WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Fiona (Tales from the Borderlands episodic game)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 8
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

"Well, at least this sure beats getting shot at..." Samuel, the still in-training and reluctant Vault Hunter says under his breath, putting in another stack of money into one of the slot machines at Mad Moxxi's bar. "Just wish I didn't have Mr. Booze-Sniper watching over me..." He comments as he puts his hand onto the lever of it to haul it down and send the slots spinning.

As a result of his recent "actions" as Lilith referred to them as - meaning Samuel's seemingly constant conquests of Pandora's most attractive women in all too easy and shameless fashion - he was being forced to stay on "extended leave" of Vault Hunting duties while the other, more experienced (and unlikely to spend time fucking instead of the missions they're supposed to be doing) team members took care of things.

On the one hand, as Samuel just noted, he was happy to not have his life be in danger from the many perils of the Borderlands. However, to ensure he did not get into any "trouble" - and by that of course we mean more naughty meetings with any females - he was being put under a constant watch almost around the clock from when he left his home in Sanctuary until he returned. Right now, the duty of keeping watch had gone to Mordecai - and while the known to enjoy a drink or dozen Sniper didn't appear from the slumped way he was watching Samuel from across the bar to be enjoying this job, he knew better as did all to get on the bad side of the powerful Siren. Needless to say, Samuel would enjoy this "vacation" a lot more if he wasn't being watched all the time. At least Mordecai wasn't as unsettling as the appearing and vanishing to and from shadows Zer0, or being made to repeatedly punch sheets of metal as "training" by Brick.

Watching the slots finish spinning, he's pleasantly surprised when all three end up in the winning line row of being stacks of refined Eridium bricks, the slot in the machine popping open and a big stack being presented as a prize that with a smile he collected. Looks like his luck was changing for once...

"Well, looks like someone has luck on their side around here..." Came a female voice that grabbed his attention.

Looking over, he saw the smirking form of a very attractive female with a fashionable hat that matched her fitting pants, and brown with gold trim jacket and underneath a red with gold designs and buttons top with a top part that resembled almost a shirt, connected by straps at the collar. Add in a belt with shield and all the other trinkets needed to survive on Pandora, and a noticable scar on one of her eyebrows, if he had to guess this looked like a fully fledged Vault Hunter. But one way more easy on the eyes than the ones that had been watching over him as of late.

As he looked to her, he blinked. Why was suddenly four choices of a response in his head right now, and why was one just saying nothing at all?

"Uhhhhh... I guess?" Samuel went with. "You play these things long enough, and eventually you get something." He shrugged, turning back towards the machine. "That or a piece of Loot you can sell off."

"True, but not everyone knows what to do with Eridium stack like you just won these days... Unless you happen to be a Vault Hunter like yourself, or maybe a con-artist like myself." She states, placing a hand on her hip.

"You're... A con-artist?" He questions, looking back to her. "Aren't... You like, not supposed to mention that? Kind of gives it away from the start..."

"Well I figure it's best to introduce myself to the people in charge here. That's what the guys in the armour said when I teleported up here." She said, smirking again as she extends her other hand. "Fiona."

Shake? Don't shake? Why only two choices now, and why did this feel like a decision that could effect events even later on in this timeline?

"Samuel." He said after he'd turned and shaken her hand. "But the guys told you to come see me? I'm really the lowest rank of the Vault Hunters around here... If you want to stick around here, you should go see Lilith, or Maya, or..."

"Easy there! Sounds like you're trying to get rid of me!" She said with a smile, looking him over.

"That's worse than my sister insisting she stay with Rhys and enjoy the lift of heading a whole corporation instead of seeing what else Pandora has to offer... Besides, you matched the description they gave... And they told me that there was a rumour you had quite a... "Way" with women around here." Fiona stated with a playful tone. "Maybe I wanted to see if there was another silver tongue around here I had to compete with."

Samuel paused at that, which on a normal (as it gets around here at least) day he'd jump at the chance to get to know another beautiful female. But looking across the bar, and even wearing those goggles he could tell he was getting a glare from the Sniper, he knew this wouldn't likely be one of those usual days for him to get some.

"Hey, listen... I'd normally would love to, you know, get to know you..." Samuel says, turning back to the slot machine. "But see across the bar here, guy in the corner slumped and looking ready to take someone's head off?" He pauses, seeing from the corner of her eye her looking over and scanning the room.

"The one... With the pizza box, just opening and closing it?" Fiona asked, sounding unsure herself like she just selected an available option for trail-and-error.

"Uhhhh... No..."

"The... The guy with the mask and the dreadlocks?"

"Jackpot..." He said, somewhat ironically as he took a moment to load money into the machine and pull the lever. "He's been assigned to watch me and make sure I don't... Let's say, even have more than a conversation with a woman right now. Only thing that will get him off my back is either a rant from his and my boss Lilith, or a couple bottles of real strong booze..."

Just as he'd finished speaking, the reels of the machine came to a stop in the form of a three Bandit masks, with a grenade suddenly popping out of the machine. A glance at each other with wide, shocked eyes, and both Samuel and Fiona were forced to jump out of the way across to the area where two regulars were throwing knives into a dart board instead of darts. In the next second the grenade exploded to leave a cloud of smoke, neither the blast nor that dust seemingly bothering any of the regulars or Moxxi at the bar.

"So much for that luck lasting..." Fiona comments as both she and Samuel help either other off the floor before she checks out the bar, noticing the two full bottles of booze no doubt belonging to the two Sanctuary residents busy with their game of "darts". "Hmmm... Say, since you are a Vault Hunter, and I am one looking for a place to stay around here... How about I get this guy watching you off your back for a while?" She offers, smirking as gives a quick check at the men, swiping their drinks behind their backs before casually slipping forward out of their view, giving Samuel a wink as she heads across the room.

With no other option, Samuel moves back to the gambling machine, once again loading cash in and pulling the lever. Looking back, he saw Fiona casually move all the way over-towards Mordecai as he was now once again slumping, back in watching mode but obviously not enjoying himself. That Vault Hunter's attention was soon taken by the female arriving with two drinks, immediately distracting him and while Samuel couldn't hear what was being said, it was clear Fiona was putting on some charm, offering the bottles to the notorious alcoholic. Unsurprisingly, the offer was accepted and Fiona appeared stunned when he grabbed on bottle and necked down the entire contents with a series of greedy gulps before slamming the empty bottle down.

"Mordecai! You damn drunk!!" Moxxi yelled, hearing the slam and now glaring across at her former boyfriend. "I told you before about getting drinks from me anymore!"

"Ah, what do you care!" Mordecai shouted back, taunting her by holding up the second bottle. "Never cared much about me since you dumped me to shack up with that murdering bastard Handsome Jack!"

"Maybe you should care more about me than you did that stupid bird you used to have!"

As the two argue, wisely Fiona makes her way back across the room to Samuel, and exchanging nods the two slip out the side door to step out of the bar completely.

"Well that was... Different..." Fiona says, looking to Samuel.

"Yeah... Not unexpected, I mean that yelling match happening and all... But damn, great job there Fiona!"

"Thanks." She smiles. "But it won't mean much if we get caught, seeing how you seem to be under watch..."

"Good point. My place isn't far from here actually, so we can hide out for a bit." He says with a nod.

"Just hide out?" She raises her scarred eyebrow. "I thought you were the resident ladies man around here?" She says with a hint of a challenge in her voice.

Picking up on that, he looks to her with a wider smile. "Well... Maybe I can show you that there's... Some rumours you can believe..."

* * *

A few minutes later in the bedroom area of his home in Sanctuary, and after sneakily changing his equipment so he can equip that powerful, lust-creating and enhancing Relic called Pandora's Heart, Samuel has a grin on his face for good reason as he stands naked, with his lengthy and thick cock standing full erect, making Fiona stare with wide eyes as she lowers herself to kneel in front of him.

"Damn Samuel! I mean... Look at this thing!" Fiona says in wonder, reaching and taking a hold of his dick so she can stroke him. "Sasha has no idea what she's missing out on... But more fun for me, right?"

"Fun for us both I'd say!" Samuel states, seeing already how her mood has become far more seductive with the Relic taking a hold of her. "As long as I don't get busted for sneaking off..."

"Well, we'd better not waste time, right?" She raised a knowing, scarred eyebrow, not letting him answer as she leaned in and gave the crown of his tool and long lick along the bottom, finishing with a brief pat on the tip before she swirled around it in a controlled, clockwise motion. Letting her hand pump away at the rest of his shaft, she gazed up with a smile that matched his, watching him groan with approval already at her actions on him. Seeing no reason to stop, she again applied that willing tongue onto his bell-end with another sliding motion all the way around the head, broken up by a couple of pumps before she licked at him for good measure.

"Mmmmm... Fuck, that's nice..." Samuel was complementing her from the start with his moans, but soon had reason to call out a little louder as she now applied her lips onto his meat, sliding downward to take that worked over crown and a few of his inches inside her mouth, making herself groan in the process. "Ahhhhh... Mmmmm! Even... Even better..." He added, seeing her starting to move back up, stopping just below the head before pushing back down and keeping those soft lips nicely wrapped around him, beginning to establish a steady rhythm to suck him off with and still moving her hand over the rest of his thick size for good measure.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh hhmmmmm..." The beautiful con-artist finds herself groaning around that pole she's taking in and out of her mouth, double teaming that somehow irresistible to her dick with both this oral action and a firm handjob, all the signs that she may have blown her way out of trouble more than just one time before in the past. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm..." As she bobs that head, her familiar hat still in place as she slurps away on him in quite a noisy manner, she has no clue that her sudden lust for a hunk she's just met is all due to a mysterious, sex-creating Relic, resulting in this situation of her servicing this lengthy rod at this savouring pace and already starting to get saliva worked over him from the repeated sucking.

"Ahhhhh! MMMM... Fuck!! That's... Mmmm!! That's real good..." A groan escaped the wanna-be Vault Hunter, licking his lips at the stunning sight of the woman kneeling in front of him pushing her pretty face down onto his cock before lifting away back up and then repeating the motion, her damp mouth gradually going down a little more with each push. "Mmmmm!! Fuck! Am I ever glad... Ahhhhh... You got me out of being watched on..." He's able to say between his moans as the beauty who actually has succeeded in finding and opening a Vault skilfully and smoothly works over his member, gliding her oral hole back and forth along his stiff prick and letting out seductive muffled moans around that man meat as she sucks him off.

"Mmmmphhh... Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh..." She continues this steady and deep bobbing pace, her hat remaining perfectly in place on top of her brunette haired head as she raises and lowers herself with impressive ease considering both his vast size and thickness, and still is able to pump away at the inches she isn't taking into her mouth. "Mmmmmm... Mmmmphhh!!" She groans again, another lusty look cast up at the stud she's very willingly delivering this steamy blowjob to, her saliva beginning to noticeably seep out to slowly drip down her chin from those full lips that while known for helping her pull of cons, are clearly more than capable of handling a sexual task like this.

"Mmmmm..." A longer muffled groan is let out by her, before she pulls off from his cock with a gasp, eyeing up the dick she'd just been sucking off before using her hand to stroke her saliva all over him. "If you're so glad Samuel, how about we get to the stuff that's good for me as well?" Fiona drops a far from subtle hint, smirking up at him as she pumps his rod.

"I'd be... Mmmmm... More than happy to!" Samuel wisely says, groaning from her strokes but able to step back and watch as she lets go of him, staying down to unfasten the clip at the collar of her shirt part of her top, soon followed by unfastening the buttons.

"You say that to all the con-artists who pass through here?" She says with a playful tone, standing up as she puts on a sexy show for his eager eyes, pulling open her clothing to show off her nicely sized and perfectly rounded breasts, walking with a sway of her hips as she sets it aside on top of her coat.

"If I have, I haven't known they were..." He half-mumbles, as usual his manhood doing the thinking more than his brain as he watches her continue to undress, now pushing her pants downward as she shows off a cutely rounded ass and, in another show of the effects that Pandora's Heart is having on her, her already wet looking pussy.

"Show me a good time here, and maybe I'll give you some tips on how to spot them..." She teases, seeing his leering state but her movement to sit on the edge of his bed soon snaps him out of it, and he's quickly heading over to her as she leans back, propping herself up with her arms and elbows while she spreads her legs apart, further making it clear what she's wanting now from the handsome man she'd just been blowing. She watches with eager anticipation as he steps up close to her, lining his dick up with her entrance and moaning already just from the touch of his crown against her folds, but the actual moment of penetration makes them both moan out clearly, loudly, and without any hint of shame. "Mmmmm!! Oh shit!! Just... Mmmmm!! Just make sure you don't go blowing... Ahhhhh... Before you should on me!" She warns, but without any look of anger on her face, instead already clear pleasure from him as he begins to pull back and push forward into her tunnel, it's not a threat that he needs to be concerned about, or seems to care as he's staring down to watch his rod vanish up into that snatch.

"Ahhhhh... Don't worry about that... Mmmmm!! I'm... Ahhhh... No minute man when it comes to this..." He says, letting himself smirk for a moment knowing that thanks to the very Pandora's Heart Relic he has equipped it's allowed him to already have fantastic sessions of sex with some of the planet's hottest women, and once again has gotten his cock inside the tight and damp pussy of yet another stunning but dangerous woman. "MMMM!! I guess... Ahhhhh! You're used to... Mmmmm! Guys finishing before you?" He gets out between his moans, his hands holding onto her spread legs by the thighs for a bit of support, rocking his hips back and forth towards her so he can pump his thick member into her clearly ready snatch, the motion smooth and firmly paced and more than enough to keep her groaning out with approval with every thrust he sends into her.

"MMMM!! What kind... Ahhhhh... Of girl do you take me for, Samuel?" The gorgeous con-artist is able to flash a grin at him before she groans out, loving the feeling of such a fat dick plunging in and out of her tightness, her own desire-filled gaze switching but looking over his toned frame, and down between her own legs to watch that cock thrusting away into her twat. "AHHHHH... I may... MMMM... Have sucked my way out of trouble once... Mmmmm!! Once or twice... Beats getting shot at!" She adds in rather a too casual manner, especially considering she's taking quite the pumping right now, her nicely curved frame slightly rocking back and forth in response to his stiff thrusts, but her hat is still there in place on the top of her head, the only piece of clothing still on her as she stays leaning pack in place, all too happily taking this fucking from this stud she's only just met.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm... That's what... MMMMM... I keep telling the Vault Hunters!" The still "in training" in terms of finding Loot says as he pumps himself in and out of an actual Vault Hunter, and a sexy and stunning one at that as they both moan out again and again as he sends his meaty rod further forward into her love tunnel, and already showing that his claim of being able to last is true. Of course, he's not telling her that the true reason for this "clear" sexual skill is just from the effects of that powerful Relic he has secretly equipped, allowing him to be able to keep this swift and steady pace of pumps going into the moaning beauty spread eagle on his own bed in front of him.

"Mmmmm... Why risk getting shot at... AHHHHH... Or worse down there, when... UHHHH!! You can do... Like... MMMMM... Anything else!" He grunts out his reasoning, watching as he crotch is beginning to connect with her lovely frame, causing her to gasp out with desire as that slap of skin meeting skin starts to ring out, the indication that now he's going balls deep into that tight pussy every time he thrusts forward and stuffs that wet hole full with his pole.

"MMMM... What? You don't... MMMM FUCK!! Enjoy some excitement, now and then?" The hat-wearing stunner teases again, even as she takes this steady and deep pumping that's keeping her groaning out, her tits nicely bouncing in time with the jolts her body is doing for an added sexy sight, raising that eyebrow with a scar as she gives him a flirty look with a matching smirk.

"Ahhhhh... I'm almost... MMMMM... Disappointed in you... AHHHHH... Al-almost!" She grits her teeth, feeling the extra firm thrust he sends into her as he drives in to the hilt again, his hands on her legs ensuring she's staying in place for him to keep on thrusting straight in and out of her box, only drawing back to under the half-way mark so he can soon drive right back into her all the way and make them both moan out like they'd been lovers for years rather than the afternoon that they've actually known one another.

"MMMM... You sure you're a con-woman?" Now it's Samuel's turn to tease, clearly able to see and hear from her moans that she's far from let down by his sexual performance so far. "Because that all didn't... Ahhhhh... Seem too convincing..." He adds, before groaning himself as he pulls out of her snatch.

"Someone's gotten a lot more confident now I see..." Fiona smirks back, looking over him with approval before she pushes herself up to sit on the edge of his bed. "But it takes a lot more than just one good move to finish a good "Con" off..." She hints, and makes her intention clear as she turns around, crawling up onto her hands and knees onto the bed.

"If you're gonna teach me, then I'm damn ready to "learn" some more..." He says, eagerly getting up onto his own bed behind her, lining his cock back up with her pussy.

"I had a feeling you'd say that... So just stay still for me..." She says, looking back over her shoulder at him as she licks her lips slightly. "Since you can last, or so it seems anyway... I always wanted to try this..."

Knowing that it's always the smart choice to let any beautiful but dangerous Pandora resident to do what she wants to him, the rookie Vault Hunter stayed still with the crown of his cock inside her wet snatch, but didn't have too long to admire the sight or enjoy the feeling before the latter became even better. Pushing herself backward, the real deal Vault Hunter started to move her pussy along his shaft to take him inside herself, before shifting back forward and then repeating the motion, easily making them both moan out as she began the motion, fucking herself on his dick and from the way she's biting down on her own bottom lip as she looks back, the feeling is far more than just enjoyable.

"MMMM!! Oh shit!! Ahhhhh... This... MMMMM... This is a new one..." Samuel remarks, as even with his unlikely experiences with a good number of the most stunning women on the planet he can't recall a position like this, but watching her desirably backside being pushed out towards him and then sharply away as she rocks against his dick, he's all too happy to let her do all the work here as she openly asked for. "AHHHH... You sure you... MMMMM... Don't want me to, like... AHHHHH... Even hold you?" He's able to ask between moans, his hands just resting on his own toned midsection as he looks down and witnesses that gorgeously curved body shifting back and forth on his rock hard dick, her snatch gliding over those fat inches to well below his bell-end before she sharply pushes back to take him deeply inside herself.

"MMMMM!! Oh... Oh yeah!! MMMM... I'm... I'm real sure!! AHHHHH..." She lustfully moans out, gazing back intensely as she already is starting to rock herself against him and his big cock with more force, craving more of that length to be stuffed into her needy and snug hole even though she'd just gotten that minutes ago, and is still going that right here as she fucks his shaft with her pussy. "AHHHHH... Don't tell me... MMMMM!! FUCK!! You aren't loving not having... AHHHHH... To do anything here..." She's still able to be flirty and fun, even as she smoothly and swiftly is rocking her body onto his dick, her rounded booty starting to slap against his equally pleasant to say the least to look at midsection as she's successfully managing to fit all those inches inside herself, keeping them both moaning as she's filed herself up to the max with the biggest dick she's even taken in her life.

"Hey! I... AHHHHH... MMMMM... I can give it, as... UHHHH... As well as take..." He groans, but indeed is perfectly happy to just let her play out her desires as she pumps herself over and over again on his fuck-stick, taking him in and out of her slick snatch in speedy fashion as her breasts bounce away underneath her from the forceful motion she's using on him, and that trademark hat still remains in place on her head. "MMMM... But yeah... You wanna... AHHHHH SHIT... Take the lead, then be my... MMMM... Be my fucking guest!" He smartly answers, knowing that while Pandora's Heart has greatly enhanced the desire being felt by this stunning con-artist who is fucking him with repeated backing up onto his dick in this doggy style position, nothing has been forced here so he still needs, as he's been able to do, keep her sweet and agreeable even with the rather shameless way she's acting as she rocks herself right up against him time and time again.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Yeah... I bet you fucking... UHHHHH!! Fucking love this!!" One of the finders of the Vault of the Traveller grins back at him as she moans out, beads of sweat appearing on her beautiful face to show the effort she's been putting into this position, feeling only pleasure from his dick being taken straight in balls deep into herself when she almost rams that snatch straight back into his toned frame. "AHHHHH... Fuck sweet talking... MMMMM!! With a dick like this, you must... AHHHHH... Have bitches on your dick every night here!!" She sinfully yells out, showing that clear lust for the stud she only met earlier today but has already blown, gotten pumped by, and is now fucking in very consensual fashion as that sexy smack of her ass connecting against his crotch sounds out each and every time she sharply rocks back to take all of him into her snatch.

"MMMM... I... I get by OK, I guess..." Samuel says with a knowing (to himself) smirk, as thanks to the Relic he has equipped he's gotten more than his fair share of ladies in the past, and as of late.

"MMMMM... I fucking bet you have..." She smirks, easing herself forward and making them both groan when his cock leaves her pussy. "You said you give and take, right? Then come and really give it to me!" Fiona demands, turning and laying on her back on the bed of the stud she'd been fucking herself on.

"Gladly!!" He eagerly says, moving down into position on top of her, and no sooner has he lined up his dick with her entrance again than she's wrapped her legs around him with another grin.

"This time, you're not leaving until I explode all over this dick..." She says with a voice straight out of a XXX-rated ECHOcast, and the burning lust in her eyes shows she's not planning on letting go of him.

"Better...Better get to work then!" He wisely reasons, and does just that with the first deep pump into her snatch to get them both moaning out loudly and without shame once again, and those cries just keep on coming as he doesn't hold back, sliding his member in and out of her wet but still tight snatch. "MMMM!! Oh... Oh FUCK!! MMMMM..." His arms positioned at either side of the groaning beauty so he can focus on working his hips towards and then sharply away from her to plunge that stiff rod all the way forward into her twat, not having to take long before that now familiar ring of his body slapping of of hers is sounding out to mix with their groans once again.

"AHHHHH FUCK!! OH YES!! MMMMM!! Fucking... UHHHH!! Give it to me!!" She hisses, staring up at this hunk she finds irresistible, having no idea it's all because of a mysterious and powerful Relic, just craving more of his big cock slamming home into her snug and soaking wet now pussy, his stiff thrusts more than enough now to make her jolt on the bed sheets she's laying on but showing how strong this, unknown to her, lust is it's still not enough to fully satisfy her.

"MMMMM!! M-more!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM YES!! Fu-fuck me!!" Her arms are now wrapped around his broad neck, allowing her to lean her head up along with her upper body as she surprises him, forcefully pressing her lips against his and rather easily slipping her tongue into his mouth to start wrestling his but to his credit (and that of Pandora's Heart) he's still able to keep ramming his shaft in and out of her pussy as this making out kicks off.

"MMMMPHH!! Mmmmmphhh..." His cries are easily muffled as he's caught up with exchanging saliva as well as moans as the slaps his tongue against hers, keeping his hips stiffly moving deeply into her love tunnel and swiftly out a few inches before he repeats the motion, sweat now forming over his body to show how much it's taking to live up to the high sexual standards the stunning Vault Hunter is demanding from the "rookie". "MMMM!! MMMMPHHH... MMMMM!!" He groans into her mouth, changing his own tactics as he reaches in with a hand, cupping her bouncing breast to squeeze her firmly, and achieving the goal as she's forced to pull back and lay on the bed, groaning out herself and just gripping onto his forearms for support as she takes this constant pounding just as she'd demanded from him.

"OH FUCK!! AHHHHH... OH YES... YES!! MMMMM YES YES YES!!" The moaning stunning calls out, her signature hat still remaining on her head as she looks up with half-closed but still full of lust eyes at the hunk on top of her, jolting back on the now sweat-stained sheets with every balls deep thrust he delivers into her damp but still erotically snug pussy. "OH FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK!! OH FUCK!! I'm!! I'M... DON'T FUCKING STOP!!" She snaps with a wild glare, soon groaning out again as her head falls back, only now causing her headgear to fall out of place slightly but she's far more concerned with the fast approaching peak of this hot and heavy sexual encounter as just as she's begged for his relentless and stiff thrusts have kept on coming again and again deep into her more than just well seen to hole.

Indeed, he doesn't stop driving forward into her to the hilt, and that repeated, swift thrusting soon reaps rewards as he feels Fiona cumming hard over his cock, that slick snatch tightening around his member as he keeps on thrusting away into her, his own groans getting that extra bit deeper from the increased pressure but thanks of course to the Relic he has equipped he's more than able to handle it. He grins, watching her arch off of his own bed as that orgasm rocks her, juices flowing out over his dick and sweat dripping off that sexily curved frame of hers, the big grin on her face showing those intense needs have been more than satisfied, especially since his constant but now less forceful and gradually slowed down pumps helped her feel every moment of without a doubt the best sexual experience she's ever had.

"MMMM... You... AHHHH... You want to, let go of me now?" Samuel asks between groans as her legs are still wrapped around her while she enjoys the afterglow of that orgasm.

"Mmmm... Depends... You feel like letting me finish you off?" Fiona asks, smirking up at him as she opens her eyes.

"Gladly!" He says, groaning when she indeed lifts her legs away from him and allows him to shift all the way back so he can stand up on the floor at the edge of his bed.

"I might have said this before... But I had a feeling you'd say that..." She licks her lips, crawling forward before she lays on her front on the sheets, adjusting her hat for a moment before she opens her mouth, letting him slide his cock inside as her head and neck are hanging off the edge with just her shoulders resting on the edge of that bed she's taken this fantastic fucking on.

"MMMM!! OH FUCK... MMMMM!!" He groans out, as just as he starts to thrust himself forward into that wonderfully soothing and damp oral hole, she actually bobs her head onto that pole, gazing up as she wraps her lips around him and shows no issue at all with tasting her own juices off the cock that has just come straight out of her pussy. "MMMM... AHHHHH SHIT!! MMMM..." A grunt escapes the secretly Relic-enhanced hunk, watching her pretty facial features slide forward towards his crotch and then smoothly shift back in time with the pumping motion he's using to feed her the inches she's become all too familiar with even though the two of them had only met an hour or so ago, but have now been fucking so shamelessly it would look like to anyone watching that they'd been screwing each other for years.

"MMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHH!! MMMMM GHHHLLLKKK!!" The stunning con-artist is starting to gag around this fat rod, the effect of him pumping in so deep into her and her own motion of pushing her face deep onto that same dick, resulting in that fuck-stick going all the way in and touching the back of her wet mouth. "HHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMM... MMMPHHH!! GAAAAAAHHHHH!!" Showing the still strong desire within her, all caused by Pandora's Heart, she doesn't pull back as she keeps pushing her mouth forward onto that thrusting cock, her hands grabbing the sheets she's laying on while letting her head do a more than fair share of the work with this steady rocking motion, and all the while her trademark hat staying in perfect place on the top of her head.

"OH FUCK... MMMM!! Keep... UHHHH!! This up... And I'll... UHHHH!! Blow in... In no time!!" He stutters out between deep and shameless moans, feeling her saliva once again coating and dripping off of his rod from the repeated sucking and pumping going on, her spit splattering all over his thickness every time she gags around him when he drives right into her and she pushes lustfully down as despite any discomfort she might be feeling, this face-fucking is very willingly done. "UHHHH!! MMMMM SHIT!! FUCK... AHHHHH FUUUUUUUCKKK MMMMM..." He lets out a long groan, the first telling throb of his cock being felt but while he might have wanted to pull out of her mouth, she glares up at him and quickly reaches forward with her hands, grabbing his hips and keeping him in place as her head actually picks up the pace with swift, repeated slurps along that saliva-coated rod.

Unsurprisingly, that was the last trigger needed to be pulled for him to start shoot, and with another loud moan Samuel started to cum inside of Fiona's mouth, causing her in turn to groan and now gaze up with another sinful look as she feels his spunk starting to fill up her oral hole, the first shot alone a sizeable amount that she'd perhaps expect from any regular man. Keeping her head bobbing along his pulsing cock but at a slower pace, she keeps her lips tightly wrapped around his tool, not letting a single drop of spunk escape out of her mouth and just when it felt like the jizz was overflowing inside her, she skilfully swallowed it all down with a greedy and shameless gulp, still sucking on him to milk more of his load out from him.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." She sighs around him, eventually letting his spent rod fall from her lips as she leans back, a loud swallow being heard after she closes her lips to drink down the last of his cum. "Shit... Maybe you aren't such a ladies' man after all if you were backed up like that!" Fiona comments with a smile, licking her lips clean of any missed spunk as she adjusts her hat.

"What can I say? I... I always aim to impress..." Samuel claims, but he also knows that Pandora's Heart also caused him to have, as always, a massive amount of cum to be shot from him every time he hits his own sexual peak.

"Well you might not have a silver tongue... But you sure hit the mark when it comes to a good fuck!" She comments, smirking as she rolls over onto her back, slowly shifting up so she can properly rest her head on the bed she's been fucked on. "Mind... Mind if I rest here for a bit? That... That took a whole lot out of me!"

"Sure! Besides... I'd better get out and act like... Well, I've not been fucking anot... I mean, been with a woman when I shouldn't have been!" He says, just catching himself before he quickly moves to get his clothing.

"Have fun... And when you come back, maybe we can see if your tongue is any good... Since you sure aren't going to be a con-artist like me any time soon." Fiona says with a teasing tone, moving herself around on the bed but when her back is turned, Samuel takes the chance to quickly unequip Pandora's Heart.

"I don't know... I've done pretty well keeping secrets so far..." He says to himself with a smirk.


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