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Date: 11/23/2008

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Voyurism, drug use, female solo sex, female/female sex, male solo
sex, male/female sex

Categories: Het, slash, bi

Pairing: Miley-solo, Lilly/Rollergirl/Dirk

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Summary: As soon as it's been discovered that Lilly is lying to both her
mother and Miley about her whereabouts, Miley decides to look for Lilly and
finds her at the home of porn director Jack Horner.

Other Notes: This AU story is a birthday gift for Miley Cyrus -- who was born
on November 23rd, 1992 -- and an answer to one of PEJA's Story/Word Prompt

Dedication: Happy Birthday to Miley Cyrus! -- ATK 2008

Boogie Nights/Hannah Montana: Lilly's Secret
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

She happens to be a nice young girl whose father known as Robby Ray Stewart
had moved himself and his two teenage kids away from the state of Tennessee
and into the city of Malibu, California in order for the three of them to get
on with their lives after the death of her beloved mother whose name was
Susan Stewart and as soon as her family had gotten herself settled into their
new home, she was able to make two new friends whose names happen to be Lilly
Truscott and Oliver Oken, who had allowed themselves to join that girl on her
concert tours as Lola and Mike Standley III.

Her stage name happens to be Hannah Montanna but her actual name happens to
be Miley Stewart and I ought to know this because my name is Miley Stewart
and the psychiatrist that my dad and Lilly's mother, Heather Truscott had
taken the both of us to see had told me that in order to finally get this
whole thing off my chest would be to let it out by talking or writing about
it and you could already take a wild guess as to which I had chosen.

Anyway, it was on a warm and sunny day in November that I was about to leave
the house and go see both Lilly and Oliver at the local mall to discuss which
songs would be okay for Hannah Montanna to sing on her next concert tour but
that was before my own brother, Jackson had stopped me from taking one step
out the door and told me that Lilly had called and said that she had to help
her mother take care of something and was unable to attend our little meeting
at the mall.

And of course, that had caused me to step out of the house and head straight
over to Lilly's place just in time for me to let her mother know that if both
she and Lilly are in need of some help, I would be willing to offer them that
help, only to have her mother look at me with a confused look on her face and
tell me that she doesn't need any help and Lilly had gone to meet me and
Oliver at the mall.

That had made me began to wonder why would Lilly lie to me and her mother
about where she was going to be on that day and realize that the only way
that I was about to get any straight answers, I would let myself take a spin
around town in my car and use the GPS tracking system to find Lilly and
discover what was the secret that she was allowing herself to hide from both
me and her mother.

But as soon as I had gotten myself into my car and drove myself away from
Lilly's house, I had turned my GPS tracking system on and discovered her car
was in another California city that is not Malibu. And since I was still in
need for knowing what Lilly's secret happens to be, I had decided to follow
the GPS system straight to that other California city.

But then, as soon as I had arrived at the address that the GPS system had led
me to, I had suddenly noticed that Lilly had parked her car in the driveway
of the home of porn director Jack Horner, who -- according to a book that I
had read in the library -- had taken a young and handsome male stud whose
actual name happens to be Eddie Adams and transformed him to a new male porn
star known as Dirk Diggler, who had gone on to star in some of the films -- a
few with a mature female porn star named Amber Waves -- that Jack had
directed since the 1970's.

That had also mentioned that another guy known as Little Bill had helped Jack
with the directorial duties and other stuff like that but that was before one
New Year's Eve party in which that poor guy had just about enough of his own
wife having hot and steamy sex with other men and flaunting her affairs right
into his face and that had finally caused him to go get a gun and shoot both
his unfaithful wife and her latest male lover dead before he had turned the
gun on himself.

Anyway, as soon as I had parked my car in a secluded place, gotten out of it
and carefully began moving myself towards Jack's house, I had kept on
thinking to myself, "Come on, Miley! There's no way that Lilly should be
considered to be the Nina Hartley type! She really doesn't have the body for
it! She just might be here to do some other work on the set!"

But that was before I had stepped into the back of the house, walked past the
swimming pool, placed myself against a wall, kneeled myself down and taken a
peek through the basement window at the porn set that Jack and his crew were
about to shoot the next scene for their latest porn movie which was also
where I had discovered that some of the other porn actors were either
snorting some cocaine or shooting some methamphetamine into their arms in
order to give themselves a real high.

But then suddenly, a door had opened and Lilly had walked herself on to the
Set -- which was cheaply resembling some sort of intergalactic spaceship --
in only a red velvet robe and was followed by another porn star who was known
only as Rollergirl, who had placed her hands on Lilly's shoulders and asked,
"Now, are you sure that you still want to do this, Lola? I mean, there still
is no shame in backing out."

And when I had noticed that Lilly had looked at Rollergirl and nodded her
head in response to the mature porn star's question, I had suddenly thought
FUCKING NUTS?!" just before Jack had sat himself down in the director's chair
and said 'action' just in time for the cameras to start filming the scene in
which both Lilly and Rollergirl were standing next to each other and in front
of some alien gizmo.

"Hannah, why do I have a feeling that we're not in Malibu anymore?" that was
the question that Lilly had asked Rollergirl after she had placed her hand on
her co-star's arm and before the mature porn star had slowly opened her robe
and answered, "That really is true, Lola. As a matter of fact, something
aboard this ship is suddenly turning me on. Don't you feel it, Lola? Is it
also turning you on?"

And after she had slowly removed her robe and began touching each and every
part of her bare-ass naked body, Lilly had slowly licked her lips and
answered, "Oooohhhh, yes. It really does, Hannah. It really turns me on,"
before both she and Rollergirl had each began pumping their fingers in and
out of their hot, wet pussies and caressing their own tits with the other

And all of a sudden, that had caused me to unzip and lower my very own pants
and panties, unbutton my shirt and bra and start pumping two of my fingers in
and out of my hot and steamy cunt and caress my own tits with the other hand
just before that alien gizmo had opened itself up and allowed a
still-handsome and well-hung Dirk Diggler to step out of that gizmo, walk
himself over to both Lilly and Rollergirl and say, "I am Dik Coksuker from
the planet Fuku. My planet had sent me here to Earth in order to obtain some
raw material from this planet's females for scientific study."

"Oooohhhh. Well, in that case. I do believe that we should start right now.
Don't you agree?" that was the question that Rollergirl had asked Dirk before
she had kneeled herself down and began licking on Lilly's hot, moist snatch
and caressing her firm breasts and Dirk had began stroking his stiff cock
right in front of both Lilly and Rollergirl and answered, "Ah, yes. I really
do agree."

And then, after Dirk had moved himself closer and placed his stone hard dick
inside Rollergirl's asshole and his hands on her stiff mounds, Lilly had
placed her hands on Rollergirl's bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh,
yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Hannah! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet
pussy dry while Dik fucks you in the ass! Aaaahhhh!" before Dirk had taken
his stiff cock out of Rollergirl's rear end and allowed Lilly to start
sucking on it and the mature female porn star had began sucking on Lilly's
tits and pumping the entire hand in and out of her cunt.

And after I had closed my eyes, bitten my bottom lip and thought to myself,
three porn stars had laid their nude bodies down on the floor of the set just
in time for Dirk to place his stone hard dick inside Rollergirl's pussy and
start licking on Lilly's snatch and for Lilly to place her hands on
Rollergirl's silky-smooth naked thighs and began sucking on her tits before
a sexually-energized Rollergirl had placed her hands on Lilly's bare back and
yelled at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, DIK! DO IT,

Then, as soon as the three porn stars had began moving themselves harder and
faster and kept on doing that until they had all finally came and collapsed
due to exhaustion, I had also finally came and almost dropped myself down
right where I was standing, only to have me hear the sound of a certain porn
director named Jack Horner say, "Cut and print! Okay, Kids! Let's get
everything ready for the next scene!"

And as soon as I had heard that, I had quickly lifted and zipped my pants
back up and quickly gotten my ass out of there before anyone was able to step
out of the house to see what was going on. But as soon as I had gotten myself
inside my car and started it up, I had suddenly realized that I really had to
make a choice. Should I say nothing and keep my friendship with Lilly alive
or should I shoot my big mouth to both my dad and Lilly's mom and force her
to hate me for the rest of my life?

Well, Everyone. You could already take a wild guess as to what I had decided
to do. And even though both Lilly's mom and my dad had told me that what I
had done was nothing wrong and Lilly would get over being mad at me sooner or
later, I just can't help wondering what would have happened if I really had
kept my big mouth shut and allow Lilly to keep on doing her porn career.
Thankfully, we would never know.



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