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Previously on Boston Public.

Winslow High's newest teacher, the beautiful Ronnie Cook has taken one of
her male students back to her apartment for an afternoon of "extra
credit." Up until now the two have not gone all the way… All good things
come to those who wait.

Boston Public: Ronnie's Dirty Day Part 4 (mF)
by Blindside212 ([email protected])

Kevin Nash couldn't believe what was happening. Three days ago Ronnie Cook
was just his teacher. Sure, she was beautiful with her long blond hair, blue
eyes and stunning body. But that was it. No chance of ever being more then
his teacher.

'But then I dropped that note.' The note... That one piece of paper that had
changed his life forever. Ronnie had found the note and taken him up on his
scribbled offer to have some dirty fun. She had taken him home, told him to
do what ever he wanted to her and then made him cum four times... And now it
was time. He knew it as he watched Ronnie dry her hair and then sit on the
end of her bed.

'I'm gonna have sex!!!'

"Come here Kevin." Ronnie said in that low, husky voice that would make any
man blow his load. Kevin moved over to stand in from of her. Ronnie reached
up and pulled the towel away from him to reveal his naked body and his once
again hard cock.

"Are you ready?" Asked Ronnie as she gazed up with those brilliant blue eyes.

"I think so." Kevin replied with a slight shake in his voice.

"Don't worry..." Ronnie said with a smile.

"Just relax and do what feels right." Kevin bent down and planted a kiss on
Ronnie's lips.

"Good." Ronnie said as she reached forward and grasped his cock firmly in her
left hand.

"Let's start slow." She bent down and lightly kissed the tip of his knob.

"Ahhh!" Kevin gasped as Ronnie's full lips parted and allowed the head of his
penis inside her warm mouth once again.

Ronnie's talented mouth worked its magic as her head bobbed up and down on
Kevin's hardening tool until it was at full attention. She then pulled it out
of her mouth and looked up at him with a dirty grin on her gorgeous face.

"Now... Do you want to be on top or shall I?"


"How about I go on top first? Just so you can get a feel of things."

Kevin just nodded. Ronnie stood up and motioned for him to lie on the bed.
Kevin did so and Ronnie hopped on and threw one of her long legs over him so
she was kneeling astride his cock that was pointing straight up in the air
aimed directly at her pussy.

"Wait!" Kevin suddenly shouted.

"We need a condom don't we?"

"No... We don't." Was all Ronnie said before sinking down and impaling
herself on his cock.

"FUCK!!!" Kevin gasped as his member broke through the entrance to heaven
and deep inside Ronnie's moist cunt. Ronnie sat there for a moment, enjoying
the look of utter wonder on Kevin's face before she started to move up and
down slowly. Every now and then she sank right down on his cock and sat
there, holding her breath till she let out a long, low moan and starting
again. Kevin ran his hands up Ronnie's thighs and rested them on her wide
hips and held on as Ronnie began to ride him faster and faster until she was
bouncing on his cock while grunting and moaning.

"Oh Kevin!!! Oh fuck!!! This what you wanted you little fucker! You like your
teacher fucking you like a whore? Huh? You like it!!!"

"FUCK YEAH!!!" Kevin shouted.

Ronnie suddenly stopped bouncing on him, hopped off and lay on the bed next
to him with her legs spread wide.

"Climb on Mr Nash." Kevin didn't need any more prompting. He mounted his
teacher and Ronnie guided his cock to her pussy where he sank it in up to the
base. He was soon pounding her hard and fast. Ronnie was moaning and gasping
with every thrust and then...

"I'M CUMMING!!!" She cried as her body shook with the force of her orgasm.
Kevin made to pull out but Ronnie wrapped her arms around his neck and said.

"Where are you going? Make me cum again. Make me scream." And he did. She
came five times before she gasped.

"Stop!!! Let's try something else." Kevin reluctantly pulled out and knelt up
in front of Ronnie.

"Here." Ronnie said as she rolled over and got up on all fours.

"Stick it back in my cunt. Let's do some doggy." Kevin was soon fucking her
hard and she was crying out for him to go harder. Kevin bent forward and
reached under Ronnie, grabbing hold of her large breasts, which were jiggling
and bouncing with the force of his thrusts.

"YES!!!" Ronnie shouted as he pinched her nipples, sending another orgasm
tearing through her body.

"Wanna fuck me up the ass?"

"Fuck yeah!" Kevin managed as he felt his own orgasm building. Ronnie told
him to pull out of her pussy and then reached back and spread her butt cheeks
apart with one hand.

"Ram it in here Kevin!" Kevin drove his cock home and Ronnie shrieked.


"I'M GONNA CUM!!!" Kevin shouted after only a few minutes. WHERE DO YOU WANT
TO BLOW YOUR LOAD?" Ronnie cried.

"ALL OVER YOU!!!" Kevin shouted as he pulled his cock out of Ronnie's anus
with a soft POP.

Ronnie rolled back onto her back and let her hands drop to her pussy where
she drove three fingers from each hand deep inside and began to frig herself.


Kevin knelt between her long legs, grabbed his cock and jerked it until he
burst. Jet after Jet of cum shot out over Ronnie. Soon her breasts and neck
were coated in cum. She opened her mouth and caught a shot and swallowed it.

"Good boy." She said as Kevin's cock started to go limp.

"I think you need another shower." Kevin said breathlessly, looking down at
his teacher with a thin layer of cum coating her chest and face.

"Only if it's followed by another cum shower." Ronnie said smiling.

Two months later, Kevin Nash sat in class waiting for the bell to end the
day. Ronnie stood at the board writing up tonight's homework. She was in a
long skirt and a tight white shirt that clearly showed off her breasts. The
bell rang and the class headed for the door.

"Mr Nash..."

'Yes!!!' Kevin thought as he turned back around and faced his teacher.

"I need to talk to you about your paper that you handed in last week."

"Something wrong Ms Cook?" Kevin said, keeping up the act until the last
student had left and the door had shut. As soon as the door closed Ronnie
shot across the room, locked the door and grabbed Kevin.

As she pulled down his fly and began to suck on his cock Kevin thought to

'God!!! It might just be worth flunking this year… Just to stay in this



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