WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the video games, characters, developers etc depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Author's note: Gaige is aged 18 years old in this story, the age listed in her official profile file for Borderlands 2 as seen on the Borderlands Wikia and elsewhere.

Featuring: Gaige (Borderlands series)

Codes: MF, Oral, mind-control/influence.

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 5
A Borderlands video game erotic story
by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Team building missions. Samuel hated the sounds of that, especially with the term "mission" put into it. But no one dares argue against Lillith so when she orders you out to wipe out some group of psychos causing hassle to a supply route, you go and do it. Where was it to again? Sandlands? Wastelands? Badlands? Some sort of lands. Much like the rest of Pandora, filled with tons of rabid animals wanting to eat you alive and maniacs wanting to fill you with bullets. All things Samuel could be doing very much without.

The one upside to this particular mission? He'd been teamed up with one of the experienced Vault Hunters, and to his pleasant surprise one that was certainly easy on the eyes. Gaige, the Mechromancer. The young, 18-year-old redhead with pigtails and a full punk-style look and outfit of red skirt and top with a white skull, a jacket over that top, stripped leggings, and even goggles in her hair to complete the look. Oh, and the fact that one of her arms was almost completely robotic and metal. She was gorgeous as she was talented - able to summon her own creation of a flying machine of death called Deathtrap - and dangerous. After all, a living breathing Vault Hunter is one to be respected, and her part in taking down Handsome Jack had more than proven her worth.

She was still a rebel at heart however. As proven by this "minor" as she'd claimed it would be detour through some caves to check for some "sweet Loot". That had been an hour and several screaming insects and Pods ago.

"Why, hello there..." Gaige purrs with a smirk as the Loot Chest opens up to show off a selection of guns, including a particular Purple-rated Revolver that she takes an instant liking to, instant equipping it and checking it out.

"OK, so can we go now Gaige?" Samuel sighs, in his usual messy and less than well kept attire that fits nicely to his toned frame. "The sooner we can get this mission done, the sooner we can get back to Sanctuary."

"Relax Samuel! We've got this..." She says dismissively as she looks down the barrel of the gun to check out its sights, firing a testing shot at a nearby pile of rubble, making her fellow (but less experienced) Vault Hunter jump back in shock. "A little group of Psychos aren't going to take me down!" She boasts with a smirk, posing as she reloads the gun and spins it around on her finger.

After she's done that however, her eyes go wide before she shakes her head. "Aw crap!" She whines, shaking her head and out of anger smacks the rest of the guns off from the presentation plate of the chest.

"What's... What's wrong?" Samuel asks as he approaches her.

"My Anarchy!" She grumbles, sounding very annoyed. "One of my skills. I can rack up loads of stacks of it and it gives me totally awesome amounts of damage, but takes away crazy amounts of my accuracy. I was racking up the stacks since we entered this cave! And now because of that stupid reload, I've lost them all!"

"That... That sucks..." He reasons, still no understanding her problem right now. "Can't we just go find some more stacks or something? Loot another chest, or..."

"No... The only way I can get Anarchy Stacks is by killing an enemy, fully emptying my gun's magazine, or..." She starts to explain, but trails off as she looks back at him, giving him a look over. "Heh, well I'm not gonna tell you the other way just yet, rookie." She teases, casting a playful wink his way before she turns away.

Samuel had behaved himself since this trip out had started. Sure he'd checked her out a couple times but had mostly been focused on staying alive, avoiding bullets, and taking out any hostile coming after them both. Thankfully Deathtrap was more than capable of handing wiping out many hoards of enemies. But now, in this quiet little space with all the creepy crawlies taken care off and seeing her rebellious and just that bit sexy way about her? He couldn't resist bringing into play the Relic that has seen him score with some of Pandora's hottest women already since his time as a "Vault Hunter".

Equipping Pandora's Heart and shutting the "menus" down, he stepped forward and approached her. "You sure you won't tell me?" He called out. "Or maybe I'll have to... "Pump" you, for some information?" He added, showing that despite the power of the Relic, it doesn't help him improve his own smarts or his "game", that's for sure.

Luckily for him, Pandora's Heart as it always seems to do, had an instant effect of the young cutie when she turned around, her eyes instantly drawn to look over his impressive frame and handsome facial features, causing her to narrow her eyes with a saucy smirk as she placed her hands on her hips.

"That's actually just it Samuel... Pumping me IS the other way..." Gaige states as she steps towards him. "Discovered it one night when... Well, let's just say there's a reason why I call Axton an unparalleled stud... But to get back all the stacks I had up until just now, I'm gonna need a fuck that lasts a fucking long time..." She explains with a clear, lusty tone in her voice now as he closes the space between herself and the now grinning man in front of her. "So let's fucking do this!" She suddenly says, dropping down to her knees in front of him and reaching for his belt.

"Shit! You don't mess around!" He says in pleasant surprise, watching as she hauls his pants and boxers all the way down to expose his impressively sized meat.

"Fuck no I don't!" Gaige grins up at him, using her robotic hand to take a hold of his cock and start to smoothly stroke him off. "Hey, you're kind of a cute guy anyway. Not on Hammerlock's level, but I kinda knew we'd get along when you kept dozing off during the briefing. And I mean... Look at this fucking dick! Score!!" She adds as that manhood hardens in her cool, metallic grasp.

"Ahhhhh... I try not to brag, you know..." He lies, knowing full well that his "impressive size" is also an effect that Pandora's Heart has, along with increasing his own sexual ability. "So, we're actually, you know, going to do this? Because I am so up for a fuck if you are Gaige!"

"Hell yeah! This is gonna be fucking sweet!" The redhead grinned as she spits down onto his cock, using her robotic hand to steadily pump his rod, and leaning her head in so she can playfully swat her tongue across the crown of his lengthy cock, her free hand gripping onto the side of his top while she looked up at him, teasing his cock with her frisky, wet tongue. "Start the Anarchy..." She says with a naughty tone, but before he can question if she's meaning her own "skill" or what they're about to do, she's making him moan as she takes the head of his dick into her mouth, letting her feel the warmth and wetness of that hole as she begins to go to work on him.

"Ahhhhh... Whatever you want Gaige... Mmmm... I'll go with it..." He wisely says, watching the gorgeous Mechromancer twisting her head from side to side as she grinds her lips around his member, still flicking her tongue out at him within her mouth and keeping her metallic hand running back and forth along the rest of his shaft to keep this dual pleasuring going on in a nice and smooth pace. "Mmmmm! Never thought a robot hand... Mmmm... Could feel this good..." He comments as despite that cold, metal sensation gliding over his rod there's no hint of pain from her stroking, no doubt enhanced by the addition of her mouth as she starts to slurp noisily and already rather shamelessly on his dick as the rebellious beauty is showing that despite her young age, she doesn't appear to be a stranger to sucking some cock.

"Mmmmmph!! Phhhhttyy ffhhhkkknnn hhhwwwwsssmmmm, rhhhtttt??" She muffledly responds, smiling around that dick for a moment before going back to the task at hand, rocking her head back and forth and making her pigtails styled hair sway just a little from the effort she's putting into this, her mouth pushing down further onto his pole to take more of him inside. That causes them both to groan out, knowing how naughty to put it mildly it is to be sucking off her fellow Vault Hunter instead of carrying out a mission but unable to stop herself from eagerly and energetically blowing him like this. "Mmmmmm... I hhhmmmm... Thhhhhhh strrrrrggghhhhstttt ghhhhhrrrr arrrrhhhhhvvveee!!" She adds, bobbing away and getting her saliva nice and layered over his length with loud slurp after slurp, having no idea her lust is being enhanced by a powerful Relic that this lucky hunk currently has equipped, and is once again making the most of it by getting a red hot blowjob from the 18-year-old stunner.

"Ahhhh... No idea what... Uhhhhh!! You just said..." Samuel admits between moans, but couldn't really care as right now it's all about how great it feels to be between her soft lips as the punk-styled cutie continues to move her head back and forth along a large amount of his man meat, her robotic arm now being used to keep him in place so she can dive down again and again with steady and deep sucks. "Mmmmm!! But... I totally agree with you... Whatever you said..." He half-mumbles, his gaze fixed onto the pretty face of the beauty kneeling before him as Gaige continues to bob her head over his nicely thick and lengthy dick, her saliva now completely coating his member and even dripping downward onto his balls and down onto her on chin both off that rod and from her own lips.

Narrowing her eyes playfully but with clear desire up at him, she responds to his words by changing tactics, raising her head up to the crown of his cock before she suddenly forces her face right down into his crotch, making her eyes widen like she can't believe she just did that, and the look is returned but with an added deep moan from the man receiving the unexpected, but very welcome deep throating. 'GAWWWWWKKK!! GAAAAAHHHH!! UHHHHLLLLKKK!!" She coughs and splatters around his length, further coating his tool with her spit but showing the lust-enhancing effects of Pandora's Heart she keeps her face down into him to stuff her mouth full with his cock, even as she gags loudly and both hands, real and metal, grip onto his top like her life depends on it. "GAHHHHHH!! GAAAAHHHHRRRKKKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH!!" She groans as she finally lifts her head away, giving one last long suck before she pulls off from him, gasping for air and using a hand to wipe away forming tears from her eyes, but it isn't long before that a sexy grin is on her face yet again as his cock stands proud and covered with her saliva.

"Oooooooooh man!! That a fucking weapon in your pants or are you happy to see me babe?" Gaige says with a laugh, standing up from the ground. "Alright, let's keep this going! Follow me stud." She says, motioning with her robotic arm as she turns and walks towards the looted chest.

"You sure you don't need a break? After, you know..." Samuel asks, even if the smirk on his face shows he's very happy this is continuing on.

"Naw, I'm good. I'll have some more Anarchy, thank you!" She says with a shiver as even while dishing out a BJ she's collecting some stacks of that tricky Skill. "Come on, fuck me against this thing! Not like it's gonna refill with loot until we leave the area." She adds, hopping up to sit on the edge of the chest and leaning so her back is against the plates where said loot once hung, and using her real hand to pull up her skirt, showing off her leggings and a pair of damp-looking panties underneath.

"Yeah, that is weird how these chests keep... Awwww whatever..." He stops himself, getting back on track as he steps forward, reaching down and boldly gripping onto the leggings over her crotch, making her gasp with a grin as he tears a hole in them to give himself some access as he pulls her underwear to the side and runs his cock over her entrance.

"Mmmmm... Not... Not a bad start..." She nods her pigtail haired head, moaning as she watches him push his cock into her tight snatch, the entry made smooth thanks to all her saliva still dripping from that stiff prick that's now working up into her nicely slick folds, both of them groaning in approval as he pulls back until just the head is in her before going back in with the next proper thrust. "Ahhhhh... This is getting good! Yeah... Mmmmm!! Like that stud!!" Keeping her legs spread far apart for him to invade her snatch as he builds up the steady rhythm, she's showing off her rebellious nature by openly showing how good it feels to get fucked with all of her clothing still on, leaning back against the Loot Chest and moaning out when the cock of the semi-clothed hunk in front of her plunges into her wet pussy.

"Mmmmm shit!! Damn Gaige!! Ahhhhh... You feel fucking good!!" He groans the perhaps obvious statement but is experienced enough now with some of the women of Pandora to know which buttons to push, even when he knows the power of the Pandora's Heart Relic is the true reason both why he's getting to fuck one of the hottest women on the planet, and why he's able to give her this kind of stiff seeing to with his long cock. "Uhhhhh!! I'll give you... Ahhhhh... Exactly what you need..." He says, meeting her smirk with one of his own as he keeps a grip on her legs at the ankles, allowing him to work his hips back and forth in order to send his cock straight into her awaiting, needy pussy that despite her young age already feels built to be able to take big, hard dick just like his, which is certainly to their moaning delight as he sends in another deep pump.

"Mmmmm!! Do you... Ahhhhh!! Anarchy up!! Do you you mean giving me... MMMM!! A real good fucking like this??" She questions, licking her lips teasingly as she slightly rocks back against the metal plates of the chest she's being banged against, her arms - natural and robotic - reaching back behind to grip the plate she's resting on as she all too happily lets him do all the work, plunging deep into her wet and tight twat to make her moan with every thrust. "Or helping me... AHHHH!! Getting... Mmmmm!! More stacks!!" The established Vault Hunter groans out as she takes the dick of the rookie smoothly and swiftly in and out of her snatch, watching with a grin as his fuck-stick rams into her damp pussy before soon pulling a few inches back so he can repeat the motion, and as this already fantastic feeling fucking continues she's gasping not just from the pleasure she's getting, but from the amount of Anarchy Stacks she's racking up during this spontaneous sexual encounter.

"Ahhhhh... Like... Like I said... MMMM!! Whichever one... AHHHH... You need..." He says, torn between trying to carry on this small talk and focusing on the task that to him is far more important, and that's pumping away into the tight pussy of the gorgeous 18-year-old in front of him, working almost all of his tool into that love tunnel when he thrusts forward into her and makes them both moan out as his steady and perfectly forceful pace continues on. "MMMMMM... Fuck!! Fucking beats... AHHHHH... Getting shot at out there anyway..." He adds with a grunt, taking a look over the clothed and cutely curved frame of the stunner he was getting to fuck, soon locking eyes and grinning again at the playful rebel he has his member buried into, keeping them both moaning each time he slides himself either in and out of her with this swift motion.

"Oooooooooh SHIT!! Mmmmm!! I'm feeling it!! More... More!!" The gorgeous Mechromancer groans out, tilting her head back for a moment as she loses herself in the pleasure for a moment, a sign that this is already the best sexual experience in her young life, and thankfully for her it's showing no signs of stopping any time soon as neither the hunk delivering or the babe receiving have broken out even in a sweat yet. "More... More stacks!! Anarchy, baby!! MMMMM!! Keep it fucking coming babe!!" She encourages, like her constant, shameless moans of delight from how great it feels to have his fat, long cock thrusting away into her tight hole weren't ammo enough for him, and despite her having dual-reasons of wanting pleasure and gaining more stacks of Anarchy, which in itself is seemingly increasing her own desire. Even if it also is making her speech rather less than completely sane as this fucking goes on.

"Ahhhhh... Sure... MMMM... Sure fucking thing Gaige..." He says, having no plans on doing anything but giving it to her quick and hard like this, fucking the sexy Vault Hunter against a Loot Chest that they'd not too long ago swiped of said treasure, but now are using to aid them in this sinful action as he repeatedly rams his manhood in and out of her tight and wet pussy just as she's demanding. "UHHHH!! Damn!! Getting stacking boosts from fucking... MMMM!! You learn... Uhhhh!! Something new everyday around here I guess..." Despite the fact that she has no idea her heightened lust is all down to the mysterious, sex-enhancing Relic that he has, like a true punk wild child she is showing no issue with being fucked with still all of her clothing on, and just a hole torn in her leggings so her pussy can get nicely stuffed like this again and again.

"MMMM!! This... This is getting awesome!!" Gaige grins, using her arms to push him away and in turn pull out of his cock. "Lay down Samuel. Let me show you why I'm... I am the stronger girl a-liiiiiiiiive!!" She roars in an over-the-top manner, showing the side-effect of accumulating so much Anarchy Stacks.

"Uhhhhh... Yeah, sure..." Samuel says with some concern but goes along with it, laying down on the ground and watching as she quickly mounts him.

"Oh yeah! More Anarchy, more!!" She almost demands as she uses her robotic hand under her skirt to guide his dick back up into her snatch, causing them to both moan once again as she lowers herself down onto him. "Accuracy... Ahhhh!! Accuracy can suck it!! Let's fucking do this!!"

"Yeah?? Yeah... Yeah!!" He encourages, not sounding sure of himself at first but the feeling of being back in that tight, slick hole is all the fuel he needs to want to see her do her best, or perhaps worse, on his cock.

"MMMMM... Oh yeah!! More power!! MMMM!! Sm-smash the system!! FUCK..." She moans in-between her wild yells as with each bounce she delivers onto him she collects another stack of Anarchy, which in turn only increases her lust that's already been super raised up thanks to that powerful Pandora's Heart Relic. It all means for the lucky stud underneath her that he's getting plenty of pleasure from this as well as she soon effortlessly breaks into a steady riding rhythm as she works that clothed, hot body up and down on his pole. "UHHHH!! MMMMMM... So... So many stacks!! AHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! I'm... I'm getting a God Complex... AND I LIKE IT!!" She almost squeals in pleasure-drunk delight as she bounces away on the cock that she's already sucked off and had fucking her, and now once again is taking deep into her pussy as she rides this handsome and hung fellow Vault Hunter below her as she keeps her hands placed firmly on his toned, top-covered chest.

"AHHHHH... Awwwww shit!! You... You sure you're... UHHHH!! Okay there Gaige??" Samuel questions between groans, seeing that the mental state of the stunning, young redhead is being effected by all the stacks of Anarchy she's collecting, but making full use of the opportunity he's got he doesn't intend on suggesting she stop from giving her already a top notch ride to work over every inch of his big, thick cock. "MMMMM!! Not that... Not that I'm complaining... AHHHHH... But I don't understand... Uhhhhhh!! A lot of what you're really saying right now..." From the look of delight on her pretty face, he's not even sure she's on the same planet as he currently is as the beauty from Eden-5 continues to briskly bounce away on his dick even as she groans out and drops of sweat start to roll down her cheeks as the wild pace she's using starts to catch up with her.

"YEAAAAAAAH!! MMMMM!! You can't stop me!! AHHHHH..." She tilts her head down to grin at the hunk she's making moan out loudly despite his concerns, the slap of her snatch connecting with his crotch sounding out to mix with their moans as she takes him in balls deep each and every time she drops down quickly and firmly onto him, making her pigtails-styled hair sway from the force she's using to ride him. "UHHHH!! I probably won't hit anything... MMMM!! But whatever!! God DAMN!! MMMMM!! I am so hardcore!!" She moans out, closing her eyes as she once again slips into barely sane speech to praise herself, but considering she's putting on a performance worthy of a top level XXX-rated ECHOnet flick she's certainly got plenty to boast about, able to use her petite but gorgeous frame to perfect use as she bounces swiftly onto him again and again

"Awwwww FUCK!! You're... UHHHH!! You're really something else!!" The rookie Vault Hunter states the obvious, his nicely muscular chest raising and lowering under his clothes as he too feels the effects of this increasingly wild, in keeping with her rebellious personality and look, fucking that he's experiencing from the young but talented beauty mounted on his cock. "AHHHHH SHIT!! Mmmmm!! Yeah, fucking get it Gaige!! MMMMM!! Fucking ride that cock!!" He's able to yell out between groans, his words seemingly registering as both her natural and her mechanical hands grip onto his top as she keeps on swiftly and forcefully raising and lowering her wet but still tight snatch, taking every inch of his member deep up into her folds when she drives herself down like a woman truly possessed, and in this case thanks to both the Anarchy Stacks and Pandora's Heart, she is that and then some.

"MMMMM!! I... I feel the cosmos!! POWER!! AHHHHH!! Yes! YESSSSS!!" The sexy Mechromancer moans out, finally opening her eyes to grin down at the hunk she's riding, licking her lips like a predator sizing up prey in the wild and seeing the conflicted look of worry and pleasure on his handsome face she brings her bouncing motion to a sudden stop, letting out a giggle as she instead now works her pussy with short rocks against his crotch. "MMMMM!! Mmmmm... What's the matter Samuel?? AHHHH... Can't handle... Mmmmm... A little Anarchy??" She teases with almost maniacal laughter, showing how far from reality she currently is but still has enough in her to keep grinding that soaking now pussy down against the still rock hard dick she's got stuffed up inside her, being ironically the one factor keeping her still somewhat sane yet is also the reason why she's losing her mind in the first place, and not just from the great pleasure she's been getting during this all.

"Ahhhh... Yeah, I... I can handle it..." Samuel replies, even though he doesn't now sound too sure of himself.

"Let's get it on! ROCK ON!!" Gaige yells suddenly dismounting him and getting up to her feet and moving back across to the empty chest. "One... One more round... Give more fucking stacks and then... Then?? I... Deal... DEATH!!" She grins back and him, reaching and hauling up her skirt to show her cutely rounded ass, and the hole in her leggings to give access to her her soaked through panties.

"Fuck... Glad my Skill Trees don't have anything crazy like this..." He mumbles to himself as he gets up, approaching her from behind and once again pulling those panties to the side so he can shove his still hard cock back into her awaiting hole.

"BOOYAH!! If... MMMM If I go down, I'm... I'm screwed! MMMMMM!!" She moans out, already pushing back towards him just as begins to pump her from behind, both hands gripping the Loot Chest as she bends slightly over it. "Not down on you! Down like... AHHHHH... Awwwww just fuck me!!"

"Yes ma'am!! MMMMM!! AWWWWWW SHIT!!" He hisses, taking a firm hold of her toned, clothes covered waist as he pistons his shaft in and out of her slick snatch and now isn't holding back, seeing how worked up and barely with-in the 18-year-old stunner is he's getting to fuck, and figuring he needs to bring this to a conclusion sooner rather than later for both of their benefit, and not just in terms of pleasure either. "UHHHH!! Yeah!! Fucking... MMMMM!! Fucking take it Gaige! MMMMM SHIT!!" He grunts, feeling her working her body back against him with a purpose, already making her ass meet his crotch with a slap even with the amount of clothing she still has on, but that perhaps enhancing the pleasure they're both getting as they both show no signs of having any shame at all as they've completely ignored the mission they're supposed to be on to instead have a sudden, no strings attached fuck.

"MMMMM!! I... I regret nothing!! OOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUCK!! The stacks... THE STACKS!!" The sexy punk gasps out, her eyes almost glazed over in a trance as she feels both the Anarchy continuing to build, and the beginnings of a sexual climax forming as that thick and lock cock pounds away deep into her dripping wet hole from behind, this top notch fucking ensuring she keeps moaning out even as speaks more and more like a crazed lunatic with every pump and stack she gets. "Don't... DON'T FUCKING STOP!! STACKS... SO FUCKING GOOD! I... I AM... UHHHHHH! I AM THE INFITITE!! MMMMMM FUCK!!" She screams out, her head almost head banging and causing sweat to fly off from her pigtails from the rocking motion, her small frame still impressively pushing backward against the hunk ploughing into her to ensure he drives in balls deep each and every time to keep them both moaning out loudly around this makeshift sex den they've created.

"UHHHHH!! OH SHIT!! I damn well... UHHHH!! Regret fucking nothing!!" Samuel grunts as similarly sweat is dripping from his rugged facial features as he hammers away into the beautiful Mechromancer, his words referring to the fact that even with her confusing to say the least words right now he's more than happy he chose to use the power of Pandora's Heart to make the her be up for some red hot action like this. "MMMM!! Ahhhhhh!! MMMMMM SHIT!! FUCK!!" He groans, keeping that hold onto her midsection to keep her in place so she doesn't jolt too far away when he drives in hard and fast when he pounds her, pulling only a couple inches out so he can repeat the motion and keep on banging her like she deserves to be taken, even if it is sending her to the brink of complete insanity from how much Anarchy Stacks she's racking up!

"UHHHHH!! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!! This... This is actually STUPID NOW!! WRITER?? WHAT! ARE! YOU DOING?! DID YOU FORGET... AHHHHHH!! HOW I COLLECT ANARCHY STACKS WHEN YOU STARTED WRITING!? MMMMMM!! AND JUST MADE UP AN EXCUSE THAT I GET STACKS WHILE FUCKING AS WELL SO YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO REWRITE THE WHOLE FUCKING STORY?!? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!" She squeals out, her metallic hand now actually bending the corner of the Loot Chest panel she'd been leaning against as that desperately needed in more ways than one climax inches closer and closer as the stud behind her keeps on hammering that big cock deeply and forcefully in and out of her soaking wet but still more than pleasurably snug twat. "Too.. Too many... OOOOOOOOH SHIIIIIIIIT!! TOO MANY STACKS!! MMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHH!!" She screams out, her goggles almost slipping down from her red, sweat-soaked hair as she hangs onto the chest she's getting fucked over with everything she's got left, her eyes starting to roll back into her head as the effects of all the stacks of Anarchy, the relentless pounding her pussy is taking, and the unknown force that is the Pandora's Heart Relic all take their toll on the sexy young Vault Hunter.

Mercifully for all parties involved in this wild sexual action, Gaige is finally sent screaming into a powerful orgasm, her tongue hanging out from her mouth as her snatch clamps around that thrusting dick that still moves in and out of her even as her juices flood across that fuck-stick and cause Samuel to groan out and begin to throb within her. It doesn't take too long before she's fully slumped down against the now noticeably bent out of shape plates on the Loot Chest, mumbling incoherently about stacks and lack of accuracy, but importantly still moans out as that stud behind her eases up on the pace and power of his pumps, for his own benefit as well as gives one last balls deep thrust before pulling out of her well fucked snatch with a satisfied groan.

"God... God... Oh God..." Gaige gasps with a lazy but happy grin on her sweat-dripping face. "God help you all if I actually HIT something..." She says with a crazed giggle, looking back and seeing him gripping his dick. "Speaking of hitting something... Bring that over here... Cover my fucking face!"

"MMMMM!! Fuck yeah!!" Samuel grins back, moving back in as she almost slumps down to the ground, showing the effects of the fucking she's taken but managing to prop herself up to her knees, offering up her face as the target for his load.

She doesn't have to wait long before he does and demanded from her, the first thick burst of spunk firing out and landing across the band-aid on Gaige's cheek and landing in her hair, and the second makes her close her eye and it fires up across the lens of her goggles as well as into those bright red locks, but like a true rebel punk she just grins and takes it. She has to resist licking her lips clean as he pumps away at his man meat, sending more shots of jizz down onto those soft lips, her cheeks, chin, and nose, with a couple drops dripping down to her top for good measure to leave her a well fucked mess - and having no idea it's all be thanks to the mysterious Relic that he's had equipped all along.

"Mmmm... I have like, negative accuracy right now..." Gaige says, nodding her head with a grin as she licks her lips. "And one fucking mother of a facial..."

"Glad... Glad I could help..." Samuel says, having quickly taken advantage of her still having her eyes closed so he can unequipped Pandora's Heart with a far more boring Relic. "So... Uhhhhh... We, we good to go now?" He asks, moving to start to dress himself again as he pulls his pants up.

"What do you think?!? I AM THE GOD OF DAMAGE!!" She proudly but psychotically yells, pulling out a revolver. "I don't even remember what accuracy MEANS!! Come on, let's go and destroy the universe!" She states with a grin, showing no regard to her current cum-covered state as she holds the gun up and puts on a show as she reloads it, pointing towards the exit.

After a long pause and an awkward silence, Gaige's eyes widen in horror as she realises what she's just done. "...Son of a whore!!"


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