Archive-name: Family/brady1.txt
Archive-author: Ed Dippus
Archive-title: A Very Brady Orgy

It was a crisp fall Saturday morning. Mike slammed the gate shut
on the family station wagon, stood up and inhaled deeply in the
fresh air. "Ah," he thought, "what a great day to go camping."

He called out to his kids, at least, to the three that were going.
"Hey, troops, let's shake a leg. I want to be on that mountain by

The glass door into the den slid open, and Bobby dashed out,
football tucked under his arm. "Okay, Dad, let's go!" he cried. He
nearly ran his father over, but Mike sidestepped neatly and caught
the 11-year-old around the waist and swung him around. "Okay,
sport, take it easy."

Peter appeared next, loaded down with fishing equipment. He was in
serious danger of hooking his eye with a dangling fishhook, but
Mike grabbed the pole, pinning the line down with his palm. "Watch
it there, son," he cautioned. "I thought I warned you about these

"Sorry, Dad," the youth apologized, "Gosh, I didn't mean to...,
I'm sorry." Peter turned red and ducked into the car. At 13 he
was turning clumsy already, and to appear less than adequate in his
father's eyes was horrifying to him. Peter hero-worshipped his
father unabashedly. His greatest fear in life was that he would
somehow disappoint the 38 year old architect.

Finally, Cindy appeared, moving sedately past her swing set, a
small toy suitcase in one hand and a doll tucked under the other
arm. She tried to appear nonchalant, unlike her rambunctious
brothers, but she couldn't conceal the excited bounce to her step,
which Mike noted appreciatively as she passed. He caught himself
watching the little wiggle of her ass, then shook his head to clear
it. "Steady on, old boy," he told himself, "not only is she 10,
but she's your daughter." Well... step-daughter, a nasty little
voice in the back of his mind smirked.

At 16, 15 and 13, Greg, Marsha and Jan all felt too old for "camp-
outs", and so elected to stay home with their mother, Carol, who
had to attend a PTA seminar. Of course, Alice the housekeeper
would be home, too.

So with a light heart and (thankfully) a not-too-crowded car, the
four set off for the California foothills and a local camp spot the
Brady Bunch had been frequenting for years.


Later that (proverbial) evening.....
Carol had called and told Alice that she had decided to attend the
PTA banquet that evening as well. "Don't wait up," she said, "I'll
probably get in very late."

"Okay, Mrs. Brady," Alice chirped. The thought of Carol's absence
excited her at first, then she remembered that Mike was up in the
mountains. "Shit," she thought, "a perfect opportunity for us to
fuck up a storm and he's hanging with the babes in the woods.
Looks like it's dildo time tonight."

She briefly considered Greg. He was quite a piece of meat and, if
genetics had anything to do with it, was probably well-hung, as
well. But it would be extremely risky, so she decided against it.
He was young and hung, probably had his fill of high school chicks
to ball. He wouldn't want a 50-ish plain Jane like her. Not like
his dad Mike, whose unresolved Oedipal complex had found a warm and
receptive home in Alice's bed. Plus if she came on to Greg and he
blabbed to Carol... well, that would be the end of the cushiest job
she ever had.

So she resigned herself to a lonely night. Sighing, she finished
cleaning up after dinner, shut off the kitchen light and retired to
her own bedroom off the kitchen.

If Greg had but known her intentions, he would have been waiting
for Alice in that bedroom, eagerly nude. Contrary to what the
family thought, Greg was NOT slipping it to every girl in school.
His "cool" act deserted him in the trenches, and every time he got
into it with a girl he lost control and slammed it to her as fast
and hard as he could. His reputation as a poor lover had gotten
around, and even the freshmen were getting to be a little stand-

Frustrated and highly oversexed, Greg felt he could fuck anything
with a pussy. Alice would have been welcome company. But,
ignorant of that score, he sat alone in HIS bedroom, morosely
beating his meat over a dog-eared Penthouse. Suddenly, he heard
one of his sisters in the bathroom that all the kids shared. It
had to be Jan, since Marsha was out on a date and Cindy was up in
the mountains. He padded swiftly and silently to his bedroom door,
locking it and shutting off the light. Then, with his cock lolling
out of his pajama bottoms, he carried a chair over to the bathroom
door and stood on it.

The remodelling which had opened the bathroom onto this bedroom had
left a thin crack above the doorjamb where the molding didn't meet
the drywall. Greg had noticed the light shining against his
ceiling as he lay in bed one night and discovered the crack the
next day. He had patiently enlarged it a bit at a time when no one
was around until it offered a panoramic view of the bathroom, but
had never had the opportunity to use it before tonight. Now he
stood on the chair and gazed down into the lit room.

The tub/shower was to his left, and the shower was running. The
door to the girls' room was directly across from him. On his right
stood the vanity and sink, with a mirror above it and the toilet on
the other side of it, against the wall next to the door. Jan was
standing on the throw rug in the middle of the room, and was in the
process of shucking her jeans.

Greg almost fell off his chair. His younger sister was in her bra
and panties, her long blonde hair cascading down her back. He
hadn't paid too much attention to her tits in the past, since they
couldn't compare to Marsha's big jugs, but Jan's were very nice-
sized and probably would grow bigger. He caught a nice view of
them as she unhooked and dropped the bra. They were mostly cone-
shaped with a slight droop which would become more pronounced as
they filled and rounded out. The nipples, erect from the cool
autumn temperatures, jutted proudly up at an angle from small,
neatly circular areolae.

He only had a quick glimpse of a sparse golden bush before Jan
hopped into the shower. He turned around, sat down on the chair
and let out a long whooshing sigh. His cock was fully erect, and
he stroked it lazily, almost absent-mindedly, as he concentrated on
the image of his sister in his mind's eye. It would be nice to
slide his dick into that little golden nest. He picked up the pace
of his stroking, but wanted to time it so he was looking at her
naked body when he did cum. She would have to get out of the
shower and dry off. Maybe she'd stay nude as she got ready for

A short time later, Greg heard the shower stop. He quickly turned
around and hopped back up on the chair. Sure enough, Jan was
standing facing the mirror, vigorously toweling off her lithe body.
Greg shifted his vantage a little to catch her reflection and so
get a straight-on view of her crotch. He was not disappointed,
because Jan gathered her long hair up in the towel, stood up
straight and, with her arms over her head, began drying her hair.
This pushed her burgeoning breasts out proudly, and displayed all
of her pussy mound to the mirror and Greg's fascinated gaze. Only
briefly did he notice that Jan's gaze was fixed on herself as
avidly as his was, but his lust-fevered brain didn't register the

All too soon, Jan lowered her arms and shook her hair out. Then
she picked up a thick-handled tortoise-shell hairbrush (a gift from
her parents last Christmas) and began luxuriantly brushing out her
long honey-blonde hair.

After a few minutes of this, Jan put the brush down on the vanity,
then put on her glasses. Greg began to quicken his stroke, fearing
the show was about to end. But instead of gathering up her laundry
and going back to her room, Jan was just standing there, watching
herself in the mirror. Then, quite deliberately, she wet her
fingertips with her tongue and began tweaking and rubbing her

Again, Greg nearly fell of his chair as his knees turned to water.
He also almost came. But he wanted to prolong his own pleasure as
long as possible, so he stopped jacking off and placed his
fingertips on top of the door molding.

Inside the bathroom, Jan was clearly transporting herself to
another world. The stimulation had brought a deepening blush to
her nipples, her chest and her cheeks. Soon she was rubbing both
tits wholesale, massaging, cupping and pinching, as her breaths
became shorter. She continued to watch herself in the mirror, but
every so often would shut her eyes and loll her head back in
shivery excitement.

Finally, one hand dropped down to cup her pussy, and she visibly
shuddered. Greg grabbed his own cock, and started rubbing slowly
again. But Jan did not continue her own massage for very much
longer. Instead, to Greg's ever-lasting delight, she grabbed the
hairbrush, planted her ass on the throw rug and, with legs splayed
lewdly open directly in Greg's view, slowly shoved the thick handle
into her slick pussy!

That was it, Greg came in huge spurts all over his side of the
door. Yet even after his mind-blowing cum, his dick stayed rock
hard at the sight before him. Jan was now holding the brush in
both hands, humping her hips up off the floor, plunging the 5 inch
handle in to the hilt. Incongruously, her glasses were still on
her face, and had slipped down her nose, giving her an air of
naughty innocence. She angled the brush up so that it would
contact her clit with every stroke in or out. The handle was
ridged with big, smooth bumps so that it wouldn't slip from your
hand. Those bumps now contacted Jan's clit individually on every
stroke, beating a brain numbing tattoo which quickly sent her over
the edge. Head thrown back and mouth open in a silent scream of
passion, Jan came. For an entire minute, she held this rigid pose,
and Greg was afraid she'd stopped breathing or had burst a blood
vessel in her head. Then, with a great, gulping sigh, she relaxed
against the tile floor.

After a few minutes catching her breath, Jan opened her eyes. Greg
flinched as she seemed to look straight into his eyes. "She
couldn't..." he thought, "could she? But no..."

But yes, because Jan hitched up on one elbow, crooked a finger at
her brother and said calmly "Come on in, Greg, it's unlocked."


An astonished Greg Brady actually did fall off the chair this time.
With a thud he landed on his heels on the deep shag carpet of his
bedroom, then his knees gave way and he sat down hard on his ass.
Slightly dazed but unhurt, he blinked at the light as Jan slid the
door to the bathroom open, pushed aside the chair he'd been
standing on and rushed into his room.

"Oh, Greg, are you okay?" she asked anxiously as she knelt down
next to him, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that to you."

"I'm okay," Greg said, then shook his head, "but how did you know?"

"Peepholes go both ways, silly. You were never as careful about
the plaster dust as you thought you were, but I cleaned it up for
you. I was watching you jack off before and decided to give you a
show. My, you've got a nice cock."

Greg's mind still couldn't comprehend the sudden turn of events.
But his dick knew what to do when Jan laid her cool hand on it and
squeezed gently. It leapt for joy. She began stroking it,
speaking gently as she did.

"I've been wanting to get laid for real for a long time now, and
I've decided I want it to be you. I've been hot for you for
months, didn't you notice?"

"Uh, no," Greg felt foolish, because he'd been so worried about
trying to ogle Marsha he'd never noticed his younger sister giving
him the eye. But he was noticing now.

"I know you like Marsha, she does have big tits. But she's too
dumb to notice what a great piece of meat is available right here.
But I'm not too dumb. So how about it, big brother. Do you want
my cherry?"

"Shit, yeah!" Greg finally burst out of his lethargy. "You bet I
do, Jan. Lay back!" He started to get up.

"Hold it, big boy," she said, gripping his cock tighter and pushing
her palm against his chest. "I've heard about you. I'm running
this show. If you want me, it's on my terms."

"Okay, sure, whatever you say," Greg panted hungrily, then he
paused, "What if I hurt you? I've had a few virgins before and
they tend to scream and bleed at first."

"Hey, you dope, weren't you paying attention? Didn't you see the
hairbrush? I busted myself ages ago on that thing. All I need is
a real cock to make it official. Now lay back."

Greg complied sheepishly. Jan quickly threw a leg over him, and
sat on his chest. He looked up at her through the hills of her
breasts. Her hair had swept forward, framing her face. Her
glasses looked out of place, but Greg loved them there. Then he
switched his gaze to the pussy leaving wet streaks on his flesh.
Unconsciously he licked his lips.

"Now you're getting the idea," Jan said, and slid forward. "Eat
me," she commanded, settling her gash on his face.

"Huh? Wha- mmmph!" was all Greg could manage.
Jan had no real desire to be dominant. In fact, she often imagined
her rapidly plunging brush was attached to some big hunk of a guy
who was screwing her silly. Lately that nameless guy had been
christened Greg. But she had heard about his slam-bam style, and
she certainly did NOT want that for her first time. So she was
going to use all the power of her feminine wiles to prolong this
act. Getting eaten out was only one of the things she'd been dying
to try.

For his part, Greg had never been much on foreplay. He had eaten
one or two girls before, but only to get them wet for his tool.
But the fact that his own sister was grinding her muff into his
face was extremely exciting, and he didn't mind waiting a little
for the big event. So he chewed her pussy with his lips and dug
his tongue in deep. Then, almost by accident, he fastened his lips
on her clit and sucked it like a little cock.

Grooving on the tongue job, Jan was surprised by the sudden attack
on her clit and went off like a sky-rocket. She flooded Greg's
face with her juices, and he gamely swallowed what he could. Jan
quickly slid her crotch down his body, until her butt bumped
against his jutting pole.

Excited beyond belief, the two teens kissed deeply and wildly. Jan
could taste herself all over Greg's face, but didn't mind. In
fact, she'd licked her hairbrush clean in the past and actually
enjoyed it. She had wondered briefly if all women tasted the same,
but was soon distracted by that monstrous prong slapping at her

Sitting up and back, supporting herself with her hands on her
lover's chest, Jan Brady lifted her hips and settled her cunt onto
her brother Greg's surging cock. Brother and sister both made
silent 'O's of wonder and ecstacy as their flesh merged. Greg
watched as his cock pushed slowly and deeply into his sister's
golden furred snatch. Her tightly gripping labia were pushed
inward as well. The feeling was incredible for them both.

Jan began sliding up and down her brother's pole, still leaning her
hands on Greg's chest. This not only kept his cock at the optimal
angle for stimulating her clit, but it also kept the over-anxious
teen from getting too wild. However, Jan was getting wilder and
wilder, as each stroke knocked her hypersensitive clit against his
cock-stalk. She decided to turn this boy loose!

Greg had had his hands on Jan's perky tits, mauling them this way
and that. Jan grabbed his wrists, then leaned back, pulling her
brother up. "Get on top, Greg, I want you to fuck me deep, hard
and fast." Greg grunted his assent, and continued leaning forward
while his sister leaned back. So she was on her back in the deep
carpeting, her hair fanned out around her, her legs sticking
straight up in the air over her brother's back. Greg began
pistoning her deep, but there was a huge difference between this
fuck and the others he had had. Jan was primed by her
masturbation, his pussy eating and the controlled fucking. So she
could easily manage Greg's tool, which had been so uncomfortable
for the other girls when he savagely thrust into them. Greg could
feel the difference a relaxed, ready pussy made, even though it was
attached to a 13-year-old body.

As a result, with both partners more relaxed and a great deal more
lubrication than Greg was used to, he actually lasted quite a bit
longer than normal. This was okay with Jan, whose first fuck at 13
was better than many women get in a lifetime.

In due course, however, Greg felt that yearnin', burnin' feeling
start deep in his crotch. "I'm gonna cum," he grunted.

"Cum on top of me," she whispered huskily, "I want to see you

Ever mindful of the possibility of pregnancy, Greg was planning on
exactly that. But to hear a girl ask for it, that was really hot.
So at the last possible moment, he hauled his pecker out of her
pussy (it seemed to take forever coming out, Jan thought) and
fisted it with a few quick strokes until jet after jet of pearly
white spunk flew over his sister's body. The first few jets landed
on her face, the rest progressed down her body until, a minute
later, he was squeezing the last few drops out onto the golden nest
of her sparse pubic hair.

"Whoa," Greg sighed as he rolled onto his side next to Jan.

"Yeah, whoa," she echoed, "that was dreamy. Can we do it again?"

Greg just groaned.


Downstairs, in her small bedroom off the kitchen, Alice was unaware
of what was transpiring above. The only sign of Jan and Greg's
incestuous liaison had been the thud of Greg falling off the chair.
But at that point, Alice had been so far gone into her own sexual
world that it barely registered.

One of the few things she retained from her relationship with Sam
the butcher was the unshakable belief that you get your kicks
wherever you find them. With Sam that had meant fucking in every
conceivable position in any available spot. Alice very nearly got
frostbite on her ass when he had plowed her in the meat locker.
They had almost been caught by Mrs. Brady on the kitchen table

Sam also had taught her the joys of using any everyday object to
achieve sexual pleasure. Many times he would personally deliver a
particularly tender piece of veal or liver or steak, which Alice
would then use to jack him off by wrapping it around his hard cock.
After he had shot a copious wad into the meat, he would lick the
remaining juices off of his cock, savoring the piquant flavor of
cum with the raw juice of the meat.

She would then let the meat marinate in Sam's spunk, cook it up and
serve it to the family.

But Sam was gone now. Leah, one of Marsha's girlfriends had been
working at the meat market for the summer. One hot day, when the
air conditioning was out, Sam was banging this girl as she bent
over the butcher block. He used to tell Alice how Leah's tits
would flop out on the block like pieces of tenderized meat. But
this time, just as he was about to serve her Sam's special
marinade, he was stricken with a coronary and died on the spot.
Leah had been inconsolable. Alice was simply phlegmatic. She
needed her pussy filled regularly, and soon after that Mike Brady
had stepped into the saddle.

Tonight, however, Mike was probably freezing his nuts off in the
mountains. So Alice took a page from Sam's old recipe book and had
brought a large soup bone to bed with her. It was perfectly
smooth, no sharp projections or slivers, and so would make an
especially stimulating dildo. The joint at the end was large, but
not too large to get inside her. She had not cleaned it after
dinner, preferring to keep the raw smell of meat - it reminded her
of Sam.

Alice caught herself moaning particularly loud after her third
orgasm. She shushed up quickly, praying that the kids had not
heard her. Deciding that three was enough for the night, Alice
licked the bone clean of her juices, tucked it under her pillow,
and fell asleep.

Although Greg and Jan did not hear Alice's moans (being involved in
some pretty heavy moaning themselves) someone else in the house
did. The moan penetrated into his dreams as he drowsed in his bed
in the den. Lifting his head up, he listened for another sound,
but heard nothing. His sensitive nostrils did pick up a
tantalizing scent, however, so Tiger roused, shook himself, and
shambled toward the kitchen.

It had been in the kitchen that he had watched Alice cook dinner
tonight. He was hoping to get hold of the bone, but the bitch (and
to Tiger, that term was in no way pejorative) had kept it for
herself. But now, although the smell was stronger in the kitchen,
he still could not trace the source. He snuffled a bit, then made
his way toward the bitch's "den". The door was pushed shut, but
not all the way. He nosed it open, and was immediately assailed by
the bone smell. But there was another smell mixed in, strange, but
not unfamiliar. Instinctively, his tongue protruded from his mouth
and he began salivating at the thought of the bone. But another
pink protuberance was making its way from its sheath as well in
response to the other smell.

Tiger jumped on Alice's bed. She stirred briefly, rolled from her
side onto her back, then fell more deeply asleep. The covers had
been pushed to the side, and she was sprawled naked in front of the

Tiger was confused. Both his most basic hungers were being
assailed by the scents emanating from this bitch, but he could see
no bone, and he was unaccustomed to mating with a hairless, bipedal
bitch. He was not sure what to do, so he settled down near the
source of the smells, put his head down and licked tentatively.
The taste was incredible, so he began a steady, voracious slurping.

Deep in dreams of her own, with the hormones of her recent orgasms
still coursing through her, Alice felt the sudden ministrations on
her pussy, but did not immediately awaken. It felt tremendous, and
her sleep and lust fogged brain was convinced that it was a very
good dream. She began hitching her hips up into the dogs face,
giving Tiger better access. He responded by plunging his long
doggy tongue deep within the housekeeper's pussy, pulling the tasty
juices out and lapping them up. Then, in one electric moment, his
raspy long tongue contacted Alice's clit.

She was jolted awake by the contact, and immediately realized that
she was not alone in bed. But she still didn't know that she was
being eaten by a dog. All she knew was that the best cunnilingist
of her life was between her legs, and she had to assume it was
Greg. "Oh, Greg," she moaned, "eat me, baby."

There was, of course, no reply. Suddenly Alice frowned. She could
not sense any large weight sharing the bed with her, and that
tongue seemed to go very de - ahh ohh that's good - deep. Who the
fuck -- ?

That's when Tiger's cold wet nose bounced off her pussy lips.
Alice uttered a short yell, bounced up off mattress and backed
quickly into the corner of the bed against the wall.

"Shoo, shoo, you mangy mutt," she squeaked.

Tiger's own cloudy wit was further befuddled by the smell and taste
he had been enjoying. He couldn't identify "lust" as such, but he
did recognize an overwhelming hunger in his loins. He put his head
down and advanced.

Alice tried to lash out with her feet and kick the dog, but one
foot got caught in the sheets. The other missed his head by
inches. The result was that once again she was splayed open to the
horny animal. Tiger stuck his nose into her pussy and licked
deeply again.

His long, rough tongue sent shivers down her spine, and the sexual
synapses in her mind sparked into fireworks, finally overcoming her
panic. He licked again; she quivered. He licked again and she
moaned. One more lick and she was pushing her pelvis up to meet
him. "Good boy," she murmured, "oh, good dog, Tiger." Hearing his
name, the mutt looked up, wagged his tail briefly, and dropped his
tongue back to her pussy.

Within minutes, Alice was thrashing on the bed, quaking and moaning
her way through the most intense orgasms of her life. Tiger's
relentless tonguing was driving her nuts, not letting her rest for
a minute. He had none of the inhibitions of man, and was not even
aware of the pleasure he was giving this woman. All he cared about
was the wonderful taste he had found, and he lapped non-stop, as
dogs are wont to do.

Finally, Alice decided that enough was too much, and she closed her
legs and gently but firmly pushed Tiger away. He resisted at
first, but once she pulled the covers over herself he retreated to
the end of the bed. Alice lay back into her pillow, her tits
heaving and rolling on her chest as she labored to catch her
breath. "Get your kicks wherever you find them, doll-face," she
murmured, quoting the late Sam. "But whoever thought you'd find
them here?"

She was startled out of her revery by the sound of Tiger's licking
again. Involuntary shivers emanated from her pussy, but she knew
that she wasn't being licked. She picked up her head quickly and
saw that Tiger was enthusiastically licking his own protuberant

"Because they can," she told herself the punchline to the old joke
"Why do dogs lick their own crotch?" She knew she would do herself
if she could. As Tiger continued to lick himself, Alice realized
that she had never seen a dog cum from licking himself. It
probably wasn't possible, she thought. It probably needs wrap-
around stimulation. For that matter, she had never seen a dog cum
at all. She had seen them fucking, and knew that they got stuck,
but she began to wonder exactly what doggie jizz looked like.

All during these ruminations she was staring fixedly at his cock.
Its furry sheath seemed to have retracted, like a foreskin. The
dick itself was long, pink and shiny. It was thin and came to a
point. Tiger's tongue, a duller pink than his cock, was
methodically working it's way from root to tip, but he didn't seem
to be gaining any more from licking it than he had from licking

"Wherever you can," she repeated, more firmly, "ah what the fuck.
Tiger, c'mere boy."

Tiger struggled out of his prone position and came toward Alice,
licking her outstretched hand. "Here, sit," she said, pulling his
rump around toward her and pushing it down. "Roll over."

Tiger didn't know any of these commands, but Alice just maneuvered
him into position anyhow. As soon as Tiger realized what she was
doing, he flipped over himself. Usually this meant he was going to
get his tummy rubbed. He lay there in front of her knees, legs
splayed and tongue lolling out.

But it wasn't his tummy Alice was interested in rubbing. The shiny
pink dog cock was already retreating when she reached a tentative
finger out and touched it. Despite it's appearance, it wasn't
slimy, just wet. She gripped it lightly between thumb and
forefinger and jacked it a little.

Tiger jumped a bit at first contact, but immediately settled down
and let Alice work on him. He was a lot more sanguine about cross-
species sex than she had been. As she gained confidence, she
applied more fingers and more pressure to his again-lengthening
dick. Tiger's hind-quarters quivered up and down slightly, but for
the most part he was quiescent. The feelings he had were VERY
good, but he was not into a mating frenzy yet.

Alice hitched up into a kneeling position, then lay on her side,
still jacking Tiger off with her right hand. As she increased the
pressure of her grip, he started to become a bit more excited.
Speaking to him reassuringly, Alice draped her upper body across
his ribs to try to keep him still.

This brought her face into extremely close proximity of his cock.
Normally, when she was this close to a cock she was jacking off,
she ended up with it in her mouth. She felt herself leaning in
almost automatically, but pulled back to reconsider.

Why should she suck the dog? Well, he had done her and she felt
she owed him. She liked to suck cock and have men squirt in her
mouth. Theoretically it was no different. Why shouldn't she?
Well she wasn't sure about the taste, but human semen, like beer
and smoking pot, was an extremely rewarding acquired taste. Could
animal semen be that different? Analysis: Alice, suck that cock.

She lowered her head and engulfed the thin stalk with her lips. It
certainly was different, the strain on her jaws was much less. The
texture seemed much spongier as well. But the taste wasn't bad at
all. She plunged up and down enthusiastically.

Tiger was enjoying these feelings, but when Alice had stopped
jacking and started sucking, it was actually less stimulating. Her
mouth could provide neither the tightness nor the speed of her
hand. So he relaxed a bit.

Alice sensed this change in Tiger's interest, but it took her a few
minutes to figure out. When she did, she simply moved back so that
just the tip of his cock was in her mouth, and began jacking the
skinny length beneath with a thumb and two fingers.

Tiger's mind reached the equivalent of "THAT'S more like it" and he
started bucking his hind-quarters in earnest now. He'd never been
fucked lying on his back, but he enjoyed not having to put out the

So there was Tiger, sprawled on his back across Alice's bed near
the foot, and there was Alice, her floppy tits rubbing across his
ribs, holding her head steady with her graying hair piled high, her
lips wrapped around the tip of the dog's cock, and her right hand
pumping industriously up and down it's length. Within minutes,
Alice began to feel the tip in her mouth start to swell. She knew
that this was the start of the knot which usually locked a dog into
a bitch's pussy at climax. She had seen several dogs in a "tie" as
it was called, and wondered briefly if the same thing would happen
if a dog fucked a human. The thought crossed her mind naturally,
and she filed it away for future consideration. She was already
well into her new mind set where bestiality is just one more option
open to the adventurous lover.

The knot continued to swell, but never enough to cause Alice any
alarm. She was getting quite excited that Tiger was going to
squirt in her mouth. She began working her lips a little behind
the knot, hoping to add to the canine's stimulation. It did.
Tiger furiously tried to hunch up into her mouth. His motion
forced the tip of his cock back toward her throat and she almost
gagged. In alarm and panic she pulled off, afraid that the knot
would catch in her throat. At that instant, Tiger started to cum.
His slime rocketed up out of his cock, splashing with insistent
force against her face. Slitting her eyes, Alice continued to jack
the Brady family pet off, opening her mouth to try and catch his
spunk. It was thinner than human cum and less viscous. It
splashed off her lips and teeth and deep into her mouth. The taste
was different from man-cum, but not unpleasant. A little...gamey,
like the difference between pheasant and chicken.

Tiger continued to cum for some time, but as his orgasm tapered
off, the jizz simply flowed from his dick and over her hand, like
water from a hose. Alice lowered her face and covered the knot
again, sucking and swallowing greedily. When Tiger was done, she
licked her hand and his dog-cock, cleaning up all the cum. Tiger
appreciated the thorough job she was doing, and soon relaxed and
fell asleep.

Her mind once again reeling in unrequited lust, Alice fell back on
the bed, still scooping stray bits of doggy-cum from her anatomy
and greedily sucking her fingers. She reached under the pillow and
produced the soup bone again, jamming it into her sopping quim. At
the foot of the bed, Tiger smelled the previously forgotten bone
and picked up his head, looking at it plunging in and out of
Alice's pussy and licking his chops.

"Oh goody," thought Alice, "Here we go again."


Mike Brady leaned back from the fire against his bedroll. Bobby
and Cindy were asleep in the smaller tent already, and he was just
about ready to turn in himself. Peter was across the fire from
him, lying on his back looking at the stars. Mike could tell that
the young teen was fighting to stay awake, but losing. From time
to time, Peter would flick his flashlight on and scan the
surrounding woods "for bears," Peter said, but Mike knew it was
just to play with the flashlight. Peter was extremely proud of it,
with its steel casing, large bulb and the 4 D batteries in the long
handle. Mike had given it to Peter on his birthday, and for 3
months the boy had been itching to get out in the woods and use it.

"Alright, sport, what do you say we turn in," Mike stood and

"Okay, Dad, anything you say."

Peter ducked into the tent, and, after banking the fire, Mike
followed him. As he crawled in, he found himself face to face with
Peter's boyish cock, as the youth pulled on his pajama bottoms.
Peter seemed unfazed, but Mike swallowed hastily a couple of times,
then grumbled "Excuse me."

Turning down the Coleman lantern, Mike shucked his own jeans,
leaving his sweatshirt on, rolled out his bedroll, and lay down on
top of it.

Soon the sound of Peter's deep regular breathing filled the tent.
Mike lay with one arm under his head, reviewing the day. He
chuckled indulgently at Peter waving that flashlight around. He
remembered at Peter's birthday party, when it was presented. Alice
had caught Mike's eye and smirked. He knew she was thinking about
the large cylindrical shape as a possible sex toy. Mike tried to
secure it for one of their interlude's, but Peter slept with the
damn thing every night.

Mike's imagination flashed on the sight of Alice sitting on her
bed, jamming the flashlight up her pussy, then lickcing the juices
off the shiny steel case. He also imagined her greasing it up,
then running it up his ass. Ever since she had used a strap-on
dildo on him, Mike had become extremely into anal.

These thoughts gave him a raging hard-on. Unfortunately, Alice was
miles away. So he hauled out his pecker and, centering his
thoughts on Alice, began jacking off.

But his ever-active mind soon switched to a different track. He
found his thoughts wandering unbidden to Cindy, and the sweet way
she swaggered her hips. He thought about her smooth ass, and what
ehr pussy would be like. He also flashed onto the sight of Peter's
young cock, just beginning to lengthen, with nothing but some dark,
downy pubic fuzz around it.

He felt his come beginning, and he moaned. Thinking of butt-
fucking Alice, or Cindy or Peter drove him toward his peak and he
moaned again, louder.

"Dad?" Peter called from his side of the tent, "Are you okay?"
"Shit!" Mike thought, and started to pull his hand away from his
massive cock.

But it was too late. That ubiquitous flashlight popped on, and his
cock was spotlighted by it's bright beam, throwing a towering
shadow on the wall of the tent.

"Dad... holy shit!" Peter gulped. "Dad, you, you're huge!"

"Huh?" Mike said, covering up.

"God, do you think I'll ever be that big?"

"What?" Mike was extremely confused. Peter did not seem upset at

"Mine's so little. How do you get it so big?"

"Uh, Peter, it just gets that way sometimes. Normally it's much

"Really? Neat! What makes it do that?"

"Well, stimulation, you know, getting turned on."

"You mean like sex? Wow." Peter got up, turned up the lantern,
shut off the flashlight, and shucking his PJs, sat down naked on
Mike's bedroll. "Okay, show me how," he said.

"Sport, are you sure about this?"

"Oh yeah!" Peter enthused, "I want to be just like you."

The sight of his son's young firm body and slim prick had renewed
Mike's hard-on. He decided that it wouldn't hurt to explain some
sex to the boy, especially if he could work in a harmless demo of
male plumbing.

"Okay," he said, flinging back the balnket to reveal his resurgent
manhood. "This is a prick, in addition to peeing it has uses in
reproduction. What happens is..."

"Dad, we covered all of this in science and health, I know what
it's FOR, show me how it WORKS."

Mike nodded and began rubbing his prick. "I'm already hard, he
said, but if I'm not I can get that way by doing this."

"Like this?" Peter picked up his flaccid cock and began tugging at
it like a robin working a worm out of its hole.

"No, not quite," Mike said, "You've got to let your fingers slide
up and down it."

"Like this?" the boy now was holding loosely and fluttering his
finger back and forth.

"Almost, not quite," Mike said, frowning. Well, here goes nothing,
he thought. "Here," he said, reaching across. He picked up
Peter's cock, noting the boy's pleased expression, and began
rubbing it in his palm, running his big fingers along the young
shaft. Almost immediately he was rewarded with a stiffening.

"Wow," Peter breathed, wide-eyed, "that feels great, Dad."

Mike continued to work on his son's prick in silence. He was
amazed that from it's flaccid state it was now expanding quickly to
over six skinny, hard inches. He was a bit pleased and proud,
knowing it was his genes which caused the nice size.

Peter was breathing shallowly through his mouth, obviously enjoying
his first sexual experience. "That's great, Dad, can I try it?"

Mike wanted to keep jacking his son off to see if he could cum, so
he answered, "Not right now, son. It's always nicer if someone
does it for you. Try it yourself next time you're alone."

"Okay," Peter answered, unabashed. Then, to Mike's astonishment,
he felt the cool slim hand of the youth fasten around his own adult

"Whoa," he said.

"Am I doing it right?" Peter asked.

"Oh, yes," Mike said, "that's great, son."

For a while, the two Brady men jacked each other in a silence
punctuated only by their heavu breathing. But Peter still hadn't
grasped (pun intended) the essential concept about working toward
an orgasm. So Mike stopped him and asked "Want to try something
else, son?"

Peter immediately and eagerly nodded his head.

"Okay, get up on your knees." After Peter complied, Mike got up
close to his son, placing his own knees outside Peter's. Then he
knelt upright so that their two cocks were touching. Peter gasped
at the contact, but Mike had more in mind. Placing one hand on
Peter's shoulder, he wrapped the other around both their cocks and
started jacking them together.

The feelings shivered throught both men, and very shortly, Peter
was gripping his father's shoulders and panting heavily. Mike, who
had already been primed to cum before, was ready to shoot his load.
"Do you know what cum is son?" he grunted.

"Semen, sperm, jizz, do you know what it is?"


"Have you ever seen any?"


"Well hold on, you're about to.... I'm cummmmming, unnnnh."

With that, Mike's cum flowed up and out of his cock, fountaining
briefly a few inches above his hand, then cascading back over both
cocks. "wow," Peter breathed. "Can I do that?"

"I think so, son, I hope so," Mike released his own cock and went
back to pumping Peter's. The added lubrication seemed to make it
feel better for the boy. "If you can't tonight, you'll be able to

Peter merely, grunted, concentrating on the fist below him.

"Son," Mike said, "would you like to try something else? It might
help you cum."

"You bet," Peter said.

"Now, if anything we're doing makes you uncomfortable, just say
"Stop" and we will, okay?"

"Okay," Peter nodded, anxious to get on with it.

"I'm serious, Pete, look at me. You're in control. Any time you
say that's enough, I'll stop, okay?"

"Okay," the lad repeated.

"Okay, then, lie down."

Peter complied, his thin cock stalk wavering in the air. Mike
leaned over, pumped his son's prick a couple of times and asked
"Have you ever heard of a blowjob?" When Peter said he had, Mike
asked him "Do you know what one is?" Peter shook his head.
"Watch, learn and enjoy," Mike commanded, then dropped his head to
his son's crotch.

Peter gasped loudly, then moaned as his dad's mouth engulfed him.
Mike savored the taste of his own cum, and quickly cleaned it off
the boy's cock. Then, with a firm sucking action, he began bobbing
his head up and down. Peter instinctively began pumping his hips
off the ground, driving his thin cock to the back of Mike's throat.
Mike flashed back to sucking Alice's dildo, and also to those
several interludes with a skinny Japanese boy back in the gym
showers in junior high. He opened his throat a little more, then
pushed his nose up against his son's stomach.
Peter was amazed by the feelings, and the incongruous scratching of
Mike's whiskers against his belly. He enthusiatically ground his
hips up and down as his dad deep-throated him.

Pretty soon, Mike tasted a little bit of cum trickling inside his
mouth. He knew he had cleaned up all his own cum, so this must be
Peter's pre-cum. He realized then that he was going to bring the
boy to his first orgasm. Then he heard Peter say, "Dad, stop."

"What? He said, liftin his head, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, Dad," Peter said abashedly, "It's just, I think I'm going
to pee."

"No you're not," Mike said, relieved, "that just means you're going
to cum. Just relax and go with the feeling, okay?"

"Okay," Peter said happily and lay back.

Mike attacked the boy's prick with renewed vigor, and soon a steady
stream of sweet young pre-cum was trickling into his mouth. Peter
was moaning steadily now, and Mike could tell that in short order
the boy would blow his load down his dad's throat. Sure enough,
Peter uttered a short cough, and gasped out "I.. I.. I.." then
"OoooooOOOOhhhhhh!" and shot his cum in a rush into Mike's mouth.
Trying not to grin, Mike vacuumed up all the boy's jism. There
wasn't much, but he knew that would change in time. Peter lay back
limp, breathily moaning "Oh, wow. Neat."

Mike lay back himself, his cock again hard, and began stroking it.
Things could get very interesting, he thought. He wondered if
Alice would welcome an occasional addition. He figured she would.

"Dad?" Peter said.

"Yes?" Mike answered. Lifting his head he saw Peter staring at him
with a decidedly unchildish gleam in his eye.

"What else can you show me?"


As soon as Peter had finished cumming and father and son had fallen
apart, Bobby pushed Cindy back from the tent opening and they
retreated to their own tent. Nearly all that had transpired
between Mike and Peter had been witnessed in wide-eyed silence by
the two youngest members of the Brady family.

Bobby had awakened with the need to pee, and while exiting the tent
had stumbled over Cindy, waking her up. As he returned from the
woods, though, he noticed the shadow Peter's flashlight cast on the
tent wall.

"Shadow pictures, neat," Bobby thought, and he settled down to
watch them from outside the tent. He couldn't quite make out what
it was supposed to be (at the time it was simply Mike's towering
hard-on), but he waited happily for the "barking dog" and "flying
eagle" he knew were his Dad's specialties.

The jumbled shadows which followed, however, were difficult to
interpret, so Bobby snuck to the tent's opening and lowered the
zipper a bit.

By that time Cindy had wondered what had held her brother up and
had come looking for him. She started to ask him what he was
watching, but he shushed her up, led her away from the tent and
said "I don't know, I can't figure out what's going on. All I know
is that Dad and Peter are naked."

His sister's eyes got big and round, "Weawwy, they'wre naked?" her
babyish speech always got more pronounced when she was excited or
anxious. "Wet's see."

So the two stole back to the tent opening and watched the entire

Now, back in their own tent, the two puzzled children tried to
figure out what they had just witnessed.

"It didn't look like it hurt," Cindy said.

"No, it actually looked like fun," Bobby replied.

"Have you ever seen anything like that before?" she asked.

"No, I've never even heard of that, I mean, between to GUYS."

"You've heard of it for girls?"

"No, dummy, I've heard of stuff with a guy and a girl," he said.

"Like what?" Cindy was wide-eyed in wonder.

"You know, fucking, blow-jobs and stuff," he said smugly.

"You know what those are?" she asked.

"Of course," her brother lied. The terms were bandied about the
schoolyard, but the few 11 year olds who did know the truth about
sex were far outnumbered by those who spread common misconceptions.

"What were Dad and Peter doing?"

"Oh, you know, different stuff," which was true as far as it went.

"Tell me," Cindy demanded.

"I can't, you're too young," Bobby protested.
The blonde little girl became indignant, "I am not!" she nearly
shouted. "I'm only 10 months younger than you, and I already know
more than you."

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"


"SSHhhhh, they'll here you!" Bobby hissed. He crept to the zipper
of their tent and peered out. There was no one to be seen (Mike
and Peter were well into round 2 of their bout by this time).

He crawled back to his sister and said "Okay, smarty, what do you

"I'm not telling until you tell me what you know."

Bobby sighed heavily. He knew how these arguments went, and to
tell the truth, he didn't have a clue about what was going on. He
was now desperate to find out what Cindy knew, so he made the tough
decidion to swallow his pride and admit his ignorance.

"I lied," he said, "I don't know anything about that stuff. I've
heard so many different stories about it that I don't know what to

"No way!" Cindy said, "You just don't want to tell me."

Bobby sighed again. There was no way to win with this goofy girl,
even when you tell the truth. Oh, well, one more card to play,
"No, Honest," he said, "I don't know anything. But if you don't
believe me, then you don't have to tell me what you know."

This had its calcualted affect on the girl, because he knew she
wouldn't be able to resist parading her superior knowledge before

"I know where babies come from," she whispered conspiratorially.

"Where?" he whispered back.

"Down here," she said, cupping her crotch.

"Get out," he said, "How can they come from there."

"Mom told me, she showed me in a doctor book. There was a drawing
of the inside of the lady with a baby in her and they showed where
it comes out."

"Show me," he demanded suspiciously.
"I can't," she said, "I don't have a baby."

"No, not that part, just show me where they come out."

"Okay," she hesitated, "if you show me what you've got."

"No fair," he said, "You've seen Dad and Peter and they're much
bigger than what I've got."

"Okay fine," she said, using some 10-year-old psychology. "We can
skip show-and-tell."

"Oh, all right," he said. He then stood up and dropped his pajama
bottoms. "There," he said.

"You're right," she said gravely, "It is much smaller than theirs.
It's soft and noodly too."

"Yeah, yeah," he said impatiently, "now let me see yours."

Cindy leaned back and shucked her own PJ's. She then sat back up
Indian style, displaying her sweet young pussy to her brother.
"See," she said, indicating her slit "right there."

"Whoa, that's nothing like I imagined it. How does it work?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you saw Dad and Peter. How do you do what they did?"

"How do YOU," she shot back, "with that wet noodle dick of yours?"

Bobby had a thoughtful look on his face and didn't even get mad at
her scornful tone. "I don't know," he mused, "let's try it."


"It looked like fun. I don't think it hurts. Let's see."

"All right, let's see," Cindy said.

"Go ahead," Bobby said.

"Go ahead what?" she asked.

"Go ahead and touch me."

"No way!"

"C'mon, you saw them! Everybody has to touch someone else. I'll
touch you if you touch me, deal?"

"I guess so," Cindy agreed grudgingly, "but be careful, I don't
want to get hurt." She then hitched her butt over, and scootched
over next to Bobby.

The two sat nearly facing one another, with the outside of Cindy's
right thigh against the outside of Bobby's right thigh. Cindy
reached down first, grabbing Bobby's "wet noodle" of a dick. Since
she was tentative, she was also surprisingly gentle. But she got
a firm grip on his young penis and started massaging it with her

Bobby had never regarded his dick as a sexual object before. Even
when he had watched his father and brother together, his own cock
had not responded to the sexual stimulus, probably because he was
strongly heterosexually oriented (an orientation which would soon
be re-evaluated). In any event, he had never before had a hard-on.

So it was quite a surprise to realize how NICE it felt to have his
younger sister manipulating his cock. The feelings coursing
through his body were entirely new. In surprise and ecstacy, he
realized that his small cock was developing into a minor hard-on.

Cindy, too, was so amazed at the transformation that at first she
didn't realize that Bobby wasn't fulfilling his end of the bargain.
She had been impressed by the hard-ons displayed by Peter and Mike
in their tent, but after all, they were men (which was anything in
junior high, according to her criteria). But Bobby was just a boy,
only a scant 10 months older than herself, and somewhat of a pain
in the ass besides. Nevertheless, his cock was boiling up into
quite a handful. She'd have to rethink her criteria for manhood.

After a few minutes of steady manipulation, which had evolved into
a jacking off motion, Cindy realized that Bobby was being selfish.
So she withdrew her hand.

"Hey!" Bobby broke out of his closed-eyes, head-back reverie, "why
did you stop?"

"You weren't doing me back," she harumphed, nose in the air.

"I'll do you next," he promised, unwittingly following generations
of predecessors in male boorishness. But Cindy was an enlightened
woman of the 70's.

"It's together or nothing," she maintained.

"Okay, here," he offered. But once he had extended his hand to her
crotch, he realized that he had no idea what to do. Cindy at least
could model her actions after those of Peter and Mike. So he had
to make it up as he went along, or else his sister wouldn't
continue with that special handshake she'd been giving him.

So he began by running his finger up and down the outside of her
hairless slit, following the groove from top to bottom.

Cindy paused a second to evaluate her feelings. It tickled her
skin a little, but not unpleasantly. Other than that, no big deal.
"Oh well," she thought, returning her hand to her brother's cock,
"maybe it will get better."

For a few minutes it continued in the same fashion. Bobby was
enjoying his hand job immensely, but Cindy wasn't applying enough
speed or pressure to really get him going. His sister, for her
part, wasn't getting anything out of his ministrations.

Until finally, out of near boredom, Bobby decided to see where this
furrow led. He began to push his finger into it a bit more as he
rubbed until, to his surprise, he found that it actually led
somewhere. He still had not found her hole, but he was amazed to
find an entire vally of soft skin within her immature labia.

At first this intrusion was uncomfortable to Cindy, and she
squirmed a little under his more insistent touch. This resulted in
his finger penetrating a bit more, until, on one of his upswings,
it contacted the deeply buried nub of her clit. Immediately, every
nerve ending in Cindy's body tingled, especially the entire area
around her pussy. Bobby was entranced by this response, and
especially so because she had involuntarily tightened her grip on
his cock, producing more intense feelings for him. So he flicked
that protrusion a few times more.

Cindy's body jumped under the touch, and it was not unpleasurable,
but for her young body, it was a little too much, too soon, so she
gaspingly asked Bobby to back off from there.

"What's wrong, did it hurt?" he asked concernedly.

"N-no, it was just... too much right now."

"Okay," he said doubtfully, and resumed stroking his finger between
her pussy lips. But his little foray around her clit had jump-
started her glands, and when he returned to her pussy he found it
was a little wet down there.

"You're wet down there. Did you pee?" he asked, but continued

"No," she answered, "but it feels nicer now that I'm wet."

Indeed, the added lubrication was allowing Bobby to penetrate
deeper and more firmly into her young flesh. As a result, her more
sensitive nerve endings were getting greater stimulation.

She also began pumping Bobby more firmly, but the lack of
lubrication on her hand ended up hurting him a little.

"Wait a minute," he said, "that hurts. I'm too dry."

"Why don't you get wet like me?" she asked.

"I don't know," he said, "but we've got to do something before you
rub all the skin off my dick."

"Like what," she asked.

"Why don't you put it into your mouth like Dad did for Peter?"

"Okay," she said simply. Bobby could not believe it, he had
expected a fight. But Cindy seemed transported beyond her normal
self by what was transpiring.

So Bobby lay on his side, and Cindy lay on hers to get at his dick.
A second later, she was licking it like a lollipop, then like an
ice cream cone, then it was in her mouth.

He could feel her tongue swirling around the head. He wasn't very
big, and relatively speaking, it was as easy for her to take him in
her mouth as it is for a grown woman to take an average sized man.
The sensations were adult sized, however.

Bobby tried to keep fingering his sister's pussy, but it was
difficult to keep his arms up near his face and concentrate on what
he was doing. So he did nothing for a minute.

Cindy needed more stimulation, however, so she began hunching her
crotch forward, trying to get Bobby to pay attention to hit. Her
motions added an up and down component to her sucking, which, when
she stopped moving, Bobby initiated himself. He began hunching his
hips into her, pushing that slim boy-cock into her mouth.

So Cindy bucked her hips forward, and suddenly Bobby opened his
eyes at the unfamiliar smell before his nose. There, inches away,
was his sister's sweet little pussy. He bent his neck forward and
kissed it. She squirmed her quim against his hesitant lips. He
kissed it again, longer and deeper. She squirmed even more.

Soon each child was humping their crotch into the face of the
other. Cindy gave up trying to move her head and just made an 'O'
of her lips, Bobby was humping too fast. Unaware of what it was
called, the brother and sister had discovered "69."

On the other end, however, Bobby was working just as
enthusiastically. His questing lips and tongue were lapping every
inch of her crevice. Then, suddenly, he recalled her little nub of
flesh near the top that had thrown her into such a tizzy before.
He nuzzled down and found it. One quick lap of his tongue and her
stiffening, quivering response said he found the right place. He
wrapped his lips around it and sucked it like she was sucking him.

In a frenzy, Cindy pushed so hard against Bobby that she rolled him
onto his back. She rolled right on top of him, trying to keep her
pussy glued to his lips. Then she felt the tremors hit her. It
seemed to start in her toes, which curled up. Her leg muscles
cramped painlessly. Her whole body seemd to gather itself up and
then she was careening off into space, becoming one with the
universe, its nexus and hers centered on her pussy and most
especially her clit in her brother's mouth.

Unaware of all her actions, she plunged her head heedlessly up and
down her brother's slim shaft, moaning in ecstacy. The rapid fire
combination of her mouth and the vibrations of her moans sent the
youth off into orbit himslef. For a brief moment of panic he was
afraid he was going to pee in her mouth, then, in a flash he heard
his father's voice echo in his head "that just means you're going
to cum. Just relax and go with the feeling, okay?" just as he'd
told Peter earlier. He relaxed, and his entire being seemed to
rush up from his groin and flow out through the head of his cock.

Cindy was surprised at the sudden warm salty gush in her mouth,
but, still in the throes of her own ecstacy, she was unable to
worry about it. She didn't attempt to swallow and she didn't pull
back. She just kept sucking, pumping and cumming, letting Bobby's
youthful spend gush into her mouth and dribble back out onto his
cock, balls and stomach.

Finally, physically and emotionally drained, the two children
rolled apart. "Wow," they both thought, but neither spoke for a

Finally, when they were on the brink of sleep, Bobby spoke.


After a pause: "What?"

Another pause. "We should do that some more."


"Every day."

"Twice a day."


Naked, the two drifted into sleep.


WHOA! How about it, boys and girls? That's the end of part one of
"A Very Brady Orgy".

Coming in part two: What about Marsha and Carol (Mrs. Brady), when
do they join the fun? What happens on day two of the camping trip?
Will Peter be irreversibly trended toward homosexuality? Can an
aging housekeeper teach an old dog to turn tricks? Will Greg be
happy fucking only Jan (or vice versa)?
Stay tuned and

Keep pushin' on



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