WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Patricia Tannis (Borderlands series)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 2
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001

It had been a week since Samuel's life on Pandora had finally turned around and for the better. Arriving on Sanctuary his first act had not been to introduce himself to the Crimson Raiders and the Vault Hunters, or sell his excess loot for cash at Marcus' shop or one of many vending machines around the floating city. No, his first achievement, and that it certainly was... Was fucking the stunning, busty bartender known as Mad Moxxi.

That had all been down to a Relic he had picked up months before but never knew the use of until that day. Pandora's Heart. Giving him the ability to become not just irresistible towards the opposite sex, but allow him to become vastly talented when it came to sexual activity than he'd ever been before. That had led him to a very unexpected round of fucking in Moxxi's stock room that he wisely took full advantage of, and even more wisely did not even mention the Relic he was using to make it all happen.

While that secured him a fuck buddy and a "free drinks" (paid by the fuck) from that bar, there was other issues he now had to deal with as a resident of Sanctuary. Food, board, and the fact that despite his denials of being one, he was a "Vault Hunter". He looked for loot, collected and sold it for cash, and killed any bandit or beast who tried to kill him first. He wasn't really given much of a choice though when rounded up by the massive "Slab King" Brick and the overly fond of destruction and death Gunzerker Salvador and brought to face the leader of the Crimson Raiders - the intimidating but stunning to say the least Siren called Lilith. He couldn't exactly say no to the likes of them.

Perhaps seeing that he, as well as he's been able to survive in the Borderlands so far, was no true Vault Hunter yet, he was assigned a rookie role, seen as an in-training Vault Hunter. Something about perhaps being useful in the future in some "upcoming war" or something. He liked the sounds of that even less than having to do all these various and random missions he was given on a regular basis. Kill this, find that, recover some piece of machinery, and pretend to care about the town mechanic's repeated failures in his love life. If you could even call it that.

Some days however he got the opportunity for something not quite as taxing or difficult. Like when he almost slipped and fell when his foot stepped onto an empty booze bottle and he nearly went head over heels onto his own head.

"Amigo! Sorry man... Usually I save them for setting up for target practice..." The often seen intoxicated Sniper of the Crimson Raiders known as Mordecai said, slumped against the stairs with a half-full bottle still in his hand as he rolled his head around and made a lazy motion towards the rookie.

"Uh, no problem..." Samuel says as he approaches him, placing the empty bottle down next to the many empty ones already on the steps by him. "I should have been watching where I was going anyway..."

"Hey man, do me a favor..." The Sniper says, fumbling with his satchel before holding out a lump or purple rock that the other man instantly recognises as a chunk of unrefined Eridium. "I'm supposed to hand this over to Tannis over at the base, but to be honest... If I don't ever hear another rant from her about how she should have her own separate city that no one else can access, my life will be made. That, and well... This booze ain't gonna drink itself, right?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Samuel takes the lump. "Yeah, I'll do it. Beats spending a whole day searching for some rare robot that hides in cardboard boxes." He muses.

"Appreciate it man..." Mordecai says, promptly going back to taking a long swig of his bottle as the rookie "Vault Hunter" walks away. "I'm a better shot when I'm drunk anyway..." The Sniper mumbles to himself.

Moving into the city, around the central machinery, he headed toward the recognizable headquarters of the Crimson Raiders, giving a nod to the Raider on duty just in front of the building. Being seen as a "Vault Hunter" got him a sudden amount of respect from the regular Sanctuary citizens. Not a huge amount yet, but it's better than nothing. Far better than his previous life scratching and clawing to survive, that's for sure.

Opening the door, knocking wasn't exactly a common occurrence on Pandora apart from the people who seemed to enjoy hammering onto doors and windows for no reason around the city, he immediately saw the target. And quite an easy on the eyes target she is. Patricia Tannis, the former Dahl Corporation scientist and researcher, turned near-insane though abandonment, furthermore by torture, and now spends her time with herself, avoiding others and any sort of human contact by keeping to her studies of Pandora's life, the Vaults, and Eridium.

Having not seen her before, but being told about her and to watch out for sudden bursts of blood shooting from her nose should he ever speak to her, he took a moment to admire her form as she was preoccupied with looking over notes on a clipboard. Dressed in nicely fitting, worn pants with belts that held research tools and a shield, a dark red and far from prestine trench-coat with a "choker" around the neck along with a dark top that nicely showed off her shapely tits, and topped off with goggles on her short, dark haired head. She certainly was a gorgeous woman, not shamelessly sexual and just as proportioned like Moxxi, but hot nonetheless.

"Excuse me? Tannis? I got told to give you this?" He said, entering the HQ and turning to close the door behind him.

"Oh, how wonderful. And here I was thinking I was finally enjoying some time alone with the rest of those Vault Hunters and whatnot finally leaving this place to deal with whatever pointless activities they are dealing with..." Tannis says, already showing a dislike at this arrival of someone, anyone as she turns around to face him. "Ah yes, the Eridium chunk I had request. You may hand it over, before the mere complexity of its potential burns away whatever little brain cells you may have."

"Uh, OK, sure..." Samuel says, handing the purple lump over to the often less than fully there mentally quest giver.

"Excellent. This will be most useful in my quest to further research the properties of this material. Better here with me than wasted given to that hermit behind the door, or given to that flaming haired Siren to starve off her addition to the stuff. She claims she's got it under control but she's no doubt as addicted as the former bird lover is to booze, the part-machine girl is to robots, and as you are too... Whatever thing it is you are into."

"Uh, well... I like, you know..." He paused, stopping himself from just blurting out "Sex!" as an answer. "Stuff".

"As intelligent an answer as I'd expect from someone dwelling in this floating monstrosity of human life... Now, while I could lecture you in exactly why I have required this piece of Eridium, which I'm sure you don't fully now like so many around here, was the element released throughout Pandora upon..."

As she rambled and ranted, Samuel zoned out completely, his eyes glazing over as he stared at the wall behind Tannis, barely taking her in and seeing her move away as she talked, not a single word being taken in by the poor, long past bored "Vault Hunter". That was, until he blinked himself back to reality, still ignoring her voice but instead letting his eyes fall upon the quite attractive sight of her butt in her pants.

She did say that everyone else had left the HQ, didn't she?

Taking a chance, if for nothing else than to save himself from a death by lecture, he brought up his "Menus" and in his inventory switched out the Shotgun-boosting Relic he had on with the secret one he had told no one else about. Pandora's Heart.

"And that is why I absolutely must have my own quarters here in this city, completely cut off from everyone else, and that no one can enter so that..." Tannis turned around and continued to rant, but her words fell away when her gaze locked onto the man still standing there, a sudden feeling overcoming her that stopped her from looking away. She couldn't tear her eyes off of that handsome, nicely toned form of the hunk smirking at her, looking far more delicious and inviting that anyone she's ever felt before. For the first time in almost forever, she actually wanted someone. She wanted to fuck someone. She wanted to fuck him.

"You know what I think? I think you just need to get to know people a little better." Samuel says, using her last words against her as he took a step towards the scientist.

"That... That is certainly far from accurate." Patricia claimed even as she still looked over him. "You certainly... You do not... You think you have something to offer me, better than the rest of the near-primal inhabitants of this city?"

"Absolutely!" He says, knowing the Relic has done its job as he boldly started to unbuckle his belt. "How about you tell me if this interests you or not?" He offers, letting his pants and then boxers drop to the floor to show off this certainly impressive and then some, lengthy cock that makes her eyes widen in clear lust and want.

"That... That certainly may be worth... Investigating..." Tannis says, finding herself being unable to prevent her feet from moving as she steps towards him. "Yes, in fact... I think I will do just that... Just for personal, private interest of course." She adds with a glance up at him before she shocks herself, moving to slip down in front of him and taking a hold of his cock, giving him a few strokes as she still sizes him up.

"Anything you want to do, I'm down with." He wisely answers, smirking again as he watches the gorgeous woman jerking him off, his shaft quickly getting hard and showing off his full size in her grasp. "A good time, or just helping you out with any studies... Mmmmm... I'm more than happy to help."

"I can absolutely assure you... This is not for research purposes..." She firmly stated, stroking his cock before bringing both hands up, spitting onto one palm and then the other before returning to work both hands along his hard meat, her eyes once again locked onto that rod with a clear hint of awe with her face just an inch or so away from his impressive size. "Now let us see if there's finally some one on this floating trashpile that's worth time..." The quest giver claims as she shows her unpredictability by promptly moving her short haired head down, opening her mouth and taking his cock inside, placing her lips around him and getting a moan from him even before she'd sunk down past the head. Keeping him held inside, she kept both hands around the shaft to pump him while she started to slurp on the head, her gaze now focused on the stud she's already on her knees in front of and double teaming the dick off despite only just meeting one another mere moments ago.

"Mmmmmm fuck... You'll be happy to know that I am that, and then some..." Samuel boldly stated, but knew himself that he could handle even this already smoking hot treatment on his cock thanks to the effects of the Relic he had equipped, which was after all the real reason why the often insane but gorgeous expert in front of him was now servicing his cock. "Ahhhh... But don't let me stop you from proving it yourself... Mmmmm..." He added, watching her hands slide back and forth along all his inches not yet contained inside her oral hole, and feeling her mouth working over the fat head of his prick with seeming skill for a woman who is known to be against most forms of human interaction, but doesn't now have an issue sucking on his nicely thick dick.

"Mmmmmph... Hmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmm..." Tannis lightly groans around the cock of the "rookie Vault Hunter", switching her grip up so her hands focus on the lower half of his tool, allowing her to begin to rock her short haired head along the upper part, her lips sliding downward to almost meet her hands in a slow motion before returning upward to the crown. Narrowing her eyes for a moment, she lifts her head away and off of his tool, spitting down onto the head and quickly using her hands to rub her saliva all over his length. "Hmmmm... Extremely unexpected... This requires further testing... Or do I mean research? Perhaps both, or none." She rambles before lowered her pretty face back down to his cock and taking him into the warm and dampness of her mouth, resuming the motion of sucking his shaft while using her hand to jerk off the rest of him at a slow, steady and very pleasurable pace.

"Ahhhh... You just do... Mmmmm... Whatever you need to do Tannis..." Samuel wisely says, more than happy for her to go at this however she feels like, especially when it's getting him a fine blowjob like this that's seeing half of his cock being taken in and out of her oral hole as she bobs her head back and forth along him, and keeps the dual-action going by using her hands to stroke the inches not yet taken between her soft lips. "Mmmmmm shit!! Damn, that feels real good..." He compliments, even though his moans have already been the sign that he's been enjoying her oral talents to say the least, watching her head move back and forth along his shaft and feeling her saliva coating his rod, beginning to drip off of that tool and a little from her chin as the saliva seeps out from between those lips.

"Mmmmmm... Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm..." The long time ally to the Vault Hunters lets out another groan of lust around the dick she's blowing, another effect of Pandora's Heart that has made the usually less than sane or friendly stunner into a willing cock sucker as she works her mouth smoothly and steadily up and down this meaty pole of the man she barely knows. Delivering another couple of sucks onto his size, she lifts her head up and off from his dick completely, taking a moment to gasp and take in air. "Goodness! Quite exhilarating... In a quite seedy, more expected from a loose woman like Moxxi sort of way..." She says, before she spits down onto his bell end once again and just like before utilities both hands to work her saliva all around his length to make it nicely coated with her spit, delivering a firm round of pumps and looking over that member with apparent approval as she does so.

"Ahhhhh... I've heard the stories about her..." Samuel says, smirking as he recalls to himself how he first discovered the power that this Pandora's Heart Relic has, especially seeing it's effects right now on the gorgeous but "out there" beauty in front of him.

"As has every one with a trigger finger and half a brain around here I should imagine..." Particia dismissively says as she stands up and walks over to the desk of her quarters, scooping up papers and neatly setting them to the side to clear a space. "Now, I require to further... Test, your abilities, now that I see you can handle the rather one-sided initiation that often occurs with intercourse." She states, reaching down to unbuckle her belts.

"I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised again..." The short haired hunk replied with a smirk, stepping out of his own lower garments as he watched her slip hers down along with her boots, no underwear on it seems as her unshaven and already a little damp pussy was revealed.

"I should certainly hope so, unless you find a free-fall off a plank whilst experiencing the effects of corrosion while under the effects of slag to be appealing..." She seemed to warn as she moved to sit herself on the edge of her desk, but her calm, unconcerned tone would make it not sound like a threat to anyone who didn't know her.

"I... Uh, of course. Yeah, I don't want that..." He said with a slight stumble, still showing fear even though he knows the Pandora's Heart is making her want this, so he quickly moved in front of her, spreading her legs apart and lining up his cock with her entrance, pushing the head in and that alone making her groan with approval as she looked down to watch him enter her. "Mmmmm!! Feels... Yeah, feels real tight here..." The recently recruited "Vault Hunter" said with a moan of his own as he pushed himself deeper into her, sending a few inches in and changing his grip to hold onto her legs so he can keep her in place as he starts to thrust himself back and forth into her snatch that despite the initial wetness is gripping him firmly in a very pleasurable manner.

"Of... Mmmmm! Of course I am! You expected me... Ahhhhhh! To be some sort of loose whore??" The former Dahl scientist questioned, even as the moans of approval for his thrusting work into her pussy already seems to contradict her words. With her arms placed behind her onto her desk, she's able to lean back and watch with lusty interest as this still relative stranger but somehow irresistible to her hunk is pumping his manhood in and out of her snug snatch at a steady and focused pace. "Ahhhhh... I can assure that I am not like some of the... Mmmmmm!! Desperate, and disgusting types you may be... Uhhhhh!! Unfortunate enough to discover around these parts..." She rambles on between groans, not completely thrown off by how well he's fucking her at the moment or the fact that she's getting banged while still half-dressed just as he is, but her moans are the proof that she's enjoying being taken like this inside her own research quarters.

"Mmmmm!! I'm not judging... Ahhhhh... Anyone here..." Samuel grunts, fully using the power of the Pandora's Heart on the ground just near him, its powers still allowing him to steadily thrust his cock deep forward into the tightness of the beautiful but dangerously crazed at times woman in front of him, allowing him to enjoy sexual skill he had never possessed before and make her want to be fucked even though she would have never ever let him anywhere near to a position like this without its power. "Ahhhhhh... Oh shit!! I'm just here to... Mmmmm... Help you out as best I can..." He groaned, choosing his words carefully considering what she's said before, but he's remaining more focused on driving his dick in and out of that snug and starting to get more slick snatch of the quest giver he's pumping, his hands still keeping her legs apart for unrestricted entry into her box.

"Perhaps I did not... Ahhhhh! Make myself clear previously... This is... MMMM!! Not a part of my research!" She snaps, even as the short haired woman's eyes are yet again locked onto his cock, watching him reappear from being deep within her tight hole as a few inches slide out, before seeing him drive back in with almost all of his size and soon repeating the motion, the force behind it already enough to make her slightly rock backward as she stays leaning back on top of her own research desk. "This is... MMMMM... Ahhhhh!! Proving that I am not... Mmmmm... Wasting my time with you... And that rather impressively... MMMM... Equipped weapon of yours..." She admitted as she glanced up to his rugged, handsome face for a moment before forcing her gaze back down to see his rod piston in and out of her snatch to make them both moan as the sensation of his fat cock stuffing her tight snatch full is more than doing the trick to push their buttons.

"Ahhhhh!! In that case... Awwwww FUCK!! I'd better step things up a bit..." He smirks for a moment, showing what he was meaning with a hard thrust sent straight into the former keeper of the Vault Key that makes her gasp, gritting her teeth but nodding her short haired head in apparent approval and taking that as the sign to proceed he soon delivers another balls deep pump to send that shaft right into her love tunnel. "MMMMM... Oh fuck yeah... Damn... Damn that's fucking good..." The thrusts continue to drive in deep, the sound of skin meeting skin sound out around her quarters as he gives it to the moaning semi-clothed as he still is beauty, who has no idea her unexpected and heightened lust is all due to the mysterious Relic being used by the (also being sexually enhanced by said Relic) hunk currently fucking her.

"If... Mmmmm!! If this what you call stepping up... I'd hate to imagine what your philosophy... Ahhhhh! On the potential evolution of... MMMM... Mankind as a species on Pandora could be." Tannis states between moans as she takes another round of pumps from him.

"I... Uh... Say what now?" The confused Samuel says, slowing down and pulling out of her snatch as he's been put off to say the least by her sudden rambling.

"Oh my poor little feeble minded, but at least pleasantly hung and not vomit-educing to look at hunk..." Patricia shakes her head in apparent pity as she reaches up, unclipping the "choker" around her neck and slipping off her trench coat-like attire. "As it seems conversation to a higher mental capacity is not within your abilities, I'm not surprised to confirm, I suggest you lay down on my desk here, without the rest of your clothing as well." She orders, moving off said furniture as she removes the rest of her clothes, showing off her nicely sized and rounded breasts.

"Now that I can do!" He quickly answers as he also takes off his attire, showing off his desirable and toned upper body, dropping his clothes next to the rest of he gear, smirking at the Pandora's Heart Relic that's the cause of this sexual encounter, before he carefully moves up onto the desk as instructed.

"Before you congratulate yourself on such a pointless achievement, and I consider why I suddenly have a craving for roasted Skag for dinner... Let us continue to test our limits, and by that I mean seeing if you can handle me getting somewhat... Physical on you..." The former Dahl Corporation scientist states as she now climbs up onto the desk, mounting him and placing her hands onto his impressive physique as she lowers herself down onto his cock, making them both moan out as she sinks down and takes almost all of his rod inside herself with the single downward motion. "Mmmmm... By that I mean... No, you already know exactly what I mean..." She adds as she locks eyes with him as she leans forward, initiating the action as she rocks her hips back and forth in order to take his cock back and forth into her pussy, gritting her teeth as she attempts to focus on handling his big dick with her tight and wet snatch with a smooth and steady motion.

"MMMMM... Damn fucking right I do Tannis..." The stud underneath her responds, watching as the gorgeous but not mentally all there beauty on top of him shifts herself back and forth so she can stuff her own snatch full with his manhood, causing her breasts to bounce slightly already from the stiff rhythm she's using to ride his cock. "Ahhhhh... MMMMM... You've got some damn fine skill, if you... MMMM... Don't mind me saying..." He adds, seeing the sweat already starting to drip from the face of the quest giver as she rocks away on his tool to keep him moaning away as well as they fuck on top of her own desk inside of her quarters. For a woman who is known to despise any contact with others even here on Sanctuary, she's seemingly skilled at being able to handle some cock - perhaps another effect of Pandora's Heart that not only has made him irresistible and a sexual near-God, but allows the beauties effected by that Relic to be able to fuck like it's second nature to them.

"MMMM!! I... I find myself unable to say that I do mind... AHHHHH..." The short and dark haired beauty states as she bounces her nicely curved body onto the crotch of the hunk she's on top off, her motion smooth and quickening now as she takes him in deep so the slapping sound of skin meeting skin once again rings out around her research quarters. "So I encourage... MMMM OH GOODNESS!! No, I demand that you continue it!!" She says, casting another lustful gaze down at the now beginning to sweat stud she cannot seem to stop wanting to keep on fucking, having no idea that the power of the nearby lust-creating Relic is the reason she's moving her pussy sharply in order to pump that thick cock in deep over and over again like they've been lovers for years rather than the brief time they've actually met each other.

"AHHHHH... Then fucking ride me Tannis!! MMMM... Take all that damn cock... UHHHHH... Deep up into you..." The new "Vault Hunter" encourages, his gaze shifting from up to her moaning, pretty face, to her bouncing, lovely tits, to all the way down to between his legs to catch glimpses of his cock as she works her wet and still pleasurably tight pussy tight down onto his member with a crisp, repeated movement that wouldn't be expected from the rarely socially active but intelligent beauty. "MMMMM... Yeah, fucking take it!! MMMMMM... FUCK!! Feels... Feels so damn good..." He now has to grit his teeth for a moment as she chances tactics, leaning back to sit down on his tool and take him in balls deep, the mounted position allowing her to grind that wet snatch right down onto his manhood and make them both moan out in shameless delight.

"MMMMM!! Oh yes!! This is... Wonderfully unexpected!! AHHHHH!!" The ally and quest giver to Vault Hunters moans out, taking advantage of this position so she can bounce herself up and down onto the cock of the just as loudly groaning out hunk she's on top off, her rounded ass cheeks slapping into his body when she drops down and takes him in balls deep with ease and speed. "OOOOOOOOH!! Very... Extremely decent in fact! MMMMM... We... Ahhhhhh!! We may need to do this again sometime..." She moans between her trademark rambling, closing her eyes as she raises and lowers herself onto that still rock hard and ready to go cock, her short dark hair becoming messy from the sweat but her googles still staying up on her head even as she energetically bounces away on this somehow addictive to her cock, giving him an extra visual treat in the form of her tits jiggling away as she moves on him.

"AHHHHH... Fuck... A deal and then some Tannis!" Samuel grinned as he let out another long and loud moan as a result of the woman on top of him delivering one last deep bounce onto his member.

"MMMMM... D-deal?? You haven't even... OH GOODNESS YES... Made me... Well... Ahhhhhh... Ohhhhhhh..." Tannis gasps out as she lifts herself up and off from him in order to dismount both him and the desk completely.

"Oh you want to cum Tannis?" He smirks as he rolls off the desk to stand up, taking a hold of her by the waist and positioning her, making her bend over on top of that same piece of furniture as her ass sticks out towards him. "Then let me be the one to give you a test!" He adds as he lines his dick up with her almost dripping wet snatch.

"D-don't think you can just throw me around, you br-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUCK!!" The scientist's words were cut off by a loud moan escaping her, her eyes going wide and her body tensing as lay over her own desk, that she's gone from fucking on top of to be banged over as she feels a series of rough, deep, and rapid thrusts driving into her snatch from behind as the handsome hunk behind her hammers away into her snatch now. "AHHHHH!! AHHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS YES YES AHHHHHH..." She gasps and sweats, her pretty face resting against the surface of the desk as already her nicely curved frame is being made to jolt forward every time he slams into her snatch to stuff her already well fucked hole full with his cock again and again, the rocking motion making her breasts grind against the top of her usually reserved for research analysis furniture.

"UHHHHHH!! Ahhhhh SHIT!! Mmmmmm... FUCK!! Oh yeah!!" He grunts and groans with every in and out thrust he delivers to the gorgeous but less than same archaeologist bent over in front of him, pumping away into her snatch and driving into the hilt each time he rocks his hips forward and sends his heavy balls smacking into her skin before sharply pulling out and repeating the action. "MMMMM... Yeah, you... You like that Tannis?? MMMMM... AHHHH... Like me fucking this... UHHHHH!! Hot fucking pussy of yours??" He grins for a moment, allowing a moment of cockiness he would never have dreamed of before (another "perk" of the Pandora's Heart that's already gifting him the fucking talent of a seasoned ECHO-net skin-flick star), seeing how getting lost in lust the woman he's buried deep inside of is acting as he drives in and out of her again and again.

"AHHHHH!! YES!! YES... I... I ACTUALLY LIKE IT!! KEEP... PLEASE!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!" Similarly the power of that mysterious Relic is unknowningly to her making the Vault Hunter quest giver scream out in very uncharacteristic desire as she begs to be taken like a needy whore, and the stud behind her driving in balls deep into her dripping wet snatch is doing just that even without the added ammo of her cries of pleasure. "OOOOOOOOH!! AHHHHH... OH GOODNESS!! I'm... I'M... I'M ACTUALLY GOING TO... GOING TO CUM!! AHHHHHH!!" She almost squeals to further show her shameless delight at how incredible it feels as his shaft quickly and stiffly rams in and out of her love tunnel, his crotch slapping into her ass cheeks to make them jiggle from the impact and add the sound of that erotic to say the least skin-on-skin contact mix with both of their moans.

Thankfully for her, the rookie "Vault Hunter" behind her, even as sweating and gasping for breath as he is, isn't yet planning on even slowing down his thrusting motion, so it only takes a few balls deep pumps before Patricia Tannis experiences without a doubt the most powerful orgasm of her life, as proven by the simple fact of her eyes rolling back as her mouth hangs open to slightly drool onto her own desk that she's being fucked on. Her snatch tightens around that thick and long cock, causing the hunk buried deep inside her to groan low as he feels her juices pouring over his member but like a seasoned pro he continues to thrust back and forth into her, helping her to feel every mind-blowing moment of a sexual high she could have never dreamed possible.

"MMMMM... OH... Oh FUCK!! Ta-Tannis!! MMMMM... I'm getting... UHHHHH... Fucking close!!" Samuel grunts, having been tired from all the effort he'd put into banging her up until now, but suddenly feeling his cock starting to throb within that tight and now completely soaking wet pussy as the beauty he's been able to "influence" thanks to the Pandora's Heart Relic starts to come down from her major orgasm, helped in part by him easing up on the force and the speed of his pumps. "Ahhhhh... Where... UHHHHHH!! Where can... Can I...?" He stutters out the question as he attempts to keep on working his dick in and out of her, but knowing the end is near for his run he pulls out with another deep groan, taking a moment to gaze over his juices coated length and the somewhat gaping state he's left her pussy from all the intense to put it mildly action they've been through.

"Help... Help me off of this..." Tannis says between deep breaths as she looks back at him, gazing over his toned, sweat-covered form. "I will swallow... I mean, I... I require a sample of... Oh just get me down of of this!"

With a nod, he uses a grip on her waist to raise her off of her desk, noting the almost pool of sweat that's remaining on its surface as he helps to lower her down on her knees on the floor, moving in front of her and soon being rewarded as she rather too eagerly considering her usual attitude takes his dick straight into her mouth. He instantly moans as she wraps those soft lips around his tool once again, the feeling made even hotter by her pussy juices being all over his cock but soon they are getting cleaned off as she bobs her short haired head along his man meat, either not minding the taste of herself or too caught up in her own lust to even care as she gets straight to work sucking him off.

"UHHHHH!! Oh yeah!! MMMMM... Fucking... Fucking suck that cock! MMMMM!!" He doesn't have to moan the encouragement as she's already doing just that, working her mouth smoothly and with a clear hunger over his length as she pushes down even deeper than during the first blowjob she gave at the beginning of this unlikely and unexpected sexual meeting. "AHHHHH... MMMMM... OH FUCK!! MMMMM..." He grunts as his gazed is fixed onto her pretty, sweat-coated facial features as she moves back and forth along his shaft, keeping those lips wrapped firmly wrapped around the cock she'd cum all over moments ago belonging to a hunk she'd only met for mere moments before sucking and fucking him, and having no idea it's all because of the powerful Relic he has equipped.

Just as saliva starts to be applied once again onto that man meat, Samuel lets out a final deep groan before he unleashes the first large blast of spunk into Tannis' mouth, making her eyes widen at the unexpected initial shot of jizz that she's fed, soon followed by a second and then a third to splatter around that impressively talented oral hole. As surprising to her as her unexpected lust and everything else that's happened has been, she's shocked again at the endless amount of cum his cock is producing, forcing her to lift her head away so she can swallow the collected spunk, but even as that jizz is gulped down another spurt of spunk comes out from his cock to land across her face.

"Ahhhhhh... Awwwwwww fuck!! Mmmmm..." He grins, knowing another positive effect of the Pandora's Heart is allowing him to release a far larger payday at the end of some hot fucking, but soon is made to moan as her mouth clamps back down around his tool in order to swallow down the final shots and then the last, smaller drops of his seed that he's got left for her. "Shit... That... That was fucking great..." He gladly and easily admits as his cock finally begins to go soft as she delivers one last slurp onto his member before letting him fall limp from her oral hole so she can draw in some much needed air, showing that she indeed swallowed down all of his load apart from the one blast she's still got on her face.

"Hmmmmm... Yes... As shocking as it is for myself to even admit, that was... Far better and beyond my extremely beneath ground level expectations that I had for you." Patricia confirms as she remains down on the floor for a moment, but seeing him reaching a hand out, she accepts the offer and allows him to raise her up to her feet. "We shall... I may require your services again..." She corrects herself, and not for the first time during this steamy encounter.

"Yeah? I mean, yeah, sure, whatever you need Tannis..." Samuel says, trying and failing to play it cool after getting to fuck one of the hottest, as well as out of her mind, women on Pandora. "I am supposed to be a "Vault Hunter" now I guess.

"But any... Mission like this? Will strictly be confidential. Between only you and I. Me and you. No other parties involved, and certainly..."

"Keep it secret." He cuts off her rambling. "Understood, loud and clear." He knew he was fortunate to have a Relic that allowed him to fuck hot women, but not foolish enough to push his luck and risk encoring the wrath of one of them.

"Good. Now, see yourself out now that we're done. I shall contract you by ECHO when... If I need you again. Now perhaps I can find some sort of meaningless rag of some sort with which to clean myself off with..." She says, already ignoring him after both of their sexual highs, not seeing the somewhat stunned look he has on as he sheepishly gathers up his clothes. "Ah! Perhaps something in that pile of rags will do..." She muses to herself, seeing only the dusty clothes in a pile and not the nameplate of "Roland" on the open locker.

* * *

Stepping out onto the balcony of the HQ building, Lilith watched with a raised eyebrow as the rookie "Vault Hunter" Samuel heading away from it, stopping and seemingly using his "Menus" to change or check something. From the lengthy, impressively so, time he spent fucking Tannis downstairs she wasn't surprised he needed to check himself over. It was perhaps a miracle that he didn't have her blood or worse all over him from a burst vessel.

Having gotten a little bit more control over her teleportation abilities as of late, she rarely informed anyone when she was arriving or leaving the building, or Sanctuary as a whole unless it was on official Crimson Raiders business. Sure, sometimes using Eridium had a more positive, or a more negative effect - they still had no idea where that three legged Skag had been sent to during that one "experiment". Usually she'd only just scare Mordecai out of another of his drunken states when she teleported back up to the "control room". So she was surprised to say the very least when she arrived this to hear what sounded like shameless moans of two people fucking like the world was about to end. Even more surprised when she peeked downstairs and saw that Tannis of all people-hating people was involved in it, and loving it.

Placing a hand on her hip, Lilith smirked to herself as she watched Samuel heading away and into the side streets of Sanctuary. "Looks like I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on you than I first thought... Rookie "Killer"..."

* * *

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