Bonanza: Hop Sing Gets Some Red Meat (MF,food,reluc)
by Hamster

The Cartwrights had just finished their meals and were hanging out polishing
their pistols or drinking some whisky. Hop Sing however was in the kitchen
cleaning up after them. Hop Sing took several hours cleaning off the scum and
dried food left on the pots, pans, plates and utensils he worked his fingers
to the bone until finally the dishes were so clean you could... well eat off
of them. By this point the Cartwrieghts had fallen asleep. Hop Sing sighed
and went outside to take a piss.

He was behind some bushes and was letting a stream of hot urine fly when he
heard a yelp. His winky got gun shy at this point and he looked around to see
who was there. On the other side of the bushes there was some russeling and
an teenaged Indian girl jumped back and started cursing.

"Fuck you pissed all over me." She said.

"Hey who are you and why where you hiding in the bushes." Hop Sing demanded.

"I was sleeping dumb ass. I know you have no respect for my people but
pissing all over me isn't cool, white man." She said angrily.

"Look who you calling white man? I'm Chinese." He retorted.

"Oh. Sorry. Still shouldn't piss on people. It's not nice." She said.

"I didn't see you. Oh hell. Let me make it up to you." He looked over the
skinny girl. "You look like you could use a meal. Want me to fix you up
something?" He asked.

The girl's stomach growled audibly.

"I'll take that as a yes." He grabbed her by the wrist and led her to the

Once there she sat at the table and watched as he made some beans with
chunks of pork in it. As he prepared her meal she told him her story. She
had come from a village that was destroyed by white soldiers. She was the
sole survivor. For the last several weeks she had been living in the woods
scavenging food and basically trying to survive.

"That's terrible." Hop Sing said. "But it explains the smell and the
scrawniness. Oh sorry."

She glared at him for the last comment. They talked for a long time. The
girl, whose name loosely translated meant Little-Village-Slut, was had eaten
enough to swell her belly a bit. Now that she had eaten it was time to deal
with her other problem. She hadn't had sex in a while. That was torture for
the village slut.

"Thanks a lot for the meal Chinese man. Maybe there is something that I can
do for you as a way of saying thanks for the meal." She said.

"Well I can't think of any." Said Hop Sing. "Besides you don't owe me

"Oh, but I want to thank you, I really, really do." She said.

With that she went over to where he was and kissed him, as she did so she
reached into his trousers and grabbed his dick.

"Hey girl what are you doing!" Hop Sing demanded as he broke the kiss. The
girl ignored him and never let go of his dick which she began to squeeze and
rub until it began to harden. "You shouldn't do that, it's wrong, ohhhh it's
wrong, oh wrong, wrong, oh hell WRONG ME, wrong my brains out!"

Hop Sing leaned back against the wall as she felaciated him. Hop Sing ran his
fingers through her hair as she sucked on his cock. Suddenly she stopped and
stood up.

"Why are you stopping?" He asked in disappointment.

This disappointment didn't last though since she immediately removed her
buckskin out fit and let it fall to the ground. She was rail thin, but had
nice boobs. Hop Sing reached out and squeezed each one. He hoped he wasn't
drooling, but he really couldn't blame himself if he was. The firm spongy
flesh felt wonderful beneath his fingers. She leaned forword and kissed him.
She reached down and pushed his pants off his hips and to his ankle.

"Get on your back." The teenaged Indian girl ordered.

"OK." Hop Sing agreed cheerfully.

He plopped down on his back and lay there with his cock standing proud. The
girl straddled his mid-section and began to lower herself onto his cock.
The girl gasped deeply as the cock penetrated her pussy hole then slid
slowly into her. She was making the most delieghtful little squeaky sounds
which served to spur on the Chinese cook. He began to fuck her in earnest,
thrusting into her over and over as hard as possible.

"OH YES! YES! FUCK ME HARD!" She cried.

And he did, he kept fucking her until she was cumming like a mad woman.
Pretty soon he was shooting his load up into her. The pair lay down on the
floor panting. Suddenly he turned to her and smiled sheepishly.

"You know I sorta have this well fetish and I was wondering..." He started.

"What?" she asked.

He stood up and walked over to the cupboard and retrieved a carrot. He laid
down next to her. And showed her the vegeatable.

"I'm going to fuck you with this." He Said. "You should give it a good

She took the vegetable from him and placed it in her mouth. She rolled it
around in her mouth and got the carrot. Once it was nicely coated in saliva
she handed it back to him. He leaned over and kissed her. As he did so he
pawed at one of her round breasts and slipped the carrot into her cunt. He
began to carrot-fuck her vigorously.

"Yes, YES! I love it oh yeah. Fuck me with that carrot!" She encouraged him.

He was pumping it in and out wicked fast. She was howling in pleasure and
slapping her hand against the ground as she did. Hop Sing was enjoying her
enthusiasm greatly.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSS!!!" She cried as she came all over the

Hop Sing slowly slid the carrot out of her cunt. He brought the carrot up to
the girl's mouth. She crunched down on the cum soaked carrot and swallowed it

"Can I come back for food if I get hungry?" She asked.

"As long as I get to fuck you as hard as I want when you do you do, in that
case you can have anything in the kitchen." She said.
_ _ _

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