Brady Bunch: A Little Twist Part 3 (Ff,inc,preg,herm)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Carol Brady laid on the bed, her pussy dripping as Marcia was licking it.
Marcia tongue flicked her mother`s clit. Carol let out a moan as Marcia
sucked on it with her fingers working her pussy too.

Carol begged Marcia, "Oh, please fuck me!"

Marcia smiled and she knew her mother would never have another cock. Marcia
rememberd back to the day when she first fucked her mother. How Carol
screamed, thrashing all about the bed. You would think some one was killing
her, but it was total pleasure for them both. Even when Mike came back she
would leave their bed, go to Marcia's where she would get fucked. Carol would
even pick Marcia up from school early. They would drive out to a place and
Carol would suck Marcia's cock til it was hard and then let Marcia fuck her
pussy and even her asshole.

But today was a special day. Carol was in her fertile period, so she was
going to let Marcia get her pregant. Marcia rubbed he cock along her mother's
wet pussy, teasingly pushing into her, but pulling out. This was driving
Carol crazy. She would arch her pussy up to meet Marcia's big cock. Carol
begged once again, "Please, fuck me! Make me pregant with your sweet cock

Carol held her pussy lips open. Marcia could see the juice from her pussy
running out. Marcia held her cock right at her mother's pussy and told Carol
to put it in if she wanted to get fucked. Carol took the hard cock into her
hands began to stroke it and the put it in her wet pussy. Feeling the large
head open her up, Carol gasped as she pushed or into her.

Marcia took over and began to slowly fuck her mother. She could feel the way
her mother's pussy gripped her cock. Marcia pushed deep inside her mother,
til her pussy meshed with Carol's. Marcia kissed her mother's hot mouth
tasting her own cum from her mother's mouth. Their tongues danced. Marcia
soon was going at a slow pace with Carol just holding her legs apart, while
Marcia fucked her.

She told her mouther to turn over. Carol did her ass in the air her pussy
dripping. Marcia entered her mother from the rear and held her blonde hair
while fucking her. Carol's head was in the pillow as Marcia fucked her.
Marcia using force to make her mother cum.

Soon Carol was looking at her daughter again, kissing her. Marcia knew
she was getting close to cumming. Her cock would swell before it would let
loose and it was swelling. Marcia fucked Carol harder and faster til she was
cumming. Marcia groaned as she filled her mother's waitng pussy up with cum.

Marcia laid on her mother's sweaty body with her cock buried deep in Carol's
pussy. Cum still flowing. Carol laid with Marcia til she heard a car pull
into the driveway. Carol knew it was Mike with the other kids. Wait tell they
hear Carol is pregnant. Of course Carol will let Mike think he did it, but
it was her big dicked daughter, who is both sister and father.


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