WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Captain Scarlett (Borderlands series, DLC character/NPC)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 4
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001

They did not tell Samuel that Wurmwater was going to be this hot.

Having traveled to the "scenic" (read: extremely creepy) resort of Oasis, and met the sole visible and very "friendly" (read: extremely creepy) resident, the resident Vault Hunter-in-training was once again on his way to carry out an important mission for the leaders of the Crimson Raiders. To his pleasant surprise, no one had questioned his methods about how he'd managed to convince both Athena and Janey Springs to remain in Sanctuary and join the cause for this apparent "war" that was coming. Something about warning from an alien or something? Samuel still couldn't manage to focus in when Hammerlock started off on a speech.

So he was sent away to do more convincing and persuading, this time with a former one-time ally to the Vault Hunters who they had been involved with not long after the defeat of Handsome Jack. A Sand Pirate Captain by the name of Captain Scarlett who, according to the others was untrustworthy, cutthroat, and very likely to back stab the moment it would get her the advantage and the most loot. His interest had, due to his increasingly sex-driven ways ever since discovering the powers of the Pandora's Heart Relic that he posses, perked at hearing this Captain was a she.

Still, they never told him this desert was going to be this hot.

"Come along now mate! We'll get you into the shade and talk about this little deal..." Scarlett said, leading Samuel into her private Captain's cabin of her ship, as the man in question followed her in, using how own jacket to wipe sweat off from his face. Her quarters were as to be expected with hammocks, swords and skulls on the walls, maps both whole and in pieces around on desks and bottles with notes in them in the corner. Wait, was that a portrait of that gun merchant Marcus on the wall there, dressed in some old fashioned clothes?

"How do you pirates cope out here??" He questioned in disbelief, taking a sniff of his jacket and deciding to toss it down for the moment instead of keeping a hold of it.

"We're pirates of course! Me especially, being the Captain and all that..." She continued in her thick accent, making a motion with her hook.

To Samuel, she was most certainly dressed like the generic sort of Captain he used to read stories about as a kid, but with a very Pandora-twist to her. One leg was replaced at the knee with a metal "peg leg", and an arm missing at the elbow with a large, fearsome looking metal hook instead of a hand. Add in an eyepatch of metal over one eye, large earrings handing from the exposed ear while her bright red hair was styled to the side to cover the other, and her pirate hat also had rings hung through the bottom. All complimented by a Captain's short jacket and short sleeved top that nicely showed off her toned looking body and perky breasts, and pants that hugged her sexy ass perfectly, and a usual Pandora-resident belt for placing Shield and Grenade Mods onto but with and extra strap around her for a few bullets, probably just in case she needed them.

"To business then. Let me be quite clear about this." Scarlett said as she turned to look at him. "I will, absolutely, turn on you and your Vault Hunter friends the first moment I can." She stated as a matter of fact.

"Uh... What?" Samuel questioned, caught off guard by her honesty.

"Well, I did do it before to those Vault Hunters not all that long ago, and knowing my track record I will most certainly do it again." She states. "I'm a bloody pirate after all. To be honest, if you have to come to me for help then things must be pretty desperate. I wouldn't trust me if I was the last person around, and well, I am me after all." She adds with a shrug.

"Well, I uh... You know..." He stumbles, any plan he had of approaching this now out of the window. "I mean, we don't need you to agree right now, I mean... It can maybe wait a while? You could think things over?" He offered, trying but not succeeding to sound convinced of his own words.

"You certainly are not a pirate, are you?" She sighed, turning away for a moment. "I was sort of hoping you'd be coming here telling me there was some exciting, loot filled vault to be found so I could stab you lot in the back and take it for myself! Or a big, really overpowered monster than has to be faced with four Vault Hunters at the same time or else there's no way it can be defeated unless there's some ledge you can use to shield yourself with! At this point at time, there's so little to do these days around these dusty seas that..."

Just as Samuel was zoning out from her speech, his gaze drifted downward toward her "Pirate's Booty" that he'd seen before following her in, and she certainly had a prize that didn't need a treasure map to seek out. He started to smile, thinking that perhaps he should take the plunge, and try out with her the same method that had worked for him in the past. So as she continued to talk, he brought up his "menus" and changed his equipment, changing out his Relic for the mysterious but powerful in the range of females Pandora's Heart, and then closing it down as he moved forward to lean against the table of her quarters that had a couple of old maps left out on it.

"Captain Scarlett?" He called out to get her attention, putting on a smile as she turned out. "I've got an idea that might help solve this problem."

"O-Oh?" Scarlett asked, find her eyes looking over his torn and messy pants and his short sleeved top, and he in turn could see that as usual, the Relic was having an instant effect on her.

"Look, you're a gorgeous looking woman who commands respect, has her own crew, and obviously the Vault Hunters hold you in high regard to send me over to ask you for help. Now, since I can't make any promises here about what the other Vault Hunters can offer you..."

"Yes matey?" She asked, a seductive tone creeping into her accent.

"How about you let me show you what I can offer, and let me... How can I put it... Shiver your plank?"

"...What?" She questioned with a raised eyebrow over her good eye.

"...Uh, I mean... Walk the timbers?? Is... Is that it?" He stuttered, his attempt at trying a line on her failing spectacularly to show that Pandora's Heart can only help so much with getting women more interested in some sex than they usually would be.

"Samuel..." Scarlett steps forward with a sway of her hips, smirking as she placed a hand onto his chest. "Are you trying to ask me if you want to fuck? In a "hey, I'm gonna fuck you good so you'll have to say yes to my offer" kind of way?"

"...Yes, yes I am." He answered to wisely cut out the small talk.

"Hmmmm... Go on then!" She said, surprising him by lowering herself down to her knees in front of him and reaching up for his belt to undo it, soon lowering his pants down and letting his thick and lengthy looking cock spring out, already starting to harden. "Nice Samuel!" She smiled with clear approval. "Glad you're packing something! Don't have any exact lookers in my crew, so you'll make a nice change..." Scarlett says as she takes a hold of his length with her good, finger-less glove hand and starts to stroke him.

"Thanks, I guess..." He says, his eyes suddenly darting to his leg when he feels her hook brushing against him. "Woah, hey! Watch what you're doing with that!" He exclaims, his reaction only making her smirk

"Relax Samuel, I do know what I'm doing... I'm a bloody pirate Captain after all!" She smirks again, his dick now rock hard in her grip as she gives him a couple more pumps. "And here I was thinking all you Vault Hunters actively looked for danger..." She comments, but decides to get on with things and takes him into her mouth, letting out a soft groan herself as she wraps her lips around his member and then begins to move her head back and forth along him, looking up at the somehow irresistible to her hunk with that sudden burning lust in her visable eye. "Mmmmphhh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." She works herself along the upper portion for the moment, her hand staying on the base to deliver an occasional stroke while her mouth did the majority of the work that's already been more than enough to make him moan, showing that despite a life of piracy the gorgeous Captain isn't a stranger to handling a cock.

"Ahhhhh... Not, not all of us... And I'm really not a... Mmmmm... Real Vault Hunter..." He says, his attention more on watching the stunning red head kneeling in front of him as she smoothly and steadily slurps on his shaft, getting a nice amount of her saliva already onto those thick inches from the bobbing motion that's making them both groan. "Mmmmm... I try and... Mmmmm!! Stay away from danger as much as I can..." The lucky hunk adds, but neither of them are clearly interested in conversation right now as she lets him feel her lip piercing grinding back and forth along his cock as she blows him, the nicely paced motion of her head making the rings in her Captain's hat and her own earrings sway as she travels along his pole.

"Mmmmmphh... Mmmmm!! Mmmmm..." Unknowingly being influenced by the powerful Relic he has equipped, the beauty originally from Eunomia but now makes her home in the deserts of Wurmwater continues to briskly suck on the big cock of the man she's only just met but is now handling about half of his size with her soothing oral hole. "Mmmmm... Mmmmm!! Mmmmphhh mmmm..." She continues to groan as she bobs her head along that impressive size, keeping her hand stroking every now and then at the portion not yet in her mouth, which in turn helps spread her saliva onto those inches as her spit starts seeping out between her full lips from the repeated, lusty motion.

"Mmmmm!! Awwwwww fuck!! Mmmmmm... Oh yeah Scarlett..." Samuel moans his approval for her oral talents, seeing that the often treacherous stunner knows how to handle not just a pistol from the way she's effortlessly moving her lips back and forth along his manhood, the feeling that little bit better as her lipring brushes against his shaft as she blows him. "Mmmmmm damn!! Didn't expect... Ahhhhh... To be getting blown by the greatest... Mmmmm!! Pirate on Pandora..." He comments with a smirk, watching her gorgeous face moving in towards his crotch and then smoothly back towards the head as she keeps the pace nice and steady, still groaning around his member and keeping her gloved hand stroking once in a while, as the back of her hook hand brushes against his thigh while she sucks him.

"Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmm... GAHHHHHH GAAAWWWKKK!!" Her groans turn to gags as she pushes her mouth right down onto him, meeting her fingers holding onto the base of him as she attempts to stuff him deep into here mouth, only her that fat bell end to connect with the back of her mouth and make her spit splatter over and down that length. "Mmmmphhh!! GAAAAAHHHH!! MMMMPHHH!!" She closes her eye, and perhaps thanks to Pandora's Heart creating this increased horny nature in her, she refuses to give in just yet so continues to try and deep throat all of his massive length, making herself gag when she drives down and attempts to take him in to the hilt. The stud taking this doesn't mind at all, watching as her lips widen as she tries to fight the reflex, her saliva dripping down her chin and onto her Captain's uniform, not to mention all the spit covering his cock at the moment, and all the while moaning out as she attempts this wild and sloppy blowjob.

"GAHHHHHH!! Mmmmphhh!! Ahhhhhh..." Eventually she has to pull her head away, gasping for air and letting go of his cock as she sits back and little while on her knees. "Heavens!! Don't quite know what got into me there!" Scarlett admits, using the back of her hook hand to wipe saliva away from her chin.

"It felt real good to me, that's for sure!" Samuel says with a grin, offering a hand to help her up.

"I bet it did..." She replies with a smirk and a narrowed eye, accepting the hand and being raised up to stand. "But it's about time you put in some work now for the Captain, right?" She says more as an order than an offer as she turns, swaying her hips from side to side as she approaches the central table of her quarters. "Got to convince me that I should help you Vault Hunter lot out after all!"

"Gladly..." He wisely states as he approaches her from behind, and watches as she's already undressing casting her belt and gear aside and hooking her pants to ease them down her nicely rounded and sexy ass, revealing her already wet-looking pussy to him. Stepping up as she bends over onto the table, he lines up that covered with her saliva cock with her entrance, after a couple of brushes of the head over those folds, he uses a firm thrust to penetrate that snug hole.

"Mmmmm!! Goodness... Didn't... Ahhhhh!! Expect it to feel this good..." The beautiful pirate Captain moans, looking back over her shoulder so she can use her good eye as she feels him start to thrust his cock firmly in and out of her wet and snug pussy, already pushing in deep and showing her he knows a thing or two about banging the hottest women on Pandora. "Ahhhhh.. Then again, I have to admit... I didn't expect you to last even this long..." She admits but the grin on her pierced lips shows she's very happy he has, resting her body up with her arms on the desk while her foot and metallic "peg leg" are planted on the floor of her cabin so she can take it from behind, making her moan as that vast cock she'd only just been sucking on is now pumping her snatch and filling her up wonderfully.

"Ahhhhh... You know, I get that a lo... I mean, you know, I do what I can..." He stops himself from just blurting out how much "success" he's had all thanks to the Pandora's Heart Relic he has equipped, and its effects are being shown off right now as he's got his cock right in the tight tunnel of the sexy but dangerous Sand Pirate faction leader who moans out herself with each in and out thrust he delivers. "Mmmmm!! But it's nice to hear... Ahhhhh... I can prove some people wrong..." He says between his groans of pleasure, holding onto her by her nicely thick hips and watching his manhood slide forward to vanish into her slick folds before soon reappearing so he can swiftly repeat the motion, fucking the still almost fully-clothed beauty as she only has her bottoms down around her rear, while he himself still has his upper body covered up.

"Mmmmm!! Well keep it up sweetheart, because... Mmmmm!! It feels bloody fantastic to me!" She encourages, starting to push her toned and curved body backward to meet the incoming pumps into her twat, aiding in getting him in deeper into that needy pussy and in turn making them both groan out in shameless approval. "Nice to... Uhhhhhh!! Finally meet someone... MMMM!! Who knows how to give a nice shag..." She lustfully adds, gritting her teeth as his crotch begins to slap against her juicy backside, that smack of skin meeting skin now mixing with her moans around her Captain's quarters as she gets fucked over this table, having no idea that her desire and want to be taken like this has all been created by the Relic that the stud with his cock buried deep into that tight pussy currently has equipped.

"Never... Ahhhhhh!! Thought pirates weren't supposed... Mmmmm!! To be this honest..." He says back with a smirk, watching her sexy ass cheek jiggle when his toned body meets hers and he sends all of his inches into that wet hole, keeping him moaning as he feels the sensation of her being tightly clamped around his rod as he works himself briskly and with a decent amount of force into her. "But if there's one thing... Mmmmm!! I know I'm not half-bad at... It's something like this..." He chuckles at his words, knowing his supreme sexual skill is also a very welcome effect of Pandora's Heart, allowing his long cock to be thrust in deeply and quickly over and over again into the tightness of the stunning quest giver and previous ally to the Vault Hunters.

"Mmmmm!! I'm not bloody like... AHHHHH!! Any other pirate around these parts..." The redheaded beauty states with another saucy grin, keeping her body rocking back and forth to meet each and very thrust she very willing takes from behind, and has both of them moaning out like they've been lovers on the high seas (and deserts) for years, rather than having just met several minutes ago. "Ahhhhh!! And I can tell... MMMMM!! You're not like the rest of those Vault Hunters either..." She adds with a groan, her earrings and the rings of her pirate hat still on top of her head swaying back and forth in time with the motion she's making her body move with, slamming back firmly to keep that smacking sound ringing out and ensuring he's driving into her wet pussy balls deep with every steady thrust he gives her.

"Mmmmm... Should I take that as a compliment?" Samuel asks, giving her snatch another round of pumps before he pulls out of her.

"You should..." Scarlett smirks, standing up from the table and turning around so she can now sit on the edge of it. "The rest of you lot don't appreciate my fine sense of humour!" She says, reaching down to undo the belt above her "peg leg". "Give us a hand with this will you? Pants are a bugger to get off with this thing..." She holds up her hook hand.

"I can imagine..." He says, first taking off her boot from the good leg, and then sliding down her pants all the off her legs to set them aside, leaving her bottomless and still looking as gorgeous as ever.

"Helpful as well... Just a shame you aren't part of my crew..." She comments, spreading her legs invitingly and grinning as he instantly takes the offer to step up between them and once again press his shaft against her snatch.

"Mmmmm... You know, I'm supposed... Ahhhhhh fuck!! To be convincing you to... Uhhhhh!! Side with the Vault Hunters..." He says, like he's just remembered that he should be getting an ally here instead of letting his primal urges take over, and leading him to once again be balls deep in one of the most stunning females in all of Pandora as he gets back to work, thrusting his shaft in and out of her wet and built to be stuffed full snatch. "MMMM!! If that happens... Ahhhhh!! I'm sure we can make more meetings like this... MMMM!! Happen again..." He adds between his moans, loving how still pleasurably snug she is all around his fat rod, able to ram in deep and make the motion smooth and quick from how wet she is down there, and has little choice anyway as she wraps her leg and "peg leg" around his waist to make sure he's up close to her.

"MMMMM!! Oh yes!! Are... Are you sure you can't be... AHHHHH... Talked into jumping ship??" The stunning pirate Captain moans out, letting him feel the cold metal of her hook hand on the back of his neck as she has her arms wrapped around him for good measure as she takes this fucking, the pace now stiffer than before and that's only increasing the pleasure they're both getting from this. "AHHHHH!! You did... MMMMM... Say you weren't a proper Vault Hunter..." She smirks, licking her lips and feeling her body jolting back ever so slightly when he drives in with a strong thrust, making those rings in her hat and her ear swing from the force alone and her still covered tits bounce slightly, but her main focus is the top notch pleasure she's getting from his shaft filling up her twat time and time again as he has his very sinful way with the red headed beauty.

"Ahhhhh... And have a pack of pissed off... MMMMM!! Vault Hunters after me?? I'll have to say no..." He smirks as he slides his thick cock in and out of her wet hole, able to glance down to watch his manhood thrusting into her still tight and now soaking pussy, and glancing up to her gorgeous face and seeing drops of sweat beginning to roll down along with the look of burning desire in her visible eye, a sight that no one perhaps would have dreamed possible from the feared and dangerous pirate, but all thanks to the powerful Relic that he's using to create this lust. "UHHHH!! Mmmmm FUCK!! Be-besides, I always heard pirates... MMMMM!! Hated traitors and mutinies..." He points out between his groans, sliding his hands up her clothed sides as he continues to send his hips sharply in towards her crotch so his balls can just slap up into her skin before drawing back until the midway mark and repeating the motion, the smack of his body meeting hers heard along with their totally shameless moans of pleasure from this now sexual rather than formal meeting.

"MMMMM!! Only when it doesn't work out... Ooooooooh SHIT!! In our favour!!" She groans, leaning her curvy and toned body back as far as her arms can let her, her head tilting back but her Captain's hat staying on her head as she takes without a doubt the best action she'd had in a long time if perhaps ever, loving the feeling of his cock thrusting way into her love tunnel like it's a scene out of XXX-Rated ECHOnet film. "AHHHHH!! MMMMM... At least I'm completely... MMMMMM YES!! Honest when I say... MMMMM... I'll betray others when I get the chance..." The former quest giver to the Vault Hunters says with a gasp as she takes a harder thrust into her snatch, making her body rock back as she lowers her head so she can stare lustfully at the hunk who is so expertly pounding away into her snatch, having no clue that both his skill and her raging desire is all because of a mysterious, sex-driven Relic that he has equipped.

"MMMMM... That's, uh.... AHHHHH... Good to know I... AWWWWW SHIT... I guess..." He says, almost thrown off by her honesty about her dishonesty, but thanks again to Pandora's Heart he keeps on sliding his cock swiftly and with force into her still snug and wet pussy, even as he himself begins to sweat as the effects of keeping up the kind of pace needed to give the gorgeous redhead the kind of fucking she deserves starts to take its toll on him. "Ahhhhhh... You'd even betray me? Even... MMMMM!! After we've done this??" He moans with a smirk, able to tease the dangerous but beautiful Sand Pirates Captain that he has his cock buried deep into, her juices erotically coating his shaft to keep him moaning as he pumps himself in and out of her tight and slick folds, ensuring she feels this top notch pleasure as well to give her a banging quite unlike any she's experienced before, or may ever feel again.

"MMMM... You sound more like... A pirate than a Vault Hunter..." Captain Scarlett groans, giving him a smile as she lifts her arms off of him before unwrapping her legs. "Driving a hard bargain after all." She says, reaching up to take off her short jacket and tossing it across her cabin.

"Guess... Ahhhhh... I am kinda Vault Hunter..." Samuel replies, easing his dick of her snatch and watching as she undoes the collar of her top so she can peel it away, revealing her nicely rounded and perky tits along with the rest of her toned upper body. "I've got a mission to do, and I plan on finishing it."

"In that case matey, here's the deal..." She says, casting the top away to leave her just wearing her signature hat. "You give it to me and make me cum, and I'll play nice with you Vault Hunter lot, and I will try my very best to try and not turn on you all even when it would really get me a lot of loot. Deal?"

"I don't think I can refuse that kind of offer..." He starts to say, reaching up to take a hold of his clothing but finding himself being grabbed by the top, pulled into a hungry and fierce lip-lock as she hauls him down on top of her on the table they've been fucking over and against already so far.

"Mmmmphhh!! MMMM!! MMMMPHHH!!" The horny pirate Captain moans into his mouth, forcing her tongue in past his lips while grinding her pierced ones against his as she grabs onto the back of his head with her good hand, using her hook hand to run against his arm as he has to blindly line his cock back up with her entrance so he can drive into the needy beauty. That gets her groaning louder into his mouth when he starts pumping her hard, making her slap her tongue against his as they make out and get lost in the sinful moment. "MMMM!! MMMMPHHH!! MMMM..." She keeps his lips pressed against her for a moment more before she has to release to break it, allowing them both to gasp and take in air as he leans back to stand up, gripping her good arm by the wrist and her part-metallic one by just under the hook as her body begins to rock back in response to his powerful thrusts.

"MMMM!! Awwwww FUCK!! MMMMM!! Fuck... Fuck yeah..." The wannabe Vault Hunter grunts as he gives it his all, slamming his thick shaft in to the hilt before pulling sharply back and repeating the action over and over, moaning each time his member slides in or out of that soaking but snug snatch, unfazed by her legs being draped over his outstretched arms as he bangs her. "UHHHHH!! MMMM!! Yeah Scarlett!! MMMM FUCK!! Your fucking pussy... UHHHH!! So fucking good!!" He groans out the approval of how pleasurable it is to be so deep in her tight, wet hole and showing, if the proof wasn't already clear from how hot and heavy this action has been already, that he has no issue at all fucking this woman who may have one good eye, arm and leg but is still drop dead gorgeous and built to be taken just like he's currently doing.

"AAHHHHH FUCK!! FUCKING YES!! FUCK ME!! DON'T... MMMMM!! DON'T BLOODY STOP!!" She moans out, her filthy words echoing around her own quarters as she gets pumped, her body now coated with sweat but loving every moment of being ravaged more like a dirty port tavern whore than the feared and respected pirate Captain she actually is. She also has no idea that her uncontrollable lust and the pleasure she's getting from his mighty rod ploughing so deep into her snatch is thanks to the powerful Pandora's Heart Relic he's using to make her into this highly sexual, but still very much willing state. "OH FUCK!! OH YES SAMUEL!! MMMMM!! KEEP... AHHHHHH!! KEEP FUCKING ME!!" She demands as her sexy, curved frame rocks back and forth on the surface of this table that's already seen her been fucked over and on the edge of, now just laying back and taking the best sex of her life, her mouth hanging open to almost shamelessly drool while her eyes are approaching rolling back into her head from the effects of the pleasure overwhelming her.

"UHHHH!! MMMMM... Ahhhhhh... MMMMM FUUUUUCK!! MMMM!!" Similarly he's sweating hard and groaning away with every motion he has his hips doing, either slamming his cock home into her dripping wet and still snug pussy or pulling out a few inches so he can just drive himself back up into her, doing away with any attempt at words or sentences and just letting his primal grunts be the sound of agreement to her lusty demands. "MMMMM!! OH SHIT!! MMMMM!! FUCK... FUCK!!" He gasps, sweat dripping from his handsome facial features as he watches her perky tits bounce away in time with the jolting motion her body is doing, but he's keeping her in place enough for him by keeping a hold of her arms by the wrist and hook, allowing him to keep on hammering away into one of Pandora's most beautiful, as well as dangerous and deadly women.

"OH FUCK!! OH FUCK!! I'M... I'M ACTUALLY... OH BLOODY FUUUUUUUCKKK AHHHHHHH!!" She moans out, body arching but her hat impressively still somehow staying on her head as Captain Scarlett starts to cum hard on Samuel's thrusting cock, juices flowing out like a flood over his long and fat cock that he keeps on sending balls deep into her, not just for his own pleasure but to ensure she gets the full experience of a sexual high unlike any other before. "AHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! Ooooooooooh FUCK!! Fuck... FUCK MMMMMM..." She gasps and groans with a big, exhausted but satisfied grin of her gorgeous face as the waves of joy flow through her like the seas of old, moaning when he keeps on ploughing into her but eases off the force and the pace, leaving her laid out on her own table in a pool of her sweat and now juices by the time he finally releases her arms and pulls out of her snatch.

"So... We... We've got a deal??" Samuel asks, his chest heaving for air and his cock still hard but starting to throb now as he looks over her stunning body.

"I... I suppose I wouldn't be much of a pirate if I went back on my word... Or would I?" Scarlett grins as she raises her head up to look across at him. "Kidding! You held up your end of the deal... I'll do mine... Now, give us a hand, and I'll at least finish you off before you head out of here..."

"Sure!" He all too eagerly says, quickly taking a hold of her good hand to pull her forward and help her to once again kneel down in front of him.

"Only just came, but I'm still wanting more of you... I have no idea what's gotten me all worked up!" She muses, still unknowingly effected by Pandora's Heart as she guides him back into her hungry oral hole and starts sucking him off at a steady pace, groaning around the cock that's just come from deep within her snatch, getting her lips perfectly wrapped around this massive piece of man meat while her hand grips his thigh and her hook hand rests against the other. "Mmmmmphh!! Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." The beautiful, still horny pirate moans as she tastes her own pussy from off of his throbbing rod, cleaning up the mess she'd left all over him after her orgasm and not bothered one bit by it, looking now to finish things off properly and from the way she's sinking her head down deeply onto that pole she isn't planning on stopping until he explodes in her mouth.

"MMMMM!! OH FUCK!! Ahhhhh... Oh shit Scarlett!! MMMMM YEAH!!" He groans, now being the one to tilt his head back with a grin as the rough and tough, but still gorgeous Captain bobs along his stiff but now intensely throbbing manhood, yet again those stylish rings in her hat and in her ear swaying from the force she's putting behind the lustful even after her own sexual high motion. "UHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMMM... Oh shit!!! MMMM FUCK!!" He gasps out, managing to look back down and see the sinful look in her eye as the redhead blows him like her life depended on it, letting him feel her full lips and the cool sensation of her lipring grinding against his dick as she runs her mouth smoothly and quickly back and forth over his size.

"Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm!! Mmmmm mmmm..." She continues to groan, showing off that fantastic oral ability that wouldn't be expected of the feared and respected leader of Pandora's most infamous Sand Pirate crew as she keeps on sucking away and applying her saliva onto the dick she's found herself near addicted to despite only having met this hunk today. "Mmmmm... Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmphh!!" She gazes up with her good eye, still burning with a lust that seems to be building up again despite her previous orgasm a few minutes ago, such is the effect that the lust-creating Relic he has equipped but as he groans and pulses between her lovely lips, his own peak is arriving and only brought quicker by her repeated, deep slurping of his cock.

"AHHHHH!! AWWWWW FUUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMMM..." Samuel lets out a deep groan as he begins to unload within Captain Scarlett's mouth, the first hot blast making her eye widen at a mouthful so large she nearly pulls her head off from him, but keeps her composure to keep bobbing away on him, wisely swallowing down his spunk when the second blast fires past her lips. Not letting up for a moment, she continues to blow him and drain that cock that has given her pleasure quite unlike anything she's experienced before, and is more than returning the favour by gobbling down every drop of cum he sends into her. Lucky for them both, the hunger she had for his spunk was satisfied by the vast amount he gave her, another beneficial effect of Pandora's Heart to give him a size of load that no regular man could ever give, even after such a red hot session of sex like this has been.

"Mmmmm..." Scarlett groaned, delivering a last suck as his cock starts to go soft, pulling away and sitting down on the floor of her cabin, gasping for breath. "Just... Just give me a moment please mate..." She asks, waving her hook as she closes her eyes in order to recover.

"No problem..." Samuel says, just as tired from the top notch sex but having wits about him enough to quickly bring up his "menus", unequipping Pandora's Heart with a far more usual for a Vault Hunter Relic. Closing the "menus" down, he once again offers a hand out to her to lift her up.

"Still being nice after all that?" She comments, accepting and being helped to stand. "Not sure you'd make a good pirate after all, and you're a quite different Vault Hunter too."

"Guess you're right." He says with a shrug, knowing himself how right she is, but not daring to reveal his "secret". "So... We have a deal? You gonna help out the Vault Hunters?"

"I suppose so..." Scarlett states, taking a moment to adjust her hat. "You can go tell your Vault Hunter friends that I will, gosh this is hard for me to say... I will... Help them out, as best I can if they need it in the future. But!"

"But..." Samuel says, watching her reaction and having himself expected her to put a catch on the deal.

"I expect a fair share of any loot that any assistance brings, and you matey..." She smirks, poking him
in the chest with her hook. "You tell them that any requests for help from me and my crew will have to come through you, and I expect you to deliver them in person... I don't need to mark a cross on a treasure map to get what I'm meaning, do I?" She adds with a lick of her lips as she takes a look over his chest.

"No Captain, you do not!" He replies with a grin.

"Splendid! Now, off you go! And feel free to maybe swing by once in a while... I still might make a pirate out of you someday... Or at least get a nice fuck or two trying!"

* * *

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