WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Maya (Borderlands 2)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 10
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

If there was one thing Samuel liked more than using Pandora's Heart, the Relic with other-worldly powers to make him irresistible to the opposite sex as well as greatly increasing his sexual ability, it was his current situation. Not getting shot at.

Following his rather far from secret sexual adventures with the hottest women on Pandora and particularly around Sanctuary, and growing increasingly furious with his lack of progression as a Vault Hunter but rather easily shacking up with almost every woman of note he comes into contact with, Samuel finds himself in his current position. Under "house arrest" for a few days so he can "think about his place" among the Vault Hunters. At least that's what the leader Lilith had ordered, as she was clearly now losing patience with how he had been able to turn almost any mission into being able to get a piece of a stunning female be they a quest giver or a fellow Vault Hunter.

For Samuel, he was more than happy to stay put in his home in Sanctuary away from danger, violence, and any risk of, as mentioned before, getting shot at. Rather than considering attempting to become a proper Vault Hunter at all, he'd spent the first day knocking back a few bottles of Rakk-Ale he'd had stashed away from the several times he'd been given "thanks" from Moxxi for fulfilling her needs. The second had then been spent recovering from the worst hangover of his life which had left him wondering how Mordecai was able to live off the stuff on a daily basis.

But now the third day had arrived and Samuel was getting hit hard by boredom. A couple of textbooks written by Sir Hammerlock were of little use to him considering they contained several lengthy words he couldn't even pronounce, let alone know the meaning of. Even worse there weren't nearly enough pictures in them. So Samuel sat in a chair, listening to the fifth repeat of an Atlas Corporation radio advert, staring blankly ahead and for the briefest of moments wondering if maybe Lilith had a point after all about what he was doing with his life.

A firm knock on the door snapped him out of his thoughts, pulling a gun out and pointing it at the door in self defence. The door was locked from his side however, and rather fortunately for him at that as his gun slipped right out of his hand to fall on the ground.

"Why the hell does this Crit gun keep slipping out of my damn hand?" Samuel questioned, getting up and picking the gun up to put it away. "Moxxi has odd tastes in guns..."

Opening up the door, he was greeted by a very appealing sight to the eyes. The stunning, blue-haired Siren of the Vault Hunters who took down Handsome Jack - Maya. She was clad in her familiar attire of a one sleeved yellow with dark designs body-suit that fits nicely to her nicely sized and rounded chest, showing off a brief hint of cleavage and showing her blue Siren tattoos down her side. Below, slanted style dark blue pants with an equipment belt, boots, and a sexy smirk on her dark blue and full lips.

"Want to fuck?" Was Maya's bold question as she eyed up the rookie Vault Hunter.

"I... Uh..." He blinked, processing the very surprising inquiry. "Ye-Yeah! Hell yeah!!" He says with quick enthusiasm as he starts to smile.

"Good." She smirks, stepping in a closing, then locking the door behind her. "I'm on duty to watch you not leave the house today..." She explains as she invites herself further into his home in Sanctuary. "But I'd figure I'd find out if all the stories I've heard about you are true or not instead..."

As she heading into his bedroom, Samuel had wisely taking advantage of her looking the other way to equip the very Relic that was the reason for all those rumours being circulated (and being quite true) - Pandora's Heart. With that done, he quickly followed after her, finding her giving his bed a slight kick to test the supports, and when she turned around he saw the Relic having its effect as her eyes widened just a little bit with a lust beginning to form.

"I'm more than happy to!" Samuel quickly says. "It sure beats..."

"Getting shot at. Yeah, we've all heard you say that before..." Maya cuts him off, smirking again as she once again shows her confidence as she drops down to her knees in front of him, reaching up to his pants. "To be honest, I'm kind of a little mad you haven't made a move on me yet until I had to..." She says, casually unlooping his belt as she speaks. "I mean, I get it, I'm a fucking Siren and I can Phaselock a Psycho before they can get a word out about ripping out someone's guts..."

"Uhhhh... Sorry?" He offers, watching as she yanks down his pants and underwear, he eyes again showing approval when she locks onto his meaty looking and lengthy shaft.

"Don't be sorry for this piece of meat!" The Siren says, licking those blue lips a little as she grips him with her ungloved hand, starting to stoke him off. "My point is, you fucked other Vault Hunters, another Siren who used to be dead, and even that crazy bitch Tannis before me! Kid, that means you have a lot of making up to do on top of proving these stories right..." She says as a challenge, a sultry smile cast up at him as she continues to stroke him off, easily getting him rock hard and at a mouth-watering length in her grasp.

"N-Not to brag or anything... But I can do all of that, and then some..." Samuel says, groaning as her hand continues to work over his length but knowing that with the effects of Pandora's Heart, he can absolutely give her the kind of action he's been giving to other beauties up until this point.

"Well I love to fucking brag... So if you can handle this? I'll be really impressed..." She sounded like she was making a challenge, and then followed through with the threat as she leaned in, slapping her tongue against the fat head of his cock a couple of times before moving onto a quick swirl around that crown. Smirking up when she hears him moan, she spits onto his bell-end, a swift pump of her hand rubbing it over the length before those bright blue lips are parted and in the next moment are wrapped firmly around that very cock, getting a clearer moan from him as she sinks her similarly coloured haired head downward to gobble up his inches.

"Mmmmm!! Awwwww fuck... Mmmmm!!" He had no reason to hold back his enjoyment, and her already clear talent at orally handling some cock was making sure there was no way he could fake it if he even tried. He stares down, transfixed by the red hot sight of the Siren's gorgeous face starting to slide back and forth along his meat, her lips perfectly pressing against his pole and further applying her spit onto his size. At the same time, she's keeping her hand stroking away at the inches not yet inside her mouth for a full double team, keeping him groaning in pleasure while she herself is letting out muffled sounds of her own enjoyment, getting more than just a little aroused by dishing out this oral sex act to the wanna-be Vault Hunter.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!! Mmmmm mmmmphhhh..." She groaned around his thickness, smoothly bobbing her head over the length belonging to the hunk she'd heard so many stories about, but has no idea that those rumours, along with the reason why she's so energetically and willingly sucking him off like this, is all due to the powerful Relic that he currently has equipped.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhhh... Hmmmmphhhh mmmmm!!" She uses her free hand to brush loose strands of her blue hair away from her face, ensuring the view is clear for the man she's sucking off to watch every slurping and shameless moment of her servicing his length, her eyes narrowed lustfully as she draws her pouty lips back up towards the crown before pushing right down deep onto his dick.

"Ahhhhh... Mmmmmm oh yeah... Fucking suck it Maya... Mmmmm!!" He encouraged, but under the full infulence of Pandora's Heart he didn't have to, the lustful state the gorgeous Siren is in making sure her mouth keeps gliding up and down his stiff rod, making it shine from all the spit that's dripping down to his heavy balls from the repeated motion. He thought for a moment about placing a hand on the top of that blue haired head, but thought better of it by pulling back when she glanced up as she gave a deeper slurp onto his meat. He was therefore caught off guard when she reached up to grab his wrist, making his hand go on the top of her head, and that sexy smirk around his cock showed she didn't mind the naughty action one bit.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmm mmmm mmmmmphh!!" Another groan escapes the beauty originally from Athenas as she continues to rock her head along this fat rod, so into the act that she pays no attention to how her saliva is dripping off her bright blue lips, down her chin, and splashing onto the hint of cleavage exposed by her top. She keeps her hand stroking away at his length, further applying her soothing spit all along his rod to easily keep him groaning and, to her dirty enjoyment as she keeps moaning around him while she's blowing him, still rock hard and obviously ready for more.

"Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!!" Maya groans again before she lifts her head off, licking her lips clean of her own spit as she uses her hand to jerk him off a couple times. "OK, so I'm kinda impressed you handled that..." She teases with a confident tone, letting go of him and smirking as she stands up. "You've still got to fuck me and show me it's not just stories I've been hearing..." She says, reaching down to unclip the belt of her pants.

"After that warm-up? I'm more than happy to!" Samuel eagerly agrees, watching her kick her boots off before she slips those pants down, showing off more of the Siren tattoos running down the side of her body.

"Oh, you'd fucking better Samuel..." She says, now just clad in her yellow body-suit, helping herself to lay down on her side on his bed, raising a leg up and making a "come here" motion with her hand. "Stick that big dick of yours in me and fuck me like you've done to all the other bitches on this floating island!" Maya says as more and order than a request.

"Uhhhh... But you're still kind of dressed? How..." He starts to question, but watches as her hand slides down, gripping the suit over her crotch and pulling it to the side, exposing her delicious and already a little damp looking snatch. "Ah. That's how." He says, understanding as he nods and quickly steps in to move up close to the bed.

"For an apparent stud, you got to work on your confidence kid..." Maya says with a laugh, watching as that big dick gets lined up with her lower hole before a firm thrust pushes into her folds, making her instantly groan and tense as she feels her tight walls being forced to open and accept this thick invasion as the head and first few inches sink into her. "Mmmmm... Just prove to me... You don't need to work on your skill... With that dick..." She says with a hiss as he draws back, taking a hold of her raised leg to put it over her shoulder and now holding onto her over her Siren tattoos as he begins to show her that exact ability, working his hips towards and away from her to work his cock into that tight snatch, making her groan with approval as she already gazes with desire and looks over his similarly semi-clothed form as the real sex starts off.

"Now that... Mmmmm!! That I can do." He says with a smirk, knowing full well that his superior sexual ability is all thanks to the powers provided by that mysterious Relic he has equipped, which is why he's once again not just getting to slide his dick in and out of another of Pandora's hottest women, but he's getting to firmly and smoothly pump a powerful but drop dead gorgeous Siren. The snug feeling all around his length is more than enough to make him groan with enjoyment as he keeps a hold of that leg, making sure he's in nice and close as he thrusts in already deeply into her wet and willing love tunnel, already giving her all the proof she needs of what he's capable of as she's made to moan out with every thrust he delivers.

"Mmmmm! Fuck... Keep that up... And I might start... Mmmmm... Believing you..." She moans, her hand still gripping her signature body-suit to keep the access to her snatch free and clear for this think to thrust his meaty rod straight into, the sight irresistible to her as she watches with lusty eyes as that fuck-stick slides right forward before soon drawing back a few inches before the motion repeats. "Ahhhhh... Come on Samuel, give it to me! Mmmmm!! Get that fucking thing... Mmmm!! Right in me..." The powerful Siren demands, a grit of the teeth for a moment as she locks eyes with the man with his cock already deep inside her wet and snug pussy, but seemingly not deep enough for her liking. Thankfully for her he doesn't need to be told twice, gripping her leg firmly as he puts some extra force behind his thrusts, the effect instant as she moans out with a flash of a grin, her body rocking back away from him on the bed from the impact of his crotch connecting against hers.

Not daring to risk the wrath of the dangerous but beautiful Vault Hunter by disappointing her, the still in-training loot collector focuses on the task at hand, looking down to watch his dick vanish up into her slick and hot feeling folds, her pussy more than pleasurably snug all around his member as he works himself back and forth into the still clothed beauty. Despite the confidence he should have from the fact he's getting to nail this stunning woman on his own bed, let alone from the countless sexual encounters he's had thanks to the power of the Pandora's Heart Relic, he knows one false move let alone word could see him getting Phaselocked if not worse. So he keeps up the steady and forceful pace, causing her nicely curved frame to jolt back on the sheets, just enough to make her blue hair sway but more importantly it's keeping them both moaning out for a clear sign of approval.

"MMMM!! Mmmmm yeah that's it... Just like that kid... Mmmmm!!" She licks her bright blue lips, a nod of approval as he a little too easily and happily takes this pumping, staying on her side and using her free hand to lightly run across her rounded chest, a brief squeeze through her clothing for an added dose of pleasure. Seeing that he's been preoccupied with just looking down at his dick ploughing into her, she snaps her fingers to drag his gaze up to she her smirking, before down to her breasts again so he can get the visual treat of her toying with herself. "Stay with me Samuel... Mmmm!! If I wanted just a robot to fuck me... Ahhhhh... I'd ask Gaige if she was serious about fitting her Deathtrap with "probe"..." She teases before letting out a groan, his thrusts still nicely timed and firm to send all his length into her pussy each time he thrusts forward and fills her up, only to pull back to slip out a couple of inches before driving back in, the smack of their bodies connecting sounding out to go along with their moans.

"Ahhhhh... I don't think I want to know about that..." Samuel says, giving he another quick round of thrusts before he eases his dick out of her to make them both groan.

"Hey, planet full of weird aliens, insane cannibals and brainwashed footsoldiers? Anything's possible here..." Maya casually shrugs as she rolls over so she can now kneel on the bed. "Want me to take the lead for a bit?" She asks with a knowing smirk, like she can easily predict the answer.

"Hell yeah!" As the not unexpected response, quickly pulling his shirt up and over his head to leave him naked, not even noticing the look of approval she gives his nicely toned upper body as he moves onto the bed so he can lay down on his back.

"Don't think you're going to get off easy there..." She warms with a playful smile as she moves to straddle him, her shapely backside facing him as she reaches down, once again pulling the lower part of her body-suit to the side so she can line up his cock with her entrance as she lowers herself down onto him.

"Mmmmm!! Time for a real work-out!" She lets out a laugh before a long moan escapes her as she's able to sink all the way down to his base in just one moment, no doubt helped by the previous fucking she'd just taken and how her pussy juices are still coating his rod from that prior action. That all just makes it easier for her to get straight to work as she leans forward, hands holding onto his legs at the knees for support as she starts to move her body back and forth onto his dick, taking him smoothly but already steadily into her snatch deeply. "MMMM... Fuck!! They weren't kidding... MMMM!! About how you fill up pussy... Feels like... UHHHH... I'm getting stretched here..." She adds as she looks back over her shoulder at the hunk she's on top off with a big, sexy grin to show she finds how her love tunnel is getting stuffed full of man-meat is very much to her liking, just like as she referenced that same dick she's currently got in her as been pounding away at several of Pandora's most stunning residents.

"MMMM!! Ahhhhh... Glad... Glad I can... Mmmmm!! Live up to the hype..." He offers, but the rookie Vault Hunter is paying more attention to the sight of her curvy, rounded backside partially covered by the body-suit she's still wearing, but able to see her cheeks slightly jiggle each time she rocks back to take his dick all the way up into her still tight but noticeably damp pussy.

"AHHHHH... He-hey... Aren't you gonna be... Mmmmm!! You know, too hot wearing that still??" He questions, noting her still clothed state as it's only because the part of her suit at her crotch has been pulled to the side is allowing her to ride his dick to move his fat inches into and then right back out of her wetness, never shifting forward too much so his cock slips out of her but more than a few inches drawn out so she can then race back sharply with a smack to stuff herself full.

"Oh so you think... MMMM!! You think I'm hot, huh? MMMMM..." She teases, giving him a wink as she continues to rock back and forth with her sturdy hips to keep them both moaning, the motion of her sexily curved body more than forceful enough to make her short blue hair sway in time with the rest of her as the naughty slap of her body connecting against his when she pushes back sounds out to be clearly heard even with their cries of pleasure. "MMMM... You're not the first to tell me that... AHHHH... I once got a note that said I was attractive..." The gorgeous and deadly woman boasts as she verbally toys with the man she's mounted on, moving almost effortlessly with smooth shifts of her hips forward and then back, making it appear that this was a well practised and familiar action to her despite this being the first time she's so shamelessly hooked up with this handsome and hung stud.

"Ahhhhh... That's... That's not what I... MMMM!! Awwwww fuck it! MMMMM..." Perhaps wisely he doesn't try to argue his point about her still clothed state, seeing that sweat is starting to form over the visible parts of her athletic and very desirable frame, making her Siren tattoos down the side of her body stand out even more while she keeps on riding his dick in commanding fashion. With the effects of the lust-enhancing Relic allowing him to stay rock hard and take this fantastic ride from the blue-haired beauty he's more than able to just lay back and watch her booty bounce with every rocking movement back towards his crotch or sharply away from him as she fucks herself on his big dick time and time again.

"MMMM!! Relax kid... I know... UHHHH!! What you mean..." The sexy Vault Hunter smirks again, groaning as she comes to a stop on his cock after another round of swift bounces, allowing her to be mounted straight up on his fat and long shaft, the perfect position to allow her to grind that wet pussy down against his crotch to both their moaning delight. "AHHHHH... Like I said, after all the shit I've been though here? MMMM... Getting a little sweaty in this get-up? MMMMM!! Least... Least of my fucking problems!" She adds, raising herself up for a moment just so she can drop down with a loud smack, making the hunk underneath her groan out to her grinning approval, having a little extra teasing fun with another slow slide of her snatch to rub her inner walls all against his cock as it stays stuffed up deep inside her.

"MMMM!! That's... That's a damn good point..." Samuel agrees, letting out another groan when she lifts herself up but this time completely to let his still stiff shaft fall from her soaking snatch.

"Flattery will get you nowhere kid..." Maya says, moving now to get herself onto her hands and knees still on his own bed. "Well, expect back inside me..."

"An even better point!" He says, taking the not exactly subtle hint and quickly moving into position behind her, now being the one to pull her clothing to side to gain access to that slick hole, tapping the crown of his member against those folds before easily being able to push in and bottom out with just the first thrust.

"MMMM FUCK!! Oh... Oh yeah Samuel!! MMMM!!" It didn't take long at all for those pumps deep into her pussy to get the smoking hot Siren moaning, her fingers gripping handfuls of bedsheets from the pleasure she's feeling as he wastes no time in getting into a quick and forceful rhythm to send his cock right in and out of her still needy pussy even after all this sinful sexual action. "AHHHHH FUCK!!! MMMMM YES!! More! Fucking... UHHHH!! FUCK ME!!" She yells the demand even though she's getting just that, his cock ploughing forward into her to stuff her full over and over again with every fat inch of his manhood, the smack of skin meeting skin ringing out and even more profound than before with the effort and impact he's putting into banging her from behind.

"AHHHH... Mmmmm!! AWWWW SHIT!! MMMMM!!" With the powers of Pandora's Heart guiding him, or more specifically at this point his hips to make his pumping motion swift and smooth to slam home his cock into that still nicely tight but dripping wet pussy, allowing him to give her the kind of fucking she and her stunning Siren body deserve, but otherwise he would have never been able to deliver in his wildest fantasies. As always though he's taking full advantage of that and her heightened state of lust, thrusting in and out of her dampness to make them both moan away with every motion be it him drawing back a few inches or racing in deep to fill her up far more than she's ever felt before in her Vault Hunting life.

"OH FUCK!! MMMMM!! DON'T... AHHHHH!! DON'T FUCKING STOP!! MMMM!!" She gasps out as she looks back over her shoulder, strands of her bright blue hair now sticking to her pretty face from the sweat dripping off her, just making her intense gaze of desire even hotter as she keeps herself up in the classic doggy style position, very willingly taking each and every pussy-stuffing pump that he has to give her. "UHHHH!! MMMM!! Fuck!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCK MMMM!!" The woman originally from Athenas groans out, her nicely curved and still clothed body being made to rock forward each time she takes a firm thrust and his toned frame collides with her, but neither of them feel and sting from the slap as their bodies meet, no doubt it just adding to the pleasure as she moans away and he grunts deeply with every thrust sent deep into her pussy.

Feeling the sweat start to trickle off of his body, it just gives him the focus to continue on giving it to the dangerous and beautiful Siren on her hands and knees in front of him, but having already had experience taking on a tattoo covered stunner before he also knows it's going to take a little something extra along with the powerful and deep pumps of his big dick into her snatch to satisfy her. Boldly reaching forward with a lean, he catches her by surprise by the arms, gripping and then pulling them back to hold by the wrists, making her moan louder with wide eyes as she's held tightly, soon combined by him starting to fire off rapid hard thrusts straight into her already well fucked snatch that soon has her squealing out in delight at the increased pace.

"AHHHHH FUCK!!! MMMMM!! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCKKK AHHHHHH!!" Her moans are loud, long and completely shameless as her upper body is now suspended above the bed she's been fucked and been fucking on, the sharp slap of his crotch meeting her rounded ass sounding out like machine gun fire as his balls smack off her body and his cock continues to push in deeply in and out of her wet fuck tunnel. "YES!! AHHHH FUCK ME!! MMMM FUCK ME FUCK ME FUUUUUUUCKKK MMMEEEEEEE!!" She gasps out, eyes now staring up at the ceiling and so lust-drunk now her tongue is slightly hanging out fron between her bright blue lips but loving every intense moment of getting fucked hard like she'd been wanting from the very start. So forceful in fact that even her tits are bouncing held within her body-suit as her frame jolts sharply forward each time she takes a deep pump, but doesn't move too far thanks to the strong grip on her arms keeping her in place to take this stiff to say the least pounding.

"UHHHH!! Ah FUCK!! MMMM... AHHHHH... MMMMM..." The still, even after months of missions and training, rookie Vault Hunter keeps on driving his cock in and out of the real deal loot collector in front of him, her nicely thick backside jiggling with every deep pump he sends into her slick folds, feeling her passage still being erotically snug around his inches even after all this repeated and relentless now action she's taken. He's more than happy to fulfil her demands, even if she has no clue this state of wild desire and his own sexual ability is down to the mysterious Relic he has equipped, and he has no intentions of either letting her in on that dirty secret or stopping this pounding as long as he can keep doing it.

"FUCK!! OH YES!! YESSSSS!! CU-CUMMING!! GONNA... FUCKING!! MMMMMM AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!!!" Another long and loud moan escapes those full coloured lips before Maya's stunning, sweat-soaked and still clothed body shakes as she jolts back and forth, a powerful orgasm rocking her as she gasps out and her pussy impressively clamps around the very cock that's driven her to such a sexual high. "AHHHHHH... AHHHHH MMMMMM... FUCK!! MMMMM FUCK..." She groans out, eyes glazed over as she's left dizzy as the pleasure flows through her, similar to how her pussy juices are flooding to further coat the rod that's been stuffing her so full time and time again during this, and from how her blue-haired head is slumping down now if it wasn't for the very hunk fucking her from behind holding her up by her arms as he pulls them back, she'd be slumped on the bed she's getting banging on way before now.

Said Relic-powered hunk however keeps his composure even with the increased tightness around his shaft as she cums, gritting his teeth and hissing as he has to not just withstand this added pressure, but keep on thrusting in and out of that soaking wet hole to make sure she feels every moment of this sexual high, as well as keep the firm grip on her wrists as he pulls back on the arms to keep her held in shaking, jolting place. Once he feels and hears her coming back down to Pandora from that high peak, he eases off from the force and pace of his pumps, still keeping her held up for a few moments as he gives a final couple of thrusts before he lets go of her. Indeed as suspected, she falls forward onto the already sweat-soaked sheets with a groan as his dick is freed from that well fucked hole that even now is still sinfully leaking pussy juices that formed from that stunning orgasm.

"Damn!! Guess... Guess you needed that..." Samuel says with a slight chuckle seeing her current state, but secretly grateful to get a break in the action despite still being hard but clearly reaching his own limit as he wipes sweat from his face with the back of his hand. "Guess I'll just..." He starts to say as he reaches down, no doubt thinking to finish himself off with some strokes.

However suddenly he's frozen on the spot, but actually lifted above the ground and bright energy sphere surrounds him leaving him unable to move and with wide, shocked eyes. Phaselocked.

"You're doing nothing, kid..." Maya purrs, her Siren tattoos glowing as she uses her powers to keep him in place, giving her plenty of time to move and now sit on the edge of the bed, his position meaning his cock is right in front of her face. "What? Never been sucked off while technically being suspended in another dimension?" She teases as she reaches into that stasis sphere, gripping his cock and making him moan. "And I hear I thought you'd been with a Siren before..."

Before he can try and reply, those bright blue and full lips of hers were once more wrapped around his man-meat, a loud and shameless slurp being heard as she pushes down far onto his size, showing no issue with tasting her own snatch from off of those inches as she starts to blow him briskly, rather casually using her free hand to brush strands of that coloured hair from her line of sight. This allows her to, even after getting off herself from how he'd pounded her moments before, stare lustfully at the man left powerless to even move from her use of the Phaselock ability, but his load moans as she raises her oral hole all the way up to the crown of his cock before racing quickly back down to meet her stroking hand shows that if he could, he's be encouraging her to keep going.

After having had sex with pirates, bartenders, con-artists, and even a partly robotic 18 year old, nothing could have prepared him for being sucked off while suspended by unworldly abilities, feeling his cock starting to throb between those pouty lips of the very woman keeping him held off the ground while she administers this steamy blowjob. Without the powers of Pandora's Heart granting him superior sexual ability he wouldn't have even gotten this far into this lustful encounter, let alone last a second being blown while trapped in this Phaselock. Even with it, he knows from his own deep grunts and moans he's letting out and how his dick is pulsing inside her nicely damp and very soothing at this point mouth as she lets herself run back and forth over the cock she'd orgasmed all over just minutes before.

"Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmm!!" Bobbing away, she proudly smirks around the dick she's sucking off as she takes his size in deep with the hungry and smoothly timed motion, her bright blue hair swaying from the nodding motion her head is doing as she loudly slurps along him, dabbing her saliva over these familiar inches that even now she still can't get enough off. She pays to attention to how long she's actually been keeping him held in stasis above the ground far longer than she'd be able to do even against an enemy in combat - no doubt another effect that the Relic he has equipped is having on her - as she focuses on blowing his dick deep into her mouth and moaning herself with every suck.

Unsurprisingly it doesn't take too many more deep slurps from those full, coloured lips before she finishes him off, a deep groan coming from the hunk trapped in the Phaselock sphere she's created as Samuel starts to cum, a big blast of spunk splashing into Maya's talented mouth to make her groan at the feeling of spunk filling her up. It doesn't stop her bobbing motion though, like a pro knowing to milk every drop dry from him as she continues to suck but with far slower, controlled nods of her head, keeping him moaning as more blasts of jizz are sent to collect inside her oral hole.

Feeling him begin to go limp, she finally pulls away with pressed together lips, at the same time groaning as the glow of her tattoos fade and the Phaselock ends, sending Samuel crashing down to the floor with an unceremonious thud. She doesn't pay any attention to that however, moaning as she greedily swallows down that vast load of cum with one big gulp, leaving her gasping with satisfaction when she next opens her mouth and casts a smirk over at the man picking himself off from his own bedroom floor.

"Well... Congrats kid..." Maya says, standing up from the bed and looking over with a smirk at Samuel as he stands up. "You proved the rumours to be true after all." She confirms with a nod, before causally turning and picking up her pants to put them back on.

"So... You really just showed up... Just for a, what do they call it? A booty call?" Samuel questions, now taking a seat on the edge of his bed as he recovers, but smartly taking advantage of her turned back to unequip Pandora's Heart as she pulls her pants up her legs.

"Pretty much!" She calls over her shoulder as she does up her belt. "Hearing everyone bragging about how good you are, I guess I had to see for myself. I wasn't let down that's for sure..." She adds as she turns around, having no idea he'd already switched out the Relic from his "menus" by the time she looked at him again. "Plus, it's pissing Lilith the Hell off that you're the resident bicycle around here for all the women. Everyone but her has had a ride on you now, and they've been really great ones at that."

"Uhhhh... Thanks? I think?" He questions the back-handed compliment about how he's managed to unlikely as it sounds get around almost every attractive female of note in all the Borderlands.

"You can thank me again next time I swing by here..." Maya says, giving a last smirk as she turns to leave. "And trust me, I will be back! You are gonna be stuck here for a few days more after all..." She says over the shoulder as she leaves with a sway in her hips.

As Samuel grins, watching that ass move from side to side as she goes, he certainly liked the sounds of another visit from that stunning Siren. This turn of events would certainly solve the boredom problem of this "house arrest".

A thought strikes him about what she said. It was true actually that he'd gone through most of all of the residents of Sanctuary and beyond. From Tannis to Captain Scarlett, Fiona to Gaige, even managing to resurrect Angel and the countless times with Mad Moxxi. The only one yet to get into the pants of was the one who has been the harshest on him since the conquests started racking up.

It was almost as if there was an inevitable, planned from the start conclusion to this all that he'd end up getting to Lilith last, but certainly not least...


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