This story is fictional and not to be taken seriously. For those of you who
only watch the show occasionally the girl who plays Marcie Kendall is the
same sexy girl who played Fiona on Disney channels "so weird"

Boston Public: Ronnie's Dilema (Ff,MF,inter,b-mail)
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Ronnie Cooke was a beautiful woman just shy of 30 years old, with long blonde
hair. She had large succulent breasts, which were very noticeable in the
tight tops she wore. Her ass was very sexy, and her figure was nothing short
of incredible. On top of that before she was a teacher at Winslow High School
in Boston she was a prestigious lawyer. So Ronnie had a killer combination of
good looks and brains. Needless to say she was the object of lust to the male
students, and even a select amount of female students.

Marcie Kendall was a very bright student. She had gorgeous long dark hair
and a cute innocent face that made her seem even younger than what she was,
even though her body said otherwise. Her breasts were very nice for a girl
her age. There were few girls at Winslow High as attractive as Marcie. One
particular boy also noticed this. His name was Mark Thomas. Mark was the
richest guy in school, and he was also the most popular. Even though most of
the girls thought he was a jerk.

Ronnie had noticed that he had started dating Marcie particular recently.
Ronnie found this disturbing, with him known around the school as a jerk,
and Marcie being a good girl. Ronnie wanted to intervene, but knew she
shouldn't. She shrugged off the two teens relationship as a case of
opposite's attract. Deep down she really hoped they would break up without
Marcie getting her feelings crushed by this loser.

The two had been dating for a little over a month then suddenly they stopped.
Mark had started to ignore Marcie. Whatever reason it was that they broke up.
Ronnie noticed it really affected Marcie. Marcie was less attentive in class,
and seemed depressed. Ronnie knew she shouldn't get involved with a student's
personal affairs, but she couldn't help herself.

"Marcie, could I talk to you after class?"

The girl simply nodded.

After the bell Marcie made her way to Ronnie's desk and sat in the student
desk in front of her. Ronnie waited until all the class left before she
started talking, and made sure that she shot cocky Mark a dirty look as he

"Listen Marcie, I've noticed a change in your school work lately. I know its
not my place, but whatever Mark did to you, you need to get over it. You're a
bright girl, and you're very pretty."

Marcie had tears flowing down her cheeks as she responded, "It's not that
easy Miss Cooke, you have no idea what he's done."

Ronnie made sure to comfort the girl giving her a hug. "Its ok Marcie, tell
me what he did, you can trust me."

"Well, after we were dating for a while, he told me he wanted us to go all
the way, but I told him no. He wouldn't... take no for an answer though."

"Oh my God Marcie, that bastard raped you!"

Marcie still had tears in her eyes when she nodded her head.

"Don't worry I'll call the police and have him arrested."

"No don't do that, please!"

"Marcie what he did was a crime, I've got to call the police..."

"No! Think about this, he's rich and I'm not. His lawyers will turn this
around on me, that I wanted it! You're right I am a bright girl, bright
enough to know the way things work if you have money. You were a lawyer
Miss Cooke, you can't tell me that's not the way it would go."

Ronnie slowly hung up the phone, she knew that Marcie was right.

"Well, we need to get you some help, counseling or something."

"Well, there is more I'm sad to say," she sighed deeply, "I'm also pregnant."
There was a long pause before Marcie spoke again. "You see, there's something
I needed your help with. I thought this through, I want an... abortion."

"Marcie, no! You can't seriously be thinking of this!"

"No, Miss Cooke I am gonna have it done. I'm not giving birth to Mark's baby.
What we did together meant nothing to him. I want his seed out of me and I
won't change my mind on that! Plus my parents would wanna go after him like
you do if I told them. Now you can help me and make this easier or you cannot
help me and make it more difficult. Either way I'm gonna have it done."

Ronnie thought it over. If she didn't help Marcie, who knows what she might
do. Getting an abortion by an illegal doctor would cost her a lot and would
be dangerous. If Marcie purposely miscarried or tried to self abort, it could
result in fatal injury. The more she thought it over, the more she realized
it was what had to be done. She couldn't convince herself that abortion was
right, but knew things would be worse for Marcie without her help, so she
nodded and got a phone book. She called the doctor on the cellphone and posed
as Marcie's mother. The quickest appointment would be after school in two
days, so they scheduled it. Ronnie wrote it down in her schedule planner
along with the number.

As Ronnie hung up, Marcie hugged her tight thanking her repeatedly. Ronnie
comforted the young girl and told her that this would be their secret, that
no one would ever know about this.

Two days later after school, she drove Marcie to her appointment, Ronnie wore
a dark wig, so she didn't arouse suspicion posing as her mother. After all
the two of them looked nothing alike. She signed the consent form, and it was
much later on that Marcie came out. Ronnie gave her a ride home. Marcie had
told her parents she was staying after school for extra credit in Ronnie's
class. So there was hardly a word said when she made her way inside.

The next week Marcie was back to her old self and Ronnie was glad that this
whole situation was gonna be put behind her. As class ended for the day and
the classroom emptied out Marcie made her way to Ronnie's desk.

"Miss Cooke, I really wanted to thank you again for all you've done."

"I'm just glad your ok Marcie, and judging from the last paper I graded,
you're back to your old self again." Ronnie smiled.

"Thank you Miss Cooke."

Marcie hugged her teacher as tight as ever. Ronnie hugged her back, this
time though it seemed as if Marcie wasn't wanting to let go. Ronnie thought
nothing of this, and kept hugging her student. This hug went on and on for
several minutes. Then as Ronnie broke the hug she saw Marcie looking into
her eyes. This made Ronnie uneasy to say the least. The younger girl held
her arms tight around Ronnie's hips. Then Marcie brushed at Ronnie's blonde
hair that was in her eyes. In doing so, she brushed her hand tenderly across
her teacher's cheek. All the while not losing eye contact with her.

Ronnie was frozen, she knew what was happening here. She just stood
motionless as Marcie's mouth got closer and closer, ever so closer till it
reached its destination. Marcie's lips softly met Ronnie's and they kissed.
Ronnie felt her heart pounding out of her chest. She had never kissed another
girl before, and this was very strange, but also a little exciting. Thoughts
popped into Ronnie's head 'this is your student, this is wrong!' She had to
be honest with herself though, it didn't feel wrong. It wasn't a long while
before Ronnie started to kiss Marcie back. Ronnie totally lost herself in the
moment and her hands found the younger girls' ass in her black mini skirt.
Marcie moaned at the feeling, but didn't stop kissing Ronnie. Marcie kept
giving Ronnie hints slipping her teacher the tongue here and there.

Ronnie finally gave in, and was now french kissing her favorite student, who
happened to be another woman, in her classroom. Ronnie was now just acting
on instinct squeezing on Marcie's ever so hot ass. Now it was if Ronnie's
hands had a mind of their own as they slid under Marcie skirt, and were now
caressing her ass outside her silky panties. While this was going on Ronnie
didn't even hardly notice that Marcie had started unbuttoning the buttons on
her burgundy blouse. Ronnie certainly felt it though, when Marcie cupped her
huge breasts, covered only by a black bra. Ronnie's nipples got hard quickly
and poked through the sheer bra fabric.

They finally both came up for air after the longest kiss they ever had in
their lives. It was then that Ronnie realized that anybody could see in
through the window to the classroom. So Ronnie immediately went to pull the
shade down and lock the door.

'God, I can't believe I'm doing this' she thought to herself.

As Ronnie turned around she saw that Marcie was now standing there in her
white bra and panties. Ronnie was amazed at the beautiful girl, she was
practically a woman, so well developed already at her young age. Ronnie
slowly went back to her and her hands again found the teen's curves. Marcie
helped Ronnie out of her blouse and kissed her on the shoulder, then her
neck. Marcie's hands caressed her teacher's firm ass through her black
slacks, as she kissed between Ronnie's huge valley of cleavage. Ronnie's
body felt like an inferno, she never knew anyone to arouse her like Marcie
was doing. So Ronnie even surprised when she requested to Marcie, "Unhook
my bra."

Marcie gladly unhooked her bra letting her breasts free. Ronnie's tits were
simply magnificent. Something right out of the pages of Playboy, only they
were natural and not silicon enhanced. Marcie caressed the incredible globes
in her hands, a D cup at the smallest, she planted kisses between them.
Ronnie let out a loud moan as Marcie took one of the breasts in her mouth.
Ronnie was pushed back onto her desk, knocking over papers books and other
things. She didn't even give the mess a thought, her mind was elsewhere, as
she felt Marcie move to her other breast and engulf it in her warm mouth.
Marcie started licking on Ronnie's perfect nipples, red, pointed and at
least the size of a Ritz cracker! So the teen licked and nibbled and sucked
ever so passionately on Ronnie's great chest.

Ronnie stroked Marcie's back and found her bra clasp. Ronnie unhooked her
bra letting the teen's nice tits bounce out to Ronnie's delight. Very nice
for a girl Marcie's age, bordering on a C cup and with small dark red
nipples, just a shade darker than Ronnie's. Marcie got on top of Ronnie on
the desk, they were nipple to nipple as the two women again met in a french
kiss even more intense than the last one. All the while Marcie was ready to
take the next step. She was unbuckling Ronnie's belt and unzipping her
slacks, an eager beaver (so to speak) to get to the oasis that was waiting
for her. She found that Ronnie's panties matched her bra, black, and very

Marcie slid her hand down Ronnie's panties and drove a finger deep into her
already wet pussy. Ronnie pushed her hips into Marcie's finger as her
favorite student fingered her on her desk. Ronnie decide to join in the fun,
and stuffed her hand down Marcie's panties. She found that her panties were
too tight to get her hand at the brunette's treasure very easily so she asked
her, "Would you mind taking these off?"

Marcie nodded and stood up on the desk. She smiled innocently as she swayed
her hips like a stripper and slid her panties off. There Ronnie beheld
Marcie's beautiful pussy glistening with her teen juices already. She saw
that the young girl had cunt lips that were kinda puffy. Different as opposed
to Ronnie's that were more like a slit, (as Marcie would soon discover).
Ronnie joined her in being pantyless and the two women pressed their now
naked bodies together. There they were lying on each other all their aroused
body parts pressing together in lesbian lust. Marcie made her way to the
floor and kneeled in front of Ronnie. She opened her legs that dangled over
the side of the desk and started kissing the older woman's crotch. Ronnie
threw her head back in pleasure as Marcie's tongue dove deep into her pink
womanhood. Ronnie spread her legs as wide as she could wanting her young
lover to get the best access.

Ronnie had never felt such pleasure before. Any chance of her talking herself
out of doing it with her student in her classroom was out the window now.
Ronnie fondled her own breasts squeezing her huge knockers as Marcie slurped
away at her snatch. Ronnie was sure that there wasn't a man alive that could
pleasure her like Marcie was doing right now. She decided it must be because
Marcie was a woman. The licking and sucking became more intense as Ronnie
felt her first orgasm building. She rubbed on her breasts harder, as Marcie
lapped away faster and faster, even shoving her pinkie finger inside of
Ronnie as she ate her out.

Then Marcie bit down on Ronnie's clit, and that sent her over.

"Oh Marcie oh Marci... I'm cummming ohhhhhhhh yes fucking bite it you bitch

The orgasm seemed no have no end as Marcie lapped up every savory drop of her
teacher's female juices. Ronnie was out of breath as Marcie climbed back on
top of her. She stroked on her teachers hair, which was now sweaty, but she
wasn't repulsed by the smell, it was a sexy smell. Marcie looked down at
Ronnie as she finally caught her breath and opened her eyes.

"Would you do me too Miss Cooke?"

Ronnie nodded and before she could make a move Marcie positioned herself so
she was sitting on her face. Ronnie was new at this, so she just decided to
do the same thing that Marcie did to her. She started fingering Marcie and
licking on her puffy pink lips. Marcie leaned back so she could see Ronnie's
face as her favorite teacher went down on her. Ronnie found her clit and
went to work on it. Sucking on it as hard as she could and even giving it a
gentle nibble. Ronnie grabbed Marcie's ever so sexy teen ass as she ate out
another woman for the first time. Marcie was really into it now as her crotch
now started going back and forth on Ronnie's mouth. Marcie felt that great
feeling on the way, and just a few more nibbles from Ronnie was all it took
to get her there.

Marcie's tits bounced up and down sexily as her body exploded onto Ronnie.

"Ohhhhhh Miss Cooke ohhhhhhh I ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me yes!!!"

Ronnie was now having her turn at tasting another woman, she found it to be
tangy, not bitter at all like a guys orgasm was. She licked it all up, loving
the taste. When that was done they held each other close for a while, before
ultimately decided they better get dressed, not wanting to get caught. Ronnie
hugged Marcie good-bye, and could tell by the look on her face, that this
wasn't gonna be a one time thing.

* * *

Steven Harper was the school principal at Winslow high school. He was a black
man in his mid to late thirties. He was fairly muscular, and was at times
very intimidating to students and some of the teachers. On this particular
morning he was looking for Ronnie, he wanted to inform her that he was gonna
have a teacher's meeting in the next couple days. He found that Ronnie wasn't
in her classroom yet. Which wasn't really a surprise considering that it was
well before the start of school. Something caught his attention though. He
saw her planning schedule calendar and it had written on it a phone number
and Marcie Kendall's name. This wouldn't seem odd but it said appointment at
3:45 after school. He had heard the rumors around school that Marcie Kendall
was pregnant. Seeing this he assumed that Ronnie helped her with an
appointment at her doctor. He thought 'this is really something that should
be handled by Marcie's parents.'

He wanted to be sure he didn't jump to conclusions though, so he called the
number. Imagine his shock when the receptionist answered "Dr. Colin's

He hung up immediately. He knew who Dr. Colin was. He had seen on TV the
many people had protested outside his clinic before. He was a doctor that
performed abortions! Ronnie made her way to her classroom, and was shocked
to see principal Harper there.

"Morning Steven is there something you needed?"

He gave her a cold stern expression that could go through led.

"My office! Now Miss Cooke!"

Ronnie didn't know what was going on, but nonetheless did as she was told,
and follow him to his office. He shut the door behind him.

"I know you arranged for Marcie Kendall to have an abortion, so I want you
to gather your things up Miss Cooke, your fired."

"Woah wait a minute, where did you get this idea from?"

"Your planner, you left the number there, along with Marcie's name. It wasn't
too hard to figure out. Now I have to call her parents, and fix this mess
you've created. Don't be surprised if her parents go after you for this!"

"Wait you don't know the whole story, she was raped by Mark Thomas, there
was no talking her out of the abortion!"

"Raped? Why didn't you call the police?"

"Look, we all know how rich his family is. There was little choice. She knew
that she stood no chance in court against his high priced lawyers. It was a
judgment call. Maybe you don't agree with it, maybe I deserve to be fired,
but please, I promised her the police and her parents wouldn't know all

"I'm sorry I can't turn a blind eye to this."

"Please there has to be something I can do to get you to forget about this,
please things will only get worse if you make those calls!"

Steven thought it over. Then an idea came to mind. Down deep he understood
why Ronnie did what she did, but it would take him a lot to just look away
from this situation.

"Maybe there is something you can do for me. I could even let you keep your
job. However its a very big thing to ask, so I doubt you will agree to it."

"Please sir, tell me I'm willing to do anything."

"OK, I'll call you on that, I want you to have sex with me."

"What? No way, I will not be blackmailed by you, I am not that kind of

"OK then, get your things, I need to make some phone calls."

Ronnie got up in a big huff and made her way to the door, she could hear him
dialing the numbers on the phone.

"Wait!" she said stopping herself, and locking the door. She turned to face
the principal.

"OK, if this is what it takes I'll do it. OK?"

He hung up the phone.

"Good, we understand each other then. Why don't you take off your blouse."

Ronnie took a deep breath and unbuttoned her blue silk blouse. She removed
it and her cream colored bra came into view. Steven was very impressed at
her tits. He unbuttoned his belt still sitting at his desk. He pointed at
her sexy gray slacks and Ronnie got the hint. She slid out of her slacks
revealing a cream colored thong that matched her bra. He motioned for her to
turn in her underwear. An embarrassed Ronnie turned giving him a view of her
butt in the thong. The sight made him instantly hard. He had never been with
a white woman before and Ronnie was one of the sexiest woman he had ever

"Get on my desk and come give me head now."

Ronnie reluctantly crawled on top of the desk. She unzipped his pants and
pulled out his cock. It was at least 12 inches in length and close to three
inches thick. Like the rest of Steven Harper his cock was as black as night.
Steven watched as the bra and thong wearing blonde took him in her mouth.
She took him in deep as he gripped her hair and admired her tits dangling
over his desk barely contained in her cream bra. Steven let out moans, it
was difficult to keep his voice down with the job that she was doing, but
knew that if he wasn't careful that the people who were arriving in the
office outside the door would hear.

Ronnie kept sucking him off, swallowing all but the last two inches of his
black rod when her gag reflex kicked in.

"Oh aaaahhhhhhhhhh yeah very good Ronnie, mmmmmmmm its true what they say,
you white women know how to suck cock!"

Ronnie then went to his black balls taking both of them in her mouth as she
stroked the length of his shaft with her hand. He reached down and unhooked
her bra in the front and started feeling up her breasts. He loved the feel
of her firm boobs as her oral techniques were already getting him close to
an orgasm. That's when he stopped her realizing she was maybe trying to get
away with just a blowjob.

He pushed her away and had her turn around. He then bent her over on the
desk. He yanked down her thong and pressed his cock against her pussy. It
took some work, but he was able to get his dick deep inside her blonde
pussy. Ronnie was unable to hold back her moans as principal Harper started
thrusting more and more of his dark meat into her pink cunt. He reached
forward and grabbed her swaying breasts. Harper pinched her hard nipples
between his fingers as he fed his black sausage to his employee. He reared
back and shoved all 12 inches up the sexy blonde. Ronnie was surprised it
fit as he felt his balls slapping against her aroused clit.

Ronnie felt him ripping her pussy apart, but was in such pleasure, that her
orgasm was already arriving.

"Oh Mr harper oh yes give it to me give it to me yeah give... oooooohhhhh!"

As Ronnie came and came her hands gripped the corners of the table. Ronnie's
nipples rubbed against the desk top as her orgasm coated Steven's black rod.
Seeing Ronnie's sexy ass he decided it was too good to pass up. He got out of
her pussy, and pushed his head at her asshole. Ronnie squirmed a little in
protest, making it very hard to get his thick head in her tight ass. He
finally did though, and started to push inch after inch in her ass. He start
pushing more and more. He was loving the tightness of her sphincter as it fit
around his cock like a glove.

Steven shoved 8 full inches into Ronnie's ass and that proved to be too much
pleasure for both of them as they both came together. Steven shot his load
deep up Ronnie's ass. He moaned out loud, loud enough that if anyone was in
the office past his doors, then they surely heard him! When the orgasm
subside he pull his cock out of Ronnie.

"Woah... Ok Miss Cooke, I will keep your secret, that was the best lay I've
had in a long time."

"Ok, that's all I wanted to hear, just as long as you'll keep your word."

Ronnie got dressed and quickly made her way out. She was really enraged at
what she had to do to keep her secret. Still at least she still had her job,
which she thought would have been gone after he found out about Marcie. She
got ready for her morning class and decided that next time she should keep
her schedule planner where it wouldn't be easy accessed.


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