WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Angel (Borderlands series)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 6
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Go to Thousand Cuts they said... Check out the old Hyperion base they said... It'll be good training for you they said..." Samuel grumbled as he entered into the central chamber of what was Control Core Angel.

To say the rookie Vault Hunter, who was at this point far more interested in getting it on with some of Sanctuary's hottest female residents all thanks to the secret Pandora's Heart Relic that he has, wasn't thrilled by the latest solo mission he'd been sent on was an understatement. Dealing with the "idiot" Slabs of the region (Brick's words to that effect anyway), all the Hyperion robots and somehow endless personnel still around... Oh, and then the MASSIVE DEATH SHIP that appeared and rained down motor-destruction on him. Yeah, Samuel was not in a good mood, even with the actual impressive success to have survived all of that.

In fact, now that Samuel had reached the "destination" he was about ready to turn in and head back, probably stopping by Moxxi's bar for a beer, and the usual "V.I.P." treatment he was all to used to now. However out of the corner of his eye, among all the burnt out Loader parts and broken equipment, he noticed a rather attention-grabbing blinking light. Rather than do the sensible thing and leave the place be, he turned and headed over towards it, using his coat sleeve to wipe dust off of the panel of the control desk in question.

"Hmmm... Hyperion Emergency Resurrection Station... Sounds fancy..." He thought aloud, pushing the big helpful "START" button to enter into the system. "Pick a person to bring back to life... What, this a super New-U Station or something?" He says, pressing the button to scroll through the available options.

"Hmmm... Handsome Jack? Hell no!" He says, shaking his head at the idea. "The way everyone talks about that guy, that'd be way more trouble than I already get from the Vault Hunters... Roland? Ro-land... That name... Sounds familiar..." Samuel says, scratching his head as his tendency to not pay attention during most mission briefings shows itself. "I think he was... Maybe used to be a Vault Hunter but then wasn't, or something... Well we can't having another "rookie" like me around, can we?" He dismissively says, swiping through to the next screen. "...Angel? Hmmm... A Siren? Holy shit, I can bring back a Siren to life? Hell yeah, Lilith's gonna love me for this!" He thinks, not hesitating to push the "ACTIVATE" button.

A flash of bright light fills the room, making Samuel cover his eyes and not notice that the desk screen now is listing several years before the system is fully recharged again to work. His focus when the light eases off is of the attractive, curvaceous figure of the woman now spawned not just into the room she used to be held in, but back into the world of the living. Angel, the stunning Siren who had been used by her own father Handsome Jack as a pawn in his plan of Vault capturing and domination, clad in her attire of a full body suit that clings to her curves and gives a hint of her nicely sized and rounded breasts, with her long dark hair tied at the back and to the side, styled to cover almost half of her pretty face.

"Ahhhhhh!" Angel gasped, eyes shooting open as she looks around. "What?? How... But I was... I did..." She turns, seeing the only other person here and looking at the desk he's at. "The... Resurrection Station? That actually worked??" She questions, rushing over and almost shoving him away as she looks over it. "Oh... Holy fuck!! I'm... I'm alive!!" She smiles with a look of stunned joy. "And... And I don't even feel any Eridium in me! That alone was a zero-point-zero zero zero zero zero zero zero..."

While she rattles off the extremely unlikely probability of her renewed existence, the skirt-chasing hunk is far more interested in not who she is or how he managed to get her here, but more of the inviting sight of her rounded backside sticking out towards him. Already thinking of a way she can "thank" him for reviving her, he brings up his "menus" screens, going to his inventory and placing the Pandora's Heart into the Relic slot. The same object he's used so far to fuck quest givers, some Sanctuary residents, and even a legit Vault Hunter or two so far. Getting a piece of a Siren? Too good a chance for him to pass up.

" zero one percent chance! How...!" Angel turns around, but as soon as locks eyes with the man who has rescued her she's overcome with a sudden lust and desire for this now very attractive, even more so if she'd bother to properly look him over moments before, man. "How were you not one of the Vault Hunters who fought my asshole of a Dad?" She changes her original question, her tone now quite seductive as steps towards the grinning male.

"I'm sort of, you know, stuck in training to be a Vault Hunter..." Samuel says, taking the opportunity to openly check her out as she stops in front of him. "But I'm far better at... You know, other things..." He says suggestively and not being subtle about it either.

"Is that so?" She smirks. "Just so happens I've waited for years to be able to do those kind of "other things" and now I don't have to be dosed up to keep charging a shitty Vault Key now, I want to fucking do all of them!" She says, suddenly squatting down in front of him and boldly grabbing his pants.

"Hell yeah! Let's screw!" He all to happily agrees, starting to take off his shabby jacket and the rest of his upper clothing. Meanwhile she's working just as quickly to undo his belt so she can haul down those pants and boxers, gasping with wide eyes as she not just sees her first real cock, but a lengthy and meaty looking one at that.

"Fuck me!!" Angel says, reaching up to grab and stroke that dick with eyes full of lust. "Brought back to life, and getting to play with this mega cock all at once? Oh, I'm gonna make the most out of this!" She vows, looking up at him with a big, sexy smile.

"Planning on making up for lost time? Then be my quest..." He eagerly offers, his cock getting hard as she delivers a round of firm, testing pumps. "Mmmm... The name's Samuel by the way... If you care, or not..." He mumbles the last part, more concerned with her working over his dick and already making him moan.

"Nice to meet you Samuel..." She teases as she grips him by the base. "I'm Angel... And you have no idea the kind of fucking things I want to do now..." She grinned, before putting the practice of actions speaking louder than words into action as she eagerly took her into her mouth, making him moan as she wrapped her lips right around his cock. He wasn't the only one letting out a cry, the beauty starting to give this sexual act groaning herself around that cock as her eyes fell half-shut, showing already years of pent up frustration to put it mildly being let out just by finally getting a taste of some meaty dick. She was obviously looking to make up for all that missed time, starting to rock her head back and forth along his size at a steady, if not disjointed pace as she was half going on instinct, but still trying to establish a motion as she showed the clear inexperience at this.

"Ahhhh... Feel free to show me... Mmmmm..." The wannabe Vault Hunter wisely said to her as he watched her push her head downward and then move back, all to happy to be a test subject of sorts for the stunning Siren as she tried out sucking cock for the first time, but already was taking a nice amount of his size between those soft lips. "Mmmmm!! I can... Mmmmm... Keep secrets..." He said, smirking at his own reference to his big secret, the Pandora's Heart relic allowing him to turn this revived beauty into a horny sex-pot, and already enjoying the spoils as she bobs away on his dick, gaining in confidence with each motion and hearing how her work is making him moan in enjoyment.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." Her piercing eyes gazed up lustfully at the handsome hunk she's only just met but was now handling his meaty rod in and out of her oral hole, wasting no time in enjoying life in the world of the living once again as she nosily and shamelessly slurps away on his shaft, making herself groan in the process as she takes that tool deeper into her mouth. "Mmmmphh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh mmmmm..." The former ally to the Vault Hunters groans again, her saliva covering his dick now from the sloppy, inexperienced but still very enjoyable blowjob, that spit seeping past her lips and dripping down her chin a little. That just adds to the sexy sight for the lucky stud taking this, his moans loud and clear as he stands and lets the dark haired stunner rock herself back and forth onto his member at a steady and savouring pace.

"Ahhhh... Mmmmm fuck yeah... Damn Angel..." Samuel gasps, showing how impressed he is by the kind of sucking she's dishing out despite her, by her own admission, being a complete novice at any type of sex, but anyone watching on would be fooled from the way she's nicely handling over half of his dick with her oral hole as she pushes her pretty face down onto him before soon drawing back to repeat the action. "Mmmmm!! You sure... Ahhhhh... You've never done this before?" He says both to admit his thoughts, but also to give her some extra encouragement to keep blowing him like this, loving the feeling of being inside her damp and soothing mouth along with all her saliva that's now coating his fat inches.

Delivering another round of smooth sucks, she slowly lifts her head up and off from his rod with a groan, taking a moment to catch her breath before she grins up at him. "You really don't know much about me, do you?" She teased, but didn't let him answer as she spat down a wad of her saliva onto the crown of his cock, before diving back down with that lusty hunger, once again reaching the half way mark but showing her limits of her rookie-status as her eyes closed as she went further, gagging around that shaft and making her pull back and all the way off in reflex. "Fuck!! Guess... Guess I need to practice this a little..." She says with a laugh, leaning back in and once again keeping eye contact with him as she uses her tongue to swirl around the fat head of his dick, more than enough to make him moan as she took her time with the clockwise motions, allowing them both to enjoy the sensations of her licking away at his cock.

"Hey, count me in if you need a practice partner!: Samuel says with a chuckle, moaning again as she gives another swirl around the bell end.

"Bet you say that to all the babes you save..." Angel says with a sexy smirk, shifting back so she can stand up from the floor of the all too familiar "room" she used to be kept in.

"Well, you'd be actually the first one I've saved..." He admits, although more interested in watching her as she starts to push down her clothing, first revealing her nicely sized tits before going further down, showing off the trademark body "tattoos" of a Siren over her gorgeous frame, and her pussy which already appears to be wet just from having sucked dick moments ago.

"So, I'm far from your first?" She playfully teases, tossing the garment aside with a sigh of relief, glancing over to the very machine that had been used to "resurrect" her. "That's good news for me... Because I need to feel a real dick in my fucking snatch, and I want to get fucked for a real long... Long time!" She orders with a grin, hopping up onto the edge of the control desk, invitingly spreading her legs wide for him.

"That I can do!" He's now the one to sound and act with great haste, moving right up and gripping his dick so she can line himself up, doing as instructed and pushing his dick right forward into her nicely wet folds, and his moan of approval is easily covered by her loud, wide-eyed groan of delight as her tight tunnel is already being made to stretch as she takes this sexual invasion. "Mmmmm!! Oh fuck!! God damn... You sure weren't kiddding... Mmmmm!! About being new to this..." He comments between his moans, looking at his cock moving into her tightness for a moment before his attention gets drawn to her hands now reaching forward to grab his arms for support, her legs also clamping around his waist to keep him right there up next to her gorgeous, curved frame. "But... Ahhhhh... Not that I'm complaining... Shouldn't you have a, you know... If you've never..."

"MMMM!! Oh that?? Ahhhhh!! That shit broke... Oh fuck!! MMMM... Years ago!!" She gasps out, likewise her focus not exactly on holding a conversation but more on the long awaited feeling of having a big, thick cock forcing its way deep up into her snatch, and from how she's moaning loudly and already without any hint of shame it's more than surpassing her expectations. "Ahhhhh... Between getting controlled... Uhhhh... Drugged up with Eridium... UHHHH!! Awwww fuck it!! Just... Uhhhh!! Fuck me Samuel!!" She gasps out, showing her need to just be screwed, even though that's exactly what she's getting and taking right now, his hands holding onto her slender waist as he works his cock in and out of that needy to put it mildly snatch, his pace steady and firm to allow her to get used to her first experience with a cock.

"Ahhhh... Right, yeah... Mmmmm!! S-sorry..." He grunts, nodding his head to acknowledge the request and focusing right on the task at hand, thrusting his dick forward straight into her wet hole, making them both groan out with each smooth motion in and out of her, the force of his pumps already more than enough to make her ripe breasts bounce time with the jolting motion her body is doing in response to this experienced motion. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmmm shit!! Fuck... A fucking you want? A fucking... Ahhhhh... I'll give you..." He states perhaps the obvious but much like she did earlier is showing the intent through his actions, putting some more force behind his pumps and in turn causing her to groan out with wide eyes full of lust, her legs and hands still gripping onto his desirably toned frame as she feels that big shaft of his pushing deep into and then quickly pulling out of her wet and tight pussy.

"MMMM!! Fuck yes!! That's... AHHHHH!! Exactly what I fucking want!! Deep... UHHHH!! Fucking in me!!" She moans her approval, her long dark hair falling out of place to cover the other side of her face a little now from the force being put behind the pistoning motion causing her snatch to be so wonderfully filled up with cock from her "rescuer" between her legs as he expertly slides that big shaft right in and out her slick love tunnel. "Mmmmmm!! Oh SHIT!! Deeper!! Come on! MMMM... Make... Me fucking feel it!" She grins as she almost begs for more of this already steady and deep pumping, the gorgeous Siren moaning as he continues to ram his shaft right up into that snug pussy, already ensuring that her first proper fuck will be one to remember as she gets taken on the very machinery that brought her back to life, and straight into some red hot and long awaited on her part fucking that's got them both moaning out loudly like they've been lovers for years.

"Ahhhhh!! You've got... MMMMM!! One Hell of a filthy mouth on you..." He remarks, thinking that her dirty talk is due to the effects that the mysterious, lust-creating Relic that he has equipped, which is already allowing him to plough in deeply and repeatedly into the stunning woman who was once the unwilling pawn in her father's twisted plan. Now though she's more than making up for "lost time" as she happily takes this pounding, making her jolt back against the desk she's sitting on as the still-in-training Vault Hunter plunges right into her wet, tight snatch again and again, no need to hold back now as her sinful cries show she's more than used to his impressive size deep inside her now, and wants even more of him in her now.

"Ooooooooh... You have... MMMMM!! No fucking idea..." Angel groans, releasing her legs from around his body and doing the same with her hands on his arms, allowing her to lean back for a moment. "That asshole father of mine always forced me... Uhhhhh!! To watch my fucking language..." She says, flashing a look of anger on her gorgeous face at the thought, but that soon vanished as he gave her another couple of pumps into her snatch.

"Must... Must have sucked..." Samuel offers, showing he doesn't fully understand her story and background, but his skirt-chasing ways have him not really caring as he pulls out of her pussy with a groan.

"Yeah... It fucking did, along with everything else. But enough about that..." She says with a smirk, pushing off from the desk to stand up. "I want to try riding you now! How you want to do it?" She offers, taking a long approving look over his dick as she asks.

"Uhhhhh... Ah! I got it..." He says, thinking fast but deciding to take a page out of her book, now being the one to lean back against the same command machine she'd been against moments ago. "Hop on Angel, and you can try out riding me all you want..." He says with a big smile, already liking the sounds of the idea she came up with.

"Fuck yeah I will!" The dark haired beauty said, returning the grin as she climbs up onto the desk to mount him, resting her knees onto the desk edge and lowering herself towards his crotch, the hunk under her helping as he grips his rod, lining it up and allowing her to sink down with a moan onto that bog cock, before his hands once again went onto her toned midsection. "MMMMM!! Oh yeah!! Mmmmm!! Fuck, it feels so fucking good already!" She thought aloud, starting to rock her hips back and forth, grinding down onto him for a moment as she adjusts to that pleasurable sensation of being filled up with dick once again, causing him to groan in the process. Soon enough though she went to work, gripping the back part of the machine they're on for support as she starts to raise herself up, keeping the head and a few inches still in her snatch before she drops down, a sexy slap ringing out as her curved body connects with his nicely muscular frame.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMMM... Feels... Feels damn good here as well..." The hunk who has been able to have his wicked way with many of Pandora's hottest women already comments between moans, loving how great her tight and wet pussy feels as she works herself smoothly up and down his member at a nice and steady pace, not looking too much like the novice she is either with how well she's taking and riding that dick already. "Mmmmmm... Awwwwww SHIT!! For someone... UHHHHH... Who's never done this before... You know what you're fucking doing!" He happily admits with a grin, his gaze switching from up at her gorgeous, partially covered by her jet black hair face, to down a little to the sexy sight of her jiggling tits, the shaking in time with the rising and lowering motion she's putting her body through in order to take his cock straight up into her still needy but able to take plenty more twat.

"MMMMM!! I... I managed a couple times... UHHHH!! To download some porn from the ECHONet when... AHHHHH... That fucking asshole father of mine was busy..." She hisses out the explanation, not for the first time focusing her energy and thoughts on her primal urges and needs, looking to fulfill the long awaited "quest" of finally getting down and dirty with some steamy sex, and is already well on the way to doing that as she lifts and drops her wet, snug pussy onto the cock of this hunk she's only known for the same short time she's been back in the realm of the living. "MMMM... Oh yeah!! I've got... MMMMM FUCK!! Plenty of stuff I want to fucking do now that I'm... UHHHH!! Fucking free to do what I want!" She adds, only raising a hand for a moment to brush her hair away from her eye before going back to holding onto the same machine that revived her, but now is getting used to aid them in fulfilling those intense lustful needs they both had, even though hers have been greatly enhanced by the powerful Relic the hunk she's riding currently has equipped, completely unknown to the moaning stunner currently fucking that lengthy rod.

"MMMM... Like I said Angel... Awwwww shit!! Anytime you want to... UHHHHH!! Get some practice in..." He goes to offer, but cuts himself off with another moan as she shows off impressive ability for someone so inexperienced, able to smoothly but with a building pace now bounce herself right up and down onto his shaft, taking him in so deep that her rounded ass cheeks slap off of his thighs each time he drops down. That slight sting barely phases either of them however, perhaps even adding to their lustful ways as they both keep on moaning out loudly and without any shame, despite this sexual encounter taking place in the same chamber where she had been held in for so long, but is now alive, well, and down to fuck as proven by her eager bounces on this still relative stranger's dick she has deep inside her.

"MMMMM!! Oh yeah! Gonna... UHHHH!! Fucking practice so... AHHHHH!! Fucking hard on you!!" She groans out, sweat starting to form over her gorgeous body as she keeps it moving straight up and down onto that still rock hard cock that's already been deep in her mouth and pumping into her snatch so far, and now she's swiftly riding it to keep herself filled up for more pleasure than she'd ever fantasied possible. "Ahhhhhh!! Keep... MMMMM!! Keep it coming Samuel!! I want... AHHHHH... To get really fucking fucked!!" She almost screams out, leaning back and arching as she brings herself to a stop, groaning as she rocks those lovely hips back and forth so she can yet again grinds her wet pussy downward onto his manhood, in turn making him moan with approval as he truly has the best seat in the house to watch the horny beauty live out many long held secret fantasies finally in real life.

"Ahhhhh... Shit! If that's the case... Then..." Samuel goes to say, but she just gives him another big grin as she dismounts him with a groan, moving off the desk completely and motioning him to do the same, and of course he wisely does so.

"Go for it!" Angel says, now bending over in front of that machine, sticking her sexy rump out towards him as she looks back over her shoulder at him. "Fucking nail the shit out of me! You'd better set the bar real fucking high for anyone else who gets lucky with me!"

"I think I already am damn lucky here..." He says, smirking as he knows how much his "luck" is all down to Pandora's Heart, but for now he does as demanded of him, once again moving up close to the horny beauty and pushing his dick straight back into her snatch with a firm thrust.

However instead of easing into things like the last couple of positions have kicked off, the would-be Vault Hunter goes all in, thrusting away into the stunning Siren with a series of quick and powerful thrusts, his waist and crotch slamming forward into her backside to make her forcefully rock forward, her tits swaying underneath her as her sexy, tattoo-covered frame is made to jolt back and forth in time with his pumps. In an instant she went from near-yelling to full on shameless screaming her delight, mouthing hanging open as the new intensity of the pleasure almost overwhelms her already, but at the same time keeps her craving more as she still stares back to watch him ram his member in and out of her still tight and now very wet snatch.

"OH FUCK!! FUCK YES!! MMMMM!!!" The recently revived stunner nods her dark haired head in approval as she takes the exact kind of pounding she'd been craving not just since this fucking started, but no doubt for years as he slams his dick home to the hilt into her tight, wet hole. Her curvaceous frame is getting covered now in a layer of sweat, making her tattoos stand out even more and making her look even hotter than before as she willingly bends over and takes the dick from this hung hunk from behind. "AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Oh yeah!! YES!! MMMMMM FUCK!!" She moans out, her gaze roaming over his attractive body from his handsome, rugged face, down his muscular chest and toned midsection, to lock onto his crotch and get the sight of that massive dick being pulled sharply out of her snatch before being rammed straight back in to stuff her full and keep them both groaning out in delight.

"Ahhhhh!! MMMMM!! Mmmmm SHIT!! Fuck!!" Samuel similarly groans, drops of sweat falling from his face as even with the enhanced sexual ability provided by Pandora's Heart he still has to put in plenty of work himself, gripping the hips of the beauty bent over in front of him as he keeps on smoothly and swiftly slamming his dick right forward into the begging for it stunner with balls deep thrusts. "MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck yeah Angel!! MMMMM SHIT..." He grunts, and perhaps if he knew fully about the powers that Sirens have, especially hers, he might understand how impressive it is for him to have lasted for so long fucking even a sexually inexperienced one like herself. For now, as has mostly been the case with his encounters with some of the finest women on the planet, his tunnel vision is just on enjoying this banging action and getting the most pleasure possible from it, and from the way they are both still moaning out loudly again and again, he's reached that target and then some.

"OH FUCK!! OH FUCK YES!! I'M... OH FUCKING YES!!! MMMMM!!" The former ally to the Vault Hunters squeals out her delight at how she's been taken from behind and stuffed full in her snatch with man meat, having no idea her greatly enhanced lust has been created by the Relic that the stud banging her over and over had equipped. She's in a state she once thought was completely impossible to her, feeling so much pleasure that she's nearly unable to keep herself up and bent over for him as her curvy frame continues to rock back and forth, strands of her dark hair sticking to her pretty face and her tits still swaying away in time with the rest of her. "YES!! CUMMING!! I'M... FUCKING... FUCK!! MMMMMMMM!!!"

She gave the warning of sorts just as those floodgates opened, and her first true orgasm will be one to remember as that well fucked snatch managed to get tight and clamp around the shaft that keeps on ramming deep in and out of her, making its owner groan deeply as he gets to feel plenty of pleasure herself as Angel's juices start to gush out and drench his member. Gritting his teeth, he keeps his control, squeezing her ass while he keeps on pumping his dick balls deep into her snatch, showing the tricks he's picked up with his experience in putting Pandora's Heart to its full use as he eases off the force and speed of his thrusts, making sure to enjoy that slick pussy for a little longer and still helping her to ride out the waves of pleasure from hitting that sexual peak.

"Mmmmm!! MMMMM SHIT!! Fuck yeah..." Samuel gasped, giving her another thrust before he pulls out, drawing in breath and just admiring his "work" of her dripping pussy as she stays bent over, recovering herself for a moment. "You alright there?"

"Mmmmm... Oh fuck yes I am..." Angel looks backs with a big, satisfied smile on her sweat-soaked face. "You look like you need... Someone to finish you off though..." She says, already moving off from the control desk so she can turn around, squatting down in front of his dick and taking a hold of it once again.

"Hey, if you're offering..." He says with the kind of grin that shows he has no issues at all with what she's planning.

"Oh I am!" The stunning Siren says with a smile, getting right to work as she sinks her head down and starts to blow him with speed and force, making him moan out loudly as she works herself back and forth along that dick that's been giving her the first proper pounding of her life (technically lives at this point), groaning herself as she slurps away in a very shameless fashion. "Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmmppphhh..." She presses her lips nicely tight around the cock that has just come straight out of her snatch, and if her groans are any indication being able to taste herself off of those inches is just an added turn on, on top of everything else she's experienced so far but is looking to finish things off properly, cleaning off this big cock she can't seem to resist, such is her lust-drunk state even after cumming so hard not too long ago.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! MMMMM... Ahhhhh MMMM!!" The still-in-training Vault Hunter moans out, tilting his head back as he feels his member starting to throb within that wonderful feeling oral hole, her juices being cleaned up from that rod and replaced with her saliva, while her hand strokes away at the portion not being handled in her mouth. "Ahhhhhh... MMMMM YESSSSS... MMMMM FUCK..." He grunts, looking back down to watch her gorgeous facial features sliding close towards his crotch before smoothly lifting up until a couple inches and the fat head are still between her lovely lips, and she eagerly repeats the motion again and again, showing great skill for her sexual inexperience as she's making sure he's throbbing and soon approaching his own peak.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmm mmmmphhh!!" The recently revived stunner continues to bob away on that big dick, having no idea that her sinful state of craving has all been due to the powerful Pandora's Heart Relic that he currently has equipped, allowing him to both enjoy this messy and pleasurable blowjob that she's giving, and actually last in that warm and wet hole. "Mmmmphhhh... Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." Some strands of her hair are hanging loose to cover the other side of her face, swaying a little as her head rocks back and forth, her saliva seeping out past her lips and down her chin, more than generously covering that shaft and causing her own fingers to become sticky as she keeps on stroking away his dick at the same time as she sucks him off.

"AHHHHHH... MMMMM FUCK!! OH.... Oh shit!! MMMMM..." He gasps out in delight, the sweat trickling down his toned body while his manhood throbs once again inside her mouth as she works herself smoothly and eagerly along his size, acting like sucking dick is second nature to her despite this being her first real sexual experience, and one to definitely remember for a long, long time.

"UHHHHH... MMMMMM FUCK!! Here... MMMMMM SHITTT!! Here if fucking cums!!" He warns, gritting his teeth as he begins pulsating wildly within that stunning oral hole as the sexy Siren slides those lips steadily up and down along his fat rod, leaving it dripping with her spit from the repeated motion that would actually easily finish off a normal, red blooded resident of Pandora just as the kick-off before any fucking started.

Even with the warnings, she deliberately doesn't stop her steady bobbing motion to ensure she got a taste of real spunk for the first time, and she gets just that, her eyes widening in surprise as the size of the first blast of jizz into Angel's mouth catches her off guard to say the least, making her stop at the head to keep it inside. She quickens the stroking motion of her hand to drain his balls of that creamy goodness, each new spurt into her making her groan in joy as her mouth gets filled up, the amount of cum she's getting another effect of Pandora's Heart to create a load a normal man would struggle to deliver. So much seed she's gotten in fact, she has to swallow down the first batch with a filthy gulp, once again and that only continues as another blast of jizz is fed to her, her jerking making sure he fires out every last drop into that hungry hole until the last couple of drops are eased out and he starts to go limp between her well used lips.

"Mmmmmm..." Angel groans one last time, letting his spent shaft fall from her mouth before happily gulping down the last of his jizz. "To think... I've waited all these years to finally get fucked at last..." She says, grinning as she stands up from the floor.

"Glad... Glad I could help you out with that..." Samuel offers with a smirk, watching as she turns and moves to get her clothing again with a sway of her hips. With her back turned, he quickly brings up his "menus" so he can unequip Pandora's Heart with a much more bland but combat aiding Relic, and he's already closed them down by the time she's turned back.

"I bet you are... I mean, you've brought be back to life so that was the least I could do... And it's not like I didn't enjoy every fucking moment of it either!" She says with a grin as she starts pulling her signature attire up her gorgeous body.

"I guess we'd better go to Sanctuary now? Get you settled into a real home?" He offers as he also gets dressed again. "I've never uh, helped out someone who was, you know, dead before... Like properly dead, not just New-U

"I suppose we should... I hope the Crimson Raiders will be OK with me being around, after everything that happened."

"Ha! It'll be fine! I'm like, totally cool with the real Vault Hunters and all that. When I explain how I brought you back, there's no way anyone could possibly be mad at me!" Samuel claims. Having no idea, as usual, how wrong he is about everything. As usual.

Especially when Lilith finds out that Samuel picked someone else over her dead, ex-boyfriend...

* * *


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