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show or the people there in. I'm just a horny guy who has spent too much
time jacking over Jeri Ryan and wanted to put my idea forward about what
should be done to the babe.

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Previously on Boston Public.

Ronnie Cook, after finding a note written by a student describing how he
wanted to fuck her takes him up on the offer and takes him back to her
apartment. Young Kevin Nash has blown a few loads on her thus far and
Ronnie has just said that they should take a shower…

Boston Public: Ronnie's Dirty Day Part 3 (mF,oral,hand)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

A pile of clothes lay on the floor... The sound of water pounding against the
shower tiles echoed through the apartment... And Ronnie Cook and her student
Kevin Nash were about to continue an afternoon that had already seen Kevin
blow three loads.

Kevin stood there naked, looking at his teacher in open-mouthed amazement as
she set the shower at the right temperature. Her statuesque body was a sight
to behold. Her long legs led to a tight, high butt that just screamed "Stick
your cock up here!!!"

Her wide hips tapered into a slim waist and moved the eye up to her large,
firm, round breasts. She turned back to face him and he just stared at her.
Her long blond hair framed a face that would give even the Pope a hard-on.
Clear eyes, full lips and at the moment a fine coating of his own cum.

"What?" Ronnie asked with her hands on her hips.

"Nothing." He responded after remembering how to talk.

"Just looking at you."

"The point of this afternoon Mr Nash..." She said in her Teacher voice.
"...Is not just to look." She took a step forward and stood in front of him
and reached one hand up to place it on his cheek.

"Your still a virgin. My job is to fix that problem before you leave."

The two in braced. Ronnie's warm lips finding his in a deep and passionate
kiss. Kevin's hands went straight to her ass, cupping the pert cheeks and
softly rubbing them as they kissed. Her body was pressed up to his and he
could feel her large breasts pushed against his own chest. Ronnie pulled
back and smiled.

"Let's get wet... Well... wetter." She led him over to the shower and stepped

The water ran down over them as Kevin pulled the door closed and at the same
time felt a slim hand wrap around his semi erect cock.

"Better clean this up first." She said as she used her free hand to pick up
a bar of soap from its holder. She let his cock go as she lathered up her
hands with the soap and then took his member in both hands and started to
rub it gently.

"Oh my god!" Kevin gasped as Ronnie's hands massaged his cock. He grabbed the
soap, lathered up his hands and began to rub Ronnie's firm globes in turn.
Being sure to pinch the nipples as he went.

"Oh Kevin!" Ronnie moaned, throwing her head back and grabbing his cock hard.

"If I had known what a good boy you were I would have asked you over long
before this." Kevin washed the soap off her breasts and then bent down and
started to kiss them. His tongue flicked over her nipples, making her gasp
and moan every time the two came into contact. This went on for five minutes
until Ronnie pulled away and asked.

"Want to touch my pussy?" Kevin's nod was all the answer she needed.

She took his right hand and guided it down to between her long legs, which
were slightly apart.

"Go on." She prompted.

"Just touch me. I'll tell you if you do it wrong." Kevin placed a finger on
the entrance to heaven and Ronnie purred.

"Oh yeah. Slip that finger between my lips. Just stick it in there." Kevin's
finger slid between her moist lips and into her pussy.

"Feel that?" She asked as he hit her swollen clit.

"Rub it with your fingers and you'll make me cum." Kevin slid a second finger
inside her and started to rub her clit between them.

"OH YES!!!" Ronnie grunted as she bucked her hips in time to Kevin's finger

"Finger-bang me baby!!! Make me cum!!! Make me your fucking whore!!!" Kevin
moved a third finger into her cunt and started to thrust them in and out

"Use your whole hand!!!" Ronnie shouted.

"Get as much of it as you can inside me!!!" She spread her legs wider as
Kevin stuck as much of his hand as he could up her pussy. He ended up with
all four fingers and about a third of his palm inside her.

"MAKE ME CUM YOU LITTLE FUCK!!!" Ronnie shrieked as he started to thrust his
hand in and out of her pussy hard. It only took a few minutes before...

"OH YES!!! I'M CUMMING!!! OH KEVIN!!! I'M CUMMING!!!" Even under the water of
the shower Kevin could feel the wash of dampness flow out of Ronnie's pussy
and over his hand.

"That was great." Ronnie breathed as she came back down from her climax.

"Now it's your turn." And with that she dropped to her knees and took his
cock in her hands. Her tongue darted over his knob and them she placed it
between her magnificent lips and took his cock into her mouth.

"Oh my god!" Kevin gasped as Ronnie took his whole tool into her mouth and
began to suck. Her even motion soon had her beautiful head bobbing up and
down on his cock very fast and had Kevin groaning and grunting. After a few
minutes of this Ronnie pulled back and looked up at him.

"Pull my hair." Was all she said before stuffing her mouth full of cock

Kevin reached down and wrapped her wet hair in his hands and pulled softly.

"HARDER!!!" Ronnie cried through a mouthful of cock. Kevin was soon yanking
on her hair in time to her head's bobbing.

"I'M GONNA CUM!!!" He yelled after about ten minutes of constant sucking.
Ronnie sank his cock as far down her throat as she could and started to suck
harder then ever before as his cum rushed down her gullet.

After he was finished, Ronnie stood up and kissed him.

"Four loads and still a virgin." Kevin just smiled.

"Let's do what we came here to do." Ronnie said as she turned off the water
and opened the shower door.

Kevin Nash followed his Teacher out of the shower, took the towel she offered
and walked out of the bathroom into the bedroom… And the greatest moment of
his young life...



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