WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Athena (Borderlands series), Janey Springs (Borderlands series)

Codes: MFF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 3
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001

"Hey! You that new soon-to-be-a Vault Hunter guy that's been making a name for himself around here?" Scooter asked as Samuel walked into his garage.

"Yeah, that's me..." Samuel said, the indeed rookie among the Vault Hunters and still relative newcomer to Sanctuary said as he approached the Catch-A-Ride mechanic. "You said on the ECHO that you needed something?"

"Awwwww man, I need help like a Skag needs to puke out near all it's guts from it's front butt after eating down a pack of drunk midgets!" Scooter said, not seeming to notice to look of disgust his comment makes the other man have. "We're got problems man! Lilith wants someone to go talk some sense into Athena and her gal pal Janey, but I ain't gonna do it man. Athena is meaner than a psycho trying to club water out of a stone that's already dried up, and Janey... Well... I can't much understand a bunch of what comes out of her mouth. Talking about her fancy moon things that she says ain't Catch-A-Ride things, but they sure sound like it to me..." He rambles on, missing the irony of his statement as he talks in his own noticeably thick accent.

Samuel nodded. He'd heard and read up about all the Vault Hunters now that he was one "in training" as the kinder residents of Sanctuary might say. If they were so kind. Athena had been a previous ally to the original Vault Hunters in days before Handsome Jack rose to power, and had herself taken a job to aid Jack in that initial rise to power. After said rise, Athena had started a relationship with Janey Springs, the former junk merchant and mechanic of the Moon Zoomies on Elpis, the moon of Pandora. After Athena had been captured and taken here to Sanctuary, apparently spared due to an "unknown force", she was made to stay in Sanctuary and be part of the Vault Hunters and to say she wasn't totally willing was an apparent understatement. Her girlfriend Springs was allowed to come to the floating island, some said that having another mechanic around would be beneficial, but it had seemingly led to just disagreements as Janey objected to Athena not retiring from the life of battle and Vault Hunting as they had apparently agreed would happen.

"So... You want me to what, talk with them or something?" Samuel questioned. "See if they'll stick around?" Samuel asked, the look on his face showing that he didn't think this would be a situation that would end well.

"Awwww man, you're a really buddy of a pal or a friend of a probably distant cousin of mine!" Scooter grinned. "Just head on over to them and see if you can talk some sense into both of them. I once tried to write a nice little poem for a gal around here. She... She didn't much like it... Yeah..." He adds sadly, trailing off.

After an awkward pause, Samuel left the garage and headed on his way. It wasn't too long then that he arrived at the house where the two women were known to be staying at, and already he could hear the telling sounds of raised voices coming from the door. Shrugging his shoulders, he gave the door a knock, thinking that he would just be ignored and he could just claim he tried his best.

Instead, the door swung open and he say the intense, staring eyes of the purple-haired Vault Hunter known as Athena, clad in her signature attire of paint-chipped armour and a jacket that covers her upper body, and nicely fitting battle pants that shows off her rounded backside. "Samuel... The rookie Vault Hunter..." She identified him. "What do you want." She demanded, looking far from in the mood for a chat.

"I heard that you and... Uh, Janey were having problems?" Samuel offered, keeping a wise distance away from her.

"Oh great, see? I told you I was just causing problems being around here!" He heard the thick Ellis-accent of Springs from within the building.

"You are not..." Athena yelled back in, before letting out a frustrated sigh. "Get in rookie." She said more as an order than a request. He made the sensible decision of entering.

Following her into a main room complete with couch, radio on the side and a storage chest for loot, Janey Springs was indeed present, her short pink jacket and shorter top underneath showing off the scar on her side at her stomach as well as the scars and tattoos on her arms, and her pants also nicely complimented the cutely rounded backside of the blonde, who had a black bandanna on over her forehead.

"Guess our shouting has made all the people around here fed up with us, right?" Springs said with a sad tone to her usually cheery voice.

"I haven't really..." He tries to say before being cut off.

"This doesn't concern you or any of the Vault Hunters." Athena states, giving him a cold glare. "Myself and Janey... We're having a... Minor disagreement about a couple of things."

"More like enough stuff to pile up all the way to Elpis!" Springs says as she looks at her girlfriend.

"From you staying as a Vault Hunter, to wanting to help these guys who kidnapped you and especially the flaming redhead who wanted you killed! And you not telling me about that time you took down some General or whatever on Pandora."

"That is ancient history now Janey!" Athena claims as she also turns to face the other gorgeous woman. "It was something I needed to do. Like taking the jobs to help the both of us like I did before... Before I was forced here."

"Forced is the problem! I know it's been tough back home on Elpis with the scrap business drying up, but we could find a way to scratch together a living I bet! Some-somehow..." Janey says, not sounding completely sure of herself.

As the two women go back and forth, and Samuel grows bored of the going nowhere conversation, his eyes start to wander as he eyes up both women. Both are gorgeous that's for sure in their own sexy way, and if they weren't publicly lesbians and dating one another no doubt any man on the planet or the moon above would love to spend a night with either of them, let alone both. Just a shame for him that he isn't a female, so they wouldn't be interested in him... Unless there was another way to "encourage" them to be interested of course...

With the two still not paying any attention to him, he opens his "menus" up and equips the powerful, mysterious Relic that he's used successfully in the past to get some fantastic sex with some of Sanctuary's most attractive residents in Mad Moxxi and Patricia Tannis. Not to mention a couple fun flings with other babes that had been running around or spending their time randomly knocking on doors as seems to be the case. With Pandora's Heart equipped, he closes the "menus" and takes in a deep breath, hoping what he was about to attempt to get would not get him instead the ass-kicking of a lifetime.

"You know what it sounds like to me?" He says loudly to catch their attention. "You two need to blow off some steam, and maybe have some fun together for once. I know Sanctuary is pretty doom and gloom most of the time, but there's still a bit of "fun" to be had now and again." He offers, a smile on his handsome face as he looks between the two women.

The argument stops as they both look at him, and he can see the instant effect that Pandora's Heart is having on them. Normally the two lesbians wouldn't give a man a second look, but now they're giving him a far longer look than they usually would - Athena's eyes narrowed as she looks him up and down, while Janey has fully turned towards him so she can look him up and down but noticeably both women had a hint of interest in him that they didn't have, and never would have had before if not for that Relic.

"There is nothing fun about life around here..." Athena states as she for some unknown to her reason can't take her eyes away from him. "Unless you count listening to that robot attempting his "dubstep" music as a kind of fun."

"He's kind of right though Athena... We're been real stressed about, well, everything lately..." Springs admits with a nod. "What have you got in mind mate?"

"Well... I know you two are dating... And not to boast or anything but I handle myself pretty well around here with the women around here..." He starts to say.

"Wait a damn minute!" Athena steps forward with a glare, showing the Pandora's Heart can't fully turn any woman into a full cock-loving slut as he'd perhaps hope. "You'd better not be thinking what I think you are..."

"Easy there! Hold on!" Samuel backs off, looking worried now as he holds his hands up. "I'm just saying... That a good, no strings attached fuck is a damn good way to forget about all the bullshit Pandora throws our way! Look, I won't tell anyone, and if you don't want me to even be involved I'll just stand like, in the corner over there and watch if you want!" He offers, almost like he's pleading for his life now.

"I'm not into blokes, at all... Usually..." Janey says, finding her eyes for the first time looking with interest at a man's package, and surprising herself by not objecting to the sight. "But I guess... Well this is kind of a new place for me to be at... Maybe a new experience wouldn't be so bad?"

"Janey!!" Athena looks to her girlfriend in surprise. "You can't be..." She tries to exclaim.

"Oh come on Athena! We haven't had any fun together with each other since we've gotten here! You've been holding back on me on that front like the Grinder back in my shop holds back on Legendary loot!" Springs says. "Would it kill ya... Gosh, I can't believe I'm saying this... To want to fool around with a bloke? For once? Just you, me, and this guy?"

With her eyes still narrowed, she looks between the gorgeous face of her lover, and to the hunk who she cannot for some unknown to her reason stop looking up and down. "...Rookie, I'm giving you ten seconds to undress. If you aren't packing something the size of the toys Janey uses on me back up on Elpis, then you're getting tossed out of here. Over the side of Sanctuary." Athena threatens and the glare she's giving him shows she isn't kidding around.

Faster than he ever has before he's taken off his jacket, his top, unhooked his equipment belt, and let his pants drop to the floor. If they weren't sneaking glances before, both women who moments ago were strictly into other women were now gazing with almost awe and certainly increasing desire at his lengthy and thick to match cock that was already starting to harden, another perk of Pandora's Heart that was making both stunning females for the first time wanting some action involving a real dick.

"Blimey! That's not just as big as one of my fake ones, it's even bigger!" Janey compliments as she surprises herself and her lover by moving forward, kneeling down to take a closer look as her hand all to eagerly moves up to take a hold of him. "Never seen a real one before, but I bet they all cannot be like the size of this one!"

"Janey!!" Athena protests as she also rushes over, kneeling beside her and casting a glare up at him before looking to her other half. "This is... I can't believe..." She tries to say, glaring again up at him. "You... Fine. Consider this a test, rookie..." She says, also placing her hand onto his rod so now both women are grasping his hardening pole, and helping in that task as they both start to pump his cock, an action that neither would have ever done prior to that powerful, lust-inducing Relic having an effect on them both. "You'd better not disappoint me or my girlfriend... And don't even dare think about telling anyone, and I mean anyone about this!"

"Who the Hell would... Mmmmm... Believe me if I did say..." The wanna-be Vault Hunter reasons, moaning as the actual Vault Hunter strokes his length while the ally and quest-giver beside her also works her hand over his rod, working over the lower portion while her girlfriend handles the upper part. "Ahhhh... But I can for sure keep a secret... Not gonna tell anyone..." He promises, glancing between the two women kneeling in front of him, sensing that while the Pandora's Heart is having the clear effect on them, they wouldn't both be stroking his cock if they weren't, but knows he still has to convince the two to go through with what appears to be their first three-way with a man before.

"You'd better not rookie... Otherwise you won't see the sunrise again..." Athena warns with a no nonsense glare, but still uses her hand to work over his pole as does the other beauty kneeling beside her. Adjusting her position, the combination of the induced lust and his convincing words makes her lean her purple haired head down, spitting down onto the head of his cock before she soon wraps her lips around the crown, groaning as she sucks just on that bell end, her harsh look softening as she goes to work with a couple of slurps on that tip. "Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmmppphhh..." She groans, removing her hand from his cock as the former Lance Assassin starts to push her head down onto that shaft, keeping her full lips wrapped firmly around his man meat as she goes down until the other woman's hand meets her mouth, that alone making the stunner currently sucking cock moan as she moves back upward in order to repeat the motion.

"Crikey! Look at you go Athena! And here was me thinking I'd have to give him a go first!" Janey says, her face turned to watch her girlfriend blowing the hung stud they are both working over, her eyes following the up and down motion Athena is doing as she sucks him off with this steady and solid motion. At the same time, the blonde keeps her hand pumping over his rod to continue the dual-pleasuring that keeps him moaning so that both gorgeous women are giving him a different kind of "job" as she gives the handjob and her partner in more ways than one delivers an already hot blowjob. "Never been too interested in blowing a fella before... But if it's good enough for my girl Athena, then it'll be bloody good enough for me!" She adds, finding herself licking her own lips as she watches closely as the set on her girlfriend runs back and forth along the lucky hunk's dick, leaving a nice light covering of saliva from the repeated motion that's also leaving her fingers a little sticky as she continues to stroke off the inches that haven't yet been taken into that damp oral hole.

"Ahhhhhh... That sounds pretty good to me as well... I mean, if you want to..." He moans, making sure to still carefully choose his words as he knows that the lust-creating Relic he's using to get this sucking and stroking pleasure from the pair of women who moments ago were strictly lesbians can only do so much, and not save him from a beating or worse from the gorgeous but dangerous ladies in front of him. His worries are relieved though as Athena pulls her head up and off from him, taking a second to catch her breath but taking advantage of it, Janey guides his cock now into her mouth, her soft lips now forming a seal around his member as she begins to blow him now at a rather more energetic pace. "Mmmmmm! Oh yeah... Feels damn good as well..." He states the obvious, seeing the slight glare given by the purple-haired woman but focusing more on the blonde as she pushes her face downward until she meets her pumping palm, then smoothly racing back up with some impressive skill for a woman seemingly not used to sucking cock, or at least real ones.

"Watch your mouth there rookie..." The former Crimson Lance member-turned Vault Hunter warns, placing a hand onto his ballsack to give a him them a squeeze with enough force that it made him gasp, the threat made clear as she kept that firm hold onto his nuts, while the shaft was getting more than nicely serviced by the former Elpis resident currently bobbing her head along that stiff pole. "That's my girlfriend you're talking about here, and don't you forget it..." She protectively says, her gaze dancing between up at his rugged, handsome face to make sure he stays in line, and to her side to watch the cutie she's dating suck on his cock, clearly finding the sight of her slurping away at a swift pace a turn on as she licks her lips when she takes a long look at that oral action going on right beside her.

"Mmmmmm!! It was a compliment, I swear!" Samuel states, groaning as he enjoys the soothing feeling of the Moon Zoomy mechanic's mouth running back and forth along his length, leaving him nicely coated with her spit as she easily handles the top part, and uses her hand to stroke in that saliva into his lower inches. "Ahhhhh... If this is bothering you... Maybe we should... Ahhhhh... Move on to me convincing you both now?" He smartly offers, feeling the far more experienced Vault Hunter groping his balls in a controlling way, giving a mix of pleasure and pain that would maybe have made him think twice about it all expect for two important factors. The power he knows Pandora's Heart is having to make the two lesbian lovers suck his manhood like they have and currently are, and the feeling alone right now as the blonde of the two beauties delivers another sharp round of sucks onto the first real cock she's ever had in her mouth.

"That... That shows good initiative rookie. I agree." Athena says, releasing his balls with an approving nod as she looks him over before standing up. "The sooner this is over the better after all." She adds, standing up and reaching up to her jacket.

After giving another slurp onto his cock, the other woman involved in this lifts her head up and off from that rod. "Oi! What's the big rush Athena?" Janey questions with a sly smile. "Oh, I get it, you think I've been ignoring ya, spending me time sucking on this bloke's dick?" She playfully questions as she moves to stand up, already moving over to her girlfriend.

"N-no... That's not true..." Athena claims, but her poker face is rattled by the seductive, inviting look on the other woman's face. "Well... Maybe a little..." She mumbles as she watches Springs move a hand up, running through the purple hair before drawing her into a big, passionate kiss that has them both moaning into each other's mouths.

"Niiiiiiiiiiice..." The handsome but horny wanna-be Vault Hunter says under his breath, watching the two gorgeous women making out as their hands slide over each other's bodies, perhaps not enhanced for once by the Relic he's used to get this threesome going in the first place. He doesn't care too much about that right now, seeing Springs, from clear previous experience, know how to undo Athena's clothing and armour, the jacket and chest plate soon crashing to the floor to showcase the Vault Hunter's nicely sized and rounded breasts. Taking the hint, the purple-haired stunner returns the favour, slipping off the jacket down the shoulders with a little help from her lover to remove it, and the steamy lip lock is only broken when Janey pulls back, raising her arms with a grin as the other beauty lifts her top up and off to show off the perky breasts of the blonde.

"Mate, you just gonna stand there like a busted Moon Zoomy?" Janey questions, looking over to him.

"I was just waiting to be invited back in..." Samuel claims, stepping forward with a smile after the hot show he'd just witnessed. "So, how are we uh, going to..."

"Well, I've never been banged by a real dick before. Figure you'd screw me from behind while I have a taste of me girlfriend here, sound good?" Springs offers with a shrug, the words escaping her mouth ones that would have never appeared before, but do so now thanks to the mysterious Relic he has equipped.

"Janey! We can't just..." Athena tries to protest, but her plea is silenced when she's taken by the wrist, offering no argument as she's led over to a couch in the room.

"Nope. Now come on, pants off love! I've had enough of a taste of dick for one lifetime... Maybe... And now I want the best pussy I've ever had!"

While having that attractive but intimidating no nonsense style and look, Athena doesn't refuse thethis request from her girlfriend, nodding as she slips down her bottoms and shows off her pussy, which already appears to be a little moist despite her vocal objections to parts of this ongoing threesome. With an approving smile, Janey takes her by the wrist, making her sit down on the couch before kneeling down, getting almost into a doggy style position as she pushes her shapely backside out towards the approaching hunk. Her focus in on the beauty in front of her, spreading the legs apart and hooking them with her arms going under the thighs, flashing another lusty smile as Springs leans her head in and begins to kiss across the folds of the Vault Hunter.

"Mmmmmm!! You have said before... Ahhhhhh... How much you enjoy going d-down on me..." The purple-haired woman groans, feeling the lips of the sexy blonde working over her own lower ones, the usual cold and uncaring tone in her voice cracking as she enjoys her partner planting soft kisses across her snatch, the brief flick of tongue making a clear moan escape her as the oral pleasuring kicks off. "Ahhhh... You'd... You'd better not disappoint my girlfriend rookie!" She warns, able to glare across at the other person involved in this three-way as he slides Springs' pants down to expose her similarly also damp snatch, another sign of the effects that Pandora's Heart is having on the two previously strictly lesbians. Athena soon has to moan again as Janey, perhaps having had enough of her other half's defiance about this all, starts to properly use her tongue onto the other woman's snatch, sliding up and down in a slow, smooth and savouring motion.

"You can ask her herself how I'm doing in a little bit..." Samuel says, feeling braver both by the distance between him and the woman threatening him, and by the fact he's now sliding his cock into Springs' pussy, moaning at the tight feeling around his shaft as he slides into her wetness, able to soon get into a nicely paced thrusting rhythm. "Ahhhhh... Like I've said... I handle myself pretty well... Mmmmmm!! In situations like this..." He smirks for a moment, moaning as he recalls all the previous sexual encounters he's had, and his superior fucking ability he has, all thanks to the powerful Relic he's using that's got him into not just an already red hot threesome, but one with two women who before were completely only into girl-on-girl action. He can't stay cocky for long however, moaning as he pumps forward into the snatch of the woman who has her face pressed against the twat of a similarly desirable beauty, aiming to get his cock far deep into that box as he can get.

"Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmm... Mmmmmm!!" The junk dealer from Elpis moans into the snatch she's licking away at, all to happily drinking down the juices she's collecting with her hungry and obviously experienced tongue from the way the woman receiving this oral treatment is moaning and grinding her pussy against that flicking tongue and soft lips. "Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh... Mmmmmm..." At the same time, she's also pushing her hips back just a little, enjoying her first experience with a real cock as she feels him sliding in deep, acting as an encouragement for her to keep on eating out her girlfriend's snatch, getting juices sexily staining her chin as well as all over her lips as she laps away into that tasty bush.

"Mmmmmm!! Just... Just don't get... Ahhhhhh... Too used to it..." The former quest-giver turned proper Vault Hunter says, her threat not having exactly a full impact due to her moans and the fact she's got a woman right between her legs munching away on her snatch, her hands onto the back of the head to keep that face right up against her pussy in quite a shameless, needy manner. "Mmmmmm... Yes Janey... Fuck!! MMMMM... Mmmmmm..." Giving up on the rants, she gives into the superb pleasure she's getting, her snatch nice and wet now as that experienced tongue works around and across those folds, getting a feel of her lips as well rubbing against her as Springs rocks back and forth, still taking a pumping from behind while eating some pussy at the same time.

"Ahhhhh... What? Fucking... Mmmmm... Fucking a lesbian?" He questions with a groan, his cock impressively fitting in deep into Janey's pussy, his crotch smacking firmly into her nicely rounded ass cheeks when he thrusts forward as she pushes back, the timing perfect to ensure he's stuffed in deep so she makes the most of her first dose of real cock but making it look like she's all too used to the feeling. Even as cutely curved and scarred body is sandwiched between the two desirable allies to the Vault Hunters of Sanctuary, taking stiff thrusts from behind and keeping her pretty face buried between the legs of her long-time girlfriend to keep her moaning out as well. "Trust me... Mmmmmm!! I don't plan on making this... Uhhhhhh!! A regular occurrence..." He hisses, all too happy to make the most of this opportunity himself that the mysterious Pandora's Heart is gifting him, fucking one gorgeous lesbian with balls deep pumps into her snug and damp snatch to fill her up with his man meat, while said female orally satisfies the other and not for the first time, but for the first time with a man being involved in the action.

"Mmmmphh... Mmmmm..." Janey groans, flicking her tongue against the other woman's snatch for another quick round before she pulls her head back. "What's... Mmmmm... What's the matter mate? N-not having fun?" She teases as she looks back, moaning as she takes his thrusts from behind.

"Janey! Don't encourage this... This... Upstart rookie!" Athena snaps, glaring at him and making him pull out of the other babe's snatch for fear of being attacked.

"Sounds to me like someone's jelious..." Springs says, standing up and taking her girlfriend by the hands to make her stand up as well. "Tell ya what, you lay down and have a round getting a taste of me and let this bloke show you he's not that bad. No arguments." She instructs, taking a moment to properly remove her bottoms.

"Uhhhh... Thanks, I guess?" Samuel offers, watching as Athena shoots him another glare before doing as told, laying down on her back on the floor.

"There we go! Much better..." The blonde says, mounting the gorgeous face of the purple-haired beauty, smiling as the woman under her soon grips her thighs and wastes no time in getting to work, applying her mouth onto the wet folds and starting to loudly suck on that hole, causing the one receiving to moan out with an approving nod of the head. "Mmmmmm!! Yessssss... Much... Much better Athena..." The Moon Zoomy mechanic moans, loving the clearly familiar feeling of full lips slurping and tasting her love tunnel, making her feel so good that already she's grinding her snatch down against the moving mouth of her partner, while her own is open and letting cries of delight escape from how well her pussy is being treated even just moments after it began.

"Better than hearing her threaten to beat me up..." He mumbles to himself, moving down into position and finding it surprisingly easy to spread the Vault Hunter's legs apart so he can push his cock into her snatch, moaning as he starts to thrust in and out of her tightness with a firm and steady pace, finding her snatch just as wonderfully tight and wet as the other one was he'd been fucking. This gives him a dose of confidence now, knowing that Pandora's Heart is continuing to make their lust be heightened to say the least, so he can now focus on being deep within another piece of fine, snug pussy. "Ahhhhh... Damn, never dreamed I'd be... Mmmmmm!! Doing this..." He admits, watching his cock vanishing up into the Athena's tight box and then soon reappearing before he repeats the motion and looks to fit more of his inches into her, while she deals with eating out the woman on top of her, and from the moans Janey is letting out she's doing more than just adequately at that task.

"Mmmmmphhh!! MMMM... MMMMMPHH!!" The former top operative of the Crimson Lance moans into the pussy she's dining on, her mouth clamped onto her lover's twat to suck and keep her tongue working all around and as far in as she can reach, showing her own desire as she runs her hands over the thighs of the tattooed and scarred beauty on top of her. "Mmmmmm... MMMMPHH!! MMMMM!!" Despite all the prior objections and threats, her muffled groans of delight are proving that she's enjoying how the rookie Vault Hunter is handling her snatch, driving in deeply with a swift series of stiff thrusts like he's all too used to fucking the finest beauties Pandora, and Elpis in this, but unknown to both proud lesbian lovers is the fact that he's been able to experience their hot mouths and gorgeous twats thanks to a poweful, lust-creating Relic that he currently has equipped.

"MMMMM... Keep it up mate!! You're doing... Ahhhhh!! A real nice job pleasing Athena there..." The starting to sweat blonde states with a groan, her eyes closed and using her hands to squeeze her own ripe breasts, still rocking her hips back and forth as she reacts to the familiar, top notch licking being done to her pussy by the beauty currently getting fucked at the same time. "AHHHHHH... Dunno what's come over her honestly... MMMMM!! Me too actually... Mmmmm... But I'm real glad it has!!" Between groans the junk dealer reasons, thinking not too much about the change in attitude in her lover and herself, but on on the pleasure she's currently getting as said beauty underneath her keeps her tongue lapping away at that tasty, wet pussy with rapid, deep licks than further show the experience that both women have with one another. At the same time, the Vault Hunter on her back is being made to moan in increasingly willing delight, taking the stiff series of pumps that send the cock of the lucky, hung hung right into her dampness, even making her body rock slightly from the sensation as her tits lightly bounce in another sexy visual treat for the groaning stud currently pumping her.

"MMMM... Yeah... I... Ahhhh... That makes two of us... UHHHHH... Three I guess..." The man who is making the most of the power of the Pandora's Heart relic states, similarly having a layer of sweat forming across his desirable and toned body, showing the effort he's been putting into having to satisfy not just one, but two stunning women who usually wouldn't have thought twice about having sex with a man. "But good... MMMMM... Good to know I'm not letting you both down..." He knows he still has to keep them happy, but is doing all of that and then some as he keeps his cock thrusting away deep into the box of the more reluctant of the two lesbian lovers to fill her up with his man meat, hearing her muffled moans as she keeps on eating out the other gorgeous woman in this steamy to put it mildly threesome action.

"MMMMM... Oh relax mate, Athena was just... Mmmmmm... Testing you I reckon. Ain't that right?
Janey asks between moans, glancing down at the woman underneath her and hearing only muffled groans in response. "Oh, right. Can't talk with your mouth full..." She says as she dismounts her girlfriend. "You were saying?"

"Ahhhhh... Fine! I'll admit... He's... He's not bad..." Athena moans as she takes another couple of deep thrusts into her snatch before he pulls out of her.

"Still... Hasn't made us cum yet..." Springs comments, a sly smile appearing on her as she doesn't let the other female get up, moving on top of her but getting into that classic sixty nine position. "Tell you what mate. Me and Athena are gonna go to town on each other, and you have your pick on which one you want to give a seeing to at the same time. Deal?"

"Absolutely!" Samuel wisely says, watching as already the two women have made their minds up and start to get to work eating each other out.

Considering his options, he decides to move around and once again push his cock into the snatch of the blonde beauty, able to push his shaft in deep and easily break into a swift and steady pumping motion, his rod pushing in deep in and out of her slick folds that are currently getting licked at the same time, resulting in his dick getting occasionally flicked at by the purple-haired woman's tongue as she focused on pleasuring her lover. He's got no problems with that extra bit of pleasure, taking a hold of the nicely curved ass cheeks of the woman in the top position in this sixty nine as he thrusts his cock forward into her still tight and very wet box, moaning himself as the both are as he once again gives the junk dealer an experience to remember of a real cock.

"MMMMM!! MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM..." The Elpis resident moans louder than before, but doesn't regret making the suggestion in the first place for this position that now sees her snatch being double teamed as she's getting fucked by a long and nicely thick dick and having her pussy licked away at at the same time, causing her sexy and scarred body to rock back against both those pumps and the hungry tongue working her over. "MMMMMPHHH... MMMMM... MMMMM!!" Springs groans into the pussy she's munching on, once again getting her tongue shoved in deep to taste her sweetness and drink down the more than ample juices being offered, showing how experienced she is at the art of snatch eating but making it seem like she's used to getting fucked by a man with how well she's able to keep pleasuring the other woman's twat while having her own filled up with meaty dick.

"MMMMM!! Holy shit!! MMMMM... Never... Uhhhhhh!! Gonna forget this..." The extremely lucky stud groans, watching his dick drive in balls deep into the still snug hole of the beauty mounted on the other in front of him, his crotch once again connecting with her ass cheeks to make an erotic slap ring out to mix with his moans and the muffled cries from the two sixty nine-ing lovers involved in this already wild threeway action. "UHHHHHH... MMMMM... Damn does this... Feel so damn good..." He adds with a gasp of delight, feeling Athena's tongue brushing over his man meat for a moment as he sends it balls deep into that wet slit before the Vault Hunter resumes working over the folds and entrance of her girlfriend, keeping her loudly groaning as both women keep up their top notch oral satisfaction of the other and certainly not for the first time.

"MMMMM!! MMMMMM!! MMMM MMMM MMMMMM!!!" After taking this dual licking and pumping for longer than most women could have been able to handle, especially considering this was her first time taking a real dick for once, Janey Springs finally hits her limit as she groans loudly into her pussy she's eating out as her own starts to unleash a new rush of juices all over the Samuel's cock and the tongue of Athena underneath her. "MMMMMM... MMMMPHHHH... MMMM MMMMM..." The blonde moans out as she cums long and hard, sending her fluids splattering all over her girlfriend's tongue and mouth as said female eagerly drinks up as much as she can, and the stud who's more than helping to make Janey ride out a powerful orgasm continues to thrust away for a few more deep pumps before he pulls out with a sigh. That allows the purple-haired stunner to clamp her mouth onto that dripping wet hole, making the other groan in delight as she hungrily laps up and guzzles down all the tasty nectar being offered to her with loud, lusty gulps.

Taking advantage of this distraction of sorts, he moves back around and seeing this, Janey smirks and lifts her head off, allowing him to shove his dick back into the other woman's snatch once again and he wastes no time in getting into that quick and forceful pumping action to make the Vault Hunter groan out as he drives in already balls deep as the sexy smack of skin meeting skin rings out once again. Not finished quite yet, the junk scavenger and mechanic brings her face downward so she can use her tongue to give back some of the double teaming she'd just had to handle, working over her lover's entrance folds as well as the sensitive clit for good measure, showing the experience of knowing what buttons to push to get the most out of her.

"UHHHHHH!! That's... That's not fair!! MMMMM!! I was try-trying to get... MMMMM!! Him off!!" The former Crimson Lance member claims between deep groans, her head resting back against the floor as the pleasure overwhelms her as her girlfriend licks and teases her snatch and the wanna-be Vault Hunter deeply pumps her still snug love tunnel, but she has little say now in what's going on as she's stuck underneath and has to just lay back and take it, but doesn't seem to mind too much from how loud and long her moans currently are. "MMMMM!! Oh yes!! YES JANEY!! MMMMM!! Don't... DON'T STOP!!" She yells in delight, begging for more and thankfully for her lustful needs both of them fully intend to give her what both she and they want, as proven by how the babe on top continues to flick her tongue out at those slick folds, and his repeated, stiff and swift thrusts to send his member deep into that still tight but dripping wet now box of the sweating, usually tough and unemotional stunner.

That's far from the case now, thanks to the powerful Pandora's Heart Relic being used on the previously lesbian lovers, as now Athena is the one being made to cum hard over that cock and the flicking tongue of Janey Springs as she now lets loose with a plentiful amount of juices to further coat that already drenched rod and makes the blonde groan in approval as she tastes more of her girlfriend. The stud involved in all of this sighs in delight, still thrusting away as knows he'd better not risk her wrath if she doesn't get the full effect of this sexual high, even as he cock starts to throb. He does however ease off on the pace and force put behind his slams, hearing the cumming beauty's moans getting softer as she returns back down to Pandora, allowing him pull out with a deep groan of his own as he steps back and watches Springs lick away at that tasty pussy for a long moment to properly finish the job.

"Mmmmm... Bloody good meal that is!" Janey gleefully says after lifting her head away, now moving off of her girlfriend. "Now, it's about time you were finished off and sent on your way, right?" She turns her attention to the still erect but throbbing wildly now hunk as she moves to kneel in front of him.

"Yeah... I'm ready to burst here..." Samuel says as he takes a hold of himself, pumping away at his rod.

"Fine... I suppose he has earned it." Athena admits, moving up beside her lover. "Don't get any ideas though..."

She doesn't have time to finish a warning as already at his limit, it only takes a couple of strokes of his hand to seal the deal and send the first thick blast of spunk out and down onto Athena's gorgeous face, making her gasp but tellingly groan as the jizz lands across her cheek, nose, and even up to her forehead, with the second shot hitting her cheek, nose and landing into her dark purple hair. Switching targets, Janey Springs gets a generous covering as well, his load landing onto her pretty facial features and staining the bandanna over her forehead along with the band-aids on her nose as he delivers a couple of creamy shots onto her face. Moaning as he does so, he keeps on stroking off to fire out his large load, the amount of cum enhanced greatly by Pandora's Heart, and allowing him to give both women a far more than generous facial each, leaving his jizz dripping off of their faces and down onto their breasts by the time he finally eases out the last drips of cum.

Not waiting any more, Janey is the first to make the move, turning and using her tongue to lick up the side of Athena's face to make her groan at the sensation before the blonde swallows the spunk down with an far from disapproving gulp. She follows up with another couple of long licks, cleaning up the jizz but instead of swallowing it, keeps it in her mouth so she can then plant a kiss onto her lover's lips, and as they make out she pushes the cum past the other woman's lips to make her taste and then drink down the jizz. After a lengthy lip lock, the purple-haired beauty returns the favour by using her tongue to clean up the mess left on the other's face, making Springs smile and moan as that hungry tongue all too eagerly collects and swallows down the jizz.

"Wow... That's... Damn!!" Is all that Samuel can come up with as he watching the cleaning and making out go on in front of him, using how preoccupied they are to quickly access his "menus" and by the time they remembered he was still here, he'd already unequipped the Pandora's Heart Relic and was acting like nothing had changed at all.

"You... We're done here. Leave. Now." Athena orders, the familiar intimidating glare now directed at him, and taking the hint he quickly scrambles to collect his clothing. "Janey, listen..." She starts to say as she and her girlfriend stand up and face each other.

"Actually, Athena? I need to say something first? Mate, can you..." Janey turns to talk to Samuel, but out of fear of the wrath of the Vault Hunter he was already out the door as she saw a glimpse of him putting his shirt back on as he went. "Oh, fair enough then... Well Athena... About this, staying around here on this floating island stuff..."

* * *

"So sugar... Looks like the two love birds are staying here in Sanctuary, huh?" Mad Moxxi purred, leaning forward and blatantly showing off her deep cleavage to Samuel as he knocked back the last of his beer. "And apparently it's all thanks to you..."

"Yeah... Seems like Janey is cool with sticking around here so I've heard, and if she's happy then Athena's happy..." Samuel says with a smirk, remembering the encounter from the previous day. "Something about Janey being open to explore "new experiences" apparently. But really? I was just, you know, happy to help out and keep another Vault Hunter around here."

"New experiences huh? Well I know I'm always open for trying out "something new" once in a while..." She says, not being subtle with the innuendo. "How about you swing by my storeroom again tonight and you can give me all the juicy, intimate details... And you can tell me about how you got those two to stay around here if you'd like..."

He just smirked, giving her a nod. He wouldn't tell her about how it was all thanks to Pandora's Heart he'd gotten them to stay, and gotten a piece of both of them, but getting another free fuck with Moxxi? No way he was going to turn that one down! Should he mention the bit about Athena and Janey saying after that Vault Hunter meeting that he was the only real cock they'd be doing anything with from here on out, and he could only get to fuck them if it was a threeway like before, not one of them on their own? ...Nah. He could skip those not exactly important details...

* * *

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