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Boston Public: Ronnie's Dirty Day Part 1 (mF,m-mast,oral,hand)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

'God she's hot.' Kevin thought as she walked by.

'Just look at those tits.' He closed his eyes and imagined himself touching
them and felt a slight bulge rise in his jeans.

'If I could just get her alone… I'd fuck her brains out.'

"Mr Nash?"

"Mr Goober sir!" Kevin was brought out of his head by the sudden appearance
of Vice Principal Scott Goober.

"Shouldn't you be in class?"

"Yes... Yes sir."

"Well go on then. Miss Cook doesn't like to be kept waiting." Kevin grabbed
his books, slammed his locker shut and hurried off down the hall.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the classroom that Kevin was heading for, the object of his
lust was getting ready for a new day. Ronnie Cook had been a lawyer until
eight months ago when she left the firm and started working at Winslow High.
She was happier here then she had ever been at the firm... Even if the pay
was a lot less and you ran a better chance of being spat on at Winslow then
in court. And there was something else... Something that had been in the back
of her mind ever since she had started teaching. She had noticed a lot of the
male students had taken more then a passing interest as to where she was
during breaks and even what she wore each day. She guessed this shouldn't
surprise her. She was after all Blonde, very busty and had a figure that
would make any man hard. She had seen a number of boys checking her out in
the halls and some in her own classroom...

'And I love it!' The thought caught her off guard. Sure, it was always nice
to know that she was attractive to men… But these were 16, 17 and 18
year-old boys.

'What does that make me?' She thought as students started coming into the

'I'm too young to be a dirty old woman... Is there such a thing?' She was
just being stupid. She smiled to herself and went to the blackboard to write
up the plan for the morning. When she turned back around she noticed that the
class was almost all there.

"This is a first guys." She said as the last few seats were filled.

"All here before the bell and everything."

'Although...' She thought scanning the front row and noticing one empty seat.

"Sorry Miss Cook!" Came a voice from the door.

'Ah. There he is.' Kevin Nash ran into the room and took his normal seat. He
was 17 and was in Ronnie's mind going to turn into a very attractive man. He
was tall with wavy brown hair that was always untidy. His body wasn't as nice
as she'd like but...

'Ronnie! Stop it!' She shouted in her own head.

'He's a kid for fuck sake!' But no matter what she did to take her mind off
the matter she couldn't help but notice the way his eyes followed her around
the room and the way he would hold his breath when she walked by.

* * *

When the lunch bell rang Ronnie let the class go with a promise of a quiz on
the civil war after the break.

"Kevin?" She asked. Kevin dropped his books at the sound of his name.

"Ah fuc... I mean... Crap." He corrected himself in mid flight.

"I wanted to ask you if everything is okay with your report that's due on

'Now that's a lie.' She thought.

'I really want to know what your doing after class.'

"It'll be ready Miss Cook." Kevin said as he picked up his books and looked

'Did he just look at my boobs?' She thought as he stood up and looked her
in the eye.

"Good." She said simply. "Just checking. See you after lunch."

Kevin walked out of the room as Ronnie watched.

'What's this?' She had looked down to where Kevin had dropped his books to
see a piece of paper had fallen out of one of them. She bent down and picked
it up.

I love you. I think you have the hottest body in the
school. I'd love to fuck your tits and stick my cock in
your mouth. I want to fuck you so badly. I wish I had
seen you when you were a lawyer. Those little skirts I'm
sure you wore... Fuck!!!

'Oh my god!' She thought.

'I should take this to Scott or Steven...'

'No.' Another voice sounded in her head.

'Why should you? He's pretty cute.' And despite herself, she felt a small
amount of dampness in her panties as she walked to the staff room for lunch.

* * *

Three days later Ronnie got out of her car and walked through the doors of
the school to feel every set of male eyes fixed on her. She hadn't been able
to resist the thoughts of lust she had started to have for Kevin any longer.
She had found herself thinking of him when she was working, at the bar with
Harry and even when she was in bed. Last night she had masturbated while
thinking of Kevin's face and the way he looked in his jeans.

'So... Today is a test.' She thought. She was wearing the sexiest outfit she
could get away with. A pair of very tight black pants that hugged her tight
butt and a red shirt that was a size too small… And no bra.

"Miss Cook?" Remarked Marla Hendrix as Ronnie walked past.

"Don't you look... Nice?"

'You look like a prostitute.' Was what she wanted to say.

* * *

"And that's why the South lost the battle and in the end the war." It was
nearly the end of the day and Ronnie was getting nervous. Kevin hadn't been
able to keep his eyes off her all day… Nor could any other boy in the school.
But Kevin was the only one she was worried about. When she had been handing
back there homework earlier, she had stopped by Kevin, bent down so that one
of her large breasts had brushed against his arm and asked to see him after
class. The bell rang and the class headed for the door.

"Kevin?" Ronnie said as she saw him heading for the door with the rest. "I
wanted to see you."

"I just need to give someone a book Miss Cook. I'll be back in a second."


'Perfect.' She thought as he left. She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and
pulled it off. Underneath she wore a sleeveless, light blue top that looked
as if it was painted over her breasts and was very low-cut so to show off a
lot of cleavage.

"Miss Co..." Kevin was back.

'And by that reaction.' She thought as she saw him standing in the doorway
with his mouth open. 'I've got your attention.'

"Come in." She said as Kevin continued to stand there. Kevin walked over
and stood by the desk as Ronnie picked up her bag and put her papers inside

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your answers on Tuesdays homework."

"You did?"

"Yeah." She said, pulling a piece of paper out of her bag and glancing up
at him with a bright smile. "In particular the part about you wanting to
stick your cock in my mouth."

There was a minute of silence where Kevin just stared at Ronnie and then...

"Oh god." He said in a shocked voice. "Oh shit... Miss Cook. I'm... I'm...
So sorry."

"What for?" Ronnie asked in a mock puzzled voice.

"I was just messing around and I... Please... I'm so sorry."

"Don't be." Ronnie said, moving closer.

"You think you're the only student in this school that thinks of me like

"No... But I'm the only one who has been caught out." Kevin said.

"Your not in trouble Kevin." Ronnie said now standing about a foot away from

"I'm not?"

"No... In fact I'm flattered."

"You are?" Kevin asked looking like he was trying to wake up from a dream.

"Sure. I mean it's not every day that one of you boys is brave enough to
write down how they feel about me. You all think it but only you've done
anything about it... Thank you." And then she bent in and kissed him on the

"Ummm." Kevin said as Ronnie pulled back.

"Your welcome?"

"Tell me Kevin." Ronnie said looking down at the paper still in her hand.

"Do you really want to put your penis in my mouth?"


"You want me to suck your dick?"


"Answer me Mr Nash..." She asked in what she thought was a good impression of
Scott Goober. "Do you want me to perform oral sex on you?"

"Ummm... Ummm... Yes." He finally managed.

"See how easy that was." Ronnie said with a bright smile.

"Just tell me the truth and you'll be fine... Do you really want to fuck my


"You like them huh?"

"Yeah." Kevin said breathlessly.

"You want to touch them?" She asked looking down at her chest.

"Any man would." Kevin said.

"Well..." Ronnie said putting the paper on her desk and reaching forward to
run a finger softly down the right side of Kevin's face.

"Today's your lucky day." Her hand dropped to his side, grabbed his right
hand and lifted it to her left breast.

"Shit!" Kevin exclaimed as his hand made contact with the large, soft breast
under Ronnie's top.

"Feels nice doesn't it?" Ronnie asked feeling a rush of pleasure radiate out
from where Kevin's hand was now needing her breast.

"Oh fuck yes!" Kevin said raising his other hand to join his right one.

"I love it when guys play with my tits." Ronnie breathed as Kevin ran his
hands over her chest.

"Especially my nipples." Kevin's fingers shot to her nipples and started to
rub them.

"Pinch them." Ronnie ordered.

"Ahh! That feels so good!" She moaned as he did as he was told.

"Do you want to go for a drive to my place Kevin?"

"Sure... But Miss Cook... I have to tell you... I'm a virgin."

"Don't worry about that." Ronnie said before leaning forward and kissing him
on the mouth.

"I'll be gentle... Or not. Whatever you want."

As they pulled up outside Ronnie's apartment building Kevin looked over at
Ronnie and asked.

"This is a joke right? Mr Goober is up there waiting to give me a month of
detention or something isn't he?"

"Don't be stupid." Ronnie laughed reaching over and placing a hand in his
lap feeling the bulge in his jeans.

"The only thing that is gonna happen up there is you and me getting to know
each other better."

The lift doors opened and the two walked to Ronnie's door. She unlocked the
door and they walked in.

"Now..." Ronnie said after she'd locked the door.

"I'm all yours." Kevin just stood there looking at her.

"What do you want to do?" Asked Ronnie.

"I don't know." Kevin replied.

"Let's start with this." Ronnie said moving forward and wrapping her arms
around his neck and kissing him deeply. Kevin responded by pulling her close
and cupping her butt cheeks in his hands.

"That's it." Ronnie breathed in his ear.

"Just let go." Kevin held her tighter and Ronnie moved back so she was
leaning against the door. Kevin's hands moved from her butt and up towards
her breasts.

"You really like those don't you?" She asked as he pinched her nipples again.

"Yeah." Kevin breathed before kissing her deeply.

"Stand back for a sec." Kevin did as he was told and gasped as Ronnie reached
up, grabbed the middle of the low, cut top and ripped it open. The fabric
tore loudly and she pulled the two halves away from her large breasts so they
were in plane view.

"What do you think now?" Kevin was there in a flash. Sticking his head
between her breasts and kissing and licking them.

"Ahh!!!" Ronnie moaned.

"That's it Kevin! Lick them! Bite them! I want you to enjoy my body!" Kevin
kissed up her chest and started to passionately kiss her on the mouth again.

"Give me your hand." Ronnie said. She took his left hand and guided it down
to between her legs.

"Feel how warm it is down there?" Kevin's hand clamped down hard on her

"Not so hard." She said pulling his hand off slightly.

"Like this." She then started Kevin's hand in a gentle motion over her pussy,
still in her pants.

"Better." Approved Ronnie.

"Kiss me."

The two made out for a few minutes while Kevin rubbed her pussy through her
pants until...

"Oh god!!! I'm cuming!!!" Ronnie's body shook with the force of her orgasm.

"Well done Kevin." She said kissing him again.

"You just made me cum... Your turn." And with that she led him by the hand
into the living room and sat him down on the couch. She pulled the torn top
right off and sank to her knees and unzipped Kevin's jeans.

"Nice." She remarked as his eight-inch cock sprang out, a dribble of cum
seeping out of the tip. She took the shaft in her slender hand and started
to softly stroke it up and down while looking Kevin in the eyes.

"Is this what you wanted Kevin?"

"Yeah." Moaned Kevin in reply.

"And this?" She asked before leaning forward and placing the knob of his cock
between her full lips.

"AHHH!!!" Kevin grunted as a wave of cum burst out of his cock. Ronnie's eyes
opened in surprise for just a moment, but she quickly regained control and
eagerly sucked the warm semen down without missing a drop.

"Shit." Kevin said after he got his breath back.

"Don't worry Kevin." Ronnie said with a smile as she stood up. "I'm amazed
how long you lasted... Wait here." And she walked out of the room.

After five minutes Ronnie walked back into the room and Kevin's jaw dropped.

"I hope you like it?" Ronnie asked putting her hands on her hips and posing
for him.

"Oh god." Kevin gasped looking at her. She was in a fitted grey business suit
with a skirt that most would call a belt and black high heals. Her lips were
painted deepest red and she gave him a dirty smile before saying.

"I'll take that as a yes." Kevin just nodded.

"Well now..." Ronnie said in a very business like tone.

"How do you want me?"

"Huh?" Asked Kevin.

"Well this is your day." She explained walking over to stand in front of him.

"I'll do whatever you want. Would you like to jerk off while looking at me?
Would you like me to suck you off again? Or would you just like to fuck me
right here on the floor? It's up to you."

"Ummm... I'd... I want to jerk off."

"Okay." She said sitting down on the couch and crossing her long legs so she
showed off an amazing amount of thigh.

"Jerk away. Would you like me to talk dirty for you?"

"Yeah." Kevin said as he grabbed his cock and started to tug hard.

Ronnie gave him a very sluttish grin and then started.

"Jack that cock for me Kevin. I want you to cum all over me. I love men who
take charge and tell me what to do. Make me do the dirtiest things. Treat me
like the slut I've always been. You know I used to give handjobs in the
library at law school? I'd give them to any guy who asked. Even the teachers.
I just love to feel a cock in my hands… And in my mouth." Kevin's hand was a
blur and he was gazing down at Ronnie's legs which she was running her hands
over as she continued talking.

"They look good don't they?" She asked.

"You'd be amazed how much work I can get other people to do if I just wear
skirts like this. I've had more then one man blow their loads in their pants
while looking at these. Do you want to?"

"YES!!!" Kevin grunted.

He turned as best as he could in the couch and blew his second load all over
Ronnie's legs.

"Good boy." She said as he slumped backwards panting.

"Got any more for me? Because we still have to rid you of that nasty
virginity of yours."



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