Brady Bunch: A Little Twist Part 2 (Ff,f-mast,inc,herm)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

What Marcia soon found out is that she had the power to make her cock come
and go, just with a thought.

Lately, she was having her cock and was walking pass her parents room. She
heard her mother talking with her father, "Mike, do you have to go again?"

"Yes, I do. It's my design."

Carol laid on the bed with her legs open, "What about this?" She was rubbing
her blonde covered pussy. Carol's finger disappeared into her wet hole. She
pulled it out covered in juice. Carol was licking it clean and putting it
back in, but farther. Her whole finger was covered now. Mike just stood and
watched his wife finger herself. Carol was rubbing her nipples covering them
with her juice. Marcia was listening.

"Honey, I just can't." Mike took his suitcase and blue prints. "You're going
to drive me to the airport?"

"YES!" Carol said putting on a pair of pants .

Marcia wallked back a ways, she kissed her dad good bye. Marcia saw the look
on her mother's face. She then decided that she would keep her mother happy.

Marcia went to her room, looking through her underwear, but she just couldn't
find anything. She went to her mother's and she found what she was looking
for. White crochtless panties. Marciaput them on and they fit nicely. Her
cock and balls hung out. Marcia laid on the bed. She could smell her mother
perfume still.

Marcia fucked the spot were her mother laid. "YES MOTHER! I'll fuck you," she
moaned and fucked the spot harder and harder til she came.

Carol came home sitting at the counter talking to Alice, "Alice."

"Yes, Mrs. Brady," she answered.

Carol just had to get laid. Her pussy was on fire. Carol was about to ask if
she had any of Sam the butcher sausage. Sam always gave Alice special deals,
for Alice always kept him happy with her mouth, pussy and ass.

Marcia came down stairs.

"We'll talk more later," Carol said.

Alice was leaving to go shopping, that left them two alone in the house.
Marcia could see the look in her mother's face as she hugged her, feeling her
nipples touching hers for Marcia too wasn't wearing a bra. Marcia kissed her
mother's cheek, then her neck. Carol was enjoying this, but came to her

"Marcia!" looking at her own daughter, her lips trembling, "We can't act like

"Like whatm, Mother?" Marcia just looked at her mother, knowing she didn't
want her to stop. Marcia touched her mother's neck. Her skin was hot. Her
hand went down the collar of her mother's blouse, til she reached her
mother's breast. Feeling her nipples getting hard, "Do you really want me
to stop?"

Carol's blouse was now opened, the cool air touched her hot skin. Marcia
leaned froward kissing between her mother's breast. Carol threw her head
back, moaned holding her daughter's face to her breast Marcia was rubbing
her mother's pussy.

"Let's go upstairs."

Taking her mothers hand, they walked into Marcia's room. They continued
kissing and tongeing each other. Carol laid naked on her daughters bed
watching her own daughter do a strip dance. Carol was rubbing her own pussy,
licking her fingers. Marcia had turned around, pulling her tight jeans off.
Carol seen what she had on. Her white crotchless panties. Marcia bent over
showing her mother her young tight ass. Marcia turned around holding her
hand over her crotch. Carol was waiting to she her daughters wet pussy, but
was in total shock when she saw a long and thick cock hanging there.

Marcia stood at the foot of her bed while her mother knelt. Carol was
touching it, yes it was real, and it soon was getting hard, too. Marcia
said, "It's bigger than Greg's and Dad's," for Marcia had seen both of
them while walking into the bath room.

Carol didn't say anything she just held it, all nine inches. Carol stuck her
tongue out licking the piss hole, tasting the precum leaking out. Soon she
had it in her mouth, her tongue going all around the head.

"You like it, don't you?" Marcia asked.

Carol couldn't answer her mouth was full of cock. The sound of her wet mouth
sucking her cock filled the room.

"Ready for me to fuck you mother?"

Carol said, "COME FUCK MOMMY!"

to be continued


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