WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Lady Aurelia Hammerlock (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel DLC)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 9
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Inside of The Aegrus Sophisticates' Lodge in the middle of Hunter's Grotto...

"Well, this sure beats being shot at..." Samuel, the still rookie Vault Hunter comments, sitting back in a chair as he eyes up a bottle of dust-covered, unopened wine he found while racking around in the cupboards of the Lodge. When he should have been out in the Grotto itself hunting down creatures as part of his ongoing training as ordered by the now constantly suspicious Lilith, and suggested by Sir Hammerlock himself.

Of course, when sent down to Hunter's Grotto for a few days - specifically far away from any and all females who Samuel might try to get it on with - Samuel quickly used the local transport to arrive at the Lodge, avoiding the sky-high monsters with long legs or running over smaller beasts en route, and there he remained. With no intention of departing at all until the required time to return back to Sanctuary.

"Here's hoping this doesn't poison me..." Samuel remarks as he gives the bottle another look over.

Suddenly the door into the Lodge is kicked open, making him bolt upright and nearly drop the bottle. Standing in the doorway with a sniper rifle over her shoulder in a form-fitting attire of expensive silver hunting pants and a lavish, feather collared blue Baroness jacket was Lady Aureila Hammerlock, the wealthy socialite turned hunter-for-sport who had become a Vault Hunter working for Handsome Jack during the incidents on Elpis.

"And they called that creature "Invincible"?" Aurelia laughs with an arrogant tone, kicking the door closed behind her before stepping into the room. "Maybe it's appetite for killing my butlers was..." She trails off, turning to see Samuel sitting and staring at the gorgeous woman. "You there! Poor boy. Bring that bottle here."

"Uh... OK..." Samuel says, moving and approaching her, but she snatches the bottle before he can even offer it.

"Urgh! Terrible vintage. Only worth a couple hundred thousand if that much..." Lady Hammerlock says with clear disgust, chucking the bottle over her shoulder to make it smash on the wall behind, this enough to startle Samuel. "Now then, who are you and why are you squatting in my new holiday retreat?"

"Ummmm... I'm Samuel..." He introduces himself. "Sir Hammerlock sent me here to..."

"Samuel?" She raises an eyebrow, looking him over. "YOU are this Samuel that innuendo obsessed bartender was raving about?"

"Moxxi?" Samuel asks, although knowing her he had a pretty good idea what kind of "raving" Moxxi would have been doing, considering their many sexual encounters since his first arrival at Sanctuary months ago.

"Hmmmm... Well then! That's the evening's entertainment sorted then!" She announcers, turning and snapping her fingers. "Nothing like a good day's hunting beasts to get a woman worked up..."

"You... You mean?" Samuel starts to grin as he puts two and two together.

"I usually wouldn't bother... But I'm bored now and the musicians I hired to accompany me got sliced up by some crab-like things within the first five minutes of me being here. Aurelia states before she walks towards the door leading to the stairs to the upper floor of the Lodge. "Now chop chop Darling! I don't like to be kept waiting... Or left disappointed..." She warns as she passes through the doorway and out of sight.

"On my way!" He says, opening up his "menu screens" so he can equip the very Relic that has not only been the reason why unknowingly Moxxi raved about his sexual ability, but why he's been able to get with her, and several other of the hottest women on the planet. Pandora's Heart...

* * *

Moments later, and Samuel is getting straight to work already to Lady Hammerlock's smirking approval, kneeling between the naked Baroness' legs as he runs his tongue against the entrance to her pussy. While fully clothed still himself, he's able to look up and get a great look at her nicely curved and gorgeous body with a ripe pair of tits on display. That's more motivation than needed, especially since she gives him a narrow-eyed glare to get on with things, her fingers tapping her knees with impatience as she sits on the edge of the sizeable bed in the suite of the Lodge.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." The rookie Vault Hunter moans lightly into her folds, brushing his tongue inside as her works over the outside part, going over her lower lips and moving around, up and down her to work her over fully. He keeps his hands onto her rounded thighs for support, allowing him to keep his face up close into her so he can firmly and quickly lick against her snatch, making the wealthy beauty moan from his quick back and forth work on her. He knows though that it'll take quite a bit more than just this to impress, let alone satisfy her, so pushes his hungry tongue forward to properly enter her, getting a clear moan out from the woman he's starting to dine on as he slides upward and then around, trailing around her sweet hole with a circular motion.

"Mmmmm! That's more like it Darling... Mmmmm... A little deeper please..." Aurelia instructs between her moans, looking down with approval at the handsome man face-deep between her legs, and finding herself nodding slightly when, as ordered, he pushes that far from novice tongue further forward into her beginning to dampen folds. "Ahhhhh... I shouldn't be surprised that now you don't hesitate... Mmmmm... To follow orders..." She lets out an arrogant laugh at the eagerness, but it's a very wise move on the part of the hunk currently servicing her, his lips brushing against her lower ones as he keeps that tongue moving around inside her, probing and feeling around her love box and getting a taste of the forming juices.

Letting the power of the Pandora's Heart Relic guide him with the enhanced sexual ability it provides, Samuel pulls back for a moment to slap his tongue against her snatch before he dives back in, pressing his mouth against her twat and sucking on it with a loud, shameless slurp that gets another glare from the woman he's doing it to. However this look was a lustful one, a flash of gritted teeth at both the lewd motion and the sounds he's letting out, making her groan out as well as he works that mouth up against her, grinding his lips against those sensitive ones while he slurps on her sweetness.

"Mmmmm! Dirty boy..." She almost purrs her approval, casually running one hand down onto the top of his head to grip his messy hair to keep his face planted against her pussy, her other hand entertaining itself by running over her shapely breasts, giving a squeeze of one tit and then the other while she enjoys getting eaten out by this stud she's only just met. "That's it... Mmmmm... Nothing quite like the taste of fine dining... Ahhhhh!! Isn't that right Darling?" She smirks between her moans as the socialite-turned-hunter laughs again, hearing his muffled reply as his mouth is still planted against her snatch so he can keep on darting his tongue in and out of her pussy, licking away and able to taste then drink down the forming juices, another sign of his expert work onto her.

"Mmmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm..." He groans, as even with his hard on making a bulge strain in his pants he's keeping his focus on pleasing her with some oral satisfaction, keeping his tongue running upward, back down, and swirling all around her snatch in quick succession, her fluids staining his own lips from the times he's sucked and kissed her folds in between his licks. His hands slightly run over her thighs as he works her over, a little out of instinct but showing he's getting off on this sex act as much as the moaning beauty he's kneeling in front of his as her hand still toys and teases with his hair and head as he munches away on her twat.

"Mmmmm... Don't these Vault Hunters teach you any manners?" Lady Hammerlock questions with a smirk. "Ahhhh... It's downright rude to speak with your mouth full..." She says with a laugh, using her hand to firmly push his head away from her snatch. "Now come on, pants off! Let's see what you've got for me."

"I... Sure!" Samuel says as he stands up, quickly undoing his belt then his pants, letting them drop to the floor, allowing that lengthy and thick to match cock to spring free.

"Now that's a bloody big cock!" Aurelia's eyes widen as she grins with sinful approval. "Marvellous! I was worried all these stories about you were, well... Exaggerated!" She says, shifting back onto the bed and raising a leg up. "Now, how about you show me that you can use it?" She says as an order rather than a request.

"Gladly!" He quickly agrees, stepping out of his pants to leave him just clothed from the waist up, but the effects of Pandora's Heart still working on him to keep his cock rock hard at this size, ready to go as he moves up onto the bed next to her. Taking a hold of that raised limb by the ankle, his uses his other hand to guide it into her slick entrance, a firm thrust allowing him to slip in and make them both moan as her tightness gets penetrated by such a meaty rod. "Ahhhhh... Oh wow, that's... Mmmmm!! That's real good..." He comments, feeling how smug the Baroness is all around his member as he starts to work himself in and out of her, using a steady pace with firm pumps so they can both adjust to this new sensation and he's already well on his way to doing the job well if the moans the beauty taking this is currently letting out are any sign.

"Mmmmm!! Of course it is Darling..." She laughs again before she groans out, keeping her richly-styled haired head tilted back just a little as she watches his dick thrusting into and then soon pulling back out of her snatch, seeing that he never fully removes himself from that tight box of hers to allow for a smooth and swift motion that indeed, for the moment, is to her moaning approval. "Did you think... Ahhhhhh... I had some filthy, loose pussy like no doubt some of... Mmmmm! Of those common-looking creatures at Sanctuary have?" She says, still remaining as arrogant as ever despite how she's getting fucked right now, taking a big and thick dick from a hunk she barely knows and openly enjoying it to make her words rather ironic as she's looking far from prim and proper in this kind of sinful situation.

"Mmmmm!! That's... Ahhhhh... That's not what I meant!" The wanna-be Vault Hunter says as he sends his cock firmly and down that extra bit deeper into the actual finder of a Vault on Elpis, keeping a hold of her leg so he can keep her curvy body close and allow him to smoothly thrust himself in and out of her snatch. With each thrust his delivers, more of his inches get fed into her tight hole as they both continue to moan out, her body starting to rock back just a bit in response to his motion. "I... I meant that... Mmmmm... Ah fuck, sometimes I should just... Mmmmm!! Keep my mouth shut..." He says, opting to again focus on actions rather than words, looking down to see his member ploughing straight forward into her love tunnel before reappearing for a few moments before he sends himself sharply back into her snatch, loving the feeling of this Upper Class pussy all around his cock as he pumps away into her again and again.

"MMMMM... Oh I like you Darling... Ahhhhh... Wanting to just work and not bother speaking?" She sexily teases again, letting out a groan as she feels the contact of his nicely muscular body connecting with her sultry, curved frame to make her tits properly shake as his cock rams deep into her wet hole, and that slight sting of the smacking of their bodies is also to her liking as she groans out, a brief lick of her full lips as she watches that cock plough into her snatch. "MMMM!! If only all servants were... Ahhhhh... Quite like you..." She adds, giving her bouncing boobs a firm squeeze with one hand, her other being used to prop her head up as she stays laying on her side, rocking forward on the bed in response to the stiff pumps she's getting from the man she's openly treating as a no-strings-attached fuck-toy, but from the groans of delight he's letting out as he bangs her he's got no problems with this arrangement at all.

"AHHHH... Do you mean... Mmmmm... The no talking thing??" He questions before he moans, keeping his thrusting motion nice and stiff as he drives all the length in he can, his ballsack slapping off her body each time he sends his hips forward before smoothly and quickly drawing back just to repeat the action again and again as he looks to keep satisfying the self-centred and gorgeous Vault Hunter. "MMMM... Or the not being... AHHHH... Half-bad at screwing thing?" He says, being careful to not fully admit his many conquests of Pandora's most beautiful women that he's gotten, nor the true reason of the sexually-powering Relic he has equipped. That same item is why he's able to go balls deep into this stunning female, his pumps even making the hair hanging in front of her pretty face swing a little from the force he's putting behind them as he rams in and out of that tight and wet twat.

"Mmmmm... No need to be humble sweetie... Ahhhhh... I never bothered, and look at me!" Aurelia proudly states before she lets out a groan when he again pumps deep into her. "I'm insanely rich, own planets, and shoot up ugly creatures for fun! MMMMM..."

"AHHHH... Sounds like... Mmmmm... A Hell of a life..." Samuel offers as he slows down his pace of his thrusts.

"It is Darling... A bloody fantastic one!" She laughs before using a hand to wave him away. "Now be a doll and lay down for me. Mmmmm... Let me show you how a Lady does things..."

"No problem..." He says, pulling out with a groan before he shifts back, then moves up onto the bed so he can lay down onto the bed with his stiff rod pointing up at the roof of the Lodge.

"I do love being on top, where a Lady like me belongs..." She says with a seductive tone, taking her time to climb over his crotch, her back facing him as she lowers herself down onto that cock, aiding by him holding that member straight so she can slowly and smoothly take him in inch by inch until resting with a groan down against his toned body. "MMMM... And with a man who can actually last? Mmmmm... Almost as much fun as making a species extinct..." The wealthy stunner says before she starts to work her hips, rolling them so she can lean forward and make his cock slide back out of herself, before she shifts back and takes him back inside herself, causing them both to groan with great enjoyment from her smooth motion.

"AHHHH... Yeah... You can be... MMMM... On top anytime!" He says, the still a rookie when it comes to being a Vault Hunter, but certainly not when it comes to some bedroom action like this, groaning as he watches her desirable body rock back and forth on his thick shaft as she gets into the rhythm of fucking herself on his fuck-stick. "I'll take it... MMMM... You're used to... AHHHH... Your butlers and all that not lasting when it counts?" He reasons, although from how he's moaning from the fantastic feeling of being taken in and out of such a wet and snug pussy from the real deal Vault Hunter mounted on top of him he couldn't care less about the answer, watching his shaft vanish forward into that snatch before soon reappearing before it disappears again.

"MMMMM... As sadly the old saying goes... AHHHH!! Good help, and a bloody good shag, is so hard to find..." She smirks as she glances back with approval at the stud she's riding, showing that despite her statement of not finding too many who live up to her standards, she's clearly not inexperienced with this position, her hip motion smooth and perfectly paced as she continues to rock back and forth to easily make both herself and the stud underneath her moan out with every movement. "MMMM... Count yourself lucky I actually listened... MMMMM!! To that buxom bartender's stories... AHHHHH... I usually have a hearing problem when it comes to poor people..." The rich Hammerlock sister all too casually states, especially considering her current back and forth riding motion as she effortlessly takes his dick into and then slips him out of her wet and still tight pussy, the action easily making her stylish, high hair sway and her rounded breasts bounce as she works over that massive dick to keep the still semi-clothed man stuffed deep up into herself.

"MMMM... Believe me... AHHHH FUCK!! I'm really damn grateful for that..." He says, knowing that the growing knowledge of "his" ability in the sack is down to using the lust inducing Relic he currently has equipped, which also allows him to give and take top notch fucking just like this, letting the arrogant stunner on top of him have her wicked way with him and his lengthy shaft anyway she wants, especially if it gets him deep all the way up into that still snug and very damp now pussy of hers. "AHHHHH... Well... MMMM... I'm real happy to help out... AHHHHH!! Anyway I can..." He half-mumbles, his gaze focusing on the very distracting sight of her sexily rounded and smooth backside as her cheeks jiggle in almost hypnotic fashion from how she's continuously rolling those hips back and forth to plunge his man-meat in and out of herself, keeping her groaning out loudly and without any hint of shame at all as she fucks the stud she's only met in person earlier on today.

"MMMMM... Help me? AHHHHH... Oh Darling..." She laughs again, a bead of sweat falling down her cheek as she keeps up this commanding and quick pace, a performance worthy of an R-Rated ECHOcast film as she handles all of that thick and lengthy dick into herself, moaning out every time she either rocks forward or moves sharply back to sink him in deeply to herself. "Keep this up... MMMMM GOODNESS YES!! And I might write you an unusually large cheque..." She says with her typically better-than-you tone, fully enjoying the on top, in more ways than one, position she's in right now, still rocking backward and then smoothly forward in order to pump that meaty pole into herself and making both of them moan out as she expertly rides away as if it's second nature to the beautiful socialite.

"MMMMM... Uhhhhh, thanks?" Samuel says with a groan in response to her statement that seemed to be rather back handed.

"AHHHH... You're more than welcome..." Lady Hammerlock teases as she shifts herself forward in order to dismount him. "I don't dish out compliments to the lower classes... Well, often really!"

"Ummmm... Maybe... I just stick to fucking you then?" He offers with a shrug, taking the break in action to take off his top, showing off his toned upper body to leave him naked as well.

"Dirty boy..." Aurelia smirks, rolling over so she can now lay down on the bed. "Vulgar, but a correct idea... Keep this up and I might just keep you on my payroll..."

"Beats getting shot at!" He happily said, moving into position between her invitingly spread legs, getting down to business as he lined his cock up with that now familiar hole and used a firm pump to get right back in deep into her, taking a hold of her toned waist as he now takes his turn to put his hips to work, breaking into a swift and firmly paced motion. "MMMM!! Oh yeah... AHHHHH... Way fucking better... MMMM!! Then getting shot at..." He grunts as he pumps into the wealthy stunner who is already moaning away herself at his thrusts, more than enjoying the feeling of once again being filled up by all of that fat dick that she can't get enough of, and has no clue that it's because of the mysterious Relic he has equipped.

"MMMMM!! Yes that's it!! AHHHHH... Take me Darling!!" She says with such a lusty tone that it might have intended to be an order, but sounded rather like she was begging for it despite the fact he was doing just that, ploughing his dick sharply in and out of her wet tunnel, the force behind his motion already making her jolt back on the bedsheets she's laying on. "OOOOOOOOH YES!! MMMM... You filthy... AHHHHH... Gorgeous man you!" She encourages with a gasp, feeling that smack as his toned frame meets her curvy body when he drives forward, that slap of skin meeting skin mixing in the air with both of their sinful but shameless cries of joy as he pumps away into the sweating beauty in front of him.

"AHHHHH... Sure thing! MMMMM... AWWWWW SHIT!!" He moans, drawing only a couple of inches back before slamming forward hard into the fully fledged Vault Hunter, causing her to groan out with every inward and outward motion the still in-training Loot collector gives her, his cock still rock hard and ready for more much to her loudly moaning delight. "MMMM!! Oh fuck!! MMMM... AHHHHH MMMM!!" As he thrusts away with the quick and forceful rhythm, his eyes gaze over that stunning, Upper Class body before him from her pretty, moaning face and the swaying front of her hanging down hair, and her shapely and sizeable breasts bouncing in time with the motion of his pumps. Of course perhaps the sight spent the most time looking at is between her still spread legs as his own manhood vanishes up into her soaking wet and still erotically tight pussy, before soon reappearing only to be thrust straight back into her with a deep groan.

"MMMMM!! YES!! Ravage me!! MMMMM!! Pound me!! USE ME!!" She yells out, her usually cold and cruel eyes burning with desire now as she's unable to deny just how amazing it is to take such a high-level fuck from this hunk she barely knows, but is already clearly giving her the best sexual experience she's ever had in her long life of luxury. "OOOOOOOOH MMMMMM!! YES DARLING!! MMMMM... More... MORE DAMN YOU!!" She begs, losing herself further in this deep lust, with no idea at all that it's another effect that Pandora's Heart has, as she uses her own hands to grip her jiggling tits, making herself moan as she plays with herself while taking this stiff to put it mildly pounding that's making her crave even more of him and his massive cock despite the fact she's getting him balls deep already.

Having used that Relic to get a piece of countless women over his time on Pandora, the hunk indeed stuffing himself all the way forward into her wet twat groans as he pumps away, knowing that while it may have been easy to get into her pants much like all the others, he can't dare risk leaving her be unsatisfied so keeps on pounding deep with his balls smacking off of her skin each time he drives forward into her jolting frame. Licking his lips for a moment as he feels a drop of sweat trickling down his own face from the effort he's putting into this, he's got no plans on stopping here as he works that shaft in and out of the Baroness laying in front of him, his hold on her waist making sure she's in perfect place for him as he keeps on thrusting away into the willing stunner in front of him.

"You... MMMM!! You like this Darling?? MMMM!!" Lady Hammerlock glares lustfully up at him, gritting her teeth for a moment as she takes another balls deep pump. "Like giving me... UHHHH!! The seeing to of a lifetime??"

"MMMMM!! Damn fucking right... AHHHH!! I like it!" Samuel says with a grin as he sees that look from the usually arrogant beauty.

"Then FUCK ME!" Aurelia suddenly says, pushing him away with her hands before she turns over, surprisingly getting up to her hands and knees and sticking her shapely backside out towards him. "Fucking use me... Like one of your common, poor whores!"

"Fuck yeah!!" He wisely and quickly agrees, moving up behind her and stuffing that cock back into her snatch. Grabbing her hips, he starts to do as she asks, delivering a round of sudden, hard thrusts that make her yell out in pleasure as her hands already are grabbing handfuls of bedsheets, eyes closed as she lets her body move naturally, jolts forward every time his crotch smacks off her rounded booty from behind. "MMMM!! MMMM FUCK!! Ahhhhh..." He sighs in delight, more than just liking the feeling of damp tightness all around his cock, taking full advantage of being able to bang the usually untouchable rich beauty, but all thanks to Pandora's Heart turning her into this cock-drunk state he can plough in with every inch of his rod into her love tunnel over and over again.

"OH YESSS!! AHHHHH!!! OOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK!!!" The Baroness moans out, gasping each time that cock drives in to the hilt into her soaking snatch, sweat now dripping from her gorgeous face and making strands of her hair stick to her while she moves back and forth against his powerful pumps, the grip on her body making sure she doesn't jolt straight away from her each time he drives in. "FUCK... FUCK ME YOU FILTHY BUGGER!! MMMMM... AHHHHH FUCK!!" She screams out her demands, the machine gun-like sound of the slap of skin meeting skin ringing out to mix with both their cries as he repeatedly and rapidly rams his manhood into her pussy, leaving her in such a different state compared to when this sexual encounter began that it's almost like he's fucking a completely different woman from how dirty and shameless she's currently acting.

Having plenty of experience not just in dishing out hard and hot banging action like this, but in handling such a stunning female even with her previously higher-than-thou attitude, the rookie Vault Hunter is making full use that the powers Pandora's Heart is giving him as he keeps on thrusting in and out of her still erotically snug but soaking wet now snatch. He grunts and groans, watching her rounded butt cheeks jiggle for an added treat for the eyes, as if watching his cock vanish forward into her pussy before quickly popping back for a few inches as he repeats the action wasn't motivation enough to hammer Lady Hammerlock just as she's begging for.

"OH SWEET FUCK!! DON'T... AHHHHH!! DON'T FUCKING STOP!! MMMMMM!!" She moans, her head hanging down as the building pressure overwhelms her, causing her now falling out of place hair at the front to swing wildly, her tits swaying only slightly less forcefully in time with the rest of her jolting body as she continues to rock forward again and again with every stiff pump she very willingly takes in this doggy style position. "YES!! MMMM!! YES YES OH FUCKING FUUUUUUUCK YEESSSSSS AHHHHHHH!!" Her eyes finally open, filled with lust and her mouth hanging open so much her tongue almost shamefully falls out, so lost in the pleasure is the usually stuck-up Baroness as she sweats and moans, feeling that fat rod swiftly and steadily sliding in and out of that soaking and still snug snatch of hers.

The floodgates open, and Lady Hammerlock starts to cum all over Samuel's thrusting dick, making him groan as her tunnel clamps around his meat, but he's able to keep control and carry on pumping in and out of that dripping hole as her juices rush out to drench him, that curvy body still rocking back and forth against his pumps even as he eases off the swiftness and the force that he's using behind the motion. Aurelia can only stay in place on her hands and knees, moaning out as that powerful to put it mildly orgasm runs through her, her arms buckling as she loses her energy from the erotic high but thanks to his grip on her she's staying up to take a few more of his balls deep pumps to ensure she feels every moment of this major sexual peak.

"MMMMM... Damn... That felt... Wow!!" Samuel says, pulling out of her snatch with a groan and letting go of her sweat-coated frame.

"Mmmmm... We're FAR from done Darling!" Aurelia grins, moving herself around to face him and taking a hold of his dick as she's now again in that doggy style position but facing him.

"MMMM!! AWWWWW FUCK!! MMMM..." Her statement was indeed true as she leaned her head down and took his cock right into her mouth, quickly wrapping her full lips around the very member that had given her the best sex of her life. She's looking to return the favour and isn't holding back on it, bobbing her head along his inches and making herself groan around that thickness as she sucks him off with a steady and hungry motion. "MMMM... OH YEAH!! UHHHHH!! MMMM..." He groans, watching her gorgeous face sliding towards his crotch and then sliding smoothly back upward, the action repeated over and over as she showed now issue with tasting her own snatch off of his shaft, cleaning off her juices from his dick and replacing them with the just as pleasurable sensation of her spit now coating his pole.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmmphh!!" The stunning Baroness groans around the slightly throbbing cock she's now very familiar with having fucked and been banged by it, and now she's eagerly slurping away onto it, working those surprisingly soft for a woman so arrogant lips back and forth along him, her saliva already seeping out to trickle down her chin from the hungry and shameless motion. "Mmmm... Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm..." She gazes up, those eyes still filled with desire even after getting off, now craving to have him do the same as she raises her head up to just below the crown of his tool before quickly driving downward to over the half-way mark and then lifting back up, keeping him groaning as she feels him pulsate between those pouty lips and hears his groans get deeper and longer from her cock-sucking.

"AHHHHH... AWWWW FUCK!! GONNA... FUCK!! MMMMM..." He tries to warn but the aggressive blowjob easily took its toll after all this red hot sexual action, making Samuel explode inside of the mouth of Lady Hammerlock's oral hole, causing her in turn to groan as her mouth starts to be filled up with a creamy, thick treat. Greedily she starts to swallow down the load being sent into her, unknowingly a wise move on her part as the vast shots of spunk continue to fire out into her hungry mouth to her muffled moaning delight, still bobbing her head but at a slower pace, making sure to drain his balls of every drop as she makes the soon to be spent stud moan out and sigh in satisfaction.

"Mmmmm!! Oh... Oh wow... Mmmmm..." Samuel remarks as he watches her deliver one last slurp before letting his spent shaft fall from her mouth, showing she'd indeed swallowed every last drop of his cum.

"Simply delightful..." Aurelia smirks, letting out a tired groan herself as she falls back onto the bed to lay on it. "Darling, I will be calling on your... Services... Again in the future... And you'll be well rewarded..."

"Always, uh, happy to help out!" He said, stepping back and off from the bed as he moves to collect his clothes.

"Good good... Now be a dear and see yourself out..." She waves a hand dismissively, her arrogant attitude already returning now the action is over and done with. "When I need you again, I will let you know... Chop chop now!"

Shrugging, Samuel steps out of the bedroom, closing the door behind himself. "And they say she's cold? She felt pretty hot to me..." He says to himself, opening up his menu in order to unequip Pandora's Heart.

"Oh Samuel!" Lady Hammerlock's voice calls out from behind the door. "I did say I'd be calling on you again in the future... Well then, what are you waiting for?" She adds with an obviously lustful tone to her voice.

Closing the menus and leaving the Relic equipped, Samuel smirks. "Oh yeah... So much fucking better than getting shot at..." He says to himself as he steps back into the room.


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