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Bouncer: Echidna's Return (MF)
by Mugetsu G ([email protected])

As Volt's pounding of the punching bag at a local gym increased so did the
beads of sweat rolling down his body. He kept his body in shape and worked
out once a day for several hours. Volt still even worked as a bouncer at
Fate, but it had been several years since he, Kou, and Sion took down
Dauragon and the Mikado Corporation and they had all grown older. Even so,
the city still came to the three in asking for help when a terrorist group
kidnapped the mayor's daughter.

After he finished with the punching bag, Volt sat down on the bench where his
things were sitting at. He wiped the sweat from his face with his towel and
started sipping on a sports drink he brought with him.

Infiltrating the Mikado building was easy enough, they didn't get killed
anyways, but trying to infiltrate Luxir building where the terrorists were
holed up at was another story. Beside the fact that it's security and
defense system were a hundred times more advanced, the thugs the terrorists
were using were exceptionally more skilled at killing people than were the
rent-a-cops that Dauragon and Mikado had used.

As Volt continued sipping his drinking and his thoughts wondered to the
upcoming operation, he failed to see a familiar figure step into the gym.

"They came to you just as I thought," a female voice said.

"Echidna..." Volt thought to himself as he looked up at the woman standing
before him.

"You don't look pleased to see me," Echidna sighed after witnessing the blank
look on Volt's face.

"We didn't seperate on the best of terms you know. You got angry when I left
Mikado and became obsessed with beating me."

"Look Volt, I've come back to tell you a few things. After that whole
incident with Mikado, everyone was dead or accounted for except me. I knew
the authorities would come looking for me like they did so I fled before they
had a chance to find me. I spent much of the time I've been gone traveling
the world trying to figure out a few things. I know staying to help Dauragon
was wrong and I was stupid for doing it, but you've got to believe me when I
say I'm sorry for everything up to now."

Volt sat there for a few minutes mulling over what Echidna just said before

"Look Echidna, what's done is done. There's no point in worrying about any
of this anymore. What happened at Mikado happened several years ago. If you
want me to forgive you for everything then fine I forgive you, but none of
this really matters anymore. Now if you don't mind I've got somethings I
need to go over and finalize before Kou, Sion, and I attempt to rescue they
mayor's daughter."

With that Volt started to pack his things up to leave.

"Ok ok Volt hold on for a sec and hear me out," Echidna pleaded as Volt
continued packing his things.

"Ok what is it?" Volt said with a tired look in his eyes as he looked up at

"Let me help you guys get the girl back. I know the building inside and out
and can help you guys. I helped Dauragon break into it to steal plans he
needed when he was building the Helios."

"We know the building just as good as you. I worked for Mikado too you know.
Besides there are three of us going. We can't have a giant party working on
this especially when one of the members lacks skill and focus like you."

"Damn it Volt! I'm better than both Sion and Kou and you know that!"

"Maybe you are, maybe you aren't. Sion and Kou have been working out and
training even after Dauragon was killed so I know what they are capable of
and what they lack. You're a question mark at best even with our previous
experiences with you. Besides, you are far from being on their Christmas

"Ok Volt I have a proposition for you. In my travels I've spent a lot of
time training with different masters, and I've become much better than the
last time we fought. I want to fight you one more time, and if you win I'll
leave and you'll never see me again. But if I---"

"But if you win you want me to convince the others to let you come along and
help I assume?" Volt said interrupting Echidna.

"Fine Echidna, but there is the last time I fight you regardless of what

"Ok fair enough," she agreed as they both entered the gym's boxing ring and
she stretched a bit before turning to face Volt.

Volt stood staunchly in the center of the ring with his arms at his sides as
he watched Echidna finish her warm-ups.

"I'm gonna give a free shot," Volt said point to his chin before returning
his arm to his side.

"Oh really?" Echidna asked with smile. "You sure?"

"Do it," Volt replied calmly.

"You asked for it," Echidna said before jumping into the air and connecting
with a roundhouse kick.

Volt took a step back rubbing his chin.

"You seem to have gotten stronger, but anybody can get a lucky hit like that
when it's uncontested," Volt said with mocking grin on his face.

"That wasn't luck at all Volt. You know that," Echidna said as her fist
lunged for his face.

With a flick of his arm Volt blocked the punch and returned with one of his
own making contact with her stomach knocking the air out of her. Volt then
made a quick sweep of her legs with his and knocked her to the ground.

"You've got to do better than that," Volt said taunting Echidna as his feet
left the ring and he came down with an elbow drop.

Echidna quickly rolled to the side leaving Volt to elbow nothing but the ring

"No Volt you're the one, who needs to do better," Echidna mocked back as she
quickly got back to her feet and landed a dropkick to Volt's mid-section
before he could get completely back up.

"I underestimated you Echidna," Volt panted as he sat up on the mat trying to
regain his composure.

"I'm glad you see the follies of your wa--"

Volt planted his hands on the mat and launched himself at Echidna his foot
connecting with her face before she could finish speaking. Echidna flew
backwards striking a ring post and slumping to the mat.

Volt got to his feet and recomposed himself as he waited on Echidna. Volt
slowly advanced towards her as she stumbled to her feet.

Volt picked her up and turned her upside to piledrive her when out of nowhere
her legs wrapped around his neck and with leg strength alone flipped Volt up
and over her sending him crashing to the floor outside the ring.

"You know Volt, you're starting to disappoint me," Echidna said laughing as
she flipped over the ropes and landed on the outside near Volt.

Volt's foot shot up at Echidna, but she blocked it, grabbed his ankle, and
flipped all in one quick motion. When Volt hit the floor again, Echidna's
arms and hands quickly found their way around his neck and head.

"Now normally I'd snap your neck right about now and kill you, but since
we're friends..."

"Damn it Volt! You've gotten yourself beat!" Volt angrily thought to

"Ok, I'll talk to the guys," Volt blurted as Echidna finished rambling. "I
can't guarantee anything though."

"I know that's all I ask," Echidna said playfully as she helped Volt to his
feet and slapped him on the butt.

The slap caught Volt off guard and he jumped a bit. He shook it off as he
picked his things up from the bench he had previously sat on and conceded
defeat to Echidna.

"I must admit that I underestimated you Echidna. You did alright."

"I think I did better than alright," she replied as she picked up a nearby
towel and started to wipe the sweet from her face and arms.

Volt stood there for a few moments as he watched Echidna wipe herself off.
He couldn't help but start to feel a bit funny about her as the ceiling
lights in the gym made the sweat on her body glisten. As he looked at her,
Volt could tell that she had definitely been training or doing to something
to bulk up and the fact that she had finally beaten him...

Volt quickly shook the feeling away before striking up conversation again.

"I only ask this because I still have some respect for you, but where've you
been staying since you got back?"

The question surprised Echidna a bit as she stopped wiping herself before
answering,"Uh.. I've been here a few days and I've been staying a nearby inn.

"No reason really. I don't know how much money you've got, but if you want
to save yourself some you can stay at my place for the time being. Of course
it'd be on the couch."

"Uh sure... If it's not a problem..." Echidna looking at Volt in a peculiar
manner. "What about Kou and Sion though?"

"Don't think we're best friends or anything. I have something of a new
respect for you and for the time being anyways trust you a bit. I'll worry
about them for now."

"Ok well thanks then Volt," Echidna answered as she started to see him in a
new light. "I picked up some cooking skills too in my travels, let me make
dinner tonight."

"Be my guest," Volt said as he picked his things up and held the gym door
open for Echidna.

"Thanks..." Echidna said a bit confused at Volt's actions and the return
of feelings for him that she hadn't had since they both joined the academy
before working for Mikado.

"Let's go..." Volt replied confused himself at the sudden return of feelings
from long ago.

* * *

"So what do you think?" Echidna asked as she and Volt continued to munch on
a noodle and sauce dish she made.

"It's alright," Volt replied swallowing his food then drinking some tea.

"Oh come on. You know it's better than the frozen food you eat."

"I cook too."

"Just hamburgers and hotdogs," Echidna said as she sent a smile across the
room to Volt.

Volt started chewing on another bite of food and after seeing Echidna's smile
thought a bit before swallowing.

"Look maybe this wasn't such a good idea," Volt said as he dropped his forked
on his plate, excused himself from the table, and stepped outside onto the
patio for some fresh air.

"Hey Volt, something wrong?" Echidna asked from the patio doorway.

"Look things are just a bit weird right now. The guys and me have this whole
thing with the mayor's daughter, which in itself is stressful enough. You've
come back though, claiming to have changed and I don't know about you but
somethings have come up from way back... And right now it's would just be
awkward with you staying here knowing Kou and Sion's feelings towards you."

"Oh... I see...," Echidna said with obvious disappointment in her voice.
"I'll pack my things and go, but if it's not a bother I'd like to take a
shower before I leave. The sweat and odors from the food have made me
smelling less than fantastic."

"Sure, go ahead..." Volt replied.

As the shower came alive and the water hit the bottom of the tub, Volt
reached up to top shelf in his bedroom closet and pulled down a box. He
then sat down on the foot of his bed and began to go through the box's

Inside were various pictures, papers, and other momentos from when he was in
the academy. After several minutes Volt was about to put everything away
when he came across a photo he hadn't seen in a long time. A photo of him
and Echidna from many years ago at a time when they were both very good
friends, a time when they both had feelings for each other.

After several minutes of revisiting the past Volt quickly flicked the old
photo into a nearby trashcan and got up to put the box away.

"Where are you Volt?" Echidna yelled from the livingroom.

"In my room," Volt screamed back.

"I'll be going I guess then," Echidna said from the bedroom door.

Gone were the days of the slinky outfits she wore when fighting. Tonight she
was dressed in a pair of tight-fitting jeans that accentuated her hips and
butt making them look extremely good and a plain white T-shirt with the logo
of some club splattered across the front and the bottom of it cut off
exposing her stomach.

"Alright then," Volt replied after a moment. "Look I'll talk to the guys,
because you did beat me after all, and see if they'll let you join us, but
like I said I can't guarantee anything."

"No, that's ok. The situation will be tough enough as it is. I don't want
to make things any harder."

Volt and Echidna both stood there for a moment lost in their own thoughts.
After a moment they both snapped back to reality.

"Alright then, cya---" Echidna stopped in mid-sentence as she noticed the
photo in the trashcan. "What's this?" she asked as she picked it out of the

After scanning over the photo for a few minutes Echidna started, "This was so
long ago..."

"Yeah it was."

"You ever think we could be this close again?"

"If you want to know the truth, I never really stopped thinking about you.
It got easier over time, especially when I left Mikado and you stayed. But
these last couple of hours since you've come back... I don't know... I've
just been thinking alot."

"Before tonight I had just planned on coming back and making good with
everyone, I honestly didn't indeed for any of this to happen."

"I know... It's just a weird thing that this is happening."

"I know Volt which is why I should be going and not be around when you go to
rescue the mayor's daughter," Echidna sighed as she turned to walk towards
the front door.

Volt really wanted to get up and stop her, but he knew things had to be like
this. It was what was best he thought.

As Echidna reached to open the front door Volt's voice shot from his bedroom.

"Echidna hold on!"

"Come on Volt! Don't' make things any more awkward!" Echidna yelled at him in
her head as she stood there.

"Come on Volt you've got to get re-," Echidna started to say as she turned
around, but was interrupted as Volt took her face in his hands and his lips
met hers.

After kissing for several minutes the two faces separated.

"Volt?" Echidna's voice echoed in her head as the two stared into each
other's eyes trying to read minds.

A slight glean in his eyes was all Echidna needed as she pressed her lips up
against his and wrapped her arms around him. No sooner had their lips once
again locked together, Echidna felt Volt's had reached up under her shirt
grabbed her right breast and start massaging it.

Echidna pulled her head back a bit in surprise by Volt's forwardness. Seeing
her reaction Volt quickly removed his hand.

"Shit. I've gone too far, haven't I?" Volt asked with a bit of guilt on his

"No you haven't..." Echinda replied with a smile. "Let's just take this into
the bedroom."

Volt's hand slapped the light switch to the up position as the two of them
stumbled into his bedroom.

Volt placed another kiss on Echidna's lips as his hand went back up her shirt
and started to squeeze and massage her breast again.

"Let's make this easier on all over us," Echidna said as she playfully
knocked away Volt's hand, removed her top and bra, then pulled down her jeans
and panties.

"You're still as big as I remember you," Echidna coyly said to Volt as he
stripped his clothes off.

"And you've still got the killer body all the boys at the academy lusted
after," Volt replied.

"Hey now, we can't have this," Echidna playfully chided Volt as she took his
semi-erect dick in her hand and started to jack it up and down.

"It's only like that cause I know the fun you like to have," Volt retorted

"Mmmm.... No problem," Echidna said as she got on her knees and took the now
stiffening fleshy member in her mouth.

"Oh god... The guys would kill me if they knew what was going on," Volt
moaned as he felt Echidna's tongue run itself up and down his shaft.

As she continued to wrestle the stiff member with her tongue and it slapped
the inside of her mouth, Echidna could feel Volt's cock pulsing and precum
leaking out. Echidna took hold of the member at the base and continued to
deepthroat it.

"OH..." Volt groaned with a grimace on his face as Echinda gave his cock a
little squeeze and it exploded spraying it's semen all over the inside of her
mouth. Echidna continued sucking on it and mopping up all of the cum with
her tongue. As she swallowed it down she notice his dick hadn't began to
shrink like she knew it wouldn't.

"Just like always," Echinda smiled at Volt before planting her lips on his
again and giving his cock one last squeeze.

"Now put it in the other hole," Echidna toyed with him as she climbed on all
fours on the bed and thrust her ass in the year.

"You haven't changed much," Volt said with a slight grin on his face.

"Neither have you," she replied as she ran her fingers in and out of her
vaginal cavern taunting Volt.

"Mmph! GOD!" Echidna muttered to herself in excitement as Volt's erect dick
was once again splitting her open.

"You're REALLY haven't changed," Volt grunted as he grabbed hold of Echidna's
hips and had began to slowly push himself in and out stretching her pussy.

"It's.. hard.. when you lead... the life... I did..." Echidna panted as her
cunt lips had reaccustomed themselves to the girth of Volt's cock as it was
sliding in and out with much more ease now.

"Oh god Volt! Oh god!" Echidna moaned as she started to squeeze her tits and
pinch the nipples as Volt continued to pound his cock deep inside Echidna.

"I'm... fixing... to cum..." Volt panted as Echidna's slick wet walls helped
to thrust his cock deeper and farther inside of her.

"Oh god... Me too Vooooooooooooolt!" Echidna squealed as her body shook and
her juices flowed as the orgasm pulsed through her body.

"Aaaaaaaaaah! Shit!" Volt shouted one last time as his cock planted itself
deep inside Echidna's cunt and starting squirting his white fluid all over
her insides.

* * *

After resting and then dressing themselves, Volt and Echidna began talking
as they washed and put away the dishes from the night's earlier dinner.

"How hard do you think it'll be to convince them I've changed?"

"It's hard to say, but I'm guessing with my word and a leery eye on you they
may let you join. It just depends."

As they finished the dishes and started to sit down on the couch a loud
knock echoed from the door. Volt walked to the door and peeked through the
peephole to see who it is.

"You wanted to know how hard it'd be to convince? Here's your chance to find

The End


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