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Boston Public: Sweet Revenge
by Bird_ona_Wire

The four boys stood before Steven Harper's desk about to receive whatever
punishment the principle of Winslow High could dish out. Three of the four
quaked in fear, terrified of what was going to happen to them when their
parents found out. Harper was going to call them, they were sure of it.
They shivered in terror and their gazes were downcast to the tacky linoleum

But one of them was different, and his name was Trevor McQuaid. He stood
up straight and faced down his punisher, eyes narrowed and lips twisted in
annoyment. He was the ringleader and instigator of the group, the one who
motivated the others. And he was extremely angry at having being caught.
It had seemed like such a good idea at the time, how could it have gone so

"Mr. McQuaid!" thundered Harper, and the office shook as he slammed his meaty
fists down onto his desk blotter, "Do you take me for a fool? Do you think
I'm joking around here?"

Trevor shrugged defiantly and cocked his head, "I dunno, I've always thought
of you as a joke. Sir."

Harper gaped for a moment at the defiance, then his dark skin grew even
darker and his mouth twisted into a sneer, "Go ahead, pile it on, son, it's
not like it can get any worse for you." he waved his hand back and forth to
indicate the whole group, "Heck, for any of you. No, it's all over. You
ran an organized betting pool complete with enforcers. In my school!"

Dirk Hammond, the biggest one in the group by far, raised his dull gaze for
a second from the floor, "I aint no en-fork-er. I was the muscle."

"Muscle for brains you mean, dickhead." quipped Vic Lintinni, the one in the
group who had run the computer, working up odds.

Dirk scowled and elbowed him hard in the side. Harper glared, "ENOUGH!" he
grabbed up their permanent files and made a grand show of dumping them into
the trash.

"See that? Know what it means? Expulsion! That's what! For all of you."

There were gasps of terror and Trevor's eyes blazed. His hands formed fists
and his eyes were furious, "I've already been accepted to Yale! You can't do

"Watch me, Mr. McQuaid." was the smug reply.

"Do you KNOW who my father is?!"

Harper rolled his eyes, "No fancy corporate lawyer can help you now, no
matter how famous he is. You were caught red-handed with the money, the
book-making files, and seven students are willing to testify that you had
Dirk here beat them badly for whelching. Damnit, one has a broken leg and
another's in the critical wing of Boston Memorial! Tomorrow at lunch I'm
informing the police have and you'll all be charged formally by the
afternoon I'd expect. You're all expelled! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"


"OUT!" he roared and the boys left the room fast, even Trevor McQuaid was
freaked by the man's barely controlled rage.

* * *

Ten minutes later the four of them were in the bottom floor boys washroom.
Behemoth Dirk stared sullenly at the wall while Vic sat in the middle of the
floor, sobbing into his hands. The third member of the group was Kevin Cox,
a tall, muscled African-American jock from the basketball team. He was
breathing in deep gasps trying to slow his rapidly-beating heart. His
scholarship was over, his career in the NBA was gone before it could even
begin. His life was shit, what was he going to do?! He felt like killing
somebody. Somebody like...Trevor!

He reached out an arm and caught hold of the pacing ringleader, yanked him
to a halt and raised a balled fist, "This is all because of you, McQuaid!
Easy money, nobody was gonna tell, what could go wrong? BULLSHIT! You're
gonna die, dude! I'm gonna rip out your-"

"Shut-up!" snapped Trevor loudly, and he pushed him back with surprising
strength, "Can't you see I'm trying to think here?"

"Think?!" grunted Dirk, he shuffled heavily away from the wall, his face a
menace, "You think'n too much, Trev. You got us kicked out." he looked to
Vic who was standing now, "Yeah, let's kill him."

"Wait! I may have a way out of this." Trevor's eyes were zipping back and
forth rapidly, and then he smiled like a shark, "Yeah! I've got it! And you
guys are going to LOVE this! It's freedom, revenge, and free sex all rolled
into one."

This stopped the would-be lynchers fast. They pulled up and stared at him.
Dirk's tiny eyes widened slightly, "Free-dum?"

"Revenge? asked Cox.

"Sex?" said Vic.

Trevor nodded, "Oh yes. I know how do to this and make it work." he looked
at the clock on the wall, "Okay, one hour to school's out. Vic, you still
got the master key? We'll need a camcorder from the A.V. room, and then
access to a sound-proofed room. And some other supplies. Take Dirk with
you." the two looked at each other then took off out of the room.

Kevin was left behind. The tall forward stared McQuaid down, "What've you
got in mind? This better be damn good."

"Oh it is, it is. What I need you to do is call in two of our markers.
The betting pool may be finished but there's plenty who still owe us money.
Here's what I want you to do..."

* * *

The final bell rang and throughout Winslow motionless students became mobile.
Classroom doors flung back and kids thundered out, free for another evening
before they would have to return to the shackles of the school. A reedy
young man hung around outside the door to teacher Danny Hanson's class,
fidgeting nervously and clutching a note. He watched the students stream
past him and searched for his target. She was last to leave and he caught
her arm, "Wait, Brooke?"

Sixteen and black, Brooke Harper was five-foot-seven and gorgeous. She
wore running shoes and bobby socks, a green-print sun-dress and a black
leather jacket. Her figure was curvy and her high, young breasts were
trim but perky. Her thick black hair was a pinned-back fro that framed
her round, brown face like she was a 1970's blaxploitation star. Her
eyes were permanently defiant, as if a new cause to fight for was around
every corridor. And for principle Steven Harper's forceful daughter, one
almost always was.

The teenage girl stopped and turned around, shouldered her backpack. Her
eyebrows raised questioningly, "Yes? What?"

He pushed the note into her hand, "The office sent me to give this to you.
It's from Mr. Harper, your Dad."

She chuckled wryly, "I know he's my Dad, I've known for awhile. What's this

" got me. Just read it." he whirled and ran off like he was on fire.

Brooke watched him go, then shrugged and unfolded the square of paper. It
had her father's letterhead, from the Desk of Principle Steven Harper. In
neat letters a single sentence was printed: Brooke, change of plans, meet
me in the Music Room before we go home.

She frowned, that was strange. The Music Room? Why there? Oh well, she
dreaded the bus. If she wanted a ride to her Mom's, she'd have to do as he
said. She tossed the note over her shoulder and set off...

* * *

The door was open and the room beyond was dark, but soft classical music bled
forth. She stepped inside and peered into the inky blackness, "Dad? You
here?" she heard movement and frowned, "Dad, stop screwing around, I hate
practical jokes, you know that."

"Oh, it's no joke, bitch." said an unfamiliar voice from the shadow and she
started, "Get her, Dirk!"

Powerful and meaty arms caught her in a bear hug around the waist and the
door slammed shut. Brooke screamed in terror and the lights flared on. She
blinked in the bright illumination and struggled wildly against her captor,
but he was as strong as an ox and smelled like one to boot, "Let me go! LET

Another figure materialized before her and slapped her hard across the face,
cutting her off.

"Shut your mouth, Brooke. We're in charge now." she gasped and stared with
wide eyes at a boy she had never met before.

He looked to be sixteen or seventeen, was medium height and solid. His wavy
hair was brown and nicely cut and his clothes were neat and stylish. But
his eyes caught her attention and refused to let go. They were sea blue and
amazingly intense, almost feral in their stare. She immediately sensed she
was in great danger. A boy with eyes like that was capable of anything.

"Wha-What do y-you want?" her voice shook as he stepped forward and close.

He looked her up and down hungrily and she knew what he wanted. She was
breathing hard now and her small, trim breasts were heaving up and down, her
dangling feet went weak at the knees, "Please, no. I'll do anything-"

"Oh you will, Brooke, you will. You'll do anything." he snapped his fingers,
"Vic, the tabs."

Another boy, same age and Italian looking, stepped forward. He had a glass
of water in one hand and a pair of colored medicinal tabs in the other. He
held the pills up to her mouth, "Swallow them, chickie."

"What?! No!"

Trevor caught her by the chin and painfully levered her jaw open. Vic pushed
the tabs past her full brown lips and into the hot, red recess of her mouth,
then Trevor let go and she instinctively started to swallow. She choked and
caught herself.

"Oh no! Down they go!" Trevor slugged her in the stomach and she lurched in
Dirk's grip, and down the pills did go.

She was gagging and moaning, Trevor signaled Dirk to let her go. Brooke
fell to the carpeted floor, thumped down on her hands and knees, her backpack
tumbled off and Kevin Cox darted forward and kicked it away. Vic stepped
around the gasping girl and grabbed her roughly by the shoulder, flipped her
over hard. She spun and landed on her back, grinding her ass and elbows
into the floor. Trevor knelt beside her and pulled up her head, it was
already starting to lull.

Brooke moaned deeply and stared up at him in misting confusion, "What...did
you...give me?"

"Ecstasy, a double-dose. You eat yet today?"

She shook her head slowly, ""

"Good!" said Kevin excitedly, "It'll work twice as fast and twice as hard
then!" he reached down and grabbed her knees, "Let's fuck this bitch!"

Trevor caught his wrist, "Whoa, hold on a sec there, bud. Plenty of time,
we're all going to get a chance. And on camera too. Record it for posterity
and to save our academic skins." he leered down at Brooke, she was starting
to smile dreamily while her eyes glazed over, "While we take it out on her
skin. Get the camcorder, Vic."

* * * *

Ronnie Cooke, lady ex-lawyer turned Winslow High teacher, strode tiredly down
the corridor, glad to finally be free of the Dungeon. The worst of the worst
the school had to offer were sent there, and ever since her ex-boyfriend and
fellow teacher Harry Senate had cracked and gone to Florida she had been
forced to run the dreaded room. It took nearly everything out of here and
was ruining what little social life she had. Now all she wanted to do was go
home and drink like four beers, then maybe masturbate with her vibrator for
an hour or two.

I don't know what it is lately, she thought as she walked doggedly along, but
ever since Harry left I've been beyond horny. He wasn't that good in bed,
and before we were together I still wasn't that nuts for sex. So...what is
it? Deep inside she suspected the truth. The teenage boys down in the
Dungeon were over-sexed and eternally frustrated. For six hours a day she
stood before them and taught, while they sat at their desks hungrily watching
her every move, drinking in her body. She knew they all did it, and yet she
couldn't resist egging them on. She wore semi-transparent white blouses
rolled up to the elbow, and blue jeans that looked painted on, nearly every
day. And today was no exception. She swore that the denim was so tight
across her ass right now, if she slid a dime into the back pocket you could
read the date off of it through the cloth. The platinum blonde imagined
twenty sixteen year-olds goggling at her round buttocks while she wrote on
the blackboard, their dicks hardening to stone in their pants, their breath
coming hard and fast--jeeze, I've got to stop that, I'll get in trouble.
Instead she focused her mind's eye on another teacher, Zach Fischer. They
were just starting to flirt and by no coincidence he was only twenty-two and
looked seventeen. She prayed he would help stifle these urges before-

Her train of thought was derailed as her eyes spotted light trickling out
from under the Music Room door. She stopped and frowned. Marylin must be
working late, that's different, I thought she always got off on time, if not
earlier. That's the luck of being a music teacher, no lesson plans to write,
no homework to mark. Hmmm, maybe she wants to get a drink. Then we can talk
about Zach. She stepped to the door and knocked, "Marylin? Hello? You in
there?" no answer came and then she realized the class was sound-proof with
the door closed.

She turned the knob and pushed the door open, stepped inside, "Marylin, want
to get a beer? I'd about kill for one right...this...minute...what the-"

"SonofaBITCH!" growled Trevor, "Who didn't lock the door?!"

Ronnie gaped in shock. Brooke, the principle's daughter, was lying on the
floor, with three teenage boys gathered around her. Her jacket and sun-dress
lay in a heap a meter away, leaving her clad only in a white cotton bra,
flowered panties, and her sneakers. She was smiling softly and her eyes were
closed. One of the boys, a big hulking kid, had her head in his lap and held
her weak arms at bay, while the boy who had spoken, she recognized him as a
big-time troublemaker named McQuaid, he was kneeling between Brooke's spread
legs and he had just gripped the elastic of her underwear, preparing to tear
them off.

And the third boy stood over them, filming it all with a digital camcorder!

A thousand emotions played across the blonde woman's face, paramount among
them was anger, "What the HELL are you doing?! She looks drugged! Are you
raping her?!" she turned for the door to call for assistance, reared up in
shock at the tall, basketball player who stood leering behind her, "Kevin
Cox?! What-"

He shoved her hard backwards across the floor, she lost her footing and fell
on her ass. Ronnie opened her mouth to yell in fury, but shut-up fast as
Kevin drew a switchblade from the pocket of his letterman's jacket, flicked
it open, "You shut your mouth, Mizz Cooke, or I'll cut you bad." then he
turned and pushed the door shut, and firmly locked the bolt.

Vic stared fearfully across the room, began to lower the camera, "What are we
going to do?! We're busted for sure now! Jail is guaranteed!"

"Nothin' doin'!" said Kevin, as he reached down and grabbed the Barbie-doll
shaped teacher by her long, curly blonde hair, "If this plan will work for
the principle's cumshot, then it'll work for this lawyer-whore just as well."

Trevor grinned like an idiot and nodded excitedly, "Kev, you're a genius!
Yes, that'll work aces! How's that guys, we get two for the price of one.
Some hot young dark meat and a well-aged side of prime white beef. We can
take turns."

"What?!" gasped Ronnie, "Turns? Nobody is taking anything on me, or on
Brooke! You'll all be expelled-"

"Too late, we already are." informed Trevor.

"Then you'll be arrested-"

"Way ahead of you, cunt."

The Dungeon mistress shook in fear, this was not going well at all. Then
with a blur of movement Kevin yanked her up by the hair, pulled her across
the room and slammed her up against the desk. He pressed up against her,
forcing his lean and powerful young body against hers, while he absently
twirled the knife, "I've always wanted to do this, I've dreamed of it over
and over down in the Dungeon."

Oh shit, though Ronnie, her dark fantasy was coming to life in a horrifying
way she never imagined possible! His strong chest was mashed against hers,
and her full breasts were splayed flat between them. His crotch pressed
firmly into her own, his rod straining against his jeans, she felt it
twitching with lust as he ground it into her full mound. Her breathing was
accelerating as her heart cycled upwards at an alarming rate, her lips were
wet, she felt her pussy loosen and grow moist.

What the hell was wrong with her, was this terrible situation actually
turning her on? Her body was betraying her. She had to stop this, it
couldn't be alowed to happen. She pushed against him, and he grinned,
then snapped the blade back into it's handle, tossed it back across the

Dirk saw it and caught it deftly, snapped it open. Kevin looked back to
Ronnie and leered, "Here's how this is gonna work, Mizz Cooke. You aren't
going to make trouble, in fact your going to get into it. I can smell your
cunt from here, I know you want it. But if you try anything, even the
tinniest of resistance, then I'm gonna tell Dirk over there to cut into

"You wouldn't!" she gasped.

He caught her around the waist and pulled her to him, "Oh yes I would. Dirk!
A little demonstration for the doubting Mizz Cooke."

"Kay." the brutish one reached down and pressed the blade to Brooke's left
cheek, pressed it slightly.

Instantly a drop of scarlet blood welled forth and the girl, moaning softly
as Trevor fondled her pussy through the sheer cotton of her panties, jerked
lightly, frowned at the distant discomfort. Dirk raised the knife and set
it on the carpet, still within easy reach.

Kevin looked back to Ronnie, "You understand me, Mizz Cooke?"

She hesitated, then nodded defeatedly, "Yes Kevin. I do."

"Fuck yeah, you do. Great, now let's get started." he kissed her deeply on
the lips, and his hands slid down onto her firm and rounded hips, gripped
them strongly as he pushed his tongue deep into her gasping mouth.

Ronnie was pressed roughly back into the desk and had to grip it with her
hands to keep from tumbling over. Kevin mouth assaulted her with a fervor
as his hands slid to her firm heart-shaped ass. One hand cupped tightly
while the other traveled up and down her crack, poking and pulling at the
denim. His knee pushed hers apart and rose to meet her crotch, began to
grind into it. He was already moaning as he humped against her leg, and
her forbidden lust rose within her, it felt as good as she had dreamed it
would be in her darkest moments. She was being taken forcibly by a student
and it felt SO GREAT! Instinctively she started to kiss him back and her
hands rose to stroke his hair, she hooked a leg around his thrusting ass.
Back on the floor, Brooke was moaning deeper now as Trevor had pushed her
panties back to expose her tight, brown pussy. While Dirk squeezed her
perky tits through her thin bra, Trevor slid a finger deep inside her
vagina, searching but not finding the hymen he thirsted for.

"Damn, this little slut has been fucked before. Oh well, she's still pretty
tight, it will have to do." he began to stroke faster and Brooke began to
jerk with his hand, her hips rising fast, her tongue lolling out.


"Get in close for this, Vic." Trevor ordered, "I'm going to make her cum
twice this way, then I'm gonna fuck her good." but Vic didn't move.

Trevor scowled and pulled his hand free from the girl, Brooke moaned in
annoyment at the loss of the erotic feeling, she had been so close to an
orgasm. Trevor glared up at Vic, "What are you doing? Film her!" but
then he noticed the guy was staring past him at the door, "What are you...

All eyes except the pouting Brooke turned to the door. Standing in the
jam, her personal keys in the lock, stood the secret wet-dream of every
heterosexual male in Winslow: Miss Marylin Sudor.

"Oh my god." moaned Ronnie at the sight of her friend and fellow teacher,
she tried to move but Kevin held her fast.

Tall and limber, Miss Sudor had soft chocolate skin and long curly black
hair. Her brown eyes were big and lucious, her body that of a prima
ballerina, her breasts big and round, perfectly proportioned. Trevor had
thought his erection was solid as he prepared to fuck the principle's
daughter, but now it reached an all-new level of rock-hardness. Sudor
looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car, head pivoting back
and forth between Ronnie's stand-up ravaging, and Brooke on her back about
to be taken.

Trevor knew he had to act fast or it was all over, "Dirk! The knife! Brooke's

The big guy snatched up the blade, flicked it open and held it to Brooke.
Marylin was just starting to back up, but she froze at the sight of the
glinting blade. Trevor stood and stalked toward her, "That's right, uh huh,
close that door."

She jumped and started to back away again. But Trevor was fast, he darted
forward and caught her by the arm, "You try to get away and Dirk will carve
her like a roast! You understand?"

"Y-Yes." she said in a low, fearful tone, and ceased to move.

He reached past her and took the keys from the lock, pushed the door shot and
locked it again. He led her forcibly across the room, "This place is turning
into Grand Central Station. But there's always room for one more. Especially
you, Miss Sudor. Can I call you Marylin? Yes, Marylin. There's always room
for you." he pushed her violently up against a long table, she gasped in

He leered at her and grabbed her full, right breast tightly, "The bigger
question is, do you have room for me?"

"What? Kevin stop-"

"Shhhh." he pressed his fingers to her lips, as he began to lightly knead the
tit, "No talking, don't spoil the moment. What I mean is, do you have room
in that tight, cold, witches cunnie of yours for eight inches of solid

She gaped and he twisted her breast, "Let's find out, shall we?"

* * *

Ronnie's mind was running fast and in a blur, she didn't know what to do,
this whole thing was insane. Brooke was one thing, she never really liked
the loud-mouthed brat and deep-down she was enjoying seeing Steven Harper's
stuck-up little spawn getting nailed. Which is exactly what was about to
happen to the girl. Dirk was excited, with Vic working the camera and the
other two guys having a woman each, he had pretty little Brooke all to
himself. He was wasting no time now, he had stood and stripped off his
trousers, shoes, and jockeys. Now he sat on the floor stripped from the
waist down, and he pulled the little girl onto his lap, began kissing her
hard and fast, while his hands tore at her panties. As Brooke, well into
her Ecstasy-enhanced erotic haze, replied in earnest. She kissed back like
a porn star, and ground her narrow body against him. Dirk tugged back the
rim of her undies beyond their limit and they tore free with a loud snap!
Brooke now wore only her thin cotton bra, sneakers and bobby socks. Dirk
howled in glee and went to town on the girl.

As Kevin rapidly unbuttoned her blouse, Ronnie tore her gaze from Brooke to
look across the room to Marylin. She lay on her back across the table she
normally used to grade musical tests. Sheet music and workbooks were strewn
under her, and her arms were bound at the wrist, the rope a single piece, it
went under the table from hand to hand, pulling her into a bizarre image of
a horizontal T. The music teacher's eyes were shut and Trevor knelt on the
table between her legs. He was breathing hard and wielded a box-cutter he
had borrowed from the janitor's closet, the same place he had gotten the
rope. Marylin's long black overcoat was rolled up and pillowed under her
head, leaving her body clothed in a long black dress that showed nothing.
But curves like hers refused to be completely contained, and her ample tits
were trusting upwards, putting terrible pressure on the bodice of her gown.
Trevor was about to relieve the pressure violently.

He loomed over her, eyes glowing with lust, licking his lips like a maniac.
He raised the box-cutter and began to slowly extend the blade. Each click
was like a gunshot to poor Marylin, her body shook in sequence with them.

"Do you know how long I've dreamt of this, Marylin? So very long. I mean,
every guy in this school has, you're the one we most want to sleep with."

She said nothing, just tried to hold herself rigid. He bent over her and
sniffed at her neck, moaned deep, "You smell amazing, like strawberries and
gingerbread, so good. I don't care what happens to me after all of this,
no matter what it is, it will be worth it." CLICK! the last of the blade
emerged, he grinned, "Let's get started then.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at him, fear morphing to anger, "You can't
do this. It's wrong, don't you see that? You little bastard-" she clammed
up as he raised a warning hand.

"You'll keep your stupid mouth shut, you understand?" then he lowered the
cutter and hooked it under her gown, right above and between her breasts.

Ever so slowly he pulled it downwards. With a long scriiiiitch it slit the
black material back. It tore away from her large breasts, exposing them
cocooned in a black lace bra. Down went the cutter, exposing smooth belly
then panties, jet-black and lacy as well. He cut all the way to the hem
then pulled back the ruined clothing, exposing her like a Victoria's Secret
model. Trevor sat back on his haunches and just marveled at Miss Sudor's
extreme beauty, "My fucking god, you're incredible!"

Marylin just closed her eyes and turned her head away...

* * *

Kevin had Ronnie stripped to the waist, her blouse and bra tossed in the
waste basket beside the desk. He gripped one round breast tightly in one
hand, while his mouth worked on the other. She moaned and hissed in
pleasure, all thoughts of the other two women gone from her mind, this
young black basketball player knew exactly what he was doing, that was for
certain. As his able tongue circled her areola counter-clockwise, his
nimble fingertips tugged and plied at the other roughly. Ronnie liked the
erotic abuse, it was sending tweaks of pleasure all through her, her mound
was tingling with lust, aching it be penetrated, her head lolled back, her
full red lips wide as she breathed in and out. It felt soooo good, she
was gasping now, her chest heaving, Kevin was barely able to hold on,
pleasure raced through her body, she began moaning long and hard, she
clutched at him, it was happening, it was starting, oh god-oh damn-oh FUCK!

"Yes! YES! OH GOD YES!" she came hard and fast, her ass banging on the
desk, her legs splaying in delight.

As she slumped backwards, Kevin whooped and punched the air, "Hah! I got
the first orgasm! Yeah!"

Dirk looked up with envy, "I'm gonna get one next, yeah. Just watch me."

"You watch you." snapped the hyper-charged basketball player as he shrugged
his jacket away, "I'm busy making this lawyer-bitch mine."

He tugged his T-shirt over his head and tossed it, reached down and grabbed
the front of Ronnie's jeans, popped the button and pulled them open. Ronnie
rose up on her elbows, still drunk on the orgasm echoing through her head.
Kevin pulled hard on the tight pants and peeled them down to her knees,
exposing her red silk thong to the cruel fluorescent lighting of the music
room. He got his knee between her legs and pushed the jeans down to her
ankles with his sneakered-foot. Ronnie let him do it, in fact she couldn't
control herself now, her hand slipped to her thong, slid under the sheer
silk and began to play with herself.

Kevin kicked her pants away and grinned down at her, "I knew you were a slut
at heart, yeah! Play with that pussy, Mizz Cooke!" he tugged open his own
jeans and pushed them down.

"C-Call me Ronnie." she gasped as she jiggered into her wet lips, slid
another finger deep inside to search for her secret spot.

"No, I like Mizz Cooke." he stepped out of his shorts and stood before her
resplendent in his youthful physique.

Her eyes went wide at the sight of his long, wide black cock, "Holy crap!
That's...that's the biggest I've ever seen. Now wonder your last name is

"Get ready to not see it, Mizz Cooke." he pulled her roughly to her feet,
spun her around and pushed her over onto the desk.

Her breasts flattened against the cool oak and she grabbed the opposite side
for traction. Kevin stared down the length of her long, creamy back, admired
the coiled shoulder muscles, "You work out, good. I'm going to give you a
work-over like you never thought possible." the Dungeon teacher replied by
raising her curvy ass high, Kevin grabbed the back of her silk thong and tore
it loose in a rush.

With out further aidieu he grabbed onto her rounded hips and thrust forward,
ripping into her hot, steamy cunnie. Ronnie gasped and moaned deeply from
the back of her throat. He began to thrust strongly into her, pounding his
man-meat into her wet cunt. Her head sunk to the desk blotter and she closed
her eyes, letting herself disappear into the succulent rush of the forced

* * *

Brooke's head was spinning but not in a bad way, as endorphins rushed and
danced through her brain. It was like a happy, magical time and everything
felt wonderful. Dirk's meaty hands dug into her ass cheeks, twisting and
grinding her down onto him, while his mouth sucked at her throat. She clawed
at him dully and just grunted, feeling his thick cock pushing upwards between
her legs, searching for the honey spot. This...this is...wrong...I think.
She tried to focus, to get a grasp of what was exactly happening, but it was
too difficult, and the boy's hands were so strong, he was dragging her down,
down, and forward, moving her into position-

"Uhhhh!" she grunted as the head of his cock pushed into the opening of her

"That's it, yaw." Dirk said, his voice low and thick, and he pulled her down
harder, thrusting his rod up into her.

"Ohhhh, ahhhh, it hurrrrtssss..." she gasped and struggled against the sharp
pain, but he was too strong and very determined.

Millimeter by millimeter, inch by inch, he pulled her down onto him, his wide
cock stretching her tight snatch to the max and then beyond. Brooke thrashed
and struggled, but this only egged him on. Then she squealed and bucked, he
was all the way in, there was nowhere to go, her ass was pressed tight his
lap. He moaned low at the incredible feeling, she was so hot, the walls of
her cunt so tight. He just grasped her to him and felt her small tits
against his chest, "That's it girl, you belong to me. Get comfortable."

Brooke's struggling had tapered off as the pain waned and now she was just
breathing hard, her head slumping drunkenly to the side. He slid his grip
to her hips and took firm hold, then ever so slowly slid her upwards. She
moaned like a hundred-dollar whore as she rose up the shaft. He nearly
pulled her free, but then he was pushing her back down, she gasped deeply
and then he was bringing her up again. Up and down, he started to do it
faster, she began to moisten around his cock, her juices began to flow.
Faster he tugged her, she began to yelp in pleasure, they became cries of
joy, she was holding onto his shoulders for dear life. He pistoned her on
him harder and harder, began to push upwards with his hips, slamming up
into her.

"Oooo, oh god, oh god, ummmmm!" Brooke gasped in pleasure.

Vic leaned in and filmed her face, zoomed back and took in the whole show,
"Fuck her like a cheap whore, Dirk, give it to her."

"What ya think I'm doin?" Dirk was pushing her back and leaning into it,
pumping and thrusting hard.

Brooke was now lying across his legs, her arms splayed outwards, her mouth
an O of sweet, sweet ecstasy, "Oh god, oh god, oh damn yes! Oh god fuck me,
faster, please, oh god, oh Daddy, oh DADDY, FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL! Make me

She was screaming now, and Vic gaped, "She's imagining you're her father,
the principle! Holy shit!"

Dirk grinned as he slid to his knees and lowered her to the carpet, began
thrusting into her fast and hard, she was yelping and cumming over and over,
"Glad to oblige! That's right honey, Daddy's here! I got yer princi-pole
right in your pussy and you're gonna cum fifty times!"

"Oh yes! Yes Daddy! Yes! YES! YEEEEEESSSSS!" her scream became wordless
and she rocketed into a massive orgasm.

Waves of pleasure tore through her and she convulsed, Dirk covered her now
and his ass and hips were a blur, "Oh yeah, take it, take it! Daddy's cummin
for ya! Brooke you little bitch, taaaaaaake iiiiiit!" he moaned and thrust
one last time, grunted and fired his load deep into her.

Brooke gasped and screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Dirk
finished pumping into her snatch then slumped over her, rolled onto his side.
She fell against him moaning, "Oh, so good, so good, thank you Daddy, thank

Vic got it all with the camcorder...

* * *

Trevor had left the table to lose his clothes, but now he was back, kneeling
between Miss Sudor's forced apart knees, the ankles were tied as well now,
under the table. His hands dropped to her smooth washboard stomach and he
grinned as Marylin winced at the forbidden touch. Up the palms slid, fingers
twitching like snakes, the legendary tits were nearly his. And then he
grasped them, barely held by the cups of her black bra. He squeezed them
both, reveling in their warmth, the heat of the firm flesh rose up through
the lace. He couldn't hold back, no red-blooded man could, his fingers slid
to the catch between them and unlocked it, the cups sprang back and the
hottest, stokinest, roundest pair of brown breasts popped free, twin nipples
like big raisins rising up from the center of the domes.

"Gorgeous, you could eat them." he said.

"F-Fuck you." Sudor snapped back, aghast at what was happening to her.

"Hey, if you're offering..." he slid his hands to her hips and dragged the
panties down, slit them free with the cutter.

Her mound was as bald as a baby's head, shaved perfectly clean. She strained
against the ropes uselessly, as if she could somehow shut her legs and keep
him away from her sweet cunnie, but it was far too late. His right hand
slipped down her leg, onto her tight thigh, then slid upwards.

"No!" she gasped as she felt his fingertips touch her secret place, and
gulped as she felt her loins moisten.

He gently parted the hot, full lips and inserted a finger. And his eyes went
wide at the resistance he found there, "No! You're goddamned shittin me!"

Miss Sudor began to sob.

"You're a VIRGIN?!"

"Yes." she replied through watering eyes, "So please-"

"Miss Sudor's a virgin?!" gasped Vic, and he almost dropped the camera.

"Virgin?" said Dirk in disbelief.

"Marylin's a virgin?" said Ronnie as she was pushed to the carpet on her
hands and knees.

"You sure aint!" snapped Kevin as he pushed into her well-worked ass, began
to pump.

Trevor was ecstatic, he was getting his greatest wish after all, "Vic! Get
over here and film this, it's going to be the greatest. Get her face as I
do this, never leave it! Capture everything she goes through, I want to
watch it over and over and over!"

"Will do!"

He slid on top of her, got his cock into position against the slit between
her legs. His hands gripped her narrow shoulders, his mouth slid to the left
of her head and he buried his face in her mounds of curly black hair, "Talk
about an ice queen." he hissed in her ear, "Never let anybody get close, huh?
Well, that's your mistake. Cause now I'm gonna be your first. And your

"Please, don't, I'm begging you-uhhhhhh!" she trailed off as he began pushing
forward, upward, into her.

Ever so slowly he pushed in, moaning at the hot-wetness of her snatch, at the
incredible sensation of her hymen as it met the head of his penis. So slowly
he pushed onwards, he wanted to remember everything, to get the full effect.
The membrane stretched, stretched, streeaaatched, and--he pulled out fast.

Sudor was gasping, her body heaving. Vic kept on filming. The music teacher
looked up at her rapist, not understanding, "Y-You aren't going to do it?"

"Nope. Changed my mind."

She smiled in happiness at this unexpected show of mercy, "Oh thank you!
Thank you so much-" he rammed forward, tearing her maidenhead to shreds, she
screamed in agony as he buried his cock in her all the way.

"I LIED!!" he roared and began to thrust like a psycho.

For the first time ever her G-Spot was being touched, she had never even
masturbated during her very chaste thirty-odd years. So this abrupt
explosion into sexuality overwhelmed her to no end. She came almost
instantly, screaming and moaning. On the carpet, Dirk and Kevin were
both fucking their women up the ass, rutting into them like jackhammers.
Ronnie's fingers dug into the carpet and her ass was high, Kevin was
reaming her so fast and hard she had to bite her tongue to keep from
screaming like a banshee. Brooke on the other hand had dropped into an
almost comatose state, but that didn't stop Dirk from filling her narrow
shaft, and he was corn-holing her like a pro. Her head lolled on the
carpet and she moaned softly under her breath as he pounded her fast.

"Ohhhhh, damn, oh DAMN, st-stop, please, OHHHHH!" Marylin's voice rose and
rose as she thrashed underneath Trevor, he gripped her shoulders like a vice
and thrusted his cock into her faster and faster.

"DAMN! Marylin, you're so tight, so fucking tight! I could fuck your virgin
cunt all night!" his balls smacked against her ass, his cock pistoned in and
out of her, she was so wet now and her breasts were flying, "Oh yeah, fuck
yeah! Take it you whore, love it! Tell me you love it, bitch!"

In his haze he suddenly realized her legs had come loose, but she had locked
them around his own and was actually urging him on. Shit! She must be so
hard up she's forgotten I'm forcing her! Sudor's like a bride on her
honeymoon. He kept pumping and slid the cutter up, slit her hands free,
then tossed the knife. Marylin's eyes remained closed but instantly her arms
encircled his back, her nails dug into his flesh. This urged him forward and
he doubled his power, she began to scream and buck under him, "Yes! YES!

Her back arched and her stomach rammed up into his, she kissed him deeply,
moaning into him as she came again, twice as hard. He yelled and gave one
final thrust, and he came hard and fast, filled her fully with his hot cum.
Her yelps of pleasure spurned the others, Dirk and Kevin came as well,
Ronnie gasping and shaking in ecstasy. Vic recorded it all, his eyes mad
with excitement, ready to explode himself. Then it was over and he switched
the camera off.

The four boys strode out of the room ten minutes later, leaving the exhausted
women behind, to sort themselves out. Trevor had finished a short but direct
discussion with Ronnie just a moment before, and she understood very well
what would happen if her or the others attempted to get revenge or report
them to the cops. Oh, Ronnie understood very well. The last thing she heard
before falling into unconsciousness was Kevin's victorious laugh echoing in
the distance...

* * *

The next morning, Vic, Kevin, and Dirk stood fidgeting outside of the
principle's office. Then the door swung open and a grinning Trevor strode
out, hands in his pockets, a jump to his step, "Nothing to worry about, guys,
it went perfect."

Kevin couldn't believe it, he glanced back into the office and saw Steven
Harper sitting behind his desk. He looked extremely shaken and worried, he
held a VHS tape tightly in his hands like it was the only thing that existed
in the world.

"He went for it? Damn, I don't believe it!"

Trevor nodded, "He knows all about Vic here's computer skills. I showed him
the highlight reel of yesterday's fun, and told him to forget everything or
his daughter and two of his best teachers would be gracing half the porn
websites online within thirty minutes. He had no choice. We're free and
clear, no expulsion, no police. We did it!"

The other three smirked and Dirk laughed deeply, "Trev, you're the man!
Let's cut and go back to my place, watch the tape."

"A great idea." and they turned and marched off, spirits high.

The End


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