WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Nisha/Sheriff of Lynchwood (Borderlands series)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 7
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

In the command room of the Crimson Raiders HQ in Sanctuary...

"Come on Lil'... You're over-reacting with the damn kid..." Mordecai said, leaning back on the couch with a half-empty booze bottle in his hand.

"I am not!" Lillith snapped, slamming her hands onto the central desk, startling Gaige who was seated around it along with Maya, Athena, and the recently revived Angel with the other noted Vault Hunters present of Zer0, Brick watching on from corners of the room. "Samuel is up to something, I swear! At first, I thought he was just being some sort of... I don't know, player or something. Desperate at least to shack up with Tannis... But this time? He's got to have some... Plan, or agenda or something! I mean, who just walks into the old Hyperion base, just HAPPENS to find a reviving machine and HAPPENS to summon the former AI who screwed us over INSTEAD of my boyfriend... And he just HAPPENS to end up screwing her!"

"Ummmm... In his defence? It was all willing..." Angel said, about to say more but a glare from the Siren silenced her.

"Someone sounds jeal-oooooooooous..." Gaige teases with a grin, and gets another death stare for her trouble.

"Oh, like YOU haven't fucked him a couple times as well. "Study practise" my ass!" Lillith yells at her, enough to make Gaige's pigtails sway from the force of the yell. "And don't get me started on how many more innuendos Moxxi has come up with thanks to him paying off his "tab"!"

"Sexual adventures aside... You have to admit that Samuel has been... Well, decent at being almost a proper Vault Hunter..." Athena reasons. "He convinced me to stay, and yes I know what you're going to say but don't go there. Aside from that, he's done all the missions any of us have asked of him... Recovered equipment, data, even body parts for whatever insane plan Dr. Zed has."

"His methods most odd/Confidence he indeed does lack/But succeed he does." Zer0 says, his body remaining silence even as the rest of the room looks to him for a moment.

"Yeah... That's the thing I don't get either man..." Mordecai slurs, pausing to take a swig of his Rakk Ale. "He's like, a Skag-shit when it comes to doing the missions, but suddenly gets confidence to bang chicks at the drop of a Bee Shield? Something's up with that..."

"Ha! I got that issue all figured out!" Brick announces with his arms folded over his massive chest.

"I sent the rookie out to Lynchwood. A good couple hours of shooting bandits and wild Skags will make a real Slab out of him yet."

"Yeah! And it's not like there's any chicks out there for him to try his luck on..." Gaige said.

"Heh, I guess..." Lillth said with a shrug. "No body out there expect... For..." Her voice trails off as a realisation hits her. "...Oh fuck."

While it slowly dawns on the rest of the room who is out there, Maya is looking out to the window with a ponderous look on her face. "Hmmm... He hasn't had the guts to try his luck on me yet..." She says under her breath, a sly smile forming on her face at the thought.

* * *

Jumping down from the upper level of the building she'd been firing from, the Sheriff of Lynchwood, the Lawbringer and both former Vault Hunter and former girlfriend to Handsome Jack known as Nisha smirked as she used her pistol to push up her Sheriff's hat to show off her dark hair and pretty face. The rest of her dark purple outfit fitted perfectly to her nicely curved frame with boots and pants, a gun holster belt, long coat, and a buttoned up jacket with a big star on it in place of a proper badge.

"Usually I'd take the opportunity to blow your head clean off... But for some reason, I almost feel like doing some "blowing" off a different kind..." She says with a slight lustful tone, motioning with her six shooter for him to follow. "Round the back kid... Let's see what you've got..."

Having being sent out to Lynchwood, which like the rest of Pandora's was just as lawless and bloodthirsty as the rest, Samuel (clad in his usual less than perfectly kept and clean attire) was willing to do anything and everything to avoid trouble and being shot at. So heading down a road and suddenly being attacked by this Sheriff and a posse called for drastic action. A sniper rifle and well placed shots eventually took down the crew she had with her (yes, he did indeed shoot the deputy) but seeing that the leader of the pack was a woman, and a drop dead gorgeous one at that? He took a risk for a different plan of attack.

Equipping the Pandora's Heart Relic, which has the mystical and powerful effect of vastly enhancing the lust of the nearest females to make them extremely down to fuck and him not just irresistible but empowered with greatly superior sexual ability, he had called out for a truce and to talk things over rather than violence. That of course surprised her, almost to the point of laughter considering past experiences with Vault Hunters and the fact she's been force to re-spawn in this same area again and again after the fall of her now dead boyfriend. But the effects of the Relic easily too a hold of her, turning her look of hatred to one of interest, and soon approval.

"You said your name was Samuel, right? You know kid, you're the first passer-by here who hasn't wanted to flat out take me out... And you did a number enough on my crew..." Nisha says as the two reach the back of the Lynchwood building she'd been firing from moments before. "But I ain't exactly a talking type you know... From the look you're giving me, I can tell you ain't one either..." She says with a smirk, seeing how he's checking her out.

"I can say the same for you right now..." Samuel noted, seeing the look over she was giving him.
"Then I think we both know how we can solve this problem of putting our lives on the line... And Hell, it's been a damn long while since I got any since your Vault Hunter buddies killed my boyfriend and all..."

Reaching down, she unbuckles her nicely fitting pants, a sly eyebrow raised as she slides them down her legs to the knees, more than enough to show off both the fact she has no underwear on below as well as, more importantly for him - her tasty looking pussy. "I think you know what to do here, don't you?" She said, not giving an option either as she used one hand to run her fingers just above her snatch, while the other pointed her gun at her in quite the "do it or else" threat as she leaned to rest her back against the wall of the building.

Not being foolish to refuse her order, and being eager to get a taste of the sexy Sheriff, he soon dropped down and moved up in close to her, going under the legs and up so his head was at her crotch, leaving her still almost fully dressed. Just as her hand moved down to grab his head, he wisely took the hint and pushed his face up against her snatch, a brief couple of kisses before pushing his tongue out, inciting a moan from from the gorgeous Sheriff, her eyes narrowing in a mix of surprise at how enjoyable the rookie Vault Hunter's work already feels, and that growing lust caused unknowingly to her by the Relic he has equipped. Another moan escapes her, her chest briefly raising up a little more than usual when he started flicking his tongue out against her folds, testing more than teasing but doing more than enough to keep her pleasantly surprised by this turn of events, her hand lowering from holding her six shooter to show her approval but still keeping the other firmly gripping his hair.

Knowing it would take more than just this to please her, Samuel planted his hungry mouth onto her snatch, not even allowing himself a moment to smirk as the action made her moan again, instead going right into the action as he began munching on that tasty pussy. Brushing his lips against her hole a little, he focused on sliding his talented tongue up and down her slit, groaning a little himself into that twat that was beginning to dampen from his repeated work, as he didn't come up for air since the moment this pussy eating kicked off. Like a pro, he made sure to breathe in through his nose, helped by his head tilted back enough as he stared up at the intimidating beauty who intensely glared back at him, the only signal needed for him to keep on dining on her.

"Mmmmmm... Fuck kid! You... Ahhhhhh... You fucking got some talent there..." The Gunslinger admitted, gritting her teeth in a failed attempt to suppress a moan, her hand on his hand going from gripping to almost running her fingers through his hair in approval, feeling his tongue lapping up at her wet folds to further show, as she noted, this is not the first time he's gone to work on some pussy before. "Ahhhhh... Shit! Jack couldn't fucking eat me out... Mmmmm!! Half as damn good as this..." She mused before groaning again, tilting her head back for a moment, all too casually using her gun to push her hat back into place before she looked down at the eager snatch-eater kneeling in front of him, her legs spread and her hand on his head to keep him right in place to lick away at her love tunnel while she leaned back against the Lynchwood building wall.

If he had any smart response to that comment, it wouldn't have been heard over her own moans and the face his own groans were being muffled by the slick pussy his mouth was happily slurping away on, his tongue working at a quicker pace now across and up and down her slot to drink down the forming juices with the kind of skill and pace he never would have done before without Pandora's Heart. Just like his unlikely encounters before with some of Pandora's hottest women, he's taking full advantage of her enhanced lustful state and getting a tasty meal in the process, her fluids staining his lips now and dripping a little down his chin from both his repeated munching on her, and the beauty he's servicing rocking her hips back and forth just a bit in response to his actions.

"Mmmmm!! Now this... Mmmmm... Almost beats blasting a couple of bandits before dinner..." She hissed, the former girlfriend of Handsome Jack showing no problem with hooking up with another man now, grinding her pussy down and over the hungry mouth that's clamped onto her now wet snatch, showing her appreciation for his educated tongue with moans and a slight lick of her lips. "Ahhhhh... Sure fucking beats... Mmmmm... Getting respawned again and again by damn Vault Hunters after one of my pistols..." She adds, non-verbally admitting to his claims of his sexual ability being true as she puts her gun back into the holster, starting to unclip her jacket with the now free hand but still keeping the other onto his head enjoying that tongue work a little more and considering the stud between those legs is continuing to dine on her wetness, he doesn't have an issue with that either.

"Alright partner... You made a believer out of me... For now..." Nisha stated, lifting her leg away from him and pushing his head back from her snatch. "Get up. Lets see what kind of a "pistol" you're packing..." She ordered with a smirk.

"No problem!" Samuel all too eagerly said, and just as quick was undoing his pants to let them drop to the floor, letting his impressively sized, lengthy, and thick to match shaft spring free.

"Damn!" She laughed, her eyes hungrily staring down at his man meat. "I'm officially applying a law against holding a lethal weapon like that..." She licked her lips with a smirk. "And your punishment is to shove that thing into me, right now!"

"Doesn't sound like that bad a plea bargain to me..." He replied with a grin, ducking in and up between her legs, not bothering with trying to take her bottoms off as he gripped her waist, raising her up and against the wall enough so he can slide his cock into her snatch.

"Mmmmm!! You'll get a real fucking punishment... Uhhhhh!! If you don't keep up your good behaviour, kid..." She warned with a sexy glare, her threat however not as fully impactful due to her clear moan from her slick snatch getting filled up by his shaft as he starts to pump that rod in and out of her pussy. Hooking her legs around him, the still clothed beauty groaned as she leaned her back from the wall, her hat staying perfectly in place as she stretched her arms back up on the wall she was being fucked against. "Ahhhhh... Oh yeah... Mmmmm... Give it to me stud... Lets see how you... Mmmmm!! Damn Vault Hunters do it..." She challenged, gritting her teeth again as his established the smooth and steady motion to pump deep up into her tightness, just enough force in the motion to make her nearly bounce on the very cock thrusting into the former Helios Vault Hunter.

"I can't really... Mmmmm!! Comment on how the real guys and gals do it..." The still in-training Vault Hunter claims, despite having (unknowingly to her) already gotten to fuck a few current and former loot collectors already thanks to the powerful lust-creating Relic he currently has equipped, its power proved once again by him being able to get a piece of the vicious but stunning Sheriff of Lynchwood. "Mmmmm... But I'll give it... A damn good shot to show you... Mmmmmm! A good time..." He said with a brief chuckle, soon moaning as he was certainly enjoying himself as well, his big and long cock feeling her tight pussy walls all around him, already getting wetter than she's been from his initial oral pleasuring, his shaft now doing a grand job of taking over and increasing the pleasure the dark haired, hat-wearing beauty is currently getting.

"Ahhhhhh!! Don't be... Mmmmm... So coy with me kid..." Her eyes flashed with lust again, her head tilting down as she let her body lean back against the wall of the building, allowing her to use her hands to unbutton her top but still keeping herself being fucked with those legs still clamped around his muscular, similarly partially clothed body. "I can... Uhhhh!! Fucking tell... You ain't like the rest of those goody two-shoes Vault Hunters..." Nisha stated between her moans, able to pull her top open and show off her nicely sized and rounded tits that jiggled sexily in time with the jolting motion her body was being made to do in response to his stiff, repeated pumps deep up into her pussy that kept those groans of delight coming.

"Oh... Oh? Is... Mmmmm!! That... That so?" He grunted, half-listening and half distracted by the new sight of her gorgeous tits, his grip still on her thighs as she once again leaned towards him and wrapped her arms around him, allowing her sexy frame to further bounce on his pistoning dick as he fed it up deep and with a nice amount of force into her moist twat. "I'm sure... Awwwwww fuck!! Mmmmm... I can make up for it..." He said, keeping his own hips rocking back and forth in a quick and smooth rhythm, having learned how to work his cock up into a needy stunner with all the experience he's gotten from using Pandora's Heart, and moaning himself from how fantastic it feels to be such a tight and nicely wet snatch, even if it belongs to a beauty who should be trying to kill him instead of being taken by him in such a shameless way.

That comment made the former girlfriend of Handsome Jack laugh, a dark grin on her pretty face as she groaned and let herself bounce away on this man's big shaft, despite having only seen and met him for a short time (as well as initially trying to take him out like anyone else that crosses her path). "Don't worry kid... MMMMM... I've always had a thing for bad boys..." She smirks, keeping that firm grip around his body and neck to ensure she takes his dick as deep up into her as she can get it, despite him clearly having no intentions of easing up as he also keeps a similar firm grip on her nicely curved frame. "Something... Ahhhhh!! Something tells me you... MMMM... You're far from all good like the rest of them claim to be..." She adds with another deep moan, her pussy now nice and wet but still more than just pleasurably snug as she hugs his stiff prick, still rocking up against the wall she's getting banged against each time that pole gets stuffed up into her box to keep them both moaning out like they've been lovers for years rather than the actual dozens of minutes they've known each other.

"No idea... Mmmmm!! What you're talking about..." Samuel lies, not daring to confirm her suspicious about (ironically) him not being honest about how this has all come about, just like he's never yet told any of the women he's fucked that it's all been because of a desire-creating Relic. "I'm just glad we're doing this... Ahhhhhh... Instead of shooting at each other!"

"Mmmm! You ain't the only one kid..." Nisha smirks for a moment. "Set me down... Let's get really dirty..." She ordered, unwrapping her legs and arms from him and as soon as she's set down to her feet, she starts ditching her jacket then top to the floor.

"Sure thing..." He says, wisely following her in undressing as he steps out of his pants, soon taking off his own tattered jacket and top to show off his nicely defined upper body.

"Come take me stud... Make me fucking feel it!" She demands, now only clad in her signature Sheriff's hat as she gets down onto her hands and knees on the ground just by the building they'd been fucking against.

"Way better than being shot at..." He comments with a smirk, dropping down into position behind the horny former Vault Hunter and sliding his dick back into that still snug and very much damp pussy, and wasting no time in getting back to business with another round of firm and steady pumps, sending that cock in deep much to both of their moaning approval. "Ahhhhh! MMMM... Damn... You've got a fine ass as well Nisha..." He's able to say between his groans, his hands gripping her toned waist as he pumps himself back and forth into that snug and built to be banged hole, his gaze currently fixed down onto her indeed shapely and rounded backside which looks all the more desirable as she's already starting to push herself back against his thrusts.

"Mmmmm!! FUCK!! Dirty boy... Don't... UHHHHH... Get any ideas..." She smirks, looking back over her shoulder at this lucky hunk who is now almost balls deep inside her hot, wet snatch and easily making her moan out with every in and out pump he gives her, that hat remaining perfectly in place on her head even as she firmly rocks back in time with each forward pump he sends into her. "What... AHHHHH... What kind of girl do you take me for?" The sexy Sheriff of Lynchwood teases, soon groaning when her butt smacks off of his muscular waist, adding the sound of skin hitting skin ringing out with their shameless moans as the wannabe Vault Hunter continues to plough his member straight in and out of her slick folds like a seasoned pro.

"Mmmmm!! A sexy babe who is down... UHHHHH... For a good, no strings fuck..." Samuel reasons, smirking back at her for a moment before he moans, turning his attention back to the task at hand with a round of harder but still smoothly paced thrusts that instantly achieve the goal of making the gorgeous but notoriously vicious woman moan louder each time he rams his cock balls deep into her needy and wet hole. "And there ain't... MMMMM... Awwwwww shit!! Nothing wrong with that either..." He adds, knowing full well that even with the enhanced sexual skill and attractiveness towards the opposite sex that Pandora's Heart grants him, he's still got to keep himself on the good side of this beauty as well as delivering this top notch banging for fear of being the victim of her lethal sharpshooting skills.

"Damn... MMMMMM FUCK!! Damn right it fucking isn't!!" She confirmed with another long groan, almost effortlessly working her sexily curved body back and forth in time with the motion she's taking at the same time, ensuring that every inch of his fat cock gets stuffed deep into her still needy snatch despite how well he's been fucking her up until this point, and no doubt to both of their moaning delight he's showing no signs of stopping either. "YES!! MMMMM... Fucking take me!! Fuck me hard!! MMMMM!! Harder! Deeper!!" She shamelessly begs, drops of sweat beginning to form and then drip down from her gorgeous, moaning face and her rounded booty, as despite him already having been inside her up to the hilt again and again the lusty Sheriff is still wanting more, her moans still loud and shameless just like this whole outdoor sexual encounter as they fuck just beside one of the many run-down buildings of Lynchwood.

He responds with a nod, gripping those ass cheeks and delivering a sharp spank, making the flesh jiggle erotically and causing her to groan and grin back at her, followed by another low moan of delight as the rookie Vault Hunter grips the ass of the former loot collector so he can start pulling her forcefully back into his stiff thrusts. Her mouth hangs open, the moans pouring out as she's rammed and hauled back onto his mighty cock for the kind of fucking she's been craving for a long time but has never yet gotten before to make her snatch be filled up to the limit as her ass cheeks shake each time they collide with his hunky and built body. She of course has no idea that this pounding to remember is all due to a powerful, sex-driven Relic that this man has equipped, as like several times before he's using it to perfection to enjoy another fine piece of Borderlands pussy to keep him moaning away with a big smile on his face.

"UHHHH... Come on! Mother fucker!!" Nisha curses, gritting her teeth again as she glares lustfully back at the hunk banging her with the kind of pace and force that would easily finish off a normal woman to orgasm long before now. "Is... MMMM... All you fucking got??" She challenges, to further show that even as much as she's moaning this is still not enough for her.

"Geez!! What... Ahhhhh!! What more do you want from me?? MMMM..." Samuel questions between his grunts and deep thrusts into her snatch from behind. "Want me to lift you up again and fuck you... AHHHHH... While I got you in a fucking Full Nelson or some shit??"

"Mmmmm... That sounds... Fucking perfect..." She licks her lips, surprising him by shifting away, them both groaning as his cock slips out of that snatch, and getting to her feet.

"Huh? I didn't... I wasn't..." He stutters, as clearly he was just rambling rather than making a suggestion. "...Fuck it! If that's what you want..." He shrugs, moving around her to get behind her.

"It damn well is!" She said with unsurprisingly the kind of tone that showed she wasn't kidding around here, letting him lift her up from behind, impaling that snatch once again onto his cock with her back resting against his muscular chest. Just as she was adjusting, her flexibility was tested as he used his arms to hook under her her knees, forcing her legs high and up against her body, his arms then sliding around to hook around the head, making her gasp from the thrill of the combination of pain and pleasure from the position she seems to have fantasised about but never yet tried out. "OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!! FUCK YES!! MMMMM!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK!!" Nisha began screaming out loudly in delight as the hunk holding her up in this position started slamming his dick up into that snug hole, her body forced to jolt in position against him as her tits bounced and her legs dangled over his broad arms, but impressively her trademark hat remained in place on the top of her dark haired head.

Fuelled by the power of the Pandora's Heart Relic to give the boost of strength along with the sexual stamina, the lucky hunk gladly fulfils her kinky desires as he pumps his cock quick and hard into that familiar hole that's still nicely tight but now soaking wet all around his thrusting meat, the slapping sound of skin hitting skin ringing out each time his hips slam up to meet her similarly sweating body. He grunts, keeping the erotic hold locked in to keep her held completely off the ground and sliding against his desirable body as he ravages her twat, the edge of her hat brushing against the top of his head as she's made to bounce on that thrusting dick that he works swiftly and repeatedly into her wet snatch just as demanded.

"UHHHHH!! OH FUUUUUUCK!! MMMMM!! FUCKING FUCK ME!! YESSSSS!! AHHHHHH!!" The proud and cruel Sheriff squeals out in lustful joy, not holding back now in her almost slut-like manner now as she begs for more of this intense pounding, blocking out the discomfort from the wrestling-style hold that has her stunning body almost folded up against herself while her snatch gets repeatedly and deeply stuffed. "AHHHHH... FUCK!! HOLY... MMMMMM FUCK YES YOU BASTARD!! FUCK ME!! FUUUUUUUUCK MMMMEEEEE!!" Her loud and long moans continue to pour out in between her filthy words as her body is bounced roughly up and down onto the cock that's being rammed straight up almost balls deep into her twat, and it seems that along with how filled up she is her current trapped in place position only increases the pleasure the infamously dark and dangerous beauty is currently feeling.

"AWWWWWW FUCK!! Shit!! MMMMM... AHHHHHH... AHHHH!!" The still in-training Vault Hunter grunts, sweat dripping off of his rugged face from the effort he's using both to keep this relentless and hard pace up and to keep himself from blowing his load just yet, knowing himself from how his chest is heaving against her back as she grinds against him that his limit isn't too far away. "UHHHH... MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck yeah!! UHHHHH!!" While most men would have been long finished several minutes ago trying to keep this up, the power of the Relic is keeping him and his sinful desires going to allow him to slam fuck another of the hottest women on Pandora, and in turn giving her a sexual encounter to never forget as she continues to scream out her moans with every thrust he sends into her in this Full Nelson lifted up position.

"OH SHIT!! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK YESS YESSS FUUUUUCKKK AHHHHHH MMMMMMM!!" Nisha lets out another loud yell of joy, her body shivering in pleasure as she's made to cum hard all over Samuel's pumping rod, her juices almost gushing out and over that thick rod that he keeps stuffing up into her, giving her no option but to ride out every moment of this powerful to put it lightly orgasm. "AHHHHH... AHHHHH!! MMMMM... OH FUUUUUCK!! MMMMM..." Trapped in place with her legs held up and her head held in the hold, her head tilts down as she pants for air with her tongue embarrassingly hanging out but all the while her hat staying perfectly on her head, and a wide, cock-drunk smile on her gorgeous, sweat-soaked just like her hair is face.

Letting out a deep, primal grunt, Samuel feels his cock starting to throb like the Pandora's Heart is only letting his peak approach now that she's gotten hers, and feeling that he lets go of the Full Nelson grip, making her sigh in relief before he releases the legs and sets her down on the ground. He takes a moment to try and catch his breath, but instantly she takes advantage for an attack of her own, grinning up at him as she grabs his cock, taking him into her mouth and starting to quickly bob her head along that pole, making him moan out and tilt his head back in pleasant surprise considering how worn out she'd seemed to be trapped in his arms.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh..." The Lawbringer who formerly worked for Handsome Jack and then became his girlfriend is showing how she can work a different kind of "weapon" as she has her lips tightly wrapped around the very cock she'd just been fucked hard and deeply with over and over again. As she groans around that man meat, she shows no issue with cleaning off her own pussy juices from off of his fat, throbbing inches, hungrily sucking him clean and soon replacing with a new fluid of her soothing spit, easily coating him as she deeply pushes her hat-wearing head down onto his member before smoothly lifting back up to repeat the motion.

"AHHHHH!! Mmmmm FUCK!! OH YEAH... UHHHHH!!" The handsome rookie Vault Hunter moans, watching the gorgeous former professional in that "field" feasting on his rod as he pulses between her surprisingly soft and pouty lips, her head tilted back perfectly so her signature headgear doesn't obstruct the view of the hot cock sucking action going on. "MMMMM... AHHHHH... OH SHIT... MMMMMM!!" He grunts, feeling that sexual peak about to be hit but seeing how eager and into bobbing away onto his cock she is, he's got no plans in asking her to stop - and in this current state it's unlikely she'd obey the order anyway. Instead she's slurping away, leaving her spit nicely layered over his inches that she's had stuffed into her snatch again and again over the course of this unlikely erotic encounter - and it's all due to the Relic he's got equipped that's turned the once vicious Sheriff into a willing fuck buddy and now cock sucker.

It's no surprise then that only another round of this back and forth rocking motion soon gives Nisha the tasty reward she'd been craving as Samuel starts to blow his load inside of her nicely damp mouth, making her moan as she gazes up and continues to suck on his throbbing dick in order to drain the large load from out of the spent stud. With each slurp she groans out, shamelessly letting her oral hole be filled up with spunk almost to the point of spilling out past her lips but she skilfully keeps it in, lifting her head away as the last couple of drops ease out so she can swallow all of that seed down with a single, greedy gulp. Smirking up at him, she leans back in to use her tongue to lick up the cum left on his rod to properly finish this all off.

"Mmmmm... Certainly didn't see this day ending up like this..." Nisha says in a seductive tone as she sits back, licking her lips clean.

"Yeah, me as well... And I'm damn glad it has!" Samuel says with a smile as he steps back.

"So... You mentioned something about rounding up Vault Hunters, right? I think you just earned a meeting with me and your bosses..." She announced with a darker smirk of her own. "We'll see if you're as good as negotiating as you are at fucking... And it'll be damn better than being stuck around here shooting random bandits over and over..."

"Hell yeah! Sounds like a great idea! No way Lillith is gonna be mad at me about this!" Samuel said with an eager nod.

Once again, the rookie had no idea how wrong he'd be. Again.

* * *

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