WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Lilith (Borderlands series)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 11
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Usually Samuel would be more than happy to have a woman full of emotion come into his home in Sanctuary. When that emotion is pretty much fury and anger however, it's not high on the list. Near the bottom in fact, just above "Being Shot At" on things he likes.

That's what happened however when Lilith, the leader of the Crimson Raiders and a fully fledged Vault Hunter, stormed into his home unannounced one day, slamming the door shut behind her and easily grabbing him by the top, forcing him against a wall with surprising strength.

"Spit it!!" Lilith demands with a glare in those bright, golden eyes of hers. "How in the FUCK do you manage to FUCK every single FUCKING woman you come across?!?" The redhead demands, and if she wasn't threatening enough already with that stare the face her Siren tattoos on her body were glowing showed she was not kidding around.

"IhaveaRelic!!" Samuel quickly says in pure fear, squirming against her grip. "I found a Relic months ago, and when I equip it it like, grants me all these powers to make a complete stud! I can fuck like a pro, last longer than an athlete, and makes my dick way longer and thicker than it should be! I don't know how it works, but it does and it makes any woman around me be turned on to make me irresistible!!"

Staring at him, Lilith narrows her eyes, keeping him pinned up against the wall for a long, tense moment before she lets go of him and steps back. "That... Is the single fucking most pathetic excuse I've ever heard!" She says, laughing with a shake of the head. "Holy shit... Some lust-producing Relic?? Come on! At least make it sound half-believable!" She says, making her disbelief clear to his "excuse". "Like, you could have said "Hey, I hacked their ECHOnet tapes and got evidence, or hey, I stole their favourite gun and held it for ransom! Maybe even..."

As Samuel composes himself, not just from being roughed up a little but the fact that when he finally told the truth about how he's been able to shack up with some many of Pandora's sexiest women he wasn't believed, he takes the chance to not listen to her speech, but check her out instead. The stunning redhead was in her signature attire of nicely fitting pants that showed off her shapely hips, and a jacket and low-cut top that showed off eye-catching deep cleavage from her nicely sized and rounded tits. He would be lying if he said he hadn't thought about trying out his "secret" on her before, but fear of being a victim of a Phasewalk that rips his brain from his head stopped him from trying that with the intimidating stunner.

"...I mean, you've never even hit on me once! Once! You got it on with two lesbians, a Siren who you brought back from the dead - and I'm still really fucking pissed you picked her over my ex-boyfriend by the way - and even that con-artist with the hat who showed up not to long ago."

As Lilith continues to vent her feelings, she turns her back to him as her arms make vivid motions as she further convey frustrations it seems over his actions since appearing in Sanctuary. Samuel however takes the chance to bring up his "Menus", quickly equipping Pandora's Heart in the Relic slot and closing down the "Menus" just as she turns back to face him.

"So seriously, what is your deal Samuel? What are..." She starts to say as she locks eyes with him, and instantly the powers he's used time and time again take effect instantly, seeing her hard look soften with a clear lust growing inside her.

With an opportunity like this, he opted to take the risk in the same fashion that had been presented to him by her fellow Siren not too long ago. "...Want to fuck?" Samuel boldly asks with a grin.

"...You're damn fucking right I do!" Lilith says with a primal growl, her bright eyes seemingly flashing at the offer. Before he knows what hit him, Samuel is hauled off from the wall and now down to the floor, but this time there's a more pleasant outcome as she quickly rips off his belt, tossing it carelessly away as she hauls down his pants and boxers. Her eyes widen lustfully when she sees that rock hard, ready to go shaft, that look confirming to her all the stories she's heard about his unlikely conquests, and with the powers of Pandora's Heart in full effect, she's about to willingly become perhaps the greatest notch in his bedpost yet.

She doesn't hold herself back, swinging around to be on top in a 69 position as she clamps her mouth around his pole, a deep groan escaping her the moment her full lips connect with his thick man meat. Grabbing his legs, she starts to bob that red haired head along his member, making him easily groan as she starts to work him over with a steady and firm pace, groaning herself again around him as she gets into this blowing motion. Looking back, she casts a narrowed eyed stare of desire, an eyebrow arched in a challenge at the man gazing back in awe of her work, and when his hands soon scramble up to her pants to work them down those shapely hips she smirks, turning her attention back to sucking him off now she feels that he's taken the hint.

Indeed Samuel gets her bottoms down enough to reveal her shapely backside and that inviting looking snatch, and knowing he would be very foolish to deny her he gets to work himself, slurping on her snatch with his mouth and already making her moan out, still heard enough even with the thick muffling of his own dick deep up in her mouth. He works his own now well trained lips against her lower ones, flicks of the tongue aiding to increase her dampness but showing her neediness the beauty he's starting to eat out is already rocking her body back against his, causing that pussy to be rubbed over his mouth as she slides against his nicely toned, but similar to her now still clothed body.

"Mmmmmmphhh!! MMMMM!! Mmmmmmphhh..." The stunning Siren groans as she gets that cock nicely layered with her saliva from that smooth, machine-like motion as her head lifts up to an inch below the head before pushing back down to just a couple inches above the balls, her hands gripping his legs for support so it's nothing but those lips and the feeling of her warm and wet mouth that's testing this vast shaft. Her moans also show the approval of the oral work being given back to her, feeling her snatch getting nicely wet from the way his tongue is smacking against and around her, ensuring she stays pleasuring him with her own mouth as she continues to aggressively suck that big cock with loud, and completely shameless slurps.

At the same time, that still considered rookie Vault Hunter is going to town on the real deal, leader of the currently assembled Hunters as he moans into her snatch, munching away on that tasty, slick pussy as his hands roam over and squeeze her ass cheeks. With that stunning body working back against his mouth, he can easily slide his tongue right forward into her to probe in deep, making sure she stays groaning as he licks away, happy to drink down her fluids being offered to him and caring not for the staining now over his lips and chin from that dining.

"Mmmmphh!! Mmmmm... MMMMPHH!!" With a grunt and narrowed eyes, Lilith forces her gorgeous face right down onto his manhood, her lips pressing to the base and chin resting above the crotch as she groans around him, impressively not gagging as she deep throats him and makes him further groan out as her throat handles his cock tightly. She shifts herself, turning her head slightly from side to side as she keeps the deep throat going, and doing the same with her hips to keep that pussy grinding against the handsome face of the hunk she's on top off. Satisfied that he can take a red hot blowjob like this, she slowly lifts her head up to the crown, taking a moment to groan and draw in air through her nose before she delivers another speedy round of sucks up and down that saliva-covered rod much to his muffled groaning delight.

Lifting her head properly off she groans out, shifting back and rubbing her pussy again on that mouth to sample his oral skill a little longer. "Stay right fucking there!" Lilith orders with gritted teeth, moving up and off from his body.

"Ye-Yes ma'am!" Samuel wisely obays, watching as she hauls down her pants completely to kick them away, returning to mouth his cock as she stares down at him.

"Don't give me that ma'am shit!!" She snaps with a tone half-defiant, but half-lustful as she reaches down, guiding that cock up towards her snatch as she eases down. "You think you can handle me? I bet... Uhhhhh... You won't last five minutes against me..." She groans as that fat crown invades her folds as she sinks onto him.

"Mmmmm!! I... I think that's a bet you'll lose..." He replies back, knowing that the Relic he has equipped should help him survive the no doubt sexual onslaught she's about to attempt on him.

"Think you're... Ahhhhh!! Hot fucking shit, huh??" She glares down, even as she groans from how she's getting filled up by his cock as she takes him up inside her tight, wet pussy, her hands gripping his top as she starts to lift herself up, finding that she need a couple testing bounces to make sure her love tunnel is properly adjusted to this quite clearly larger than she's used to size of a dick.

"Mmmmm... We're going to fucking see about that, "Killer"..." She almost purrs as that desire creeps out from her usually wicked attitude, a flash of a smile before she starts to properly bounce herself on his cock, moaning out with those bright eyes wide with approval as she works his length in and out of her snug snatch to get them both moaning out just moments into establishing the motion.

"Mmmmm!! Be... Be my guest..." The lucky hunk says, not daring to hide his moans of pleasure from how already fantastic this ride feels, his gaze fixed down onto between her legs to watch his rod vanish up completely inside her damp hole before she raises it up to the mid-way or so mark, then sharply dropping down to take him in to the hilt with ease. "I have, you know... Ahhhhh... Done this with a Siren before..." He's able to groan out between her swift bounces on his stiff rod, referencing the previous times he's banged her fellow Sirens in the past but unknown to them, and the stunning woman currently lifting herself up and down with sinful purpose on his dick, it's all been due to the mysterious, desire-creating Relic that he has equipped.

"Mmmmm!! You've never had... Uhhhhh!! A fucking woman like me before!" She says down, a determined look on her pretty, moaning face as she pushes herself up and down onto that meaty fuck-stick, her movement making her rounded breasts bounce even within the tight, cleavage showing off top she's still wearing. "You might have... Mmmmm... Gotten lucky with those other Sirens... Mmmmm!! But trust me "Killer"... I'm something else!" She warns, her threat perhaps would have meant more if not broken up by the open moaning she's doing from filling herself up with all that cock, her smooth riding rhythm making it look like that even with a shaft of this great size, she isn't a stranger to using this position.

"Mmmmm... Trust me Lilith, I can... Ahhhh!! I can feel that..." He says with a moan, looking over that stunning body of the redhead as she moves herself up and down on him with that brisk pace, making a sexy slap of skin hitting skin sound out when her ripe butt collides off his thighs when she drops down to take him in balls deep. "Mmmmm... Fuck!! You're... Mmmmm... Tight as all fuck..." He shamelessly admits with a very approving tone, more than happy to let her dominate proceedings and keep the both of them moaning out with every up and down motion she delivers, still partially dressed with his pants down at his knees and upper clothing still on, allowing the pants-less Siren on top of him to keep running her damp snatch over his thickness in lusty, determined fashion.

"MMMM!! Damn fucking... Ahhhhh!! Right I am!!" She grins devilishly down at him, her own pleasure and realisation that indeed all the tales she's heard about his apparent sexual ability are very much true (but unknowingly to her and all his prior conquests all down to that Pandora's Heart Relic he's been using) chipping away at that usually cold attitude she'd had towards him. "You think... MMMM... I just fuck any... Wannabe Vault Hunter that... Mmmmm!! Wonders in around here??" She moans out the question but doesn't even care about the answer, more focused on the pleasure she's getting from sliding her wet snatch along his meaty rod, dropping all the way down to the base before she shifts back up and quickly repeats the motion, her bright red hair swaying in time with that naughty motion.

"MMMM... I'd... I'd never dare..." Samuel half-mumbles, his eyes locking onto her bouncing tits that look ready to pop out from her top as she rides away onto him.

"You'd better not... You're the first guy I've fucked since... Since..." Lilith stops her bouncing motion, looking down with a glare before she dismounts him with a groan. "I'm still fucking pissed you didn't bring my fucking ex-boyfriend back from the dead!" She snaps as she grabs him by his top, forcing him up to his feet along with her as she marches him into his own bedroom.

"I... Uhhhh... Sorry??" He stutters out as he's led in, then let go as she unzips and then tosses aside the jacket part of her upper clothing. "I guess, you want me to make up for that?"

"You fucking think??" She glares again, but unable to help taking a glance at that cock of his, nicely layered with her juices. "You'd better screw me like your fucking life depends on it!" She adds with the kind of voice that shows why she's so feared and respected around Sanctuary, although perhaps not as threatening considering she then pulls her top up and over head to show off those gorgeous, nicely sized tits.

Nodding, knowing that even with the power of Pandora's Heart he's still got to put on a performance to sooth her rage and then some, he watches as she climbs up onto the bed in front of him, and soon steps in so he can line up and then push his cock into her damp snatch. Both of them moan as he sinks forward, his hands going onto that toned midsection as he gets right to business, drawing the hips back so he can firmly send them along with his mighty cock right forward into her, to her groaning approval as he fills her up once again. He doesn't even register at that point that he's actually fucking now the Firebird herself in his own bedroom, on his own bed, focusing on making sure she doesn't make good on that prior warning to put him through a living Hell if he doesn't sexually satisfy her high needs.

"MMMM!! Fuck yeah... That's... Uhhhhh!! That's what I fucking need..." She moans her approval, looking back over her shoulder at the still semi-clothed stud behind her as he thrusts his dick deeply into her snatch, in no time at all able to start smacking against her backside with his crotch as he feed every fat inch in and out of those slick folds. "Come on "Killer"! You want to... AHHHHH... Fuck a slut like Moxxi... MMMMM... Or a barely legal jailbait like Gaige before me?? MMMM!!" She almost rants between her groans, but despite this apparent resentment for being the "last on the list" her body is betraying her in terms of showing how much she's enjoying this, shifting backward to push her pussy against his cock each time he pumps forward, ensuring he goes all in and stuffs that sweet hole as full as she can get.

"AHHHHH... Hey! It's not... MMMMM... Like I planned it all out or... Mmmmm... Or anything!" He protests, but unsurprisingly soon finds himself moaning upon the next stiff, balls deep thrust he delivers into the snatch of the veteran Siren who had been a part of the original four Vault Hunters so long ago, but is taking a "raiding" of a far different sort right now in the form of this massive and lengthy dick being driven firmly back and forth into her needy snatch. "It... AHHHHH... It all just happened..." He claims, even though - as he actually tried to admit to her before this sudden sexual encounter began - his run of luck fucking some of the hottest women across the Borderlands has all been due to that powerful Pandora's Heart that he has equipped. That same Relic is exactly why not only is he currently deep in to the hilt with his dick inside of the beautiful but deadly woman in a doggy style position in front of him, but the reason why he's able to still deliver a pounding and last inside of such a stunning, snug and slick snatch like hers.

"MMMMM!! You fucking... UHHHH!! Fucked Tannis before me!! Fucking Tannis!!" She snaps out with a moan, showing a seemingly bitterness to having been left "last but not least", yet the way she's rocking herself firmly back and forth in order to meet his pumps and keep her booty slapping against his desirable frame shows the pleasure she's getting from the rookie Vault Hunter has been more than meeting the rumours she's heard about him and his skill. "AHHHHH... And then the two lovers from the damn moon... MMMMM!! Do NOT get me started on Angel..." She hisses, still looking back at the man pounding deep into her with a glare in those bright, burning eyes but showing clear lust for even more from him, all enhanced by the sight of her ass cheeks jiggling when they smack back into him each time he thrusts forward into her tightness as she pushes back stiffly to meet that big cock of his.

"FUCK... Mmmmm!! I didn't think... UHHHH!! I had any fucking chance with you!!" He boldly fires back, his hands still holding her by the midsection so he can continue to pump away deep into her wet vaginal hole, his heavy ballsack slapping up against her entrance each time he fires another hard and quick pump into the woman who is her direct Boss, not to mention the leader of all of Sanctuary and the Crimson Raiders. "I figured if I tried to... MMMMM... Even hit on you, you'd like, Phasewalk me into another freaking dimension!! AHHHHH..." He adds with a gasp, looking down to admire the sexy glaze of sweat now covering he tattooed and curvy body, the sight motivation enough to keep him sending all his inches right forward into her snatch over and over again, but it's the feeling that's making sure he's moaning out without shame much like she is as he keeps on driving in to attempt to not just meet her needs, but save his own ass from certain wrath if he fails to.

"Seriously "Killer"? MMMM... After fucking Sirens, part-robotic chicks and... UHHHHH Space pirates? You really... Need to work on your confidence..." Lilith teases with a smirk as she makes the move to shift forward and away from his dick, making them both groan as he leaves her snatch.

"Like I said... I'm just lucky, I guess..." Samuel says, choosing his words carefully as since she already didn't believe the real explanation to his run of sexual luck, he doesn't exactly have any back-up excuses ready.

"Lucky?? That's what you call it?" She says, turning over onto her back as she spreads her legs apart in a far from subtle suggestion. "Then come give me some of that fucking luck..."

Taking a rushed moment to take off his shirt and toss it out of the way, he quickly takes up the offer to get into position over her, having to pause for a moment when with a dirty grin she surprises him by wrapping her legs up around his waist as he leans over her. Lining his dick up again with her, he thrusts in and gets them both moaning out once again just from that first penetration, even though that already damp but still snug snatch has taken quite the pumping already. There's plenty more to come though as he resumes the task, sending in a round of firm and perfectly timed thrusts to fill up that still ready for more pussy with his manhood, the force behind the motion already making her tits bounce as she rocks against his own bed that she's laying on.

"MMMMM!! Oh SHIT!! FUCK... MMMMM YEAH!! Fucking take it Samuel! MMMM!! Give it to me!!" The stunning Siren encourages the hunk driving deep into her slickness as she gives fully in to that undeniable pleasure him and his big cock are giving her, arms crossed behind her head and grabbing at the sheets she's being taken on, that gorgeous, tattooed body jolting away from him when he drives in but her own grip around him with her legs making sure she doesn't move too far away from the next hard pump as she shifts back forward towards him. "UHHHH!! MMMMM... Fuck me Samuel!! MMMM!! FUCK!! It's been... UHHHH!! Too fucking long!!" She gazes over his toned body as he rocks back and forth towards her, sending that dick smoothly but stiffly in and out of her damp folds to fill her up quite unlike anything she's ever experienced before, but knowing that he's given it to several fellow Pandora residents before she'd gotten to experience all that man-meat stuffing her snatch full like she's currently getting to shamelessly moaning delight.

"MMMM... What? Since... AHHHHH... Since you got fucked??" He questions, but now it's his turn to not really care about the response as he keeps his attention quite rightly on giving her a pounding to remember, his crotch slapping against hers to make the smack of skin meeting sweat-covered skin sound out every time he goes in balls deep into this stunning redhead before him.

"MMMMM... Or we still talking... UHHHH!! About how long it took for me... MMMMM... To finally get a piece of you??" He adds between his groans, showing that he's certainly fantasised about getting to fuck the leader of the Crimson Raiders before, but even with the sexual powers granted by Pandora's Heart he never dared to attempt it. Those moans he's letting out show he's more than happy that it's finally happened as he works his dick in and out of her still nicely tight and very damp now twat, not able to draw more than a couple inches back thanks to those legs gripping his body like a vice so his thrusting motion is able to be hard and rapid, exactly to her groaning delight.

So lust-drunk now, the famed and feared beauty he's currently fucking just stares up at him with those golden, bright eyes, the tattoos over her sexy body looking even hotter thanks to the sweat all over her, and the addition of her cries of pleasure from his cock ramming back and forth into her pussy make it all a sight to remember. She's looking far from the intimidating Vault Hunter she's known to be, more like a XXX-Rated ECHOnet film starlet from the way her shameless moans are escaping her open mouth and how her lovely, ripe tits continue to bounce away in time with the rough way her body shifts away then right back up against the studly fame of the rookie to her she's supposed to be coaching instead of fucking and getting screwed by.

Once again showing a wise way of knowing when to let actions speak instead of words, he lets his hips do the steady work, still driving his inches in and out of her soaking wet snatch at this rapid pace that few men would be able to maintain with any regular woman, let alone a powerful and gorgeous to match Siren like he currently is. Once again it's all down to the effects granted by the lust-enhancing Relic that he has equipped, allowing him to keep on slamming his cock home into her tight hole with that seemingly endless energy even as he sweats and his broad chest heaves for any dose of air he can get to aid him in giving her not just the kind of fucking she's demanding, but that she so rightfully deserves.

With only moans and groans escaping them, both seem lost in an almost primal state of desire having both clearly wanted this for so long, and openly loving every thrusting, pussy stuffing, cock-taking moment of this lewd encounter that has sweat dripping off of both their bodies as the woman being slammed full with his dick still keeps her legs around him to keep his rod right deep in her still craving release snatch. Gritting her teeth, she catches him off guard once again, her arms up to pull him down on top of him, her tits soon grinding against his upper body as her lips firmly press onto his, soon moans being exchanged between one another along with spit as they start making out with her tongue commandingly, even though she's the one being fucked on her back right here, invading his mouth to wrestle with his.

Samuel knows to go with the flow as he's so often done since realising how to use Pandora's Heart to get into the sheets with many a stunning female on the planet, so he's more than happy to lip-lock with the woman who is his superior in more ways than one here in Sanctuary, but right now resembles more of a long-time lover with how she's working her body still against his hard thrusts as they sloppily kiss. He moans into her mouth as their tongues slap around against one another's, his hand sliding up against the side of her body covered with tattoos before he reaches the breast, giving a deep squeeze that makes her groan and pull back, and seeing a chance to trigger her into orgasm he pounces, leaning over a little more and starting to rapid fire slam-fuck her snatch like, as she had warned before, like his life depended on it.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCKKK AHHHHHHH!!" His actions accomplished that and then some, for the first time catching her unprepared as the increased stuffing of her love tunnel indeed set her off, legs unable to stay wrapped and her body arching off the bed as the pleasure starts to overwhelm her, eyes even closing as her red haired head tilts back and hands actually tearing the sheets she's been grabbing. "AHHHHHHH OOOOOOOHHH FUUUUUUUCKKKKKK!! MMMMMMMMM AHHHHHHH!!!" She screams out loudly as a massive, wild sexual high rocks her so much that even her Siren tattoos down her body appear to glow, her snatch unleashing a flood of juices that squelch out as the stud on top of her keeps on driving that dick hard and fast into her snatch for good measure. It's effective to say the least, ensuring she feels every moment of that high rippling through her stunning frame with thrust after swift and deep thrust, leaving her to eventually fall back onto the bed with a lazy but very happy smile creeping across her pretty face.

"UHHHH... FUCK!! Gonna... Gonna fucking..." Samuel starts to warn, bur suddenly she raises up an arm, her tattoos glowing again as she uses her signature Phasewalk ability to distort time and space. In the next moment and with an even deeper groan than before, he now finds himself standing up just a foot away from the bed, a still shimmering with light Lilith kneeling in front of him as she has her mouth deep onto his cock, already bobbing away onto him as they both return back to this reality.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm!!" The redhead moans with still clear lust, even as muffled as the cry is due to her oral hole willingly being filled up with his fat cock, showing no issue with the taste of her own pussy off of his own pulsing cock, her smoothly and quickly moving mouth along with the frisky way her tongue to running up against his pole as it passes between her lips easily replacing her juices with her just as pleasurable feeling saliva. Those golden, piercing eyes of hers stare up at the groaning stud who had just given her a sexual peak to remember for years to come, now looking to return that with these deep slurps up and down on that fuck-stick, her hands even gripping his thighs so she can really work her head deep onto the cock she's finally become very familiar with.

After the experience of being in a Phasewalk, soon followed by a sudden, red hot blowjob, even with all the powers that Pandora's Heart allows he soon reaches a groaning, head tilted back limit, letting out a deep groan as the first thick blast of spunk shoots out to splatter the back of Lilith's mouth to her own moaning approval. Even as he busts a nut, she continues to suck him off, demanding every drop of his load inside her talented mouth and she easily gets that, each bob of the head draining another creamy treat out of him and not stopping until after several moaning (from both parties) moments he finally begins to go limp between her pouty lips. With that, she finally lets him fall out, waiting until he looks down so he can see all the nearly overflowing load he'd let out before she closes those lips together and with a single, greedy gulp swallows all that spunk down, finishing off with a very fitting smirk on her sweat-covered face.

"Well fuck..." Samuel says as he draws in air. "That... That all just happened, huh?"

"Yep... And it was worth the fucking wait..." Lilith says, still smirking as she stands up. "You might not be a perfect Vault Hunter yet Samuel... But when it comes to fucking? You're a grade-A "Killer"..."

"I'll... I'll take that..." He says, smiling back at her. "Beats, you know..."

"Getting shot at? I've heard you like saying that..." She teases with a laugh. "Sad to say, around here you'll still be getting shot at every now and then, but now? I think... I think I know where you stand around here now "Killer"..."

"Oh?" Samuel asks. "What's... What's that then?"

* * *

Standing at what had been the gate in and out of Sanctuary when it had still been a residing in the ground city rather than it's current floating island state, Samuel looked out at the sight of the sky out to the horizon and the landscape of Pandora below.

He sucked at being a real Vault Hunter. He knew it, everyone knew it. By all accounts, he should be long dead by now, let alone having made to Sanctuary in the first place. But a dose of luck, improbable odd beating, oh and more than some help from a hidden Relic, had allowed him to not just survive in a world he shouldn't be in, but actually find a place to be.

Lilith ultimately figured that on the basis of moral-boosting and the safeguard of having someone to watch over the city while the other Vault Hunters were on duty, Samuel had been granted the title of "Mayor of Sanctuary". He wasn't actually the mayor, since she still as leader made all the final decisions, but it at least gave him a position and title and one that everyone approved off. In return, he stayed in the city full time, took note of residents' issues and concerns, and generally stayed on the look-out for any trouble approaching. Oh, and yes, it did mean that he wasn't getting shot at any more. He especially liked that part.

Looking out, Samuel glanced down at the Relic he currently had equipped on his belt - a more general, shield-boosting one compared to Pandora's Heart. He still used it, and still had not told a single person that he had it, and not even Lilith - even with the encounters they've still had since he "earned" being the Major - had questioned about how he was still such a ladies man. From Moxxi to Tannis, Gaige to Maya, and the "new" residents like Angel, Nisha, Athena and Janey, they've gotten more than a fair share of what that Relic has given him, but it's all been kept a secret. Maybe one day he'd finally come clean and tell them all about it...

He shook his head. As long as the very odd life he now had carried on in this rather weird and sometimes violent manner, he'd just keep being himself. No point ruining it now, and who knows? Maybe sometime there will be a new resident or visitor to Sanctuary who will have to meet the Major... And Pandora's Heart can be used to give another stunning beauty some sex that they've been longing for but never gotten before.

For now though, he had business to attend to as he turned away from the gate to head back into town. Moxxi had requested a "meeting" to discuss matters regarding what booze to sell in her bar. If this "meeting" was anything like the others they've had before, then there would be absolutely nothing to do with serious matters and everything to do with shameless, hole-drilling sex.

With a chuckle, Samuel said to himself the words that certainly apply to everyone on Pandora, one way or another. "There ain't no rest for the wicked..."

* * *

Thanks to all the readers, those who have left a comment or favourite, and everyone else who has enjoyed this series of stories. I've been a long time fan of the Borderlands series of videogames and have been happy to provide some stories about the women of the games, even more so that the stories and this series has been enjoyed by so many others as well!

At the time of writing (August 2016) this will be the last chapter of the series unless a new Borderlands game is released in the future, at which point I may consider adding in a new chapter to the series. Regardless, I hope readers enjoy this final entry in Samuel's journey, and I hope you will continue to enjoy my stories and series in the future. Thanks again for reading and feel free to send my any feedback etc you might have through the usual channels.


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