...OH FUCK!...",screamed Six,as Blossom increased her speed and
began licking her clit.

After a few moments of this,Six couldn't take it anymore. "I'M GOING TO
COME!",she screamed as she grabbed the sides of the mattress with both hands.

Six moaned and arched her back as the powerful orgasm welled up from her
cunt and washed over her whole body!

She collapsed back down onto the bed again and heaved a big sigh as
Blossom began to lick the pussy juice off her lips.

"That was great,Blossom!",said Six,"Now it's your turn!"

As Six got up,Blossom rolled over onto her back. The two girls were now
back in the same position,only this time,Six was on top!

"Now,you do me,honey!",Blossom said as she spread her legs. Without a
word, Six bent down, stuck out her tongue, and went to work.

Meanwhile,out in the hall,Joey had just come out of his room. He had been
asleep on his bed,but had woken up suddenly when he thought sure he had heard
a scream come from Blossom's room. He walked down the hall to investigate.

He was just about to knock on Blossom's door, when he suddenly heard more
sounds eminating from inside the room.


Joey couldn't believe his ears! Blossom and Six fucking? He just had to

Lightly grasping the doorknob with his fingertips, he slowly turned it
until the bolt slid out of the door frame. He then quietly pushed the door
open an inch at a time.

What he saw now made his mouth drop open!

There was Six, on the bed, licking Blossom's pussy!

Joey just stood there in the doorway as his penis became erect inside his

"Oh, Six!" cried Blossom, "Lick me!...Lick me!..."

Because Six's back,(actually,her ass),was to Joey,and Blossom's eyes were
shut tightly,neither of them had even noticed him step into the room!

Joey couldn't stand it. He slid his hand down inside his shorts and began
to stroke his stiff cock.

It was then that Six happened to glance up from Blossom's pussy and caught
sight of Joey's reflection in the dresser mirror!

At first she was shocked,but she was so involved with her activity that
Joey's being there suddenly made her even more aroused!

She looked back up at him in the mirror and gave him a mischieveous grin
as if to say,"I know you're watching!"

That was all he needed. Still rubbing his rock hard dick, he silently
walked over to the bed.

Blossom's eyes were still closed as her breathing became more rapid.

Six looked up at Joey,then down at Blossom's pussy,and back up at him
again. She gave him a little smile as she moved to the side. Without a single
word, she had made her meaning clear. ("Now, you try it, Joey!")

He then bent down and took Six's place between Blossom's legs.

"Oh yes,Six!",cried Blossom,her eyes still closed,"YES!...YES!...YES!..."

Suddenly,she opened her eyes!

"OH MY GOD!!!!" she screamed! There was Joey, not Six, licking her cunt!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Blossom cried.

"Shhh!" said Joey softly, "It's all right, Blossom."

She began to calm down,and laid back once more as he continued.

"I can't do this," she thought, "He's my brother." But these thoughts
slowly disappeared as Joey's tounge action was making her hotter and hotter!

Meanwhile, Six had gone around to the other side of the bed, and was
fondling Blossom's breasts while standing behind her.

Joey then stood up and slid off his shorts,revealing his huge hard-on.

Blossom stared at it. Being brother and sister,and living in the same
house for years,she had occasionally caught a glimpse of his penis, but this
was the first time she had ever seen it fully erect!

As Joey climbed onto the bed,she spread her legs in anticipation. Wasting
no time,he slid his throbbing shaft into her vagina.

"Joey!" cried Blossom,"You're so big!"

"I know!" said Six, with a big grin.

Joey began sliding his swollen cock in and out of her wet cunt. Faster and
faster he pumped as Blossom's big tits bounced up and down.

"Oh Joey!",she screamed as Six massaged her nipples, "I'm going to come
any minute!"

A few more moments of pounding was all it took. Blossom shuddered as she
experienced the biggest orgasm of her life!

"FUCK ME,JOEY!!!!",she screamed as Six began kissing her neck!

Joey kept pumping as the muscles of Blossom's cunt continued to contract.
He was seconds away from coming.

Quickly,he pulled his throbbing dick out of her vagina and, as fast as he
could, moved up until his cock was right over Blossom's face.

As he continued to stroke his long purple shaft faster and faster, Six
moved her head as close as possible to Blossom's.

Suddenly,Joey's hot white cum began to spurt all over their faces and in
their mouths! "OH YEAH!",he cried,as Blossom and Six licked the rest of the
cum off his cock and swallowed it!

The three of them then fell down onto the bed, exhausted!

But just before they all fell asleep in each other's arms, Joey thought...

"I just fucked my sister and her best friend!



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